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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. I was praying with a group of women this weekend. We each got to proclaim something, our sun stand still prayer we called it, and then one of the others would pray over it and we’d move on. Occasionally the spirit would prompt and several people would pray. When my prayer was read out, so many people stepped forward to pray over me. They spoke things into my heart that I never thought about myself before and I was blessed more than I can imagine.

    I always thought that I needed God to boom down and say “Sarah I think you should do this.” I think we actually need our people to say, hey you’re good at that, have you tried doing this. Or hey, I really enjoyed when you X.

    I know I need my people, my people are amazing, but I never realized how I needed them on such a basic level.

    And Amen to that girl in the grocery store!

  2. Love this, love the book! God started speaking to me about bring brave in January of this year. I love to encourage people to be their best brave and not to compare their brave with someone else’s brave. We are each called to our own brave journey. I love what Annie talked about, her brave dream of wanting to be on tv. Dreaming can be scary- I compare it to a relationship- if we’ve been hurt in the past, we’re afraid to open up to someone again. And when we dream, we have to be vulnerable & risk opening and then trusting God with that dream. but it’s so worth it and feels so good to dream and take the journey towards that dream, regardless of the outcome. #letsallbebrave

  3. Q1. I pretty much always need people to help me be brave. My peeps are many, but a few that are really speaking into me now are: My husband, and a dear friend of mine named Liana.
    Q2. Is this the right question? I thought they mostly talked about the talents chapter. I loved it and am going to be brave and say what I think the Lord highlighted for me. I have always wanted to write children’s poetry.
    Q3. “Speak love, and watch as beautiful things come to life.” I believe this with all my heart; the more nourishing loving words you give, the more things come alive in the people you speak to and even in yourself.

  4. Q1. I was blessed to teach high school language arts at my alma mater for 17 years. During that season, there was a group of women who became my people. They stood by me through heartbreak and disappointment, and they cheered for me when I overcame and got to the other side. They stood in my corner, prayed for me, believed in me, and told me the truth when I needed to hear it. I think the greatest gift they gave me was just listening. Sometimes, all you need to be brave is to know that someone cares and is rooting for you.

    Q2. Right now, for my the idea of burning my ships is just to stop looking back at what was. I need to bloom where God has planted me.

    Q3. God spoke to me in such a clear way last night as I read “Words.” (I shared a little about this under Robin’s post today in our Facebook group). Two parts that resonated with me were on page 92 where Annie said: “If there are seeds of courage living in all of us, waiting to bloom, words are the sun and the water that cheer on those seeds to their fullness.” I also loved on page 96 where Annie said, “…. your words are changing the atmosphere.” That little phrase totally reminded me of our last Bloom Book by Jean Fleming. I still have the quote “Every life creates an atmosphere” on my wall right by my computer.

    And now a word to Annie…

    Dear Annie,
    I feel like I should be telling you where I am reading your book, since you were so kind to tell me where you wrote it. Last night, I read “Words” in the last row (back left corner) of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale before the Wednesday night service. It has been a crazy, long day, and your words poured life into my spirit. Thank you. I am still not sure how God is going to use it, but my ears are perked up.

    • Lyli, I love the bloom where you are planted idea ,it seems more proactive than burning ships but still has a similar effect, of placing my focus here and now. Also, It was one of my Grandma’s favorite quotes. Every time I hear it I am reminded of her. And what a fun idea to tell Annie and the rest of us where you are reading the book each week. I’m reading on the couch in my living room each week.

  5. It’s sometimes a bit of a surprise to me who my people actually are. Recently, I’ve been dabbling in calligraphy. I made something for a neighbor and posted a draft on face book for tips to improve the final copy. Of all the people who commented and liked it one comment spoke to me in such a way that I was not only encouraged, but my creative mind started overflowing with new ideas afterward. It was an old friend from high school. We had gone to the same youth group, worked on the puppet team together, and lead prayer group together our senior year. After high school we had walked different paths which didn’t cross. His comment on my artwork was simply, “This is beautiful. Would you make one for me?” I never would have thought of him as one of my people. But, his comment and request meant more than all the other comments combined…the ones from people who I do consider my people. His comment filled me with hope and enthusiasm.

    Tricia, I love your option for Question two: What the Lord highlighted for me…Thanks for being brave and leading the way. What the Lord highlighted for me…my talents are putting his words to a picture. Bringing His word to life for others to see.

    I second the quote, “Speak love, and watch as beautiful things come to life.”

  6. This introvert realized she needed other people to help her be brave when she moved to a new city (twice!), following God’s plan. It was so easy to hide in the shadows and keep her talents hidden when others didn’t know what they were. Slowly other people, many who have become dear friends, helped uncover those talents and encourage bravery.

    I’m now back in my hometown and busier than ever, in large part due to the many people here who encourage me to be brave, and more importantly, who are there to listen when I don’t want to be brave.

    I also have a nagging feeling that God is going to ask me to be brave, in another -bigger- way soon. I can feel my heart getting ready for whatever the next challenge is going to be.

  7. Favorite quote”Don’t be afraid. Be brave. Say the things that wil speak truth and heal. Hold your tongue in anger or fear-those are the times a coward speaks. But when the moment comes to say the gracious thing that will mark a heart forever? Say it. Speak love, and watch beautiful things come to life.” (page 96).

  8. Hi
    For me it doesnt matter how long I have been a christian, I still need people. Looking back on the years gone by, I can clearly see different “my people” groups for different seasons/experiences. Being brave does not come easy …. and I so appreciate all these wondeful people who have been alongside me.
    Key words – “…..
    ‘And oh amI scared. It sounds like work and it feels like vulnerability and it smells of getting in over my head’ …’

    yes EVERYTIME!

  9. Oh Lyli What a lovely idea to share where we get to read ‘Be Brave”! I read after DH and DD have gone to work with a strong sweet cup of chai tucked up in bed. I high light bits and make notes in my Kindle version – but I do miss sticking post-its on pages. And I do love the way Anne is just talking to me in the book.

  10. Q3: “But how to find them — the people who will stand with you … you just follow your path and look around, because the brave ones? They are the ones parallel to you. They are your people.”

    I love this quote! I love this idea of moving forward on your path and then looking around you to find those friends that really are our people. ‘Light cleaveth unto light’ – we’ll find those who we want to be, if we are seeking to be that person.

  11. Before I go into these questions, I just wanted to say thank you so very much to Angie and her comments about those who might have a difficult time finding their people. I’ve been going through Jennie Allen’s “Restless” study with my small group for a few weeks now, which amazingly enough really beautifully coincides with this book now. One of the things I’ve realized is that some of my past hurts in middle school have left me feeling really skeptical that (ok – hugely honest and scary words next) that some would even want to be my friend. Now, really, I know that I’m a cool girl – I certainly have a handful of dear friends – but right now, in this season, I’m having a really difficult time finding my people, and honestly, it’s always something that I pray for. But, ladies, your conversation really encouraged me, and I love that Annie also told us about her friend who just decided that she’d stop getting her feelings hurt and be the first to call a friend. I need to make that same choice, be brave, and take initiative. Alrighty then, questions below 🙂

    Q1. I always felt that bravery had to come from within – so while this thought of needing others to make me be brave is new, I’ll have to say it makes so much sense. I have a few people that I do look up to – others in ministry, ahead of me in a stage of life, even professionally – and that often will encourage me to take some brave steps.

    Q3. Of course, I’m breaking the rule and picking two quotes. I think both of these are super significant, and I want to remember these words when I may need to hear them again later.

    Bravery & belonging go hand in hand (78).

    If there are seeds of courage living in all of us, waiting to bloom, words are the sun and the water that cheer on those seeds to their fullness (92).

    • Hey Kat! I’m doing the RESTLESS book with my small group now too. I was thinking the same thing about how well the two books go together. I also liked the “Bravery & Belonging go hand in hand.” quote too. #together

  12. Q1.. I’ve never really been brave on my own.. Going gun-ho head first without thought was my usual.. But with my change in life and spirituality with Christ and my relationship in the last year and a half.. God has gave me the desire and need others to be brave with me and for me.. It’s still hard for me to let my gaurd down due to fear. But I’m a work in progress.. I’m getting there Thank God!! It’s great to have people in my life to cheer me on and encourage me and whether I fail or not.. As Seth said in “your talents” life isn’t over., you’ll be fine, it’s okay to fail…Those cheering you on to be brave are still there.. Waiting to encourage you in your next Be Brave God sends your way..

    Q2. The talent.. I have several I have really become aware of over the last few years.. Some are just tinker toys for me.. But cooking & baking from scratch is my thing, my passion. There’s nothing like putting smiles on folks faces with good food..
    I’d love to teach cooking and baking classes to teenagers, college kids, newly married to the older ones to.. I love teaching people to make things.. It’s the greatest satisfaction to see the look on their faces when they’ve accomplished it on their own with only my instruction.. I just get the biggest rush from it and I know it’s a gift from God.. Mt Be Brave would be doing it because my mouth can Jabber talk with a small group but being put on the spot with a larger group, I’m speachless..
    3. Quote 1. You just follow your path and look around because the brave ones?
    They are the ones parallel to you.
    They are your people.

    Quote2, You said that you think it’s really nice when other people remind you that you are loved. That it makes you brave. When you know who
    loves you, you know your safe place . You know where you can rest…

    I know I have two favorite quotes but they both touched me and mean something to me.. So it’s a Be Brave for me moment.. I’m posting two instead of one.. Your book is a blessing…. I think in looking to your right or left of you in writing this book God was parallel I’m sure.. What a huge Let’s Be Brave to share with the world.. A blessing..

    • Greta, What a beautiful idea to teach others to cook and bake. I love it! If large groups are a challenge for you, why not start small? Let yourself grow with the dream. It reminds me of when I was leading worship at a little country church every other Sunday in my 20’s. I didn’t start there. I started by just being a singer one Sunday when all but the lead were off on vacation. I filled in for a while. Then became pretty regular back up singer. I also played and sang a special on holidays occasionally. After several years our music lead moved on and I started leading. It was scary, but I kept telling myself I was safe. It was ok. Even if I made a mistake, it would be ok. I admit that first time leading…playing and singing the entire service…I was so shaky by the end I couldn’t stand up right away when the service was over. My knees and elbows were jelly. But, after a while, I didn’t feel like that anymore. I still had nerves, but, as soon as I’d get to playing my mind would be focused on the music and the nerves only made me sharper. I hope my story encourages you. Blessings!

  13. I’m a teacher. My mom says I was born to teach. She even has a picture of me teaching my pre-school class about an elephant complete with my poster sized drawing of an elephant and my “yard stick” to point to all the parts of an elephant. I did become a teacher and taught for years in both public and private schools. It was just 7 years ago that I decided to start my own “Learning Coach” business and work with kids with learning differences in my home. I was encouraged by so many to “JUST DO IT!” I had always enjoyed the one-on-one time with my students who struggled in different areas and I always got the greatest feeling when they finally “GOT IT!” Well, my in home business, “ThriVe” (From Survive to ThriVe – is the motto) keeps me busy from 9:00 – 6:30 Monday – Thursdays. I’ve been able to bring in enough money to build back up our savings after putting two kids through the University of Georgia. The extra money will come in handy because my daughter just got engaged this past weekend and found out on Wednesday that she has been accepted into Physician’s Assistant school at the Medical College of Georgia. ~ Be Brave!

  14. Well, I am behind on the reading but I have an answer for who makes me feel braver – my youngest daughter (now 24) is one of the bravest girls I know. Of course my oldest daughter who managed teenage pregnancy with a smile and great courage is also my model….

    However, this being brave book is about moving across country for me. Out of my comfort zone on ALL levels… and my baby girl has already done that. I have lived in the same house for 30 years. Only the second house I have ever known – the one I was born in and my Mother still owns.

    My baby girl, at 20 3/4, took off to live 3 1/2 hours away from home. It came rather suddenly. She wasn’t heading off to college – she was getting away from us… Before she turned 21… And I was a bit lost for a while. The first child hadn’t left. This was new territory for me as a Mom.

    And now, as I am preparing to take my own journey away from home? I realize just how incredibly brave my baby girl is!! She has actually paved the way for me to fly the nest too.

    She is my model on this particular brave journey. =)

  15. Q1: My closest friends, who are there for me every step of the way. The way they care deeply about the things I care about. Knowing they will cheer me on in anything. It’s pretty special.

    Q2: Finances, honestly! Following God at this point means I have very flexible part time jobs- which is wonderful in that it leaves me open for several missions trips each year, time to be with my family, and volunteer at camp. It’s great. But at the moment I’m facing some upcoming expenses and not sure how that’s going to work! I know He has absolutely provided for me, everything I’ve ever needed, so why do I worry? But I still am struggling with trusting Him in this. I do not FEEL brave at all! Instead I’m feeling stretched thin on time, sleep, abilities, not knowing my role in difficult situations, etc! I’ve had this verse written on my whiteboard for a year and a half, I’ve still needed it so it’s not getting erased: “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will aboud in every good work.” 2 Cor. 9:8

    Q3: “What do I want most with my life? To be doing the things that partner me with God. I want to be His partner.”

  16. I’m a bit behind and didn’t get to start reading the book until today, and WOW. I was sitting in the parking lot, waiting for my son to get off work, and I know the people coming and going must have thought I was a lunatic or something. I’m sitting there, in my car all alone, bawling my eyes out, nodding my head yes, yes, yes, and just totally immersed in what Annie was saying. When I finally came up for air, I was on the Edinburgh chapter and had no idea how I got there!

    The thing is, I’m not brave. To me, just posting this comment admitting it, is brave. So Annie, thank you. Thank you for being brave, and thank you for letting me peek into your journey but most of all, thank you for allowing God to use you to touch scaredy cats like me!

  17. page 96…. all of it…. 🙂 “…your words are changing the atmosphere. Don’t be afraid. Be brave. Say the things that will speak truth and heal.” “But when the moment comes to say the gracious thing that will mark a heart forever? Say it. Speak love, and watch as beautiful things comes to life.”

    I have been practicing, intentionally, speaking love for about two years. I can NOT explain the ways it has changed my life and allowed me to know the power I am gifting to others – moreso, the power of Jesus working through me. It took bravery me to listen as God encouraged me to be more intentional with words to others, but what a gift to me to have finally been brave enough to listen and follow his nudging.

  18. Q1. The people who have helped me to be braver? My daughter, Kristen. I was 20 and single. I had to grow up and survive for her. That was brave for me. Now? My sister. My husband (sometimes! haha). And my high school English teacher. She’s always been such an encouragement to me. These people encourage me to take brave steps. Just knowing they are there to support me lifts me up. If I fail, I know they will still support me.

    Q2. For 12 years, I have found it difficult to follow God in the direction of writing and speaking. I can tell you specific instances where I have felt this pull. I have been scared to go this direction. More specifically at this time, I am struggling with the financial aspect of things.

    Q3. Favorite Quote: “So we see modeled, even in the Bible, the truth that the bravest among us do not stand alone.” LOVE THIS.

  19. Q1. Tell us about some of the people in your life who’ve helped you be braver. My BFF’s are on board and very encouraging about our moving across the US to our new home. This is extra helpful as I also know they really don’t want me to leave but are backing me anyway!

    Q2. I believe it is God’s will that we move from CA to CT. However, we want a way to come back to family and friends if it “doesn’t work out”. Just the logistics and the finances are overwhelming not to mention everything else! But, I also know if it is God’s plan than He will work it out. It was helpful to see that Annie moved more than once and didn’t stay there forever. That helps. Perhaps it is just “for a time”

    Q3. Share your favorite quote from Chapters 6-8. “I think that’s what I need most to be brave – a place where I belong. And you only find that place when you find those people” and “every Bible character has someone they depend on” In fact, I did a lot more highlighting in the “Words” chapter than any other. Since I am a Word person this doesn’t really surprise me.

    Still excited about this journey!! THANKS!


  20. PS. I really appreciated the story about Annie and her Dad! I read with tears of wonderful memories brimming my eyes. My Daddy died two and a half years ago now and he was my laughter. We would tell silly jokes that just the two of us thought were so funny. He made me laugh until I would snort and then we would laugh harder… I really, really miss that! Thanks for the memory boost.


  21. Q1: My husband. Whenever I mention some random thing I want to do or am interested in pursuing/learning more about, he asks what the next step is. He cheers me on and believes if there is anything I feel needs doing, I can do it and he is more than willing to help however I ask.

    Q2: None that spring to mind right now.

    Q3: pg. 95, “And to say gracious words is brave.”

  22. “Speak love, and watch as beautiful things come to life.” (page 96) I have been in counseling for 6 years now and I am finally learning this concept. The scriptures tell us to speak the truth, in love. Hard to do, but when done with a humble heart, beautiful things do come from it.