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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. That He would bring our vision from Him to fulfillment for His glory and pleasure! Even though it sounds crazy and like foolish, wishful thinking!! Thanks for praying, all of you!

  2. That He would draw ALL people in our little country to Himself and bring healing, restoration and love to the broken- hearted!

  3. Stephanie,
    The enemy and his schemes keep getting in the way of my being able to think clearly to write. There has been so much drama in my life (and I hate drama) that I pray for peace that I might sit at His feet again and soak in His word and be able to communicate, well, the insights I find there. Also, prayers needed for the startup of Redeemer Christian School in Pakistan which I am currently working with. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you Stephanie for your inspiring words from the word of God.

    I am a pure visionary, so I always have ideas running through my head. Just yesterday while standing in my kitchen prepping dinner, all those ideas just “clicked” into one God-sized dream. And sure thing, satan creeps in with “Did God really say?”

    But our God is greater and has great plans for us.

    Praying for all those who have God-sized dreams, that they would be able to go forth and live those out in-step with our Savior.

  5. “We serve Jesus, and He is not safe.” Beautiful, inspiring post. Thank you for wanting to engage with us all through prayer. My prayer is for reconciliation… on many levels. What would it look like to join Christ in the reconciliation He wants to do in my corner of the world? Scary for this former people-pleaser. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. But not really. Pray for boldness and courage to initiative reconciliation. Thank you!

  6. Miss Stephanie, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here! It was just what I needed to hear today: He is not normal according to the world. Amen. I am praying for all you ladies who commented here. What an honor to encourage y’all in prayer. : )
    Heavily for the past year I’ve felt God speaking in my heart to leave the ‘safe’ job and start up something new and encouraging. Something that his glory can be shown through and his power will be shown as he takes care of my family through it. But as inspired as I am in the mornings, by the evenings after the day to day grind and activities, I get the “did God really say??” and I shy away from ever taking a really meaningful step towards it all.
    Thanks to all you ladies who write and comment here and use your gifts to love on and encourage others. What a blessing this site is in my life! Have a beautiful day!

  7. Mine is rather small compared to many of the big dreams that will be talked about here today. God is telling me it’s time to leave behind my fear of being alone, my fear of being hurt, and to forgive, to leave all bitterness and anger to Him. I don’t think I can go out and change the world right now, but maybe it’s just time to change my life.

    • Penny, bless your heart! Your response was pure, simple and truthful. A powerful word. Change always begins with us, and once God transforms our own lives, we are able to walk alongside others. I am praying for you as you leave the “old” behind and step into the new season of life that God has for you! “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”Isaiah 43:19

      • Years of Overwhelming Sorrow to the point of death…’my death-wish’ 🙁 I wanted to GO HOME 🙁 & 🙂 My father said ‘NO”, NOW…TODAY I smile when I HEAR the Spirit of God talking to me by saying…*SEE!!!! GAIL SEE…* 5 years ago at 57 years old, a 30 yr Christian marriage & IN a wheel-chair I STEPPED out to the unknown FEARFULLY…BUT a DEEP INNER PEACE. A year later God was doing A NEW THING! 😀 My Journey with my just married HUSBAND 🙂 *SEE Gail, I AM DOING A NEW THING!* God called my hubby a THING 😉 lol THEN…we decided to leave our ‘OVER 50’s’ Village and BEGIN our next THING DREAM…our Journey of Discovering God and His Will…TOGETHER FOREVER. Along the way traveling & studying James of the Bible IN our little Caravan from one town to another for over 2 years 🙂 the Holy Spirit will whisper, *SEE, Gail* I smile, YES, I’m SEEING, Lord*. TODAY I’M LIVING MY GOD-THING-DREAM… MY NEW THING!!! I HAVE A NEW WALK WITH GOD 😀 A NEW HUBBY ;), I am OUT of that wheel-chair, YESSSSS 🙂 Praise God <3 I'm painting on canvas again AND we are living IN a little Home in a little town IN 10 JAMES STREET 😀 *ALL good & Perfect Gifts are from God* and *NOW IT SPRINGS UP. DO YOU NOT SEE IT Gail*. THANK YOU ANITA for that WORD of God <3 SEE GOD'S NEW THING…PENNY and you too, yes you, the lady who has just read this 🙂 SEE My Daughter, I'm doing a NEW THING 😉 Your Father who Loves You very much, you Believe IN Me NOW… BELIEVE ME, my Child… BELIEVE MY PROMISES I MADE JUST FOR YOU <3 U O:) & <3 🙂

  8. Hi Stephanie, thank you for this. I love your story about your daughter, by the way 🙂 God gave me a dream / led me 16 years ago to start praying for marriage (I had no desire until he started speaking to me about it). I thought it was going to happen quickly and I needed to get ready.. but now, I’m 42 and still waiting and faithfully praying. Please could you pray that somehow, God helps me to finish this race well, until he decides it’s time? With grace.. with patience.. with endurance to face the loneliness / pitying looks/comments etc. from those many people who look at me and see a hopeless case, and that I would not see myself as a hopeless case either but have faith and trust so that he gets all the glory when it DOES happen. I’ve recently been getting many words of confirmation from people who don’t know me, so I think it’s near but I need to not doubt. Thank you and bless you all here at incourage x

  9. Wow, I got goose bumps reading this. “Did God really say?…Yes, God really said.” In 2007, I had many people who didn’t know one another come to me and confirm the secret dream of my heart. Now, 7 years later, I am still plugging away at that dream and questioning if God really said. It brings tears to my eyes to think of it even now. But you’re right, God said…and it was created. Thank you for this encouragement.

  10. Stephanie,
    Amazing message — thank you for sharing these beautiful encouraging words. Those very questions have nibbled away at my hope this year but I’m discovering that the harder I hold onto faith the better I can listen for God whispering to my heart. Love this: “Hope is is a four-letter word holding the work of our faith.” The timing of this message arriving today is a love note from God to me. Thank you!

  11. Stephanie, thank you for such a timely word! My God-sized dream is helping women to step into their God-Design so that they can live passionately and on purpose. It’s a dream that is coming to fruition right now and growing daily! As it grows, the thoughts you described, “That all sounds a little farfetched and crazy. Why not just live ‘normal?” creep into my mind. What God is doing is scary! It’s easier to live “normal” but God doesn’t want us to be normal, does He? So here’s to taking faith steps every day and watching Him unfold His glorious plan! I’d ask that you pray that the Lord will connect me with those He’s called me to serve!

  12. Thank you for this message today. God is calling our family of 5 to take a step backwards and go back to college so my husband can finish his youth ministry degree. We move in exactly 2 weeks. I need God’s grace to finish well and strong these last 2 weeks and to continue to trust Him with this new God-led adventure He’s bringing us on. Oh it really is a God-led adventure, I love that phrase!

  13. Thanks for this post! It truly spoke to my heart. I’m a single gal who has deep desires to marry and have a family! But no prospect of a husband in sight. A few friends keep asking me about adoption, foster care, etc. It’s something I’ve been praying about continually. Your post reminded me that God is on this journey with me and hears every prayer. Sometimes though it’s so easy to forget that !

  14. This post made me want to jump up and down. God gave me a dream several years ago and I am now seeing it come to fruition – although not all at once. I’ve been a little frustrated over the last few months, but I’ve also seen that it’s not time for the full completion yet. I still struggle with fear so much (“did God really say…”), but I am trying to hold onto hope and trusting that the adventure is just beginning. Thank you for this post.

  15. Wow! Thank you beyond words for this eloquent God inspired post! I needed it most on this very day! I will pray for all of you. The “for sale” sign is in the front yard & in about two my husband starts his new job in another state. Our life is “comfortable” but we are needed elsewhere. In the state of “elsewhere”the price of housing is nearly double what it is here, and our house here is paid off! What are we thinking? We are semi-retired & I’m physically unable to work. Getting a mortgage on an expensive, very humble home? We will be separated until we sell this house in our sluggish & low-priced market? Leaving our son & beloved first grandson who live 3 hours away? Leaving our beloved church and friends? Are we crazy? My husband and I are also best friend & in 25 years, we’ve only been apart 3 days at a time? Am I brave enough? Am I faithful enough to do this crazy thing? Is it the -wrong- thing? “Did God REALLY say…?” Thank you Stephanie beyond words, and may God richly bless you, and every woman here. I’m praying for each of us.

  16. God is not safe! And His adventure is better. Thank you so much for this encouragement. My prayer now is for complete direction and really ANYTHING. I am at a crossroads in my life and I want to serve God and surrender myself to His calling – to dream those God-sized dreams! I am praying and waiting for God’s direction to lead me and continue to encourage me along the way. Praise God for He is the almighty and the peace for our souls!

  17. Wonderful encouragement Stephanie! Thank you!

    My Summer adventure is leading a girls’ study group. I would love prayer for direction in picking a study, and that God would use the study, my words and most of all His Word to grow these girls into young women of faith.

  18. Funny how jumping off a cliff is so scary, even when it’s a cliff you want to jump off. How following Jesus is so costly, even when the path is full of joy. I’m so grateful He helps us take the leap, though. I know I’d never go for my dream unless He helped me. I’m glad you’re going for yours!

  19. Stephanie,
    I am a college graduate following God’s call into being a missionary at the university. I’ve committed a year and will be leaving friends and family behind to have an adventure on the other side of the country! I love adventures, and God has been teaching me so much about putting my trust and faith in him.

    Of course, some parts haven’t been as easy; where the fear, uncertainty and insecurities are very real challenges. Thank you for this post, Stephanie, and please pray that God will continue to give me His courage and strength to step out into this exciting new chapter of life!

  20. Mine is this man name Mark whom God had orchestrated our meeting this pass January 30th. Mark has been hurt in the past so when something frustrates him he pulls away to himself and does not communicate. This has been the longest I have not heard from him. He has a wonderful heart.

  21. Stepanie, thank you so much for sharing your mind and heart! This is a direct answer to our prayer this morning. We have had a vision since 1997 and God has made provision for more than enough land, most resources, and the only thing we have lacked is help, fellow laborer. We are weary and have struggled, but cannot let go of what God has said. Too many confirmations and provisions to give up when we think we can’t go on, that it is more than we can bear. Many, probably most, think we are crazy, should sell out, and move on to enjoy life. I must admit, we have been tempted and we have not walked this journey with the joy that I believe we should, but when we think we are ready to give up, we can’t. There is still just enough faith to hold on. He promises not to put on us more than we can bear, but sometimes I feel I can’t bear the wait any longer. My husband has had colon cancer surgery and is enduring chemo now. We are truly blessed and want to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives more than anything on earth. Our hearts desire is to be found obedient and faithful, but also fruitful. I just need to see some good fruit for our labor. Please pray that we would know whether it is time to let go of this distant vision or time to move forward. I feel it would take a miracle or two to take us forward right now, but I firmly believe in miracles and have witnessed MANY in my lifetime. We serve the God of miracles and he is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. I do believe we heard God, we just need to hear Him again today and going forward for the next step. Thanks again for sharing. I specifically asked for a word of confirmation today and this post arrived on my newsfeed. I have never seen your posts before. I believe God has spoken. We just need more guidance. May God richly bless you and all of those seeking to fulfill His call on their lives whether in a big or small way. Each act of His love that reaches another is huge! One soul is worth whatever it takes!

  22. Yes, I’ve often heard and asked, “Did God really say…” I love what you said our response should be, “God really said.” Amen! Great encouragement today, Stephanie!

  23. Thank you for this post Stephanie. I believe God keeps calling me farther and farther from everything that I have ever known and desired and it is soooooo hard at times. I had what I thought was my dream…the most amazing, dream wedding, beautiful house, boat, horses, anything money could buy…beautiful surroundings, extended family and in a heartbreak…it all collapsed in front of me. I think God has been telling me to trust HIM, my husband divorced me, my family sided with my ex-husband so I no longer have any contact with them and I went thru repressed memories of abuse. I was put on disability a few months ago, however my goal is to get off of it ASAP and eventually use all of this for God’s purpose. To help other women. This has taken all the strength, courage and faith. Any prayers I can receive I would appreciate. I am trying to overcome a dissociative disorder.

  24. Oh my!
    16 years ago, God called me to vocational children’s ministry. During those 16 years, He’s developed and clarified that call and narrowed it down to a very specific church… one that had a children’s minister who was in no hurry to leave. HOWEVER, she e-mailed me on Wednesday that she will be resigning in two weeks! The opportunity of a lifetime is finally here! I’m terrified of a lot of things with that, but mostly that it’s not going to work out again. Praying for peace and, selfishly, for this to be my chance. Pray with me?

  25. I know God has plans for me. What they are I can’t even fathom. Maybe, he hasn’t revealed them yet, or maybe he has and I don’t hear them.
    It seems to me I have a difficult time hearing God. I am in the Word. But, when he is speaking I can’t hear his words.
    That is my prayer request. That I might be able to hear God’s plan for me. If it has been revealed.
    May I also pray that my family find God, that they come to know him? I am the only one in my family who does.
    Thank you for your words that often speak right to my heart.

  26. Faith the engine that propell our blessings given of the LORD, which was completed 2000 years ago. The Grace is the manifestation of those blessing we receive from the LORD. Thank you JESUS for completing the way for this transaction to occure.

  27. Stephanie,

    This has been one frustrating year. First we moved my dad into assisted living. Then he had some medication issues that landed him in the hospital and rehab. That is all settled finally. Praise God 🙂

    Through all that I worked a job that I don’t like and don’t feel I should have chosen this field. I’ve persevered. Now my family has just gotten some possible bad news and it is making me crazy. I know God will see me through all this and will make things good!! He has never abandoned me or my family!!!

    My God-sized dream is to leave my current job and work elsewhere. I would love more time and energy to cook for my sweet hubby who I adore!! My passion is cooking and I would be absolutely ecstatic if I could cook more!

    Blessings ::)

  28. For the water of God`s Word in the hearts of Ukrainians. They need God`s wisdom revealed to everyone who is not His child. My God-sized dream is all Ukrainians come to Him. That terrible war against Ukraine that was started by Russian political leaders push Ukrainians to search the comfort and exit. Please, pray for Ukraine because Russian soldiers want to destroy not only the lives of people but the assets of the regions too: infrastructure, plants and so on. Please, pray for Ukraine. Thank you.