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  1. hmm…the book is supposed to coach us along to being brave, eh? so i’ll read the book to help me get there!

  2. I would love to read this book! I would use the other items for inspiration and brainstorming!

  3. i would love to read this book. i am on a journey right now toward becoming bolder in my faith & less fearful of the what ifs of life. this study seems right where i need to be. 🙂

  4. Thinking part of taking steps of courage -being brave would be to share. Passing the book along to someone else, sending cards, sitting with a friends over some hot tea or hot chocolate.

  5. Wow! I would love to win this giveaway! I loved this book, it was seriously life changing! If I win this giveaway I would use the book to share with all my friends because I want them to read it! I love the tea set, it would be great to have friends over for tea! The note cards I would send to my friends to encourage them to be brave and that they are brave! This college girl loves snail mail! Finally the awesome print I would use to encourage me each day by hanging it in my room!

  6. I would love to win! My 17 yo dd and I are doing it together. It would be a blessing for her to have a copy of the book.

  7. I bought my copy of the book as an e-book, so I’d be so excited to share the hard copy of this book with a friend. My (in)RL group has continued to meet, and several of us are doing this study – it’d be great to share these gifts at one of our gatherings!

  8. I would love to have a copy of the book!! I’m a visual person. The bonus items would be a gentle reminder and help to refocus me on being brave, throughout the day. And also, it would be an opportunity to share with friends, family, and guest about the book and about my quest to be brave, hoping it would encourage and bless others.

  9. So nice that the giveaway includes some notecards. It goes well with the nudging of a fellow (in)courager to send more handwritten cards. I think this is one way to be brave – writing something from the heart and thus encouraging someone in their daily life.

  10. I could learn to be brave by being in Gods word and in reading your book. Combining the 2 together will give me a recipe for success.

  11. I would use the printable brave paper to help remind my 3 daughters to always be brave and to always stand up for the under dog. I would use the cards to write encouraging notes to people I love.

  12. Can’t wait to get in to reading the book. I bought a copy, so would give this one away. Seconding Amy KW with using the tea set at our next meeting – perhaps being brave enough to host a gathering?

  13. looking forward to the book. need to be brave in lots of areas. newly pregnant, just moved to a new town, and my husband & i started a business recently after quitting our stable ministry positions.

  14. I need to spend more time in His word so I can be brave to face the days ahead. A new study and a beautiful tea set to remind me to “be still”!

  15. I’d love to be able to give my sister a copy of the book so we can do the study together!!

  16. I live this giveaway! I am a notecard girl who tries to write handwritten notes to a couple of people The Lord puts on my heart every week. The extra book and print would make great gifts and I know exactly who I would invite for tea!!

  17. I would use this prize to encourage a very special friend who is a single mom & doesn’t take the time to nurture her body or soul enough!

  18. Brave is hard for me because I struggle with everything being perfect … but … If I won this I would invite someone to my house to have a cup of tea. My house isn’t the greatest. The tile is from the 1970’s and the kitchen is outdated. The ceiling started peeling because of a leak in the roof. Because of these things I have not allowed people to come over. But I want people over regardless of how outdated my home is. Hoping to win and hoping to be brave.

  19. I’m going through a rough breakup and think these giveaway items would be a huge encouragement to meto keep my head up.

  20. I plan on reading and reviewing the book. I would love to share the goodies with a friend who is going through a rough time right now.

  21. Since I have my digital copy already the first thing I would do is give the book away! I would love to walk up to someone I don’t know and give them a gift( but that is a bit scary) and this book would be the perfect thing to do it with!

  22. “Brave” is Myoneword of the year! So I will incorporate that into learning what God wants me to discover about being brave. I would love to have these products for my Bible study that will be doing this book with incourage!!

  23. I have the “Let’s All Be Brave” ebook, so I could give the copy I might win to a friend. I’m loving the book, BTW!! The other items could be used to share with and encourage new friends I might make in my “brave” journey in my new town. Sending encouraging mail to my current friends and family, or to even frame as a reminder to me.

  24. I’ve already bought the book so I would share it with a friend so we can learn to be brave together. I would hang the print where I can read it every morning to encourage me on my journey.

  25. I am actually speaking on bravery and courage soon and would use the book as a resource for myself and would use the other items as a give away at the meeting that I’m speaking at. I believe that God calls us to live fearlessly and courageously. I’m excited to read this book.

  26. I’d love to use the notecards to send personal messages–snail mail, so fun to receive!–to my friends, sharing my Brave experiences with them and encouraging them to do the same.

  27. I will use the items as reminders that God is in control…not me. By faith, I will be brave.

  28. I would love to read this book. After reading the book I will use it as a book study with the teenage girls in my Sunday night group. Our group will be taking time off until January due to Christmas play practice. I’ll have time to prepare for this new study. This is something we can all use. I think a tea party would be a good way to begin the study since the author likes tea and this would be a way to tell about her. The note cards can be used mid way through our study as encouragement. This will be wonderful! Thanks!!

  29. I am navigating a new role in my job, mothering 2 boys through the teen years, being a wife to an awesome husband, and filling many roles at my church! I could use a little inspiration to remind me that “no matter what, God has this all in his hands. Just be brave!”

  30. As I read about this book, the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz came to mind. The fears inside his own head had crippled him. (He and I would get along well.) Too many times, I’m afraid of a task before I even begin it. I tell myself all the things that could go wrong. I truly want to break free of this. Having three little girls, I want to teach them about being brave, too. Perhaps, we could talk over tea how to be brave together? :0)

  31. I want to use this tea set to invite a new neighbor over. I want to build relationship with new people. I want to use the notecards to encourage sisters in the faith and to send love to those I don’t know well.
    I want to be Brave!

  32. I just started blogging. It takes bravery to wake up everyday and share my heart, especially when I feel lost amd life isn’t picture perfect. I’d love a little boost of courage with the fun giveaway.

  33. LOVE these items! I’d keep the book for me to read first, hang the print in my office to remember to keep going when my counseling grad school courses get tough, use the notecards to encourage others and give the teapot/mugs as a gift to one of my best friends and best encouragers!

  34. Since I already have the book, I would use the new book and the tea set as gifts. The notecards will probably be used to send encouraging notes to my daughter and some of her friends that are in their first year of college – what a time to be brave!!!

  35. I have never been brave, a risk taker or even a fighter. I feel that God is really calling me out of this and to trust Him. This book would be such a great asset in helping me on this journey.

  36. i love this! one step towards begin brave for me, is to invite people into my home, to gather, to share a little tea and real conversation. i would use that GREAT tea set to do that…:) i also would use those sweet cards to send random notes of love to those who may need it, ‘just because’. can’t wait to read the book!

  37. I love this – I would be brave by inviting friends over for tea and sharing the book! I am always so anxious about having others over that I just don’t do it to save myself the worry. I’d also send the note cards out to women from my Bible study group that I think could use a little extra note of encouragement!

  38. I would hang the print on the wall where I would see it every single day! I’m about the least brave person I know, and I want that to change so much! That’s why I’m really looking forward to this book club.

  39. I would love to win. All the items would serve as a daily reminder to be brave, especially after I’ve read the book. I would also share the book after and the cards with my family and friends so they can learn to be brave also.

  40. I signed myself up for the book study, sent two to a friend, so she could pass one on to a friend of her choice, and as far as being brave… I need a plan. I am homesick and I need a plan that brings me closer to family. I’m not a planner, but I need a plan. I am being brave by trusting God for that plan in His time. I don’t know how the giveaway items would help me exactly.

  41. I would love to open my home more and be a better hostess, this tea set is beautiful and perfect!! The cards are great to send love to someone too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. I’m so glad your team picked this book! The title alone is so encouraging…reading this message would be timely for me as I am stepping out into new territory as The Lord leads me. Let’s all be brave together!! Blessings all 🙂

  43. !. I will read the book and be apart of the study that is starting nexr week.

    2. The tea set, will be used for sure since I’m a big tea drinker. And used to share with others.

    3. I will be sharing what this study is about with others.

    This is my first Bloom Study.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  44. I’ll use it to reach out to a friend who’s in need, instead of focusing on my own personal needs. Thank you! This book sounds awesome! I’m trying really hard to put my priorities in place and it sounds like the Lord is truly trying to send me a message here…

  45. I would use the resources to encourage my sister’s at church, I get a nudge in my spirit when I feel someone needs help, or just a hug!

  46. Since I already own a copy of Let’s All Be Brave, the copy I would win in the giveaway, I would give to my best friend since EVERYONE needs to read this book! The tea set – what goes better with a good book than a cup of tea? Maybe it will even encourage me to invite someone over to discuss the book and talk about all the things we’ve been afraid to do. Words of Affirmation is like my top love language and with those faith, hope, love cards, I could be brave and send notes to those that need encouragement or to someone God places on my heart that I would otherwise be afraid to speak too. And that wonderful print, I would hang that on my bathroom mirror so every morning I would remember to take bravery with me everywhere I went (:

  47. Framed and hanging where I can see it everyday to remind myself to be strong and brave in my faith for myself and my little grandsons!

  48. Can’t wait to read even if I don’t win. If I do win I would like to give them to a woman name dorothy that I work with that dislikes me and I don’t know why. But for me it would be a challenge and brave to approach her to let her receive it. That’s the way to start my journey.

  49. I have the book and am looking forward to the study. I would pass on the book so that I can share with one of my girlfriends and would use the other prizes as my inspiration to step outside my comfort zone and be brave…..

  50. Let’s All Be Brave is a book I’ve heard such good things about. I’d love to read it and see how my walk with God can grow. The art print is another thing I really hope I win.

  51. I love all things Dayspring and that tea set? Oh my goodness! I would give the book away since I already have a copy, and I would invite my new neighbor for tea to get to know her – and what’s better than doing that with an adorable tea set? I am old school when it comes to snail mail and love to send out a little love, so the notecards would be mailed out like in the olden days, and that print? Well – I just redecorated our Family Room and it would look great there… although, my girlie moved out on her own and she and her roommates would love it as well! This Giveaway is all kinds of awesome!

  52. I would use the _Let’s All be Brave_ gift set to help me through these baffling health issues that the doctors can’t seem to figure out and to help encourage other single moms who are toughing through life on their own, including dealing with all kinds of extra stress!

  53. I would love to use the teapot to be brave enough to invite people into my home to relax and recharge.

  54. I am a Preschool Director and would show sharing by giving some of these wonderful items to my staff and enjoying a cup of tea with my best friend using the tea pot and cup!

  55. I would read the book then give it away. I would have a tea party with my granddaughters.and them each a note card every week to remind them to be brave. They have gone thru a lot in their young lives. I would keep the photo as a reminder to myself

  56. I love recieving gifts and I would probably find someone who would also benefit from my gift. I’m going to share this with my sisters too

  57. I am facing many changes in my life. I HATE CHANGE! I need to have faith that God will supply my needs. I need to be BBRAVE.

  58. I would love to win this giveaway. As I make the journey, I would share this giveaway with friends and loved ones!

  59. I already bought my book but would share this one with my sister. I love tea – so the tea set is perfect for me.

    The note cards would be great because I volunteer for a group that corresponds with deployed servicemen and women.

    Awesome giveaway!

  60. Where do I begin? My Dad passed away two weeks ago of an abdominal aneurysm. Two weeks before that I was in the hospital having vocal cord surgery and a tracheostomy for a botched thyroid cancer surgery that left me with vocal cord paralysis and barely able to breathe. September was one of the toughest months that I have ever had to endure. However, I have to be brave because I have five children and two grandchildren who need me. Medicaid is taking the house that we lived in with my Dad, and finding housing on Child Support and disability is next to impossible. We are more than likely going to have to move into a housing complex that is not the kind of place I want my family to live. Regardless, I am keeping my head up, praying and relying on God to get us through this this storm. I know that God is letting us go through this for a reason, and in the end I believe that He will provide more abundantly than I can imagine. That’s how I’m choosing to be “Brave”.

  61. I will read and follow along with the Bloom’s Book Club as I have in the past. I now work at a Christian Book Store and hope to be able to get a Bloom’s Book Club group going in this store in the future. I will recommend this book just as I did From Head to Foot. (my copy is borrowed out right now)

    As for the tea set … I, like Annie, enjoy a mix of 1/2 caffeine free Oregon Chai and 1/2 lactose milk especially on a fall / winter morning!

    I am not on Facebook and I am just learning how to use instagram 🙂

  62. I love these items! I would use the print as a constant visual reminder to always be brave and to never lose faith!

  63. Would love the print to encourage myself and my 2 daughters by having it readily visible to start and end each and every day. Like Annie, I too am a huge fan of chai and would love to savor a cup while reading the book. The notecards would be great to send encouraging messages to friends and family! Heard Annie at a recent Girls of Grace and my daughter purchased the book bundle….can’t wait to continue this journey! My 13 yo would definitely love sharing these gifts with her friends.

  64. This is such a sweet giveaway. I was just at a women’s retreat this past weekend and the theme was fearless. Love how God always reiterates his points. Many blessings of bravery and less fear and more trusting God to each person here.

  65. I would love to win this set because I am in that season of transformation and change. I became a widow two years ago at only 37 years old. Now I need to pursue what God has in store for me as a widow not what we had planned as a couple. I need to be brave to step out and pursue that greater thing!! I would use the book for myself, hang the print in my house to encourage both my teenage daughters and the cards to encourage my sisters!

  66. I’d love to share the book with my daughter & best friend while we have a cup of coffee. Later I could use the notecards to send them encouraging words to help them be brave. : )

  67. Since I am a mentor mom for MOPS, I would use these things to encourage my gals. Love that our theme this year is ‘Be You Bravely’.

  68. i don’t know.. i hope the book inspires me, lifts me, gives me the push i seem to need.. to just BE BRAVE!

  69. Oh who couldn’t use a little more bravery?
    I surely could and plenty to spread around too

  70. Our MOPS theme this year is “Be You, Bravely.” I don’t just want to be brave, but I want to encourage many other women to be brave as well. I would totally use these in my small group, friendships, etc. to encourage others to take the Brave journey with me!

  71. With the help of our Lord.. I hope to find His strength and rejoin the land of the living. It’s been a difficult year and I need to know that I can be brave again.

  72. I can be brave by reading the book, sharing it with my small group girls, and sending the notecards to new friends. Can’t wait to read the book!

  73. I am going to use the tea set to start off with by inviting someone over that challenges me and have a conversation.

    The 8×10 print I will frame & hang it in my front room to remind me!

    The notecards: I will use to write to people for encouragement in my neighborhood. I am new to my neighborhood so it would be a great tool to build a bridge!

    The book I will read and pass on to our MOPS group!

  74. The tea set: invite a new friend, one who needs some encouragement.
    8×10: hang it in my office on my wall of faves.
    Notecards: because I send so many of them can always use more.
    Book: will read and pay forward to my almost-18 granddaughter who needs to be braver!

  75. I need the guts to get my body out of bed every. single. day.
    people say I am strong.
    I just want to be faithful.
    to Him.
    I can be brave because of Him.
    …we all can.

  76. Ah, this giveaway could have come at a better time. I just wrote about my need to be brave on my blog and the steps I would be taking this week to build courage and trust. This book could be exactly what I need to read at this time in my life. And to have the other items as daily reminders and encouragement will be so helpful! I love wall prints – I’m a sucker for them. And I love the one you’re giving away. Talk about empowerment! 🙂 Can’t wait to use each item – it couldn’t come at a better time!

  77. I think that by reading the book and diving deeper into God’s word, I’ll learn to be more brave.

  78. The tea cup set is perfect to have one-on-one get together with my friend. I’ve been so busy and being such an introvert, it takes just a push of bravery to call someone up and plan to meet together. That tea set is so charming, it begs for company!

  79. Who doesn’t want to be more brave? Great giveaway!

    I’d read the book and then pass it on to another woman who could use some bravery.

    I’d use the tea set during my quiet and Bible study time. Everything goes down easier with a warm cup of tea!

    I’d put the 8×10 print in my office as daily encouragement to remind me that I already have what I need to be brave.

    I would use the notecards to encourage others. I tend to get a note from someone at just the right time and I want to pass that on.

  80. I would use the tea set as an inspiration to invite girlfriends over frequently for one on one girl time and enjoy the mutual encouragement tea sessions! I would use the notecards to reach out to my busy friends that typically don’t have much time to get together, or who live too far away to come by for that cup of tea. Handwritten notes are so special in this electronic media centered world! I have a project that needs to be completed, but have not had the bravery to finish it off. God has given me a gift and he needs me to be brave and use it! Great timing for this study – am looking forward to the inspiration!!!

  81. Hello everyone. I would use the notecards to encourage those where I live and mail some because we use real mail so seldom. Many of those around me are facing stress and trials so a tea party to seek God would help them. Right now I need to be very brave as I become free from past abuse. As I become brave in the Lord, others will notice and I can share the Lord’s love and strength and healing with them. God bless all of you! Victory 60, Laurel

  82. I would love to have the visual reminder to be brave. To be who God created me to be in this world and for my people.

  83. I would share the giveaway prizes, with my family and friends. I would use the notecards to send encouraging words to my friends and family. The tea set would be great for an afternoon with friends to just talk. I would hang the beautiful print up to encourage everyone who sees it. I would share the book with all my friends and family encouraging them to read it. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

  84. Wow, the timing on this is amazing! Just today I asked a former very close friend who had stopped being my friend for several years if she would join me in my home for lunch…I was so nervous asking- I felt like a little child. I could really use this book..and my friend, she said “yes” to tea!! Thanks ladies for cheering us on in our race!! xo

  85. I would use these to encourage and share the word with others as they enter my home – or for those I know are hurting or going through some sort of trial and need to hear from a friend.

  86. I am working on bravery now as I honesty examine some past & deep hurts. Not as easy place to arrive at after far too many years, and it’s feeling like a bit of a shaky journey rightnow.

  87. I have not felt much like being brave, due to the recent death of a sibling. Reading the book will hopefully help me get the wind back in my sails. And maybe I can have a friend over for a cup of tea!

  88. My three year old has been begging for a real tea set to have a real tea party with, and I know she would love enjoying this special time with me or even another little friend.

  89. My boyfriend is currently in Australia for 6 months, while I am still in England. Long distance relationships are extremely hard, even though the love that comes out of it is such a blessing, it can still be so lonely. I have to be brave and stay positive. Hopefully this will push me and encourage me to be and stay Brave.

  90. I haven’t been able to actually participate in many of these books studies, but I love Annie, and I would be thrilled to have these lovely items to encourage others, as well as myself, to be brave!

  91. I would read the book with the bloom book club then donate it to our church library so other women would be able to read it. I would write and mail notes of encouragement to our pastors and their wives or other people who serve our church body to thank them for using their gifts to serve and teach others. It would be fun to have a small tea party with my daughter or invite a friend for tea and talk about our lives. With school-aged children, life is full and the tea set would be a visual reminder to pause for rest and allow the Holy Spirit to fill me and pour through me, a vessel of His sweet love… to encourage others in their faith walk.

  92. I love tea and will share tea time with a friend. I also love sending notes to friends so those notecards will be put to good use! Can’t wait to read the book, we could all use encouragement on being brave! Thanks! 🙂

  93. I would be so excited to win this giveaway; I have wanted to participate in the Bloom Book Club for several years. I would love to read this book to encourage and teach me to be brave, as a woman, Christian, wife, mother, and friend. I would use the tea set to be brave and invite someone over for fellowship; I am typically very intimidated to reach out to others for fellowship. I would use the notecards to exercise bravery to tell some of the women in my life how I truly love and value them. I would display the print as a constant reminder to myself and my daughter of who we are in Christ and that because of him we can always be bold and brave, just like he was. I am so excited for this book club!

  94. I will hang that saying in a prominent place for my teenage girls and I to see everyday. I am excited to read the book. I would love to have tea with a dear friend and write notes of encouragement to family and friends.

  95. I would use the teaset to have a day with my friend and we would encourage one another to keep going. The book would be great as we could talk about it and how we can use it in our lifes. Thanks for a chance!

  96. I have a couple of friends who are on the same journey through divorce that I am. It has been a long road and very bumpy. I don’t always feel brave and am scared most of the time. I would like to use this book as a way for us to connect by reading together and possibly share our thoughts/inspiration gained from it over tea. The poster would be plastered on my mirror as the first thing I look at each day. I will take whatever reminders I can get to help me move on with my life….and the only way to do that is to be brave. Hoping this will “teach” me how to do that!!!

  97. I would find a great excuse to get together with my dear friends and have some tea and do the book club with you!

  98. Over the last several years I have struggled with singleness as many of my dearest friends have gotten married and started families. At times it left me feeling deficient but over the last year, The Lord has shown me that is NOT the case and that for this season, He has something different planned for me. I get to embrace this freedom of not being tied down so I can go and live out the calling He placed on my life before I was born. I never imagined that He was preparing me for cross cultural missions and to be honest, I didn’t want to do that but over the last year and a half, He has been transforming my heart and preparing me for something incredible.

    All that to say, I will be leaving within the next 1-2 years and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with some fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving my amazing family and closest friends….fear of leaving the ministries I’ve poured into over the years. I’d use the notecards to encourage those I get to meet with and encourage through talks and prayer (hand written notes are one of my love languages). The tea set would be used for just that, as well as with my nieces, who I don’t want to leave. The book would be used for myself and then I would write a note in it and give it to another person for them to read and write a note in to pass on…and etc. The print would be for my nieces to keep and use as something to push them as they grow up.

  99. I believe the tea set and cards would be a wonderful way for me to be braver in reaching out to other ladies, sending words of encouragement, or inviting them into my home.

  100. Thank you for the giveaway and the opportunity to join in on a topic I think we all struggle with. Looking forward to feedback from others about how they are being braver… To God be all glory!! 🙂

  101. I am in a loooong tiring adoption, and I need some extra inspiration to be brave and stay on the path God led me on, even though it is uncertain, and also to go beyond adoption and help out other countries/people wherever God calls me to.

  102. Already owning a copy of Let’s All be Brave of my own winning a new copy would be a wonderful way to test my bravery by giving it to someone else who needs the encouragement. Displaying words of bravery is a call that we all should follow.

  103. I love the visual reminder a nice print brings, to be brave in my own life. I also love sending handwritten notes of encouragement (wish I did it more often!). The notecards would encourage me to do this. And the book, I would share with a friend who needs some encouragement in her own life.

  104. Would love those notecards to spread the love to my prayer team and community as we start to pray some pretty brave things!! Excited about club getting back in action!

  105. This book club sounds exciting!! I would use the book and tea set to encourage my heart to be brave, and the print and note cards would be great gifts to inspire greatness in others!

  106. The book itself will surely help me in my journey to be brave! My sweet friend Sarah is sending a copy to me & one to give a friend! I can’t wait to get started! The note cards will help me encourage my friends to be brave. I love hosting coffee/tea morning at my house for mama bonding time, so the tea set would come in handy!!

  107. I love the print especially for daily reminders of being brave. I love this book for the book club because because the MOPS theme is Be You, Bravely this year, and it goes with along with it. And being brave is also about encouraging others to be brave right alongside of you, and the notecards are perfect for that!

  108. What a great giveaway! I would have everything I need to invite a small group or attend a small group, serve tea, and have a talk about being brave with the takeaways from this book. Hope I win this!!!

  109. I enjoyed the free preview I read of this book, and I’d be so excited to read more of it! 😀 Thank you so much for the free entries. I have a lot of area’s I’d like to be braver in right now in my life, and I’ve always been a fearful person when it comes to the future, at least, and I’d like more encouragement and practical idea’s like this book seems to have. 🙂

  110. Not sure exactly how to answer!! .. I definitely need more BRAVE in my life AND I love Chai tea, the tea set would be perfect :0)

  111. I would write notes to the girls on my heart, pass the book on to someone who needs it too (after reading it), learn how to make chai tea and share it with someone else!

  112. I am facing my 3rd surgery in a year’s time-this one scary & unexpected. I would use the book to help me bravely face what lies ahead of me.

  113. I’d start by reading the book! I’d hang the quote at home as a daily reminder! And I’d probably gift the other items to my good friends and pass the book along after I’m done reading it!

  114. I would love to win this giveaway! I would give the book to a friend who is learning to be brave after cancer surgery, the tea set would be used for brave girl tea parties! Who doesn’t love tea parties! The cards would be used to send family and friends encouragement along the way and the print would be hung in the study as a reminder for me !

  115. It would just be awesome to win this giveaway! Everything that is picked for the giveaway would be great reminders to be brave and it would also be great to share them with friends to encourage them as well! Thanks!!

  116. I have struggled much with fear, worry, anxiety for almost all of my life and really want and need to be free from this bondage. Because of my circumstances right now and all that’s going on in the world, fear often seems to overcome me. I’m sure the book will provide some wonderful wisdom and insight on these issues and will encourage me to become more brave and courageous in my faith, in trusting God and in all areas of life. I could use the notecards to encourage others in difficult or scary situations to trust in God and be brave. I could exhibit courage by inviting a friend over for fellowship and maybe brave conversation. I would love to have the beautiful words matter print to display in my home as a daily reminder of what bravery is and to inspire me to live out that truth and be faithful to do God’s will even if I’m afraid. This book would bless me greatly and be so beneficial to help me overcome and my fears. I once had somebody tell me that I am like the character “Much Afraid” from the book “Hinds Feet on High Places.” I deeply want to be transformed from “Much Afraid” to “Much in Faith.” Thank you so much for doing this lovely and generous giveaway!

  117. I am pretty timid in my faith. For as bold as I can be in meetings, outside those church walls I need some help. I think this book would be wonderful! Plus, once I get done, I hope to be able to bless others by letting them read it!

  118. I am a mentor mom for MOPs. at our church and our table group name is Brave. I would love to use this book to help our moms become brave mothers.

  119. Looking forward to becoming brave. Can’t wait to put the quote in my 3 daughters bedroom and encourage the next generation of brave girls!

  120. That a fabulous giveaway. The tea set would be perfect to host a get together to discuss the book. The word art would be fabulous to hang on the wall.

  121. This book looks so good! It will help me in my working with middle school girls as will the note cards to send to them!

  122. I’ll be brave by using the items to help in an upcoming discipleship group I’m going to be co-leading. It’s scary, but it is time. I already have been reading the book, so I’m already on the lookout for what The Lord wants me to share with my girls.

  123. I would give the book to my sister so she can be encouraged to be brave, (I’ve already started my own book!). i’d use the cards to send encouraging notes to friends and family and invite a girlfriend or sister over for tea to share what I’m learning, and most of all I would hang the picture quote and read it EVERY day to encourage myself to stay Brave!!!

  124. I will bravely invite a friend to join the Bloom Study with me and then we can have tea while discussing the book together!

  125. After reading the book, “Let’s All Be Brave,” I would give it to someone who needs courage with my encouragement. The tea set would also be a special gift for a special person, and the note cards would be sent to those who need a word of grace. At this point in my life I need courage as changes are looming, but with God’s promises in His Word in my heart and mind, I can be brave.

  126. I would read and share the book, enjoy tea with the tea set, send out many encouragement cards & hang the picture up to remind myself and hubby to be brave!!!

  127. I’m on the cusp of some big life changes so I’ll use the tea set to have deep conversations as I share the news with those I love and I’ll use the notes to encourage others on their journey to being brave. The print and book will be great daily reminders for brave living.

  128. I’ve made one of my weekly priorities being a good friend to my mommy friends. My goal is to write one note a week. In mops the theme is be you bravely and I think this book will tie in well. And honestly, who doesn’t love tea?

  129. On Oct 15th I will be having my 7th son via my 7th c-section. I couldn’t believe the timing of this book. I definitely need some encouragement on being brave! I would love to use the tea set for my much needed new mommy breaks 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  130. WORDS do matter….and BEING Brave is easier said than done…..ask any sister in Christ to be honest with herself, others and God…..so much easier to hide behind the smile, work or busyness.

    I plan to help others be brave with the words of encouragement/ scriptures written on the lovely note cards., and I would like to give the plaque to my friend Lynne in CO who is on disability due to her cancer and health battles for the past two years. The book would be given to my Pastor’s wife who now has health and family concerns of her own….or to to my next door neighbors who know GOD has answered the prayers of many strangers, on their behalf.

    Further, I would giveaway the book to another family member who is struggling and has been, with depression for years. May God bless your gifts!

    please sign me “Encouragement is my gift”

  131. I would use the different prizes to remind me of what I am studying and learning, to help me apply the truths to my life. Then I would use them as a way to share this knowledge with others.

  132. I’d like to use these materials to remind myself to allow God to strengthen me in the face of all my fears. Would love to share tea set with my daughters and use stationary to encourage other ladies struggling with their fears.

    I heard Annie a couple weeks ago at Called, For Women in Murfreesboro. Everything she spoke resonated with me. Beautiful words.

  133. The book sounds great! I’d use the materials to send little notes and cards to my friends, or people I see being brave in everyday life!

  134. I would use the cards to send to friends I’ve lost touch with and invite them over for tea (or coffee for me!).

  135. Since I already have the book, I’d gift it to a dear friend who expressed an interest in reading it & joining the book club. I’d use the tea set to have her over, of course, while watching the Bloom book club videos! The cards – to sweet friends whom I haven’t been very good at keeping in touch with. And the print – for me, to remind myself of what I’ll learn through the book & what the Lord teaches me through it. Yay – can’t wait for the study to start!

  136. I would love to win this & be brave by boldly living and residing in God’s word daily! I would love to share the book with a friend as well to do the study together 🙂

  137. Every time I see the cover of Annie’s book I think, “I am the opposite of brave. I’m a fearful scaredy cat.”
    While the rest of the giveaway is wonderful, so darling, I really want to read Annie’s book. I have missed out on so much of life for fear of what might happen.

  138. I would love to read the book. Also the note cards can help me to reach out to other women who need encouraging- to be brave in approaching and encouraging them .

  139. Reading this book while my hubby and I continue a long conversation about international travel, to visit sponsored children, alone with each of my daughters….it’s gonna take some courage to actually follow through!

  140. well first i would read the book, then pass the book on to friends i am trying to get to know better, then invite them over for tea to discuss the book. bravery!

  141. Would love to win! Would read the book to help me understand how to be brave and send the note cards to other friends to encourage them to be brave in their journey!

  142. I just love sending out cards to my friend’s to just to encourage them in this busy world.I
    love taking time praying for them and then writing to them. I know when I check my mail I
    love getting Cards in the mail from my Friend’s who Encourage me!!!

  143. That print would be a good reminder next to my computer! I like the link between faith and bravery.

  144. I would use the teapot to have a regular date with just my tea and my book. I would give the book to a friend because i have the Kindle edition and if she’s willing, we can discuss the book over tea! I would hang the poster in my cubicle at work so i see it for encouragement during my workday when I need some encouragement most. My hope for the study is that I learn how to get myself out of that zone of fear that keeps me from writing (which I only do if I can do it anonymously, fear) and keeps me displaying and selling handmade earrings that I usually just give away as gifts out of fear that maybe they aren’t good enough to sell.

  145. I have been taking small steps getting out of my comfort zone, so will use the book and giveaways to continue to press on. Also, loved the print the first time I saw it and plan on ordering a couple to give to some other BRAVE friends who have recently stepped out of their boxes.

  146. Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to read this book! I would give the tea set, note cards & print as gifts to some people who could an encouraging gesture. God bless you & your ministry!

  147. After I read the ‘brave’ book I would pass it on to family and friends. I would use the notecards to send a little ‘bravery’ to friends that are going through some tough times.

  148. I would gift the book, to encourage others, and the print would definitely serve as a daily reminder to put a brave step forward to accomplish what God wants me to do. The tea set and cards would allow me to continue to share the idea of “being brave” with others continuously!

  149. Both of my daughters are single moms, having gone through recent undesired breakups that have left them weary as they raise their children. They are both believers in God, our Abba Father, our Sweet Jesus and His Holy Spirit…yet they need to believe God, His Promises to them in His Word. I would love to win this book, I could buy two and we will each have our own copy to keep with us. The tea set would be added grace to enjoy the study with a hot cup of tea and cookies. Thanks for sharing this opportunity to win a copy.

  150. What a great give-away! I enjoy doing my Bible studies with a cuppa tea on hand. A few months ago I decided to write at least two handwritten notes to “snail-mail” to family and friends. The note cards would be well used. The book and print would actually be a gift for the sweet daughter of a friend.

  151. God has been impressing on my heart a lot about being brave in Christ. It is not anything in me, but Christ in me. My name, Kelly, even means brave 🙂 I have been through a lot in the past 3 yrs that has caused my courage to wane sometimes & this book and everything else would help me on my journey to become braver and then ultimately to help others in their journey to become brave!

  152. I’m working on being Brave in many areas of my life. I’d love to win and use this book to participate in the Bloom Book Club. I’d enjoy having the tea set – I’d make a cup of chai when I need to shore up my bravery for the next challenge. I’d enjoy having the graphic and would frame it to hang in a place I would read it and be encouraged each day. The notecards would be used to “pay it forward” and to encourage bravery in others!! Hope you pick #182 cause I think that’s gonna be me 🙂
    ~Babs the Brave

  153. LOL, well, I named a comment number that ended up being someone else’s, but that’s okay! I read her comment and she’s planning to give the book and print away to bless someone else! I’d say she’s a winner already because of her generous heart, but go ahead and pick her! 🙂

  154. I’m working on being brave as I’m raising my beautiful kiddos. My eldest has special needs and it is a journey full of tears, love, & uncertainty all rolled into one. I want to be brave in my decision making for him, and brave as My husband and I continue to make decisions for his future.

  155. I would share this with my niece who lost her mother (my sister) a few months ago. She’s doing her best to be brave & courageous in her grief but this would be an encouragement to her!

  156. Hi, would bless others with some of the gifts and would love to have the book for myself. I love to give tea parties so the tea set is ideal for me.

  157. What a great giveaway!! I think that even sending cards of encouragement and having people over for tea is a great way to be brave — by offering words of life in a dark world. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  158. What an awesome opportunity. I would LOVE to win this. Its hard stepping out and reaching out to new people. I love it though even if i never know if i will walk away with my foot in my mouth. I would love to dig into this book and see what God unlocks along the way!!!!

  159. I would like to be brave in inviting my neighbors in my home and getting to know them and hopefully reflect Christ to them.

  160. My husband of 42 years died suddenly a month ago, so my daughter and I would share the book as we take the class together. We are both feeling the need to be learn to be more brave as we face the challenges of making a life without Rich. The tea service would be great, because we are both tea drinkers and have tea parties with the granddaughter.

  161. I want to learn to Be Brave by resting in the finished work of Jesus, letting The Lord change my heart through his perfect love (1 John 4:18). Resting in him, my fear will melt away. I plan to use these tools as daily reminders of the redeeming work The Lord is doing in our hearts, a daily reminder of the sweetest gift–the message of the gospel. Pick me!!!

  162. Annie writes with such wisdom, wit, and enthusiasm! So excited that she’s written something for the adult crowd and can’t wait to read about being bravest and courageous!

  163. having tea while going through this book reminding me of God’s grace, letting the words of the beautiful print get rooted into my soul and using the notecards to encourage a friend to be brave with me

  164. I need to be braver. I’ve really struggled the last few years, and this past year I have taken great strides in coming out. I love the encouragement that these tools would provide.

  165. I love this theme of bravery! As a woman who struggles with fear as a core sin, the reminder of being brave and finding my strength in Jesus is essential. I lead a weekly group of a dozen freshman girls and would love to read this book to pass on great takeaways to them! The notecards would also be a beautiful gift, as I personally love snail mail and make it a point to still send hand written encouragement. And who doesn’t love a cup o’ tea? :).

  166. My word for the year is courage, and it’s been appropriate as we just moved halfway across the country. I’ve spent the last week putting my brave on by meeting the neighbors, striking up conversations with people at the playground, and exploring our new city (parking garages are fun!). I would put that tea set to good use, inviting new friends over, and use the note cards to send out invitations. The print would be a good reminder to me as I seek to be faithful to Jesus in everything through this.

  167. I would use the book in my small women’s group at church and have the tea set as table setting. The note cards would be fabulous because I am a church secretary and would very much like to send notes of encouragement to our members. I would hang the framed picture in my office. I need encouragement everyday! Thanks!

  168. i would love to win these items! I have struggled with being brave, fearful, worrying….I am in dire need of being brave as I start my journey to become the real me…..not the tami that is hidden under layers of fat, guilt, anxiety, pain, self hatred…….I know that I have to brave…..I know God has a plan for me and that He is going to help me…..but I have to do the footwork……and each of these items will help me in my journey to find the real me! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Tami

  169. I would love the tea set to use when I get the courage to invite people to my house, in our new home. I have been wanting to start a book club. Winning would help me me brave!

  170. I will give the book away, since I have my own copy. The tea set…I have a friend who is hurting right now who collects tea sets so I would most likely give it to her. The note cards I will use to send out encouragement.

  171. Would love to read the book as sounds like just what I need. The tea set, well I would just haVe to invite some friends over for tea and I could always use the notecards to let someone know I’m thinking about them.

  172. I would love to learn how to be brave, and be able to share what I learn with others….esp. co-workers.

  173. I would be most excited for the notecards. When we moved to FL we left my childhood home and a street full of “Aunts” that would love to receive a note of encouragement from me in the mail. Moving and losing both my parents to cancer has been difficult. I need to Brave the world and push myself to leave the house and live. Hopefully the book could help me in that area. The poster would be proudly displayed for myself and my two girls to read. Thank you.

  174. Tea is a daily event for me – perfect. And I love to send notes. I certainly could use a shot of bravery to step out in faith on a couple projects.

  175. I will use the notecards to make contact with women at my church that I do not normally communicate with. That will make this introvert brave, for sure.

  176. First I would read the book and use what I learned to pay it forward to others and “be brave”. I would use the noteards to encourage other friends. And perhaps have a group over for tea and share about the book.

  177. After reading the book, and hopefully applying it to my life, I would share it with a friend or daughter. (I have 4 daughters) The tea set would be gifted to my youngest daughter who loves tea and wants one day to go to England. The note cards are right up my alley as I am an encourager. And the printed words of encouragement will be an awesome reminder to encourage others.

  178. Since I already have a copy of the book, I would give it as a gift to encourage a friend. I would use the tea set when I have company over for tea and coffee, or when doing group projects at my apartment. The notecards would be used to send to friends for encouragement, and the poster to encourage myself each morning!

  179. What a wonderful way to take the time to refresh ones soul with these giveaway items! I will be able to encourage others in ways the Lord will lay on my heart each day. You can always make a difference. You can touch a life. Let’s all be light-shiners! Let your Light SHINE. Matt. 5:16

  180. Thank you for this giveaway. Looking forward to starting a journey towards being brave with a good book and cup of tea in hand 🙂

  181. I would send the notes to encourage others. The rest I would give away as an encouragement to others and to introduce them to the “incourage.me” site. I am homebound much of the time and my spiritual gift is to encourage others. God bless you for this site and the e-mails you send!

  182. This book has a theme that will encourage all who need courage and strength to find the Lord as their refuge and source of all they need. I would enjoy reading this book to build up my spirit and encourage others to read it so in turn they would be built up in Christ. Reading and tea sipping are a wonderful combination and I’d use the set in my time I spend reading and writing. As for the art work, it would be a great reminder of God’s love and mercy. May God use the book to bring many to a committed relationship with Him. To God be the glory!

  183. I love surrounding myself with daily reminders of how to be brave and just how brave i am .
    I also like to gift things to people to let them know they are seen and heard-
    These are just the BEST!!!

  184. I am so introverted, and I want to build community around me. Definitely need a strong dose of brave for that!

  185. I already purchased the book on my Kindle (& started reading) so if I won I would give the book to my goddaughter or she would get the print or both. My sister-in-law would get the cards. The tea set would likely go to my BFF. I might keep an item for myself as a reminder BUT I am planning to move across country to giving things away is my practice in being brave these days!

  186. I would love a copy of this book – I really need the encouragement of its message. It would be so fun to encourage friends towards bravery with these beautiful notecards.

  187. I’ve wanted to read this book since before it came out! And if something in this giveaway is meant to help me ‘pursue bravery’, I think the book will be the most helpful 😉

  188. Our MOPS Theme this year is about being brave, so I would step out and invite some new moms in our group to join in on play dates to make new friends when my usual response is to stay in my comfort zone.

  189. This would be perfect timing for me. Going through a lot of health problems. this would absolully help me be brave, and stay the course God has for me! Even with this sickness…had to give up many things do to my illness… I have never done a bloom study before…This would be a true blessing!

  190. I like this theme, brave. I need more of it and I would use the items to welcome others into my home and encourage them to do the same.

  191. I’d give the copy of the book away so someone can join me on this journey! I’d use the tea set to sit on my patio and read the chapters for the week and put the 8×10 on my desk at work to remind me to keep moving towards the dreams and goals God has given me. 🙂

  192. In the times we are living in we all need to be BRAVE! I can’t wait to read the book with a cup of tea.;D With GOD All Things Are Possible ~

  193. My roommate and I are wanting to start a business. We’re both super DIY girls and most of our apartment is decorated with handcrafted pieces. We love to create. We love to design. And our dream is to be able to do that and get our paintings and banners into the hands of others. But it’s scary, because there is always a chance of failure. But we recognize that we’ll never know if we never start! So, I’d use these items to share with my friend as we start this adventure. I’d read the book and do the study to hopefully spur in myself some bravery!

  194. I am struggling in my ability to be brave in my faith. This book could help me get the tools I need to start being bold and being brave. I currently am not working so I can not buy the book to join the study so here’s to hoping I can win!

  195. I have a copy on my Kindle, who I would give the copy that I won to my 20 something daughter. We both love hot tea. Sometimes I am shy about speaking up, but I need to be more brave.

  196. These are wonderful resources to help proclaim the faith and encourage others to
    Psalm 31:24 The Message (MSG)

    24 Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.
        Expect God to get here soon.

  197. This is for my aunt who is going through two concurrent chemotherapies, and she most definitely needs to be brave to face each new day. She inspires me, and I want to encourage her. She loves a cup of tea, and she loves to read, so I know this would be perfect for her!

  198. Well, a few days ago, a friend of mine asked if I would read this book with her little girl (her little girl is 10 years old… I’m 24). My firend wanted someone to mentor and help her daughter instill some of the principles of this book. So, I’m going to be doing this study with a ten year old. I want to help encourage her to be brave… but I know in all reality, she’s the one who is going to make me be brave.

    Excited, but nervous all at once!

    Would love anyone’s thoughts/feedback on how to do this well. 🙂

  199. As an introvert, I have a tough time being brave in the company of others – even if it’s one person.

  200. I have purchased two books, – one for my Mother’s caregiver and myself to share this journey To Be Brave Together. The book I would share with my daughter, the cards would be left each day for my mother to have courage to travel the road of the Longest Good-Bye of Lewy Body Dementia, the tea set would be shared with Mom and the caregiver as we sip tea knowing the path will be shared and to take ahold of courage to be be brave during the journey Home to the Father.

  201. I look forward to being part of this book club! Looking forward to see amazing things God has in store for me!

  202. Read the book, send encouraging notes to others and hang the 8×10 picture where I can always see it!

  203. I am leading my MOPS group and our theme is “Be You, Bravely”. These gifts would be great to go along with the theme, both for myself and as ways to encourage my steering team and fellow moms.

  204. So excited to begin this journey of learning bravery and live the idea of using the notecards to encourage others to be brave

  205. I want to read this book to remind myself to be brave enough to let others into our home and life even when it is a bit crazy with our three little kids. I also love encouraging others with notes so the cards would be so much fun!!