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River Jordan is a critically acclaimed novelist. Praying for Strangers is her first published work of non-fiction. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Owen Hicks, where she produces and hosts the weekly radio program Clearstory.

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  1. Love this “The power of prayer is something that was never handed down from the Creator to just a chosen few people.” SO very true.

    • Chastity,
      IN the course of the book tour people began to request for my prayers for different things which of course is special and I understand and I’m always willing to pray for a need. But I certainly always wanted everyone to understand my prayers were no stronger than anyone else’s. It’s the passion of the prayer that matters I believe. Thank you for reading. River

  2. Your book is on my reading list for this year! I can’t to wait to get my hands on it. Praying for Strangers is such a phenomenal concept. Thanks!

    • Jennifer,
      These are words that are pure gold to my Mother’s ears. 🙂 She loves to hear that people are excited to discover the book (and her daughter by default) – Thanks so much!

    • Christina,
      Thank you for your blog. I tried to post comment and could not from ipad. That’s me not you. I’ll visit again. Keep spreading the great word about so many things there at your special space!

  3. I have been an intercessor for around 40 years, praying throughout the day and many nights, but never intentionally for strangers. I think it is a marvelous idea! I’m going to try it! God bless you for sharing the idea! 🙂

    • Bernice,
      There have been troubled times that I lay in my bed at night feeling like really that there was no one out there praying for me. Not that my family doesn’t but you know how we all get wrapped up in our own worlds. At those times that were darkest I would pray – Please, call up the intercessors. Because I know people are out there like you praying always.
      Blessings on all you do!


  4. Yes, I have been praying for strangers including familiar faces and people I barely know. There is a particular couple that I have been praying for, for them to have a child. I have never told them or anyone. I thought I was strange, but then again, I thought, praying for someone should not have anynill effect.

    Now, I will work on being intentional, praying for at least 1 stranger each day.

  5. Yes, I have been praying for strangers including familiar faces and people I barely know. There is a particular couple that I have been praying for, for them to have a child. I have never told them or anyone. I thought I was strange, but then again, I thought, praying for someone should not have any ill effect.

    Now, I will work on being intentional, praying for at least 1 stranger each day.


    • Cellina,
      Most of my prayers are very compassionate and for general peace, protection, love and blessings in someones life. But if that stranger has a request which they sometimes do, or I know that a young cashier is trying to raise money for college – those kinds of things I remember specifically.
      I know your prayers will be a blessing to many!

  6. Thank you River–loved reading this and I would love to get your book–but I have just been put on Dave Ramsey’s method of saving money–hopefully in the future I will be able to buy it!! Do you take requests from e-mails??!!! If you do–would you please pray for me and my torn apart family (please!) Thank you and many blessings, Barb Wall Dallas,Texas

    • Barb,
      Sometimes I do get prayer requests, it’s true. I will pray for you and your family but also invite those reading your comment to do likewise. Your local library should also have the book and if they do not you can request it.
      Thank you so much for reading. Please keep me in your prayers as well. 🙂


  7. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation to keep praying for strangers! Sometimes I sit in my house, looking out the window and pray for the people in the cars that pass by! Blessings!

    • Kelly,
      I love this. I live in the woods so I don’t see many cars passing by but just about everyday I drive into the city. When you begin to become aware of people in other cars you see a lot of things you didn’t before. Sometimes I see someone crying. I guess a car is a good place for that because you are finally alone. A week or so ago I was driving and saw a couple arguing in my rearview mirror. It was a very serious argument that much I could tell. I prayed for them on and off all day. And by faith I hope those prayers intercede and make a difference. One of the important things to me is that I continue to carry those people in my heart and remember them. So, where do you live? So I’ll drive by and get my prayer. (You know I”m joking but thank you for doing this out in the world!)

  8. I love this. I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and do mostly psychiatric work. Most of the patients I encounter are dealing with difficult life circumstances, mental illness, and other trials, and I have had a stirring in my heart to pray for each person whose story I encounter at work. I will never see their face but I know something about their life and I believe the Lord can work through prayer for strangers. Thanks for this post.

    • Cara,

      This reminds me of the day I told a UPS driver that he was my stranger. He got a funny look on his face and then told me that he was also a pastor and that he prayed for the people silently he encountered on his route. Thank you for sharing. I love people touching others through their prayers that they may never see or speak to.

  9. Hi River
    I’m intrugued. How did you get your name? I read about you in Guideposts and am thrilled to say that I do pray for strangers sometimes. I was once on a flight from the Philippines to LA and there was a lot of turbulence. The lady beside me was very nervous (I was a bit too) . Well I said ‘Can I pray for you and yes, the answer was. So I prayed for her. I still think about her. I think it’s true that praying for strangers can put them in your mind kind of to stay.l I read once that Ted Turner said we should either “Lead. follow or get out of the way” – can’t forget that saying so I pray that he will follow the Lord Jesus. I would love to see how he might be changed.
    Any way, Iwould like to continue reading your material.

  10. Hi Alice,

    I remember getting on a plane once and recognizing a pastor that got on (the song minister actually from the Brownsville church in Pensacola). I’m an easy flyer and can sleep through even bad weather when I’m tired but he happened to sit in the aisle across from me and I noticed before take off he quietly put his hand on the plane wall and closed his eyes. 🙂 I thought – oh, I can’t help myself. I feel better.
    I know that woman did too. (You can find out more about my name under my bio on my website at http;//www.riverjordan.us )

  11. This is encouraging and exciting! I’ve been praying for strangers when prompted for quite a while now. I didn’t realise it was such a widespread practice. I also pray when I hear/see an ambulance for those involved in the emergency, and also for careless drivers when I see them, for whatever their problem must be.

    • Lois,
      What I love about it is that it is a widespread practice where everyone doing it pretty much thought they were the only ones doing it. They just kept praying an dkeeping it to themselves. Praying for ambulances and sirens and those answering the call and invovled in an emergency is a terrific practice!
      Blessings for your year!


  12. River,
    I have been reading your book on my metro commute to and from work these past few weeks.. Your stories are touching and cause me to look around the people I see each day and wonder what is going on in their lives that no one is aware of. I have been praying for my “fellow” commuters for the last few years. I guess I never had thought about letting them know. Most likely it is the fear of their reactions. May I be as brave as you to one day and let a stranger know. Thank you for documenting your resolution.

    • Jenny,

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing a word. Those fellow passengers need your prayers whether you tell them or not. And trust me, I’m not brave in the telling. A little wild maybe. Have gotten to the point I care less about what they think. But also have had the rich experience of so many positive reactions that I don’t worry now so much what people think. Praying not for your bravery but for your freedom to share as you feel led. Blessings in all your prayers and travels for 2012!

  13. I have had the privelage to pray for strangers for years. The Holy Spirit will prompt me to walk up to someone and ask if I can pray for them. The look of shock on those faces and then a response of “Oh yes, please” is always a blessing to me.
    God always leads me in what to pray and those at the recieving end are just as amazed as I am.
    It is an awsome thing to be used by God in this way. It can be intimidating at first, but the obiedience to the prompting of the Spirit never leaves one anything but breathless and totally blessed.
    I can’t imagine now that I have had the previlage of doing this to ignore that prompting.
    I encourage everyone to step our of thier comfort zones when feeling led to pray to do it. I can promise you that God thru His Spirit will lead you in what and how to pray.
    And the blessings will not be only to the recipient, but to you also