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Maria B is a talkative blonde living in Arizona with her cute hubby and sweet puppy. She likes Diet Sunkist, Human Resources, blogging, running, singing at church and watching The Biggest Loser, in that order. She speaks Spanish but really wishes she had an Irish accent. She thinks Jesus did...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Such a great reminder to start living and stop waiting for the next best thing. God is waiting to bless us each and every day. We need to have our eyes open, today, to see his blessings rather than focusing our eyes on what we think will make us happy. Loved this post.

  2. Hi Maria

    Thanks for sharing this post. I, too, know all about the waiting thing. God has been trying so hard to get me to do something for Him and I keep trying to give Him reasons why I can’t because to me, the timing isn’t just right, but God’s moment is ALWAYS the right time.

    Thanks for the reminder to stop waiting. 🙂

    Jen’s Journey

  3. Thank you for this! Exactly what I have based my new bloggy adventure on… Living the everyday real moments and relating through it all. So glad someone else is thinking the same. 🙂

    Have a wonderful, life-changing trip!!

  4. I’m mindful today of my late husband Tony, who served in Vietnam in the 1960’s doing 2 tours in the USMC. Also, my niece Stephanie who served in the USN in Aphganistan until she was medically discharged last year…we remain grateful for who they were and are in thier military service to our country and for the freedoms we still can appreciate every day because of thier patriotism…may God get the glory through the memory of the service they offered and thank you for the opportunity to
    submit this comment to thier memory.

  5. Maria, you are absolutely going to worship God while you are in Ireland. We had the privilege of going there 2 years ago and I still remember the awe and beauty of not only the countryside, but the people of Ireland.

    Our best experiences were heading out in the van with my husband’s aunt, uncle, his cousin and her hubby each morning from Kenmare. We would turn the GPS off, decide which “small” road we were going on and then head out into the beauty and wonder that was ahead of us that day! We met some of the most awesome folks on those journeys, experienced indescribable views of fields and rock fences, flocks of sheep in our paths, a couple of awesome bed and breakfasts nestled in the hills…the list goes on. And every day started with a prayer, but never ended until bedtime…because we knew that along the way we would be reminded of God’s beauty in nature and would in our thoughts be thanking Him for our experiences to witness all He had created!!!

    You are in for a wild and wonderful ride…totally enjoy! 🙂

  6. Maria,

    What a powerful message! How very true–we humans always wait for something “special” in our lives–new job, spouse, child, new home, etc. We should be thankful for what we have & enjoy each moment as God sees fit to give it to us!

    Loved northern AZ & grandcanyon. It is a beautiful state to live in–you are truly blessed as a writer & a woman who gets to travel.

    Thank God for every tiny little item He brings your way & stop waiting to enjoy life!

  7. I’m excited for you, and thoroughly rebuked too lol. I’ve doubted God in so many ways. Not to mention forgetting to say thanks for what He’s given me. I agree with Kasey, great timing!

  8. God has been dealing with me about this lately. In fact, I was talking with a friend about this topic yesterday. I want to sqeeze the life out of every day God gives me, maybe not in my way, but in His. Thanks, Maria!

  9. I’m a traveler, too. There’s just something about being someplace new that really knocks your senses to life. If we could only live our everyday lives through the eyes of a tourist, we’d feel the depth of all these meaningful moments, right here and now. His mercies are new every morning, may our eyes be fresh to see them. 🙂

  10. Thanks for these thoughts. This is truly one of my greatest struggles, I have always felt like i am “waiting the time when my life is “ready” for me to begin living it.
    I appreciate your words and hope they will help me to focus on my life now and all the blessings I have today.

  11. I have these thoughts all the time… shamefully. Thank you for the reminder that every moment of every day is a gift.

    I’m reading “Humility” by CJ Mahaney and he says “God doesn’t need us.” It’s a reminder of the fact that to wake up each morning and to fellowship with him is a gift. The trials of life are a gift. Who are we, the pots, to claim to our Maker that we’re not happy with what we’ve been tasked and gifted to do?!