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  1. I’m not sure what I fear exactly. I just know that there are many things I would like to do but I let ‘fear’ stop me from even trying.

    • I’m right there too. I found that I have seasons where I am more fearful than other times. Fear has gripped me so that I can’t even get out of bed much less even think about going outside. I know this is one of the devils greatest weapons against us – but I fail miserably to remember that Jesus is my rock and that Faith is the remedy to fear. Praying for you.

  2. I have several fears actually. I have had help for years and just two weeks ago it dawned on me I still have a fear of rejection. And my way to deal with that is to reject myself before anyone else can (by having wayyyy too much critique on myself). I am working on it.!!

    Another topic is that it’s time to get back to work and it’s time to have a schedule again. I have been home bound this year for many reasons, one of them: dealing with adrenal fatigue. I am slowly getting back to work and I am going back to school. This morning on my prayer walk I got scared as this schedule will start next week… oh my! I am doing much better today because I have no schedule. Can I avoid getting back into a stressful life? Will I stay healthy, can I do this? This living with several schedules. I am fearful of losing it again. And then I realized it is about Faith, about believing that I have learned a lot this year. And knowing God holds my hand.

  3. One fear that I want to overcome is the fear of failing God. Seriously. I know that might sound…prideful?

    I mean, I KNOW that if I can do ALL things IN Christ Jesus then I can do NOTHING outside of Christ Jesus. I know that it is the HOLY SPIRIT working through me and not me.

    But I still fear that any one of my stupid, selfish decisions can hinder HIS work. It sounds like a silly fear but it is a real fear.

  4. I think my main fear would have to be fear of success, of achievement of my goals. I know that sounds strange, and I still don’t quite understand where it stems from, but I find that I often push it to the very last stage possible for important things that I need to rush just to acheive ‘bare minimum’, especially with my uni. If I would just start work on things earlier the end result would inevitably be so much better … but I just can’t seem to make myself do this yet. Maybe as this dream of becoming a primary-school teacher was derailed in a BIG way once before … maybe I’m just afraid of that happening again during this second attempt. Something I need to work through. Hmmm, something else I need to work through!!

  5. A fear that is very real right now is a fear of talking in front of folks! A large group of folks! Why is it real now? I’ve been asked to do the opening testimony for our new sermon series at church called “I’m not a fan”. (I’m not a fan of Jesus but I am a follower. Meaning I will do whatever it takes to be like Jesus, live the way he wants me to live, do the things he wants me to do. I’m not going to just sit on the sidelines and watch like a spectator sport). When: THIS SUNDAY! My best friend, counselor,mentor, comfort/safe person cannot be there–panic set in last night and I am doing my best to get past it. Reading all sorts of scripture trying to calm back down. But really? Reading in front of 500-700 people NOT MY KIND OF FUN! I know I’m supposed to do this. I know God is pushing me out of my comfort zone again to tell parts of my story to others. To maybe encourage others who are just as fearful as I was about reaching out for help. To maybe given others a little hope that they will be okay also. I would appreciate prayers over this and also pointers in how to do this without needing smelling salts because I’ve passed out at the pulpit!


    • Lisa – I used to feel the same way and I think once told God that I would “never” share my story in front of people….fast forward a year and I was doing just that. I am one of those people that does better just saying a pray for God’s words to be spoken and not MY agenda and then I go for it. He has never failed me. I will be praying for you!!

    • I relate so much to your fear, being in the same situation, not wanting to tell my story to the congregation, not speaking from the front, and my biggest fear at present is praying out loud at our prayer meeting which I really enjoy going to. We have new folk who have joined us who pray so well, long prayers and very specfific and I have tried but feel my prayers are so inadequate even though I know that God accepts them! Each week I go to the prayer meeting determind to pray and come home feeling such a failure because I gave in to my fear. I just keep praying about it and asking God to help me, and I know He will. This is the reason I came onto this site this morning when I saw the title of book. Will definitely pray for you on Sunday!

  6. I have a GREAT fear of spiders! But, seriously, I fear being “real” with others, especially women. I have been broken many times before that I have learned how to put on masks or build walls. I long to be open and transparent as many of you are at incourage are (just finished One Thousand Gifts and was in awe!). I desire those real relationships yet cannot move past the fear of being used, rejected or unwanted.
    On a brighter note I love incourage! Thank you all for being “virtually” real 🙂

  7. I fear letting go. I find it easier to rely on myself than others, or God, sometimes. Trust is hard for me because of the times I have been let down or disappointed. I’m working on it though. 🙂

  8. My fear is of the future, the insecurity of the world right now, and my increasing health problems, adding to the difficulties of my everyday life;.

  9. I have fears but it is hard to slap a label on them. I could sure use this book. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. I fear losing my parents, especially my mother who is terminally ill. Every daughter has a special bond with their mother and I have been strong throughout her sickness, but fear I will fall apart when her time comes. Although I have a family of my own, I fear her passing will change me, as a woman and mother.

    • It will change you and your life forever. However, you get to determine how – for better or worse. And it’s ok to fall apart for a while.

      This was my biggest fear too and then I lived it. My mom was diagnosed w/cancer in April and passed away in August of this year. Believe me when I say that it breaks your heart into a million pieces, but also when I say that you are stronger than you know. Prayers to you and yours.

      • I am praying for you. Know that your mom will always be part of YOU. As you go forth in the future she will be smiling down upon you. My mother died 8 years ago, and I can just imagine her up in heaven LAUGHING w/ Jesus about me and my girls and the things that happen daily. Just like she did when she was here with us. We still have her birthday on our calendars, and we go out on her birthday and celebrate her.

    • I lost my mother 7 years ago, and I miss her greatly. She never met my children, which makes me sad, but she shapes every decision I make and every action I take with them. In this way she lives on in my life. I wish she was here right now, but I know she’ll always be a part of me. It is ok to fall apart, but you will pick up and move forward, carrying all that your mom instilled in you forever.

    • I too had your fear of losing my mother. My family are in a foreign country and when she passed away I couldn’t be there for her funeral. That to me was the most heartbreaking feeling, I was devastated! I went back to our country four months after she died and I couldn’t bring myself to go to her room the whole 3 months of my visit until some repainting had to be done in her room and the painter needed me to look at the closet for color scheme. Something deep inside me told me “you have to overcome this fear or go on living w/ this fear of death, losing someone else”. I entered my mother’s room and all I saw in that room were happy memories of me and my ma w/ our jokes and secret sharing of things no one would ever know but her and me. I left the room and sat on her rocking chair and cried all thru the day w/ my tears just rolling out and I couldn’t even stop the tears. Strange tho cuz my feeling while I was crying was not of grief nor hurt but was a mix of relief and joy. That afternoon I went to church to attend the Eucharistic service and I felt a peaceful feeling I have never ever had. I realized then and then I have overcome my fear of death or losing someone. Death is not something we should be afraid of if we believe God exists. There is a BIG difference between believing in God and believing God exists. Trusting God erases all our fears.

  11. I fear rejection, and so I’m also afraid of intimacy. I fear that if people really knew everything going on inside my head and my heart that they won’t like me, so there are very few people that I let get close to me.

  12. A fear of failure and a fear of death of loved ones come to mind first. I’m ashamed to say there are many fears. I think of all the “Fear Not” verses in the Bible and can only wonder at why I should fear so. Hoping Angie’s book will help me see more clearly.

  13. I have a few really big fears. The fear that I am realizing limits me the most is my social fear. It terrifies me to talk to people, or just to be around large groups of people and so I am lonely a lot b/c I can’t start a conversation, so I am alone alot, and it takes me a while to be comfortable around a person, so by the time I am ready to hang out with someone they have often given up so I end up left out of groups…It is really obvious right now that my roommates and I are not a group of 4 but a group of 3 and me. I am trying to conquer this though and I finally got enough courage to email a counselor…the meeting was sketchy since obviously I could barely give my name and age but hopefully someday I will conquer this.

  14. Fear in just totally trusting God, due to a few instances in my life where trusting someone brought about much destruction. I am getting there, but having a better tool to help navigate through this – like a compass – would be great!
    In His grace,

  15. Well, I am with the lady above about having a great fear of spiders but that is a fear I don’t plan to overcome – just to avoid!
    My husband and I are of different faiths which didn’t seem too difficult when first married. We each go off to our respective churches. Now that we have three little ones, I fear greatly for them, for how we will deal with the situation.

    I know that He is more than able to cover any and all situations but it’s much easier to type the word TRUST than to put it into practice, letting go of fears in complete confidence!

  16. Fear of rejection and fear of failure are the big ones I have to deal with. Practically, I also have a fear of flying which I must overcome.

  17. Fear of death and loss. My mother passed away when I was 5, I was raised by 3 of my grandparents until 14, then in a matter of 6 months they all passed away. I was grieving one, and the other would leave me. Then I moved in with my absent father and became very depressed. He wouldn’t let me talk to her because he disowned her from having a baby by an African American at 15. My world changed when my only.sis called me when I hit 18!! I was over the moon. She told me she waited until our father no,longer had the right to keep us apart. It was beautiful. An instant friendship that only blossomed.
    Well in 2005, I was 21 and she was 23. She just had her second baby. She died suddenly in bed with her kids. Literally right after I dropped her off. It was pp cardiomyopathy. I lost the last.of my true family. I was all alone and decided to raise her 8 yo son when I was 21 in college. He was ADHD bipolar and the years that followed were terribly difficult.
    Wow, I haven’t spoke about this in ages…
    Now that I have my own children, I am scared of losing them. Just another person I love being ripped away from me. Or maybe be like my mom and sis, and die young and leave my kids motherless like they did.
    I deal with this anxiety and fear everyday. Because of it, I am like a wet blanket over my children. I cannot leave them. No one has ever babysat them and they are 3, 19m, and 5m. This is bigger than me. I dont even know where to start. At times, I think I have a curse on me. But then I remember its not possible with Christ.
    ((sigh))…i have a lot to work on.

    • Laura
      Your story pierces my heart this morning. What a testimony of SURVIVAL you have. The tragedies you have endured are unthinkable. I can only imagine what a special strength you have hidden deep in your heart. God doesn’t forget His children (even in suffering). I grew up with emotional and physical abuse. I promised myself to love and care for my own children with every bit of unconditional love I could muster. While I have smothered them too much in some ways….my upbringing served to help me be a better mom than what I had experienced.

      Remember, what man means for harm…God will use for His good.

    • Laura, my heart aches for you and all you have been through.
      My mom died 7 years ago and I am walking through a 5th miscarriage right now. I have walked the road of anxiety concerning the future and safety of myself and my 4 children – the “what ifs” and it is so draining. I will be in agreement with you for TOTAL freedom (for both of us).
      You are right, the devil cannot curse what God has blessed. You are Christ’s and therefore off limits to be cursed. God loves you so much and He is bigger than this. Praying for you – will you be part of the Bloom Book Club? – that over the next days and weeks God shows Himself strong on your behalf. Blessings and tight hugs,

    • Laura,
      Thank you for being brave enough to post this. I have not gone through what you have but i can relate to living with anxiety and fear everyday. I’m not sure why it seems to be getting worse for me of late. I need to remember God is bigger than any fear I have! Please grow our Faith Lord! We need more of you. I’ll pray for you daily.

  18. I think my biggest fear is the fear of never being good enough. As a parent, as a wife as a follower of Christ. This book is so amazing…read it through in 2 days after it came out but I am SO excited to go through it again more slowely and really think about each chapter and what it means for me. Thanks for the chance at a goodie basket!! 🙂

  19. Fear…..not raising up my children in the way that they should go. What a giant task God has set before us as parents.

  20. What a great giveaway!
    I am currently in the desert of walking more intimate with Christ to overcome fears. I hope to overcome just the uncertainty of life through knowing Christ and my identity in Him more and more each day!

    God Bless~

    • Congratulations! on over coming this fear! I have an Aunt who is 90 years old, and she never learned to drive because she said she was always too nervous & afraid… One day while she was visiting I asked her if didn’t WISH she could drive, (as we were carpooling 4 kids to high school.) Her response cracked us up.
      Imagine this old woman with a Trinidad accent… she said, “Oh NOOO! I could nevah drive a cah. Ya see dat big truck ovah dere? If it come near– I would leggo de wheel and covah ma face!” … it was quiet in the car for about 8 seconds, then we all started to laugh so hard. We were laughing so much that we missed the exit off the carpool lane and all the kids were late for school !

  21. I have a fear of not “doing my job” to help unsaved family members.
    Basically finding the balance of trusting God and obeying my call to be a witness
    for Jesus Christ…..without the fear of failing. Thanks for the chance to win a goody

  22. Fear of not being able to exercise at all because of painful joints including hip, knees, wrists, hands, ankles ~ in so much pain and trying to exercise….fear of my weight increasing from lack of REAL movement…God is good and I along with a friend started going to “Praise Moves”…An exercise/yoga class done to Christian music and stretches done as scriptures are read…Praying that I can do it (with modifications) and get stronger, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  23. I still get fearful when meeting new people. Some times my mind takes me back to being 12 and getting all shy and feeling like everyone is staring at me….like I am different. Of course it is all in my imagination but Satan still brings it on!

  24. Fear that this path we feel God has us on, we have heard wrong, and we won’t find real community, and be rejected and physically alone again when we go through a hard time. And when we need help from family and friends their will again be no one to help us

  25. I would have to say the fear of failure and the fear of man. I don’t know why I expect perfection from myself as I’m usually willing to give others the benefit of the doubt.

  26. Mine would be many but a big one would be fear of trusting and depending, on others and God most of all. Although I know the truth, my feelings have not caught up yet!

  27. At nearly 59 I am still talking with God about fears and how to trust Him instead. Life is all about growing.

  28. I am afraid of not being in control… as if that is ever truly possible. I see the lie for what it is but have never learned how to step outside of its shadow and into the light of trusting my Savior to lead my life better than me. Trust is a tough one for me.

  29. I fear the death of my parents. I have been lucky so far in life to not have lost anyone while I was in my conscious years (that’s what I call the years of 10yrs old and up). Three of my grandparents died when I was young, so I wasn’t really greatly affected by their deaths. And since then, I haven’t lost anyone close to me, not even a pet, so now that my dog is 13 years old and my parents are aging, I’m scared to death of death!

  30. I have the fear of growing old and being old, and all the health issues that may arise and the feeling of not being a part of society anymore. I fear become old so I don’t focus on it. I live in the “now”, do what I can now and not think about what may or may not happen. The Lord gives me the strength I need everyday! Amen!

  31. I don’t have a specific fear, but rather different fears at different times. One of the most difficult things I’ve had to face is letting go of my children and trusting in God instead.

  32. I believe my biggest fear is losing weight. I’ve been overweight most of my life and all of my adult life (I am 42). I’ve come to the realization that every time I start losing weight I sabotage myself. I was molested from the time I was 3 years old until I was 15 years old.
    I believe my “fat” is security to me. It hides me and it makes me feel ugly, which in my mind, will keep me from being noticed.
    I can’t believe I just put that out there but that’s my biggest fear.

    • Oh Renee,
      My heart breaks for you sweet sister. I am praying that you will lay all of your burdens down at His feet and be free. I too struggle with weight, as I have been suffering from an eating disorder for 27 years. Satans voice is sometimes so loud I can’t think. (((((HUGE HUGS)))) to you.

      My greatest fear is to never be free from the chains of this eating disorder….that I will always be bound and enslaved. I know He is calling me to run and be free, but I don’t know how or what it looks like in reality.

  33. Fear of not being good enough- not getting it all right, being enough for the ones who need me. Looking forward to this book!

  34. I fear being vulnerable. Often, I feel that if I let my guard down or step out from behind my wall, I’ll be hurt or found to be lacking or seen as weak… It’s a struggle to remind myself daily that God loves me as I am, that I am enough, and that He will be with me through all (including times I’m hurting).

  35. I struggle with several fears but at the heart of it, I still fear too much what others think. I struggle to open up and really be me and share. I am a good listener to others. . .but it is very hard to open up and share my struggles. I am also afraid I am doing this parenting thing all wrong. . .that I am not doing and saying the “right” things to my son, who is VERY strongwilled. I keep reading and praying for wisdom but I don’t feel very wise with him.

  36. Fear, o where to begin. i fear that my children will repeat the same sins as i. i fear that i will not be the mother that God has called me to. i fear that i will not be the wife he has called me to. i fear that i am not the daughter that The King has called me to be.

  37. My biggest fear is for the raising of my children. I am fearful that since of course I don’t always know what to do and this world is getting more terrifying all the time. I just pray that they come to know the Lord and then everything else will fall into line!

  38. I’ve had to overcome…wait a minute…am currently overcoming (:)) the fear of never being able to conceive. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of sound mind!

    • Agreeing with you Becca, that you will be just as Psalm 113 says – a joyful mother of children, that God will strengthen your body to conceive just like He did for Sarah.

  39. I cannot list one, there is quite a list…and their strength depends on what I am experiencing in my life…so hard to surrender them and trust!

  40. I think I have two big fears to overcome – fear of failure and feel of acceptance. I hate that I worry so much what other people think of me and that I can never seem to believe that I am good enough.

    • Every day I tell myself the following that I learned at a women’s seminar.
      “You are enough. God made me and He doesn’t make mistakes.” I am praying for you.

  41. I would love to conquer the fear of disapproval of others. I think I have and then certain situations will make it raise it’s ugly head again.

  42. I definitely have fears about something bad happening to myself, my children, my spouse or other close family members.
    Kathy k.

  43. When I think about it, I can fear rejection. It is a battle sometimes to be unafraid. Sometimes you just have to grab the thing and yell, ” YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!”
    Then I force myself to sing a song or think of something else!

  44. fear of the future – our financial future looks bleak, and we don’t own a home. both my husband and i have served in ministries that offered low salaries and no pension. when we were younger that seemed okay . ..but now it fills me with fear.

    fear of being alone –i have never liked being alone. occasionally i get scared thinking about what will happen if my husband dies. in my ministry i work with a lot of homeless people and it isn’t me being dramatic but the reality is that i know someday i could be one of them. that terrifies me.

  45. I have a fear for the future for my children. I want to trust in God to protect them. It is so hard to remember that He loves them even more than I do.

  46. I am scared that I will not do all that God expects of me. We as Women try to do so much for everyone that sometimes I feel like I can’t do it all well!
    Working on less perfection with God’s help!

  47. I have struggled with fear since I was a child, but I guess my biggest fear is the fear of tomorrow and what it holds…fear and trust are total opposites, If I have fear then I dont trust God to take care of me, If I trust God for tomorrow then I wont be afraid….right? sounds good, but how to put it into practice?

  48. fear of failure and fear of rejection seem to undergird much of what I do, and I. hate. it. The Lord has been doing a mighty work in me over the past few years, turning fear into faith …. sometimes I just wish we could speed up the process! 😉

  49. I fear being alone…being lonely. Instead of drawing people in, I think I smother them with my insecurities and push them away thus increasing that I am alone. Healthy right?
    I also fear being insignificant for Christ, living a life that does nothing at all for His kingdom. I have been blessed with ministry and I fear Him changing things up and taking it away. And yet logically I know that if He did it would be for a far better thing, but I still fear it.
    Yep, I am the picture of spiritual health…

  50. What I fear is not pleasing God – a fear that keeps me from fully accepting and understanding what it means to live in a state of grace. It causes me to calculate the cost of every move I make. I think I get so afraid of displeasing God that it interferes with my relationship with Him.

  51. What do I fear. . Not living His plan. Taking my road if it seems easier than His. I want to know that fear of the “what ifs” won’t hinder me from living a big, small life for Him .

  52. My fear deals with the dissapointment of not being able to “do it all” for my family and friends. I always tend to try to accomplish to much and end up falling short at least in my mind. Would love to win the goodie basket and book. Thanks

  53. I fear the eternal destination of my unsaved loved ones…Mom, Dad, brother, sister, really close family members. I ask God to shine through me that my life might be an example. That they might see my joy and want that for themselves. I fear that my failure in showing them will result in their eternal damnation. I know it is not my job, that only the Lord can save and that it is their choice but I am very fearful of their dying unsaved.


  54. I have overcome fear in the area of music and worship leading. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am still overcome that fear, but God has brought me so far!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. I won’t say I don’t fear anything. I am in a point in my life that all my surroundings are unfamiliar due to divorce. So what fear do I not have right now would be more of the question? But I never lose Faith in God……he is my Rock, he is my Shelter. I know of all my surroundings & people he will always be there if I chose for him to be.

  56. Fear of the unknown . . . what the future holds for my husband’s ministry, for our children, our family. This book is amazing and I know I will get even more out of it with this online study . . . and perhaps face my fears and even overcome them.

  57. I have battered wife syndrome so I always fear someone is mad at me or I’ve done something wrong. Thank you Lord that I am getting better 🙂

  58. I fear not living up to God’s expectations for me, and caring too much about man’s expectations. I fear failure. I fear missing the best part of God’s plan for my life. I want to be set free from the things that bind me from living a full life in Christ.

  59. I fear not being “enough”, being discovered a fraud! It’s not that I try to set myself up as an expert, it’s just that when something needs doing, I often step forward and others assume… but what if they find out I’m really just an ordinary gal, doing the next thing that needs done? Does this make sense to anyone else??

  60. I used to think that I was fearless, but I think that I am kidding myself. In all honesty… I still sleep with a light on!:) I feared the worst yesterday. My 11 year old daughter comes home off the bus by herself at least once a week because my husband has work responsibilities. She is suppose to lock the door, set the alarm, and call me at work when she gets home. She didn’t yesterday. My mind began to race crazy with all kinds of scenarios! I watch way too many crime shows!!:) But this world is full of evil and I can’t help but worry that something bad is going to happen to her. As I drive home to check on her, fear overwhelmed me and all of the scenarios played out in my mind. I literally became hysterical! Of course, she was fine and didn’t seem to concerned that she didn’t call me. The phone was unplugged and she thought it was broken. (She is getting a cell phone for Christmas!!) I didn’t like how that fear made me feel! I want to be able to stay calm in situations and not think the worse is about to happen. I have started to read the book and loving it! Thank you Angie for your encouragement to put our fears in the hands of God!

  61. I hope to overcome the fear that I didn’t do God’s will for my life and other’s. That I didn’t listen to Him or hear Him when He talked to me. I want to go to Heaven knowing that the only reason I’m getting in is that God is love and His love means grace and that I did all I could to show God’s love and grace to others. I definitely need Jesus to help me with this!

  62. My fears are rooted in doubt (not to be confused with a lack of faith). I tend to doubt I can do things I dream of doing. Maybe a better word would be FAILURE!?!
    I lack the confidence to step out on my big dreams because I’m gripped with the fear I will fall on my face! 🙁

  63. Every day I get (in)Courage I get a lift! So many of them I share with my FB friends or e-mail to my family. Thank you Ladies. ;-}
    Blessed be

  64. My son struggles with fear.
    He has food allergies and fears he will have a reaction,
    he fears booster shots he will have to take in two years,
    he fears petting the cat in case they have been hunting
    he fears he won’t go to heaven
    he fears his teacher will get mad at him….

    I guess I fear failing him

  65. Becoming a single woman, through divorce, at ‘middle’age’ has created many anxieties for me. As the years have passed, however, I have learned just how capable I am. That’s a good thing! My faith in God is what pulled me through and my journal is filled with stories of His marvelous provision. If I fear anything right now, it’s growing old alone. My kids (and grandkids) are fabulous and thankfully we share much love and support for each other. But they have their own lives… My fear may be irrational and I do try to put it aside, as much as possible. God has provided all along, I’m sure He will provide for my future too!

  66. I am afraid to really offer myself as a sacrifice for the work of Christ because I am so afraid I’ll mess up and make God look bad, make people turn away from him instead of to him, and make people I’m working with look bad. I want to overcome that and be used fully by Him!

    • I completely understand; my husband is in Afghanistan right now, and living without him has been the hardest thing I’ve done. But, my fears are that he will never return. In those times, I have to be reminded that God is sovereign. Always. Take comfort in knowing God knows and sees your husband right now, too.

  67. Fear of not being strong enough to make it through the trials I have been battling for what seems like far too long.

    • Me too.
      He is with us.
      I pray for peace for you and the ability to trust Him and to keep going forward.

  68. So much has changed in our lives as a family because of our business closing due to this economy. We had to do Chapter 7 – something I’d never dreamed of ever doing in my life. We are behind in our mortgage & praying for a loan modification to go through. We’ve been trying since last October. My biggest fear in all this is the fear of having no control. I am continually learning to have FAITH: Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him each day. The Lord has allowed the rug to be pulled out from under my feet completely and it has been very frightening.

  69. I ferar for my children because they are not christians. they have been raised in a christian home but did not choose that path yet.

  70. I am afraid of this journey that God has me on. That it won’t end, that I will quit, that is is hard. Looking at my past and working through the terrible things that happened.
    I know He is with me in it.
    I know He is healing me,
    I know it is worth it.
    I am thankful, so thankful
    but sometimes, I still get afraid at looking at the next thing.

  71. The fear of not been a good mother, wife, friend, daughter. I pray every day to help me walk his path. My fam means the world to me and I dont want to fail them and god.

  72. I have never had a fear of to much but when my dear Mother passed away from breast cancer 4 years ago I was introduced to the world of anxiety. I pray every day for peace in my mind, body and spirit. My favorite verse is “The Lord has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.” I know the Lord has a plan for all of this… Until then I pray everyday for healing. Thank you for such a wonderful offer. I NEED to read this book!!


  73. I would like to overcome the fear of writing what I really feel. Sometimes the critique inside is so critical and so hard to deal with. Free flowing writing would be nice for a change.

  74. I want to overcome the fear of being alone/unloved. I want to replace the fear with the comfort of knowing He is always with me, He will always love me. What have I really to fear?

  75. i have a fear of being a bad mom. too much anger, not enough grace, kindness, patience. fear of not leading them to the One who is higher than i or that they won’t want to know Him because of the things mentioned above that they see in me.

  76. My greatest fear is that my son will never come to know and serve the Lord. My second greatest fear is that my daughter will not come BACK to the Lord. I pray for them daily.

  77. I hope to overcome my fear of failure. It has stopped me from doing so many things I’ve felt led to do.

  78. Fear of my life slipping away in the mundane and never accomplishing God’s true purpose for me. Jenny c.

  79. Fear of never, ever, ever being good enough. I think all of my other fears are wrapped up in this. I’m afraid of being rejected, I’m afraid of insecurity, I’m afraid of losing control, I’m afraid of failure…it’s all part of this idea that I constantly battle – the idea that I have to earn God’s grace and I have to be perfect.

  80. I have two….the fear of not being good enough and the fear of not being able to give EVERYTHING to God; not fully trusting in Him.
    I’m happily married and have a WONDERFUL husband, but I’ve always had this “fear” of never being good enough for anyone or anything and that nothing I ever did was right.
    I think my issue with not being able to totally give it ALL to God, is that it’s hard for me to talk to Him without my mind wondering. I guess I need to have the mindset that He is sitting next to me. But any suggestions on how to talk to God and totally trust Him with everything in my life, please pass along.

  81. I fear that one’s I love so dearly may not ever come to know the Lord as their savior, that they may be left behind, that can be very scary and sad especially when it comes to our children and or spouse so I pray about this and I know the word says that the fervrant prayer of a rightious women availeth much so I hold on to that and pray fervently for my loved ones, God’s word also says that we are to “Raise a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. I also hold on to the promise that “Me and My whole household shall be saved”. I trust the Lord and He gives me peace in this Fear as I go to Him with it.

  82. I am really looking forward to joining you one this journey – it is the first one I have done. I have the book and am really excited to start. I think the big thing that I would love to work on through this book is my fear of being myself, the fear that somehow I am not worthy or just enough for anyone. God Bless. C

  83. I fear failing, especially in mothering. I am terrified that I am going to shortchange my children (and others around me) or just get something totally wrong. I’m praying that the Lord will transform this fear into humility.

  84. I have read through some of the posts above and am amazed at the fact that so many women have the same fears as me. I have always felt alone in this life, that I am not loveable, acceptable, good enough or worthy. My biggest fear is that I am right……

  85. My greatest fear (which I hope to overcome) is the fear of failure. I fear failing my friends, my God, my parents, even though each has promised to love me no matter what.

  86. Bought the book and read it over the weekend! Really, good and easy to read because it holds your interest. Makes one love Angie and her family also!

    After experiencing a lot of ‘loss’ in the past 8 years, including 6 family members, source of income and many other losses associated with that…I could say, having to experience it again. It’s always there, that underlying fear of what if it happens again.

  87. Many fears fill my life because of anxiety… fear of dying which makes me insecure but I am learning to release those fears and fill my life with Christ and His word….

  88. FEAR. I seem to have many fears and sometimes let them control me. I fear that I am not good enough….at home, at work, at church, everywhere. I am often fearful for my family.

  89. I fear heights……… ugh! Secondly, I fear sometimes not being able to meet the expectations of God that I have in my mind. I know He is pleased, but I still want to do more.

  90. I have a fear of losing my son who is in rebellion right now and who I love so much it hurts

  91. Fear of God. Not a good fear but I am so afraid of doing things wrong and thinking God will punish me. My husband and I have gone through a lot of difficult times in the last 20 years even though we think we are doing what God wants us to do, nothing seems to really work out. We would just like to see a few doors open and say – wow – that was surely our God answering prayer. Nanci at kelbla@aol.com

  92. I want to overcome my fear of not being “enough” – not measuring up to this imaginary perfect mom, pastor’s wife, attorney, blah blah blah. Fear of failing at something that no one can realistically achieve anyway!

  93. I know that more often than I’d care to admit fear holds me back from wholeheartedly serving the Lord. Many little fears bundled together can become paralyzing. Mostly I’m hindered by the fear of rejection and the fear of failure.

  94. My fear of never having kids (whether they be biological or adopted). My fear of not having enough money to get what I “want.” My fear of people not liking me.

  95. Oh I hope so much to overcome fear of feeling incapable that tempts me to walk away or shout. The fear is so big that I freeze up and instead of leaning on His strength, I give up–feeling all defeated.

  96. Fear? I think all women have some fears. Mine tend to be a fear of success in my business endeavors and a fear of failure. My seem contradictory, but those are mine.

  97. I don’t really know how to express one of many of my fears but here goes: I often fear what I have already said or done. I live constantly analyzing my words or actions after the moment. It often holds me captive. I try to please those around me and in doing so I live with constant regret of “Oh, I should have said this or not done that, etc…” It is hard to see this in writing. It is as if in typing these words I am truly admitting my shortcoming and a strong reminder that I need to release this fear to Him. We all have them; it just makes you more vulnerable to see it in writing. Thank goodness I know it is safe with ‘friends’ on (in)courage! 🙂

  98. I have struggled all my life with the fear of being abandoned/left alone. On good days, I nip it and defeat it with truth; on bad days, it resurfaces and gives me a good beating. I would love to learn from Angie’s experience and I love her writing!

  99. I’m afraid of making decisions because I might make the wrong one.

    I’m afraid of making someone mad at me because they might not love me anymore.

    I’m afraid of losing someone… again… because next time I might not be able to handle it.

    I’m afraid that I will always be physically ill because of my anxiety.

  100. Fear of being true to myself, and to stop trying to please everyone, even when it means a decrease in my health or state of mind.

  101. This is silly, but real. Fear of the dark. I have to have all my shades pulled down and the curtains closed. If I have to be outside by myself at night, I sing, but I don’t like it!

  102. One day, I hope to get over the fear that I will be alone because of my mistakes. I fear that nobody will want me because have too many problems. I fear the most that God wont want me. Maybe I’m not. good enough for God. Maybe my prayers. wont be big enough, my faith not strong enough, my service not doing enough. I’m scared I’ll get kicked out of Christ’s family. I know God’s enough for me, but am I enough for Him?

  103. I have a lot of fears but the biggest one would be the fear of not be accepted by others. I am a people pleaser and feel that effects the real me. I don’t want to make others feel bad, I have a hard time saying no, and I just want to make people happy!

  104. My fear is that whatever I do, it isn’t enough and doesn’t make anyone happy. I think that is called co-dependency. I fear that I will fail to raise my children to be the best people they can be. I fear that they will be like me.

  105. I was oblivious to my fears until a good friend started talking about hers……and I realized that I’m afraid of true intimacy…..with God, with friends, with spouse. Underneath that is probably a fear of rejection, of not being good enough, or at least not living up to the facade I’ve (even unknowingly) created to present to the world. Also, I’m afraid that I won’t accomplish what the Lord has for me to do, in part due to my perfectionism and procrastination.

  106. Four years ago fear overtook my life. I began having panic attacks and anxiety. I just want to be a normal mom and wife, but God has been with me every step of the way. I have grown closer to Him because I had to. I had to cling to the only person that really knew how I felt. I beg Him to take this from me regularly ,but He has other plans. I hate fear. It pulls us to places we never wanted to go. It chains us to thoughts that beg us to believe they are true. Satan rejoices when we give in to his lies. I want to fight this battle with everything in me. This book looks wonderful and I look forward to reading it and sharing with others. Thank you!

  107. Fear of the unknown, the future….instead of trusting my dear Heavenly Father who holds all my times in His hand. Looking forward to reading the book!

  108. I am fearful of letting my children spread their wings and be out on their own as they enter college, especially being very far away. I fear for myself not having them around every day.

  109. Fear of expressing the truth in love, instead of just trying to make every “okay” when nothing is okay at all………………

    Thanks and cannot wait for my book to come, you all are great!
    karen 🙂

  110. The thing I fear most: living a life of ‘What If’. I have had to get a notebook to write in when I read the book, the margins are just not big enough for all my thoughts. In God’s Love, sheila

  111. I don’t usually admit this out loud to anyone, so hopefully it’s a good step to overcoming…I fear dying young. Both aof my parents have passed – one at 51, one at 60. Every little illness that creeps up on me I dissect and worry that it’s something bigger than it is. With the Lord’s help, I am overcoming this fear, and giving it to Jesus – who is the final authority on all of my days, and guides my steps. Hoping to read this book – love the journal!

  112. Fear may have raised its head through my younger years and yet when my husband and youngest son died within three months fear became a relentless hound after me. No trival things here to cause me to want to hide. So, the crossroad stood in front of me like a divided highway. Would I trust this El Elyon who had allowed what was most precious to be taken? This has been a very slow journey (and I am reminded God does not live in time). Moving toward four years and most days (not all) are pressed in so tight to Jesus that fear can not fit in. I do trust Him.

  113. My greatest fear… that something bad will happen to my husband, or that he will get ill and go to be with Jesus at a young age. We have five children and he is an amazing husband and father. My trust has to be completely and totally in my Father in Heaven who is my provider. No matter what happens I have to learn to completely rely God and not man (my husband).

    Carol B.

  114. My current greatest fear is that my children will not follow Christ. It’s an overwhelming and consuming fear. But I’m thankful that it drives me to my knees.

  115. I fear being exposed. Exposed that I’m not perfect, that I’m not ‘spiritual’ enough, that I am not real enough, that I’m not good enough, etc… etc… I need to know even deeper in my hidden self that God made me and loves me. That it is because of Jesus that I’m perfect, not anything I can do. That it is ok to release the grasping perfectionism that separates me from people and from knowing my friend Jesus better.

  116. My greatest fear right now is that I am not good enough.

    I feel like as hard as I try I just am not doing enough or the right things. I have been married for a little over 3 years and have been separated since January because my husband was verbally and emotionally abusive, he would belittle me all the time. He would tell me things like I wasn’t a woman of God, even as I grew stronger in my walk with the Lord. This has left my confidence shattered!

    I am also afraid to try and work things out with my husband because I know I can’t live in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship anymore, especially because it affected my two daughters as well (from before our marriage). I don’t know what to do or how to move forward because I want to walk in a way that pleases God! I’m afraid of displeasing God by making the wrong choice. Please pray for me.


    • Dear Kristy Lynn,

      I am praying right now for you – that God will fill you with His Presence and His Peace. That He will surround you with godly people to guide you and support you during this difficult time. I am praying that God will give you the Spirit of Wisdom and Discernment for the decisions you are facing. And that He will enable you through His Spirit to trust Him.

  117. Wow…in thinking about writing down what I fear, I find myself amazed at how much I could list. What an eye opener. I will just list what jumped into my mind immedieately.
    I fear that I am never enough….that I will die and not have made a difference for Christ…that my son will never be saved…and on and on it goes. So looking forward to you shining some light on all these lies that we have been living with for far too long!!

  118. Fear my Mother, Sister(s), and other family members and friends will not trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord and be saved.

  119. I fear rejection.
    It has been a paralyzing factor for most of my life.
    I am able to overcome my fear, since I know that in my imperfection I am perfect in God’s eyes through the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus.
    Through prayer I can feel my Father’s loving embrace when my fear rears its ugly head.
    On my blog I wrote about being at the farmer’s market this summer and seeing a box of “UGLIES” on one vendor’s stand. These were fruit and vegetables which was unsightly, yet still useful for many things in the kitchen.
    Where man sees less-than-perfect, our God looks into our heart and sees perfection as His creation.
    And I know this truth, yet I struggle every day with my fear.
    And He delivers me from that same fear.

  120. I fear being alone. I am a single woman who just accepted a new job, which required moving away from my family and friends. I still feel like I don’t have many friends in my new city. I know that God has a plan for my life…but sometimes my mind dwells on the fear of being alone instead of the promise of God’s truth.

  121. Awesome giveaway! I’d most like to overcome my fear of rejection. More than anything, this holds me back from abandoning myself to God. Whether it shows up as an inability to be vulnerable before others or as that old tyrant, Ms. People Pleaser, it suffocates life.

  122. What an amazing giveaway!

    I struggle almost daily with the fear of losing my daughter and my husband. I’ve come a long way with being able to turn to God when I feel that anxiety, but it’s still something that I struggle with!

  123. I fear not being in control, even though I know that in reality, I do not control anything, He does.

  124. I fear my husband will never return from deployment; that I will be left to raise the kids on my own, which leads to a whole different fear that I’m not good enough for that.

  125. I fear many things, unfortunately, and have been thinking a lot about that word lately. Right now, I’d say the most prominant fear is that of failure. I become very hard on myself the outcome of something I attempt isn’t what I thought it should be. Small or big situations, I fear the result so it inhibit my trying. I’ve been praying daily for God to release me of this!

  126. I too fear failure as many have said, but I think even more than that I fear being confronted and told I’ve failed by someone else. It seems ridiculous since that has never happened, but I get anxious at times that someone will tell me just that.

  127. I have been unemployed for so long I am fearful about going back out in the work world even if I could get a job.

  128. I fear the future and I long to just stay in the moment. To be mindfully fixed in the present with my eyes looking up to the LORD.

  129. I fear snakes and spiders and mice but as a woman my fear right now is trying to look like I have it together when in reality I don’t. i am a perfectionist and so I fear not doing it right. My family life is very hectic and I am really trying to look likje a working mom who has her act togehter and that is so far from true.

  130. I don’t know that I really fear anything, but I do let some feelings hold me back from doing things – so maybe that is a fear. And then as I reflect more I know that I fear not having enough money in the family budget for all the bills to be paid and have enough food to feed my family. I let my feelings of what my husband would say if I told him my deepest desires to follow the tug on my heart to follow the Lord and be an inner city missionary hold me back. So maybe through reading this book I would discover those fears more.

  131. Hm. Fear. I think I fear that I won’t ever get to be the person that I want to be, and that I won’t live enough in the “now” while I’m trying to figure out how to become that person.

  132. I fear for my children and how the world will change as they grow older. I remember how things “use to be”. Our fears in the past may have seemed huge but compared to how the world is today I am terrified that my children/grandchildren will never know what it means to be safe; whether it’s safe in their faith, their finances, their family life or anything.

  133. My fears have really changed as I’ve gotten older. I fear more things for my kids than I do myself. I need to learn to let go and let God!

  134. Fear of losing/being rejected by someone else that I love and thought was my friend/family, and who pretend to know Christ while actively attempting to destroy the testimony of other believers. So thankful to have a loving supportive husband and 3 amazing children to show God’s love and grace on my life daily in a tangible way.

  135. I have a fear of trying new things. I have missed out on some wonderful things because of this fear. I am getting better with it, and find myself praying more about this fear and seeing that by trusting God in ALL things I am slowly trying new things.

  136. Fear that my children won’t have a close personal relationship with the Lord. Of course I always pray for that…and I step back and let the Holy Spirit move. I am impatient I guess. I need to realize that this bond with Jesus is a process not a brass ring to be grabbed or a finish line to cross.

  137. The fear that I want to overcome is the fear of the future, of the unknown…
    I really should have no fear about that, because His goodness and love will follow me all the days of my love. I pray daily that that truth will sink from my head to my heart.

  138. i think i am hoping to overcome some weird combination of the fear of rejection, abandonment, and betrayal, and the fear of not being significant. i’ve been rejected, abandoned, and betrayed and it’s made me feel very insignificant. i’m terrified of any of that happening again. i’m coming to realize that giving in to those fears is really negatively affecting my life today, where none of those things are true. some of my fears are legitimate, but not god-honoring or trusting in the Lord who has given me this season of life. i’m hoping His Spirit really works on me in this book study! i can’t wait to read it!!!

  139. It’s not really a fear perhaps….I just would like to be able to trust. It just hasn’t been working for me lately.

  140. My deepest, darkest fear is that I might not be saved. I know that I am, and I know that there are many verses addressing the assurance of salvation, but any time I “disappoint” God, or I don’t hear Him when I think I ought to, or it seems like someone else is just so much more “spiritual” than I am, I fear…have I really placed my trust in Him? Or am I just words?

  141. I fear that I will never win the victory in the area of my eating – I am reading Made To Crave – it is helping me on my journey – but some days the fear is so big!

  142. Fear of losing people I love. I want to be able to control things around me and know where everyone is and that they are safe and that they are ok. I’m still working on learning that God is doing the same thing and that he’s probably better at it than me.

  143. Fear of being judged. I know my mother was trying to do the right thing when she admonished me with “what will other people think” but now . . . huge issue!

  144. My fear of failure is at times quite debilitating. I also fear the unknown; I like to make plans and have things under my control. Anything that could alter these plans frightens me (yes, that sometimes includes God’s will).

  145. After a year of struggling through illness and not finding a lot of answers I find I fear almost everything. And most of all I fear that I will never again be able to live without fear.

  146. I believe that one of my greatest fears is of the future – that of being alone. It is like I can handle being lonely now if I somehow know that I won’t have to be alone forever. I know that this fear needs released to the Father – I truly am seeking to find my all in Him.

  147. My biggest fear is that my children will not acceept Jesus as their Savior before they leave this earth. I pray that God will do whatever He needs to do in each of their lives to bring them to the place where they realize they need Jesus in their life. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway. God bless you!


  148. My biggest fear is not being able to handle my chronic illness with grace. I fear not leaning on God and letting the pain and sorrow engulf me. I fear my children having this disease and having to deal with pain and sickness like I have.


  149. I fear to admit my fears.

    If I admit my fear of not being enough, fear of failing, fear of being rejected, or fear that that God isn’t real, I give my fears the power and they will take over. So I try to push my fears to the back of my mind to ignore them. In reading through these comments I realize I have way more fears than what I even realize. If I ever want to change I know I need to open my eyes and truly take a look deep inside myself to see what drives me and makes me well, ME.

    The only way to make a change is to notice, adjust, and evolve. I’m ready to take the first step to notice and admit my fears. I’m excited to start this book with you all and to really examine myself.

    Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  150. I would really love to win this giveaway and not even for myself. A friend is pregnant right now and she really struggled with depression during her first pregnancy and this one is no different. I’m hoping some unexpected goodies will brighten her day and remind her of God’s plan for her and her family.

  151. My greatest fear is that my husband will not accept Christ and find His peace and joy in believing. It burdens me that maybe my testimony is not enough but then I have to remember that it is the Lord who works in the hearts of men and will bring them to the point of receiving His salvation through His Son Jesus.

  152. I have a fear of rejection and of not being good enough. While I was growing up, my mom was an alcoholic. She was very critical of me and very confrontational. This made relationships difficult for me. And then she died just before my 18th birthday. Great fear came out of all of that. I am so much better but I still fear confrontation and rejection. I am also afraid that I am not good enough so I overcompensate by taking on too much sometimes. I think if I just do more I will earn the praises of man. I have learned that only the praises of God matter in my life. The grace of God is very important in my life…to know that he loves me…not matter what my performance looks like. I still have fear, but me and God are working on it.

  153. What do I fear? I suppose the fact I’m trying to think of what I fee is a good indication I have many fears. Am I fearful? I suppose it depends on how much I fully trust Jesus. When I’m trying to ‘go it alone’ or ‘take it back’, I fear everything. When I stay with my Savior, I have no fears. I need more trust days…..many, many more.

  154. I hope to overcome the fear of perfectionism – of trying to do everything myself. I am a single mom, and it’s just too hard to have that burden. It will overwhelm me like nothing else. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. The fear of not knowing what I can do the help those around me who are suffering or struggling. I don’t know what to do, and more than I want to admit the result is I do nothing . . . God has not called me to a spirit of fear, and I am to reach out to the world around me. “Lord, help my unbelief and strengthen me!”

  156. I am finding that I fear stepping out in faith to things that I know I have had a desire to do for Him. I put myself in a place to learn how to disciple and share and I know what He has taught me etc, yet, right now I have at least two real chances to be used mightily of Him and one has me more than terrified to do. I so want the right heart attitude and for the fear and trembling(which is very real) to go away I am praying that by writing it out here that it will set forth the wheels to start me forward and not just sitting here being comfortable.

  157. I fear doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Do I really have a pure heart or do I just want others to think that I do?

  158. When I am totally honest, my biggest fears are being wrong and being vulnerable (letting go of my perceived control and strength). God is doing a work in my life to help me become more transparent and confident. I am excited for what Angie’s book holds in “fear healing”!

  159. I have a fear of the unknown. I try so hard to control everything so there are no unknowns in my life. It doesn’t work very well! I’ve been working on putting all my trust in God even when I don’t know the outcome.

  160. i used to think i didn’t have much in life i feared.
    i realize i’m no different than the next.
    i fear much. abandonment (friends mostly…not spouse), health issues, failure, and most of all, inadequacy (in many areas).
    i have a ‘strong’ personality, and either do things well, or go home. i’m so tired of ‘going home’ because of my fears.
    hmmm…thanks for making me think about this. i think.

  161. A fear I hope to overcome and am overcoming: In the past I have been drop dead in a faint fearful about speaking in front of people, but I’m getting better. I volunter anytime I can to speak in front of people so I can get better. One of my prayers before I speak is “Father don’t let any of my mannerisms or things I say distract from Your message.”

  162. My fear is that my Mom will have cancer again someday and that is hard to overcome.
    In Christ,

  163. I would like to overcome the fear of feeling that I am not pleasing to my husband and my children and just a general foreboding fear that I am not pleasing to God.

  164. Definitely fear of speaking in front of a large group of people. I’ve done it a few times, and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Actually, it’s not the talking – that’s pretty easy. It’s the people looking at me when I’m talking. Isn’t it great that God loves us unconditionally?

  165. I’m afraid of anything happening to my sons and my grandkids. I totally worry even though God says not to. Especially since one of my sons rides a motorcycle and tells me horror stories of other people trying to run him off the road on the freeway. (one of the main reasons is because they are talking on their cell phones and not paying attention to what they are doing!!) One time someone pulled along side him and pulled a gun out! He gunned his bike and flew!! He got off at the next exit. I can’t wait for Jesus to lock up satan once and for all. I’m so sick of that demon and what he’s doing!

  166. Fear that something will harm my children…

    Fear that I will never be “enough” and that I won’t use my life the way God wants me to…

  167. I have quite a few fears. I fear that my middle daughter will never accept our Dear Lord and that she will continue living a horrible life.
    I fear I will live alone
    I am fearful of that horrible disease-alzehimer which my Mother has
    I fear that I will lose my job
    I live in fear thinking what other people think about me
    I fear I will never lose weight

  168. I fear losing relationships. It is something God asks me to surrender but I’ve always been hyper sensitive about people leaving my life perhaps due to my adoption. The bottom line is God is more than enough for me AND His grace is sufficient for my weaknesses (fears). Thanks for the opportunity to receive this cool giveaway! 🙂

    p.s. I read InCourage everyday, but I haven’t taken the leap to start my own blog…I’m an incouragement moucher I guess!

  169. Yikes. I’m just full of fears, unfortunately. I’m afraid of failure, afraid of rejection, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what might happen… Thankfully I’m aware enough to recognize most of it before it can take me over. Most of the time, anyhow.

  170. My biggest fear at this time is of having another miscarriage if we are able to get pregnant again. I know so many women and couples go thru these and go on to have a completely healthy pregnancy and child, I just keep having these overwhelming thoughts that it just might not happen again for us.

  171. There ,sadly, are many fears I struggle with…but right now the one looming largest is “not being enough”…and I know on my own I am not enough…but, with Jesus-He is enough in me!! 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity to win…Blessings, Becky J.

  172. Fear that I do not speak out enough about my faith, even with family. Fear that I have not done what I was supposed to do with my life.

  173. This fear thing is one of those regular struggles for me – part of my salvation story, and the thing I think I’ve figured out & then suddenly it surprises me in a new way.

  174. I fear being rejected if anyone really knew me. I have so many insecurities. Fortunately I am part of a life group at my church with some incredible ladies who continually push me in this area as we struggle to know and be known as we pursue Christ.

  175. I have the hardest time speaking my truth. I’m a good girl (yes indeed ms. emily p freeman) and I struggle with being wrong, accepting that my wrong choices don’t make me a wrong or bad person. Admitting that I am wrong, speaking the truth about the situation, is twice as hard.

  176. I fear dying while my children are young. Though I know I’m saved, I want to see my girls grow up. I’m sure this is triggered by my aunt’s death when she was 33 and her daughter was 7. I have seen what a parent’s death can do to a child and to the family.

  177. Fear of what being obedient to God’s call to vocational ministry will “cost” me (and not just financially). I’m living in that transition now…and as awesome as it is, the unknown is still scary.

  178. I sat here a while and thought after I read the question “What do you fear?” My first response was,” well how much space do you have on here?” 🙂 But then I really started to think about what makes me tick, and the things that I really fear. If I had to wrap it all up, I think I would say, I fear failure. I think that’s why I’m always hesitant to try new things. I don’t have much confidence in myself. I feel inadequate. I think that’s why I’m such an adamant encourager. Because I don’t want others to feel inadequate. Does that make sense? Didn’t mean to turn this into a therapy session. 🙂 But (in)courage is therapy for me. So I’d love some input.

  179. Timely – I am currently battleing a major fear of death. I am headed tomorrow for major surgery. It is a delicate procedure and there are risks involved. God has been reassuring me along the way in many ways, but I am facing major waves of fear.

  180. I’m hoping to overcome my fear of failure. Specifically my fear that I am failing as a mother to my children.

  181. I fear the unknown. I have terrible anxiety. I was the child that walked around with her dad right before I went to bed to make sure all the doors and windows were locked and to make sure everything was unplugged so nothing went up in flames and robbers didn’t come in while I was sleeping. Fear has been instilled in me in that aspect and I have always been the “careful”, “cautious” child, which has saved me from physical pain if my brother’s were doing something they shouldn’t be, but the fear that encompasses me is controlling. I’m ready to let it all go. To learn to give it all to Jesus. To finally be liberated from my chains.

  182. I am afraid of people’s opinions of me. I sometimes let others’ opinions be more important than God’s opinion of me. I am growing in this area and I hope to overcome this!! with Jesus.

  183. Fear of: getting older, health issues, lost of love ones, and death….the unknown/future. My fear would be to lose my best friend, love of my life, my husband. I’ve been with my sweetheart since I was a young teen and life without him would be unbearable to endure.

  184. I fear the massive debt we are in (company and personal) and that we won’t be able to get out of it. It’s crippling, and causes a lot of anxiety. I also fear something happening to my daughters, but I don’t think about that very often. I think I need to read this book!

  185. I have a fear of starting a new career path. I left my previous career path because I didn’t think I was in the righ career for me. Now I am fearful of trying new things and finding what God’s purpose for my life is.

  186. I am a junior in college online at the age of 37. I fear this new career path and how it will affect my two school aged daughters. I fear telling my husband my true feelings and anxiety over this new “adventure”. He has such hopes for me working 9 – 5 and being the “bread winner” and him quitting his current job and starting his own business.

  187. The fear of failure that sometimes causes me to stall when I should probably be moving forward.

    I thought I was fearless and invincible before I had a child. I didn’t think there was anything that could make me quake in my boots… but then the Lord opened my womb and gave me a son, and my world was forever changed. I want to do what’s best, but the great majority of times, I fear I am just going to make a big ole mess!
    (Lord, I believe… help Thou my unbelief)

  188. I think fear gets in the way of living some days. I don’t know that I could pinpoint one thing in particular, but I find myself shutting down and shutting myself off from the world some days to avoid it.

  189. I hope to overcome the fear of abandonment. It keeps me from stepping out of my shell, and being my true self when it comes to relationships with others.

  190. I have a fear of “missing something.” There are some days that I don’t “do anything”, and on those days I feel regret for missing out on the beauty of His creation. Not getting outside enough. Not playing with the kids enough. Not getting enough done around the house, for my family. Maybe that could be translated to a fear of not being “good enough?” Whatever it is, I feel like I could and should be doing more.

  191. fear of being insignificant amongst many very talented people. i know i have my own gifts but they seem to pale in comparison to writers, artists, seamstresses, photographers, cooks, etc.

  192. I’m having a hard time labeling my fears, but I know they are there and creep up on me at unexpected times. thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  193. I fear (when I let myself go there) my son’s future. He brain was damaged at birth and he is doing very, very well. But sometimes the fear still creeps in.

  194. Sounds like a wonderful read! I fell in love with Angie right here while going through Ann’s book. I fear that I’m missing my dream…chasing vapor. Sometimes it can paralyze me and I miss out on God’s best. I’ll follow along!

  195. Right now, I am fearful of starting the foster to adopt process. I don’t know what the future holds with that and how it will impact my family (including 2 young kids). I am so excited about it too! But at night, especially, I start worrying about all the “what if’s” and whether I am strong enough to do this. I know I need to be in constant prayer about it and need to focus on God’s word!

    • Oh, I am so putting those same fears into the back of my mind right now. I think that if I faced them, I would just stop the process all together. God will totally give you the love and support and grace that you need. After all, you are honoring Him by going through with this! Yes, keep praying and I will do the same for you!

  196. I have a fear of failure. I try to be perfect and then fail miserably. I should know that I need to lean on Christ instead of my own abilities, but I am still evidently learning these lessons. And the journey continues. . .

  197. Great giveaway! The fear I’d love to overcome is my fear of failing…as a new mom, a spouse, a friend, a coworker. It just affects so much.

  198. At one time, I had a great fear of dying. My young husband died at age 21, leaving me with a 2 month old son. I was terrified I would die too, leaving my child all alone. Every day I was so careful; crossing only at the crosswalk, avoiding all dangerous situations. Years later my Dad died, and that nagging fear returned. I lost a brother, a nephew, a friend, a cousin, aunts, uncles….that fear was becomming overwhelming. Then I came to know Jesus…the ressurected Jesus, Savior of my soul. His comfort healed my wounds. His love filled my void. No longer would I fear death, because through HIM we are no longer slaves to fear. HE has overcome death, HE has given us new LIFE. Some day I will die. I will leave this earth and join my heavenly family, and through HIM I will live eternally.

  199. Fear of the unknown- learning to trust God more each day! I’ll trust him to unfold the moments just as he unfolds the rose.

  200. My fear always used to be not having someone to rely on when times got bad, but since having children, I’m able to rely on God more (not completely, still a work in progress) and my new and improved fears are all for my children. I fear for their physical safety, for their mental health (this is a big one for moms scared of ruining their kids with inconsistency and pregnant emotional outbursts) and mostly for their spiritual development. I try to remember that God brings them to Him, not me, but I can’t help fearing that I could permanently turn them off The Best Good In the World, by my own behavior and unbelief. Why is it so hard to get rid of the emotional reaction even when the logical mind knows the fear is groundless or is at least taken care of by the God of the universe.

  201. My fear is of totally trusting God. I give and I take back and then give and take back. I act as though if I have the issue, I can work it out, but all I can do is worry it out.

  202. I’m an approval junkie. I fear that people won’t like me; that I won’t be good enough. I want to live in freedom knowing my identity is in Christ.

  203. I fear my loved ones never knowing their Lord. I can’t imagine not believing, not enjoying this eternal life on earth and after…

  204. Though I’m sure I could write a long list if I sat here long enough, the big two that come to mind immediately are fear of failure and fear of being insignificant.

  205. I am terrified of being left alone, abandoned. Just when I think I am finding my security in Christ, I find myself right back in that fear again.

  206. Fear of failure…failing at so many things. This fear drives me to use my God-given gifts to do what He has called me to do.

  207. I am truly fearful.

    I have been in the hospital with major complications of a long time illness, severe & life altering. Am I strong enough? Our credit cards are maxed from home improvement projects that seemed to be within God’s will for us, now we can’t buy medications.. One card has fraudulent charges on it – am I physically & mentally strong enough to counter them & have them removed? Is my husband’s unstable job going to be enough for us to pay it off, including the new hospital bills, so we can continue on??

    When the hospital induced medication buzz wears off, will my strength through the Lord, my Saviour return to me? This fear will fade, yes? The world has thrown it’s evil distractions on top of my weakness – I know that My Sheppard guides me. It’s the physical alone-ness that is the most un-doing.

    Prayers please. D

  208. I fear that I won’t break the devil’s generations grasps on my family. I fear I won’t be “better” than my parents in breaking the negative cycles. I fear rejection and judgement from others.

  209. Really trying and hoping to overcome my fear of being irrelevant… that nagging voice in the dark corners that tells me that I don’t matter… that what I do doesn’t matter….. *whew* that was hard to even type…

  210. My fear of not being pleasing to others. Or better said letting people down. I need to learn its okay to take time for myself.

  211. Too many. Fear of death. Not mine, those I love. Fear of being found out I am a fraud. Underneath the smile and self-confidence, lives a mess of a redeemed human being living in conflict with self.

  212. other people’s opinions (of how I look, my decisions, etc.). After all, as long as I am striving to honor God in what I do and who I am, His is the only opinion that matters – I think I’ve still got a long way to go, though *sigh*

  213. Fear of failure – of not living up to my own expectations and some of those of others. Also a fear of being alone when I am old.

  214. My biggest fear has always been failing to meet the expectations of others, which has led me in the past to overwork for perfectionism and even to attempt to cover up what I viewed as failures. In His grace, I am learning to overcome these tendencies.

  215. The fear I want to overcome is being a bad mom. I have a 5 week old and ever since I knew I was pregnant I feared being a bad mama. This is our first child and I have a lot of insecurities although I absolutely love being a mama. I just don’t want to mess up my childs life.

  216. I think my biggest fear is that one day someone will see the ‘real’ me. Not the one that I clean up and present to the world, but the one who inwardly doesn’t like people or makes smart alecky comments that she would never repeat out loud, the one who only endures the pastor’s sermon b/c she hates being preached at, who despises praying out loud in front of people. The real me…the messy, sinful, broken one.

  217. I have a fear of failure. Marriage, parenting, homemaking, God…I always feel I’m not doing the right thing, or I’m just doing the right thing, the wrong way.

  218. I fear many things…heights, driving, death, not finding a job again, disappointing God, rejection if people find out what I perceive to be the real me. The biggest fear I am battling right now is the fear that my brother, whom we haven’t seen or heard from for almost 10 years, is dead somewhere from an overdose or some other form of suicide, and we’ll never find out.

  219. I fear that I’m not doing the best that I can for my family or that someday my children will not feel like I’ve been there for them.

  220. fear of non acceptance, fear of not being a mom that my kids feel comfortable coming to for anything, I never felt that way with my mom and I am so sad about it now.

  221. Oh, yeah, of not getting ‘it’. Right, done well enough, completed, found, whatever ‘it’ takes form of today, there’s always something that overwhelms me in that moment. It helps being here with you, so thanx for that! DV-NMV

  222. I fear becoming ordinary and lazy for God. I guess you can’t have that belly burning fire all the time, but doing nothing is really unacceptable.

  223. My fear is of self. I have kept it hidden for nearly 30 years. I had a near-death experience as a young kid and experienced the euphoria of heaven. I came back so ready to share with the world but was soon shut down with “that kid has such an imagination”. I carried this experience within me for years. I have been called an “old soul” or “isn’t she so spiritual”. When even the closest people in my life hadn’t a clue I actually died and came back to life. This Winter I “come out”. I shot over last Spring a segment on “I Survived Beyond and Back”. I could no longer hold God for myself. I am so fearful of people in my life saying I am lying or saying it could never have happened. Since it is the core of my existence, and MY TRUTH. I hold it so dear to share with such a judgmental world. However, I was asked while in heaven “What have you done for man kind?”. At least after the Winter I can say, “I shared you with the world”. It has inspired me to start a spiritual blog loving all those (no matter religion) who love God a space. I am so blessed to have found your blog too!

  224. I am a worrier…I fear lots of things…but probably most of all I fear dying young and not being able to be here for my family. Looking forward to reading this book!;)

  225. I fear not being ‘good enough’ for anyone…God, my husband, my kids. Funny how silly it sounds when I say it out loud though. 🙂

  226. I want to overcome a huge fear of mine. That my husband won’t leave me some day. I was in an abusive marriage before I married my wonderful husband and the emotional damage he did to me was far greater than the physical (those scars healed). God blessed me with an amazing husband and we have a beautiful marriage. My fear gets in the way sometimes. I am praying that God would take that stronghold from me so I can feel secure in my marriage so I am able to bless my husband just as he blesses me.

  227. The fear of what God may bring into my life. Can I trust Him? Life has had it’s share of sadness, and fear/anxiety has been a ruling factor in my life since my brother’s death and multiple miscarriages.

  228. I fear that this is it. That the life I’m living now is the life that I’m going to have indefinitely. It’s not the life that I think I want.

  229. The fear of my child entering the teenage years…(crazy considering I am a middle school teacher)…but this age frightens me & I pray everyday that she makes good choices when those trying times come.

  230. Fear that I don’t measure up to the other women in my life. Fear that my house isn’t as neat, my husband isn’t happy, my kids don’t get enough time with me, I don’t cook healthy enough, that I am not doing my job as best as I could each day. You name it, the devil attacks me with it. Sure would like some relief!

  231. I’m not gonna lie… I fear almost EVERYTHING! What if I say the wrong thing? What if I look silly? Etc….. It’s not crippling but I have to recite scriptures regularly!

  232. I have many fears but I am thinking that I have figured out what my main fear is, success. I don’t know what I would do if I succeeded in many things. Right now my fear is being able to successfully homeschool my son, and I haven’t really even started. I have to remind myself to let God lead me.

  233. The greatest fear I want to overcome right now, is my fear of letting go of what hurts/hinders me (my job) and opening myself up to life changing events. Yep, it’s a big one!

  234. If I’m really honest, I fear dying early in a painful manner. A family friend was raped and murdered when I was about five years old. I think it’s maybe impacted on me more deeply than I realised. Having children has made me realise how fragile my physical security is. And, of course, the only answer is a deeper faith!

  235. I fear not being able to lay it all at God’s feet. No matter how hard I try to let go of control and the lists in my life I have a hard time. I pray and will continue to pray that he will continue to teach and lead and that I will one day trust without fear without doubt.

  236. I fear not being there for my girls. I don’t think that I’ll ever feel that they do not need me. We talk every day and try to spend as much time together as possible. One is out of the house already and the other is in high school, but we always find things that we can enjoy together.

  237. My biggest fear that I seem to wrestle with most is the fear of not being able to pay our bills – it has always been a struggle since I first married and seems I just can’t learn to truly trust the Lord is this area.

  238. I am fearful of failure, dissappoiting the people who love me, and making other people upset. Too often I let these fears keep me from moving forward in life.

  239. I am genuinely fearful of most things but what I discovered last year was that you have two choices when it comes to fear. The first choice you have is that you can allow fear to paralyze everything you do. The second choice you have is to use your to help you achieve your dreams. I took the second choice and am now close to graduating from college at age 30. I have also decided to work at the book store at church and meet wonderful people that I never would have met if I didn’t make the initial phone call. Also, I am now looking to go to Haiti for two weeks in June. Fear is not getting the better of me this time.

  240. My fear is hat i am not good enough. I know it is all God and what He has done for me. I have nothing to fear from man. Knowing it and living it is two different things.

  241. I am trying to overcome my fears of not being a good enough (fill in the blank)…mom, wife, friend, teacher, etc.

  242. What do I fear? so many things…being caught unaware…I’m the queen of preventativeness. My nest has been empty for five years and I fear that I will be lonely the rest of my life. With six children grown and off where God has them, my house and brain can be quiet and I don’t know how to be alone and okay. That’s not true…I like being alone but I am often lonely and fear being a needy friend. I fear having no purpose…or maybe I am just not recognizing my purpose. Maybe this quiet time is so I can now hear God.

  243. Most of my life I have put on a facade that I have it all together……the perfect family, a defectless marriage, and no predicaments. Thankfully the Lord drew near to me during a dark stage in my life. He rescued me from the miry clay and is putting a new song in my mouth (Psalm 40:1-2). I fear exposure of the past. I spent so much time making sure people thought I had everything together that they would be so disappointed in some of the mistakes I have made. I fear that exposure would lead to judgement without people knowing the truth. I want people to see His change in me. I want to live a life of authenticity, without fear.

  244. At times I seem to fear living life. I spent my teens and half of twenties very overweight, and for some reason, people become bold and cruel around people they feel they don’t have to give respect to, so they don’t. At that time, I didn’t feel they had to either, and so I didn’t live.
    I’ve matured a little since then and my life is different now, but I find there are some days that an old memory sneaks out, grabs me, and I am right back there, I am right back to being afraid of living. I can’t believe Im putting this in a public place. 🙂

    • Lisa Marie,
      I have the same fear as you and it is so painfully limiting. I will pray for you as I pray for me in this. I know God is more powerful than our fear dear one, and may we feel the healing embrace of His love.

  245. My biggest fear is that my teen children will continue to reject the Lord and in other ways fail to become productive happy adults.

  246. I live in constant fear of losing my teenage daughter. She is my only child who just turned 18 on the 18th. I was and still am a very over protective mom. Everytime she leaves the house I fear something bad will happen. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with fear and that’s when I know it’s time to put it in GOD’s hands. When I do that, my fears seem to be calmed. GOD is AWESOME!!

  247. I am a pretty fearful person, although most people would not know that. I fear that I will be alone. I fear that I will be stuck in a “job” forever, instead of doing something that makes me happy. I fear losing my job. I fear not being able to pay my bills. I fear not being a good enough mom as I raise my kids. I fear disappointing others. I fear standing up for myself when it truly matters. My list could go on and on… I’m working on these fears, but it’s been a long haul so far!

  248. Fear…my fears relate to having wasted my life, ruined my daughter’s life, disobeyed God, I don’t know, I think there may be some I will find as we read, lies to uncover. Praise God for his truth!

  249. I fear that I’ve grown up to be like someone (or possess some of the qualities/attitudes I didn’t like in that person) I don’t want to be. (also, if I’m honest…I fear messing up at times…oh the guilt when I fail. I know it’s sorry/sad/silly maybe.)

  250. I fear the future because it’s getting harder and harder to cope with real life – I sleep most of the time.

  251. I love the verse “What time I am afraid, I will trust in You”. It calms my spirit in moments when the inner storm is raging.

  252. I want to overcome the fear of being honest about how I truly feel about things….a fear based in worrying about what people will say if I’m not upbeat and happy all the time.

  253. Fear of not being able to find work again. Had children and it seems the babysitting and work combo isn’t available.

  254. The one big thing that I fear is being forgotten that when I’m gone no one will remember me that I will not have had any impact on anyone including my kids. Would love to read your new book hopefully I’ll get a chance. Thanks.

  255. fear of being alone. I have been dealing with abandonment since I was a child. I have come along way keeping in mind and heart the Lord’s presence. But sadly anxiety seems to take over from time to time.

  256. I fear that I will never be what God wants for me, I will always be allowing my flesh to get me down and away from God’s will for my life…

  257. I struggle with the fear of rejection and not being able to overcome past hurts that have a stronghold on me.

  258. I fear loss… Loss of my loved ones because I was a lousy wife, mom, Christian, friend. Maybe boiled down, that is the fear of just failing – at everything.

  259. I have a fear of being happy. Of truly giving in. I constantly have a feeling that the “other shoe is going to drop” if I even give a second to enjoying the moment I’m in. If I do give in and feel the happiness, I then feel guilty that I wasn’t on alert waiting to catch the shoe when it drops. It makes it really hard to enjoy the wonderful family that my husband and I have started as I’m constantly dreading that someone, or something, can take it away at any moment.

  260. I hope to lose my fear of social settings (I suffer greatly with social anxiety – shyness). I realize this is due in part to insecurity, but it is a fear nonetheless. Oh how I would love to be able to walk up to someone I don’t know (or barely know) and just have a conversation with them, without stumbling over what to say or blushing uncontrollably.

  261. for the last few years many times i find that i am living with a spirit of fear. I fear failure – so i don’t try. i fear rejection – so i distance myself. and most of all lately, i fear not being able to overcome these fears. my head knows perfectly well how not to be afraid… but applying the knowledge in the fearful moments escapes me.

  262. I’m excited to read this book! I worry too much and I know so much of it stems from fear…looks like a lovely giveaway basket! Thanks for the opportunity!

  263. I fear those first steps toward making new friends. I fear messing up my kids. I fear so many things as a mom of really young kids right now.

  264. Death. I have faced it before, from the sidelines, but now as a young wife and new mother the fear of death and lack of control over my future is so very real. And sometimes I fear that because I fear death God force me to face that fear head-on. This makes me so sad, because that is not who I know God to be but a lie that has somehow infiltrated my thoughts and can be crippling. But God is so much bigger than the lies that find me when I am most vulnerable.

  265. Giving up control, it is a constant battle for me. And knowing that He has the best plans for my life, but still I think I should be able to do it better, that I can control it and fear giving it up.

  266. I have a fear of being alone physically later in life. Unfortunately, I was never able to have children but have a wonderful, loving husband. I am the youngest of six siblings. I know that God will always be with me even if my loved ones on earth are not. For that, I am very thankful.

  267. I have been battling fear for as long as I can remember. My greatest fear is of failure…failing my husband, my children, myself, and God.

  268. Fear of not being enough. Of wasting the gifts I have been given. Fear of failure. Of letting people down. Of never finding a dream/passion for my life. Of never truly knowing God or speaking up to invite others in to know him. Of losing faith/heart. Fear of the unknown/future. Fear of settling for less than what God has planned for me because I am scared to risk.

  269. I fear that my separation is going to turn into a divorce; I fear the look of hurt, rejection, confusion on my children’s faces after a visit with their dad; I fear that I will lose my children; I fear that we will have to move again; I fear that we will not have what we need and I am trying to trust God, that he actually loves me, ME!, and that He will provide for our needs and wants; I fear that many of my needs are actually “wants” and that I don’t deserve them, that I can/must live without them; I fear I am becoming invisible. I fear I am not “doing” enough as I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years and don’t have a profession or career, I see no realistic way to make an income as I have been depressed for so long and don’t have the energy to focus for the demands of a day’s work….. And I’ve had enough of living like this, but I fear my efforts will fail…..

  270. The fear of being known. If anyone really knew me, would they still like me? Would I likeme? I dont even know who I really am from trying to be everything everyone thinks I should be.

  271. The fear of being known. If anyone really knew me, would they still like me, would I still like me? I dont even know who I really am from trying to be everything everyone thinks I should be.

  272. I have a fear of the unkown and as my Chronic Illnesses become more aggressive. I fear the loss of what littlw independence I have left. I fear the thought of dying alone. No one knowing or finding me right away. I have 3 children 2 live on the Mianland of British Columbia and my oldest daughter. Lives in Ottawa Ontario I live on the beatifl Gulf island Vancouver Island.

    • Joan, may God grant you comfort and strength. May He reassure you of His constant presence. Lord, would You also send Joan a friend to show her Your love in a tangible way and touch her life more often than her children are able to do? Thank You for giving her life in a beautiful environment. Give her opportunities to enjoy Your creation there despite her health and limitations. If You will, You can heal her, Lord; if not, Your grace is sufficient. Give her grace for whatever this day holds, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  273. Well, I am a person who has quite a lot of fears, but I think the most overwhelming one, that I know I have to let go to is the fear of failure. So I struggle with this pressure that I put on myself to be perfect, and sometimes {most of the times} I realize that nobody expects perfection from me as I do from myself, which in the end leads me to exhaustion. And then this cycle repeats itself over and over again.

  274. My fear…my constant fear, is losing those that God has blessed me with. I always wonder what I would do if something happend to my husband, my child. I know God is in control of ALL things…but I still let this fear get the best of me.

  275. I have such a fear of failing, that I never let myself even try. I fear what other people think of me and that I’ll never really fit in. I fear getting pregnant again because if history repeats itself, we’ll lose another baby (we lost our first at 29 weeks to birth defects, our son was born healthy second, then a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and then our daughter was born after 41 weeks of spotting and lots of prayers). I fear losing the spark I used to have with my husband. I miss him but we don’t know how to talk anymore.

  276. My biggest fear *right now* is my spouse changing his mind about wanting to work through our problems.

  277. I fear time, not enough to spend with the ones I love, not enough to get everything done, and not enough to be the person I want to be

  278. Wow. This week God is really showing me how fearful I am of letting go of control of so many things in my life. I like to feel in control sometimes and that is not good. What a struggle it is!

  279. Sometimes I don’t know what it is I fear. I fear failure. I fear getting up in front of people to speak. I try so hard to stand on God’s Word and His Truth. It is a daily battle. Blessings to Angie for writing this book!

  280. I fear that one day my husband is going to wake up and realize that He can’t deal with my past mistakes and leave.

  281. Fear of settling for average, the fear of not taking action and trusting God for a life that is more than I could have ever dreamed or imagined.

  282. I fear change. And especially moving and having to start over. However, since my hubby is military I’ve had some opportunities to address my fear and am slowly learning to just trust in God and let Him be my constant, my unchanging Father, my rock. We just found out last week we have to move this Feb. so I’m getting another chance to learn and grow.

  283. I think I fear failing at LIFE! What if I can’t do XYZ (insert ANYTHING here!) well enough? What if , what if, what if! It almost paralyzes me to the point where I don’t do the things I should do because I don’t know where to start. I am looking forward to having God work on me with this one…even if it’s hard!

  284. Failure ~ Is my greatest fear, failure to be the child of God, wife, mother and friend. To fail Him in all aspects of my life.

  285. I have struggled with the fear of something happening to my kids. In the last 2 years God has given me pleanty of chances to work on this. I had a wonderful experience with a foot washing that I walked away with the message “More Jesus” in response to a request for more strength. 4 days later I was riding in the front of an ambulance on our way to the hospital with top level pediatric trauma care in the area with my oldest son in the back having been knocked out by a falling tree. Since then there have been other very traumatic events with my kids. Again and again God tells me to surrender them to Him.

  286. I live with a fear of something happening to my children. I have seen first hand how easy it is to lose someone close to you. I lost a son to cancer at the age of 3. Last year my youngest son suffered a head injury at school in PE class which led to 2 brain surgeries. It is such a struggle to overcome it, and to let God be in control. I’m definitley a work in progress!

  287. I used to have a major fear (and still do struggle/trust God for) of speaking in front of people. I was BRUTALLY SHY! I remember attempting to give my first-ever speech in English class in 7th grade, only to make it a few minutes in and breaking down crying because of my nerves! The last 4 years I have been a full-time missionary with a college ministry…which means…lots of public speaking…lots of people interaction! Let’s just say, I had to get over my fear and trust God to be my strength and words REAL FAST!

  288. So many things… Mostly fears about things I can’t control or prevent. The answer is to saturate my thoughts with truth about the goodness and love of God, but I’ve had enough “hard eucharisteo” that sometimes “I fear how painful His goodness might be.”(C.S. Lewis used a similar expression, maybe in A Grief Observed? Quote isn’t exactly right, but I want to give credit.)

    Not getting “it” right is another area of fear. I’m reading Emily Freeman’s book “Grace for the Good Girl” right now, which is proving helpful so far.

  289. Sometimes I think I don’t have any and I realize how much of a lie that is! I’m a college student right now, so some of biggest fears have to do with my future. I’m afraid of not succeeding, I’m afraid of picking the wrong thing to do after college, I’m afraid of missing out on opportunities that God gives because I’m too afraid to take them… Oh that list could go on and on for awhile!

  290. I would love to conquer my fear of faliure. I’m a perfectionist who procrastinates because I can’t ‘do something’ the ‘right way’. 😉

  291. A fear I hope to conquer (only through the Lord) is fear of failing. I am a recovering perfectionist and will often be paralyzed, not able to do a thing because if I don’t get it right, why should I even start, etc. I know others can relate to this. So many areas of my life are affected by this. There are a few days I will just jump in and do something–and sometimes not finish it or do it perfectly. Most of the time, the only one who notices is me. That should be encouraging….

  292. I want to overcome the fear of worrying about what others think of me. I tend to hinge my importance on the thoughts of others than on what God has told me to be true in His word. Thank you for your encouraging words!

    • Debbie,
      Thanks for being honest. What I think of you (though I don’t know you) is that you are courageous for posting this fear). Over the years God has gently rubbed away at this fear in my heart. I still have days and seasons when I relapse into being so concerned about what others think, but it has been so much removed as compared to how it used to be. So much healing has come from looking at past rejection and pain with the support of someone who is standing faithfully with me as I look. I have seen how much God put in me that IS good and that has helped me feel better about who I am even when others don’t appreciate or show their care. It is hard living in an era where we are all so busy and isolated so much of the time. I will be praying for you that God will remove this fear and will give you a sense — a true knowing — of how loved you are by Him. Zeph 3:17

  293. Oh, how fear hinders! Lately I have been struggling with the fear of appearing ridiculous. As I try to step out in faith, to be and do what I sense Him asking of me …

    I’m working on it!

  294. I fear that I’m “not enough.” There is a chapter on this in Angies book. I think she wrote it for me..ha. I’m not smart enough…pretty enough…funny enough and the list goes on. I know in my heart of hearts that Christ’s life and death was enough thus making me enough. But it’s a real struggle I have and it affects may aspects of my life. The Lord is helping me with this fear. He is faithful and true..I am so thankful for this.

  295. Fear. It is the very thing Jesus spoke against so often … Fear not, He says. He had to say it so often because He knows our frame. He knows how the enemy will use fear to keep us from intimacy with Him. He knows how prone we are to letting fear run our day, our lives, our homes, our relationships.

    I have fears: that my boys will end up wrecking their own lives making broken choices and following the world and its lies and darkness (when it is dressed up to entice them). Fears that they will mistake my parenting efforts for something awful (when I am trying my best to love them and lead them) and they will end up hating me and hating Jesus. There are fears that I will fail and fall and no one will be there to pick me up, cheer me on, love me as I am.

    I don’t fear the material world as much as I fear the emotional pain that comes from being used or rejected or misled by others. I have weathered so many of these pains in my life, and God has been so faithful to walk me through them all. The evidence should lead me to faithfully know that the same God Who led me and loved me then will lead me and love me always. Some days I do. Some days I just can’t get there.

    I sometimes fear my brokenness being discovered by careless people who will judge me and reject me for what they see.

    I fear that my loved ones who are not aware of His Goodness will die without His salvation and will spend eternity without Him in an unthinkable state.

    But, in His goodness, He uses even these fears to draw me to Himself and bring me back to my knees in dependence and comfort and faith. It can be an ugly process, but He doesn’t waste a thing: not even my fears.

  296. Fear of failure – that’s the biggie for me. I don’t want to do it unless I know I can do it well! But somehow I feel that as I go through this book study, I may unearth a lot more fears that I didn’t even realize I had. Looking forward to the study!

  297. The launching years as children head into adulthood and how to parent each of them in accordance with how their Creator has wired them – without getting in His way.

  298. Fear of letting go and letting God have complete control of me and my life. Oh, how I want freedom from feeling I need to be in control ALL the time. I REALLY want to be able to hand Him the reins with complete abandon!

  299. I’m afraid of jumping back into youth ministry. I’ve been out for just a couple of years, and I keep letting fear stop me from getting involved. What if I don’t “get” kids like I used to? What if I’m not good enough? What if I take the plunge and dive into loving these kids & introducing them to Jesus and the area director doesn’t like my approach and asks me to quit?

    I’ve gotten in touch with the guy running YL ministry around here. With God’s grace and strength I will overcome my fears and follow His call to be with unchurched kids through YL again.

  300. My biggest fear is confronting….myself. Lately, I feel like I’m drowning in fear. Fear of not doing things from a pure heart. Fear of being hypocritical. Fear of others’ opinion. Fear of faking it. Fear of letting others down. This is a new stronghold to me, but I feel as if I could make a very long list of my fears and how they threaten to carry me away.

  301. One of many fears I would like to overcome is my fear of not being good enough…for God, my husband, my daughter, etc.

  302. I cannot remember NOT having any fear. It seems like my whole life, even now, I am fearful of so many things. I just seem to fear different, bigger things now. I fear change, the unknown, rejection, not being able to perform what I need, not fitting in. The list goes on……I pray for delivered from God. I want to break free to be the person God made me to be. Free, loving, joyful, smiling, looking forward to what the future holds. Thank you for your messages. Reading the articles and comments on (in)courage have given me strength, hope, a sense of community. Thank you.

  303. I fear (wo)man- their thoughts of me. I am pregnant with my 5th child in 5 years and I have been imprisoned by wanting to please people. In our world, having more than 2 children is not accepted. I constantly think that people think poorly of me because of the children that God has blessed me with. I definetly want to overcome this fear and walk with my head up because of God’s gifts to me.

  304. I fear I won’t be able to overcome my PTSD from an abusive relationship as a teenager. I fear I will never have a man who respects me or who is patient enough to love me for everything I am, including, especially including, my PTSD. My biggest fear is won’t get married and have a family, even though this is what I want out of life. My goal? Fully put it all in God’s hands. It’s hard to let go completely and trust it will all happen according to His plan.

  305. I’m completely new in my walk of faith, and I still fear that choosing Jesus wasn’t the right choice for me. I truly, truly want to overcome this fear.

  306. I have a fear of succeeding …. sounds silly, but it’s easier to hide my light under a bushel than to let it shine to the world. Am looking forward to this study. Thank you for sharing.

  307. I fear of what will happen next if I get divorced…I fear that if I give my husband the gift of kindness and truth, trusting him I will get hurt once again. I fear this is not God’s will in my life and not being able to work it out by myself without my husband’s own will. And if I have to move on I fear of the many scenarios that I dont know how to face through.

    • Caro,
      This is exactly my struggle too – and I struggle to give it all over to God when I feel that I have failed Him also, although in my head I know that He knows our lives before we are born, and He knows that this ends well for us on account of Christ’s grace, and that no situation is beyond redemption by Him. I have no clue as to how this situation will bring glory to God (point from sermon today) as I feel my personal shame and failure is an insult to God. Anyway, I will pray that you be enveloped by the comfort of the Spirit, and that you know to your bones God’s will is for you to know that you are adored by Him.

  308. I fear that I am not (good, smart, joyful, thin, righteous, etc) enough. I just found out about this read along study and am looking forward to participating. Looks like the Bloom book deal is closed. But I see that on Amazon you can get he book for $10.19.

  309. I think I fear everything. Seriously…fear of failing as a mom and wife is probably my main one though!

  310. What I fear most is that I will never rise above what I am and where I am now. I have always been so full of self-condemnation that it keeps me from moving forward. I seem to make the same mistakes over and over and I fear, in such a profound way, that my walk with Jesus is stunted because of that. I have seasons, albeit, short seasons of such dramatic revelations and growth and I can feel Him as surely as I can feel my children when they hug me. Then before I know it, I am right back where I started and I feel like I have been shoved off a cliff that took me years to climb. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to do His work in me and I believe that this study is a sign of something positive. Thank you for making this type of thing available for a single-mom like me who doesnt have time for another type of bible study right now. This works very well for me. While I dont have access to a computer at home, I do have one at work and am looking so forward to this time with you. Thank you!

  311. As my grandaughter has grown from an infant to the lovable 2 1/2 yr old toddler so full of life and love I believe my greatest fear is that I will die before she is old enough to remember me. My own mother died at 49 with my daughter just being 8 at the time. She says she doesn’t remember her Grandma much and that saddens me and makes me think about the relationship I have with my grandaughter and the things I would love to do with her as she grows up. Memories in the making that will carry on in the hearts of our loved ones when the soul has departed to heaven.

  312. I fear that I will not live to see my children grow up to be strong healthy adults. We adopted both of our children at the age of 43 and 45. They are such a blessing and it breaks my heart to think that, due to my health or my husbands, that they could lose one of us and be back in the same situation they were in at birth-parentless. I know I just need to trust God that he gave us them at this age for a reason and cherish every day He gives us.

  313. I fear a lot of things, I have always been shy & fearful of people. Mostly right now I fear never becoming a parent. After a miscarriage, years of infertility and now an adoption that is on hold before we even got through the home-study, I fear as we approach 40 that God’s answer to our prayers to become parents is “No”. I do not find it a coincidence however that I came here to post at this time just below Gina V. who fears she will leave her children parentless at an early age. I just prayed for you Gina and asked God to give you peace & to replace that fear with more love for your family.

  314. After giving my life and my singleness to God and serving Him for many years, He has brought a man into my life. I am terrified! I do not know where this is going, or even IF this is going…I do not know how to talk to a man anymore…and I cannot think straight because my thoughts always go back to him. I also find myself in pre-menopause with its various symptoms and am afraid that will scare him away. I am afraid of letting him in…and afraid that if I do, he won’t want to stay. Too many mornings, I wake up crying…just from fear.

  315. The one thing I always feared was rejection. I still have this fear & think others don’t like me. My husband & I divorced in 2006 but we stayed friends. He recently asked me to move back in with him & I agreed because we were getting along so well & I wanted us to try again. At first everything was great but slowly we drifted back into the same routine that caused us to separate in the first place. I still care for him and want what is best for him but I don’t deserve to be treated this way. I left my home, friends & family behind to be with him again. I have moved so much since we separated that I can’t stand the thought of moving again. I know that I love the Lord with all my heart but I don’t understand why I have allowed my life to spin out of control again. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles..” Isaiah 40:31
    I feel that a failure. I still have my job but I don’t know for how long. I getting older & trying to re-invent myself gets harder & harder.

  316. My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to do what I know God has asked me to do and what I know I have to do, and that is to forgive. I have to forgive my estranged husband and I have to forgive a person who I considered a close friend/sister, who knew I was going through a storm and purposely tried to cause me more pain after we prayed together for two days in a row. Sometimes I think I have accomplished what God has asked of me, but a thought will cross my mind and I am right back where I started, angry, hurt and miserable, like it just happened and that I will forever feel this way. That is my biggest fear, that I won’t be able to forgive and release them both to my wonderful Heavenly Father…..

  317. Reading everyone’s honest sharings brought me much comfort that I’m not alone, and so many other women have a heart to pursue God in our various seasons of life. It was upon reading the sharings that I realised how much I fear failure, esp failing to hear and follow God’s ways. It’s a journey of allowing the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s truths in my intellect to the depths of my heart…Blessed day 🙂