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Kristen writes at her parenting blog, We Are THAT Family and is author of Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Safe Sparkly Faith is No Longer Enough and founder of The Mercy House. Follow Kristen on twitter as @WeareTHATfamily.

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    • I want to say yes to going to the nations and living life as GOD plans for me.

  1. I want to say yes to being truly present, less preoccupied, living in each moment to better hear God’s voice.

  2. I want to say yes to whatever plans God has for me as I enter a new stage in my life. My second (and last) child enters college in the fall. I am nearing retirement, but not quite there YET. I face the years of an empty nest with a bit of trepidation. My husband is semi-retired and has been discovering and re-discovering things to make his life complete. Now begins my turn. I am praying and seeking God’s guidance. I anxiously await whatever he has planned!

  3. I want to say, “Yes Lord!” I’m longing for that life and I can see him working it in a little a time. I’m grateful for your timing and I’m willing Lord, send me!

  4. I can feel God calling me to volunteer. I looked in to opportunities near where I live and found lots of things I could do, some of which I have started. However, a friend has just presented me with an opportunity to volunteer in an area completely outside my comfort zone and in a totally new place: although it would mean giving up so much I am sure I would gain so much more and I hope to have the courage to say Yes – to the challenge and to God.

  5. I need help to say “Yes, Lord!” despite my fear or feelings of inadequacy.

  6. I’d like to say “yes” to whatever He calls me to do – big or small, planned or spontaneous, terrifying or just a little scary, at home or elsewhere in the world – whatever He asks, may my answer always be, “Yes, Lord! Yes!”

  7. Jesus I have missed you I say YES to you calling my name, YES come into my heart, I am sad and misguided navigating this life without you. yes I want to hear you, feel you I want to honour and obey you, Please hear my YES I am your child xxx

  8. I want to say “yes” to the “need” I have to make everything “perfect.” It’s a lifelong journey….the more I release, the freer I am in God’s grace.

  9. I am trying really hard to say yes to accepting that my grades are not that good and moving on instead of dwelling on them and letting them be the defining experience of my life.

  10. Since my Beloved husband Lanham went to where Heaven is for Real…
    my role with Seven Beautiful Amazing GrandAngels has expanded ~
    where I can say daily a Giant YES upon the Blessing of Opening My
    Eyes each Morning Occurs! Praise the Lord! Send More Lord, and
    I seek to have YOUR strength to meet every task with Love & Light!
    Gratefully YOURS
    Francine McCauley

  11. Dear Kristen,
    I am so excited about your new book and would love to receive a copy. I serve alongside of young moms at New Hope Church in MN and would love to read and then pass on this book.

    I was so excited to be a part of our past Thanksgiving offering at our church that went to you for the girls at Mercy House. When I heard that the offering was going to Mercy House I had shared with Pastor Steve that I had been reading your blog for years. I do have a question too …. I have a heart for Africa and have served with our church there 3 different times in the past 10 years. Do you every have individuals go and serve alongside of the women on a short-term basis? Please let me know.

    Thank you for who you are in Christ Jesus and for all you do!
    In His Arms, Beth

  12. I want to say Yes to that deeper soul moving plan that God has for me

  13. I would say yes to finding out what God wants to do with my career and say no to having a job that stresses me out and doesn’t fit my gifts.

  14. I say “YES” to God for freeing us of sin! Praying for comfort and direction of my life to glorify You!

  15. I want to say “yes” to living out my faith. I’m the girl that grew up in a church, walked the hills around her home spending time talking to Jesus & God, the Father, who married a man that hadn’t grown up in church yet every day surprises her by how strong his faith is. When I start freaking out over something my husband is the first to say, “Don’t worry, God’s got this.” Seems like I should have that faith (I think once I did — back when my friends dubbed me the eternal optimist, so I want to say “yes” to a living faith.

  16. I need to say yes to stepping out in what God’s called me to do, in spite of my fear, in spite of the repercussions.

  17. Yes to letting go of my white-knuckle control on every minute of my time. Yes to “interruptions” that are God-ordained.

  18. I am saying yes to God. Not really knowing to what, or rather, I want to say yes to God no matter what. Getting outside my fears, in the midst of raising children, some grown at home still, some younger, and one grandchild. Mostly feeling caught up in he dailies. Laundry, lessons, cleaning.

  19. I want to say no to distractions so I have the freedom to say yes when God nudges me!

  20. We have lived here on our street for 7 1/2 years and I still don’t know my neighbors or people in my neighborhood! Ridiculous! Especially since what I had left home to pursue after high school was to become a single missionary in some unknown place. Well, marriage to one amazing Worship Pastor and five kids later I have found myself behind walls…scared…more than crossing bridges in faith and with courage. So, this summer…I want to say Yes…to God on this street and in this neighborhood…whatever in the world that will look like!

    • Anastasia – This is exactly what I want to YES! to. I have been so busy raising children, that I have lost touch with the people in my neighborhood. I would love to step out of my fear and say YES to pursuing the families on our street.

  21. I say yes to being open and available for whatever He has planned. Yes to walking in step, hand in hand with the One who may take me where I could not have seen without Him 🙂

  22. My husband and I are about to say yes to moving to Haiti, stopping birth control, and taking on the care of dozens of children. I’m terrified, but every day I try to wake up and say, “YES!”

  23. I say Yes to Walking by Faith and not by Sight, living for Him despite my Might..seeking His Word whenever I’m frail, knowing it’s through HIM I shall never fail.

    I say “Yes” to Jesus, “Yes” to My Lord, “Yes” to all my heart longs for!

  24. I have never had a word for the year… but this year… it was a clear phrase… yield and go… saying more yes than no. As I rounded a major curve on this journey… and finish is much closer than the start… I…we… my husband and I have determined to finish strong… stronger than we started… casting off old fears… and being fearless… because we know who we love and who loves us more deeply than ever before. We are never too old to start saying a big Yes!!!

  25. We’re about to move in 2 months, but once we’re settled, I’d love to say Yes to starting a Project Help in my community!
    Sarah M

  26. I would like to say “YES” to the life God has set before me. YES to the garden He has given me to tend. With abandon. Without fear. Amen.

  27. I want to say (and more importantly, live out) my yes to embracing whatever plan God has for me in communicating His love and grace to the world. The book sounds fabulous!

  28. I find myself thinking that exact thing – I’m just a wife, mom and lover of Jesus. I would love to shift my thinking to WANT to say “yes” to anything He sees fit to send my way right where He has me!

  29. yes to the dreams God has placed in my heart, no matter how weird or wild they may seem to me right now. yes, to stop and listen and to do whatever He says without second guessing

  30. I say yes to less if myself and more of Him and His plan for my life.

  31. I say `Yes` I’ll surrender my life to more heart knowledge of who `You` want me to be.

  32. Yes to loving who I am, including all my faults and fears. Yes to being authentic and knowing who I am in Christ. Yes to letting God love me and letting myself know that His love is real and I can trust Him.

  33. I want to say “yes” to slowing down and really listening to God through His Word.

  34. I want to say a big unwavering confident yes to those challenges. All of them…oh the confidence i crave…

  35. I want to say “yes” to being more and doing less and to enjoying the present moments.

  36. I want to say Yes to living my life following The Lord to my fullest potential. To be to best wife and mother The Lord has called me to be. To making decisions based on His leading and not what everyone else thinks.

  37. I want to say YES to “HIS will be done” in my life, everyday!

  38. I say Yes to listening to His voice and acting on what he has planned for me! This stretches my faith muscle in a way that is so scary but I am finally willing to take that plunge!

  39. I would like to be able to say yes to going out of my comfort zone a bit more and saying yes to things I really want to do that are out of it! I recently did this by joining a small group for Bible study. A group of people I didn’t know and it’s scary but exciting.

  40. I want to say yes to not being afraid anymore. I know that God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but boy is this particular dragon hard to get rid of!

  41. I say YES… I pray that his will be done in my life and in my future generations, that my family seeks solace in Jesus’s name.

  42. I’d like to say YES to mentoring other women in need of direction, encouragement, and hope. I need to stop making excuses and look to the Lord for strength and wisdom.

  43. I want to say “yes” to letting God orchestrate my day and use me as He plans.

  44. I say Yes! and Amen to the plans the Lord has for me (Jeremiah 29:11). I say Yes! to entering in to the Promised Land that He has prepared for me – in the “land of the living.” To God be all the glory ~ forever and ever, Amen.

    • Ashley, this is my favorite of all of the Scriptures (if a favorite there can be!) and is one I send always to friends and family when they need encouragement. So happy to read it here!

  45. I would like to say ‘yes’ to a new level of faith, without the anxiety tied to the unknowns!

    BTW, love the book cover design!

  46. I want to say yes to being 50 this year and being healthier in all areas of life than I have ever been-spiritually, physically, emotionally!

  47. Despite my feelings of inadequacy, I want/need to say “Yes” to God & faith even though I have fear.

  48. Kristen! First, I want to say “yes” to work opportunities beyond my comfort zone. Though, even as I type this, it feels mundane, I know that I’ve missed out on SO MANY opportunities to affect change in people’s lives because I thought I wasn’t “good enough”…”skilled enough”…”talented enough”…”educated enough.” Oh, the loss. But the excitement about the future of yes is actually palpable! Second, thank you for reinforcing the concept of “yes.” I teach music to teens and college students from all over the country and my class always starts with, “I only have one rule in my class…that you say “yes!” Aaahhhh, so foreign to most but so freeing when embraced. Bless you on your beautiful journey!

  49. I needed to constantly remind myself and be aware that I am not in control and He is and if I walk with Him mland his nnd plans for me I wll be okay. My daily reminder to my self it is not all about me and what I want but about Him and His plan for me.

  50. I will say yes to staying where I am if that is where God wants me even though it is not where I am comfortable.

  51. Yesterday I said yes. It was the first time I really said yes to something scary. I started a worship dance group at my super conservative church. Today I feel exhilarated! I want to continue to listen to what God tells me to do and follow through with, “YES!”

  52. I want to say “yes” to God’s leading me to quit my full time job and work VERY part-time/as needed as a nurse sonographer for the crisis pregnancy center where I currently volunteer one evening a week. My kids are grown, out of college, but now my husband is worried about retirement. I’m wanting to step out in faith; I’m praying God works in his heart as He has in mine…

  53. I want to say YES to seeing the beauty inside the hurt, and ugly. I want to be able to choose to say yes to helping pull out the beautiful parts of someone even when no one else might be able to see that it is there.

  54. A prayer for my great granddaughter ( a tender hearted girl, age 10 ) who needs to say “no”

    to self and the ideas of the world, and “yes”… to Jesus.

  55. I want to say yes to what God has in store for me as I am on a journey to rekindle my faith, heal my hurt and live a full life.

  56. I will say Yes to loving even those who are against me and say yes to joy in Christ

  57. Right now I’m saying yes to letting God determine how many children we have.

  58. My word for the year is “Self-control”, I want to say yes to more self-control.

  59. I have been going back and forth on whether to return to school for my masters’ degree. Many have encouraged, but fear is strong and the idea of giving up a life and leaning on others for ministry is overwhelming. And then your blog, and your book, and your yes.

    So today I will work on filling out the application and see if my yes matches His. Thank you!

  60. I would like to say yes to helping women in crisis find true hope in the Light of Christ through a non-profit legal and educational foundation, Providence Justice Group.

  61. I am saying YES to giving God control of my kids and letting him decide their future home.

  62. I am saying YES to the things God is putting on my heart despite my own perceived inadequacies.

  63. I will say “yes” to setting my grief aside and giving comfort to others who are hurting.

  64. I say YES to God doing something RADICAL with my life! Praying, praying, praying that he will shake my world in an unexpected, miraculous way!

  65. I want to say YES to spending those first tender moments each morning with God.

  66. I want to say “YES” I have the courage to step out and speak up and have a voice and try
    new ways to let my husband know I love him and I am not giving up on our marriage. Even if
    after 36 years it seems impossible to change some things!

  67. I want to say “yes” to living in hope. To living with a positive outlook. To bring an encourager. As I face coming off my antidepressant due to liver damage, hope, positivity and encouragement seem daunting. I’m afraid of being sucked back into darkness. But I cling to the belief that in Him, I can!

  68. I would love to read your book. I am actually in a season of saying no to extra stuff so that I can yes to my priorities of God and my family.

  69. I have recently said yes when I was prompted to change jobs. This new job was a cut in pay but oh has it already blessed me. I have a very caring and God fearing boss who I am just happy coming to work with. I have put my faith in Him that he will provide for me and my son.

    I am now struggling (If I am honest I have been fighting for a while now) to become a leader, a small group leader for online Bible Studies or similar in my church. I am still in the process of trying to figure out how I need to follow through with this, but it is coming and I ham currently taking a small mentoring two week session through a Christian Women’s site that I just love. Small baby steps to saying yes and getting over my fears.

  70. YES to living in freedom, stepping out in courage despite my fears, secure in God’s unending love!

  71. I would like to say yes to learning to memorize Bible verses. Due to a history of being in research, I unfortunately learned that I could find anything I wanted by researching it. And, that, unfortunately, dumped my brain of all the references to Bible verses I knew. So instead of being able to quote them, I just knew where to find them. I want to try to memorize them again.

  72. I have an idea of what God is calling me to do yet there seems no avenue of me doing it where I am right now. Whatever it is that He wants me to do, I want to say YES to! I want to say YES to reaching out to those who are where I used to be and tell them they don’t have to stay there. That God has bigger and better things, He has a plan and a purpose for their lives…and for mine too…and I say YES to God!!!

  73. I am learning to say yes by saying no to some of the church things I’ve been involved in. God is leading me to free up some time to reach out to neighbors who don’t know Him and to just ‘be there’ for my sisters and brothers in need.

  74. I am learning how to say YES and how to say NO! I know that God has a plan for each of our lives…if I could only GRASP that more each and every day. I’m a working wife and mother of 2 children, taking them from one activity to another and using the gift of photography that God has given me to use wherever HE provides the opportunity. LIFE is a journey…I’m looking to see what God is going to do, praying and seeking him to be ready for the next YES!

  75. I would like to say yes God, I know you have me here for a reason, now show me what to do with it!!

  76. I would like to say “yes” to God by getting out of my comfort zone and speaking to others first…meeting people at church, reaching out and showing the love of Jesus.

  77. I need to say YES. I pray to find my purpose and get rid of this feeling of “not good enough”. This fear that I won’t make a difference. I pray for Boldness and confidence.

  78. YES to living in God’s confidence. I will never get anywhere depending on my own!

  79. I want to say yes to not being afraid to reach out because I may be rejected and not do it “right”

  80. God is calling me for a “big thing” and I feel so unqualified, not good enough – I will say YES but I need confidence to take the first step.

  81. I’d like to say “yes” to God’s request to use my gifts as he intended me to use them. I often let my inner voice talk me out of progressing down my path with confidence, but I know God wants me to be obedient NOW. I look forward to reading this book!

  82. I’d like to be brave enough to say Yes to whatever God wants me to do especially when it involves me stepping out of my comfort zone

  83. I want to say “yes” to submitting more to Him and getting out of my comfort zone…

  84. I’d like to say yes to working with a human trafficking organization or with homeless girls. Saying yes to whatever God has in store for me.

  85. I want to say YES to believing that the Lord will see me through my current struggles.

  86. I want to say yes to being present in this moment – not worrying about the future or reliving the past.

  87. In 2009, after being extremely active in local ministry and in my church family, I took a leap and travelled to Africa to volunteer. It dramatically altered my life. Now, after serving in 5 different West African countries, my life will never be the same. I feel so blessed to have been exposed to the beauty, joy, hardship and poverty of the African people. My African brothers and sisters have given me a perspective on the true meaning of life–I actually feel guilty when someone thanks me for serving.

  88. I would like to say yes to stepping out of my comfort zone, and doing things that are scary to me but I’ve always dreamed of going!

  89. I want to say yes to being fully present in the day to day living of my motherhood.

  90. I want to say Yes to being more vulnerable, being willing to get messy with others and being more intentional in seeking out relationships. Giving of myself and my time to people and things that will see God’s kingdom advanced here on earth.

  91. I want to say yes to the unknowns ahead. We are headed into a world that involves a move to a new state…and with a tween and a special needs child and an adventure that has me needing to rely on Christ more than ever.

  92. I want to say yes to Joy. Today I choose joy. And also to love. Yes, to love my neighbors ;yes,my family; yes,to love my LORD; more yes to all he says; and to all he says yes ; to Love.

  93. I feel God pulling hard on me to scream YES! If I could get out of my head long enough to be still and listen. I would love to read your story and with prayer and faith be willing and able to say YES.

  94. I would like to say yes to becoming a missionary! Typing that is terrifying.

  95. I want to say YES to taking better care of myself. After suffering a serious virus, so terrible due to getting myself run down, I got a wake up call that in order to be the best me I need to take good care of ME.

  96. I want to say “yes” to being me and not who everyone else expects me to be.

  97. I want to say “yes!” to passionately pursuing the vision God gave me of ending labor slavery – even if that means speaking out about things westerners feel entitled to and being awkward and possibly annoying, and even if that means living without certain conveniences because they’re slave-made.

  98. My husband and I took a bold step of faith after raising our blended Brady Bunch family (our youngest just graduated last year.) We thought WOO HOO we’re done…it’s our time now…but God had other plans. We received an email about a young boy in foster care who’s mother was dying of breast cancer. It shook my world. Through prayer, lots and lots of prayer, “You’re will Lord not ours.” We now have a new amazing son and are blessed daily as The Lord fills our lack. Saying “YES LORD,” takes you to a whole new level of faith in Him.

    I would love to win a copy of this book and read someone else’s experience of trusting Jesus!

  99. I like to say yes to sharing the whole story. The real heartache and rejection one goes through when dealing with special needs whether it be from ones church, friends and sadly enough family. And then about abuse. The silent torture of the abuse of fear. Using it to get the results you want out of your children . The fight that those adult children then struggle with.

  100. I graduated on Saturday, so I’m saying yes to this next chapter, as uncertain as it is, wherever God leads! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! (rachelle…at…rachellerea…dot…com)

  101. Yes to trusting God, even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances I may find myself in at times.

    I want Him to use to use me whether its within my comfort zone or not.

  102. I need to read your book right now. I need to know that our yes mattered. 18 months ago we said yes to take in a newborn who’s mother was in prison. We had never done any thing like this nor even thought of doing any thing like this. Our children were in there 20’s and we felt God was speaking to us to take in this little baby. At our age we felt like Sara and Abraham but we said yes. We had no idea what a roller coaster ride we were in for, but what a blessing at the same time. After 18 months we had to let this baby go to an uncertain, unfamiliar situation. We know God has a plan but were in the valley right now and we love this little one so much..

    • Paulette,
      You are in my prayers!!! I know how scary and heart wrenching this is…..I will pray for you and this child.
      Big hugs,

  103. I am saying “YES!” to homeschooling – raising them the way that I feel God calling me to.

  104. I would like to say YES to Foster parenting….but as an empty nester, it seems impossible.
    In the meantime, I will listen for His call…I know there is something. So, I will stay attentive!

  105. I love the just say yes, it doesn’t have to be something big. I have found in my life that God trusts us with the small things first and then increases our responsibilities as our faith increases. That way He never gives us too much to bear. I have been out of my comfort zone for a year now. I moved to California from New Jersey to serve my daughter and her family while her husband was deployed in the military. I am almost 56 (next month!!!) and helping to take care of my daughter and her 19 month old baby girl and newborn and of course her hubby. Sometimes I get discouraged because with a Master’s degree, I have been thinking of the other things I would do to serve, but God led me out here, to serve my family first. So although I have a Master’s degree from Rutgers University, the Master’s Degree that I am getting as I learn from God how to have faith and how to have him as my One and Only friend out here is far much better. He is my all out here where I have no one else to talk to or go shopping with. And I am finding that He is always always always enough! So although it seems like I am doing something “little”, I am doing something for Him that will have eternal blessings! Thank you for your service to His Kingdom!

  106. I am saying Yes to leaving a very comfortable life and stepping out in faith that the ministry my husband wants to pursue is actually going to pay the bills. Very scary!

  107. I’d like to start saying “Yes” more readily and joyfully to the different things God is calling me to these days…learning to trust Him deeper & stronger with ALL things!

  108. I want to say yes to what God wants for my life, not what I have planned out as God’s plan!

  109. I’d love to say “yes” if someone asked me if I’m currently reading anything worth recommending

  110. I say “yes” to coming face to face with my relationship with Jesus and living life “His” way, not mine…

  111. I’d like to say yes to letting go of my fear and get out of this isolation I have put myself in to get out of my comfort zone and impact Gods Kingdom even if it’s just one small step at a time!

  112. I’d like to say Yes to adoption of my two foster children. It’s huge and scary.

  113. I’m saying YES to diaper changes, endless loads of laundry and messes, day in, day out discipline and sleepless nights…because THIS is my mission field and it’s exactly where He wants me.

  114. yes to saying no to things that don’t matter…. and to more time with my family!!

  115. God has brought me through 19 years of physical pain and He is asking me to step out and help other families going through the same thing. It is scary and way outside my comfort zone. I need to step out and believe that all God needs is my yes. He will do the rest.

  116. Yes to no fear and reaching out for what’s next because this is not where I need to be.

  117. I’m turning 40 this year, and I’ve felt the pressure to re-consider the things I say “yes” to, be more purposeful about where I’m headed as an individual, and where we’re all headed as a family. There’s some dreams I’ve had, but are those God’s dreams for me? Or just my own? Would love to read Kristen’s book–it would be very timely!

  118. I am saying yes to throwing out the boring and safe Jesus I grew up with and am betting the house on Him…the one who wants me to live….really live and jump out of my comfort zone.

  119. I want to say yes to sharing my story more with others, to help others through the tough times, and to give encouragement to women by sharing Him!

  120. The Lord has brought a job to me. I start this week. Im scared and full of self- doubt and failure for i have failed before. Yes Lord! If you brought it, yes I can do it! For my strength comee from You and not myself. You have replaced my other dreams with waiting. Please help me say yes and trust your decision.

  121. yes to having faith, trust, and courage to following God’s plan – not my own!

  122. I want to say yes to God even in the dark – even when I have no clue what my purpose is or where my life is headed…just blind yes trust in HIM.

  123. Yes to photographing foster kids so their headshots on the adoption page don’t look like mug shots. Maybe someday adopting older foster kids.

  124. I want to say Yes to telling my story of pain and sorrow thru my 22yr old son’s drug addiction. I’ve said over the past 3 years that God will bring purpose through all of our pain! I want my story to matter to someone!

  125. Saying Yes to letting go of the fear and worry that somehow feel safer than fully trusting God…

    Saying Yes to Him and every opportunity He brings my way.

    Thank you for being such an incredibly positive force in the world.

  126. I would just like to say yes….each morning and really mean it
    without hesitations…this reminds me of the ones in scripture
    where Jesus called them to follow Him, but they had excuses,
    like, ‘let me go and bury my father first and so on’, isn’t this just
    how we are?? Always having an excuse, may God grant me eyes to see beyond
    what I deem as so important here and to see what is important eternally..
    to see through my Fathers eyes…yes….please Lord may it be,

  127. Leaning aand trusting that the One who promised never forget me will show up during this journey from.point A to point B that I don’t know yet.

  128. I continue to say “Yes” to walking along side todays teens and young adults, being part of their journey into adulthood, being an encouragement and mentor!

  129. I’d like to say yes to finishing my coaching curriculum that incorporates art journaling, because I know God would be glorified through it while women and girls could blossom and bloom! Help me, Lord, in my unbelief.

  130. I would like to say Yes to typing my church’s newsletter each month like I did for my childhood church! Just afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, leaving something/someone out or ending up in a mass post seen by millions for an inappropriate “typo”!!!!!

  131. For me, I’m just working on saying Yes to WHATEVER He’s calling me to. Even when/if it’s something I didn’t expect or plan.
    Super excited for this book!

  132. Yes! This book looks amazing! I think that it would be perfect to lead for my small group in my church!

  133. I’d like to say yes to COMPLETE SURRENDER of my life to Jesus Christ. I’ve been known for my control issues, and have given up control of some pieces of my life. But every day I find new, unexplored territory. I’m ready to give it all up to Him!

  134. I want to wholeheartedly say “Yes Lord, I will follow you” wherever and however He leads.
    I want to say “Yes Lord, I believe what you say” to the truths he says about me rather than succumbing to the lies of the enemy.
    I want my whole life to be fully surrendered and submitted to Him, saying “Yes Lord, I trust you with my life” to everything He brings about, even trials and challenges.

  135. I say YES to attend to small group bible studies, reach out my old friends and forgive those that trespasses me.

  136. I say “Yes” to taking a role serving on the Women’s Ministry team at church. It’s been a long wait & a very excited Yes last night. Can’t wait to see how God works in the lives of the ladies in our church. On another note…my kids hope I say “yes” to the beagle that is being given to them.

  137. Yes to the next step. Yes to being led and lifted and supported and dared. Yes! Yes to being challenged and yes to being received.

  138. I want to say yes to showing God’s love to people who may not see it anywhere else. I want my faith to be bigger than my fears.

  139. I will say Yes to continuing to work with high school girls promoting self worth and understanding that God has a plan for their lives. That he offers unconditional love for them and HE is full of GRACE!

  140. I want to say yes to what God has for ME, not just being there for my kids. I’ve been a single mom of 3 for a long time now, and as my kids are getting older, I realize that I have put aside things that maybe God is calling me to as I’ve lived life alongside of them.

  141. I say yes to time with my kids because someday soon they will be all grown up and I will have wished I had.

  142. I am saying yes to myself! Yes to let go and surrender for what is. Yes to loooove life and yes to be curious what the universe has to offer me! 🙂

  143. Today, I would like to say yes to devoting more time to getting into Gods wonderful words of LIFE, and letting them dwell fully in me, and through me, to effect my family for the Glory of God. To put away distractions that so easily hinder me from devoting myself to the one who created me!

  144. I want to say “YES” to using all the grace and gifts that God has given me for His Will.

  145. This is very timely for me, as I was just asked to lead worship at a church this coming Sunday. I thought about saying no, but instead I’m gonna say YES!

  146. I would like to say yes to trusting The Lord with my future. I recently graduated from college and had to move to a place where I don’t know anyone. Loneliness gets the best of me at times, but saying yes to actually, genuinely trusting Him is exactly what I need to do.

  147. OK ~ This is interesting…. I’m finally learning to say, “no” and you want me to say, “yes!” 🙂 I do want to say “yes” to living life as the woman God intended me to be from the beginning.

  148. This makes me laugh because I have felt God is asking me to say yes to Him when he says no. If that makes sense at all. He has been asking me to slow down and I have been afraid to get out of the comfort zone and being still to only Him.

  149. I want to say yes to loving others even when I don’t agree with them. I want to say yes to stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to telling others how God has changed my life.

  150. I want to say yes to less worry and fear. Yes to trusting God more with my future!

  151. I want to say YES to God’s plan for my life – even when it’s not the plan I had in mind!

  152. I’d like to say YES to trusting Jesus with where He is taking me — letting go of “safe Stacy!”

  153. I want to say YES to whatever God has in store for me for this next season of my life! 🙂

  154. I want to say “yes” to being transparent and sharing with friends to build a community.

  155. I will say yes to the stirring in my heart that He has more planned for me in this new empty nest season of my life.

  156. It’s easy for me to say yes to my ministry but I want to say yes to my kids more often and be less distracted by all there is to do in the day. Saying yes to them means saying no to other things and that’s okay when you have little ones.

  157. I want to say YES! to having friends and family in our home more often, without worrying about the mess and cleanup afterwards! I want to host more family dinners and want our home to be a welcoming place for neighbors and friends as well.

  158. I would like to say “yes” through the fear of moving… I believe it is God’s plan and He seemed to pave the way, and now in the limbo, fear is creeping in each day. I need to make an act of obedience by filling a box, or two, or a hundred, and just see what happens next.

  159. I want to say yes to loving our neighbors – our actual neighbors that live nearby – in greater ways.

  160. I want to say yes to being more intentional in my friendships and at home with my family!

  161. I want to say yes to being content and thankful with the life I already live. How much time have I wasted longing for something “bigger” or “more meaningful”? When did God ever say that all of His purposes and plans for us were going to be big or front-and-center or impact the world? I want to say yes to the reality that if my life never takes me beyond the four walls of my home I can still say I served the Lord the best I could by loving my husband and raising two amazing warriors for Jesus. That would be pretty big. That definitely requires my heart to say “YES!”

  162. I’d like to say “YES” to authenticity. “YES” to embracing humility. “YES” to loving less about being noticed and loving more about those who go unnoticed. “YES” to a life guided by the Holy Spirit and not the social norm.

  163. I struggle every day to keep saying yes to Jesus in our situation: three generations sharing a smallish home. I know every situation is different, and I want my daughter and her two boys to find their own place, but it seems I have more to learn, so they stay. In my daily frustrations I want to say ” NO!” And yet that doesn’t seem to be an option. So I continue to say yes while I wait.

  164. I need to say yes to forgiveness in my life. Our oldest son was married in August 2013, and she has not been
    in the marriage for months. They had dated for 10 years and I am trying to figure life out and what
    happened. My son is unable to talk about what happened…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  165. I want to say yes to whatever God’s will is for my future. I want my life to count, who knows how many years I have left to serve Him, the King of Kings?

  166. I want to say yes to being fully present with my kids. Yes to writing without fear. Yes to believing God works in and through the obstacles.

  167. I’m learning to say yes everyday as I recognize His prompts. For the last three years I have heard “adoption” and this month that yes will be realized.

  168. I want to say yes to hospitality. I am not one to invite others to my home because I am uncomfortable “entertaining”. I want to say yes, come on in!

  169. I want to say YES to loving my family fully and freely, instead of distracted, distant, or detached.

  170. I’m saying yes to forgiveness and goodbye to holding on to hurts and the past. Hello freedom!

  171. I want to say yes more to letting myself not be “perfect”. My attempts at perfection can often look to others like “snobbishness” and that isn’t productive for anyone!

  172. “Yes” to starting a business to support our orphanage in India. I’ve never done anything like this before, it is so far out of my comfort zone.

  173. Yes, to spending more time with Himso I may be built up and prepared for His calling for me.

  174. I want to say “yes” to God’s grace and mercy that are new every morning.

  175. I’d like to say yes to writing a book for abused women and survivors from a Christian perspective and to be able to continue studying to work with victims of domestic violence. I come from my own experiences with it

  176. This was so for me. I’ve been feeling like theres a calling on my life to Say YES to full time ministry. Im scared because this means quitting my job and stepping beyond the shore into the waves. But I know I’ll be living out what I am meant to do…

  177. Yes, God, I believe you are protecting me in the fire, in the lion’s den, in the prison. Just like You did with Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednigo, with Daniel, and with Joseph. No matter what people say, I will always be willing to go into any situation confidently because You are there. And no matter what the earthly result, the final result is perfect peace and JOY with You.

    I would like to say YES to Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven.

  178. I want to say yes to God. His will for my life I’m going through health fiinancial and emotional issues. I know God is with me and I know I’m not alone I need to say yes to giving God control. I need Him for breathing and everything inbetween.

  179. I want to say yes. God is great and leads us to the most wonderful places if we only trust him. Yes it is in nature we find God all around us. Wonderful the experience you had out in the great outdoors. Good for you and good for your family. Keep it up…..

  180. My family of 6 is in the middle of dropping everything and saying yes to God right now…and we are white knuckling it all the way! 0=

  181. It’s my desire to say “yes” to God’s Way, His Will, & His love.

  182. I want to say YES to God’s will for my life not just in the big scheme of things but daily: yes to His love, His life, His way of seeing things and His way of doing things.

  183. I’m saying “Yes!” to writing! And to believing that I DO have something to offer this world.

  184. I, too am at a turning point in my life. My children are grown and “mostly” on their own. They have been through the trials of losing their Dad, my husband, to cancer and then seeing their oldest brother, my son, pass away from a drug overdose. And yet we are strong in the Lord Almighty. He has been with us all the way and healed our hurts and our broken hearts. Now, I want to be available to show others how to go from being a victim of our trials to Victors in Jesus Christ. I have much to be thankful for and I am saying “YES” to where ever the Lord wants to use me!

  185. Yes. .stepping out without doubt/fear
    Yes..doing things his way daily
    Yes to having more patience with my 5 boys

  186. To say yes to the unknown purpose for my future-to relinquish control authentically in order to allow him to work out my story in the fullness he desires for my life.

  187. I’d like to say yes to being more active in my church. I attend regularly and go to our women’s bible study but I lack the confidence to really “jump in”

  188. I want to say yes to trusting God. I’m terrified of what He is asking me to let go of and where He might lead me if I give Him complete control over my heart and life, but I know He loves me and wants what’s best so I want to say yes.

  189. Thank you for sharing your story!
    I would love to say “yes” to living fully for God, every moment of every day.

  190. I want to say ‘Yes’ to God when He tells me He is better than my dreams.
    Thank you for this giveaway – I would love to own a copy of your book!

  191. I am saying yes to God as I become the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Coordinator for my church.

  192. I want to say yes to trusing God and letting go of my fear to pursue my dream to become a published author. And to finally living my life for me and not to please others.

  193. I want to say yes to trusting God to take care of me and my son. I am unemployed and need a home of my own for me and son. I really need to trust God and be obediant to His leading even when it feels like the most fearful thing to do I know God is with me and He will not fail to provide for our every need. Amen Thank you for this article I needed this!!

  194. I want to say yes to uncomfortable growth and change in the way that I live my life so that I can be more in tune with all that God has for me.

  195. I would like to say “yes” with more than my words and actions and allow my “yesses” to penetrate through the depths of my heart. In effect, I want to say “yes” to Christ in all things He asks, with everything in me, and not just reply out of duty.

  196. I’d like to say yes to taking better care of myself so I can serve God and my family better. I’d like to say yes to thinking I deserve to be healthy.

  197. I would like to say yes to growing closer to God. To really make the commitment to study in his word everyday.

  198. I’m saying “Yes” to leading a retreat for teenage girls on the topic of relationships. It’s one that I’ve been contemplating for several years and now, finally, am committed to do.

  199. 1998 I said yes, to “helping” as a part time preschool director at our church. Today, I’m full time children’s pastor loving on preschoolers! It is an amazing ride and each week I see little faces waiting and eager to learn about Jesus.

    Today, I say yes to allowing God to use me to share my redemption story with the world. It’s messy and bit crazy but so worth the brokenness that led me back to the feet of Jesus!

  200. I am stepping out and saying yes to opening my home to my teenage neice who is currently in foster care. I feel very inadequate to this task.

  201. I want to say yes to taking steps towards things that are risky-I play it safe too often, I want to be brave and live out my faith!

  202. Yes to live for our Lord and to overcome the pressures of family problems causing me self doubt about my salvation when so many seem to go wrong and I also want to read these books

  203. I want to be able Yes to LOVE. Being loved scares me and i tend to reject it more often. I feel God constantly nudging me to open up my heart and receive LOVE. To say YES to love.

  204. Lately I’ve been searching for the right way to go, I’ve been drawn between what I feel in my heart is right, and What I think in my head is right. Again, and again, it’s been confirmed that what my heart says is the right path, but I haven’t done it yet. Out of fear. Because seen with human eyes, that sounds like a suicide(just picture, not in the literal way). Because seen with human eyes, I am crazy to follow my heart. I am crazy not to follow my head. But sometimes God bring crazy in to our lives, so now I want to say YES to follow His “Crazy”, which I know in my heart is the “the hope and a future” He has promised us.

    Thank you for your inspiring post. I would really love to read your book!
    -Ava Sophie

  205. I want to say YES to total relinquishing of all my self-sufficiency and YES to total reliance on Christ-sufficiency.

  206. I’d like to say yes to leaving my current job, but I’m too scared too right now because I don’t have another job lined up.

  207. I’d like to say yes to things outside of my schedule! To not be afraid to disrupt life to do something important for the Lord!

  208. I want to say “yes” to believing I’m not inadequate. Right now I feel like I can’t do anything right anymore. I know it’s just the devil trying to discourage me.

  209. I want – no need! – to say “yes” to handing Him my fear, and yes to really trusting Him to show me what I need, what I should do, and His provision for the task!

  210. Deep breath… I want to… I dream of… saying yes to the freedom waiting for me in the obedience of writing a book, a book about healing from Religious abuse.

  211. I have said yes and been overwhelmed with Gods everyday blessings . But am sure there will be more yeses in my future cause no matter how old we are never to old to be part of Gods master plan !

  212. I’d like to say “yes” to being present in the moment, as it happens and not regret those that have slipped by.

  213. I want to say yes to wherever he calls our family to minister next. Whether it be Alaska or Minnesota…or wherever!

  214. I thought I would never say yes to teaching a ladies bible study, but with the encouragement of a friend 1 1/2 years ago I started (at first co-teaching) teaching a weekly bible study. After the death of my Mom almost 2 years ago and the legacy that she left it got me to thinking about what would my legacy be. . . . . so I FINALLY answered the call.

  215. I want to say YES to a deeper, more personal relationship with my heavenly father !

  216. I want to say yes to whatever God puts before me, yes to getting back to helping others & yes to living without fear & anxiety, yes to letting go & letting God change me!! Yes to listening to God again with my whole heart!

  217. To be able to finally say yes to now I understand that I’m not insignificant!
    I’m a daughter of the most high King
    Jesus. He matters and I matter. Women all over the globe need to realize No
    is the greatest protection and yes is
    freedom from doubt. Yes to I’m listening

  218. I want to be able to say YES to submitting myself fully to God and to follow all of his desires, not my own!

  219. I want to say yes, God IS enough. Say yes to letting go of everything else I’m putting my faith in or attaching my value to.

  220. Ever since I started reading about your Yes over the last couple of weeks, it really woke me up to start saying yes to God, period. Yes to what he wants me to learn in the moment I am in at any given time. I hope that my practicing to say yes whenever He calls, that it will lead me somewhere totally unexpected and beautiful someday. Thank you for all that you write, it truly has been a blessing to me.

  221. I want to say yes to my kids. I want to say yes to stories, yes to play time, yes to hugs.

  222. I want to say YES to “enough, treasured, loved” as I listen for His voice in my ordinary. I want to say YES to Him above all others and be willing to depart from comfortable to bring Him glory.

  223. I want to say yes to OBEDIENCE to Him and NOT the call of the busy-ness of life.

  224. I said yes to my 4 year old yesterday and experienced the most wonderful time together with her. Then, I said yes to my 9 year old a couple of hours later, and felt his arms arms around me (which is a big deal for him!) <3 Help me say YES all the time to the things that matter more

  225. I’d like to say Yes to being more than just the mom. I want my purpose to be Gods purpose.

  226. I would like to hear clearly what direction God has planned for me and my future.

  227. I want to say fully yes to motherhood. I am loving it and doing my best, but there’s still a part of me rebelling…

  228. Ever since I turned 50, I have been searching for what I want to do differently in my life. For some reason, I see it as a ‘half way’ point. I don’t want to waste the rest of my life doing anything I don’t want to do, so I am careful what I say No or Yes to. I need to say Yes to more things though. To branch out and try more things.

  229. I want to yes from this moment on, to being free from the brokenness and grief that have consumed me.

  230. I’m in a place of my life now where I’m seeking my yes… Beyond life’s daily responsibilities. I dont want to live another year only to look back when it passes and ask myself what have I done to further Gods kingdom? This book may be the kickstart that I need.

  231. I want to stop the rat race of living scared, of the little girl in me wondering why I wasnt good enough then or now. I want to embrace the gifts God has given me and say ” yes, Lord! I am a vessel for you!”

  232. I want to say yes to doing more rather than sitting on the sidelines wishing I’d been there.

    Years ago, before marriage, I would go to state prison for a weekend and help cook food for men who would go in and talk with some of prisoners. We called it Kairos–formed like walk to Emmaus. It was exciting to see those hardened prisoners turned around. All men on walk got a personal birthday cake. We made 1 dozen cookies for ALL prisoners even those in solitary. A lot of men on the walk turned their life around. Felt good to be apart of something so extraordinary!

    I haven’t done much of that since marriage, 10 years ago, and it seems as though I miss it. I want to say YES to helping more with Relay for Life, cooking meals at Thanksgiving, helping out at Christmas and other times!

    Blessings and prayers for all! 🙂

  233. I want to say “Yes” without fear that I am going to mess something up.

  234. I would love to say yes to voluntering at a crisis pregnancy center.

  235. I want to say yes to all the hurt and pain of the deaths of my son(17) and my husband(57) so that God can use me to comfort and witness to those that also have lost loved ones. I want to say yes to each tear and fear so that I could become closer to Him. Yes, He is goodness and mercy.

  236. I want to know what God desires me to say YES to. I have so many “opportunities”, people, organizations, asking for my time. I’m not sure which of these God desires my YES for.

  237. I would like to say yes to being a better wife for my wonderful husband, and say yes to being more open to serve in our youth ministry, church functions and just to people in general. I want to be used for God’s purpose.

  238. I want to say yes, I want to say yes to Jesus I love you more, I want to say yes Jesus I want to break free from the things that hold me back all that you want to do in my life, I want to say yes I want to be bold more for you Jesus I want to say yes yes here’s my heart Lord, I want to say yes show me your heartbeat Lord,I want to say yesthat I want my daughter to be on fire for youfor you Lord,I want to say yes lord help me be ready to do what you have me do

  239. I choose today to say Yes to kindness both as a receiver of and giver of…

  240. I want to say to yes the my lord savior and that he leads me to were he wants me to be

  241. I want to say es to …Love again ! I want to open my heart and find that special someone to walk with through the 2nd half of my journey in life. I’m 62 and I have three beautiful children all grown now and I’m all alone in life and I want to fall in Love again. I want my happy ever after….my journey would be so full of happiness if I can share it with someone special that God brings into my life. I know I can be happy again and enjoy all that this beautiful world has to share.

  242. I am going to say yes to God everyday when I hear his voice and I am going to do each day what he tells me and calls me to do each day

  243. I want to say yes to stopping the need of always needing to please everyone…… There is only one person I need to please and that is Jesus! I also want to say yes to just being with Jesus more (silent time with God and me and no one else)……

  244. How can you not say yes to Jesus, would love to read this book.
    Say yes and you become blessing in Godly ways….

  245. So excited that I said yes – and am in the middle of planning a mission trip for this summer!

  246. I say yes to letting go of the easy and comfortable. I’m looking forward to reading this book!