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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Thanks Holley for sharing this. Loved the gift box illustration regarding how Sabbath looks different for everyone. We definitely need to intentionally plan a rest day & how it’ll look like for us.. Otherwise it won’t happen.

  2. Holley,
    I love the line, “Sabbath realigns us with love.” How true that we need a day of rest to just get back in step with God…to put away the noise of this world. I love your idea of a cyber Sabbath and want to incorporate that into my life. Yes, the world will not stop spinning without me! 🙂 Thanks for a great post.

  3. This is something close to my heart because I’ve been feeling more and more tethered to my phone and my computer. I love how you say rest looks different for each of us – there’s no one size fits all. Thanks for this timely reminder!

  4. I have been thinking about Sabbath lately, and the command that God gives us to rest. I love the picture of the box, a gift! What a fantastic way to see Sabbath rest! I so long for this Sabbath rest in the midst of the chaos of life. Can’t wait to open that box and see what God has inside for me! Thanks!

  5. I’ve done this before, but not lately. Because I’m also in grad school, I often have to do homework on Sundays and have to be online. I’d love not to be. After I finish this class this week, I’m planning on taking a sabbatical from my personal social media (have to continue to manage one for work) because it can overtake our lives, even spiritually.

    Same thing goes for any entertainment – movies, etc. If we get too caught up in the storylines of other people, we lose sight of our own lives.

  6. We did a Sabbath day yesterday. Got the hubby to go to church, and visit friends instead of working on Sunday to catch up. Left my phone at home and waited until the end of the day to check on emails. We run a small contracting company and it is hard to turn it off sometimes. Today we are both refreshed with a new perspective,

  7. Thanks so much for sharing:)! What a beautiful reminder! God is good. His commandments are truly for our own benefit…

  8. The internet feels like you said … It can’t live without me. Letting go is a beautiful idea as a gift from Him. Thank you for your words and your obedience.

  9. I found myself carrying my IPad around under my arm… And had the realization what I was doing.mwould I so eagerly carry my Bible just at arms reach? I will unplug! Thanks Holley for your words that challenge me to be more like Christ.

  10. You know I love this, its why I started the Sabbath Society at the beginning of this year and now I have over 100 people joining me to observe Sabbath and be continually encouraged. And yes, it does look different for everyone but we’re learning from each other and seeing how taking a day of rest transforms the other six. I’m also off social networking that day and like you, I’ve discovered the world goes on without me and I don’t really miss much. I had Mark Buchanan guest post on my blog last week about Sabbath, here is the link in case you missed it:

    Lots of love to you Holley, thanks for the encouragement!

  11. Thank you for this reminder Holley. I actually took about 5 weeks off of social media earlier this year. No Instagram. No Pinterest. No Facebook. And I hadn’t joined Twitter yet. It was a wonderful time, yet I missed the community that we find online. I did find that I was more at peace and I definitely spent more time with God during that time. After 5 weeks, I quickly became addicted again. After reading your post today, I’m going to recommit to taking at least one day off of social media each week. I know it will make a big difference!

  12. Yes. God has been showing me this in different ways, and this really brought the point home. My word this year is “Joy” – there’s something about the way you compared it to a beautiful box with a bow, wrapped in God’s love, that speaks right to my heart. Thank you, Holley.

  13. I love the Sabbath. Each Sabbath I don’t use my phone, unless an emergency, or get on computer much–except for games. I try to walk & listen to good Christian Music.

    I love love love the idea of Sabbath as a gift box wrapped up from God. Can’t wait to open it up and see what He has in store for me!

    Thanks Holley! 🙂

  14. Thanks Holley for your refreshing words. Often find myself thinking in sound bytes, or “post bytes”..when I do this I’m on…all the time ! Missing out on the joy of true resting or abiding. I too have taken a break from being engaged with constant check ins,postings etc.. and the world does keep turning and my relationship with God as it should more real and authentic. Restored. Bless you.

  15. I love this, Holley! God has been speaking to me about the Sabbath over the past year, convicting me to slow my pace, if only for one day. I love the idea of a Cyber Sabbath, and perhaps, if a more traditional Sabbath isn’t possible for me yet, I certainly think a break from the online world is eminently do-able.

  16. I know you are right and that I probably should somehow take a cyber sabbath at least every so often. I know I am on here far too much but so many things in my life are now controlled by it – I am on design teams where I need to check in and it is where I get all my information about my children’s activities and schedules. It is also a better way to reach me by telephone and many people have realized that and shoot me an email rather than try to get me by phone. I know I won’t die not being connected as I have had trips with no internet and have moved and other things like that. I should make a plan to do it every so often as I am sure you are correct about needing a break from it and I enjoyed your book so much that I value your advice.

  17. Holley~now that I’m home, I’ve found how important it is that I take a cyber rest. This past week I have been so caught up in getting back to writing that I’ve poured all of my energies into connecting here through this virtual life.
    I finally took a break last night~and rested. But I have found that my rest needs to be purposeful~even if it’s reading a book. I can’t waste the Sabbath but the rest should be restorative~being with God in His creation, loving time with my hubby, enjoying the moment.
    Thanks, Holley for this reminder.

  18. I agree wholeheartdly it is such a techie society,I never wanted a cell phone,nor computer,I like getting an old fashioned letter or card that you could read over and over,I rather read my bible while holding it in my hand than readit on the computer.life is better without all the distractions,we gave up tv,for that reason husband and I talk more laugh more and we have not pushed God out,people know we dont use our phone on Sunday.

  19. Holley, this spoke right into my heart. I started giving up Social Media on Sundays only 2 months ago – but holy moses! What an impact that has had on my ability to enjoy the gifts of my family and friends on Sundays, instead. My mind is clearer come Monday morning (which has me thinking about loads of other ways that Social Media could be wreaking havoc on me during the week.), and I feel more rested and ready to tackle the week. My observance hasn’t been perfect, but my heart’s desire to keep at it tells me that it is so necessary. Thank you for reminding us that what that looks like will be uniquely different person to person. And for sharing what this looks like for you!

  20. Holley, these are words my heart needed. Thank you so much for the reminder and nudge I know I need to establish a Sabbath for me and my God 🙂

  21. Such a great idea. Even though I am not a ‘cyber social media mama’, my adult daughters are. The social media today is sometimes too all-encompassing in their lives (as their mama sees it). They have to know what goes on with everyone (sometimes 200 people!), shooting photos of eating, the kids, on vacay almost instantly…how can anyone just enjoy their day!? Not to mention sitting in ‘rest’ mode playing the online games with friends ‘long distance’… Yes I am older and don’t get even the ‘why’ of it all…but sometimes people just need to live for the day, rest in it, seek God, pray, smell the flowers, take a walk, do anything, but sit on the phone…just sayin’

  22. My husband and I discussed this yesterday as we enter a new season in our lives, and we wonder what Sabbath rest will look like for us. I love this reminder that Sabbath looks different for each of us, and we need to look to God to show us how best to honor Him in our rest.

  23. I have been following with Shelley Miller in the Sabbath, but I’ll tell you the truth, I’m messy with it. But acknowledging the need for rest on all levels in my life is half the battle. Thank you for the encouragement!

  24. Thank so much for exploring rest and grace here with me today, friends! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wrestles with this. We’ll keep figuring it out together! XOXO

  25. Holly-

    I just unplugged yesterday (Sunday) and since I went to Church on sat. I really did have the whole day to rest, relax and focus on GOD. I began the day with devotions outside on my quiet patio – then breakfast with my husband. I love being able to honor GOD on HIS Sabbath! I also never even looked at my phone and this morning it was dead – oh well, it still was there!

    I think when you do this a few times, you realize that all of this social media stuff is still there the next day…. and you are the better for it. You are refreshed, recharged and ready for the week. Thanks for this reminder and this great post!

  26. I started observing a Sabbath again about a year ago. It’s been life-changing! I really do miss it when I let it go. I refuse to return work calls, blog, clean anything that can wait, or cook elaborate meals on Sunday. And I nap if the urge hits me :). Lovely!

  27. Love me some Cyber Sabbath. When we go camping I’m not online for the whole weekend and I love it. It took me years to get a smartphone because I didn’t want to become one of those people who spends more time looking at their phone than making eye contact with other human beings. Now I have a smartphone and wow, it is SO EASY to get addicted to it. So I have boundaries. No phones at the table. No phones while spending time with friends. No phones during church.

    For me it helps to remember that I didn’t grow up with all this cyber stuff. I didn’t grow up with a cell phone. Tablets were still science fiction. We had one – ONE – computer in our house and it was a behemoth of a thing on my dad’s office desk. Our internet made that squeaky screamy sound when it connected. And guess what? I SURVIVED. I do not need to be constantly plugged in. I can put down the phone and the laptop.

  28. This is so great, thank you for the reminder and challenge. I find that when I fast (anything) that God “resets” me and i’m more sensitive to Him…leading to even better things than what i can find online. Imagine that! 🙂

  29. I was so encouraged by your words. And also to be reminded that our bodies, mind, and spirit need REST. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there are other things more important than the computer, the iphone etc. When i think of how we grew up, all we had was a home phone,nothing else and we survived. So thank you for this reminder of getting unaddicted from slithering addictions without realizing it:).

  30. Holley, I work from home, so between work plus the daily tasks of checking email, updating quicken, etc., I easily spend nine plus hours daily tethered to the computer. By Sunday I am ready for a break!! So, yes, I look forward to my cyber Sabbath. I appreciate the part you wrote about the Sabvath looking different for all of us. My husband and I own a small ranch in Montana, so what is rest for me probably looks like “work” to a lot of people: spending the day outside attending to the ranch. Being outside all day helps me to reconnect with God and his glorious creation, whether it be hiking, gardening, or general maintenance. After a day outdoors I am refreshed and ready to face the week.

  31. My husband who is a pastor and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary at Hilton Head Island, SC. He brought his laptop and I brought my tablet – we weren’t going to check email, FB, etc. but needed it for Google searches and my Kindle app. Well, we were forced into an eight day Cyber Sabbath because we couldn’t get the internet password to work where we were staying. And I didn’t want to call up the owner of the condo for help. It ended up being a blessed problem and we didn’t miss a thing!! The world kept right on turning, even slowing down a little, which is just what we needed.

  32. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have been keeping the biblical Sabbath for 10 years now and it has been a huge blessing for me.

    I still struggle a bit with completely cutting off the computer time during Sabbath but I have taken up heart reading your post. After all this time, I totally understand why God placed the Sabbath commandment right at the heart of His eternal law. It is of vital importance for our life and our relationship with our Creator, and I believe He knew we would have a hard time doing it unless he commanded it and gave us all the coordinates. I guess that’s why He didn’t make it optional, or left it to us to integrate it into our schedule when we have the time for it.

    I love Jesus’ tender affirmation that the Sabbath was created for man. Oh, yes! How wonderful is that, a day created especially for me! What a wonderful gift!

  33. Well, let me say my piece. Smile. Sabbath is always the most beautiful
    day of the week. Check it out for yourself. God , God !!! certainly knows what He’s doing. What a God we serve. I really love Sabbath days. I can say much more but will do so later.