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  1. Never give up on the promises God gives you! I became I’ll with cfids in 1994. It’s an autoimmune disease with no known cure. In 1997, The Lord gave me a promise that He would heal me, but that it would be a process. After that promise, I got sicker. I have 10 years that I can’t remember because I was so sick. I went to my doctor this past Nov. 7th. I told him that even though many of my symptoms were gone, my energy level was such that all I could do was take a shower and then read the rest of the day. I remember saying several times that I wanted a better quality of life! There was nothing he could do for me.

    The following Saturday, the Spirit of God touched me during worship. I knew something had happened. Since then, my energy level has soared! I am able to get up early every morning and tackle whatever needs to be done! I have had a sinus infection and for the first time, my own immune system was able to fight it off! No antibiotics!!!

    I told my husband that all those years it felt like I was walking in mud up to my ankles.
    Now thanks to my precious Savior, it feels like I am running on dry ground!!

    Never give up on the promises God gives to you! He is not a man that He should lie!

    • Susan,

      God’s promises are true! Never give up–just keep praying those promises and He will come through!

      Praise God for the healing touch He gave you!

  2. I needed this encouragement today. My husband is in the hospital very sick with no one able to find a diagnosis. We are thankful every time they rule out one more fatal illness.
    I will cling to His promises.

    • Pam, I just prayed for you and your husband. May the Lord continue to encourage your heart and uphold you, enabling you to cling to His precious promises.

  3. God is always faithful to His believers! We just have to keep believing and praying! He can and will do miracles in your life!

  4. Today is my 62nd birthday and this verse is one of my favorite “God promises”. As I look back over the past year, I see evidence of God’s faithfulness to me, even when I haven’t always been faithful. I see proof of His tender mercies, every time I look at or speak to my grandson who was shot in January. As my mother, his great-grandma, me and his grandpa and his mom and dad who aren’t followers of Christ stood around his bed while he was in a coma, me,y husband and my mom prayed that God in His infinite love and tender mercies would spare his life. That he would be around to raise his 1 year old son. It was an emotional time when we gathered to celebrate his 24th birthday this summer.

    I’m reminded that even when I’m at my most unloveable I have a Father who’s love for me is never shaken nor reduced by my human failings.

    I’m reminded of Jeremiah 29:11 & 13, a scripture that I attached to a baby picture of me at 18 months old, born with a cleft palate and waiting unti I turned 2 so they could perform surgery in the hope that I would be able to speak.

    I look back over the many years and with it many memories, joyful, sorrowful and some bitter-sweet. Through it all God has been faithful and I can truly sing “My God, how great thou art”.

  5. Tonight I’m very sad. It is not uncommon. My brain is injured most in that area. So my brain works doubly well very hard to find other paths to not have the sad path. But tonight? I’m sad. Tomorrow will be another day. Alone. Disabled. Housebound. Forgotten. But Jesus He’s holding my tears in a bottle. Why? I don’t want them. But tell people that although brain injuries occur they are the hidden injury. I can seem normal for a bit but then speech is hard or motor skills or I may get stuck in place unable to move because someone walked in front of me I did not expect. I’ve been diagnosed and er diagnosed and diagnosed again. I’ve had seizures. I’ve had permanent brain damage and a doctor said oh what you just want disability? I was mortified. My disability is less than ten percent of my former wages and then I have to pay insurance which costs five hundred dollars MORE a month than that because I have a head injury so I’m uninsurable. So I must pay COBRA which is so much more. How could any doctor say that to a patient he has just meant? It’s stuff like this for going on five years…. So as I finish writing, Jesus is with me. Sadness is here. But I’m not weeping. But who is the spokesperson for those who have no voice?