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I am the wife of a Navy Chaplain, a mother to three energetic children and one very lazy bassett hound. We currently find ourselves at home in Jacksonville, Florida.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I know.
    I need that snow to come, to fall on me, to cover me, to melt from me like a stream washing me clean.
    I need the peace and rest of sins forgiven, all forgiven.
    I need Him.

  2. That one thing…yes it’s been my forty years in the wilderness, the thorn in my side. And yet, I do know that when He sees me I am as white as snow and filled with the righteousness of Christ. Lovely reminder, Thank You!

  3. Tears in my eyes!
    I wanna hug you…long and tenderly.
    Since last year I feel this feelings of heavy guilt and I can’t get it away. Even if I know that God forgave me. I read so much articles, prayed long and deeply and nothing gave me the feeling of forgiveness and a clear Me! But it needed your lines to remember in God’s promise.
    I’m so thankful for your words, your experiences you once made.
    And (I’m living in the ice-cold Germany) I hope that it would snow now for I know more deeply that this promise will touch my heart a little bit more.
    Thank you! You may never know how I enjoyed reading this…and now living a forgiven life!

  4. Rosie, thank you for your heartfelt words you shared. You are not alone! It took me a long time to see and acknowledge how God was nudging me toward accepting His complete forgiveness. I continue to be amazed by His love for each of us, and how He reaches each of us in unique ways. I am celebrating with you today as you live free from guilt and shame. And how fun that you live in Germany!!!!

  5. This is so beautifully written, Lori. Thank you for this blessed reminder of God’s great forgiveness, and our difficulty in accepting self-forgiveness. We can be made beautiful again, and leave our darkness behind.

  6. Lori,

    Loved the analogy of snow covering everything and making it white and new=like Jesus washing us and making us white and new-forgiving us of all sins!

    Praise God for his continual forgiveness of our sins!!!

    God Bless! 🙂

  7. I needed to read this today. Why cant I move past THAT ONE THING. Lord I wanna be over THIS ONE THING. Please pray I can eventually lay at his feet THAT ONE THING.