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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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  1. This post is awesome. This is getting shared. My husband and I intentionally moved to the inner city to invest in the hearts of this community. We see two year olds raising themselves everyday. But I also see this in many middle and upper class families due to various factors.

    As new parents with a 3-month-old, we have already had this conversation many times and are praying into what Kingdom parenting looks like on a practical level.

    Thanks for your words.

  2. That is such truth, Sarah! My parents had to both work full time when I was growing up, and we had the blessing of being watched after school by my grandparents. My grandmother passed away last September and the legacy she left with me to pass on is time. She never made us feel like she was too busy to help with homework, play a game, teach us how to bake, or chat about whatever we wanted. Looking back I realize what a blessing that was!

    PS- I love your book. I recently gave away my copy to a friend who needed it more than I did. I would love another copy to do the same. 🙂

  3. This spoke so much to my heart. I’m also floundering most days and I’d love to win this book.

  4. Our daughter is so good about entertaining herself that we have to be intentional about not letting her do that too often. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. We are all in this race together. It’s very hard to make sure our kids are engaged with us!!

  6. having raised two children now 21 & 18 -I didn’t always get it right..what you have written is so true. moms and dads need to take this responsibility seriously, invest and spend time with these precious gifts!!!

  7. Thank you for this incredibly important reminder. So glad I read this- God knew I needed it!

  8. I would love this book. Parenting IS kingdom work – thanks for reminding us. I stay home with my son, and it is necessary to remember that I am doing something of GREAT importance in raising a child. All parents – not just SAHMs, but for me especially, it’s a good reminder.

  9. I would love to win a copy of this book! This post really hit home with me and made me think about the mom I am.



  10. Thank you so much for writing this. As f lately God has put this topic on my mind of what more can I do to raise children that desires God and His will for their life. Being the Mom of three kids 6 and under, one whom has special needs by the world standards, I find my self busy in the daily routine of trying to get thing done around the house and taking kids to and from school and different therapies. I have been trying to find time and a meaningful way to teach my children about God and to make sure they are are developmental where they need to be. On top of this I am trying to potty train two kids. This book would be such blessing.

  11. Great post. It’s all just one day at a time and thankfully the Lord’s mercies – and our children’s, too – are new every morning.

  12. Isn’t it just like God to encourage us in the areas he’s already convicting us. I’m so glad I read this today and while I’m thankful for more prodding to be intentional in my parenting, I just don’t know how. It seems so silly, but I don’t know how to play with my 5 year old, so I just stay busy with my stuff.

  13. I would LOVE to win this book! I am a SAHM, Homeschooler, with special needs children, I need all the help I can get!

  14. This is beautiful. I need these reminders that being a mother isn’t about doing everything perfectly. Some days it’s enough to just get through the day in one piece. But beyond surviving and beyond the comparisons the reality is there are two little souls sharing this space with me and no one has more potential to influence them than me. What marks am I leaving on them?

  15. I am a SAHM of three, while it can be very painful to read it is true. I am in the middle of a move, we have sold our home, moved into a vacation rental, awaiting the close of another home, had a bought with identity theft, and the list goes on. I needed to read this to refocus. Wonderful. Starting today!

  16. Love the post and would love to read the book. This is what my friends and I talk so much about…. being mindful of parenting. Taking tough things and turning them into learning opportunities. No one taught me how to live…. I was given a bunch of rules and told to follow them but when your parents aren’t there (ie. college…) the rules aren’t there. I want my kids to do things God’s way and seek to obey Him and His word. I may not always be there to guide and help them but God will be. I want to raise my kids to seek His word first in all they do.

  17. How this resonates with my own childhood! I see my sons and daughters-in-law truly raising their children; spending quality time with them and being involved. I encouraged one daughter-in-law recently that she truly is doing Kingdom work, and so much of it is thankless…and exhausting. With three children under four and a full-time teaching job outside the home, she is overwhelmed; however, she’s the best mother and cares so gently and lovingly for her children. I think this book would be a blessing to her, and she may even have time to read it while she’s home over the summer.

  18. Yes, this: “I want to raise my kids; I want to guide them and teach them and walk with them and talk with them and get all Deuteronomy with them. Because it matters.”

    “Interrupting play” . . . this has me thinking. And it provokes my heart with conviction. Your words here are worship, friend. Truly.

  19. Such a good reminder!! I’m trying to figure out how to do this now that my girls are getting a little older. Any good advice you have is always appreciated!!

  20. Couldn’t agree with this post more! My husband & I are raising our young children intentionally & like you neither of us had good examples of how to do that, but we push on just the same. Maybe your book could bring some insight to the situation.

  21. This truly spoke to my heart… People are always asking what is your purpose in life? I have thought and prayed and one day God spoke to my heart and said to be a wife and mother… I pray to be hands on all the time… Thank you so much for this post…

  22. (in)couragement accepted! 🙂
    I will not grow children like cattle,
    but raise them as the eternity-affecting souls they are.
    and yes, I would love to win a copy of your book too 😉
    God bless you tons!!

  23. Well said! There are days when you cannot breathe as a mom but the joy that comes when you are present, is irreplaceable. As a single mom of four I can say it is inexpicably hard some days though.

  24. What a timely post, loved it! Thank you for the chance to win your book, been wanting to read it. “Fast learner, slow doer” that is absolutely me!

  25. This is great. Both of my in-laws grew up with legacies they didn’t want to repeat, and committed to start a legacy from scratch–trusting that Jesus had given them everything they needed. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to now,in turn, have their example (as well as their fabulous son as a husband of nearly 15 years!) You are absolutely right that this is kingdom work. Thanks for the reminder.

  26. I needed this today…I’ve been simply trying to survive the days since my daughter was born three weeks ago and have been feeling tremendous guilt over letting my three year old son basically go through the motions. I seriously feel desperate for guidance and encouragement during these days. I’m wondering how it is that by adding to our family I suddenly have forgotten how to mother all over again…

  27. Awesome reminder to be intentional. Thanks for the chance to win a book I need:-)

  28. This post was so encouraging to me! I am trying daily to be more intentional in my time with my children- to be present. Would love this book 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. “Playing is good. Playing without it being observable or interruptible isn’t good. Children being capable of taking care of themselves is good. Children being capable of taking care of themselves without any instruction, responsibility or loving guidance isn’t good.” You are so right! And a lot of times we don’t even think about the negative aspects because we are happy for their independence and guilt free time to do what we need to accomplish.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  30. guilty on all accounts. I love when I can be pointed to the truth by the Truth! I actually picked up your book at Lifeway this past week and gave it to a friend. Sounds like I should have read it first 😉

  31. Thank you from all of us moms that aren’t from Christian homes and are out here trying to raise our kids in first generation Christian homes…..

  32. I so needed this post today. Sometimes I feel like I am floundering and not sure what to intentionally do.

  33. Thank you so much for this post. I also didn’t have a role model for myself. I would love to give this book to one of my daughters and buy one for the others.

  34. Intentional Deuteronomy child-raising is such HARD work! Thanks for sharing. My kids have had to fend for themselves lately because their dad was in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks and is now home with home health. Life is not normal. And yes, they’re watching more TV than we usually allow. But I feel better knowing that we have been intentional and will return to intentional gradually as life we recover from survival mode. They are learning from this experience, too.

  35. I often feel like you do when I reflect on my childhood. If I take the time to see my parents through eyes of grace, I am reminded that they did what they knew. Maybe they didn’t have a model. Maybe it was their best. I also learn from what they did and didn’t do. I do the opposite of what I don’t think was the best. I try to see what they did well, and adapt it into my life in a way that fits our family if I can. I think we need to rely on the Holy Spirit more to give us those nudges we need.

    This generation has it’s own dangers. The internet, blogging, and a million things IN OUR HOMES that pull us from our kids, even though we are technically in our homes. If we reflect on what our parents did and didn’t do, and feel they were somehow absent, think about what our kids will reflect on…will it be that their parents were busy on their computers, writing about what they should be doing? As I observe the internet/blogging world, my burden grows as I see so many moms spending so much time there.

    One day we will be evaluated in the same way we evaluate our own parents. I pray that my own evaluation will be one that is not only grace filled, but one that doesn’t include my neglecting my kids in a different way than my parents appeared to.

  36. I’ve had your book on my Amazon wish list for quite some time now, hoping to see it go on sale or get a cheaper used copy. Being a working mom of two toddlers and battling depression, its a constant battle for me to want to do anything but plop them in front of the screen so I can catch a breath. And I still do too often. Thank you for the reminder that they are only little for a short time, and my job is to demonstrate who their Savior is, and to help prepare them for eternity.

  37. thank you so much for the chance to win this book! I’ve been reading it on my e-reader, but I so have been wanting an actual copy to whip out my highlighter for! Reading this book so slowly… words you want to let sink in.

  38. Thanks for reminding me that when I am home AND present, I am doing Kingdom work with my kids. Would love to win a copy!

  39. Would LOVE to win a copy! Some locals girls started a “Desperate” discussion board on FB and would love to take part!!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  40. I can relate to this so much! My husband and I are trying our best to be the parents God wants us to be and we have had no model for this either. It takes constant turning to the Lord and repenting of our selfishness so we can be the parents He created us to be. Thank you for sharing.

  41. I would love a copy of this book. It’s amazing to know I have been called by the Almighty to be “Mom”

  42. I could really use this book. I am a full-time working mom of three boys, and I realized as I read this that I do the same thing – letting my children take care of themselves to the degree that they can, and not engaging with them and discipling them like I should.

  43. Beautifully written just-exactly-what-I-needed-to-read post this morning. Thanks so much for sharing your mama heart and convicting mine. Would love to get my hands on a copy of this book! Thanks!!

  44. Great article- so very true. It is easy to slip into the “all is well, everyone can take care of themselves” mode yet it is very dangerous.

  45. Would love to win this book! I’ve been struggling with how to balance independent play time (to develop the ability to entertain herself, etc.) and guided/structured play time. I’m always around and observing, but not always interacting. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  46. This book will be a great tool to help new and older parent to have a better outlook in going through parenthood. It would let them know it’s not just being a parent it’s about kingdom building.

  47. This post spoke to me so deeply this morning. Thank you so much for sharing. I also keep hearing about ‘Desperate’ and have put it on my ‘to read’ list! 😀

  48. As many times as I hear this, I still need the reminder that although the kids can do things on their own, it is important to be intentional with their time, OUR time with them! This book will be added to my list of must-reads.

  49. Thank you for the reminder on where our focus should be. It’s too often easier to let them entertain themselves.

  50. I would love to win a copy of this book. As parents, we are constantly running to drop children off at school, work, pick them up, and then get them to the next SCHEDULED activity. Time at home is PRECIOUS. Thanks for the encouragement.

  51. I’m a stay-at-home mom to two and I certainly have days where I go to bed feeling guilty for not being more engaged with my children throughout the day. This is a great reminder. What my children remember about our days together is important to me.

  52. So true, Sarah Mae. I found it so much easier to be engaged when my children were small…as they are getting older I really do need to be intentional with them. It’s easy to think they don’t need me as much b/c they are becoming independent. Thank you for this reminder today.

  53. A good friend once said “I didn’t win ‘mom of the year’ award today. That honest comment set me free. When my children were younger, I wanted to be mom of the year every day, and it was liberating to realize it was okay if some days I was less than perfect. What I found over the years was that my simple act of taking time in the morning to invite the Holy Spirit to fill me and use me was the most important thing I could do. Despite my failings at times in my effort to be the perfect parent, I had given my children the priceless gift of childhood: they grew up in the presence of the living God. He covered all my failings with grace. I urge you to invite God’s presence in your home, try your hardest, and then be gentle with yourself. He loves your children (and you!) even more than you do and will cover both the good and the bad with His grace, mercy and love.

  54. Man, such a good word. It’s so easy for me to let my very independent 4-year-old daughter do her own thing. I don’t want her to not remember me playing with her or being intentional with her. Excited about this book!

  55. My husband and I are hopefully going to begin our family soon–and we’ve talked about the idea of not having TV at all–mostly because we’re afraid it will be a distraction from spending time together as a family. I’m reading everything I can get my hands on, trying to form a realistic picture of what God has called us to be as parents. This book looks great!

  56. I am a grandmother unexpectedly raising a six-year-old for the second time. Oh how I wish i had heard this message the first time around. You have affirmed what should be at the top of my priority list time – for my grandson’s sake, my sake, and most of all because God lovingly tells us so. Bless you.

  57. Thanks for the reminder to not let my kids slip into the “auto-pilot” mode. I’d love to read your book.

  58. There were 9 kids in our family. I NEVER felt as though I had time with my parents; though I’m sure they did the best they could.
    I had 2 children and ended up a single parent so I felt as though my kids suffered because I had to work to support us.
    Now I see both my kids being the kind of parent I wanted to be! Perhaps I planted some seeds after all.

  59. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. I have heard great things about your book!

  60. Trying to be intentional by doing one activity a day. Once that is routine, we’ll try to add another. Thanks for a good post and the giveaway.

  61. Sarah Mae, I am desperate to change my family legacy, too! This post is right on time. I will forward this to my sisters and friends as a reminder to be “present” with our kids from day to day. And you’re right, it is Kingdom Work. You are so transparent. Thank you for sharing this post!

  62. I needed to hear this as I’m sitting with my 10 month old stacking blocks, reading books, and having her crawl all over me. THIS is the work I need to be doing today. Not my to do list of laundry, dishes, and running to Target.

  63. That is so me as well. I had great parents but they weren’t intentional and I can already feel myself doing the same with my daughter. I want to go all Deuteronomy as well 🙂

  64. I think it’s definitely difficult to stop wanting and trying to be the perfect parent and just let God’s grace full in the cracks where we have dropped the ball in parenting and life. I love this community and these posts!!

  65. As a stay-at-home mom, I struggle every day with striking a balance between positive engagement with my girls and tending to the mountain of housework I feel should be accomplished. Thank you for this!

  66. This is a wonderful reminder for me that is at just the right time! I needed to read this today.

  67. I was raised in a very good home but not godly and I am trying to change that in my family. Thanks for encouragement and knowing I am not alone in this journey.

  68. Yes. I am a homeschool mum. My kids probably have lots of memories as a teacher. I need to intentionally have more fun with them. This summer I am going to schedule funs things to do with them. 🙂

    Thanks for the transparency.

  69. I just spent an emotionally and spiritually draining weekend at my parent’s house as they (unintentionally but painfully) attacked all my views on parenting and my own faith. The saddest part of the whole fiasco was that they essentially failed at parenting themselves. I watched them literally tear my siblings down and shame them into “obedience” because they had the power and authority and they were going to wield it no matter the cost. I started out as a parent doing the opposite. Leaving my kids room and trying not to be overbearing in their lives because it terrified me that I was going to become my parents.

    Both sides are so very damaging. I am still learning, but my kids are being raised in a home of grace and unconditional love with boundaries and intentional time spent building into their lives. Not perfectly by any means. I still have days when I err on the side of caution and leave them to their own devices. I also have days when the authoritative, tyrannical, shame-inducing pull is so very strong and I despise those days. When my children are broken and damaged by my harsh words and grace-less approach.

    Today, we are going to work out in the gardens. It’s going to take me ten time longer with their little helping hands, but I am going to enjoy every minute of our intentional interaction.

    Thank you so much for this post. I needed it badly! 🙂

  70. YES, yes, yes….our culture does not understand or vouch for the vital role that mothering is in the very fabric of our world! I taught in a Christian school for 12 years and have home schooled for 5 years and I just told my kids {ages 20, 18 and 13} that, far and above, my greatest role is that of mother…it is investing deeply in three eternal souls….keep going dear Mommas, what you are doing is so, so valuable in God’s eyes!! Thanks for sharing!!

  71. Great blog post, what I needed to here on a Monday morning after a busy weekend when all I am thinking about is laundry and chores.

  72. This post makes me ache and HURT. My 4-year-old grandson is growing up on iPad and TV and Wii, even though his mom is stay-at-home. What to do? What to do?

  73. Thanks for the great message. We can all find ways to plug into our kids more during the day, aiming for quality time together. I’d love to read your book!

  74. Thank you for this post. I already have order the last book , Everything: What you give and what you gain to become like Jesus. My summer reading list is getting longer. It is always soo great to get a snyopsis of a book before buying. This one is definitely next!!

  75. I just bought your book for my Kindle. I can’t wait to hear more of your heart! I totally appreciate your encouragement this morning. I strive to be the best parenting me I can be by God’s grace. It IS hard to stay engaged between the isolation we can feel as moms, the pressures of the world, the intensity of the work of child-rearing, and my plain ol’ selfish. This post was a great one, especially as a follow-up to another post on “Hands-Free Mama” I read just yesterday. I think you’d appreciate it:
    God bless you!

  76. Feeling super overwhelmed as a single mom and this just spoke to me HUGE. Such a beautiful truth. What a great giveaway. I’d love to check out this book 🙂

  77. I just bought your book for my Kindle. I can’t wait to hear more of your heart! I totally appreciate your encouragement this morning. I strive to be the best parenting me I can be by God’s grace. It IS hard to stay engaged between the isolation we can feel as moms, the pressures of the world, the intensity of the work of child-rearing, and my plain ol’ selfish. This post was a great one, especially as a follow-up to another post I found on “Hands-Free Mama” yesterday. I think you’d appreciate it: “What a hands-free summer looks like” if you want to Google it. God bless you in this season of your book’s release! Congrats!

  78. Thank you so much for sharing. It was a source of encouragement in the form a “push” to me today. Just what I needed.

  79. Great post! I definitely agree that we need to be intentional as parents. I would love to read your book!

  80. Wow! This looks great. I am with you – this is a new thing I’m stepping into: intentional parenting, homeschooling, raising up differently than I was raised. Uncharted territory, but where God has led us.

  81. This truly touched me! I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids and with school, baseball, and just daily responsibilities, I have been just getting by. My family is the greatest gift God has given me and I need to slow down and intentionally love them! Thank you! I would love a copy of the book also 🙂

  82. It’s so easy to check out sometimes. I know they’ll need me any second because there will be an argument or a problem. Sometimes, instead of being proactive, I just let things go until there is a problem. I mean, I’m a homeschool mom, so I obviously interact constantly. But the truth is, when I’m overwhelmed, I feel the desire to just hide after homeschooling is over. Not good. Thanks for the reminder!

  83. This is how I feel all the time. I would really love to be able to read this book!

  84. God is good! He was just talking to me about embracing my role right now and not getting ahead of Him. Thanks for helping Him to bring it home and reminding me how important this work right now is and that I cannot do it well if I have too much else in the pot. God bless you!

  85. This is exactly why when the world tells me I contribute nothing as a SAHM I can laugh at them. Being intentional with our children is a beautiful thing, and regardless of whether we stay home with them, work full of part time, whether we home school or have someone else educate our children, when we are intentional in our time with them we are shaping and moulding them into the people the world so desperately needs right now.

    Thank you for the chance to win your wonderful book!

  86. There are so many days that our “routine” seems futile, but this book is such a refreshing reminder of our call as moms. I’ve read this book cover to cover and can’t wait to share it with a few of my friends… they need to read it!!!

  87. Thank you for this post. It’s a good reminder for me today to be more intentional with my boys. Thank you also for an opportunity to win a copy of Desperate!

  88. Oh this would be a good book for me. As I am already feel the need to breath this early a.m.

  89. Greetings! Thank you for sharing these thoughts. My younger daughter is now 16. I believe I was intentional with her when she was younger – when we had fewer electronic distractions. 🙂 I took her to the play ground regularly, watched tv shows with her, and more. Now we spend most of our time at opposite ends of the house and I feel like I cannot be a mom to her. She is strong willed and her mind is made up that she doesn’t need her parents. We are older than most of her friends’ parents- I am 56 and my husband is 60, almost 61. The other day when I went to school to pick her up, another student told her grandmother was her. We both laughed at that. I am not very gray, yet, but is coming. 🙂 What to do? We pray frequently for God to give us His love for her and her His love for us. There are other things going on that put a strain on our relationship. 🙁 I will continue to pray and stay tuned to Holy Spirit. God bless you!

  90. What an excellent post! It is all about being intentional with our children’s lives. It is so easy to let them play by themselves, watch movies, etc. This really hit home for me. Thank you!

  91. So needed to hear this today. My kids are now tweens and its a scary world out there. I grew up with parents who were not involved in my every day life……I wasnt neglected. Just “trusted” too much. I just realized I have been unconciously following the same model even though I would tell you I would have been way better off if my parents hadnt trusted me so much. New legacy in my house starting today. Thank you for sharing.

  92. This article really touched my heart. I am forwarding it to my husband. After long days at work we to let the kids do what they had wanted. Now we are correcting them more and last night this was my prayer Lord help me be a better parent.

  93. This is sooo true. As a mother of 3 grown children and grandmother now, I am enjoying the fruit of having “laid down my needs” for the sake of their needs. We really do reap what we sow. Lord help us see our kids’ needs!

  94. I recently purchased Desperate for my daughter. I think though, that I should read it also. Grandmothers need help too!

  95. It’s so true that we have to be intentional. Unfortunately it seems to come in waves for me. I can be very intentional and then finish with the “intentional” project and go back into a lull until I figure out the next step. But the Lord calls us to persevere, so forward ho!

    Does anyone have a comment on talking with your children? I came from a quiet home, and I find that I’m continuing in that tradition. I seem to keep most of my thoughts to myself while I see other moms carrying on all kinds of conversations with their children. It’s foreign to me. Any suggestions?

  96. Great article! Very reminiscent of my own childhood and how I want things to be different for my kids. Thank you!

  97. Having three teenage daughters, I can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed. My husband is away quite a bit because he’s a firefighter. I would love to read this book.

  98. Having a teenage daughter with ADHD, Depression and Scoliosis, there is never a time to truly breathe and relax. I always feel constantly stressed with worry for her future. Yes, I pray a lot and give to God, but somehow I end up taking it back and not trusting in the Lord. I have been trying very hard to BREATHE, but it’s a constant battle.

  99. Thank you for sharing your heart. I echo your thoughts and I will be praying and being much more intentional. Blessings!

  100. This book is on my to-read list. I would love to win it because my library doesn’t carry it!

  101. I loved this post. I’ve been at this parenting gig for 32yrs and still have a ways to go, and I’m tired but still willing to reach the finish line someday. Please pray for me to finish WELL. I added you to my Catholic Women Authors list at Twitter!

  102. Wow, I am constantly feeling desperate over being a Mom. Sometimes wondering if I am reaching for my children at all? I need this book.

  103. Our job as parents does not stop when our children are grown. We still have the opportunity to interact with our grandchildren and possibly be wiser and kinder in our actions towards them. It is now a challenge to see if I can build a great relationship with my grandchildren without stepping all over my children in their journey to parent. Your book sounds like it would be fabulous as a good resource and a great read. It would be a blessing to win one.

  104. This definitely sounds like a book for me! Especially since my children found my stash of chocolate in the closet, I’ll need some other way of ‘breathing’!

  105. Yes I can relate! My mom was a single mom when I was in Kindergarten & 1 st grade. I had an alarm I woke up, got myself dressed, got myself breakfast, brushed my own teeth and hair, and waited until mister gadget went off and met the kids to walk to school. My mom had my lil brother when I was 8 and after school I took care of him until my mom came home from work. I was a second mom to him. I LOVE MY MOM TO DEATH and I’m grateful that when she WAS able to be home from work she was their playing or whatever with us! She was their when she could be and I’m a better person for the childhood I had! I would love a chance to win your book and I know the right people will be blessed and picked for the giveaway! Thank you

  106. I am a single Mom and have been since I was 6mos pregnant. I am a Christian and work for a Christian nonprofit counseling corporation in Jacksonville, FL. I would LOVE the opportunity to win, review and recommend this book to some of our clients based on what i have read thus far alone…that are EXACTLY like ME and the hundreds of other women would have commented, read and say this book has changed their life! Please pick me. 🙂 I will share it on our website as a recommended read as well as promote it on all of our social media.
    Dawn in jacksonville

  107. Thank you for this great reminder! We mamas are doing Kingdom work! 🙂 I appreciate your words so much. Thank you for being obedient and letting the Lord speak through you.

  108. I am reading this book right now and loving it! I’d love a copy to share with a friend. Thanks for your honesty and for challenging me to be more intentional in my parenting. It’s easy to desire, so difficult to do, but so worthwhile.

  109. I needed this today. I needed to hear the confirmation of my fears and the affirmation of my efforts. Like you, I remember a good childhood, but it was one that didn’t have many intentional and engaging moments of being *raised*. My parents did their best and I love them fiercely; I just want to do it differently. I know that I can do better and I desperately want to. I need new ideas for engaging, guiding, and raising my kids now that they are getting older (7 & nearly 11). I was a super-star mom until I became a single mom, left in a whirlwind of distraction, despair, and a new role as college student & working mom whereas before I was at home, focused, and available to my kids at any given moment. Thank you for this post and the opportunity to gain another tool for my mothering toolbox. <3

  110. I loved this. It was encouraging and motivating and it pulled at my heart strings. I’m a first time mama to a precious 7 month old. And I already see how it affects her when I find myself on my phone to check Facebook one more time. I was just at dinner last night with a dear friend and she was telling me what an impact this book has had on her as a mother to her boys. So much so that she’s about to reread it and journal through it. We also decided to keep one another accountable to being present and off our phones/computers when we are with the kids. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging fellow mommys to push through and push for raising our babies in the Lord. I can’t wait to read Desperate!

  111. This sounds all good and fine, but I don’t think I can do any more than I’m already doing. My kids need more, but I simply don’t know how I can do it.

  112. What an encouraging post! Being intentional has hit me from many different avenues lately.This sounds like a great book!

  113. Thanks for this post. My children are 4 and 2 so they still need me just about all the time, but I know I’ll have the tendency to move toward passivity once they get older. Thanks for being real. 🙂

  114. Thanks for this article. It really made me think of how I parent my girls. I’m there, but not neccessarily engaged in what they do, in their day to day lives, leading and guiding. I really needed this as a reminder of what God has called me to do and be as a parent. I will defintiely put this on my list of must reads!

  115. I was just thinking yesterday that the next book I read needs to be one that inspires and encourages me in present parenting. My little one is just 9 months old and I am often torn on how much time should be spent one on one playing vs encouraging him to play on his own. When it comes down to it, I can find that answer every time in the Holy Spirit. Would love to read how you have been guiding in parenting

  116. Whew. Love your article, and I would LOVE to have your book! I love how you said that “stay at home moms aren’t exempt.” You know, sometimes we SAHM feel we get some sort of medal for simply staying at home. However, it’s no use if we aren’t intentionally raising our children. You’ve given me a lot to chew on! Thanks!

  117. THere is such a message in your post. Many parents need to hear this today–me too! Thanks for the reminder:)

  118. Love this! I am just finishing up my first trimester and although I have worked as a nanny and in childcare centers… I feel clueless! I want to be so many things and I like how you said to just be intentional. My husband and I are first generation Christians and are excited but once again also feel a bit clueless about how to raise a child in the way they should go. So thankful for God, His Word and encouraging women like you. 🙂

  119. Ohh..this sounds like a book I would very much like to read! As a SAHM of 4 under the age of 7 I feel as though each day is a desperate struggle to find the balance btn finding the time/energy for each of my kids, and not to mention, my husband and self, and the family as a whole. All the while, knowing what is a healthy dose of independence for all of us to meet our God-given potential.. And digging deep to find the strength to raise my kids how I always dreamed I would. Thank you for your shared wisdom, and for expressing grace in your writing for the not-so-fantastic days that can make or break this mama’s spirits in this trying-hard, grace-drenched life.

  120. Great post. this a nice reminder to myself to make sure I spend quality time with my daughter teaching her and loving her. Thank you for the chance to win this book. God bless!

  121. Thanks for this post. This is something that has been heavy on my heart. My mother passed away when my son was just four months old. It hit me very hard and I was in a depression for a very long time. I feel like I have missed some vital moments in my son’s life and now I have been praying for God to recoup the time and to show me how to be a good mother to him. I have a lot of catching up to do but I trust God will guide me as I try to teach him the ways of our Father. Thanks!!

  122. This is an awesome post. Something we all need to keep in the forefront of our hearts and minds. Being intentional to build His kingdom begins with our children. There is no greater calling than that of motherhood/fatherhood – parenthood. Thank you for admonishing us in this. God bless you and all the momma’s with God’s mercy and grace!! 🙂

  123. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Your post gently reminds us to focus on what is of eternal value. As a single mom of four little ones, I am learning that the only way I will have anything to impart to my children is by staying close to the throne of grace myself. Blessings to you and your family!

  124. This is so true. As I was reading this it was as if I was reading about my own childhood. My momma was a SAHM and she was an excellent homemaker & mother, but we did spent a lot of time unsupervised because she was literally too busy with seven kids & household duties. We watched things we should’nt have, we played games we shouldn’t have, we did things we shouldn’t have, on & on. As you said, SAHMs aren’t exempt from passive parenting. I am a SAHM homeschooling mom and I too tend to get passive in my parenting. Thank you so much for this gentle, but firm reminder that our children need us to be an active part in their lives. We need to be intentional in our parenting because there is a world out there that is very intentional in teaching our kids, I want to be the greatest influence in my children’s lives.

  125. I so want this book! I read this post and felt like I stepped back in time. We were raised in the church. My parent’s didn’t practice anything at home. We didn’t read The Bible together, we didn’t talk about church. They didn’t even take us. It was like free child care. Still, my siblings and I are all believers. But we all face a similar challenge. We know we MUST do something different. It is hard enough to parent. It is harder still when you have no example to follow. We “spy” on Godly friends to see what they do and how they do it. We read books. This is exactly what I want to do with my life and home as a mom. I want to be intentional about all the moments, fully aware of the eternal impact.

  126. I was so refreshed to read this article and would love to read the book. I grew up with one parent who overworked themself, mostly out of necessity and partly out of the need for sanity. My other parent struggled with several nervous breakdowns while I was growing up and was not available on a consistent basis. I praise the Lord for the relationship that I have for them both. Also, I don’t regret the past- but look at it as something that drew us all closer towards the Lord and each other.

  127. the book sounds amazingly real and down to earth. a place many people have been and can’t seem to see the light, except by the grace and love of our faithful Father! it wold be great to have a copy to share with others.

  128. I can definitely relate! I feel like I have no markers or guidepost for what godly parenting looks like. It’s overwhelming at times to even know where to begin! Praying for the Lord’s gracious leading and guiding. I think your book will be a huge encouragement to so many moms.

  129. Ummm.. yes. Thank you. Was convicted of this this morning with my little two year old and wrestle often with the demands of intentional parenting. Often struggling with being annoyed at my kids for “interrupting” me constantly throughout the day. Parenting requires such a death to self! Good parenting, at least. Thanks for this and yes… i need to get my hands on that book one way or another. 🙂

  130. I can totally relate to how you were raised….are you sure we weren’t sisters? I would LOVE to win this book! Love your *semi-daily* posts….very encouraging and I appreciate your transparency.

  131. As you said, I know this wasn’t an attack on your parents but I think our view of how “we” were raised is insignificant. I don’t know how to say it without sounding harsh. But in reality, most parents did the best they could. As children, we have no idea what our parents are also dealing with.
    Today, the world constantly has us concerned about me and myself. So it’s something OUR generation needs to lift our heads up from our iPhones to consider for a moment.

  132. reading this book from the library but really would like a copy to share with mommies I run into who are struggling!

  133. Love this post. thank you.
    2 things I particularly liked:
    “stay-at-home moms aren’t exempt – they can be too busy online or cleaning or doing crafts or whatever that keeps them from engaging. ” ouch. Slapped me in the face that one.
    Secondly, your bio. How your ‘past would be your present if it weren’t for Jesus.’
    2 good reasons to go ahead and buy your book if I am not lucky enough to win it 🙂
    Kate x

  134. A friend of mine just told me about your book the other day and it sounds like it would be a great read for my current season!

  135. Please enter me in in would love to read this book! I have no memories of my stay at home mom playing with me or engaging in any blind of relationship with me. I have been working on forging a new path with my two children!

  136. This is a wonderful post! I have a 1 week old baby boy and during my middle of the night feedings have been thinking about how I’ve been raised, how my husband has been raised, our lifestyles (we are both in the military and he has over a year left on an overseas tour), and how to raise and nurture our sweet little angel. This definitely shed some light and guidance and reminded me that its not just about having a kid, it’s about raising them and helping them get to heaven. Thank you.

  137. Yes! Yes! Yes! To intentional parenting… It’s what I call {Mothering on Purpose}… it’s hard work, but it’s the best work you’ll ever do. My High Calling.

  138. Loved the post Sarah!! Loved Desperate! Read it twice and would gift a second to a much deserving friend 🙂

  139. Wow thanks for this post! This something that has been on my mind but like you, I don’t have the role models to follow. I have been wanting to read your boom too!!

  140. I would love to read this book. I have three boys 5 and under so I definitely need to breathe!

  141. This book sounds like something I could really use right now as I navigate the young kids stage of motherhood!

  142. We struggle with active parenting – it’s slightly easier now that we can all get outside and enjoy the nice weather

  143. I was so encouraged by this post. I feel excited, honored, and blessed to be in a position to leave a legacy as you mentioned. I will be breaking a cycle. But the truth is the task is huge and can be daunting. There are days I fear I won’t be able to do it, but I have to remember that it isn’t about my own strength, but that of the Lord’s power in and thru me. And moms like you push me forward. And I’ve got great mama friends too. One of which I was sitting down with last night over dinner when she began telling me of your and Sally’s book, Desperate. It’s impacted her greatly and I can’t wait to read it now!

  144. I can so relate to this….I try everyday to teach my kids something. To get to their level and talk to them. I’ve watched Sponge Bob more time than I care to and been ignored lots of times too..but I keep going back just sitting with them, hoping they will just ask me on question that I can answer with a lesson. I was able to take my kids kayaking the other day and it was such a blessing..they are 5 years apart and they both actually wanted to go and were so excited! How lucky was I…feeling blessed..

  145. What a wonderful book! I’ve been passing along as many as I can afford!! Thank you – Sarah and Sally, for writing it… so honestly and beautifully 🙂

  146. Right on, Sara Mae! Thank you for sharing. People say I\’m a helicopter, but I disagree. I\’m not trying to shield my kids, I\’m trying to equip them to deal with things the right way. I let them experience with guidance in how to respond, and I let them mess up in their responses, too. I didn\’t appreciate being left to figure it out on my own – what a mess my early adulthood was from that! Now my kids are capable and confident and wise when out of my presence and I feel that I can trust them. It\’s worth the sacrifice of time!

  147. I feel just like you. I love spending time with my kids and want to guide them and be intentional, but have no idea how. I want to guide, but not control their lives. Then there is the whole thing of other responsibilities. My parents were always too busy and I don’t want to be that parent, but I do have to do housework once in a while.

  148. I love this post so much and agree so wholeheartedly. It makes me very interested in your book! I would love to win a copy!

  149. It is so hard being intentional…. But SO important. Thankyou for putting words to what and why being a parent is a gift…given from God.

  150. This is a great reminder of our high calling as parents, and our need to be intentional. I can also easily feel like my kids (now teens) don’t need me anymore, but the reality is they are the biggest investment I have and I don’t want to “check out” of their lives, even when they seem independent. Our oldest is about to start college and I’ve been reflecting a lot on what’s most important for our kids to “get” before they leave home. Would love to read your book!

  151. Such honesty and truth in those words. So excited to hear about such a book and the amazing resource it can be for me as a mum, but also a tool to put in the hands of so many ‘desperate’ mums I deal with most days at word.

  152. Your post tugs at my soul. I too was brought up with parents who did not encourage, nurture, teach me life skills, instill confidence and share life with me. I always felt my opinions weren’t valid and nobody really cared what I thought or felt. Now down the track and trying to be a mother myself I have found it the most difficult journey at all, because like you I have no model to base my own parenting on and no confidence to believe I can do it. So blessed to have a Father with open arms to continually run to when so often I find myself “Desperate”.

  153. Wow, such a good reminder! I am a homeschooling mom, but it is easy to forget what my priorities are! Thanks:)

  154. Such an honest and thought-provoking post. I’m pregnant (5 months!) with my first child.
    I would love to read this book.

  155. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and bein so honest. Parenting is by far the most difficult yet most rewarding piece of my life. I value your encouragment so much!

  156. Love this blog post. If really hits home, too close. Will pray and work toward being engaged and intentional

  157. I want to do Kingdom work right in my own home. I want to always be living in God’s Will for me and right now it is being the best mother to my son as I can with God’s guidance. God has given me my heart’s desire to be a mother.

  158. You have written the cry of my heart! As a stay at home, busy with homeschooling and everyday life as well as multiple sclerosis, for some time I have felt that I am missing my calling. Sure, I love my kids and they “know” it. Yet when I flop in bed exhausted each night, very aware that only half of my daily to do list has been checked off, I feel as though I have missed the mark — eternally. Just as one knows the importance of daily exercise yet struggles to incorporate it into each day, I struggle with teaching my children what matters most. “If only I had an extra 12 hours today”, I sigh. My parents were very busy, trying to support our household, and I was often left on my own, as you mentioned. How does one retrain one”a mind and change it here and now? I have felt this conviction for years now, but feel stuck and overwhelmed in my physical weakness. Thank you again for your post and encouragement. I needed to hear it today.

  159. Looks like a very good read. I can definitely use a copy of ‘Desperate’ to help me raise my now 2yr old daughter! Since having an AVM the week after I had her in December and being in the hospital to recover from my surgery and rehab til the following April, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of time with her (even being a newborn). And excuse me but I ‘feel’ kids these days need a different kind of parenting than what I used to raise my older children who are now grown (ages: 26, 23 & 18). Even my daughter who used to be the baby of the older three kids, I don’t feel that I’ll be able to use the same tactics on my baby now! PARENTING IS KINGDOM WORK!!!

  160. This is a very timely post. My oldest daughter is 5 and always wants to play with me during my youngest daughter’s naptime. Thank you for this encouragement to put down the to do list and play with her. Would also love to win the book!

  161. This looks like a book so many of us moms could use ~ it’s hard being a mom somedays. I have to remind myself I’m building cathedrals. 🙂

  162. Such a great post….it encouraged me as well as challenged me with the kind of mom I desire to be for my three little ones. Thank you for touching my heart and giving me a different perspective, one that I will start today to make changes for the better in my role as mommy. I’m guessing the book will do the same, it would be great to win it! 🙂

  163. Thank you so much for sharing your story. As someone who grew up with parents at work all the time, I do try to be intentional with my daughter but definitely struggle. As she becomes more self reliant I know I will have to work harder at this….

  164. Thanks for this reminder to be intentional in my parenting! I’m a homeschool mom and am intentional in school, but the rest of the day I want so badly to take a break from it all – guess I need to work on that.

  165. Thank you so much for the reminder. Sometimes it is so easy to forget that your role as a mom is number one and that it is a gift from God. My husband is always saying that it is not our responsibility to raise godly children but to be godly parents.

  166. I would love this book. Motherhood is hard and tiring, but I so long to be intentional with my daughter. She only has one childhood that I can invest in her and I don’t want to miss opportunities.

  167. Thank you so much for the gentle reminder/wake up call :)! It’s such a fine line in developing independent persons and just “checking-out” on mom-opportunities. Love it when we are able to refresh one another as scripture says.

  168. Love this! My favorite line is…Parenting is kingdom work. Thank you for making this such a bold statement.

  169. This article touched me, I have totally become that complacent mom. I even have a timer set on the tv so it turns on in the morning and the kids can just go watch for awhile. And I’m not a sahm. I should be mucho the intentional about these little lives that I am molding. Thank you for showing me my kingdom work

  170. This post was perfect for me today as I just have decided to step down from my job and walk into a season of caring for my 10, 8, 6, 4, and 17 month old at home. I am terrified, but this post helped me to realize that it is important and I need to do it well.

  171. Still on my way learning grace after being a law parent for so long….I am desperate!

  172. Thank you for a chance to receive such a precious gift. I could use it and I would most certainly share it.

  173. Wow, this came at a perfect time. Difficult journey with sweet girl who happens to have ADHD.

  174. My little guy didn’t sleep through the night for the longest time either.

  175. As Mom to three grown children I still find my breath taken away in sweet times and some not-so-sweet. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  176. I would find the time to read this – even if it’s only a paragraph a day! My little one is a sweetheart, but now that she’s a toddler… there are definitely moments that make me wonder how I’m going to make it to through this stage of our journey.

  177. Thank you for the encouragement today and the reminder to breathe. There have been many sleepless nights and desperate times that I have found myself on my knees. What a sweet letter from your son!

  178. What a reminder we need to enjoy every day with our kids as we don’t know the future. My kids are grown but now our daughter and her 2 girls are living with us. We need to make memories for our grandkids that they will remember how much they are loved no matter what.

  179. I received the email, Patience on the Journey of Motherhood Holds Great Rewards! , just a few minutes ago. Wow… I am sending it to my daughter who is now raising girls, ages almost 13(July) , 15 and 16. She also has series health issues to deal with at the same time. Melissa is an awesome Mom, but I know she feels the pressure daily. I would love to win this book for her. God bless you for sending a much needed message from God our way.

  180. Reading some of the challenges faced by this courageous mom reminded me of my daughter and her sometimes struggles. She does have a husband, but he can work some strange hours, so she is staying home and taking on the majority of the parenting duties. They have their struggles – not wanting to do homework, not wanting to go to bed on time, and just frustration meltdown screaming fits, but she hangs in there and does an awesome job.

  181. I loved this post. It spoke to exactly where I’m at with a 3 yr old and a 14 month old. It’s hard doing this mom thing all day long. My husband works 2 days for our church (though those days spill into other days and evenings!) and 3 days as a teacher (and those days spill into other days and evenings!) Sometimes the responsibilities and to do lists are immense. It is important to keep navigating the dark water together. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone, when I really needed to hear it.

  182. Thanks for this post! I’m just starting out on this journey (with a 5 month old) and appreciate all the wisdom I can get! 🙂

  183. Your childhood sounds much like mine! I love my parents, but I, too, spent a lot of time alone. I desire to live as an intentional parent, loving lavishly and sacrificially! Thank you for this post!

  184. Desperate looks like a great read! I need hope and a chance to breathe even with daughters in their 20’s.

  185. I love this post and would love to win the book. My daughter is raising 5 children alone (without a husband) BUT not without God. I think it would be such an encouragement to her. And at this point in our lives we don’t have the resources to purchase for her. Thanks for writing the book and sharing God’ s work in you.

  186. Thank you. I’ve heard that ministry starts with the family first. And no matter how are families appear, we all need Jesus!

  187. I would ove t win a copy for a friend. I have read the book and especially loved the chapter called Formulas don’t always work.

  188. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing that perspective. I need to order this book for my daughter! (I may have to read it first) 😉

  189. Mmm! Love this! And with a toddler and a newborn… (both boys!) I would love a copy of Desperate!

  190. I’d love this book! It is on my to buy list. In the meantime I’m enjoying all the posts written on it.

  191. I am halfway through this book, which a friend has loaned to me. So many times I have had the urge to underline/highlight/circle/star/flag passages of the book! Would love to win a copy of my own. It has been such an encouragement and inspiration to me. I’ve been soaking up the videos and blog posts on the book as well. It all has truly been encouraging. Thank you for the chance to win.

  192. Amen. So well put! This book is next in my library queue. Would love to win a copy.

  193. How grateful that INcourage has such a seasoned Godly mom who is a writer! Sally, you continue to bless all of us so much with your honesty and integrity. Thank you for the chance to receive a gifted copy!

  194. Hi, I was blessed to receive this devotion/blog today. I am a current foster mother of 3 children (2,5 & 8) that we have had in our home for a month. Oh Man has it been a struggle. I haven’t wanted anything more in life than to be a mother. In our marriage we we blessed to get pregnant once, which ended in a miscarriage. We then decided to go through the process of becoming foster parents. Not fully realizing at the time what all comes with this. We have had 5 children come and go into our home. Now with these 3 new lives dangling in our hearts and hands, I am feeling completely inadequate to care for them and be the Mother they need me to be. I have been a compete mess and unlovable really from the start of the kids coming into our home. This devotion: Patience on the Journey of Motherhood Holds Great Rewards! has really opened my eyes to what God has planned for me and how I need to work on changing my thoughts and actions. We serve such a Might & Awesome God and grateful I have had the opportunity to get a glimpse into your journey! It is refreshing to see and know we are not alone in our struggles. Thank you for sharing and would be honored to read this book.

  195. I so needed to hear this and Sally’s post on Patience on the Journey today. I want to engage more with my kids and I want to love spending time with them. I’m praying for eyes to see them and a heart to love them as they are and learn how to mother them individually.
    Thank you, (in)courage!

  196. We have a special needs child (our youngest), so at times, I feel I don’t pay enough attention to my older kids. And I believe our “instant gratification” world, along with all the online distractions have made it more of a challenge to truly parent our children. Spending, no I should say wasting, less time online is a goal I work on every day so I can be a better mother and wife. Thank you for your post!!!

  197. “If we want to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children that turn into emotionally and spiritually healthy adults, we have got to give our time to the work.”

    Amen! I forget this so often – when I am discouraged or had that parenting fail. Praise the Lord that Jesus came for mommys and daddys too 🙂

  198. ::Ouch! This is speaking to my very soul. Thankyou for the kick in the butt;) I think I need to recheck some of my priorities. I would love to read this book::

  199. “If we want to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children that turn into emotionally and spiritually healthy adults, we have got to give our time to the work.”

    I love the strength God gives us as moms to “give our time”. What a beautiful discipline to lay ourselves aside and give to our children.

  200. Would love to read this! I am a mom of ten and there are days I definitely need encouragement even though I’ve been doing the parenting gig for 20 years.

  201. I just became a mother on April 19th from a lovely babyboy named Sean. I love him, enjoy being a mother but I am also having difficult times. When he is crying and there is nothing to stop him from crying, I would think I am a worthless mom. Would love to win this!

  202. Would LOVE to win a copy of this book!! I have been wanting to read it since it came out.

  203. As a mama of a 20-mo-old, a 5-mo-old, and one newly on the way, I found myself spending most of today feeling exhausted and just trying to breathe. I’d love to read the book as the Kindle preview looks excellent!

  204. I would be delighted to win a copy of this book. I also feel desperate many days doing my best to be a wife and mother and I survive these days all by the grace of God!

  205. This was a message that I have been trying to live since my oldest was born almost 10 years ago. I will do my best to finish the race set before me as a mother. It is only through love and grace that my efforts will bear fruit.

  206. Yet again, Sally, you have got it spot on… Started with Educating the Whole hearted Child, loved your books and blogs since then. I am a HOme schooling mum of 7 children and often need “time to breathe”. Thank you and I can’t wait to read this new book

  207. I love this post so very much! I agree, and what a thought out thing being a mom is! It isn’t easy, but it’s got heavenly value for sure! I struggle daily and am thankful for grace.
    I’d love to win the book too 🙂

  208. As a mom of 5 month old twins and a 3 yr old I REALLY needed to read this post 🙂 Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone 🙂 I confess that I fall to Veggie Tales and Tinker Bell to entertain my 3 yr old. It’s not okay. I know that every day God gets me through. every. day. I am stretched, exhausted and clinging to my Savior. And I’m not alone. It’s a blessing to know that every night time feeding, dish that’s washed, laundry folded, hours coloring and painting with Ellie, hours on the floor with babies… are all work for the Kingdom. It makes it ALL worth it. I love when God convicts my heart. It reminds me that I’m worth it to Him and He will finish the work He started. Thank you again!

  209. I have had a string of seriously tough days with my little ones…I could definitely use this book!

  210. I am a proud mother to 4 wonderful kids! Spending time with them is such a wonderful blessing for God! I am fortunate and grateful that my work allows employees’ children to be at the office specially during summer time.

    I am always grateful to the Almighty for my children. They are the best blessings I received from Him. My children strengthens my relationship with my husband, with my family, with my friends and my colleagues.

  211. Yes and Amen! It is Kingdom work and I also have no road map. My husband and I feel the importance or raising disciples, and work on it everyday. And all those voices of self-doubt come in… It is a battle for our and their lives! Thanks so much for writing this book. I’d love one and would share with friends. 🙂

  212. Your edifying and challenging words inspire me onward and against passiveness as I go through much of the day to day of being a mom to small children. There is so much to learn. So much of God’s grace I am desperate for right now!

  213. Hi, i am a mom of three little ones. i would love to have this book, It seems that has a lot of personal thoughts and experiences so i can learn from. And it is writers personal walk with God in the calling of motherhood. I am form the country Macedonia, Europe, In our country we don`t have as mush christian literature. Especially on this topic. I am currently in the US and i will be here until May 27. I would love if i can have this book.

  214. This is an awesome post and has talked about the reality on the ground. We are usually too busy doing our own things we forget to get to know our children. The book would be awesome to have. Thanx again for the awesome post

  215. Man, I have often felt like I was floundering too-not having a mom around to give me a visual on how I was supposed to do this mothering thing! And so I have been guilty of swinging to extremes. Some days, in exhaustion, I tune my kids out and send them away so I can have a break from the neediness. Other times I get caught up in lists, and another week I may spend so much “intentional” time that I neglect the rest of my responsibilities!
    But this post is a great reminder to set our perspective on the teaching of our children-no matter how independent they become. Thank you.

  216. The title of your book describes my desperate daughter as a young Mom. Would love to give her your book.

  217. I feel the same way. My parents were good parents and so were my in laws, but they parented differently from how I want to parent and I often forget to lean on Jesus to help me do it. Another great post, Sarah Mae!

  218. Oh Wow! The title of this book is exactly how I feel on those days when I can’t seem to get the journey of parenting right. What a great post & great giveaway. I would love to win a copy! Thanks for the chance.

  219. I am a mother of a 17 and 19 year old boys. My husband and I were separated for two and a half years. We have been together for two years rebuilding a family life and time with them has been so hard. Your post has reminded me that no matter how hard it is worth the hard work. Thank you for sharing.

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  236. Well, that’s me. I only had my mom pray with me before bed if I was scared. If I had ba dreams I could yell her name, frightened, from bed for hours and she would seldom appear to pray with me again. I wet the bed, I’d change it and keep on sleeping. Etc. I’m really struggling here as a mom. I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what I’m doing. My next sted is quitting Facebook to allow me to breathe more, with my child besides me. Hope The Lord help me and give my child the mother he deserves, for he is the best humans being I know (besides his dad, with differences and all, LOL). Thank you for writing this way! God bless you and keep you! 🙂

  237. I only had my mom pray with me before bed if I was scared. If I had ba dreams I could yell her name, frightened, from bed for hours and she would seldom appear to pray with me again. I wet the bed, I’d change it and keep on sleeping. Etc. I’m really struggling here as a mom. I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what I’m doing. My next sted is quitting Facebook to allow me to breathe more, with my child besides me. Hope The Lord help me and give my child the mother he deserves, for he is the best humans being I know (besides his dad, with differences and all, LOL). Thank you for writing this way! God bless you and keep you! 🙂

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