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  1. “The things of the Lord are as foolishness to those in unbelief, but to us, who ARE BEING saved,it is the power of God.” 1Cor. 1:18
    Let them call me a fool for God. When things seem so out of the ordinary, or unbelievable, or impossible to accomplish that is when God can work them into possible, into extraordinary, and into believable, foolish, reality with Him.
    Thanks for the good word today.
    Kindest regards,

  2. It is true that we, in ourselves, are nothing (Ro 7:18), but once we are born again, we have brand-new identities in Christ.! Our total worth should be found in Christ and not in ourselves. Christianity is not an improved self, but a denial of self and an enthronement of Christ. All Christians have, in their spirits, a new self that is as holy, pure, and righteous as Jesus. Once people learn these truths and find their new lives in Christ, seeing the failures and flaws of their old selves will not bring guilt or depression. Instead, these flaws will make them run back into the security of their new selves in Christ and praise Him for this great provision

  3. Thank you so much for this word! So needed this morning….so amazed at the wonders of our Lord….I am new to recieving encouragement from (in)courage….and feeling so blessed for finding it…thank you for your desire to encourage and love on othets with your gifts!

  4. Timing, oh His timing. This echoes other whispers of my day. Children and teens speaking in church today…such profound truth and wisdom. Pointing to Him. Pointing straight to the Father. This is wonderful, Kris.

  5. I still remember when that scripture hit home to me, when I was full of myself and my ‘righteousness.’ God said, “I didn’t choose you because you are so strong, so gifted. I chose you because of your weaknesses, your nothingness to show you Who I Am and All I Am.” Lord, may I always be humbled reading those words and remembering Who You Are and who i am.

  6. Thank you sooo much for this encouragement! Needed it today!

    I often feel “stupid, weak, foolish-for making wrong decisions”. Thank God I am Chosen by Him to do His bidding!