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Jess lives in the Cornbelt with her Deere husband and four little Deeres, but she really lives in grace as she struggles to hear the voice that matters most in the midst the calling of being wife and mama.

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  1. Something that also helps me is to find meaning in the ordinary — so many messages we are given (and lies we are told) is that everything we do needs to be fascinating! and the landscape ever changing and new. While I don’t belive God wants us bored, I do believe there is potential in the ordinary. Last week I stumbled on this gem ( and am committed for this week to view myself and my work as gold meat hooks! Amy

  2. This comes at the perfect time. I am wrapping my heart all around this for a bit. Am going to re-read and do some pondering on the meat of this. And for good measure, I will wrap my head around it too. Many thanks for laying this out there. Gratefully….resting on these words.

  3. Jess

    “What happens when you awaken to the fact that life is not quite what you imagined it to be? When hopes and dreams are not coming to fruition and you can see no way clear that they ever will? What happens when you wake up to a tantrum and it’s your own?” That is my sentiment!! In 2004 I went back to school got a degree in Medical Assisting–but not the kind of job I wanted & now my job is even less what I wanted or trained to do–just paperwork!

    I have had temper tantrums for several months now. I usually just get frustrated with work & how it’s going & either cry or get mad at someone or something. I have done the disconnect thing a time or two. Exercise, & prayer are 2 vehicles that really work for me.

    Going to keep this one & remember the scriptures!
    Thanks for a most timely post!

    • May I pray that you find peace and His beauty wrapped in the package of dreams gone awry and that he would reveal his purpose for you!

  4. Thank you so much for this post. It is confirmation for me… I sometimes like to step back and remind myself at times that it is NOT about me. I am working on a post right now titled Less of Me, more of You… I want to make this my lifes motto.

    Thank you once again for your beautiful words!

    • Ah yes–everywhere there are messages that convey that life is about me….but it’s not is it? It is about Him and only Him and He is our audience and our calling. Blessings to you tonight!

  5. thank you for your words…you have a gift for words and the Lord is using it for His kingdom…may you see many more of His blessings!!

    • You bless me so very much. He does pour out his blessings–sometimes I simply need to have my eyes open. Thank-you and draw near to Him!

  6. Right now, I am in the middle of my own temper tantrum. I am learning to lean into the pain and let go of my expectations. Thank you for reminding me that I have to trust Him because He is the one in control, not me. Your post has been a blessing to me today. Again, thank you!

    • Ah–the leaning into pain…..why is it we have a tendency to shy away from pain and so often it is when we lean into the pain and through the pain that his glory is revealed on the other side? I am praying for you right now—-keep on leaning and keep on trusting.

  7. Perfect timing!
    I had a couple of very sad events in my life that shook my self worth, not knowingly but so that bit by bit I realize now that I allow circumstance to back up my melting opinion about myself….. “ah-ha!”, I said yesterday, “See, that just proves I’m not …..”
    This comes on the morn of a night of just beating myself up over things (not good enough) and telling myself this morning to not let this melting down of self to go any further!
    Lies (that I accept about myself, that I have allowed to become my own lies!)…. surrender, trust!!!
    Your words are a soothing balm to my tired eyes this morning, thank you!

    • Ah–my heart aches and echoes your song. To view circumstances through the lens of the word of truth is difficult at times…but may I remind you of who you are? You are made in His image. you are the apple of his eyes. You are more than a conqueror. you reflect His beauty. you are his joy. Remember. Cling. Praise. Repeat. Repeat and repeat until habits form. Lifting you up in prayer….

  8. Thank you. With Mother’s Day approaching, my barreness is ever before me… Your words remind me that God has a plan and a purpose… that my struggles in my marriage can become beauty for ashes….that God’s power is greater than anything I feel or face and He can cause me to bloom beautifully, also in the barren places, to His glory.

    • Yes and joy comes in the morning! Bloom. Soak in the rays of his love. Feed on his word. I will be praying for you this weekend….that God would hold you in his palm and you would feel the shelter of his wings.

  9. I had my sock knocked this weekend after three, long years of hard, desert living and it was so worth the wait! Live in confident dependence on the Lord: paraphrased from Hosea 12:6

    • Yes….desert living can be long and hard but God will knock our socks off! Love Hosea and thanks for sharing! God bless you!

  10. Surrender the temper tantrums is exactly what I couldn’t say, but needed to continue responding to the call. I’ll be rejoicing and bringing my harvest with me from seeds of surrender. Beautiful.

  11. Wonderful post…and ironic that just last night, I also wrote a post about a temper tantrum. My own. Now, mine was the fist pounding kind (real mature, I know) but you describe the one that sets as a backdrop to most of our lives; the one that is the nagging “Is this all there is?” statement. Yes, to find beauty and meaning and purpose in the ordinary, the mundane, the life is just so DAILY is the key to life, and the key to how God wants us to live. Thanks for writing this and sharing your heart.

    • Thank-you for being transparent about your own temper tantrum–I have had my share of those as well, but you are right…it is the DAILY living this Christ life out that I long to strive for as well!

  12. Jess,

    This is where I have been recently. And perhaps where I still am a little bit. I’ve not been able to find the words but have felt as though I’ve been pitching a fit. And it’s taken surrender to get to this peace. It’s scary, this faith. But, it’s scarier to keep living with angst. I believe He has given me specific dreams and that I will be a part of them someday. It’s hard to stay the course and choose courage and just trust in His ways–as miraculous as they are.

    Your words are so beautiful. Such a reflection of your heart for Him.

    Rich blessings as you continue to learn surrender and your trust of Him grows deeper.

    • Faith is scary, but living out this life in disobedience to the One who Loves and Lives is scarier for me. So each day, one step, one moment and faith grows and trust deepens. Praying that you stay the course and choose courage!

      • What beautiful encouragement–one step, one moment and faith grows and trust deepens. Nothing is wasted. So grateful.

  13. Sometimes the barren backdrop with its peaks and valleys makes it even more difficult to trust and surrender. My temper tantrums are a habit, and as a new believer I am learning what they really are is rebellion. Thanks for this reminder, it was painful to read given the circumstances of the day, but needed.

    • Ah–you are growing! Yes–temper tantrums can be just that–rebellion. Rebellion to the plans God has for me right. now. and once we realize that….well…then we can grow because God can come in and whisper his words to our hearts and we will listen. God bless you as you trust him and grow in your faith!

  14. Thank you today for being God’s messenger. I am always amazed how He provides just what I need to hear when I need to hear it. He speaks in and through others in ways that constantly remind me of His power in my life. I’m not where I wanted, but I am where God put me. I needed that reminder today.

  15. ‘I’m not where I wanted, but I am where God put me’….what an amazing testimony of surrender. Thank you for encouraging me and others through your words.

  16. Trust & Surrender…two words the Lord has spoken to me several times in this season of my life! I’ve definitely tried to squirm my way out of it even more times! Thank you for this post, which reminds me once again that this place is where He wants me and I can rejoice while I’m here!

  17. Thank you very much for your words. I can say that is exactly where I find myself now I seem to be in the middle of nowhere. The road seems to go on and on and does not seem to want to end. I keep telling myself this is not what I dreamed of or planned for and I just keep asking is it evergoing to end oneday. But reading your articlemakesme take one long at the situation and I ask myself if there really is no beauty in the situation. But the I realise after all that there is at least some beauty if Ilook hard and long for it. It is not allas ugly asit seems. God bless you

    • I am praying that today, you would see that beauty and that the longer you look for that beauty the easier it will be to see! I pray you rest in His arms today!

  18. During a dry spell in my life a while back, I took on a verse from Jeremiah as my theme: “The people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness.” Sometimes the barrenness is a gift, a place to be free of previous dangers/distractions, to define your relationship with the Lord and to churn up a real thirst for the milk and honey of the Promised Land.