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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. I am so excited about hearing more from Jean. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! I already started reading and am loving the book so far.

    Can’t wait to chat with all of you about it over on the Bloom Facebook page. 🙂

  2. How nice to meet/see Jean Fleming! She is beautiful! I have already read the first 3 chapters. Definitely struck some heart cords with me. Challenging myself to answer Jean’s 2 questions.

  3. CanNOT wait for my book to arrive! I always love these intros where we can actually hear the voice of the author we are reading.

    • Amy,

      I KNOW–then we can hear their voice in their words on the page :). You’ll love this book!

      • Wellll, my book didn’t arrive but ended up back at the sender’s address due to damage in shipping. The USPS returned it to them as a result. So, now I’m scrambling to find another copy and have reordered it. I may get it through IBooks or Kindle (when it’s available) just in case. I’ve managed to read the first two chapters for free in the iBooks sample. : ) Loving it already, especially since I turned 50 in December. Wish I’d read something like it in my 20s. It’s going to be great!

  4. Lovely meeting you ladies and seeing the author and hear her voice! You ladies are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Any luck on what to do with the sponsored eBooks that aren’t available on Amazon? Thx.

    • Lindsay–

      It will be available again sometime this week! THANK YOU for your patience! ISN’T that CRAZY?? I can’t help but think the enemy does NOT want this message in women’s hands…but we won’t stand for that!

      • It has been crazy and I agree with you. Praise God that He will not be defeated in ANYTHING He has set out to accomplish. Thank you for your diligence in working on this. xoxo

  6. Loving the three chapters so far. My folder for intentional living started long ago, although I didn’t name it so. One of my projects this summer will be to gather all of my snippets in one place so it is easy to use.

    • Debbie, how great to hear that you are collecting those thoughts and insights in a folder of your own! Jean’s “Old Woman File” was fun to read about.

      How will you gather all your snippets in one place?

    • Debbie,

      I’m a collector, too…with no method to my madness. Isn’t it funny how just a little nudge in the right direction makes such a difference?

  7. I am SO exited about this book study! I’ve never joined a book study before, but I love reading books, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect with others who has interest in the same book! Thank you for this website, with the opportunity to read books together!

    I am waiting for the arrival of my copy, can’t wait! Jean is such an inspiring woman, can’t wait to hear more from her!
    -Ava Sophie :0)

  8. Just received my copy and am ready to start reading. So glad the video is on this page – couldn’t get it on Utube. This is going to be fun.

    • Hmmm, Laurie; I have no problems playing it on You Tube but I’m so thankful you found another way to view it!!

  9. Hello Ladies,
    This is my first time to join the book club. I will get my book on Wednesday. Just in time!
    I also want to thank the sponsors with kind, generous hearts! Because of you, my sister was able to get a copy.

  10. Jean Fleming is simply delightful! So looking forward to hearing (and reading!) the wisdom she has learned from her long obedience in the same direction. And it was so fun to watch Angie’s face as she listened to Jean! Such delight in the presence of a wise woman of God!

  11. I’ve already started reading the book and am so excited about it. I am just a couple of years younger than Jean. I can’t wait to get to know her better.

  12. Hi, I want to buy this book!! What’s the best place to seek it out and get it to me?

    • Mae,

      The fastest might be your local book store; I saw copies in mine. DaySpring is temporarily sold out; maybe try familychristian.com or christianbook.com; I know they’ve had copies in stock recently :).

    • Alia Joy,

      Yep…Jean’s splashes wisdom and insight all over the place–no umbrella needed :).

  13. So excited – can’t wait to begin. I have had this book on my kindle for months not knowing when I would get to it and look at that! we’ll read it together – looking forward to it!

  14. Will it be back on Amazon for Kindle before Thursday. It’s been on my Kindle wishlist but when I went in to buy it today, it was no longer an option!

  15. My husband, Dan, and I have known Roger and Jean for over 40 years. Though we hear from Roger more often, I have kept up with Jean and their children through her books. In Roger’s last letter, he mentioned that Jean was going to do this interview. I ordered the book and have read the first few chapters. I believe Jean’s insights have come right at the time I need them (I turned 70 in February) and our son, Philip, was just married in May of this year. It’s so wonderful to see and hear her again.

    • Melinda!! What a delight to find your comment :). I love knowing how your discovered Bloom; how much more personal this study will be based on your existing relationship with Jean and Roger! It sounds like *you* might have some wonderful insights to share as well (I hope you do!).

  16. Read Bread & Wine with y’all last summer! I’m back for some more summer reading. I am a teacher so summertime is my time! :-). So excited to learn to be more intentional!!

  17. Ann Voskamp, a favorite writer of mine, recommended your book, so I’ll see about getting it at my local book store today. Looking forward to reading it with this book club.

  18. My husband work in Nicaragua. I was also introduced to Jean’s book through Ann Voskamp and I have been using it as my devotional for about the last year…just taking it bit by bit. I finished it yesterday and decided to start over again. Today I was just looking for more info on Jean when I saw your website…now I can do it over again with Jean herself! What a blessing!!