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  1. The beautiful order of your words was absolutely Truth that my heart needed To Be Told this morning. The honesty of them matches the clear authenticity of your calling. Thanks!!!

  2. Love this! Funny how easy it is for us to assume we don’t have anything to offer. A simple love–a hobby–a gift can be the tool through which God can impact others’ lives through us. Such an encouraging word to remind us of what can happen when we say Yes to the invitation to share our hearts. Thanks for your obedience and the legacy you’re leaving. 🙂

    • Thank you, Crystal! Totally agree! How we see ourselves is only accurate when we know the Truth of our God-worth….when all I can see about myself is a hot mess! 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I’m filled with the creative power of the LORD as well in words and pictures, pins to be exact. I’ve always written and drawn. It’s like a thing I cannot stop myself from doing as I see … and love to put into words and pictures what I see. It’s my passion.

  4. Elizabeth, your thoughts of Truth Be Known brought stinging tears to my eyes;
    Truth Be Known, no matter where are, there is always someone who, if we let them, steel away the gifts God instilled.
    That can be a friend, a foe, but never a woman after God’s own heart! I have let others steel away my joy I just didnt realize that was their way for whatever reason. Over these posts, I realized my art
    is writing. I wrote & self published a fictional novel, which held many truths,
    which that was the only way I could tell how feeling less than, but knowing God
    He designed my thoughts, I needed to understand why there are those like that man in the store you who deliberately stole your joy, I never wanted to believe people were like that, but a sweet cashier,
    or an angel God will send at the most important moment, with his word! Art is drawn every dawn, I walk now with a new confidence, when I come across a difficult
    person, i sense God saying; “I’ll take cover now.” I walk away knowing in my heart I’ll continue to write my art script every day. Truth be known, that’s our way of opening windows to invite Him in, what a joy that has been, has Alwsys been isn’t that the sweetest thing! Women who love the Lord, who depend on Him, our lives become the backdrop even when not all is
    shiny or bright. Thank you all for sharing your hearts that made it possible for me to share mine. I ran to Jesus to Sunday School when little, I’m still running to Him,
    when joy over flows, when I’m deeply hurt, he reshapes our paint brush the art we long to share with life and we are never
    the same again!!

  5. So blessed by your post! Isn’t it amazing that God is patient with us and never gives up on us even when we feel unqualified. I have too allowed fear to control my life, afraid people won’t understand what I post because I am not a writer. Finally allowed Jesus to walk in front of me and lead my life. Launched my blog yesterday feels scary but so beautiful!

    • Nelli,

      Congratulations on launching your blog! If God leads you to it–He will see you through it and make it prosper.

      I have a suspicion that you will bless many many women with that blog! 🙂

      You Go Girl! 🙂

  6. Elizabeth, I know you and have been to your TruthBeToldArt parties, and they are nothing short of a “God thing”!! Scripture, art, your sweet testimony, groups of women….a fabulous combo for God to touch hearts. And to think that, after you (an attendee) have painted, you have GOD”S WORD—TRUTH, hanging on your wall, and YOU did it! What an awesome quiet witness to ANYONE who comes in your home, and to you and your family, on a daily basis. I’m so thankful that you had the courage to respond to God’s call on your life, and not be like Jonah, who ran away!
    God is POWERFUL in the life of ANY ONE who obeys His call and walks in the gifting from HIM!!!
    I’m extra thankful for you and your heart to be mighty for Him in YOUR generation!!

  7. It is truly amazing what God can do with a little willing person and the talent He gives us daily. If we would just believe and pray about everything then God can use us in surprising ways! 🙂

    Proud of you for starting your own business. That has been a dream of mine for a long, long time. Perhaps someday, but for now I will do what God has asked of me and do it joyfully & with Thanksgiving! :))