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Lindsey is married to Drew, and is a stay at home mom to two rambunctious preschooler boys, Brayden and Connor. She is a lover of all things Southern, SEC football, Sonic Happy Hour, photography and all things social media.

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  1. Well said, thank you also for your take on this issue. We grew up, I guess as counter culture and never realized it, we still are and now as you said it is the way the Lord would have us to be. Modesty is something to be grasped and cherished as service to the Lord, materialism was a passing fling for us and I am glad the Lord moved us on. Rough economic times forced us into minimalism, for the most part it has been a blessing to see God work on our behave with the basic needs. Yet as Solomon said, Lord do not allow me to be so poor I would think to cast shame of your name by steeling, nor allow me to be so rich that I would forget your name. There is a wonderful balance the Lord would have for us, the art is in finding it.

  2. I wish we lived next door to each other, we could talk about this all day long. I felt like I was reading words from my own heart as I read yours! I talk about it often – and I know those looks you referred to all too well. Thanks for sharing here, I was blessed by it! Hoppin’ on over to your blog now to read further:)

    • Oh! I wish we lived next door to each other too! I’d love to have a kindred spirit to talk to about this daily. It would keep me so accountable!

  3. This was a HUGE blessing to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought while reading 7, and in the weeks following, “I’m so alone! No one else gets it!” I’m incredibly encouraged by the women here, and all the comments I’ve read of people who are like me. Even though I only see you on a computer screen, it’s so encouraging to know there are others out there 🙂

  4. Your words spoke right to my heart. I am a woman of big resources–thanks to God this year! It hasn’t always been like that and so I am a saver also.

    Even though I got a huge raise this year–that hasn’t changed me much. Except in one big big way–giving! I feel now I am blessed to give more to more charities. Every time someone e-mails me or tells me of a need I can meet–I’m on it right away. I want to help the poor, needy, less fortunate. Only by the Grace of God am I not one of those people. Any day I could easily find myself in their position and want help.

    God said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I’m not a big evangalizer, talker, etc. I find that actions speak louder than words and that is my way of showing Christ to others around me.

    Loved loved loved the post!@

  5. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your heart and your desire to live simply in order to give extravagently. I’ve been convicted recently about my sense of entitlement before God, and your words spoke to my heart.

  6. I wasn’t even going to read my email this morning. My life is so filled up with work, church ministry, and family that I rarely have a minute to sit down. But for some reason this is what I found! And it really spoke to my heart. There is way too much info on why to put here in just a comment, let it suffice to say that this is an area I have battled with all my life, as I was on the other side of you, the one who would have given the “funny ” look. That is, until I actually went out into the mission field. 🙂
    So thank you for being strong! Its much nicer to be on this side!

  7. Love love LOVE this post Lindsey!! People rarely understand my decisions but I’m all “hey… I’m here to live for Christ, not you.”

    Spending me… something I’m going to keep in my head. Love it.

  8. This made me cry…and repent. Thankyou so much for this, it helped bring me back to focussing on what really matters.

  9. […] A recent post from (in)courage exactly explained what we felt: “To me, “7″ gave me freedom in knowing that sometimes it’s ok to be weird. But it went even further than that… it also gave me a realignment of my focus. I realized that my minimalist lifestyle had become so habitual, that I had forgotten the meaning behind the action. I had forgotten that I wasn’t just living so that I could hoard my wealth. No, we had lived this way so that we could be in a position to give, and not just give with the leftovers, but fully give from the harvest. Yet somehow, I had lost focus and instead found myself questioning why I saved at all, wondering if the lonely path was even worth the heartache. My dear friend Katie summed it up so well when she said to me: “We [spend] and [spend] and [spend] our bountiful resources that God has lavished on us so that when a big need arises, we can help, but only in a small way. The giving doesn’t come remotely close to the gift God has given us.”” – Lindsey […]