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Tsh Oxenreider is the author of Notes From a Blue Bike and the founder of The Art of Simple. She's host of The Simple Show, and her passion is to inspire people that 'living simply' means making room for more of the stuff that really matters, and that the right,...

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  1. Tsh,
    I really do try to take in the beauty of the now while I wait for my prodigal son to return. It’s hard as a mom to keep praying, keep trusting as you watch your child walk outside God’s boundaries intentionally. But, I trust God’s heart and His plan for my son and I walk in the beauty He has given me today…only by His grace.

    • If i may respectfully. As a former prodigal, i left when i was 18 and am now 24, I believe he will. God found me where i was at and, for me, brought me to my lowest to bring me up to Him. God found me 4 years ago and i am forever changed because God is so faithful, patient, and loving of all His children. God bless you

      • Thank you, Tyler for the encouragement to Bev and myself also. I am waiting for my prodigal husband to return to the Lord. And now, my son, who is 18 has also walked away from the faith. Meanwhile, I have to remind myself to see the work he has done in my daughter and in myself while we watch and wait.

      • Tyler:

        I am so encouraged simply by your act of encouraging Bev and Olivia. There is so much ugly on the internet now days that seeing someone sincerely offering their heart and a prayer is amazing. Thank you!

    • Tsh, Bev, Tyler, and Olivia, Thank you all for posting and sharing your hearts!
      Tsh, This post comes at the perfect moment, God’s timing. We are in that waiting pattern. It’s been a LONG waiting pattern. But I am praying fervently to be patient. And I have the feeling it’s based on what the ladies are going through here. I pray that the Lord would help me be the light for the family.

      And Tsh, I wish I knew you were passing by. We could have met you at the beach for a chat. 😉
      Blessings, Susie

  2. I am in the season of waiting right now and just recently started to revel in it. It really is a delightful place to be with the Lord and it is a whole new experience to surrender in this time.

    Thanks for this today Tsh, It was a great reminder for me.

  3. Wow! Thank you! We moved for the second time in a year. We have been looking for a home to buy since late November. We have hit stops at every angle. The apartment we were renting was bug infested and now we are living in a hotel. And yesterday we found out the house we were going to build isn’t going to happen. As a family of five and one dog in a hotel it’s maddening why we can’t pay someone for their home or to build us on……..and then I open this this morning. So today, I will change my heart (begin trying) and make arrangements for something short term permanent and WAIT for Him. I know I am missing beautiful things! Thank you thank you thank you. This has been mind changing!

    • That’s so hard, Andrea! I understand that hard waiting, especially for a home that you so desperately want, just so you can call a place “home.” Been there. Blessings to you. XO

  4. We have been trying to conceive for a year and a half. I am SO blessed life didn’t end for us because of it. We know what we have today and we know what we have with or without our dream happening. So in this case, we are waiting and yet we are living the now. Great post with a great reminder.

    • because my husband & i have been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 yrs., your comment stuck out to me. thank you for the encouragement that spoke to me personally. i struggle w/ trusting God w/ His timing, yet by counting my blessings, it is then i enjoy & relish the here & now. blessings & hugs to you as you continue to trust the Author of our Stories & the Lover of our Souls!

      • Going on 5 years waiting to conceive here friends…sometimes just when it seems like I have a handle on the waiting and giving thanks for all that I have…living peacefully in the moment…I find that I crumple into a million broken pieces. Then once again, God binds up my broken heart and pieces (peaces) me back together again. May the peace of Christ fill your hearts and minds as you wait on Him. Be blessed. He has a perfect plan. Give thanks for the hardest things…then they won’t rule over you. Every month…I give thanks for the blood. Thankfulness empties me of bitterness and helps me keep on walking. I’ll be praying for you two.

  5. Thank You! This has really opened my eyes this morning. I will be graduating from college in May and I have been so anxious to know what is coming next in my life. I’m a planner so I hate not knowing what my next step is. It’s been difficult waiting on God to lead me where he wants me but this has helped me to realize that I need to embrace the calm in my life right now. I’ve went straight from high school all the way through college with no semesters off so it’s like God is telling me to take a break and relax. I have the rest of my life to go, go, go. So thank you for your word, I am going to try and rest in this season of life.

    • Yes to the relax! You sound so much like me 15 years ago. Your season of life is the absolute best time ever just to live in the present, revel in God’s promises, and trust Him one day at a time.

  6. Dear Tsh,

    I enjoyed reading the words, that I often think about.

    I’m waiting on a godly husband. 🙂
    Most time of it I waited NOT patiently, especially as my first cousin got engaged (now I have one married and three engaged cousins). Satisfaction is so hard to learn, while we wish something so hard.

    But I learned:

    Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.
    Ch. Stanley

    Until I read this quote I could wait more patiently. Because ‘He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.’

    Thank you so much.

  7. I’m waiting on a house, and it’s definitely a fist-clenched, red-in-the-face kind of waiting. Our apartment is lovely and such a huge blessing (especially in comparison to our previous one), but I am finding it hard. All of the things I want to do are “settled” things—begin a flower garden, paint, decorate… I can do these things here, but I guess not as deeply and permanently as I want to… On the other hand, nothing is ever actually permanent… and there is nothing stopping me from creating beauty where we are… Just my own “why bother unless it will be perfect” thing. Maybe this is the place where I practice doing things that are worth doing even if I know they won’t be perfect.

  8. We’ve been waiting lots over here, feeling and responding to God as we resigned from a full time ministry position and are praying for the next. God has given us a vision for it, but he is just now starting to show us how it might look. It’s been hard, but there have been countless good lessons on the way. I wouldn’t have learned them any other way, I’ve learned to be grateful for the waiting, it’s usually more about the journey than the destination.

  9. It’s so hard to just wait and let go, be still and enjoy the now, especially when “the now” is full of pain, disappointment and uncertainty. As someone who when faced with a problem will just get on to it and fix it, not being able to control and change but all you seem to be able to do is wait for it to pass is a hard lesson to learn…and knowing that it is a God lesson makes it all faith-while. There is beauty in the ashes, there is purpose in the waiting, there is comfort in the pain…there is Jesus. I am learning to just wait, embrace the pain, and learn to love the comfort that comes through it, learn to completely and utterly love Jesus. My umbrella has many colours, the colours of the rainbow…. I just need to learn lift up my eyes from my despair and enjoy it xxx

  10. Boy, did I need to read this today, Tsh. One of my daughters is in a housing mess at her school right now with, possibly, no place to live next year. We’ll know more in a few weeks, but for now we all just need to take a deep breath and wait. The view I need to see is how God is working in my daughter’s life, teaching her to trust Him. And, you know? He’s doing the same with me.

  11. Thank you for this. Our family is two weeks in to an eight week separation following immediately on the heels of a 6 month deployment. Normally, I have no problem with military enforced separations, but this time a good attitude has been difficult to come by. I woke up this morning to my four kids and a back of knotted muscles, and I didn’t think I could face today without my husband. But I know that Christ is precious to me in this moment, and that I only have to wait for the rest.

  12. Wow. This is so helpful to me. Honestly i stopped waiting for the thing i was waiting for bc i didnt think it was possible. So i started waiting for something else. It is relief from a painful situation, it hasnt come yet. I suppose God does have other things for me to do in the wait. So…thanks for this reminder. I trust ppl read this

  13. You i must have llittle faith bc i stopped hoping, not sure it just seemed like it was too impossible so why wait when it may never come. But reading this has stirred me

    • yes, people read this. having faith is really about remembering. remember who you are. remember where you came from. remember you are loved. remember God has a perfect plan. remember He is good. remember that He loves you just as you are. remember alli…God binds up the broken hearted…He makes all things new…He is re-membering you even now as you wait. Blessings.

  14. I’m a southern girl living in New England after divorcing in the past year I’m in a joint custody situation with my ex for the sake if our daughter. I live 1300 miles from all my family and friends and never thought I would want to go ” home” so much. But here I am. Trying to build community and make close girlfriends when my family was my life is a challenge. Waiting to be able to go home may take many years. So I pray for strength daily to see the beauty in front of me , give strength to be a present and focused mama, and that God will ease this loneliness.

    • Its always difficult, i had to move for the sake of others, far away from the familiar, what your post reminds me of is sometimes we must lay our lives down for another. As hard as it may be, its at times what God requires even in that there are blessing and rewards.

  15. {Melinda} Oh, I’ve been there. Many times. I’m better at waiting than I used to be. Trusting God in the wait is what I’m still working on. He has proven His trustworthiness over and over again in the wait. I always think I’ll never doubt Him again. And then another wait comes. And I do. Yet, I continually come back to the fact that He has confirmed over and over again His plan and purpose for my life. He is faithful — even when I’m not sure when the wait will end. 🙂

  16. I moved to the San Diego area this past summer ( I live an hour away)
    I’m constantly taken aback at the beauty here!

  17. Trish…I actually think of this often. And…I try very much to revel in the goodness of God in this “in between.” Some waits are too long. Especially those that fly unexpectedly in your face. Sometimes man sets another man on a trajectory outside of God’s will. And there God says, “Stand and watch what I will do.” Five years is a long time to stand and watch. After two and a half years he gave us a reprieve. It lasted for 14 months. It wasn’t the best of times, but there was so much goodness in the midst. We got closer to our Lord during that reprieve. And then, once again…we were thrust into this place of waiting. Only this time our “house” is in storage and we’re living in a new town and with another family and still God has us waiting. Church workers are the uncounted in the unemployment statistics. Picking up work is a challenge when you’ve been let go for no reason. Even the mass merchants disregard you. So what of churches? Navigating our doing with the waiting is the biggest challenge ever. Figuring out how to be faithful in prayer and expectantly watch to see God move while attempting to make things happen as we should. That’s a tightrope. But, in the midst, we’re noticing that when we walk the road along the woods, even the bark on the trees is amazing in texture and tone. We watch the river rise as the snow melts. The sunrise and sunset each day seems more spectacular. We’ve time to chat with the man in his late 80’s whom we only met one time prior on our walk about his fascinating life and the hand of God that preserved him in Asia, and his wife home recovering, and his brother in hospice. Living in the “in between” when “the call” has not been removed, feeling out of place and useless only to realize that we all have the same minutes in the day and they can all be used to glorify the Savior whether we are in the “in between” or finally working like crazy in the position of our calling. And maybe, just maybe, we glorify him more in this place than when working like crazy. Maybe.

    Thanks for your thoughts, friend, and for giving me the space to work out a few of mine. Enjoy your trip!

  18. Hi Tsh,

    I have been waiting on a prodigal daughter, and we have two boys we have adopted who we are realizing have attachment issues due to their early trauma. This has been a very tough, exhausting three years. I am reminded just now of the scripture Jesus gave to us during the past 6 years from Isaiah 43 many scriptures from that chapter, being with us in the water and fire, He loves us and will bring our children from the four corners, not considering the former things and watching for the new things He is creating.

    This is reminding me to take my focus off of my circumstances, and look for the small wonderful things like my 4 year old deciding to start potty training, yeay! big hurdle, my daughter answering the phone when we call now, huge since she would not answer us when we called before, looking to the promises in God’s timing, not mine.

    I was so discouraged and saddened last night, this was good medicine for me today. I can also look at your post as one of the umbrellas as encouragement and beauty while I wait.

    Thank you!



  19. Oh! How I wish it had not taken decades of my life to truly understand this! I would just love being able to have a “do-over” with my 43, 41, and 38 year old children! For too much of their childhoods I felt so busy and, at times inadequate, and missed out on too many of the very special ordinaries of life.
    Maybe this wisdom that does come with age is one of the greatest blessings of being a grandparent! Maybe it is the magic we and our grandchildren feel in our relationships.

    Thank you for your inspiring words. I often do send them on to young mothers in my family.

    Sisters in Christ,

  20. Being a native San Diegan, living in Texas, your photos bring the beautiful California coast back to me. How many times I drove Highway One (used to be 101 many a year ago!) and could never see it all for many times I was the driver. I missed much because I needed to be paying attention over here and not there. Yet your words ring true as I have spent far too much time seeing what I thought was most important rather than the beauty that surrounded me. And when I had gone past that beauty, it was gone for my eyes to ever see in the way it was at that passing moment.
    Thank you for reminding me of what is right before me, right now, and releasing that other stuff to Jesus to carry while I look at His Father’s beauty.
    Thank you too for the drive along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)! I can feel that air and smell the ocean. : )
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  21. Argh. Does this hit home!! “WAIT.” That’s the word I hear from God. “BUT I WANT IT NOW” is my whine and my impatience. Thanks for the reminder (it’s the second of the day) that God’s timing is always best and if He wants me to wait, then there is a reason. And, to stop and enjoy what’s right here, right now, in front of me because it, too, is a gift from God.

  22. I’m waiting on being a mom (I should probably add “wife” to that too…) and I’m only 22 (almost 23 though… getting pretty old there) and having a mom who has been begging for grandchildren since I was 15 doesn’t make it any easier. But I have a pretty amazing boyfriend (if it’s not too unchristian to say so) so I could enjoy the wait with him… 🙂

    • B…you have plenty of time. Remember, God has a perfect plan…seek to do His will and walk in His ways. Be still. Go slow. I’m 35 this year. Still no children though I’ve always wanted them. But, God gives me peace to know that He is in control. He has a plan for you too.

  23. Have you noticed how anxiety-producing our child’s anxiety can be for us? Or maybe, we as moms rushing to make things just right for them perceive attitudes as all sorts of worrisome things.
    I am learning that my response, my demeanor, my words are so important. I have been reminded of the value of my influence.

  24. I too am waiting! My husband is unemployed, keeps getting great recommendations, but no hiring!
    He’s helping around the house and with our children, but waiting can be scary!
    Prayers are what I have until God is ready!!!:)

  25. i have been waiting for the last year plus after finishing school i had a much needed rest but hoping work in my passioned field but havent quite made it yet.

  26. Tsh, I had a sweet friend share your post with me and it has been such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your words and also for sharing your backseat with the rest of the “it’s MY turn!” moments we all have to endure 😉

  27. Thanks for the great reminder. Even when I practice living fully right where I am there are times that I forget to enjoy the present because of the call to wait for something I so dearly desire. Today is truly a gift.

  28. Tsh,

    What are you waiting on right now? I’m waiting for my job to take a turn back to more clinical work than just paperwork, for a smidge of respect. Better yet, I would love to work part-time or not at all and stay home and cook. Learn to make gourmet food.

    What’s beautiful while you wait? I’m looking out my window at majestic mountains, and sunshine. For myself I keep a thankful journal that I add to daily. Simple things like snuggling with husband, nice house, etc. Another big beauty is that I have a good job with great benefits–especially in this economy. Other beauties include living in a small town, getting home renovations done, being in good health, hubby in good health and the list goes on and on.

    Blessings 🙂

  29. I had a stroke 18 months ago and had several prophecies that I will recover completely. God’s timing is not ours. So I am enjoying the rest under my umbrella God gave waiting patiently for His work to be completed. Thanks for your inspiring message. God bless you.

  30. Thank you Tsh!!!!! I have been chewing on this devotion every day since I read it! And I felt compelled to thank you again. We had a bumpy day yesterday and I just kept reminding myself that The Lord will reveal his plan when it’s time! Thank you again Tsh!!

  31. Just coming off of an 11 day work trip with some very nice but INTENSE people who needed everything “now!!” I wish I had had the discipline to read my devotionals every day after my 12-16 hour workday. I would have found this and perhaps been able to convey a sense of calm (rather than panicked frustration?!?) as they waited under their umbrella for the words I hammered out. Thank you, thank you for this post…these words…and the reminder that, even when we wait – and maybe especially when we wait – He is there growing us and improving us. So glad I now have a mental picture of an umbrella near the sea to wait under as He works in me. (Though I think I’ll make mine a red, orange & yellow striped one!). Thanks Tsh!!

  32. As the Lord knows…I do not have patience…I never had much to begin with..I just would rather move than just stay put….unless its in my own home..So I understand this post VERY MUCH…I pray everyday that soon answers will be found…if I am just patient enough..:0)

  33. “In God’s Time” is a phrase that I have to remind myself of a great deal of the time. My mother passed away almost five years ago and then my husband, who had been physically and mentally disabled from strokes almost our entire married lives, passed away six months after my mother. The following year my daughter married, had a child, and moved away. Other than my church family and my work family, I am alone. I pray all of the time for God to bring a companion into my life. . . . a man of faith. I am working hard to be patient and know that God has my best interest, but in the loney hours of the evening, I find myself questioning Him. I know in my heart that I right where God wants me to be at this very moment, and I feel unfaithful for even questioning HIS timing. I have a good life and a loving church family. I’m very involved in my church and I’m the choir director, which is a labor of love for me. I will try more diligently to love and enjoy each and every day and moment that I have while I “WAIT”!