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  1. Please pray for the continued development (both in motor skills and speech, she is not yet walking and is totally nonverbal) for my 21 month old daughter Clara. We learned recently she has a recessive genetic disorder, Cohen Syndrome. She has truly come SO far with lots of hard work and weekly therapy (since 7 months old) and God has been SO faithful. We know He has great plans for our Clara regardless. Please pray that she will only continue to blossom in development! Thank you!

    • Brittnie,

      Praying for peace and complete healing from God for you and your little one. May God cover Clara with His healing touch and bring about a miracle.

      Blessings 🙂

    • I pray and know that God loves children, especially innocent children who have nothing but LOVE in their hearts. I pray that God will hold you and your baby in His big loving open arms and specifically help Clara overcome that hardship with which she was born. God helps those who help one another thru care, charity, love and hard work as you are doing for Clara. He loves everyone unconditionally, but I believe there is a SPECIAL place in God’s hands for children whose families surround them with love and affection! Amen

  2. Father God I come to you on Clara’s behalf asking that she feels your comfort and strength. I pray that you will line up the best doctors for Clara so that she will reach her fullest potential. Give her ways to communicate that make her needs and desires clear to her momma. father God, her momma Brittnie needs strength that can only come from you – we know that by calling on you in our weakness, we find our strength. Give Brittnie rest when it is needed and gift her with special momma moments with Clara that bring them together in a way only the two of them can understand. Thank you God for the gift of Clara and the beauty she brings to this world. Amen.

  3. Lord, I pray for Clara’s development…that it will, in her mom’s words, blossom. I pray for Brittnie that you would equip her to be the very best mom that Clara needs. We await what great things you will do!

    I offer praise for my recent marriage and my wonderful husband who is such a gift. I pray that his presence in our home will be a good and godly role model for my son who has turned away from his faith. I ask for prayers that God would rekindle his love for Christ.

  4. We have moved my father in law into our home as he recovers from knee surgery and prepares for another surgery as we have just discovered he has stomach cancer. God has clearly told me not to think past each individual day so that is what I am doing. My father in law is hard to deal with. He complains that our home is too small even though we have given him his own room with a private in room bathroom. He demands that I wash his peed in pants immediately. He insists on taking over the living room even when we purchased him a band new leather recliner for his private bedroom. My husband and I know we are doing what God has called us to do and that keeps us going, we are doing God’s work. It is still so very very hard. My children are a big concern for me – God has a plan here and I am resting in the truth that I know God will not allow this situation to effect them in a negative way – so much of my time now is spent caring for my father in law and keeping the sick smell from taking over my home – I am terrified that I will slip into a pattern of putting my children on the back burner – God will not let that happen, I know it! My husband is being such a champ in all of this – I am seeing a side of him I never new existed – he is truly doing his part, this is a team effort and I know we will come through this with a stronger marriage than before. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Emily, I am thanking God for you and your husband and your willingness to take care of your husband’s father. What a huge commitment and definitely not easy or fun! The good news is that God is there and He is able to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to do this work that He called you to do! Lord, show Emily and her husband and children your greatness and grace. Guide and supply their every need, even before they ask! Strengthen their home and marriage during this time. Use them to touch the heart of the father and bless him! Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer in Jesus Name!

      Now please pray for my friends who have cancer. It’s a spiritual battle as well as a physical one, and prayer is the way to win it! Pray for Jody, Kyle, Liz, and Joe. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Emily praising God for your willingness to allow your father-in-law to live with you and for you to take care of him.


      Please give peace, strength, and mercy to Emily and her family as they struggle to care for her father-in-law. Help them mightily to also be there for their children. Shower them with your love, grace & peace! Let them know that you have big plans for them and will ALWAYS BE THERE for them no matter what!


  5. I woke up this morning just hoping that this was the blog post on Incourage this morning… My husband and I really need prayer. Long story short, my husband and I moved into our house a year ago, pregnant and waiting for our little one to arrive, with the understanding that his parents would help us out (they really wanted to help us move out of an apartment and into a more “settled” place)… Well, here we are now; my husband’s parents are backing out of the promises to help us pay for it until we could get on our feet, and we can’t afford it. We don’t know what to do. I am literally sick this morning. I am so angry at his parents for the very hurtful things they have done to their son (his mom refuses to not smoke for an hour to be around her first granddaughter, and has never met her, seven months later. They didn’t even come to the hospital when she was born.) right now, we really need prayer for financial help. Please… Because we are scared and so broken over this situation. We really don’t want to sell the house; honestly, you can’t rent a place for much cheaper than what we pay a month for our mortgage. We only have one car and that makes it even more strenuous as we move forward looking at other job opportunities. Please pray because we just really need God right now.

    • I lift up your situation right now to our Holy Father, I am so sorry you are dealing with this, I have the opposite, my daughter in law refuses family time with us and we are walking on eggshells constantly for fear she will take everything we say the wrong way, but I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing we do our say will ever be right and she needs the Lord to touch as do your in laws, it is so hard to understand how people can be so cruel to family, I am and will pray for you

    • Dearest Woman of God,
      YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Do not be dismayed! Do not allow this trial to consume you! Our Gracious and Loving Lord is lifting you up right now, at this very moment! He hears our pleas and acts on them at the right time. Perhaps your faith is being tested. Perhaps this hurdle is helping you to step up to the next level of trust. Perhaps God chose YOU to show others just how beautiful and wonderful your heart is. Your spirit is guided by God’s Spirit and your heart by His love. Proclaim this day as God’s day and rejoice! For Jesus is holding your hand and hugging your soul. You shall not only overcome; you shall triumph for God’s glory! He is already helping you … more than you and I know. Thank Him today for all that He does, all that He is and all that He will do. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

    • M

      Know that God is right there in the midst of all this! He won’t leave you or forsake you. He will guide the right people to help you out.

    • prayers that God will provide and you all will have peace and comfort knowing He will see you through financial difficulties Prayers also that God will search you in-laws heart for the behaviors, words and actions and release them from satan’s grip.

  6. Please pray fora situation with my daughter in law.. She has so much anger in her and it is directed at my husband and I most of the time. She uses our Grand children as pawns and after an incident this week says we can’t see them anymore, we are not allowed to say anything to the kids that would even remotely sound like a correction of any kind and she heard something said that caused her to blow up at us and scared her children and she took them from our home crying, it was ugly how much hate came out of her, she so needs God to reach down and show her He is in charge and that family is important,that not everyone is against her, please pray as I am hurting so much for those precious children,( 2 and 1 on the way), as well as my son as he tries to deal with her and her depression and still maintain relationship with us

  7. Bev, I continue to pray for your son. And pray he feels the peace of The Lord soon. Emily, I prayed for your father in law. Committing to caring for a sick family member is very hard. And I think you are setting a wonderful example for your children. I pray you find peace In your home. That you find a few minutes each day to connect with your children when you feel consumed by life’s struggles. I pray The Lord wraps his arms around you and you feel his presence throughout your day. M I pray that you feel his presence this morning and can feel his calming way. Congrats on being mommy! I pray that new doors to open for you and you and your husband. I pray that you are shown new opportunities. I pray for healing in your family and peace to surround you.

  8. Hey y’all can you pray for me today. All of my stuff is little. But I could use a little grounding. We are in the middle of another move. Second one in a year due to my husbands job. I need peace to take over. My husband is grumpy and frustrated and we aren’t working well together. He came home this weekend (he has already moved) to help tie up loose ends and I was looking forward to time together and instead I got grump and ill attitude. I am worn out. I’ve been here dealing with the sell of this house organizing and settling things here and doing it with three kids and a dog. We are having to move to an apartment for a short time while we look for a house. And that hasn’t gone smoothly. So, I was disappointed thinking we were going to be peaceful this weekend and it hasn’t been. So please pray for peace for my family. We move next week.

    • Andrea, I will pray for you today. I don’t think it’s little to have to move twice in one year and to sell a house. I’ve recently moved and know how stressful it can be. It takes a lot of time and energy and work and you are both bound to be stressed by the unsettling of your lives again. I know you want to feel that closeness to your husband as you are going through this. I will pray for peace and harmony and that you feel like you are on the same team, working together for the common goal. I pray that you two can laugh at things together, find things to be thankful for in the midst of the chaos that moving brings. I pray that you two will reconnect, and I pray for peace for your family as you move next week.

  9. This week I have to terminate an employee for poor performance. This is the part of my job as manager that is the hardest. She is a sweet person and has tried hard but just isn’t getting where she needs to be. To add to that she is best friends with someone on another one of my teams. Pray that all will go smoothly as possible and that God will give me discernment and wisdom on handling all that is involved.

  10. Rose, I will be praying for this today, that the Lord will guide your words and discussion, give you wisdom and sensitivity, and that the Lord will work out the situation for all involved.

    I would appreciate prayers for our family. My husband just had lung surgery to remove a tumor. He is doing well and it was considered carcinoid but benign, which is such a blessing. I would ask for prayers for his continued healing and that he stays tumor free. I had an MRI this week for chronic headaches and am concerned about the results so I would appreciate prayers that it would come back clear. We are also moving and changing jobs and I am incredibly stressed. Please also pray for our young boys during this time of transition and illness.

  11. Lord, I pray for Rose as she has got to undertake this difficult and uncomfortable task. That her employee will not receive it as personal from Rose but as Rose representing the company. I pray all parties will feel your peace and the employee will find a more suitable post.

    I have been praying for a husband. A christian man has been chatting to me through a christian dating website. He seems to love the lord. Yet our churches are so different. I am concerned that his church is more about the experience. Im not keen on the preaching and couldnt see me there. Are we equally yoked? I would rather the messaging stopped if this wasnt of God. Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much for prayers. I already feel so much more peace this morning. God really used 1 Peter to speak to my heart. It will be okay. Please know I am praying for you all as well.

  13. Dear Lord, I pray that you would provide for Tony’s needs and bring peace, comfort and strength. We know that you make all things new.

    I have found it necessary to move out from an emotionally abusive marriage. Please pray for God to open doors to supply spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

  14. Lord I ask you opn up good positive doors for Katie that will supply all her spiritual, mental and emotional Please pray for my minister,Dave,he left for IL to say goodbye to his fathsr..

  15. Praying that Katie would receive discernment from the Holy Spirit as she encounters these changes in her life and that peace would be hers.

  16. Pray for wisdom as I struggle with trusting God’s will and timing in a situation that is way beyond my control! That I would find His peace as I wait and believe He is working!
    Patty–praying for you pastor as he spends time with his father. That God would allow them both to say what they need to as father and son! That God’s comfort and peace and love would be in the center of this time they have together!

    • Kitty, I am praying that you will gain trust in God’s will and timing…I sometimes struggle with that myself! I pray that you will His peace because He is working for you.

  17. Kitty: I share your needs and pray that your spirit us renewed and encouraged daily by His Word. It only takes faith the size of a mustard seed!!

    As for my struggle: please pray for my prodigal love – that he will look to Our Father for light and truth and find his way back to the Cross and back home. Pray for me to remain steadfast in my faith in God/Christ/the Holy Spirit to redeem and restore us.

  18. Kitty, I pray that the LORD will grant YOU HIS perfect peace as you find trust in Christ and Christ alone in this time of need. I bless you with HIS grace and HIS undying LOVE for you in JESUS’ Name I pray amen amen and amen.

    I pray and bless the LORD that in the year of 2014 I find myself in an even ever more intimate place with Christ our LORD and as I study HIS WORD diligently, that HIS WORD may be found hidden deeply in my heart as a treasured possession. I pray that the LORD blesses me in our dance together in areas I have never walked before. I pray that the eyes of my heart may be opened more and more and more to digest and ingest HIS WORD, this is Christ JESUS our LORD, and in the purification and sanctification of it all, God’s GLORY shines through and through and through. In JESUS’ Name I pray amen amen and amen.

  19. Please pray for our financial needs. My husband and I both work two jobs and still do not make enough to make ends meet and now our roof is in desperate need of repair. I left a good paying job several years ago due to stress and went back to school to become a Christian counselor. I don’t regret the decision but make far less money. We have cut back in every area that we can and it is still not enough to make ends meet. Thank you

  20. I have diabetes and spondylitis .I have an exam coming end of this month.I really need God to help me pass this exam.Pray for me.I also need a house and a car.Pray too that God will provide.Amen.

  21. A big thanksgiving for the rain we so sorely needed here. I also ask healing prayer for my 12 y/o daughter with a fever.

    • Tina, I ask for complete healing for your daughter, as we serve the Great Physician! I also ask that you retain that thankful spirit in this time of trial!

  22. Tina, I am asking God for a healing for your daughter and join with you, in Thanksgiving, for any rain that falls on the drought areas. Please pray for all those who have put worldly things above the things of the Lord.

  23. PLEASE CAN I ASK FOR PRAYER….I am a 58yr. old guy living in England… I lost my wife and son in a car crash some years back, and have brought up my daughter who survived the accident ever since. She is now 21 and about to graduate from university so we Praise god for that! I would so like to make a new start in life and meet a sweet Godly lady who we can create a new family with…Please will you stand with me, that God will bring the right lay into our lives to make this happen?
    God Bless you all,

    • Peter, I will pray for you. My husband and I each lost our first spouse to cancer, and we found each other on the Christian Mingle dating site. I can recommend that as a very good site to meet others. The Lord will direct you as you seek Him first. May God bless you!

  24. Hi,
    I have in the past 3 years had a condition start on my scalp. It is stinging and itchy at the same time and leaves red marks almost like chemical burns when I shampoo my hair. A day or 2 later it is flaky, white and patchy throughout. I am very sad and downheartened. I do not want to use a large amount of chemicals which is what the dermatologist suggested. I am trying to ID the cause and am taking a lot of supplements, teas, changed my diet completely and am attempting to use oils on my scalp to help this….so far I do not seem to have an answer how to get this healed completely.
    I could sure use your prayers.
    Thank you,

    • Kate, I am praying for you and God’s healing for your condition but also wanted to tell you- Check out Ava Anderson Non Toxic products. I know many people who have had skin irritations and conditions cleared up from using their products. They are 100% non toxic and have no chemicals what so ever. All natural ingredients. The diaper creame is amazing and cleared excema on my little boy.

    • Have you thought of natural cures. Look at this web site http://www.earthclinic. It has helped me so much. I found organic apple cider vinegar helps so many things that DR could not. Sounds like it could help your scalp. Prayers that you find relief.

  25. Christine, Karanja, and Tina I have prayed that our Father will meet all of your needs in Christ Jesus. Please pray that our Lord will provide full-time work for my husband, Victor. He is currently working at a company that is taking advantage of him. As a result, his health and self esteem have been affected. Thank you and God bless.

  26. Father, Clara is your precious child and you alone know how she will touch lives! Thank you for giving her to this Godly family and I ask you to answer their prayer for her. In you name, Jesus

    • Dearest Jesus, I lift up Lisa and her health to you. Please give her and her family calm, rest and health. In Jesus name I pray.

  27. Hello, Peter,
    I will pray for you and your desire to meet and begin a new life with the right person. This may sound strange, but I encourage you to find a Christian website for matchmaking, and give it a try. I, personally, have done this twice, since my first husband of many, many years passed away. The first wonderful man I met on a Christian site passed away suddenly a few months after our marriage. Undaunted, as the years went by, I once again went to a Christian site and found a wonderful husband. We have been married several years now, and I thank God for the guidance given me throughout my life. So, don’t be afraid, just be cautious, seek from good reliable Christian sites, pray to Jesus, and see where He leads YOU! God bless you!

  28. Dear Lord,
    I pray for your loving comfort for Kate, that there will be some relief from her condition. I ask prayers for me as I am recovering from surgery to reattach my hamstring to my hip and removal of some of the bone in my hip. I am bed ridden at this point and have always been extremely active, the pain is unending and severe. Please help me understand Your will in this stage of my life. Thank you all for your love and prayers, Tami

  29. Lord, I lift up Kate to you and ask you, our Jehovah Rapha, to heal this troubling scalp condition. Father, when our bodies break apart, it is so difficult to function just to do normal day-to-day activities, much less stenuous Kingdom work. Dearest Lord, please have mercy and heal her, whether simply supernaturally or else by leading her to specialists, nutritionists, who will have answers for her. Please give her courage and trust and patience. Lord, we know that all things are possible with you!!! Please hear her cries, and mine, on her behalf. Give her courage and hope and dont’ let her spirit faint. Buoy her up and bring her relief.

    Kate, I am NO doctor, but somehow this sounds like an automimmune difficulty (if you have already eliminated any shampoo or something that would touch your scalp that might have caused the difficulty. Obviously, sometimes a simple change can bring results. But it hasn’t, so it doesnt’ sound like any kind of “contact” dermatitis. I say all this to say that I am suffering from some kind of bizarre breakdown on the skin of my hands, which ranges from irritating to painful. It is not contagious at all, and dermatiologists are just treating it topically to ease symptoms. But it’s getting worse. So, along with you, I’;ve gone to my knees asking God for help and relief. A friend told me about how drinking apple-cider vinegar (AVC) mixed with raw, organic honey and distilled water has greatly boosted his immune system. He just doesnt’ get sick anymore (esp. in winter). This regimen was originally advocated by health expert Paul Bragg (now deceased) and cont. by his daughter Patricia. I have their book called simply Apple Cider Vinegar Health System, and was just starting to browse through it yesterday. While she recommends drinking this AVC “cocktail” daily, I noticed there is also a recommendation for putting a solution on the scalp. I have never tried any of this, but I know that whole, organic vinegar, honey, and water will not hurt you. And it looks as if it does wonderful things for the body. So once more, I am not a health specialist, but I pass this along in case it could help you. http://www.bragg.com/
    I know that God can use others to help us improve our health. My prayers go with you.

    And for the person who prays for me? PP that God will heal my hands, give me strength for ministry (I know I have been under severe attack by the Enemy and feeling very defeated), and for my brother Brian’s emotional healing after a lengthy, devastating divorce. God bless you, and thanks to (in)courage for this wonderful opportunity to pray.

    • Father, thank you for the awesome right to come into Your throne room this morning and bring the concerns of Lynn’s heart before You. LORD, you know every hair on her head, every cell in her body. LORD, you know what is causing this painful discomfort in her hands. In the Spirit right now I reach out to take these hands and plead the healing blood of Jesus over them. LORD, we take authority over these hands that have been dedicated to You and say to the enemy, “back up! you have no authority or rights over this body and we command you in the mighty name of JESUS to leave this woman and all in her family, church, ministry and aquaintance ALONE!” Abba, I know the pain and devastation of rejection and broken hearted relationship. There is no pain like the pain and wounds of a broken heart. LORD, I ask you to put Your loving arms around Brian as he walks out this strange place he finds himself. Pour fresh hope into his mind. Remove all hurtful words and images as he forgives and releases them to You. Remind Brian that you have an awesome plan for his life. Give him promises from Your eternal word that cannot return void. Give him the courage to obey any instruction You may give him no matter how crazy it looks to him. Help him Abba to begin again. It may look impossible to him but nothing is too hard for You and we know You are with him! In Jesus Name I ask all these things, Amen. (Much love to you dear ones. I will continue to pray! God’s angels surround thee.)

      • Marth, truly this brings tears to my eyes. God’s power is in your caring words, and I’m more grateful than I can say–esp. your prayers for poor Brian!

        • Lynn… For Brian. When I found myself in a place of great devastation God whispered this to my heart… I’ll be praying, love martha

          ONLY CHANGED

          You there…
          Yes, you…
          Sitting in the ashes.
          These ruins you see all about you?
          They are not who you are.
          They are not your final destination…
          (or your destiny)
          I AM!
          You are in Me and I AM in you.
          Our two lives are as inseparable as a brook that flows into a river.
          Where does the brook end and the river begin?
          (Ha… you can’t tell Me!)
          That’s how it is with us…
          My life flowing in you… your life flowing in Me.
          You look at these ashes and think, “It’s all over now.”
          You see ruins where once stood bright hopes and shining dreams, and you think, “What’s the use of dreaming?”
          (But SweetHeart, look up.)
          Turn those tear-filled eyes toward Me.
          I AM still here.
          (You are still here.)
          We are not going to dwell forever in… this place.
          This is only for a moment in your eternity.
          (a wink!)
          I AM your true Vine… not your dreams.
          Your life flows from Me… not from people, possessions, or calling.
          Come… dry those eyes.
          Life is not over… only changed.
          (But remember what I told you?)
          “I do not change!”
          I AM the One you can always count on. I AM the Foundation that does not move.
          We will be leaving here soon.
          As we step out of these ashes to begin again?
          You will see Me transform these ashes of yours into radiant beauty.
          (you’ll see.)

          “To all who mourn… He will give beauty for ashes” Isaiah 61:3

  30. I need prayer for crystal clear guidance about a relationship I have been in for the last 2 years and also for clear direction about where to move and when. I am seriously contemplating a move overseas. Thanks.

  31. There seems to be so much suffering and pain in this life, but as I read each prayer request, I keep being reminded that all things will work together for good, for those who trust in His ways.
    Trusting in Him to knows our needs and pains to work things out, relieves us of the need to know how any of this makes sense, or how it can be used for good. In this, I take courage as my daughter,38 years old, 3 young children, has breast cancer and is suffering greatly. The Chemo is terrible and with 6 months ahead, and then radiation, I can’t help but suffer and wonder how this fits into the person I am called to be- a woman of courage, faith, and trust in a God who is all loving – who gave us His only Son to suffer and die for us. By His example I must take courage to carry this cross and many others that go with this, and I pray for all of you to take courage, for in this life we will suffer, but God has a higher purpose in all of this. A day at a time, we must have courage, pray for each other for the strength that we need for each and every day that God gives us .

    • Donna, I pray for you, your daughter & her children. I suggest you post pictures of her children around with the message “I must get well for them”. 2013 was a horrible nightmare year for me dealing with breast cancer, chemo & radiation and all the many side effects.. I often lived moment by moment depending on God. Put praise music on CDs and try to sing along. Yes, it is tough; but God is tougher! God be with each of you in a special way.

  32. I would ask for your prayers this morning. My problems are so minor compared to the many others I have read and prayed about. I am tired and discouraged. I am tired of this severe winter and the sound of the trickle of water which keeps our pipes from freezing. I own an alteration shop but I’m tired of the cold in the shop (which I can’t control) and even though I’m my own boss, I have many, many bosses (customers). I’m tired of my husband’s commitments which don’t allow enough time with our sons, their wives and our grandkids. Please help me to turn my focus to my blessings. Thank you.

  33. I know that feeling of discouragement. I remember a speaker reading Psalm 61 and pointing out the line: “When my heart is overwhelmed” – when, not if. God understands that sometimes it’s going to feel overwhelming, but we can call out to Him in that, and He will help and when we keep on in obedience to Him, He gets us through. My prayer-request was going to be please pray I’ll remain faithful even in those times of weariness and discouragement. May we all do as David did and encourage ourselves in the LORD.

  34. I pray for all concerns here. Health concerns, relationship challenges and financial issues are frightening. I pray that each of you find peace in the shelter of our Lord as you journey through these times of unrest. Donna, I lift your daughter up in prayer for healing and courage during treatment. My prayer request would be that I discern and follow God’s will.

  35. Praying for you to have discernment today Hope…and that you would put Gods will before your own. Pray for me as my hubby and I are travelling home in a snowstorm right now…five hours to go.

    • Karen, I pray that God will hedge you in on all sides with his protection as you travel to your home. God bless you.

  36. Hi Aleda! I am praying for you this morning. I live in Ohio, and this winter has been brutally cold, breaking all types of records. So, I feel your pain (and the cold!). I pray that you are encouraged by the reminder that this is a season that is soon to pass…spring will be here before you know 🙂 I also pray that your husband is able to prioritize his commitments and make time for your family.

    I am asking for prayer this morning for my pending divorce. The final hearing is this Wednesday and I am asking the Lord for strength and courage to move forward with my head up. This divorce was my husbands doing and if it were up to me, we’d still be fighting for our marriage. I am 27 and will be 28 at the end of this month. I pray the Lord shut out doubts, fears and any insecurity I may have of my future and the possibility of being loved and being a wife again. Please pray for me during this difficult time. Thanks 🙂

    • Ashley, I am so very sorry that you find yourself in this sad situation. You have asked for God to watch over you and protect you from fears and doubts. I know in my heart that just as soon as you asked He was there. You are his daughter, and he will not leave you to go through anything alone. I pray that God’s Holy Spirit will fill you with a sense of comfort, assurance, and peace every single step of the way. And, I pray that He will bless you at just the right time with a Godly man who will honor you and love you for the rest of your life. God bless you, Ashley.

  37. I’m asking for prayer for a difficult situation. We are in real danger of losing our home due to job lay off. Please pray that the Lord will make a way for us to be able to work something out financially so we will can remain in our home. Thank you all. God bless.

  38. I will lift you up in prayer that you will be healed from all of your hurts and anguish. I pray too, that you will be richly blessed

    I ask for prayers that my son will find full time employment and this job would allow hi to develop his gifts and talents.

  39. I would like prayer for our finances…we are having major trouble and could lose our home and business. Thank you so much.

    • Lee Ann, I understand what is happening to you. I have been in your shoes.

      I pray that God will bless you and your husband every day in a way that lets you know beyond any doubt that He is right there with you. I pray that you will courageously follow the path he has chosen for you every day. I pray that you will feel the power of his presence and become aware of every single blessing he sends your way. I pray both of you will sense the guidance of His Holy Spirit in all of your decisions. I pray that you will stay so close to Him through prayer and His word that your thoughts will go through him and His through you. I pray that you will praise Him for everything in your life…even for the hard times. Praise and gratitude are so important for you right now.

      I remember reading so many helpful thoughts. One was that when we cannot see our way out of an earthly situation, it is time to look towards Christ who is not bound by anything earthly to handle your problems. Do not allow your problems to be your focus when you feel you cannot do anything more; focus on God, his love for you; the blessings that are yours every day because you are a daughter of God. Let gratitude just fill you up. Turn immediately when negative thoughts come. Hold onto your faith. No matter what the outcome is, God will be there, and you will have absolutely no doubt about it.

      God brought my husband and me through our problems, and not the way we expected him to. The most amazing thing is how positive we both were that we were following what he wanted for us. There were major changes in our lives, but every.single.one. has been for the better. They would not have happened without the struggles. I hope that you will hold tight to your faith and count on the fact that He will see you through this very difficult time.

      My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  40. I ask you to pray that I will find the right church home, a women’s bible study group, and a good Christian friend in our new city near Washington, DC. Thank you.

  41. First of all Ashley I’m asking God to give you the strength that you need on Wednesday. As you said to Aleda there are seasons in our lives and all hurt and doubt will fade. Yes, God said in his word that we are help mates to our husbands and you will find someone that you and he can and will be on one accord. You are young, live your life for Christ, travel, and enjoy you!!!! That’s my very words to my sons. I ask for prayer today for my mom. She has a lot of pain in her body and she complains about it quite a bit. I just want her to feel better!

  42. I feel so lonely. Please pray that I may let go of my past and insecurities so that I may move forward towards a complete life I so much want in following in the footsteps of Jesus. I pray for a full life of happiness and completeness in a family of love. I need to let go so that God will take over and allow me to be free. In Jesus’ bame.

    • Deb, I sense your pain in your post. I was stuck for a long time, holding onto pain. I encourage you to fill yourself with His word and turn to them when negative memories of the past come to you.

      I pray that you will thank God every day for every thing in your life, both the good and the bad. Thank him for bringing the blessings and for taking the pain. I pray God will pour open your eyes to all of the goodness He has to offer you, and that you will begin to feel the pain of the past slip away. God loves you so much and wants to bring you comfort and peace and a full life of His kind of love. God bless you, Deb.

  43. Sharon, I pray for you and your family and your financial situation. I have been in real estate for over twenty years and know how stressful this can be. I pray that our Heavenly Father will bring someone into your life this week who will be able to help during this season. They will be able to counsel and guide you on the road ahead. In Jesus Name, Amen

    I will be having heart surgery in the morning. The success for this procedure is 70%. I am going forth with a holy boldness and asking everyone to pray that I will be in the 70%. Thank you and God Bless everyone who reads this.

  44. LeeAnn,
    I pray that you will find relief for your finance trouble. God never gives us more than we can handle. He will not leave you homeless. Have faith that He will pull your through this. Let go and let God take your burden.

  45. Not sure of prayer before me. But I need prayer. Please. We laid the father of my kids to rest yesterday. 19,17,13. He took
    His life a week ago. The pain is intense. Thank you

  46. Like so many others who commented above, we are in a very difficult financial hardship – severely underemployed and seeking gainful employment wholeheartedly; rising above skyhigh healthcare costs from cancer recovery and cardiac surgery; family who do not understand how we landed in this difficult space… and have no intention to help or support us emotionally (unfortunately it’s a very selfish, toxic situation with my husband’s elderly mother); we are in the midst of very chaotic times. But, I know that great change only occurs amidst the chaos and complexity… so I pray that God uses these most difficult times to grow us and mold us to have the courage to do his will… and celebrate the everyday graces that are apparent to my husband and I. Please pray that we may stand strong against these adversities, yet have the flexibility to welcome the changes God has in store for us on the horizon. Please pray that we will grow and learn throughout this experience, that the experience leaves us better rather than bitter, and thus that we will use our experiences and learnings along this course to bless others as soon as we are able. Thank you!

  47. For Bonnie, rest assured that God is with you and your kids during those very hard times. Lay all your burdens on Him and let Him heal you and give you rest.you and your family are in my prayers. I may not be able to understand the way you are feeling right now for it must be terrible but i’ll keep on praying for you and your kids. Take care.

    Please pray for me and my family. We are planning to buy a house and we would like to stay in the same area we,re living right now. MAy God bless us and guide us in our choice to find the right house .thank you.god bless you

  48. Someone close to me tried suicide but lived. Even so the pain both hers and the families was tremendous. I will pray for strength and for God to hold the pain of trying to make sense of something that can never make sense. God’s peace to everyone. My need for prayer is for this Friday as I face yet another doctor trying to find the source of an acute pain in my left shoulder blade area. I march on daily but need relief so I can sleep peacefully again. Peace going forward.

  49. Bonnie, I am praying for you and your kids. I pray that the Comforter which Jesus gave each of us will well up inside of all of you, giving you His peace…not the peace that the world gives, but His peace. I pray for godly people to gather around each of you individually & as a family, forming a circle of support & love through this situation. God loves you all more than words than can say. Trust Him, if only for this second…and then for another second and another. He will never leave you or forsake you!

  50. I pray for you, Deb, and I am thankful that you know that even though it may seem we are alone, we are not. Betty, I pray for you, and I am thankful for your boldness. Our GOD is big and mighty, and He is always there for us!
    The Lord is … my STRENGTH and my SHIELD; my heart TRUSTS in Him, and I am helped. Psalm 28:7
    Prayers for two dear single mothers (each with 3 children) who are dealing with the everyday struggles of life would be appreciated. May we all rest in the care of our Lord, and find the beauty in each moment, and be thankful. Blessings to all.

  51. I pray for you Susan that God will give the doctor wisdom and discernment as he/she looks into what is the cause of your pain and a solution for relief will be found and you will soon be getting very peaceful sleep.
    I also pray that this family who has been through this terrible “suicide” ordeal will realize the blessing in disguise in that death was not the result and God has a greater purpose for this young lady. I pray that this young lady finds unconditional love through others, which will lead her to Jesus, the ultimate Comforter and Healer. May she be able to confide in Him and in others so her state of mind never finds herself in this place of despair again.

    My prayer request is that I will find a job where I feel at peace and where I feel the “happiness” that I used to feel for 18 years as I got up to go to work each day. I used to say to myself “I can’t believe I get paid for doing this.” I really found joy in my job and I want that back again. I wrestle with depression, anxiety, and am coming back from a nervous breakdown from a year ago. I want “me” back.

  52. Dear JoAnne,
    Please know that I have copied your prayer request as a reminder to pray all this week. I don’t know you personally, but I love you as a sister in Christ. I totally get toxic family situations. For me, it sometimes really hurts when people talk about the happiness of their family.If I did not have true family in Christ,I would be a very lonesome person.I will pray for you, your finacial provision and strength and grace for you and your husband. Love in Christ, Lynne

    • Thank you so much Lynne. God’s blessings to you and yours… and I will pray for your concerns too.

  53. My prayer request is that God will heal and restore what the locust has stolen.I was date raped several years ago and made many bad choices after that to numb/cope with that even though I was saved.I pray that God will use all this wreckage for good and that He will give me hope, real hope that my future will be one that pleases Him and that I will find peace.

    • Hey, Lynne! I have been where you are and it is a very scary and lonely place. I pray that God will HEAL and RESTORE what was stolen from you. God will get you through this and though, right now it may not seem a good thing, God will turn it to good. “For what God has begun…He will finish.” God is not happy when we are hurt or betrayed. These things happen because “in this world we will have tribulation”. The only reason I can find that we must go through “junk” is for us to turn to God for healing and it somehow, someway builds our character and we become “His ministers” to those who have bore a similar pain.
      I pray that you will find peace and I know it will come from God. “For my peace I leave with you.” Sometimes it takes pouring our feelings and our soul out to Him to get rid of the “yucky” feelings we have as a result of such a horrific experience. When we cry out to Him, He hears our cries, catches our tears, and the healing begins…And we, inevitably become closer to Him as a result of it all.
      Blessings, peace, and healing is what I pray for you.
      Respectfully and In Christ Love,
      Natalie Lynn

  54. Natalie, I will definitely be praying for me re: job, depression, anxiety. I understand being in a great job and now in one that you can barely deal with. Love in Christ, Lynne

  55. Please pray for Chris and Kara to keep healing in their marriage. Help them to spend their money in the right way.Bring Justin back to put Christ first in his life and meet a Christian lady. Heal Kathy and Tina from their cancer.

    • Sandy I am praying now for the special requests you have laid down for God. And with thanksgiving, we know that His peace will come.

    • Sandy,
      I will be lifting Chris and Kara up in their marriage. Restore their marriage and make all things new. May they be good stewards with their money.
      Bring Justin to his knees for you and want a relationship with you.
      Help heal and restore Kathy and Tina from their cancer and give them hope.
      In your name

  56. Help with my depression. Nothing seems to help. Going through “empty nest” which is very hard. Unsure if I can continue in my career as a nurse for another 15 years until retirement. Looking at different jobs that might fit and be easier physically.

  57. Sweet Lord and Creator of all good things, this is my fervent prayer. Please eliminate the evil within Marge’s heart and spirit and replace Satan’s hold with Your love and mercy. Please allow her to see how beautiful Peggi is and what a wonderful mother she is. Please, Lord, teach Marge to love YOU and not Satan. Please gently guide Peggi into full trust and faith in Your loving ways. Please help my husband to be Your soldier with full armor to defend YOU. Please, Holy Spirit, please enter the hearts and spirits of those who have yet to feel Your presence. I declare and believe that You, Lord Jesus, are already winning this battle. For we are stronger with Christ! There is no hold on us by Satan. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being our amazing Savior, with Love and Mercy in abundance! AMEN!

    • Jill – praying for healing and restoration of health… and that God will bless you and your husband with a new baby. God bless you and yours.

  58. Lynne, I am praying for complete healing and restoration, for redemption of this past sin done unto you. I have living evidence of a similar situation to one of my relatives of Gods healing and power to use that situation to create one of the most beautiful and godly lives in a woman that I have ever seen! Praise The Lord that He is able to do far more than we could ever imagine or think!!!!
    For my prayer request I have two parts. One is for my job situation. I have recently applied for a promotion that could bring more stress in my life, however it could be a great thing too so I am praying for God’s best in that situation (have thine own way, Lord) and the second part is for my relationship. Previously I was the girl on here praying that God would send me a Godly man and just when I was losing hope He sent me a prince that loves me and takes care of me and values his relationship with The Lord above all things. The prayer request here is for Gods timing and help so that we can remain pure. We know we will be married and it’s just in this waiting stage that it gets hard to say goodnight. I have been a virgin for all of my 32 years and I know The Lord can sustain, however it’s not the same story for my man and although he doesn’t pressure me at all we are just ready to be married. So we just need prayer for purity in how we love, live, and think! Thanks so much, it’s such a blessing to have a community of believers to pray and love through each of our battles and situations!!!

  59. Jill, praying for healing. Also that God will surround you with a peace that passes all understanding.

  60. Please pray for my sister who is losing control of her motor skills and we don’t know why she is in process of taking all kinds of tests, the next one is a brain scan. She is strong accept when it comes to these kind of things, she doesn’t want to know. And I pray that she has strength to fight and not give up.

    • Heavenly Father, please be w/ Row’s sister. It is scary losing control of functions that we need on a daily basis. Give her courage as she goes through all of this testing. Give the doctors and technicians wisdom as they perform and analyze the tests and ten decide the best plan of treatment. Give Row wisdom to help her sister and encourage her during this difficult time. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  61. Please pray for my marriage and family. It’s been over a year with since my husband and I separated with no sign of restoring our marriage. Really praying that The Lord works his perfect timing soon and restores our marriage.

    • Heavenly Father, thank You for being all that we need You to be. Jenn is asking prayer today for her marriage. Lord, it seems that You are the only One who can restore this marriage right now. Help each person in this marriage realize that without You they can do nothing. Lord, You said that if we lacked wisdom, we should ask You. Give Jenn wisdom to know what to do at this time. You are also the God of the impossible. Thank You, Lord, for Your help and guidance in this matter. We love you, Lord, We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  62. I know that there are things messed up with me, but I suck at admitting them, especially to my husband. I just want to be angry with him and hurt him like I am hurting.

  63. Asking prayer today for my daughter, Heather – a single mom w/ two children. She has pneumonia. She needs healing as she needs strength to start her new job tomorrow. Mostly she needs spiritual healing. Thanks!

  64. Need prayers for my father who suffered a stroke before Christmas. He is being moved from rehab to a dementia unit tomorrow. I’m in NC, he’s in GA. I haven’t been able to see him in six weeks. Miss him so much!

    Three of my eight kids have been sick with a stomach bug. Begging prayers for health and healing.

  65. Praying for your daughter Heather…. Please can you pray that we sell a challenging home in a challenging housing market. I feel so burdened and consumed by this. I am believing God for good things.

  66. As I pray for Denise M and her daughter, Heather, for physical and spiritual healing, I ask for prayers for my unsaved family. For my husband, Thomas, that he may come to believe like Thomas the apostle. For my prodigal son, Matthew, that he may see the error of his ways and come back to his “Father” in heaven. For my son, Michael, that he may have the strength and courage of the archangel Michael and he too come back to his “Father” in heaven. And for all of my unsaved relatives that are too numerous to mention. Thank you for your prayers and I will pray for Denise M and her daughter Heather.

  67. Just need lots of prayer. In marriage almost 30 yrs – last 10 yrs hell on earth. I’m in horrendous physical pain which takes strong prescribed meds but DH discusses side affects with everyone but me….to point weaning off all. I’m barely uloved (not toched me in any way six months). He has kids believing lliesabout me to point of them telling me to go to my room. Only one vehicle leaves me stuck here unless I get ride. I blog but cannot tell my heart because family condemns . I have faith in Jesus and know he’s only one who won’t reject but its lonely otherwise. Just really hate life. No not suicidal..st want to run away from all.

  68. I am praying for Regina, for her aunt. I am praying with thankfulness of her example of bringing a loved one to the throne of grace. I am praying for the daughter of the most High King who has in anguish accepted the name “rejected again”… That she would know her identity in Christ and that The Lord would shower her with His Love In a way that she would recognize as a very personal expression of His love for her. That her hurt heart would find peace and whole ess in the tender care of Love. I ASK for prayers of wisdom…that I would know when it is an act of love to intervene in a parents destructive decisions…when it is time to say “I cannot let you do this anymore”. This parent does not have a spouse and does need medical care but abuses pain meds and alcohol and just wants to be left alone to do that.

  69. Please pray for my family. The past 3 months have been some of the most intense spiritual warfare we’ve ever experienced. Please pray that we would continue to seek His face and His word as we move through each day. Thank you!

    • Father, I lift Sarah and her family to You today, that they will know You as their Shield and Strength. May Your right Hand sustain them. Arm them with strength for the battle; make the adversary bow at their feet, deflect the fiery darts of the evil one with the shield of faith. Be their stronghold in time of trouble. Help them and deliver them, because they take refuge in You. May they keep their eyes on You and cling to Your Word in the battle and come out with a deeper understanding of Your love for them. Now to You, O God, Who is able to do more than we could ever imagine, to You, O God, be the power and glory, forever.

  70. Please pray for urgent provision required by tomorrow. My son needs $600 more to cover tuition fees. Needing a miracle with an empty bank account. Praying that my son will see God’s faithfulness and it will build and deepen his faith. And mine.

  71. Please pray for me….I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am desperately in need of a touch from God. I ask that you would pray for wisdom for my surgeon and doctors, strength and peace for my husband and my children and healing from Almighty God. With deep gratitude…..

  72. Please pray for me and my marriage. My husband just confessed his use of and addiction to “P” after 18 years of marriage. I’m expecting twins in March and have a 3 year old. I’m battling feelings of betrayal, hurt and just plain old anger. I waffle between wanting to get help to overcome this and wanting to get out of the marriage. Today I don’t want to fight for it, I want to walk away. But I desperately don’t want my children to experience the pain of divorce.

  73. Lord, I lift Sita and her son before your throne….I praise You because You are The Lord who provides….May it be so for Sita. May her son see the faithfulness, mercy, power and love of Jesus Christ as you meet their needs. Reveal your love to him in a way he can clearly perceive.
    I pray that You would give grace and peace to Sita and her son….knowing that they are completely loved by You. Be their provider I pray in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

    • Christie, thank you so much for your prayers. May I also lift you up.
      Father, You Who took such care to fashion each cell of Christie’s body as she was formed in the womb, knows exactly how to make that which is unhealthy healthy again. I pray that You would touch Christie’s body with a healing touch for Your glory. You have allowed this, so I know that You have also provided all that this dear family needs, Bring the support needed, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Guard from any inept medical care if You choose to heal her via the medical care system. Give all medical personnel wisdom and compassion when they cross paths with Christie. Flood her family, her husband and children with Your peace. Cover them with Your canopy of grace and shield of protection. I entrust You, Great Physician, with Christie. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
      (Christie, you should check out Elaine at Peace For The Journey, who has walked your journey.)

  74. Prayer for God to open the doors to a better job and the finances to become a Life Coach.
    “Fulfillment” is my word to keep me focused!

  75. Please pray for salvation of my papa, Hector, sister in law, Julie, & closeness to Christ of my nieces, Elizanda, Bea, Mian as well my nephews, Dan, Mikee, our son, Nate. Healing of my husband, Ernest right swollen finger, right toe, he’s diabetic. And part time jobs for us so it will cover our food, gas & bills. Thank you all. May God bless you.

    • Lord, Lifting up Beth to you and her family .. you know all her needs and YOU can provide!! Praying especially for the salvation of souls and healing and financial blessing as well. Show them YOU are sufficient to take care of everything and are working on their behalf. Even now!

  76. Requesting prayer for my son – he was diagnosed w/ an absess on his tonsil yesterday. While this can be treated by antibiotics, if it doesn’t clear up completely, then he will need to have a procedure to have his tonsil “scraped”. Of course, we’d like to avoid this pain for him!! God’s will.
    Also, a prayer for my husband’s job. He recently applied for a position above his entry-level job – and a few days after was asked to provide references!! We are hopeful this means they are interested in him!! That would sure ease our financial burden somewhat. THANK YOU! God bless!

  77. This is partly a prayer but also a huge praise. I have germ-related OCD and had a sleepover a few days ago and my friend started throwing up in the morning. I stopped eating and drinking, was spending a significant amount of time washing and not really concentrating on anything. I am so thankful that God has gotten me to a point where I am eating and drinking again for the most part–it is so hard to desperately want food/water, have it within reach, but not be able to get it to your mouth no matter how hard you try…the prayer I need is that I could catch up in school. Last semester my grades took a hit because of how stressed out I was, and I really don’t want that to happen again this semester, but I fell so far behind in the days I was barely functioning that I am worried about passing much less getting decent grades. I know God can do anything, but it really is going to take a miracle to get me back on track. I am also a little worried that if I pour all my energy into catching up in school that I will slip back into refusing to eat and drink, because it is still a battle between me and the ocd to get each bite of food and each sip of water into my body.

  78. Lifting up Va that God will give her strength to be able to keep the OCD under control while catching up with school. Lord, please also give her calm and peace about the situation and the ability to study and apply herself with her school. We ask all in your holy name, Lord. Amen.

    My prayer request is for our friends Kay and Larry. Larry has Multiple Myeloma, advanced stage, and is under hospice care. He is in immense pain and I just pray that anyone reading this would ask God to relieve the horrible pain that he is enduring. They are a wonderful, serving couple and have a strong faith, but it’s so hard for his family to see him go through this. Thank you for praying.

  79. My husband’s job is moving out of state. We’ve been praying about it and really feel that God wants us to stay put. Please pray that he will get a good job offer with a local company before March 3 so that he won’t need to commute and be away from the family. Thank you, and God bless you!

  80. Sita,
    My deepest thanks for your prayer. I will check out Elaine’s journey….thank you for the thoughtful suggestion.

    May God give you all that you need for your own journey. Grace and peace to you and your son, christie

  81. I had a stem cell transplant on August 27, 2013 for Lymphoma. I am now going on six months after transplant and I will have a PET scan done on February 21st to confirm that I am cancer free. I will then go back to work on March 3rd. I want JOY and PEACE in my life. In the last five years, my Husband, Father and Mother passed away. I am done asking WHY? I want to live according to Proverbs 3: 5-6

  82. I lost my job to outsourcing in November. I am the main bread winner four our family… Please pray that God leads me where he wants me to be and that I have faith big enough to trust that he will provide…

  83. PLEASE pray, i am losing all hope, my sin and earthly desires are taking over what i know to be true. I want to just say the heck with it all and just leave my belief that God loves me. i know He does and i will never get that close to actually doing that but this must be what it feels like right before someone makes that decision.


  84. Cathy Bowen, May God fill you with supernatural peace and rest as you go for your PET scan….I am sure you are nervous – but may you know the presence of God that pushes out the fear of the enemy. May you know complete health. May you know that you are loved by the God of Heaven and earth. May you know that the plans He has for you are good….and filled with love. God bless you and be with you.

  85. Please pray for complete health. To feel well. No more pmt… Thank you.

    And Joanne, I am praying for your friend: peace and provision. X

  86. I will pray the God will give you the strength to keep your eyes on Him. Remember you are His daughter and He love You! Do not give up you are not alone! As Christians we all feel like giving up at one time or the other. That why we share and pray for one another.
    May God Bless you and May you feel His peace.

    Please pray for me also I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I am behind in all of my bills.(rent, light, gas) I could not pay my insurance for my car and that got cancelled . I need my car to get to work. I am so tired and broken hearted. Please pray for my finances.

    • I pray, Lord, that dj’s needs will be met, and that she will be encouraged and not lose hope. Help her, Lord, to realize how much You love her and want the best for, and will be with her no matter what the situation is. Give her peace, Lord, even in her current situation. I pray this in the precious name of, Jesus, our Savior.

      Pray for me that several health issues will be resolved, and that I will be at peace. Pray that I will keep my eyes on the Lord and look to Him for my peace of mind.

  87. My husband and I are at the point in our marriage where we’re going to have kids and move forward into what God has for us or we will not be together anymore. I am plagued with thoughts of wanting to leave but fear always stops me. It feels like satan has been after our marriage since day 1. And I am so tired. I need loving desire for him and for a desire to be married to him and the continued energy to invest in my marriage. So many inner struggles. Thank you.

    Dj, I prayed for provision from God as only He can provide. For peace to replace the anxiety you feel and for your needs to be met.

  88. DJ, I am praying God’s provision and financial and spiritual blessings over you. I also pray that the Lord will lift your spirit during this trying time and that He will give you peace and rest.

  89. Please pray for my husband and I. After 5 years of trying to conceive and suffering a miscarriage last May we found out we were expecting this moring by complete surprise. Please pray for a healthy and smooth prgnancy.
    Thank you.

  90. Jenna, I am praying for God to restore your marriage and to bless you and your husband with a love that surpasses all understanding.

  91. In the past 8 months we have gone from 4 kids to 6 ( thanks to the miracle of adoption). Would you please pray for my marriage, my kids who are having a hard time adjusting, and for my own sanity as I am pretty stressed out managing it all. Many thanks,

  92. My daughter delivered a beautiful son 3 months premature. He will remain in the NIC unit for at least 2 months. My daughter is covered under our insurance, however, the baby is not. They are currently fighting to get on Medicaid but due to many stipulations we are unsure if they will cover the baby. My daughter lives an hour from the NIC unit, though currently staying at the Ronald McDonald house. She still has to travel back and forth. It’s been such a long 5 days. We are fundraising to cover expenses that aren’t covered. Praying for this Miracle Boy’s Fight ahead. Giving All the Glory to God!
    Please add us to your Prayers.
    Thank you & God Bless

  93. This feels very inconsequential. I am having a really rough time right now. I don’t want to get into specifics because it’s difficult to explain, but I will say that this morning at church I was nearly at my wit’s end. Please just pray for me to have patience with my circumstances and with my daughter. Please pray that I hear and heed God’s guidance in parenting her. For reference, she’s just turned 2 and has developed a fear of the bathtub (very much out of nowhere) and anxiety about me leaving her in her Sunday school class, with her babysitter, you name it. I’m a working mom and this is harder than I ever thought it would be.

  94. For strength to do as the Lord asked being a caregiver to my Sister who is sick. I sometimes want to give up but if I do she might see that I am giving up but I am not. I just need prayer for strength to keep going. Thank you!

  95. Please pray for me to let go of worry and anxiety regarding finances and my marriage. I would also like to ask for prayer for my daughter in college who has strayed from her faith and family. Thank you


  97. Please pray for my struggle and my sister’s struggle with anxiety. Please pray for my marriage as well as my parent’s marriage.

  98. Please pray for healing for my voice and my swallowing problems. A little over a year ago my voice started slowly sounding slurry and like I had just been to the dentist and my mouth was still numb. I also developed swallowing issue. It has stayed at the same level now for quite a while. I’m a teacher and I’ve had to take a leave of absence. Teaching art is my passion. So pray that God would heal me so I can continue to do his work.

    Olivia I’m praying for relief and peace from your anxiety. I’ve had periods of anxiety in my life and I know how horrible it is. I pray that God will calm your heart and soul along with your sisters. I also am praying for your marriage and your parents marriage. May God build up your marriages and heal whatever problems are occurring.

  99. My husband and I are putting a child through college…just a few years from retirement. Our savings are dwindling and we have incurred tremendous debt that we fear is going to follow us into our older years. While I know God provides all our needs, I need peace and assurance to avoid worry that rears it’s ugly head daily.

  100. Cathy, I pray for God’s healing of your voice, so you may continue doing what you love and making a difference in young lives! God Bless!

  101. Pray for my husband, Steve, who was diagnosed with a recurrence of pancreatic cancer last fall. After undergoing chemo treatments, his liver became infected. He was hospitalized most of January. Thankfully, God heard our prayers and he has been cured of most of the infection. We are so grateful that those prayers were heard and answered. He still struggles with side effects and there is still the chance that cancer may still be in his body. There are so many unanswered questions, so many unknowns. Please pray for his continued healing, and pray for the doctors and nurses that have cared for him, and will care for him on this journey. Please pray for our strength and peace also.
    Cathy, I am praying for your healing, and patience while the healing proceeds.
    Thank you, Heidi

  102. I have been unemployed since the end of July. I know God has a plan and that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I have been actively seeking employment during this time but now my unemployment benefits have run out. I pray that God will guide my steps and open only the doors He wants me to walk through. I want an assignment, a mission, from God. I don’t want just a job. I want to do what He wants me to do and go where He wants me to go.
    Thank you for your prayers. May God richly bless you for your kindness.

  103. Lord, I pray for Melanie as she shares her heart. She is asking for and I agree with her Lord, that you direct her to purpose filled position. Place her where you want her to serve with her talents and gifting. I ask that her needs and wants are met. Thank you for her and her open heart to serve you.
    I am asking for prayer. I am stepping out into full time ministry to serve women who are pregnant when arrested, ministering to her as she carries her baby. Care for her baby while she is serves her time and one year after her release. I am asking for wisdom and monies to meet needs.

  104. Kathy what a beautiful thing you are doing! I pray for the lord to help you and all the women that you will help. I pray that through your kindness they will find healing and peace. I pray for their babies. Thank you for your ministry. I will keep you in my heart and in my prayers.
    I am asking you to pray for me to become closer to christ, to learn to trust in him completely and to turn to him when i am tempted to make poor choices. We are trying to start our family and i need the lords strength to keep me on the path i need to follow. It seems though when i need him most i forget in my haste and panic to turn to him. I feel so alone sometimes, please pray that i find god in those moments. Thank you so much.

  105. Father, I pray for Kathy that you would provide for all aspects of this ministry that she is entering. Thank you that you are the author of wisdom and you care for each of us before we are born. I pray that you would help Kathy to effectively communicate your love to those whom she encounters in this ministry. Help her to have strength in the face of difficult situations and to act with insight and discernment. In Jesus name.

    I need prayer for healing in my marriage and for me to get a job.

  106. Almighty Father, we pray that you fill Melissa and her husband’s heart with tolerance and understanding as they seek to repair their marriage.
    We pray wisdom as they discuss challenges faced and seek solutions;
    We ask that you fill them with the spirit of forgiveness so that they will forgive even as You have forgiven them (and us all).
    Rekindle memories of earlier days when love flowed in abundance through the relationship.Let them draw strength from those memories and resolve to recapture, reclaim, rebuild . Most of all Father let them remember that You so loved us that You gave Your only Son for us.
    Showers of love we pray for them in your Mighty name.

    Melissa: take strength from Matthew 7v7 “ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” I will continue to pray for the healing of your marriage and that you will be provided with employment in God’s time.

    Please pray for good health for me and my son. Thanks.

  107. Lord Jesus, You said where two or more are gathered in your name, you will be with us…so many of us have come here to this website in faith, with hopes to bring your kindness and presence into our lives…..I thank you for all the blessings you have showered on me, sometimes in the way of hardships and sometimes in the way of peaceful joy in the little things. Through all experiences , when I relied on You …when nobody could satisfy my needs for understanding and comfort, for wisdom and forgiveness, YOU were always there….for this I am finally, at long last confident of your everlasting love…for me and for all of us here on the earth, struggling with stuff you already know all about…because you chose to become human as well….chose to come to the earth not as a powerful king, but a helpless baby… and to suffer those slings and arrows of rejection, hatred, misunderstanding by your own people (not your mother or foster father though)
    betrayal, unfaithfulness of friends, and on and on….until you suffered and gave up your life for us….so that we could come before your Father in heaven and offer our praise and worship for who you are…there is no one like You.
    Please help Michelle in her search for You….
    Michelle, I drew close to God through journaling….writing to Him as I would talk to a close friend..because that is exactly who He is..the best friend forever.
    Please pray for my relationship with my daughter to be healed of bitterness and blame, rejection and sorrow…She does not like me…this hurts.

  108. Lord, I have read each request here today… So many hurting. Physical needs, emotional needs, financial needs. People needing healing in relationships. People who have lost hope and don’t know where to turn. Spiritual needs. I’m thankful, Father, that no matter what our need is ~ whether it is so big that it almost seems impossible that there could be a resolution or whether it is so small that it may seem petty to others ~ it’s all important to You… You are the God who cares about every detail of our lives and loves us more than we could ever fathom. Thank You for being the God of miracles! Thank You for listening to our prayers and caring about every detail of our lives. Undertake with each person’s need represented here today. Lord, bless Rebecca. Bring healing to her marriage. Help her find the job that You would have her do. In the powerful name of Jesus. Amen

    I have read each request and my heart has been burdened and broken for so many. I have lifted each of you and your needs and requests before the Lord. I ask for prayer for myself… I have been fighting an illness for almost 3 years. Having a hard time getting to the “root cause” or main diagnosis. But, I have spent a good portion of that time house bound. So many changes have taken place because of this illness. Our lives have been greatly affected. It’s hard not to get discouraged. Please pray for healing ~ if that’s God’s will. For the right doctors, for wisdom, for answers. And that I will keep a joyful, thankful, contented spirit throughout whatever happens ~ whatever God’s plans may be ~ believing them to be for good and for His glory. And for my husband and son… There have been a lot of changes for us all.
    Another request… For a friend very sick in the Intensive Care Unit right now with a rare disease… And for his family.

  109. please pray for a friend whose step son died last week. He was only 30. Please also pray for her husband and his ex wife and the young man’s 6 year old son who is left fatherless. Pray that they are able to pick up the pieces.
    Thank you.
    Lord help all of us get a good nights sleep….and remember that you never sleep as you watch over us all like a mother hen watches her babies.

  110. Please, pray for courage, strength and peace in the loss of my husband 3 weeks ago to brain cancer. Our children have lost their father and we miss him so much. Please pray for the repose of his soul (Mark) and for healing and comfort as we begin to move forward in our grief.

  111. Lord, we ask that you stretch out your healing hands over Lisa. Bring her healing and relief of pain. We know that all things are possible for you and ask this through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

  112. There are so many of us who are hurting and need your love Lord. You are the One who brings healig, strength and hope. Let us put our hope in you and lean into You. Lord, I especially ask for peace, strength and love surrounding Michelle. Lay your comforting hands upon her family at this time. Show them your unfailing love and each day lessen the pain so that they may have sweet memories to fill them up. In Your name I pray….Amen.

    I have been struggling with a dying marriage for a few years. I have prayed, read, been to counseling….my hope for a future in ths marriage is almost gone. My prayer is for God to do his will to whatever good He sees. I pray for me to God’s will and see/hear his path for me. I pray for my husband to find the Lord’s love and comfort and hope. Thank you for your prayers

  113. Please pray for my good friend Jacquie and her family. She was in a horrible car accident and is struggling to recover. The future is uncertain, she has many more surgeries and LOTS of physical therapy ahead of her.. She also has a 6 yr old son who doesn’t quite understand why mommy is hospitalized for so long and won’t be home for sometime.

    Thank you~!

  114. Our God is a Master Physician and Healer. I pray for peace and comfort for Jacquie and her family. I pray that the love of God be poured upon their family in ways that they could ever imagine. I pray for her speedy recovery and strength in Jesus’ name.

  115. Please pray for my family. We moved a few months ago. many things aren’t working out. It has been very hard on all of us. I had a for fiend I was sky ping with but then she got mad at me because I could not share what happened with my son. . .my son has had a hard time and has seen things on my kindle that no 12 year old should see. . I felt so guilty myself because I didn’t know my old keyboard kindle could surf the net. So it wasn’t protected. Please pray for us as we seek counseling. . My husband searches for a job back where we came from and I look for another friend. Thank you.

  116. Please pray for my husband who is battling depression. I also ask for prayers of good health and strength for my daughter who is in college and for my daughter who is in high school. Thank you!

    • Emily, I pray for you and your family. God, please be with Emily and her family today and always. May your light shine and ease the burden of her husband’s depresssion and may your presence also be with her two daughters guiding them with love, strength and good health.

  117. I’m just feeling very alone at my job today. A relatively new sensation that has me struggling during the day and counting the minutes to when I can go home and find my inner peace. I know there are far greater needs than mine; I’ve been blessed in so many ways, but just looking for a prayer to make it through the day. Thank you.

    • Liz, I hear you. Being uncomfortable in a place where you must spend the bulk of your time is hard. Especially if the big thing you are missing in the equation is peace. It is a worthy desire. So I will pray for peace for Liz, no matter where she happens to be. Peace is in there, girl, just breathe through it.


    • Dear Precious Jesus, Thank you for your daughter Liz and how You love her big time !! She is struggling today, as you know, and she needs a great big hug from her Papa Father !! Would you envelope her today in Your grace and love…..just encourage her and open her eyes to see Your hand on her life and open her ears to hear Your sweet voice singing over her with joy !! Help her to stand strong at work, because only You know who she is touching as she stand firm in Your love, or who she is encouraging…or what You are working out for her good !! Sweet Holy Spirit….breathe life and love and peace all over her….may she swim in You all day!!! Thank You for you great, awesome and inspiring love !!
      In Jesus Powerful Name !! AMEN!!

  118. Now for me, struggling with anxiety and just not lovin’ myself so much. Wish I was better, more spiritual, faith-filled. I truly believe that if you have faith and trust in God, anxiety should fly out the window. I am in one of those woe is me ruts and need to turn my focus away from myself and on to something else.

  119. Hi ladies,

    I am asking prayer for my marriage and family. My husband and I are not speaking, really. And, it’s tearing me up inside. I want to have the marriage God intends for us, but it seems that every time I pray and ask God to begin mending the relationship, something tears that mend apart. I know it takes 2 to tango, and I’ve been as much a part of the problem as my husband. But, I really want to see change, but I’m not sure that’s what he wants. I came from a broken home, and I resolved that my children wouldn’t see my husband and I behave like my parents did, but sadly, it’s looking more and more like it these days. We just need Jesus. Lots of Jesus.

  120. Lifting up Conny, her son’s tonsil. We pray that your healing power be upon him, your promise that by the stripes of your blood we are healed. You are our Jehovah Raffa! That he will not undergo any surgical procedures like what you did with our son, Jarel. Also. Job for her husband. Pls open doors as your will be done & meet their financial needs. IJN! (In Jesus Name) we ask. Amen. Thank you Lord & we praise you.

  121. I need some prayers for a decision. Taking a severance package from work to move closer to my son. My daughter needs her family and I want to be more involved in my sons life. I want to follow Jesus more, so I want to make sure that leaving this job and moving to a different state is what God wants….it’s His life and I want to honor Him!! I need peace and direction and another job in another state and i need to do this for Him, not me!! Thanks

  122. After 4 years of trying to sell my home, God is good and has provided a buyer. Since my husband left us in 2009, I went through my savings to keep up house payments; so this burden will be gone. My prayer is for God to show me the next step as house sale doesn’t provide any additional funds to buy another house, and my debt is too high from being sole support to my 3 sons. Please pray that God provides a home for me. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you God that you have provided a buyer for Kerry’s house. Thank you Lord for being with her in the hard times. Please dear God, please show her the right place for her to live. Please provide her with an extra measure of comfort and security for Kerry and for her 3 sons. Thank you dear Lord, for answering this prayer in a mighty way.

      In Jesus’ name,

  123. I signed up to teach a ladies’ bible class at my church. I’m really nervous and worried about it. I have severe stage fright, and the thought of “teaching” the ladies in my church who have such a big faith is intimidating to me.

  124. Please pray for me and my husband. He has CPA exams going on so he is very busy and sidetracked, which leaves me feeling alone and unloved. Our two children keep my busy, but I feel I am running on empty. We recently moved to a new location thousands of miles away from our last home and a church that was basically our family. Feeling lost and alone and very stressed.

  125. I have a group of 18 energetic five and six year olds this year. about 25% of them I can tell have a desire to do what is right, and please the Lord. The other 75% all they want to do is play, misbehave, and continue to do so no matter what consequences have come across them. Pray that “my kids” will have a desire to please God and to do what is right, even when the other kids around them are doing wrong. I also need wisdom in knowing how to deal with their behavior. As a teacher I have tried all aspects of discipline that has usually worked for my other classes, and nothing seems to work. I am afraid that I am going to snap and lose my testimony in front of my students instead of showing them Christ’s love. Pray for me for calmness of mind and nerves and for me to react the way the Lord wants me to (I feel I have already failed in this aspect several times). I love my kids, but the thing I want most from them is not learning all the academics, although its important, but to learn to love God and please Him and to hate sin and to want to do what is right.

  126. Pray for my husband. 50+ and umemployed for 4 1/2 yrs. He has been unable to find work(fulltime, partime, anything) He is a good christian man with great references in area of accounting. I feel it is his age. Pray that an employor would look at his work history and skills not his age. This has hurt his self-esteem so much. He does like applying for jobs. Thr rejection is heavy. We know God has a plan for him and our family.

  127. Dear God, please help give peace to sl and her d.h. they need your guidance and reassurance that things WILL be ok…please be there to help them
    Please Lord, also look out for me and my family…help keep me strong in trying to get my family out of debt….help me stay on the right path you have for myself and my d.h.

  128. I would appreciate the renewal of communication with a friend. I have tried and done all I can to make amends. Please pray that I will be patient for God to work and not become bitter in any way.

  129. SL, I pray to our Heavenly Father that He brings along the right employer that will recognize your husband’s talent and accounting work experience.

    Please Father, watch over S.L. and her husband. Speak to her husband Lord, and show him that He can trust you in all things. Renew in him the HOPE that things will be ok and that he should not give up. Praying for that special, God chosen, employer that will recognize your husband’s gifts.

    God Bless.

    • Father God, just want to pray for those before me who have financial needs. You have such bounty to supply all of those, and we ask that you would just meet those needs. Also precious Father, would you be with the husband who is seeking employment and because of his age may be being passed over. Would you help someone see the benefit of the gray hair and experience and offer him a job. Then Father, for the one who is trying to re-establish a relationship of communication with a friend. We do not know the circumstances, but You know and we ask that you would mend any tears in the friendship and allow communication to be re-established. Our hope is in YOU Father and You have told us to come to You as a child come to their father and so we do. We love You Father and come in Your Son’s Holy and Matchless Name, the name of Jesus. Amen.

  130. I have 3 adult children, one is married, one has a girlfriend whom he may marry in the near future and one single daughter who has been married, now divorced. All of them are in the 36-41 age range, have been churched since childhood, and all have professed salvation in the Lord. My concern for them is now that they are older and “on their own,” church and a personal relationship with Christ seems to be of little importance until there is a “fire to put out.” Then they come running to Mom with we need to pray, or what shall I do? I am quick to point them to the Lord and pray with them and for them, but this apparent lack of “their own relationship” with the Savior burdens my heart so. Please pray with me that the Lord will draw them to Himself and that they will be hungry for Him and a personal relationship that only He can satisfy. They do not live near me, and do not attend worship services but I pray that they will take it upon themselves to go to a church in their area. Two of them have gone to church, the single girl has not. I believe her heart is hurt and she needs healing the most. Your partnership in prayer would be appreciated.

  131. Father I lift our sister in the the Lord up today, You are truly the God who sees us. Pour your spirrit out over these adult children today. Holy Spirit remind them of everything they have learned of you. Open up their hearts to see you clearly. Only you God know the hurts in each one. I ask you to bring healing in exactly the way each one needs. Please comfort this Mom and let her know that you are in control. … I also need prayer for my son, raised in church , confessed the Lord and saviout. Had terrible rebellion in his life due to sexual abuse as a small boy we didn’t find our about until her was 18. He has married a girl that was not brought up with the Lord, she has come to a new baby faith as an adult but my son is not going to church and neither is she. I don’t know how to pray agianst whatever is blocking his return and healing. I have tried pray8ing and asking \God to show me how to bring these walls down. I would pray for wisdom for me , Also that I could fully realease this to God and \Trust him. Please pray for my son to return to the Lord with all his heart and to be a spiritual leader for hes wife.

  132. Runner61 – I will pray for your children, I am 43 so I an close to their age range and understand your fears.

    I suffer from a rare, incurable digestive disorder. I do everything in my power to keep it under control so I will not need surgery. I still suffer from many setbacks and my spirit takes a hit everytime I have a setback. I know there is a reason for this so my prayer is for wisdom and peace and joy. I have learned through all of this that every moment is precious, very precious. I do want prayer for a miracle, I know they happen in this world still but I also pray God’s Will be done for my life and that whatever it is that I am supposed to see and know that it will be where I can see/hear it. I pray for a cure for all of those who suffer from Schinter of Oddi Dysfunction. Please pray for all of those that suffer, not just me.

    God bless!

  133. Debbie, I will also pray for you. I understsand the sexual abuse first hand so I will be praying about this as well.

    God Bless!

  134. I just found out several hours ago that my nephew is addicted to prescription drugs. He has been stealing drugs from his grandparents and stealing money from many family members. He is about to lose his wife of three short years and has an infant son. My brother is devastated and my sister in law is struggling with depression and blaming herself. This is a family who has put their faith in Christ but my niece won’t go to church anymore because of the hypocrisy in her addicted husbands life. They are planning a family intervention soon but don’t know where the money will come from for any rehab services. I covet your prayers.
    Diane-I pray the powerful healing of our Lord Jesus Christ over your body. I pray the wisdom, peace, and joy of our Father in heaven be with you. I ask that our Lord would be your help and to those who suffer the same disease as you. I pray as you share in the suffering of our Lord your spirit would become hidden in Christ. May the will of God our father in the throne room of heaven be done in your earthly body and in your spirit also. Amen.

    • Sharon – I will pray for your neice. I pray that the Divine Providence – who is the Supreme Healer of all infirmities, the Ever Forgiving Father, the Potter of every Human – heal and aid your neice, to detest the love for drugs. God;s ways are strange and the prayers of many, including mine, will find a way of reaching out to her. Praise be God. Pray for me.

  135. Diane,
    God bless you!
    You are very brave and I will pray for you as soon as I finish typing.
    Miracles happen all the time, take care of the spirit in you there is no disease or dysfunction there.
    Nurture that spark and you will find strength.
    In Spirit,

  136. Single, hardworking mother of three.
    Please pray that if it is Gods will for me that he bring me a relationship with a man.
    That that man would make God and Jesus proud for how he loves a woman (me).
    That I as a woman would return that love in the way Jesus and God would have me to.
    Pray that I can spread the Lords goodness and word in my work and day to day life.
    In Spirit,

  137. Praise the Lord for His goodness to me. He brought me from an overseas job to rejoin my family. He has helped me to put food on the table. But I have been jobless for many months now. Please pray that the Lord will direct me to an employer who will recognize my academics and skills. He has blessed me wih so many talents. I offer it all to Him. I pray for mental resilience and strength to face these tough times

    • Roy, praising God with you for the greatness in your life, praying;
      Precious Heavenly Father, we humble come before you, so thankful for all you have given us and all you continue to bless us with. Adoni Nissi, you over and over have shown such grab, mercy and unmistakable direction. We pray with undeniable confidence you have written the answer to this specific prayer for Roy. There is a place in us that longs to have a perfect match for who you created us to be and how we spend hours to earn our living and support our loved ones. My prayer Father for Roy is you direct his steps, as Proverbs 3:5-6 states-Trut in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge him and he will keep you path straight…I pray Roy never worry if his steps are not good enough, I pray that he draw so close to you he walks knowing you are leading. Jesus hold Roy close through this dry employment time, we know the confusion lack of employment brings. I pray with great expectation for the employer you have for Roy, be so obvious to him in his search he hear your confirmation. Father last I pray you close firmly all the ways Roy should not go, allowing him a clear vision to the job you have for him. May he have your wisdom to know, your eyes to see and your ears to listen when the moment is with him to move.

      In sweet Jesus name we pray, AMEN!
      Keep your chin up and your spirit open Roy!


  138. Dear Lord, I pray for Maria that you will hear her heart’s cry and bless her with a Godly man who will love her faithfully, provide for her and her children and commit to her in marriage. Please be gracious and merciful to her even this year and bless her with this relationship soon. In the meantime, prepare her to be a great Christian wife! And for Roy, please guide him in his job search, give him favor with employers, open doors that no man can close.

    God, I have been in both these situations. I know the pain of unfulfilled longings and heart’s desires. You provided wonderfully for me three years ago by giving me a full-time job after a long period of unemployment. You also brought a special Christian friend into my life, and we fell in love and discussed marriage. I do still love him a lot even though he chose to leave my life. He is a good man but emotionally and spiritually immature. I am praying Jesus will bless him with a sound mind, emotions that are controlled by the Holy Spirit, new and right desires, a heart of flesh instead of stone, and that God will remove the barriers between us. I pray God will plead my cause and restore what the locusts have eaten. I’m asking God to intervene mightily in my life in this area this year. I would like this relationship restored to be what God intended for us as a Christian couple, including marriage.

  139. I would like to ask everyone to pray for me, I had left the state i was from originally and left a very abusive marriage. I have been out but at this moment i dont know if I have done the right thing, I am w/o a job and have been for a long time. I have just been able to survive thru temp jobs and I am really needing prayer to find a job. I am needing prayer for my spiritual life, I want my life to be right again. Pray for me pretty please.

  140. I lift Angela up to you Lord! May your peace be undeniable to her. I thank you for giving her the courage to step out in faith as she seeks a life in you. Sustain her as her spirit struggles. Light her path. May her weeping end with the night and her joy come in the morning. Give her relief from her financial burden through a job. And may it not just be a job she does to earn money but also a place she can shine for you. Amen!

  141. Please pray for continued healing for my marriage from the destruction of pornography. I often feel lonely as I have no close friendships other than his sisters. I do not feel comfortable going to his sisters concerning their brother’s struggle. Please pray that God brings someone in my life I can talk to, who will encourage me on my road to forgiveness. I have an amazing counselor, but even she has encouraged me to find a friend in this. Also the stress of this recent strain has caused repressed memories of sexual abuse I experienced as a young child to resurface. Thankfully I had already been receiving counseling. Oddly these memories resurfacing have brought much healing as it allows for me to understand myself better and more astoundingly see God clearer in my life. So also pray for continued healing for this as well. Thank you!

    • Dhaley,

      Prayers for healing for both you and your husband. May God swoop in and change his heart–turn it around towards Him. Prayers also for a friend in whom you can confide.

      Father God,

      Please help Dhaley’s husband with his porno addiction. Help him to see how it is destroying their marriage. Change his heart and turn it towards you! Also bring a sweet friend into her life that she can confide in. Help her deal with memories and get past the pain and hurt of years ago! Bring peace and healing to these wonderful people!!

      AMEN! 🙂

  142. Hi Dhaley, Heavenly Father, please draw close to Dhaley and her husband during this difficult time in their marriage. You know both of their hearts so well and you love them fiercely. I pray that you send a special friend to Dhaley, one that understands and can empathize with her husband’s struggle and give her the much needed support she needs. Please speak to her husband’s heart, Father, and let him know that you love him, but not his actions. Knit this family back together and let their home know true peace once again.

    God Bless you Dhaley. Although, I do not know you, I support you and will continue to pray for the both of you.

  143. I have a few requests.

    1) A good friend’s husband is in ICU on ventilator with pneumonia and flu. Prayers for quick healing.

    2) Another friend has cancer and seems to be doing some better. Prayers for her to heal completely. Her husband just lost his father late last year to cancer.

    3) Prayers for another friend who is recovering from heart trouble & mini-stroke (I think). This happened Thanksgiving weekend in 2012. He was in rehab, etc. Started recovery then had a set back of infection on finger and kidney stones. Now is doing some better. Able to walk some & point to certain facial features, raise his fingers up.

    Praise report:

    My oldest sister and I got my dad moved into an assisted living last month–during all the snow & ice. He is much much happier there. Also was able to sell his car quickly!

    Prayers for everyone here! May God richly bless everyone in 2014 🙂 🙂

  144. Beth Williams and Veronica, thank oh so very much for your prayers! They were a balm to my heart 🙂 please know I am lifting you both up in prayer 🙂

  145. Hello, if it’s not too late I would like to put in a prayer request.
    For the last 4 months, my relationship with a brother of Christ, who used to be my boyfriend, has not gone so well. I ended our romantic relationship four months ago, with the intention of setting myself apart for God and saving myself for my future husband whom I trust God will provide for me at the right time.
    I’m really confused and hurt because of certain things he said to me and I just really need to know that God is with me. It hurts to know that my brother in Christ, let’s call him Ty for now, might not want anything to do with me. I really need him to be direct with me. Some days this really gets to me and I would just like it to not do that.
    Please pray that I’ll be able to sort things out with Ty and that I’ll continue to go to God in prayer, seeking His love and comfort and trust in Him.

    • Eljo,

      Prayers for peace and contentment in your life. Pray that God becomes your focus. Spend some time in a Bible Study or perhaps find a good friend that you can confide in & tell them your story.

      Also remember this “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.
      “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” He loves you enough to care about every aspect of your life–including who you marry. It took me until I was 39 to be ready in God’s eyes for the right man. We have been happily married since. It took a lot of praying!

      Blessings 🙂

  146. Dear sisters, I really need your prayers at this particular point in time. I am in real distress. On Sunday,2nd February, I went to church with two little boys from my orphanage. They went up to the children’s section as usual while I sat down at the adult’s section. I was really enjoying the service not knowing that a shock was waiting for me at the end. In the course of the church service the bigger of the two boys went out of the church and stood outside. Two women came and met him there, started conversing with him, stopped a motorbike and convinced him to climb on it and that is how they went away with him. It is almost two weeks now and we don’t have the least idea where he can be. But I have alerted the appropriate authorities and everything is being done to trace him out. Please join us in prayers that he will be found and brought to us.That nothing will happen to him; that the kidnappers will do him no harm. Thank you very much. Please also pray that the Lord will open financial doors for us at the orphanage so that we can expand the work and help as many children as possible. The need is so great. There are so many children in need

    • Christina,

      Prayers for you, your children and your orphanage. May God bring that child back to you and your loving arms. Prayers that God will bring financial blessings to your orphanage so you can continue to assist many other children.


      Please help the authorities find that missing child and bring him home safely. Give Christina peace & comfort knowing that all is being done to find him! Also God please send financial blessing her way so they can assist many more children in the orphanage!

      AMEN 🙂

  147. Christina – I will pray for the Lord’s will and protection over this beautiful child – The Lord loves him more then you can ever know!

    I would covet you’re prayers in my journey the Lord has be on in forgiveness. It’s so easy to share that others need to forgive but so hard when it’s you’re turn! My heart is still raw from burned friendships and hurt within the church family. I know deep down that this has happened according to God’s plan and it’s all filtered the the nail scared hands of my beautiful saviour but this is having a hard time reaching my heart to comfort me.
    Thanks to all my sisters in Christ who are praying for all the above and for me!

  148. Christiana, I’m praying that you will be able to open your heart to Jesus and He will pour out his healing and peace for your hurts. Pray for those who have hurt you, as Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing”. Then let them go.
    Please pray for my family, as we are expecting two new grandsons in the spring, and one of them has been diagnosed with a heart defect. We are asking God for healing in the womb. Also, our son and his wife need to return to a close walk and fellowship with the Lord. Thank you.

  149. Our life is in a mess. We have to find $7500. to pay our rent or we will be homeless. Since the flood in Southern Alberta we have had to move three times and we were coming back to the city to (what we thought was house sit.. we pay the utilities). Turns out that isn’t what this is and I am afraid. I need God to pour favour over us and bless us with a miracle. Also pray for his protection. Alot of the people in this are quite intimidating and not afraid of hurting you if you don’t pay your bills. Our intention was always to pay our own way.. and it still is. I just can’t make money appear. God, however can. Please stand with me while I trust God for answers. <3

    • Ev,

      I’m standing with you that God will send the needed finances to assist you. Prayers for peace and contentment.

      Father God,

      Please send the needed finances to Ev and her family. God you know they need a place to live and don’t want to move again. Please shower them with peace and contentment in this tough situation.


  150. Lord I stand with Ev and ask that you bless her and family financial. Father God meet everyone one of their needs even the ones they are not aware of. I pray protection, grace, peace and mercy over them all. Lord give her an encouraged heart and joy during her storm. Let her fill your love and perence everyday. Amen

    Ladies. I need you. On the outside my life is all on track but I feel at times like I’m lost and just going through the motions. My relationship with God has diminished. I have no desire to read the word and I seldom pray. I once had a wonderful connection with our father but that we me so long ago. I asking that you pray that I reconnect with our father, my church home and the word. Also that my financial plan for budgeting and stablility happen without any snags or bumps.

  151. Please pray for my mom and dad and that my mother continues to reap the unsought after rewards of the many seeds she has planted in the hearts of many especially by her kindness and unconditional love for my father who has used her in every possible way. I pray that she is given the blessings here on earh as she is closer to Moher Thereasa than anyone Ive ever known. And I pray that my father comes to his senses and immediately ceases to take advantage of her kindness. I also pray that he heals physically and psychologically from the physical wounds with which he has been afflicted. God, I demand nothing from you and humbly ask you to help my family….I ask nothing for myself except to see happiness in the eyes of my mom and dad once again. Amen