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I'm the blessed wife of Jesse and mommy to three precious little children. I'm first and foremost a child of God. I’m passionate about glorifying Him and making the most of my days on this earth.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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    • It is my dream to start a photography class for children with Autism, high risk, terminally ill, children from divorce, military, etc. I am a single mom of three boys, with the younger two on the Autism Spectrum. I do not have much of a support system so you can imagine, I live in survival mode. The road is paved for the class to begin. If only I had time to do it. Your book sounds like it is perfect! I would love to win the book!

    • I would spend more time with my family and truly enjoy being with them instead of thinking about everything I should be doing.

    • definitely spend more time with my kids instead of doing all the other “should be doings” …’re right we all “feel” like we should be able to do it all ourselves without any hired help…hate that guilty feeling when we can’t do it all.

    • one thing I would love to do more would be to spend more time with the girls to whom I’m a leader at church and our youth ministry. I would like to be able to help plan the bible studies we use with these girls and find creative ways for them to be able to express themselves better.

  1. Create. I used to draw, paint and sculpt. I have not done any of those in a very, very long time. That is what I would do!

  2. With five kids now I would return to taking those early mornings to journal, pray, exercise and just rest in the Lord’s still quiet.

  3. I would exercise, take more time to plan meals, be more relaxed with my children, have more time with friends, and more dates with my husband. I’m really wanting to slow down.

  4. I am just going to be honest, sleep! With two kids, a full workload, time at church, the home, and my husband, if I didn’t feel overwhelmed I would sleep better and longer.

  5. I would BE more. Just be alive, aware, in tune with life. I would enjoy the moment more and not focus on the next one.

  6. I’d pursue my dreams: write a book, start a radio show, finish my restaurant blog, and spend a week on the beach…every month!

  7. I would spend more time playing with my children and being present with my husband. I would also like to read more and pick back up on scrapbooking.

  8. If I were not so overwhelmed with school there are two things I would really love to do. One is that I would love to intensively work on overcoming my OCD and social anxiety/autism. I would also like to be able to spend time intentionally investing in some other people.

  9. With 7 children (ages 10-2 months) I feel like I have been living in survival mode for a long time. I think I would learn to just sit down! To be with my husband and children, and not always doing.

  10. I would start at the top and clean out my house. I just put in for retirement due to health and am so far behind.

  11. There are many things I would do if I felt less stressed and overwelmed. I would crochet more! And maybe right a devotional book.

  12. I would get my personal training certification. I’ve taken the class – now I’d like to find time to buckle down, study, and work on achieving my goal 🙂

  13. I’d either scrapbook (my third daughter keeps asking why she doesn’t have a baby book) or learn to play the guitar my husband bought me years ago. (I always envisioned my family sitting around the camp fire singing songs while we camped out or around the Christmas tree singing yule tide favorites.) I was just crying to my husband this morning about feeling like a failure about not being able to do what I feel I should be doing. I don’t live in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed, but this morning I was there in a downspiraling way.

  14. I would connect with God through arts and crafts. I sooooooooo miss things like scrapbooking or beading or cross-stitching or painting or photography. You get the point. 😉

  15. I would be present more. Being a single mom and working full time, there is never enough time to really enjoy all the little things God has to offer each and every one of us.

  16. If I could feel less overwhelmed by everything I think needs to be done all of the time, I would learn yoga! I could also crochet and knit and maybe finish the projects I have thought about doing… 🙂

  17. I would try to learn how to cook. I’m so uncomfortable in the kitchen & lose so much time when I constantly flop another meal 🙁

  18. I would love to go back to school and get my degree. Homeschooling my two children makes it difficult during this season in my life.

  19. I would plant a flower garden, take my little boy to the park to tromp, and figure out how to make my blog more of a success.

  20. I would exercise more. I need to set a better example for my girls and to have more energy for the time I have with them.

  21. I could finally get my vision board finished and start on my dream canvas. I’ve been wanting, dreaming, writing, of doing this since last summer and I am so afraid another year will go by without me putting my dreams down. If I had them in writing or pictures, I believe I would be taken more seriously that I, too, have my own set of dreams and goals. Turning 60 has made me feel I will never reach either of those.

  22. I would learn to play a musical instrument. I’ve always wanted to play viola. I’m considering brushing off my recorder and joining our church’s recorder ensemble. Wish I could find the time and be brave enough to try. 🙂

  23. Thank you for sharing! I am a newly married blended family of 6! We have 2 children each from ages 6 to almost 12! It’s crazy and stressful sometimes but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love our family. I’ve always wanted a big family and God took care of that.
    If I had a little less of feeling overwhelmed with the house and work … I would devote more time to the youth ministry at my church. Specifically the girls. I work with 7th, 8th, & 9th grade and it is amazing. It’s also hard to watch these girls trying to find their identities In everything but Christ. I know this is where my heart is and where I’m supposed to be because I’ve been there. Looking to fill an empty space with everything but Jesus. It’s amazing the peace that you have after you realize He is the only one who should be responsible for telling youwhat you are worth. I hope everyone has an awesome day!
    blessed beyond measure

  24. One thing I’d love to do if I was less overwhelmed is have people over for dinner more. It’s a huge stressor for me, but I know it helps facilitate friendships.
    Sarah M

  25. I am blessed to have the time to do many things that I love! My husband suggested that I not return to work after a major move across county. I was shocked and fearful the first forward to three years later. I now have time for my home, husband, ministry, reading, writing, resting and exercise! We live a simple life and I love it!! He loves it too! Thankful and blessed!!

  26. I would draw & paint… with a full time job, plus 3 active kids, husband, church, sports, laundry, food, house, (repeat)… it would be lovely to have the time to be “me”, not just employee, mom, wife, servant, maid, cook. ~lm

  27. If I felt less overwhelmed, I would be present to the present moment. I would be a better listener, and take the time to see the the Lord in others. When I am in warp speed, the blessings of the now often whiz by me without me noticing. I am sure that the Lord wants more for us than that! I am grateful for all the ways He reaches into my life and slows me down enough to realize He’s there guiding me.

  28. I would go after friendships more! As the mother of a special needs child with a full time job, stress is just part of the package. If I could set some time aside to really nurture friendships, that would be awesome!

  29. Take my kids on more “adventures” to explore the world (not like traveling far away–more like trips to free local parks, museums and places like that). I am going to start homeschooling my 5 year old in the Fall and I really want a hands-on homeschooling experience for her and my younger children.

  30. As a single parent who works full time while raising two teenagers and getting a graduate degree, spare time is a luxury. If I wasn’t so overwhelmed, I would go on a date. Or write a novel. Or do both just not simultaneously.

  31. Bake with my daughter. She really wants to but I am to overwhelmed to want to dirty the kitchen for a non-essential. But on the inside I would feel pleased with who God made me to be and not always making a list of the ways I am failing.

  32. There are so many things I’d do I don’t even know where to begin! I would love to spend more time reading and meditating and getting to know my Lord even better. I would spend more time with my aging parents. I would get organized in my house, cleaning out drawers and closets!! I would make a photo book, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but just never seem to find time to do it!

  33. I would be 100% with my kids when I play with them instead of 50% with them, 25% on what’s going on the rest of the day, 10% on my grocery list, 10% on … get the picture! 🙂 I would also love to take what I’ve learned (I’ve gone through a similar journey as you) and use it for ministry with other moms.

  34. Just one, huh? Number one would be to make my home a haven by getting it completely decluttered and organized. So many other things could follow if I started with that.

  35. I would play more with my kids, I am around them so much but I feel like I always have a list to finish first… I would play!

  36. I would love to learn to crochet and I want to relax more and read aloud to my kids without feeling stressed

  37. Since I am divorced with adult children, I would develop my watercolor painting skills beyond their current level. Also, be able to drive to spend the day with my 3 grandchildren to just play and love on them.

  38. If I were less overwhelmed, I would probably end up doing less, not more, because my focus would be in the right places. The more I flounder with the overs-of-whelming, I try to take on more. When I’m not overwhelmed, I have enough focus to take on a few things and do them well (filtering out the rest as good but not what God wants me to do), and still feel rested when I’m done. Do I always do it this way? Sadly, no! I’d love to read this book!

  39. I would love to organzie my craft area. Stack my yarn in one place and my books in another neat area. I’m dreaming. But I can wish!!!

  40. I would get back into writing. I have not done it for years. It always refreshed me to get down on paper, the stories, the people whose storirs need to be told. Not only would I write, but I would take care of me more. I would get myself back on the list!

  41. Honestly I’d spend more time creating lasting good memories, being active with my hubby and kids. More family time! Something I didn’t have growing up!

  42. Crystal, I am a mother of four… who had them all by the time I was 26 years old! I spent most of my adult life EXHAUSTED, keeping up with those wonderful active amazing kids and keeping house in the face of many moves (and crises). I didn’t have help for financial reasons, but oh would I have welcomed it with open arms!!! God graciously gave me all of the strength I needed, though, and we all survived 😉 My four are now adults, with spouses and children of their own. When they all had moved out to begin their new lives, I finally had time and energy to dive into my creativity and start a business as a retail visual stylist. Expressing my creativity in that way was a wonderful experience, and SO good for my soul.

    Now, years later, my youngest daughter is a wife and mother, and is facing all that that entails. She’s just become a full-time stay-at-home mom, and is loving every moment of being home instead of working outside the home. Of course, life throws things at us that we don’t expect, and she is facing overwhelm in several areas. If I were to win a copy of your book, I’d gift it to her. She’s the age now that I was when facing days filled with endless diapers and messes and noise and the yearning desire for a nap (for mommy, not the kids!) and I’d love to give her something tangible that would help her navigate this season of her life with grace and joy, while ministering to her about God’s great love for her. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Blessings….

  43. I would spend more time reading and doing things for myself. I homeschool my daughter and I am my husbands caregiver so I feel overwhelmed a lot and I miss doing things I enjoy.

  44. Just one thing? That is hard… I would sleep more, pray more intensely, journal/write, learn more about my technological devices, organize my home, and play more with my three children in a carefree manner. Sounds like I could use the advice in this book. 🙂

  45. I would create!!! I have this side of me that loves to make hand made items to give as gifts and it has been stagnant for too long.

  46. I would simply be. Be me. The one I was intended to be without feeling overwhelmed with all to do and anxiety ridden with the unknown.

  47. I would be able to serve God more. Specifically, I would have the time and energy to volunteer in my church’s Sunday school program using my God given talents as a teacher. Serving God more would spill over into being a better Mom and Wife as well.

  48. Reading this has come at the perfect time for me. I have been feeling like God is calling me to do more, do different. I would love to write more or find more time for ministry to other women. Just need some direction…

  49. I would read more! I love to read but sitting down purposefully without thinking of everything else that goes on.

  50. I would love to be able to spend more time reading, and doing things I love. Scrapbooking, shopping, fun, non-necessary things. 🙂

  51. I would get organized! I feel like everything is in constant disarray because I don’t have the time to just sit down and organize. With two kids, my cake business and basically just everyday life… I’m feeling a little dizzy these days 🙂

  52. I would love to play more, pray more, write more, sing more, teach better, encourage, host, minister… 🙂 (live more???) SMILE AND LAUGH MORE. Yeah, all that. 🙂

  53. I would more intentional with my time. read my bible, listen to God and be more present for my husband and children. I would more in my journal.

  54. Spend more time playing my guitar. I’m taking lessons, but know I could progress more quickly if I could practice on a more regular basis.

  55. I would be more engaged with my husband & children; take more walks together, play more games together, get away w/just my husband more often, and get involved in more church functions and community service together as a family.

  56. I would build a ministry that blesses people who are going through cancer treatments. Incorporating meals, encouragement, financial assistance for utilities and daily needs. I know these needs by heart because I have been there myself with children hospitalized and the stress it brings to families.

  57. If i were less overwhelmed I would take in and adopt more foster children.We have 4 biological children,adopted twin boys,and now have a 2 yr old and baby foster daughters.I love being a Mommy and Grammy to 1,but overwhelmed-Yes lol…..

  58. First I want to take a naps more often! Then I want to do more drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, relearn how to knit — there are so many ways I love to create and I want to spend more time doing that. It always brings me closer to God when I’m making things — especially when I can work outdoors.

  59. I would go into full-time ministry by helping those in the church with planning their wedding. I’m doing it now but I’m limited on what I can do and how many I can help/serve b/c I also work full-time. I need to learn how to balance out my time with God, husband, children, ministry and work 🙁

  60. As a mom of 3 (under 9) and full-time in Children’s ministry, I’m overwhelmed A LOT!
    I would spend more time volunteering in my children’s classrooms & exercise more.

  61. I’d love to spend more time with my family and working on my photography. And spending a little time catching up with some dear friends would be wonderful too! There are some ladies I really miss!

  62. I would be more present on my children’s lifes & be able to prepare healthy foods & concentrate on my weight loss goals.

  63. I would volunteer to help stop human trafficking, a ministry I’ve wanted to do for more than 3 years but just can’t with 2 toddlers at home and about to start homeschooling preschool. I mourn that loss of an outlet for my passion quite often.

  64. I would love to be able to take the time to take my kids to the park. Lately time is never on my side and with 5 kids there is always something that is more pressing to do. I always tell myself I am going to do it and then the laundry piles up or some other chore needs to be conquered. Argh!

  65. I would get back to the gym because it makes me feel better in every way, I would volunteer @ a wonderful organization that provides mentally or physically challenged people w/assistive technology, toys & books, & I wld finish the children’s book that God has put on my heart to write.

  66. I would read my Bible and be uplifted by God’s Word which would, in turn, help me with all the other “stuff” of which I’m responsible. I would play more with my kids! Not always be on task, but just sit down and play. Let the dishes and laundry soak-I must take time to be with my children while they are still children.

  67. Would love to give encourageto a single mom raising two boys and holding down a doing of herself….

  68. I’m definitely in this stage right now. I have two little ones and another on the way. I would learn photography and help out in my church more.

  69. I would spend more time enjoying my kids than stressing over day to day tasks like laundry and dishes.

  70. Stop trying to be Pinterest Mom & just enjoy my 3month old & two year old, relax instead of stress, actually believe less is more

  71. Wow, this couldn’t come at a better time. I have actually been thinking along these same lines, trying to figure out what I could cut out to be more efficient in my daily life. So far, I’m stepping back in some areas at church, and I’m going to be talking to some people in our homeschool group. And we even cut back a little in our school work.

    What should I do with extra time? Read, exercise, sew, be creative, pray and read more scripture.

  72. I would take some me time and not think about anything else. That is just one item, my list is long.:) My mind is always on the next thing to do. I don’t want my daughter to think she needs to be “Super Woman”, which we know does not exist.

  73. Ooohhhhh . . . there are SO MANY things, but I guess when I think about it, they all come down to the fact that I would SERVE more . . . my family, my church, my community and beyond! 🙂

  74. Time? More time?
    I’d paint.
    Get some friends
    Go to church
    I have 3 kids, 14,11 &5. While I have some free time during school hours, it never seems to be enough. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, shoot just picking stuff up off the floor can take an hour. I’ve yet to tackle the chore of actually filing for divorce…. such is life. It stops for no one.

  75. I would spend more time with my children, find some ‘me’ time, and spend more time getting my business off the ground!

  76. I am the mother of a three year old. My husband and I are sheltering my niece and 2 nephews. We run and both work full time at the air conditioning company God has blessed us with. I wear so many hats from school teacher, mom, owner, wife, chef cook and bottle washer plus whatever the Lord calls me to do. I would spend more time building my relationship with Lord so I could show his Love to those around me better and I would spend more time loving on the kids and my husband.

  77. I would listen more. I teach a class of women (50+ years) at my church. It seems they have so much to say and no one to listen. They don’t want so much to be fixed. They simply want to be heard and know they are still loved. And. they. are.

  78. I would be more creative with my children. Sew,etc. My husband keeps ecouraging me to write a book. I just don’t feel like I have time 🙂

  79. My goodness if I didn’t feel so overwhelmed… I would write more, play more, learn new skills… so much I want to do! Right now I am focusing on being present. I can only do so much! Thanks.

  80. Thank you for this opportunity!! If I was less overwhelmed with a little more time, I would write more. I really want to start a blog but just don’t have the time. I would also crochet more 🙂

  81. I would absolutely READ more! I am a book addict with wall-to-wall bookshelves, but no time to dig into them! I would also love more quality time with my kids. As a single Mom, we are often doing what “needs” to be done…not what we “want” to do. I also would get my ministry off the ground!!! Sooo much we could do with less stress!

  82. I’d be a better friend. . .Remember to mail birthday cards, have long chats, and really be invested.

  83. Ahhhh, what would I do… Craft with and for my 3 babie more, read for me more, and try harder to have friend time. I miss my friends. Motherhood is a very rewarding role, but I find it to be quite lonely…

  84. Thank you for writing a book that so many of us need! I could list a dozen (at least!) things that I would do if I had more time. In this particular season, I am making it a priority to spend more quality time with The LORD, abiding in HIM.

  85. I would document our family history through scrapbooking…and be available to meet with my friends who are widowed and lonely.

  86. I don’t know. I’m sitting here laughing and then trying not to cry as I try to imagine living without feeling like I’m drowning. And now I’ve wasted twenty minutes trying to figure it out and I’m even more overwhelmed.

  87. I would love to get organized & declutter my house. I feel like I am just barely staying a float. I used to be so together… I feel like such a failure some days.

  88. I would definitely read more…. I am in a book club and this would be a good book to share. I would love to read this book.. I want to start a blog. Then I would give it to my daughter. She is a wife and mother of two very active boys and a new born daughter. Her family is staying with us right now while her husband goes through job training. I see how, every day, she works hard to keep their family moving along in all they do. Loads and loads of laundry, school lunches, meals, kids homework, birthday parties to plan, doctors visits, Moms groups, time with husband, and did I say laundry?….etc. Thank you…

  89. If I wasn’t so burned out and overwhelmed I might read a book, actually work on our family scrapbooks, get to play games with my kids with no guilt.

  90. breathe. I would be able to breathe. and maybe smile. I would love to stop running from the giant burden of laundry piled up in my bathrooms. To sit quietly and not see my life piled up around me waiting to be filed, organized and finished. I would love to be able to finally, actually begin living my life.

  91. Craft more … I do but that is one of the first things that falls off my plate when I am tired at the end of the day and just don’t want to do anything.

  92. I would dream more… and create more… I am learning to carve out small snipets of time to try new things… I’m learning to crochet… something I’ve always wanted to do, but no one would teach me because I was ‘left-handed’… and sitting across from someone who is right-handed just doesn’t work. I believed too many of the ‘you can’t’ statements over my life that, up until a year ago, I didn’t want to try anything unless success was guaranteed. Thankful for the truth of God’s word that is replacing the lies I have believed for so long!

  93. I would spend more time with my 2 boys, enjoying them more, teaching them more, and simply being there, more often

  94. If I felt less overwhelmed I would lie in bed longer with kids at bedtime and listen to all their thoughts and dreams and by doing so would be telling them with all that I am that they are the most important part of my day.

  95. I would learn a new instrument and develop more of the music ministry I am already involved in.

  96. I would definately PLAY more; I would be happy in the little moments that are so often overseen in the busyness of everyday life.

  97. I’m a stay at home worker mama of 3 littles under the age of 3, and no, they’re not multiples! I LIVE overwhelmed and in “survival mode”…and wonder how this state will ever change? I would LOVE to have more outside help with the kiddos/house work so that I would be free to have a special ministry of some sort, time with my hubby and time for me! Hopefully some day soon… Baby steps!

  98. I would also come beside a young mother who needs to learn this same lesson and encourage them in the journey. 🙂

  99. I would learn more…take classes/read/whatever I could learn from. This is something I value so much that I just don’t have enough time for now with children and all my other responsibilities.

  100. I crave for more time to spend in studying the Word, spending time with God and praying. I also would like to get back in the habit of fellowship and attending church services.

  101. I would spend more time interacting with my 3 teenage children, exercise more, & learn to enjoy every moment.

  102. I always feel so guilty when I do anything that interests me, like I should be doing something “important” around my home. I would love to let go some, to learn how to enjoy my life more.

  103. I would scrapbook – the one thing that I truly enjoy doing the most but just takes too much time and cannot be done with 10 minutes of free time here and there!!

  104. My one thing would be to spend more time in the kitchen loving my family with made from scratch, good for you food. I have a real passion for nutrition and not lots of extra time to spend on it. We eat healthy but I’d like to really prepare all of our food and increase my own knowledge and abilities.

  105. I would take better care of me. As it currently stands I get up, maybe eat but for sure feed the kids, make sure we have everything for school, do school, feel bad that dishes/laundry/etc aren’t done because school takes so long… I try and make sure I’m at least in jeans and a t-shirt for the day but sometimes that doesn’t happen and I know it would help me feel better about myself to do it but I just don’t feel like I have time.

  106. Pray more, encourage others more, plugged into life more – dream more, breath more….. When I don’t try to be all it allows me to really REST is who God is & who I am in Him! Resting, praising, breathing removed my fear of failing, disappointing & the utter feeling of being overwhelmed – so thankful to be learning this & looking forward to the next 40 years of really holding fast to my Savior & really resting in God alone! I finally can breath & it is a wonderful wonderful thing! #1000gifts

  107. I would spend more time truely listening to my kids when they are talking to me…instead of thinking about all of the things I still need to do.

  108. I would do those things I’ve been saving for “tomorrow”…journaling, writing letters, sorting photos, making scrapbooks of my kids’ ‘stuff’, and on and on….

  109. Oh how these words speak to my heart! I dream of enjoying life again instead of just surviving it. I would be more intentional with my husband and children.

  110. I would take a little bit better care of myself and work out daily and I woud reach out and connect more with the people I love.

  111. I would spend more time doing things with my daughters and go to the Beth Moore Bible study at church. My oldest wants to go, but with school work I don’t have the time…and stay exhausted mentally and physically. I didn’t plan on parenting alone. Praying for God to change me.

  112. Oh so many things come to mind! Mostly I would just love to have the time and “mental energy” to plan and do fun outings and activities with my daughters and husband!

  113. Just BE more!!! Be in the moment… Capture more moments (photography)… But most importantly, BE IN THE MOMENT, with my kids and husband… And also spend time in the presence of the Lord… *sigh*…

  114. Honestly, my family and I would both enjoy our family time more because I’d be less stressed and cranky. Also, I would have people over more to deepen relationships with people from church – our church desperately needs more community and relationship.

  115. I would love to step out of survival mode long enough to figure out what I’d do if I wasn’t so overwhelmed! I think I’d just cherish hanging out with my kids more..

  116. With less stress/overwhelming I would begin playing piano again with the goal of playing for my husband when he sings for church. It is a lifelong dream. 🙂

  117. I yearn to have time to quietly listen to God. Be it through devotions, more church activities or being still.

  118. I would pray more and exercise. I would listen to my body and honor it. I would create healthier meals. I would laugh more.

  119. I would just breathe! Someday’s I feel like I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even do that correctly!!

  120. I would make more cards n send out more cards . Sending or giving a card has truly helped or encouraged those who received a card. It is a gift God gave me.

  121. There are so many things I would do if I were not as stressed! But, to start, I would spend more time with my dog fur-babies – playing, going out to the parks, visiting people who are sick or need some comfort… In the midst of life, I’ve lost sight of my dream to have therapy dogs who can volunteer and work with me.

  122. Honestly, I live in a survival mode so often that even considering doing more overwhelms me….even if I somehow did have more free time. Not good! ;/ So, for me, just not living in that constant survival mode and having more JOY in life sound SO good! I feel like it’s a battle every single day to make Jesus my everything and let His goodness be my joy.

  123. Time. With more precious time my husband and I would love to adopt a child. Right now we simply don’t feel we have the time to adequately devote to a child.

  124. Hiking. I would go hiking. I love to get out in nature, even in the dead of winter, enjoy God’s wonderful creation and spend time talking and listening to Him. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone hiking.

  125. I would write more. I used to write professionally before I became a full time mom, and I miss putting my thoughts on paper. Sometimes I feel like it would be selfish to take the time away from my son.

  126. I would love to just be able to think more clearly. It’s all just a blur of stress and chaos and living with the feeling that I’m missing out on the important things in life. With a husband, three kids (5,3,1) and a full-time job I miss slowing down and recognizing and reflecting what’s meaningful not only in the moment but down the road.

  127. I would love to have the time to volunteer with the elderly. They are such a wealth of information and wisdom. It is very fulfilling to spend time talking with an elderly person, and they love to have conversation.

  128. I could cherish and enjoy my children and husband more! We could have fun, do play dates, go to the zoo or museum, etc.

  129. I used to love to explore my thoughts and feelings by writing creatively at times. As I come to the end of nearly 7 years in graduate school and contemplate the next season of family, Lord willing, I wonder how I will find time to add this back into my schedule…we’ll see how God provides.

  130. Help with our church’s Kids Small Group program! I loved being involved but it is the only time I am away from my homeschooled children and I treasure that break.

  131. I would most definitely write, create, and connect more. (Just imagining having the time and energy for those things is dreamy!)

  132. I follow your blog and see how far you have come! Kudos! If I would win a copy–I would make time to read it! I have been really trying to keep moving forward with “stuff” that has taken two years to subside in our lives. I need to put the my health first…I take care of so many…I am a little behind in this.

  133. If I won a copy of this book I would gift it to my daughter who has a special needs child…she is often overwhelmed with the daily tasks she has to accomplish…working full time and taking care of the children and being a good wife.

  134. I would make more time for one on one quiet time with The Lord. To allow my brain to stop and “just be”.

  135. I would get back into jewelry making. I miss it and find myself eyeing colors or shapes and thinking “that would make a great palette for a necklace”. But I just don’t have the longer stretches of time I once had to pull out the wire and beads and just create.

  136. I would finish a bible study! It seems like I can never get them done when the group is done and then how do I catch up and continue with the group in the next study? :/

  137. Just live more. Just had our fifth baby 2 weeks ago and our fourth child passed away last November and we have been in survival mode for so long I don’t even remember what anything else feels like.

  138. I would get more exercise
    or I would photograph more
    or I would figure out how or hire someone to get my house clean enough so that all it would need after that is a simple quick weekly cleaning.

  139. If I had more time I would love to start a group for older, lonely men in my village. I work in my local pub and we have many widowers who come for lunch, sitting by themselves. I try to reach out to them, but, as I’m working, it’s difficult to find the time to have a chat with them – which is palpably what they’d like and what they need. I pray that God’s plans for me include a way of achieving this.

  140. Would love this for my daughter in law. She is very much overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. I know she would love to learn to sew and craft.

  141. It would feel good to have my muscles less tense and to enjoy being in the moment with my family.

  142. More time playing with and teaching my children and more time with God.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. I would take more time for “family time” and maybe be able to finish a children’s book I started a couple of years ago 🙂

  144. I would build furniture with my husband. We’ve always dreamed of having a small side business of our furniture creations.

  145. finish the quilt I’ve been working on for 4 years, clean out my closet, paint my (married) daughter’s bedroom, clean out the pantry, make a “Family recipe” cookbook, oh so many things…..

  146. I would love to spend more free time with my kids – not schoolwork or housework or anything else, just fun time to spend with them.

  147. I would do more arts and crafts and cooking projects with my 2 1/2year old. Also be able to have a little me time :).

  148. I would spend more time with my family, become more involved with my church and just enjoy life a little bit along the way…

  149. I would give this book to a friend with two little ones who is really struggling to find balance and is going crazy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. I would be more patient with my kids and just enjoy being with them, instead of always rushing around.

  151. I would take my children and go volunteer at different places, ie: Salvation Army (serve the homeless) and teach them how to serve others. I can’t ever seem to catch up with my own life to even be able to think about what is beyond these walls at our unorganized home. Thanks!

  152. I’d date my husband. Reconnect with him and pour the time into our relationship. Not focus on the tasks that we are to manage, but on enjoying one another’s company.

  153. I would do a course on dyslexia so I could help my daughter who had just been diagnosed and help out at her school with other kids struggling with dyslexia

  154. I would actually use all of my scrapbooking supplies instead of planning to use them someday.

  155. I actually really want to start a book club at church. This book could help me find the time/way to do it and be a great choice to share with the group.

  156. I just turned 56, I would attempt to ride my bike more. even saying that sounds selfish. But I gotta start somewhere.

  157. I would be more deliberate-to pray, to breathe, to praise, to shower daily:)…to be present and enjoy His presence.

  158. I think I would want to study more. Something other than 1st grade phonics! Then again, a nap would be fabulous right about now!!

  159. I”ve been wanting to volunteer for an organization close to my heart. I’ve tried in the past two years but haven’t been able to commit the way I had hoped with everything else on my plate as a mom of two young boys. So, if I could, I’d offer up more help to this beautiful local organization.

  160. I would love to work out more (and on a consistent basis) as well as read for fun more often. 🙂

  161. Oh my goodness! I would love to write more and also spend more time developing our worship ministry at church. I am the worship leader and also mentor to the youth praise team. However, I am wife and mother as well as work full time job. 🙂 Craziness…..

  162. I would like to find a nice balance of family, church, hobbies, and work. Right now I don’t feel I can give all the attention each area needs to be fulfilled. I love cleaning and it feels therapeutic but none of my house projects get done for all the time I spend on routine stuff. I spend time with family which I love but have very little social life as a result.

  163. I would love for the constant pit in my stomach to go away. If I had more time, taking a sewing class would be top on my list!

  164. I would do more volunteering. I always meet interesting people, have great conversations and come home with a grateful heart and a new perspective.

  165. I have been feeling so overwhelmed and stressed for so long! What I long for is peace and some time for myself, just to be. Time just resting at Jesus feet and soaking up His peace.. And taking time to simply breathe.

  166. If i suddenly found my life miraculously “in order”, I would spend time again with morning coffee with My Savior, rediscover my creativity and spend more happy, relaxed days enjoying my husband and children.

  167. Read my bible. Plan. Organize. Help others. Get involved in some sort of mission work/ministry. Just your title alone whispers/screams at me. I keep thinking……surely survival mode won’t last forever.

  168. I would remind myself over and over that I work to live and not live to work! I would read more, craft more, sleep more….I’m an empty nester & still exhausted. How can this be?!

  169. I would start a ministry in our community that helped teach self worth to teens and young adults that have been caught up in the tangle of drugs/alcohol and/or crime. Praying for the time and energy resources since I have felt the Lord putting this on my heart for a very long time.

  170. I would use my extra time to spend with my kids who live in different states I miss them so much.

  171. I would volunteer to tutor reading at a local elementary school. I’m too overwhelmed to spend time volunteering right now…

  172. I would spend more time reading the Bible and focus on memorizing scripture. I would also work on being more organized and removing that extra chaos from my life so that I could be a less frazzled mother! The look sounds great. Thank you!

  173. I would live!! Like truly live rather than manage. I would be present in every moment & soak up my life rather than knit-pic it to death with all of the many things I haven’t gotten done, forgot to do, didn’t have the money to do orwhat I’ve rolled over to tomorrow because I can’t make another list 😉 If I were less overwhelmed with my life….I would LIVE!!!!

  174. If I had more time/energy, I think I would love to play more with my kids. It’s hard now that my 6 year old is gone all day. My work is teaching piano after school, so I feel like by the time I’ve taught and then cooked dinner, I don’t have much time with her at all. My 4yr old and 2 yr old get a lot of my time and energy and I’m really tired by days’ end.

  175. Paint, take naps and read a good book on a hammock and not feel “Mom”guilt. I would love to win this book. I have 2 children under 2 1/2 …I think that says enough 🙂

  176. A year ago my husband’s job started requiring travel, quite a bit of it. Leaving me at home with our 3 darlings & working full time. At the time our house was on the market & we had a sweet cleaning lady who came once every other week. Our house sold & in an effort to save money we’ve not brought our cleaning lady back….yet. 🙂 I just said to my husband on Friday that when he’s gone I feel like I’m in survival mode. It’s so very hard. I don’t want my kids’ childhood to be full of memories of me in survival mode. So if I were less overwhelmed, I’d spend more time being the mom God made me to be.

  177. If I were less overwhelmed, I would be able to exercise more and take time for myself without feeling guilty.

  178. I would put me first maybe for just an hour but none the less do something for just me for one hour.

  179. I was like you. The third child was kind of my breaking point also. I hung in there a bit. Then I lost my job, and that 3rd child was diagnosed autism spectrum disorder. A bunch more stuff happened & my life came crashing down. I went lower than rock bottom….for 3 years. I am now ready to climb back out (slowly have been), but how? I would like to live a “normal” life & play with my kids & go outside & just do things away from my little messy house. Where do I start? Seems I only know one extreme or the other 🙁

  180. I would definitely read more. I would also love to volunteer in my community. Hopefully, once my children (ages 4, 2 & 7 mos.) are older we can all do that! 🙂

  181. Well, I have no children, so I automatically feel guilty for waiting more time. However, I would take a class. Cooking, crotcheting, etc. knowing I would available at the give time to attended a class would ROCK!

  182. I would definately hire someone to do housework for me so that I could work on my hobby of quilting so that I can make quilts for my loved ones. I have a long list of people that I want to make a quilt for so that they have something to cherish that I made for them:-) Thank you Crystal for your ministry:-)

  183. I would use my time to spend with my boys…hiking, biking, cooking…teaching them to paint. Oh to have more time 🙂

  184. I would quilt more often and not fill guilty about it! It’s so hard to take time to do what you love when you know the dishes need done or the floors need mopped. I need help I’m recovering from two spine fusions and I can’t do it all anymore.

  185. Learn sign language and teach it to other kids and parents of little ones. (My third child was born with a hearing impairment.)

  186. to be honest, i have no idea what i would do. maybe sit down and organize my life so i could figure out what i really wanted to do! ha!

  187. As a single mom and holding down a job in the corporate world I would actually love to find time to volunteer with the Anna Crawford Childrens Center. I feel things we have been through as a family over the last few months has been so that we can help others who have experienced similar situations but are afraid to come forward.

  188. I would be more present with my children and Husband. I’m a stay at home mom so I’m with my kids literally all the time, but I always feel so distracted by all the things I need to get done.

  189. I would immerse myself into my love of Spanish!!! I lived in Spain, but have not time to read Spanish books or practice grammar/speaking…

  190. Breathe. I take the time to laugh with and my love my family every day. yet we have had an incredibly stressful.8 months including my husbands spinal.cord injury and two tragic deaths. i would use the book to learn how to just breathe and be each day.

  191. If I were less overwhelmed I would spend more time making art. I’m an art teacher that feels like there’s always something else I should/could be doing for my family, and that I shouldn’t be spending my time practicing my craft.

  192. Thanks I would love to take up piano lessons again if I had free time. Im on our church worship team amd we are in need of a piano player and I want to be able to have God use me through music and singing.

  193. Honestly I’m so overwhelmed and exhaughsted I don’t have any idea what I would do with extra time.

  194. I’d live more. I feel constantly under a huge weight of lists and obligations and requirements. Nothing I do is ever enough, there’s always more I could be doing. Sometimes I chuck it all and laze around but guilt finds me and stress comes back. I’d like more time to just be content, love on my family, play games, do art again.

  195. Thannk you so much for this! I really needed to hear this today! I would be able to help my husband start his own business. He lost his job last month, so now is our golden opportunity to try it!

  196. The first 3 weeks of 2014 have been the biggest set backs of my life in a decade. No matter what I try more and more things go wrong. On a daily basis there is something new added to my pile that I feel I can’t overcome. Increased child support my husband owes, increase in this years property taxes which correlates into increase house payment, lost financial aid for schooling making me drop college, again, children needing, wanting my attention. And I’m too busy trying to come up with a plan to keep our lives intact to give them that time. Dinner is late. Laundry is stacked up. Dishes are in the sink. Budget won’t balance. I used to do everything and more as a working mother. And since quiting to go back to school it’s been one issue after another. I hate to go to sleep because I dread what tomorrow will bring.

  197. I would love my husband and kids purposefully instead of giving them what’s left over after all the “stuff I have to do.”

  198. Honestly I’d sleep. A consistent sleep schedule would allow me to be a more effective mother, wife, leader and student.

  199. If I could find more time in my days, I’d write more letters of encouragement, exercise more, and, hopefully, make faster progress on my writing projects.

  200. I would probably be able to sleep more because I wouldn’t be working until past bedtime to get it all done!

  201. I would absolutely start my Etsy business with my handknits (I’d have time to knit), photography (I’d hopefully have time to take photos) and my jewelry………it would be my personal achievement dream!

  202. Though I am happily married, my husband is a truck driver and away from home on the weekdays…every week. So in reality I am a single mom during the week and hold down a full-time job. I quite frequently feel guilty because there just never seems to be enough time to spend with my daughters or deepening our spirituality. I dream of the day I might be able to quit working full-time (which seems like we will never financially be set enough for that to happen) so that I my family can spend QUALITY time together and enrich each other spiritually.

  203. I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life pouring into my husband and childrens’ lives – as I daily learn to die to myself desires. So I honestly have no idea what I personally would enjoy doing. I love being a wife and mommy, but it’s very easy to loose sight of who I am, what I love, what my hobbies are. Even in the precious times when my awesome husband lets me go out for a day without the kids, or even a weekend away with my sisters and mom, I find I’m so consumed and focused on My kids and hubby, that I have a hard time embracing the relaxation or break away. So I don’t really like to even let myself think about something else that I would like to do…because I’m trying to be and stay content with where I’m at. Kind of a tough position 🙂

  204. I would focus more on my family overall absorptivity their/my life. Doing things together and creating a happier/healthier lifestyle. Some much time is now spent on getting the day to day / survival stuff out of the way and completed.

  205. I would love to have time to just daydream in complete solitude. With a latte, of course.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. 🙂

  206. Figure out what I’m called to do in my next season. (I currently serve as our denomination’s Director of Women’s Ministries which ends in 2.5yrs.) What’s next ?

  207. I would start having more people over to my house during the week and be more involved in my church.

  208. I would exercise. With a 3 yr old, a 3 month old, and record low temps I can’t seem to find a way to fit it in. I know it would help me feel better in so many ways, but I”m overwhelmed with everything and don’t know how to make it happen.

  209. I would be n the moment more with my husband, children, and friendships. Focus on others and my ministry in life.

  210. I would stand still more- enjoy the little things more and just spend more time trying to enjoy my family and our two young kiddos instead of trying to take care of everything else

  211. Go back to school, work on becoming healthier and play the piano again! Just try to ‘be ME’, rather than mommy or wife-y!

  212. Scrapbook more to keep all those precious memories in a beautiful book that my family can look at often. 🙂

  213. I would keep the camera in my hand and take pictures–fun pictures, artistic pictures, goofy pictures……just take pictures. Document life. enjoy the process.

    • She’s in there, Laura. Keep looking and piece and piece and bit by bit you WILL find her again! Like finding your long lost twin sister!

  214. Daily devotionals instead of when I find the time devotionals. Sing and dance just because. Ordered the book, would love one to give away to a friend. What a great conversation starter.

  215. I’d think quietly. Just sit in a quiet place and try to catch my breath, maybe listen to my own heartbeat for a short while!

  216. In a nutshell – Lived for 13.5 years with a spouse who suffered from bipolar. I didn’t know how much walking on eggshells and his occasional tendency with violence was affecting me (and our children who were 18 months and 7 when we finally split 7 years ago). Now remarried for 5 years and only NOW coming out of the fog. Trying to clean my cluttered house, babysitting two boys without a Mum, wanting to quilt more and do those “creative” things that fell by the wayside. As my Aunt said, “You’re getting your confidence back.” Your book sounds like it would be very, very helpful! One step at a time. Sometimes it seems like it is taking forever and someone says something and it makes me feel inadequate and like a useless Mum. But I know that I’m doing my best, everyone is different and it is okay. Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to be superwoman — especially when I am down at the other end of the block with the babysitting kids and running down to my house with food for my husband and older son and then running back to my charges. There has to be a better way to do it that this!!

  217. I would update my blog daily, walk the dog, sew, and clean my house more. I would clean out my attic. I would be caught up so that when I spend time with my husband and children there is not a sense of guilt because other things are not done. I would live fully in each moment with them.

  218. Hold baby more and not feel guilty about it. Cook more – for my family and others who need a ready-to-go meal. plan more “fun” things with my kids.

  219. I would enjoy more quiet moments. I am often over whelmed by the “noise of life” and can’t truly focus on me.

  220. I would just love to have time to be able to play with my kids. I’m always rushing, cleaning, reprimanding, caring for them but I never get have fun relaxed time with them. I have an 8 and 7 year old and can’t believe they are so grown already and its just flying by while I spend my life cleaning!!! 🙁

  221. I would do more creative art projects and science experiments with my kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

  222. I’d love to focus on being more in the moment with my kids, instead of shuttling them around or doing chores while they are temporarily parked in front of a screen.

  223. being less overwhelmed would mean I’d actually be more productive and make more $ 🙂

    Thanks for all you do and hosting a giveaway!

  224. I would love to have spend some quality “care-free” time with my teenage daughters before they don’t want to spend it with me. I want them to know and understand how valuable they are to me.

  225. I would play with my kids more. Maybe finally decorate this old house, travel/explore locally.

  226. I would have dates with my husband, play more with my daughter, read and get caught up so I don’t feel guilty when I’d like to take a break!

  227. I would practice more hospitality. My husband and I love to have people in our home, but with 4 kiddos and homeschooling, I feel like my house is constantly a mess and that makes me feel self conscience about having people over.

  228. I would sew or do something creative every evening, instead of feeling like I don’t deserve to do something fun because the house isn’t spotless.

  229. We just had our third boy… Our oldest just turned three, so clearly sleep is the optimal, clear cut. But second to that would be the gift of being intentional rather than reactional.

  230. I would play with my kids and not always tell them I was “too busy”. I would read the stack of books I’ve been trying to get at for years and I would re engage in friendships that have been pushed aside for too long.

  231. I would enjoy reading more. It has taken a backseat in the midst of a busy schedule.

  232. I would be a volunteer with a crisis pregnancy center and finds ways to be a mentor in this environment. Spend more time just playing with my children. I want a clean house and with two boy toddlers my definition of clean has had to change. Still I spend a huge portion of my day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…something! Thanks for the giveaway.

  233. I would love on MY kids and husband more 🙂 I feel like I’m so busy keeping the house afloat that we don’t get enough snuggle and play time!

  234. I would call a friend or go to the craft store and finally learn to cross stitch or quilt.

  235. I would breath more. I feel stressed always and I’ve realized I don’t let myself breath until right before bed where I actually sit down and exhale!

  236. I would like to be able to spend more one on one time with my daughter and potentially start a home website design business.

  237. Even though I feel overwhelmed with three young children and a full-time job, I use most of my extra time to play with my kids or read to them and take them places. I think if I had more time I’d still do that, but I’d focus more on the ministries God has called me to. I’d read and write more for sure. And I’d love to have more date nights with my husband. I think we are in desperate need of those!

  238. I would love to just breathe without feeling like I should be doing something else. Yes I dream of writing the great American novel. I want to workout everyday and have a great body. I want to have time to date to find a mate. But mostly right now I just would like to take a guilt free breath. I have so much going on I don’t know where to start. Thanks.

  239. I’d definitely play with my kids more…without the looming to-do list making me distracted.

  240. I would do more for others and slow down and try to enjoy the little moments in life with my family and friends more than I do today.

  241. My office closed & i’m now able to stay at home with my 9 year old. Things have gotten better, but i’m still not where i want to be. I’d love to be able to nap more as well as volunteer at shelters or something similar.

  242. i would just “relax”…no thinking i have this and this and this and this to do..i’d just sit and relax…

  243. I miss taking dance classes and singing with others (whether in a choir or a band or on stage in a musical). And reading. Always, always, appreciate more time to read.

  244. I would like to be able to enjoy life without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else.

  245. I would feel more free to play whenever my boys ask me and I would tackle some fun projects that always get shoved to the back b/c fun for me often gets relegated to the bottom of the list.

  246. I would do more for myself (yoga, reading), spend more quality time with my kids, seriously consider having another baby, and give my husband a little extra TLC.

  247. With baby #7 on the way – including 2yo triplets – I would love to not feel like I have to choose between keeping up on the bare minimum of housework and playing with my kids. I’d love to have the time and energy to do crafts and other activities with them.

  248. If I wasn’t overwhelmed all of the time I would take up painting again and read more. I’d use the time to re discover what makes me happy, instead of worrying about everyone else all the time. I can’t wait to read your new book!! 🙂

  249. I would love to have the time to play piano again. Something that doesn’t happen too often with either children napping or more important things to do or when I do try there are little fingers trying to play right along with me! =)

  250. I would do something for myself. Having 2 children still home and my momma living with us after multiple strokes I just want to run and hide!

  251. I would get up earlier again on a regular basis for quiet time with the Lord and for journaling. I miss that so much…..try to fit it in when I can, but it’s not the same.

  252. I would spend more time with my husband and children. I would also read for the sheer enjoyment of reading.

  253. I would play with my kids more. With four kids and homeschool I never feel like I have the time, there is always something that needs to be done.

  254. I would love to have time to slow down and think about what I could do to bless my friends and family with help in a way they need it that day.

  255. I would be more intentional about interacting with neighbors and really learn how to garden successfully.

  256. I would love to develop a free dance ministry at my church for people (adults and kids) in our community to learn how to dance in a family-friendly environment.

  257. I lost a 25 year old brother very tragically in September of 2012. Several months after suffering the loss, I began leading a grief recovery small group. God has truly BLESSED me sooooooo much by just allowing him to use me to help otehrs on their journey of grief. If given the time and resources (I am still working a full-time job) I would love to do this on a full-time basis and not have limits or boundaries to what God would or could use me to do!

  258. This year, less stress means less pain after a brain injury left me with a lingering, debilitating headache. Those moments are not spent “practically” often but on simple things like dancing with my little girls, drinking tea with them or baking. Finding more time for what is good and valuable in life right now is so important!

  259. If I had some free time I would make a schedule to help me get organized. Everyday I need to clean, organize, cook, exercise, blog, assist my kids & husband with whatever they need, and manage to set aside time for meetings, appointments, errands, & time with friends.

  260. I would serve my neighbors better and spend more time being present and playing with my kids.

  261. I would love to be able to lie in bed without feeling bad about all the things I could be doing… (I am on modified bedrest right now… This is my third baby in the last two years. Lost one to SIDS, and one to a early birth.)

  262. I would be able to be more the woman that God intended me to be…with more time/smiles towards others. The way it should be!

  263. I would definitely spend more fun time with my kids, I feel so torn between all of the housework and schoolwork that never ends and its so hard to get any “extra” time in my day-both for my husband and my children. I would LOVE to read your book!!

  264. My husband travels 5 days a week so feeling like I could let go of survival mode either when he’s home mon-wed I’d love to just sit and play board game with my family. Wed-sun I crave being able to playout side with our 3 little boys and not worry about the magnet that’s pulling me in to do all the work I always have to do inside, for the house or for everyone else. I have lived in survival mode for 6 years and it’s like living in the movie “ground hog day”.

  265. Hi Crystal,

    Thank you for your sharing and generousity!

    First and foremost, i would want to be still before FatherGod, be overwhelmed by His Perfect Love, Amazing Grace and Wonderful Promises for me as i focus on an intenstive walk cum intimate relationship with the Endearing Him. Amen and amen …

    Blessings to u and your family too! 🙂

  266. I would find Mag Alice! My Dad ( who passed several years back) called me Mag Alice as a kid. That kid was fun loving easy going and up for any adventure. My kids deserve for me to ” find Mag Alice”.

  267. I would read more, actually do something with our wedding photos & maybe even develop my blog.

  268. I would smile & laugh more. Baby #3 is due in April and I feel overwhelmed daily with the demands of life and my two little ones outside of the womb.

  269. If I weren’t so overwhelmed, I’d go back to seminary to finish my MA in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship <3 <3 <3 <3

  270. I would be more involved with a ministry at church and take the time to go to the gym more often. Between work and grad school, right now I have time for little else.

  271. I’d continue my education… Either a degree or even just a modge-lodge of adult learner courses

  272. Regular quiet time in the morning and finish the months-long decluttering our house project that still has so far to go.

  273. Teach ballet to adults. I loved doing that before becoming a mom. Now I just don’t have time.

  274. I would learn to be a gardener with my three children and give away my extra produce to women who are struggling to feed their children well.

  275. I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, ages 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. I am often, more than not I suppose, completely overwhelmed and struggling just to keep my head above water. My husband is gone a lot for work but, when he is home, I find myself getting very resentful that he can sit and play with the kids without a care in the world. That’s what I want. I want time to sit and enjoy them without worrying about how late I will have to stay up to accomplish everything that needs to be done. I want quality, care-free time with my children.

  276. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what I would do. Most likely do more outdoor activities with my family.

  277. I would dance more- in my closet, in my living room, in the yard, it in public. Just to let my soul sing!!

  278. I would love to feel free enough to simply spend a little extra time with my husband again! With 6 children, one with many special needs and one an infant, I’m Mommy all day (and a lot of the night…).

  279. I would just sit in my chair for an hour reading to my boys and making my baby girl laugh 🙂

  280. I would sit down and just play with my kids more. And be fully present, not worrying about other responsibilities that I need to do.

  281. I would do photography again. Photography is my passion, but I haven’t had the chance to pick up a camera in months!

  282. I would be more focused on my girls and husband, instead of being so distracted with what needs to get done or what I should be getting accomplished.

  283. I would RUN. Shave my legs! Enjoy creative projects. Drink coffee on my front porch at sunrise.

  284. I would be more present daily with my kids and every day life. I would balance the have to’s and want to’s more efficiently.

  285. I can so relate to living in survival mode. If I were less stressed, I would spend more time interacting with my kids- playing or reading. I would also spend more quiet time with God.

  286. I’d spend more time investing in friendships. I would spend more time just having fun with my husband. I’d focus on lowering my stress level which would improve my health and improve my quality of life.

  287. If I were less overwhelmed I would have a tidy enough house where we could entertain friends on occasion. We used to be able to before we had 3 kids in 3.5 years. :-O

  288. I would like to send more notes and cards to people. I have the best intentions I just don’t execute well.

  289. I would probably smile more or go to a spa… Haha Being maxed out is so hard- my two kids and husband deserve a happier, relaxed me!

  290. I have really wanted to learn how to use my old sewing machine to make outfits for my daughter and even blankets, etc. I get so overwhelmed by my daily duties that trying to learn something new causes more stress.

  291. Study God’s word and exercise- take better care of myself so that I could offer more to my family.

  292. I love to plan trips (even just short day trips) and love to research travel. Since having my 2nd baby and moving 1500 miles away, basically flipping my world upside down, I just don’t have time to do that anymore. And I really miss it.

  293. If I wasn’t overwhelmed, I would spend more time with family. Too much time required at work, running errands, etc., I feel I am always behind.

  294. Exercise, invite people to dinner for fellowship and watch a movie with my husband at night every so often.

  295. Wow! there are a lot of women out there that feel overwhelmed. Comforting to know I’m not the only one, but also very sad. I would love to just stop and enjoy the moment without watching the clock. Listen to my child tell their story instead of rushing them out the door because the clock is ticking. Hold my husband’s hand a little longer just because I’m enjoying his company. To all the powerful women out there that think we can do it all. We can, but why should we? Who is going to care?

  296. I would love to crochet and play the piano again. I would probably also plan our meals better and actually stick to a meal plan and do some freezer cooking.

  297. Gosh, I hear this. I work from home full time, but because money is tight and I’m home, so are the kids. So many days I am lucky to get a shower, let alone spend real quality time with my kids. What I wouldn’t give to feel like there was more time to just sit and play with them without the need to keep looking at the clock so I can calculate how much time I have left to get everything done.

  298. I would truly enjoy the moment, not worry about what else I should be doing, know that i’m doing exactly what i should be doing, not having my mind off in the laundry list of todo’s.

  299. I would spend more time writing – I would love to have the time to write articles, about roadtripping with kids, for magazines!

  300. I would enjoy my hobbies more ~ and maybe take up some new ones. I would love to be able to really invest in some friendships as well.

  301. Play with my kids more and not feel guilty or stressed out because I should be doing a chore instead

  302. As a fulltime and part time working (young) grandmother of 10 I said 5 years ago I would make one day a week a day for me, I would go to the movies or I would see a play, 5 years later and I have seen one play and no movies alone, all cartoons…the best part is, with less stress I would still spend as much time as I could with those 10 grandchildren, their friends and any other children we could reach and inspire….I’ve learned to do my painting, creating, writing, movie going, all “with” them…the days for “me” perhaps will come, perhaps this is my path…and I am happy! I know there are many lives to touch…free me up to be a part of lives! 🙂

  303. I would write and become more active in a non-profit organization like the Stolen Crown Foundation or The Genesis Project, which focuses on helping women and girls in sex trafficking!

  304. I would love to be able to learn more than just basics of sewing and to use my sewing machine to make things for my children and family. Also to read more books for pleasure.

  305. I would play more with my kids & spend more time with my husband. Then I would catch up on some sleep.

  306. I feel like I rush through every moment of the day to get everything done. I’d love more time to linger over my coffee, chat with my children as we work together, and stop saying “we gotta hurry!” ALL the time!!

  307. I would like to work on my book of mom comics that will let woman know that they are not alone. I will teach basic lessons throughout the book such as breast feeding techniques while protraykng a funny scene that may happen while nursing. 😉

  308. If I felt less overwhelmed, I would sit and play with my kids more. I would spend more time outdoors, talking walks alone and with my family. I love to be outdoors but in this current crazy season of life, i find myself giving it up for all the things I think that I need to be doing.

  309. I would spend more times with my children, playing instead of constant nagging. What time we were all together with my husband, maybe we’d be able to enjoy each other as a family instead of me barking orders feeling exasperated.

  310. I would be able to crochet more and learn to knit. I would have more me time which I really need to do. I would spend more time in studying the Bible 🙂

  311. I would BE more present with my kids & husband, volunteer and spend more time connecting with friends and those who lift me up.

  312. I would read more and stop listening to the narrative of undone tasks constantly repeating in my head.

  313. I would make cards for Operation Write Home for them to send to deployed servicemembers to help them stay in touch with their families back home. It’s something that’s been on my to do list for months.

  314. I would camp/hike/be out in Nature more. Nature soothes me. Nature brings me closer to God. Nature, calms me and lets me take a step back and think about how my days do not really need to be so complicated and fast. Nature reminds me that there is something more out there than my daily routine. I would take my children on longer walks and lazy days.

  315. I would go back to school (even part time) to specialize in palliative care nursing (I’m an RN) as this is a huge passion of mine!

  316. Exercise, crochet, sew, and go on dates with my husband and my kids (separately!), but not in that order!

  317. Early in my journey of faith, I am experiencing an insatiable hunger for anything God. I actually just asked someone if he thought it is possible to be ‘God Obsessed.’ I have gone through many different trials in a short time period that I now see as my direction to turn to Him. However, I am still so ignorant, I am learning simple facts they teach in Sunday School (Mary and Joseph were returning to Bethlehem because of a census? Hmmm…). If I had more time, I would delve and soak up as much of His Word as possible…and at the same time, make sure my three-year-old will have a stronger foundation of faith than I could imagine!

  318. Yay for you inspiring so many women today! I would feel less guilt, and I want to clarify my dreams so I have a road map when I have that free time!

  319. I would finally get my home organized, save money and begin writing…which I feel God has laid on my heart to do for sometime. I “retired” from my career less than 2 1/2 years ago because my husband and I were adopting two boys from foster care. Well, fast forward and we now have four children; a toddler and a baby too. Boy, are we busy and things just keep piling up. I seemed to have it all together as a professional corporate speaker who traveled for a living. Not so much now…I’m a bit out of my element. I need this book! 😉

  320. Can I have 2 things,please? You are so kind! Thank you!!
    1). Invest love into my family !! 2). Build relationships & encourage other women.

  321. Similar to another Mom’s post, looking back at all the “wishes” of things I’d have changed raising 4 children: spend more time playing, not sweat the little things, etc., I, now see my daughter struggling with those same issues (don’t all moms!?) She’s spent the last several months expressing her fears, while expecting her second child. Their new addition arrived this past Friday! I would gift this book to her, so hoping it would help. 🙂

  322. Not feel inadequate, worthless,and like a failure all the time or feel guilty for sdoing things for myself

  323. I would do lunch more, lunch with my husband and children. With 7 children (2 grown and 5 at home), M.S., and a home to run, stopping to have lunch with one of my amazing family members (at their school or work) is not as easy as it sounds. If there’s not laundry, cooking, cleaning, doc appts., errands, etc., to do then there’s something else (not complaining, I enjoy my SAHM status). Yes, definitely lunch is what I would do, I enjoy that one on one time and I would love to be able to do more of it!!!

  324. I would DEFINITELY want to learn how to relax more with my family. Spend time actually playing with my kids instead of always worrying what I should be getting done instead. And maybe squeeze in a date or 2 with my awesome husband! With 4 kids, that can be a tall order sometimes, but it’s possible 🙂

  325. I would play with my kids more. Although I am getting better at just putting things down and doing it, I still have a ways to go.

  326. I would spend more time playing with my kids, while not worrying about everything else that is waiting to be done.

  327. Right now being crafty keeps coming up, but just one thing? Gosh, that might be why it’s so overwhelming to feel stuck – because there are so many things I think I could/should be doing!

  328. I think I’d sing more! Singing is something I do when I’m free to be me, free to worship and free to experience life so I’d definitely be singing!

  329. I have had major superwoman issues in the past, thinking I had to do it all including homeschooling all my children, all the way through. It lead to complete burn out for me. If
    I wasn’t quite so overwhelmed, I would write more and help other women more.

  330. I would do more from scratch cooking for my husband. I enjoy it when I have the time to create a nice meal for the two of us.

    Working full-time and taking care of my aging dad some just seems to take its toll some.

  331. I would like to give up the Martha Syndrome; to sit relax and enjoy life. To not always feel the need to worry about making everything be perfect for everyone else just to be filled with angry resentful thoughts at those people who take time to sit at the Feet of Jesus and draw near to him. I want to not feel guilty that I’m not doing everything on my list for the day and then some, I want to be still and know that its ok and the world will not fall Apart. I want to take time to fill my bucket before I start pouring into others.

  332. I would get more sleep (3 kids, 4 years, 2 years, and 8 months). Once they’re bigger, I’d like to write a devotion book for preschool age kids.

  333. I would create printed photo albums for my children, incorporating the hundreds of photos we’ve taken over the years (which are currently just sitting on my laptop and not being enjoyed.)

  334. I would love to love life again. Find a new passion maybe. I’m thankful for many blessings but would enjoy a day different than the rest sometimes

  335. I would relax more…something I rarely do. And part of that would involve spending time just being and enjoying my husband and children.

  336. I’d help my hubby get his dream job. That would help both of us, because then I could be a stay at home mom! 🙂

  337. In one word it would be HAPPINESS. I just do not have any down time. Working,going to school, three children(teens) I have no “me” time and I honestly feel too overehelmed to sit down and try to pencil it in to my life. I want to enjoy all the little things and want to be able to stop and smell the roses! I have missed out on so much and do not want to miss anymore moments.

  338. I would get my house in order/clean as I go through my day of homeschooling. It just piles up so fast that I can’t keep up.

  339. I would take up piano lessons again, maybe read more and spend more time with family and friends.

  340. Fall in love with my life, my husband and my children. I want to slow down and appreciate what I have instead of seeing all the areas that require more more more.

  341. I would spend more time playing with my 5 kids instead of being constantly in motion. Also, get my sewing machine out more and teach my girls.

  342. I would spend more time with my husband!! We are both working so hard we have no time or energy at the end of the day to have any fun.

  343. Be a calm present mother and wife. To just be able to be still and enjoy the chaos of 2 little boys without dreading the mess that they create. To be able to enjoy the company of my husband without thinking of a million other things I should be doing.

  344. I would definitely write more if I was less exhausted. By the time I’m done with the girls, cleaning up after dinner and trying to get the rest of the house in order, I have a hard time finding the energy to really tackle the writing.

  345. I’d spend the time thinking, get into my own head, figuring out how to improve me, improve my “family” skills, concentrate on new ways to build bonds with my kids, how to help guide them into being positive, healthy, loving, happy successful kids!

  346. I would love to take better care of myself by exercising & learning to cook more healthy foods for my family!