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  1. Please pray that God should forgive my sins and remove them from. I was once saved and enjoyed the joy of salvation, but went after the world and got lost. Now I have been praying for a long time to God, that He change me.

    Please pray that God should have His mercy, grace and favor on me .

    • Stella,

      Praying right now…
      1st John 1:9 ” If we confess our sins,he is faithful and just,and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
      and part of a passage…I can not think of the address now “…restore unto me the joy of my salvation and renew a right spirit within me.” …somewhere in Psalms.

      Believing with you that GOD will allow you to see beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are HIS !!!

      • Psalm 51:10 Psalm 51:10
        Create in me a pure heart, O God,
        and renew a steadfast spirit within me

        Also sing the song “Change my heart O God” Make it ever true Change my heart O God May I be Like you.

        You are the potter I am the clay
        Mold me and make me
        This is what I pray!

    • Please pray for my son, he is mentally ill and struggling with paranoia. I pray for the Lord to take his fears and terrors away, it is something I cannot provide. I pray for the Lord give him peace today and thank him for any rest he received last night.

      • DeAnn, my son is also mentally ill. I will add you and your to my pray list!! I know what a challenge this is both for your son, and your family. I pray that you will all feel the peace that only Jesus can provide and healing for your son.

    • Dear Stella,
      Romans 8: 1 says ‘ There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit’. The past is under the blood of Jesus and you are forgiven and washed clean. So ‘Arise and shine’. Be encouraged.

    • Please pray that my son Adam will get his Firefighting job that he so badly wants and so deserves, and that our other son Jacob will do well and pass ALL his college courses, he has a terrible time with math. I life them up each day to God and I KNOW that he hears me, BUT, none the less the more prayer the better and THANK YOU for doing this for this worrying Mother. xo

    • Please pray for me to receive relief. My finances are really bad and I don’t have the money to pay my bills

    • please pray I will receive relief in my finances. I do not have the money to pay my bills and have been struggling a while….

    • I have had a frustrating month. I feel too small to be counted, yet everyone is counting on me.

  2. Hello everyone, I would like to ask you to pray for me that I find a job soon. It’s been six months and I know that the longer it will take the bigger the pressure others put on me will be, and the more difficult it will be for me to hold on to what’s left of my confidence. I just don’t know what to do… There’s a promise that He gave me, but sometimes it seems so elusive and uncertain… Please pray that I can trust that everything will happen at the right time according to Him.
    Thank you!

    • Anna, I am in nearly the same boat as you and need prayers to find a job. Five months ago today, I was downsized from my job. I have started working part-time but like you, I need a full-time income. I know God says He will supply all our needs. He knows what we need and He says those who don’t work, don’t eat. You and I are willing to work, and searching for an open door to another job. Unemployment is challenging but He is on our side. “All things work together for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

  3. Hello Dears,

    ich would love to have your prayers in a special problem of mine… i grew up in an esoteric home and gave my life to Jesus seven years ago, but am still struggling so many times… I am in doubt so very often and I don’t want this struggle any more!!! PLEASE pray for me!!!

  4. I’m 38 years old and the overwhelming desire of my heart is to be married and have a family. Still waiting and praying and hoping for the response to those prayers to be a YES from the Lord. My prayer for today is that I would continue to wait well – in joy, contentment and trust that He holds the desire of my heart in His hands and will answer with my husband!

    • Jenni – your request is very near to my heart. My sister (42) is also waiting and I know her heart is also for a husband and family. I wish I had wonderful, easy words for you. Instead, I can only lift you up to our gracious Heavenly Father and pray that He would be very near to you. Praying for contentment in your heart and a deeper trust in Him.

    • Jennie, your request strikes a chord in my heart as we are the same age and I too burn with the same desire, hope, and prayer. I stand with you in praying that God floods your heart with contentment an d peace in the waiting. I pray as you trust that God will give you joy unspeakable no matter the response. Stay strong and encouraged!

  5. Stella, I pray that you find the hand that guides you to the change you need. He is there and will show the way he wants you to go. I pray you stay in his loving arms so that continue to grow and love.
    Anna, I pray that the employment you need shows soon. And that He keeps you calm and confident during this time.
    Jessie, I pray that you find the love and comfort of His loving arms. That you feel his presence moving you the direction of His love.
    Jenni, I pray that you keep the sense of His presence so that you may be the beautiful person you are. And that The Lord guide you find that right life long partner you desire.

    I am asking for prayers today for our continued steady pace. We have been in complete juggling act with life for the last year and a half. After moving twice in a year, my father dying, unable to find a home, and switching employment; now things seem to be heading in the direction He wants. I pray that I continue to keep my eyes on The Lord and not on my own desires, and that the peace stays with us. Thank you

  6. My prayer request is that I would trust God and walk in confidence. I am been facing fear about an upcoming move. May I trust that God will bring all the details together! Thank you.

    God, I pray for Andrea. Oh Lord, you know all that she has been facing the past year and a half. I pray that she would continue to keep her eyes fixed on you. I pray that Your perfect peace will surround her heart and life. I pray that You will continue to guide their footsteps and make their path clear. I pray that You will bring encouragement to Andrea through many different sources. I pray that Your word will fill her with hope and life. May You be her rock and refuge! In Jesus Name, Amen

  7. I ask for prayer for a healing between my daughterinlaw & myself. I ask the Holy Spirit to bless us both & to soften her heart & to remove the anger in her life. I would love to be a family again.

      • I, too, have strife in my family. I pray daily my children will forgive each other for the shortcomings that have driven them apart. they seem to have no forgiveness in their hearts, and they are breaking mine.
        Please pray they will come together, before the holidays.
        There are 4 of them, two against two, and me in the middle. But I know God is good-and I have faith in the prayers in my behalf.

  8. I love those verses in Habakkuk. I’m holding onto them today. I would love prayer for my mother-in-law, who’s dealing with cancer–stage four. Neither she nor my father-in-law know the Lord. So, prayers for their salvation would be so welcome. And healing for cracked relationships within our family. Thank you!

    • Dear Jeanne,

      Praying for your father & mother in-law’s salvation. And praying for supernatural healing for your mother-in-law’s health as well.

      I also pray that God’s love to embrace each and everyone of your family members that the relationship as a family will be restored and reconciled.

      Praise Jesus!

  9. Prayer request:
    I ask for continued healing of my dislocated shoulder, injured ankle and concussion from a fall. I also ask for patience and wisdom, that I know that God is in control, that He will never give me more than I can bear, that He is trustworthy and faithful in all things, and that His peace surpasseth all understanding. I am grateful to God for all that He has blessed me with.

  10. Please pray I will have endurance to “run the race”. It’s become an agonizing marathon that I never expected. Thank you!

    • Kathy – I do not know the specifics of your circumstances. But I’m praying for you to persevere. And I wanted to share with you a resource I’ve recently been listening to and have personally found some great encouragement for my own weariness and questioning. It’s by Paul David Tripp — Portrait of a Struggle. Here’s a link to a preview: http://paultripp.com/portrait-of-a-struggle You can get it on CD, DVD, etc. (I’m in no way affiliated with Paul David Tripp. I’ve just been tremendously blessed by his ministry.)

  11. Pray for the birth of my fifth baby that is due anyday.. That i will be patient and trust the Lord for His perfect timining. That I can be reminded of the promises of God during labor.

  12. Kathy! I pray that you feel God’s arms holding you tight, and also hear Him rooting for you. Also, that you get some refreshment soon.

    My prayer request: my health. I have a “quiste” (I think “cyst” is the word, is like a tumor, only benigne) in my left ovary that requires surgery and I am scared (I’m not married but always dreamed of marrying and becoming a mom, and the thing is there may be one in my right ovary as well)

  13. Please pray that my voice will return following thyroidectomy in December. I long to teach God’s Word again.

  14. I pray each and every second that my daughter will know the true love I have for her is unconditional. She hurts and therefore I hurt . She has anger in her heart and it is misplaced… I ask for prayer for a healing and cleansing between my daughter & myself. I ask the Holy Spirit to bless she and I both & to soften her heart & to remove the anger in her life towards me, her family and Gods beautiful world., The evil spirit will not win because I have faith in God and in our prayers.

  15. Jane, I pray that your voice will return to normal soon after your surgery has been completed, so you can glorify God once again by teaching His Word.

    I have been praying for 3 years for a regular, full time job, so that I would have vacation time and holidays off. This would allow me to be able to visit my grandchildren (who live in other states), more often and to go on at least one mission trip a year, like I used to. Thank you Jesus for your blessings.

  16. We are trying to sell our house to move back to be with our families/friends. Our son is high functioning autistic and we want to be back near a support system. Please pray house sells soon and we can get moved to a house we like in our price range. Our son is stressed from being in transition and it adds to our stress. Also, prayers for safely in the moving and continued healing for my injured left knee/ankle. Thank you! I turn 50 in December and that is the one gift I would like is for my family to be settled. . .praying for peace in the meantime.

    Lord, I lift up Robin and her daughter to you. I pray that their would be healing and cleansing. . .that your holy spirit would work in her daughter’s heart and that she would honor You and her mom. . .for God honoring communication between them. Amen

  17. My prayers are with all that have posted above me and that your prayers will be answered.

    My prayer request is for a dear friend that recently lost her son due to a brain tumor. I know that she is putting on a brave front which I feel can only last so long. I’m deeply concerned for her and for her son’s family.


  18. I am praising God for a new job. Now in the Lord’s timing I need my own home. Also my daughter @ university has chronic pain. Yesterday the topper was a dog bite when she was running. She is having rabies treatment. Pray for her health and healing.

  19. Lord Jesus, thank you for Deena’s job. You know her need for a home of her own; please send it to her quickly and comfort her while she waits. Give her peace about her daughter’s well-being. We know you are the Healer, and I ask that you would minister to her daughter, deliver her from her chronic pain and especially watch over her after this dog bite. Protect her and grant her wholeness of body and spirit. Amen.

    I would like prayer to overcome anxiety. For a long time, I thought I needed answers to things in my life in order to stop being afraid, but I’ve realized that part of the problem is that (like many women in my family) I struggle simply with generalized anxiety–if I’m not worried, then I fear there’s something to worry about. 🙂 Pray that I may rest in Christ and His peace, and let the good things and answers I’ve been given settle into my soul. Thank you.

  20. Thank you so much for your willingness to pray for each of is. At the moment I too would like to lift each woman who posted a comment up in prayer that God would meet every need.

    I would like to request prayer for new employment opportunities, release of the Spirits of isolation/ fear/ worry, and for the building of new relationships.

    Thank you, again!

  21. Pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband has walked away from the Lord and it has obviously placed strain on our relationship. We have lost close friends because of it among other things. Please just pray He returns and that God will restore us.

    • Nicole, I pray for restoration in your marriage. I pray that your husband experiences God in a miraculous new way. I also pray for a Christ led community to wrap around you and your family at this time!!

  22. The picture grabbed me today. The future is open, and I think change is soon approaching but the one who is to be the instrument of change isn’t telling me if he is doing anything nor do I see any signs. So I wait on God, to be at work behind the scenes, and really it is God’s dream I want for our family. He has provided plenty of work for me to do in the meantime, so that I do not have time to sit and fret about the unknown future (after May). So I thank him and this reminder in your choice of verse is from his heart in the perfect timing. Bless the Lord!

    Praying for Aisha. I feel I’m in a similar situation, though not exactly. Holding on to God with you!

  23. Father, I pray for each of the requests here. Stay beside each of the women here guiding, comforting and strengthening them as they travel difficult and often lonely roads. Lord, we ask that that families and relationships be healed and restored. We request physical and emotional healing in each journey. We marvel at your hand at work in our lives and praise you for the blessings and abundance you have poured into our lives.in Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

  24. Please Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name that Aisha will be guided by you to a new job where she can be wonderfully blessed by you and for you to bring Brothers and Sisters in Christ into her life – so she can have fellowship with you and new friends.

    I’m single, no siblings, working part-time and caregiving for my 91 year old disabled parents who live in my home. My dad is blind and starting dementia. Please pray for God to give me continuing strength and compassion and to still cope at work in a demanding job. I’m really exhausted and sometimes feel like walking out and giving up completely.

    • Irene, please be encouraged. Continue to run this race, God has placesd you there for a sure purpose, and you are a blessing to your parents. Your testimony is inspiring!

      Please be encouraged that somebody out there is praying for you.

  25. Please pray that the eyes of my husband’s heart will be opened and that his soul will be awakened in Christ. Thank you and God bless!

    I am praying for the request above this comment!

  26. Please pray for healing of my heart and mind due to a miscarriage 6 months ago. It’s not just the loss of our child, but the reality that my doctor said more than likely I will not be able to have any more children (my body’s inability to carry to term and my age being factors). My mind and heart arent ready for this reality and I have been holding out for a miracle that we arent done having children (I am remarried, have two biological and three by marriage). My husband and I are thinking about adoption, but my heart is still weary from all we have been through. We are also dealing with a change in visitation and have gone from having my stepkids with us for two weeks a month to only having them 3 weekends a month. There has been so much heartache and one thing after another, it has been hard to remember that God will bring good out of all of this. I feel like I am running on empty and the little I have is just getting me through the day. I am beyond soul weary. Any prayers would be appreciated.

  27. Please pray for my sin who has sever crohnes disease to be healed. Pray for my three children Rachel, Andrew , Elizabeth who have had their faith in God shaken by the loss of their sister Anne . Pray for my oldest daughter Cathy . She is a youth Pastor in Bandera Texas . A very dark little town . Pray for my husband Andy as he leads our family . And my grandchildren to all put their faith and trust in Jesus . My oldest Granddaughter Caitilin that her diagnonis of Bardet Beidl . Bbs kids have a 90% blindness rate and a 90% kidney failure rate . Pray she is one of the 10% this doesn’t happen to.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to pray .

  28. I am struggling in school both academically and non-academically. I know I am deeply blessed to have the opportunity to attend college because there are many places where higher education is just not a financial possibility, but it is just really hard for me right now. I want to succeed, but things just aren’t going very well, and it seems that every time I figure one thing out I get three more thrown onto my plate and I am sinking. I need patient endurance to get through this season of my life. Thank you 🙂

    • VA,
      I will pray for you and life you up each day, our youngest son (20 yrs) is also in college and struggles with some of his subjects also, so I GET IT…..its tough BUT know that God IS with you and just talk to him each and everyday and ask him for HIS infinate guidance, he WILL be there for you.
      God Bless
      Mrs. P 🙂

  29. Please pray for me and my daughters. We still carry the scars from my recent divorce. Our world was turned upside down in one day when ex decided to leave. God has shown his faithfulness through it all but sometimes I get tired raising these girls on my own. I pray that one day he would have the humility to confess his son and pride and my two girls would be healed of their anger and hurt. There are days where I’d like to crawl into a hole.

  30. I am currently awaiting the results of two MRI’s which were done Thursday evening. One was for my lower back, and we know it is going to show progression of damage done from having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Finding a good/safe treatment path after those results will be a challenge. The second MRI was on my brain and was looking for Chiari Malformations and other issues. The pressure headaches, neck pain location and other symptoms have my geneticist thinking I have it or that something else is wrong.
    The waiting game is harder than I thought it would be, though I know it is all in God’s hands.

    • Thank you for the prayers. The initial results are downright scary. Chiari is confirmed along with the diagnosis of tethered cord and spina bifida occulta, the hemangioma next to my spine has also grown – posing a challenge for the detherring surgery I will need to stop the progression of paralysis, neurological damage and other things.
      Handling it well by God’s grace but a bit shaken

  31. Good morning!!
    I have a few requests
    1. Please pray for my friend L’s daughter C. C was in a serious car accident last night and has head injuries. It seems too that the accident was her fault, involving 2 other vehicles. Please pray for complete healing for C! Pray for her mother who has C’s 3 year old daughter in her care and having to explain things. Pray for the others involved in the crash as well!! Thank you
    2. Please pray for our family finances. We need a miracle to pay off our rent for October as well as pay rent for November and other looming bills!! We know God is faithful and has provided for us in many ways. We really need favour from our landlords, that they will be willing to work with us through this difficult time!
    Thanks for praying!!
    God bless!!

  32. Please pray for son to return to The Lord and surrender his life once again Through many situations in life his heart has hardened. I pray to see him give his testimony be baptized and life his life for God I pray for Holly to be free from pain. To get some answers and begin a healing journey. That she would feel Gods love and compassion surround her

  33. Sending prayers up for all you wonderful women… We find our strength in times of trouble in our Lord!
    John 14

  34. I ask for prayer, for God to carry me, watch over me and heal me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery in one week. This is a beautiful post. Sending blessings to all. Thank you.

    • Cheryl — praying for you to know how high and how wide and how deep and how long is the love of our Lord. Lifting you up to our Heavenly Father and asking Him to comfort you now.

  35. Dear God, I commit Irene to you. I pray that you fill her with your strength, patience and love as she cares for her disabled parents. When she feels exhausted and depleted, fill her with your refreshing spring and bring her encouragement. We know that you are powerful and you care for her and her parents, we commit them into your faithful care trusting that you will provide for them and carry them through each trial.

    I just broke up with my boyfriend. Really heartbroken to lose him and sad to lose the dreams of a future together with him. I’m 32 this year. I don’t want to remain single. I really want to fall in love and get married to a man who loves God, love me for who I am and cares for me. I want to worship and serve a God together with him. I want to have children with him and raise them up in Godly ways. This is my dream and my heart’s desire. I don’t know how long I have to wait. Hopefully this season will come soon.

  36. I ask for prayers for letting go of my fears… I have fears of the changes I am dealing with at work (and they are BIG) fear as I contemplate a move to a different job next year … Fear as I go to court to advocate for my mothers care in an Altzhimers facility that she is already in and I have been paying for for the last Three years but now I have no more money and neither does she. Fear is the evil one in the world… I know this but still I feel it…

  37. Father, thank You that I and my sisters in You can come together in such a way to offer prayer for one another; what a blessing! I ask for your restoring touch over Kelly, that her injuries heal completely according to your plans; and that she be at peace with the knowledge that You are her Great Healer. Father, cover Caroline and the secret treasure hidden in her womb with Your peace; we trust that You will deliver this new life in the appointed time with ease. Father, I pray restoration for Jane’s voice; that she will once again sing Your praises and glorify Your Name with her testimony! Father, please restore and bring Your peace to Robin and her daughter’s relationship; may her daughter’s heart be softened with Your love and truly know and experience her mother’s love for her. These requests I offer by Your will as it is in Heaven. In Yahshua’s Name, Amen.

    Sisters, please help me pray for my youngest son to hear The Voice of The Good Shepherd and receive Him into his heart. He is a very strong willed young man; so I ask that his heart be softened toward The Lord so that he may submit his future to Him. Thank you.

  38. Please pray for me. I currently work 7 hours a week at a primary school supervising children at lunchtime. A friend of mine at church knows of a job that has come up in the special needs school where she works. My friend took my CV in last week only to be told there wasn’t any jobs, then a couple of days later four people gave their notice in. I’m taking this as a positive sign from God that I’m a step closer to continue working with children full time. Thank you all and God Bless x

  39. Please pray for my husband (Carl)/ He had lengthening of the Achilles tendon surgery last week and is now in a nursing facility for intensive PT rehab. He exhausts very easily so it doesn’t look like this will be quick. I’m physically disabled and trying to keep up with the things he usually does. Our 29 year old son has autism and schizoaffective disorder and this has affected him greatly. He lives here but can’t be counted on to help. He’s scared and that makes him act out;almost like a small child’s temper tantrum, except he’s 5’10” and 240 lbs. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom, strength, etc. for me as I deal with my two men.

  40. I’m lifting up all of you who posted your prayer requests above me. May God show up in a big way in all of your lives and may His mercy and favor rain down on you in showers of overflowing love and grace.
    I really need prayer for God’s provision in finding a new apartment and getting my youngest boy Gabriel back in the right school district. I’m in a living situation that has been emotionally abusive and I’ve been just miserable for a while now. I’ve got a good job to sustain me, and God has been mighty to save in so many areas of my life, in spite of my bad judgment. I need His hand to guide me and provide for us as I wait for Him to open doors. Thank you.

  41. My request for prayer is an answer to deteriorating back problems. At this time medication and surgery are not possible. I pray for a solution and healing as I am becoming less and less active due to stiffness and pain. I can no longer work or enjoy family outings or events without debilitating pain. Thank you all for your prayers and Jesus for His grace.

  42. Praying for you and your family Janet, that God may give you all the strength and courage that you need.

    Please pray for my family, for my hubby who is working abroad, for our daughter and for myself..God bless you.

  43. I’m praying for you Linda that God will give you wisdom,peace, clarity and patience for His answer. That He will give you comfort as you seek Him. I’m also praying for your divine healing. The bible says that – it is by His stripes that we are healed.

    I also have a request. I’ve had a dream for many years in my heart to go and live in Colorado springs, CO and live and minister on a full time basis. Pray for Gods vision and for me to have patience in the process. Thank you!

  44. Morning,
    I am praying for turn around for my youngest son and walls to be torn down for me and my oldest son. Did all I could to raise them as a single parent and very proud of both of them. Praying for healing for my father who is dealing with a terrible infection. I am soo thankful to God and to all who have put there prayer request on here I declare and decree you are the head not the tail,above not beneath,lender not a borrower and that all things done thru Christ who believe. Remember Prayers go Up Blessings come down!

  45. Pray for God to lead me CLEARLY this week in a decision. If the job is mine to have, then I already have it but pray for me that I will hear Him say “this is the way, child, walk te in it.”

  46. im a single mama, and I am still broken hearted over my divorce. My kids lives are affected daily as well. I am losing hope that the Lord will ever help me. There is so much I could share, but I won’t go into details other than to say our lives have been unbelievably hard.

  47. Ann, I have been a single parent for 17 years, but that is only according to this world. Praying that our heavenly Abba Father help you to see that you are never alone and in this truth, in His Presence, in His Love, you will find peace, hope and joy! Here is a short prayer for all of us: “Jesus, You are all I have, You are (and you give me) all I could ever need or desire. My life is in Your Hands!”
    Friends, please pray that my daughters find their peace in Jesus and in His wisdom learn to make godly choices…to glorify Him, to know Him, to Adore Him, To serve Him, to love Him! In Jesus’ Name! Amen

  48. Lord, I pray fiercely for Ann and her children. I too have lived the pain of divorve and am experiencing the full healing that only vines through you. Allow Ann and her children to experience the grace and love that is bestowed on the fatherless and the broken. Allow them to feel the Holy Spirit guiding them as you restore their lives.
    And please pray for me and my 3 daughters as we are just stepping out of the tragedy and difficult changes necessary from a broken marriage and family. Pray that I remain obedient and faithful to our God and make healthy and wise decisions. Also pray for my ex husband who is unhealthy and can’t face his grief. Pray that his heart will be open to his own healing so he may move forward in life.

  49. Please pray for me for searching another job or another better employer…because I have plan to apply to another country this coming January, but I was praying from now for that to the Lord….also praying and healing for my brother for his back pain…..thanks…God bless us all….to GOD BE THE GLORY

  50. Lord, please be with Reana as she applies for another job. Please surround her with your peace as she makes these upcoming decisions. I also pray for your hand of healing on her brother and his back. In Jesus name, amen.

    I also have a few prayer requests, ultimately I just pray for peace over everything. My husband and I have so many different things going on in our lives right now, good and difficult, and we just need prayer for peace. Also, my daughter has a skin condition called keratosis pilaris, which is very common and not painful, but she has it all over her cheeks, which is not as common. While I am thankful to have seen some improvement, I am just praying for healing for her. She is almost 18 months old and I took her to a dermatologist to see if there was anything I could do, and was basically told she will just grow out of it and there is nothing I can do. The mommy in me just wants her soft baby cheeks back. Please pray for healing on my sweet girl’s baby skin.

  51. My husband had a 2 yr affair with my best friend. We are separated, but trying to reconcile. He is struggling so much in his faith; he can’t accept God’s love, grace, and forgiveness. He hasn’t been able to forgive himself either. Satan is attacking him in every way possible. I just pray for relief from these attacks so we can have peace and recovery.

  52. Please pray for my precious friend Pastor Janet Brown. She was just duagnosed with colon cancer. The cancer has already spread to her liver. She had her first chemo two days ago. She was up all night with flu symptoms and is very weak. Pray for strength for her husband Pastor Dave Brown and for their three daughters and their families!! Janet needs a miracle!

    My husband Danny needs a miracle, too! He had surgery in January to remove his bladder * stage 3 bladder cancer* prostate and have a usostomy put in place. Danny went through four months of chemo. He just had anith surgery Oct 6, to fix 3 large hernias, a result of his last surgery. The surgeon found another cancerous tumor on his bowel. The tumor and 75cm of bowel were removed. He wil start chemo again in 4 weeks. Thank you for agreeing for miracles for Janet and Danny!!

  53. Dear Lord,

    Please be with Reana and her brother. Hear her prayers for a new job in another country. Also, hear her prayer for her brother and heal his back pain. We lift these prayers up to you Dear Jesus and ask for your will to be done. Amen.

    I am asking for prayers to find a new place to live as soon as possible. To make a long story short, I had to send my children to stay with their Dad’s parents because we have no heat or water. A water pipe broke in the basement and did something to the furnace. I am on disability and cannot afford a plumber. My church is already helping me out in so many other ways, including looking for a new place to live, that I do not want to ask for help to fix the furnace and pipes. I have to find another place to live anyway because my Dad died a month ago, and Medicaid is taking his house. It got down to 34 degrees last night, and I felt like I was going to freeze to death! I can’t use electric heaters because they blow the fuses. In reality, the house will probably be condemned. I don’t know how the homeless do it living and sleeping in the outdoors. Please pray for them, also. Thank you.

  54. Oh sweet Jesus!!! I pray for pastor Janet brown to be completely healed. Nothing is impossible for you. You are the God of miracles. Jesus, please I ask for a healing that all cancer will be healed and gone in your name Jesus and that there will be complete full health in pastor brown and I pray that it will bring you the fullest glory. I also pray for rest and peace of pastor Dave brown as he holds tight to you. I pray encouragement and your love and angels from heaven to surround this family. I also pray for Danita’s husband Danny, I pray a complete miracle over him as well. I stand in faith for him and these two families. I pray healing and that there will be no tumor and that all cancer will be gone. You can do anything. I pray peace and the love of your arms being wrapped around this family Jesus. I pray no matter what these situations will bring you the greatest glory. Thank you Jesus, love you so much! I pray all of this in Jesus name.

  55. Please can you pray, I am going back to India for two months in January. For missions . This is my third time going. I was supposed to be gone for two years and came home early. It’s been a beautiful hard journey. God is so faithful he is bringing me back. I love India. Please can you pray as I go Jesus will speak to me what his plan is for me there. Please can you pray I hear his voice clearly now and as I go with a team. Also lots of unity and hearts to be transformed by Jesus as we go. Also , I have desired to be married and I have a desire to adopt. I just can’t seem to keep holding onto it. I just need to give these desires to God and trust his goodness and timing of what he is doing. It’s such a huge desire of my heart. Also, I will be raising support it’s been a financial struggle for me. Please can you pray for financial breakthrough. Thank you super much. All things are possible with God:)

  56. Please pray that my husband will turn his life back to God, that he will be restored, and our marriage will be reconciled. I’ve done all I can, and now I just pray and pray that he will hear the knocking on his heart and turn to the God who is pursuing him. Thank you❤️

  57. I gave birth to my son 4 weeks ago and my milk never hit full volume. After a lot of trouble shooting with lactation consultants and pediatricians we began supplementing. I’m still praying God will do a miracle and bring it in fully even though I’ve missed the general window.

  58. Precious Lord,
    I lift Krisette up to you. She did not list any prayer request but prayers for Donta. Lord, please meet the needs of not only these two sweet sisters but for all the requests listed. I too have been a single mom and have experienced some of the same things others are going through. Please know that he does answer every prayer and you will not just survive but thrive. His grace and mercy are more than enough to see you through whatever you face. Lord, minister your love and provisions to Krisette and her family. We thank you for the victory that we have over the evil one. Blessings to each one listed above.

  59. Please pray for my daughter and her future. She is facing some strong obstacles which are holding her back from advancing in her future. Please pray that God will allow an avenue to correct and open a path that will allow my daughter to complete her final testing and to find the perfect job. Thank you so much for lifting my daughter up in prayer.

    I am praying for you Stella. Our God is such a loving and forgiving God and he hears the cries of His people. God Loves you Stella and Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins. God Bless you Stella as you renew your commitment to God and you begin your journey and His child.

  60. If you are willing, I would love some prayers for God’s wisdom, guidance, and for him to “make up his mind,” so I told him yesterday, about my sense of purpose where I am and if new opportunities are what he wants.

  61. I am newly divorced with older children…21, 19, 16 and need prayers to be able to move on. I regret my part in the ending of the marriage. I pray daily to forgive myself and my ex spouse and to move forward in finding happiness. I don’t know how to be “divorced” after over 20 years of having a partner. I beat myself up daily and I have to stop. I am thankful for blogs such as this to help center myself and remember to just say Jesus. Your prayers are appreciated. …I want out of this prison!

  62. Fear & anxiety seem to have taken me over ~ I have developed post-traumatic-stress disorder & anxiety disorder having two children with Full-Spectrum autism & all that accompanies the life of a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of kid’s with life threatening conditions & special needs. Oh, and a tad perfectionistic spouse. There are no friends & no family self-less enough to help. It sadly IS the life-style. If it isn’t for someone else, that is the exception I assure you. ~ Thanks for prayers <3

  63. Please pray that my incarcerated son would accept salvation. He is due to be released in a year and desperately needs the Lord. Would also appreciate prayer for my health and for wisdom. Thank you so much, God bless you.♥

    • Leslie — praying for your son. I have been so encouraged to hear about the life-changing work done by Prison Fellowship Ministries. I don’t know if there is one where your son is, but I am praying he would know his great need and also see that his great need has already been met in Christ’s sacrifice. Blessings to you as you continue to love him and lift him up.

  64. I have a Praise the Lord Hallelujah!!! My hubby was “thrown” back into ER and a late shift job. God answered prayers and he is out of the hospital, ER and working at a different facility owned by same company. This job is actually miles closer and pay will be same!

    Also ask prayers for a family I know. Wife has end stage, I believe, brain cancer and husband is out of work. That same family lost his father this time last year to cancer and his sister has/had ovarian cancer.

    Prayers for everyone here. May you all feel God touch your lives in miraculous ways! His timing is perfect!! 🙂

  65. Lord God

    You know the needs and heart desires of all of the wonderful women and Thomas who have come to this wonderful Spirit filled Blog to ask for prayer on behalf of the themselves, their families or friends for healings and needs met.
    I pray Father for a healing anointing on each and every one of them, for healing and restoration of relationships and families, marriages, for healings mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial, for comfort and peace for Caroline as she awaits the birth of her 5th child and that it will be a safe delivery and a healthy baby, for those husbands and children who have gotten of course and strayed from you that you will guide them back to you, for the jobs needed and for a full time job for Thomas with benefits so that he might serve you Lord on Mission trips and visit and stay connected with his grandchildren who all live in other states, rent money for Dana’s family and a Home for Deena, for those grieving, for strength for caregivers of(children or elderly parents) for strength,comfort and patience for those awaiting test results and that the results will be good and they will be guided to the right treatment. I have read and prayed for each and every one of you….
    For We know Lord, that with you ALL things are possible for those who trust and Believe in you.
    I ask these things Father in the name of your Precious Son Jesus Christ.
    And I Pray for divine guidance and inspiration for the wonderful Godly women who publish this Blog and are serving you and helping others… God Bless Everyone

  66. Oh Dear Heavenly Father! So many needs, so much hurt & pain! I lift up each and every one of these precious women of God to you who are reaching out to You and I pray along with others for healing, for restoration, for peace, for consolation, for provision, for faith restored, for strength, for Your comfort dear Holy Spirit of God, I ask that You step into every situation and hear the heart cries to You and do wonderful, glorious things, miracles, to Your Glory Oh Lord, In Jesus’ Name!

    I also ask for prayer….for the Lord to heal my soul of all depression, fear, pain from the past….I want to move on into God’s destiny and purpose for my life!!! I want to overcome!!! Thank you all and may the Lord bless each and every one with the blessing of the Lord which makes rich and adds no sorrow or trouble to it!

  67. Father, I lift Donna to you right now. I thank you that you are the God of healing and I pray that you will heal her heart and bring release from the past. Thank you that You have a plan and a purpose for her life and I pray now that she will feel able to step into all that you have in store for her.

    This is a very timely post for me – for a few months now I have been struggling with a situation regarding a particular relationship in my life. I feel like God has made a promise about this relationship’s future but so far there has been a lot of disappointment. I am struggling to know whether to keep faith that this was from God or let it go…I ask for prayer for guidance and wisdom that I would hear what His will is in that situation…

    • Thank you Steph for your prayers for me. I pray for you also for the guidance and wisdom that you are asking for, that you wait upon the Lord until you hear and know by the peace He gives you that you have heard Him and His will for your life! In Jesus’ Name. Thank You Lord!

  68. My husband and I have been praying for 7 years for a baby. The pain and disappointment that comes every month is weary-ing. As we continue to wait on the Lord for this desire of our hearts, I am asking the Lord to help me hope in Him and not despair.

    • Deborah – praying for you as you wait on the Lord. I don’t know what the answers are for your life but I know His great love for you is sufficient in your weariness and weakness. Trust in Him! And know others are praying for you.

  69. Deborah, I am praying the Lord will fulfill the desires of your heart today and that he will uphold you and encourage you as you wait for your tiny miracle. Remember Abraham and Sarah. It can happen!

  70. Please pray that my husband, Jon, will be delivered from bondage to alcohol, drugs, and adultery, and that our marriage and family will be restored. Thank you so very much.

    • Anne Marie, I am praying for you and for your husband Jon and your family! Our Lord is a God of restoration and He restores back more than was ever lost or stolen from us. And I pray the Lord Jesus touch your heart and heal all the pain and give you extraordinary grace to walk one day at a time. He tells us that His grace IS sufficient! May the Lord give you revelation for the grace that He has for you each day. May our Lord bathe you in the Peace that only He can give! The bible tells us that His eye is on the sparrow, the most common of birds, and if His eye is on the sparrow to know when even one of them falls, then how much more is His all-seeing eye upon you, his beloved child!

  71. Please pray that God will provide a major bright spot in my life after 7 years of a deep valley. I need hope, restoration. Some sort of yes after years of no or no response at all. I am so vet exhausted.

    Praying for peace, encouragement and freedom from bondage from the past for Donna. May the one who is Light flood your soul with his love for in him there is no darkness!!

  72. Please pray that my marriage makes it. We are having a hard time because of my husband infidelity that he cant let go of. I pray day in and day out for it to end. Please help me save my marriage.

  73. For God to work in my kids lives, so they will believe and trust in who He is and that Jesus is His one and only Son.
    There names are Chris and Stephanie .
    Thank you

  74. I’m praying for your children, Shannon. I’m asking for prayer for my 7 year old grandson, Dylan who is been doing bad things to get attention. His mom has 2 younger children, ages 4 and 2 so can’t give him attention all the time.

  75. I pray for patience, trust and healing as my body recovers from a miscarriage. I find myself worrying about my age, and sadness as other women announce their pregnancy. I know God has a plan, and He knows the desire of my heart.
    I pray for Birdies grandson Dylan and his mother. That God will guide and protect them.

  76. There are so many requests for prayer on here that no way can I remember the names & requests of all of you. But~God knows each & everyone of you, so I ask Him to minister to each one’s need. And, Birdie, sounds like he’s feeling left out, which can often happen with the oldest child. If you’re close enough, maybe you could spend some time with him, & show him that he IS loved.
    I need prayer for healing, & have unsaved loved ones. But, most of all, we ALL need to be in prayer for our nation, & our leaders, that God will be allowed back in to our affairs, & that we follow HIS will, & not the enemy’s.
    May each of you feel God’s presence on you right now, in Jesus’ name, I ask.

  77. I cannot praise our Lord enough! He has helped me to be patient with my husband (and with myself) and lo-and-behold, my husband is truly transforming into a better person, becoming gentle, more respectful, loving and kind. This morning we even read and studied the Bible together! Oh, Lord Jesus, You truly are the master of love! Thank You Lord for your promises and gifts of Your Holy Spirit. Please Lord, if it is Your will, eradicate this anxiety within me to help me trust in you fully, without fear of man. You are so loving, so caring, so good, so great, so amazingly wonderful, our Sovereign God! In Jesus Name, I believe and declare that the best is yet to be, AMEN!

  78. Please pray that Jesus will come to claim His church. But in the meantime, I would like the Lord to send a worship leader to my church. And to allow me to have the mate who He selected for me before time began. Also that He would restore my joy and remove all remnants of unhappiness from all that happened to me throughout my life. In Jesus Precious Name. Amen.

  79. Father Lord, I lift up Karen’s prayers to your most merciful heart and pray that you would please bless her with the peace that only you can give and the joy that comes from being your beloved daughter. In Jesus holy Name, Amen.

    Please can I ask prayers for my work related anxieties, that I might always feel the presence of the Lord near me and that I would not be afraid. Also for my husband and mother’s health and that they might know how much they are loved by the Lord. Thank you so much.

  80. Lord I left up Chris, Stephanie before your throne of grace and mercy. Lord you knew them before you formed the vary foundation of the earth; defore you created them in their Mothers womd You knew their purpose. God we ask that you show them in a vary clear and profound way as only you can. Lord we plead the blood of Jesus Christ upon them while their on their Journey to serve You. Lord let their lives be a testimony of your goodness, mercy and grace. Heavenly host camp around them, letting no hurt harm or danger come upon them. Surround them with Men and Wemen that are rooted and grounded in You and Your word emdracing them and loving them right where they are. In the Name of Jesus. Lord bless them and keep them; Lord make your face shine upon them, and be gracious to them; Lord lift up your countenance upon them, And give them peace In Jesus Christ Name Amen♥

  81. Lord 7 yrs is a long time of being in a dark valley for Lyn. I pray for you to help her see you as the light you are in the dark places . Help her to see beyond this visible world to the places where you abide even in the times and space where we can’t feel you or see you in our circumstances. Would you pour out your spirit in her heart and mind and soul if in just a whisper that she can get hear you calling out to her, you are with her. Walking close, you reside in her heart always waiting to comfort , to love, drawing her close to you. Bring her relief from her exhaustion. Bring her hope. We boldly ask for you to come into her circumstances and make your presence known however that is needed. We know you can do this. Give her eyes and ears to see you in every moment. You ar very near. We claim all this in Jesus mighty name Amen! Amen! Bless you dear one.
    I ask for prayers for our family. i feel like our family is being attacked by satan mightily. It is easy to lose faith in moments of duress and ongoing stress even though you have a deep lifelong foundation of faith in place. Pray for my daughter to have grace to extend to me in my imperfection as a parent who loves imperfectly , but loves her more than I have words for. We need God’s peace and hand of merciful grace to reside over many hard circumstances happening in our home. Thank you for this community of faith to lift one another up in times of joy and times of trial. God is always good.

    • Father, I pray for Nancy whom you love beyond words as well. Remind her that she is your beloved. I ask that You would surround her with your peace and presence in a way that maybe she has never experienced before. Help her with the circumstances in her home and family that seem so heavy and help her to remember that she was never made to carry burdens, but to cast them onto your strong shoulders. Give her light in the darkness. Give her hope. In Jesus Name was ask it. AMEN

  82. My 40 year old husband of 17 years is having a pacemaker and defibrillator put in tomorrow morning. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in June. He is not recovering as quickly as we would have hoped.

    He is also a pastor. Which has made this road even more difficult. We have not had the support one would hope to have in a situation like this. He began medical leave last Monday. Please pray for physical healing for him and spiritual and emotional healing for both of us.

  83. We have a credit card debt that has a judgement and we have been trying to settle with this attorney for 6 years now! I would like to ask if you could pray with me that God would move and open the hearts of the people at the law firm to settle ! Please pray for our marriage and our family ! Thank you so much for prayers

  84. Jesus , I pray for my sister in Christ , Sarah and her husband , who is a pastor for your glory! Please bring healing and wholeness to his physical body and I pray that by HIS stripes he is healed and by HIS stripes he has been made whole ! I pray that you would bring them abundance of help to walk thru this season of their life, I pray for comfort in the hurt when it seems like no one is there for them- thank you Jesus for yiu love and Grace – I pray that you would open up the gates of heaven and pour out your blessings upon them !

  85. Please pray that my BELIEVING husband would soften his heart to the Lord and come back home to me and our 2 children. He is being deceived by the enemy that divorce is God’s will for us. He moved out nearly 6 months ago. We are devastated because he was a good husband, father, and spiritual leader. We love him and miss him so much! We’ve been married 19 yrs.

  86. Thank you for this place to share needs and tp pray for the needs of others.
    My oldest son (40) has Aspergers.
    He is very clever….and is nearing completion of a doctorate.
    However, after studying and working intensely for 4-5 days, he goes on a binge to take a break from his mind…which is FULL like an encyclopedia.
    He knows the WORD extremely well, but cannot seem to break out of this pattern.
    I have written to his doctor to give him information, and am praying that this Spirit inspired communication may result in Jono getting better control of his acute anxiety and lessen his “need” for alcohol.
    It’s HARD being his Mum.

  87. Father God, I come humbly to Your throne of grace asking that You grant the desire of my sweet sister, Kim’s, heart. The burdens of finances are so great without the addition of attorneys and legal battles. Show Yourself mighty in this situation and offer Your grace to remedy this problem that will both work for Kim’s good and honor and glorify Your holy name. Grant peace and strength to her family during this trial. Remind them to look to Your promises and not on this circumstance. Father, we thank You for how You’re going to work and are already working to resolve and relieve this burden. Now, we ask that You do exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or imagine. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  88. Lord as I read through these requests my heart is broken for what these dear sisters are going through. I lay their needs before you Heavenly Father trusting that you will turn everything for good in your time. and will provide for every need. I thank you that you hear our cry for help and mercy and will answer.
    I ask for prayers for my family who are dealing with the loss of my precious sister to cancer. Thank you.

  89. Hi, everyone. Could you all please pray with me? That God will remove fear and heartbreak from me and give me a new and refreshed spirit. I have problems with depression and have lost someone that I love dearly. I just want to move forward. I am fearful I am going to become stuck in despair, remorse, and lose sight of what God has in store for me in my life ahead. Thanks so very much. Praying for you all too, in Jesus name, Amen.

  90. I am asking for the Lords guidance and help in our family as alcohol has broken us in every way…..please pray for sobriety for my son……and healing for our family. The disease effects every aspect of our lives……I trust the Lord to lift us up and bring us peace and strength…..please pray with me I pray for Maria and her family in the loss of her sister…….Precious Lord lift us all up and guide us on the journey you have for us all. I am so thankful for a site like this…..it brings blessings to me thru you every day. Thank you Lord for loving us all…….

  91. Lord, I lift up Clyda and her family to you. Heal them of alcoholism! Let your love and mercy heal their wounds! Amen.

    I ask for prayer for recovery from surgery and for my husband and I to have children. We’ve been trying to have children for 5 years.

  92. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Clyda and the concerns for her son who suffers from the addictin of alcoholism. Father we know what a vicious destroyer any addiction is and I am asking in agreement with Clyda for help in this situation. I pray you would change his heart and give him a heart inclined to hear your voice. Holy Spirit give this family peace. I ask in Jesus’ holy name that you would bind Satan, and keep him away from her son. Father, alcoholism is a disease that affects the whole family. I pray that they would feel your presence in their lives. Thank you Lord. We love you so much. We are believing in faith that you will answer our prayers in your perfect time.

    I’m asking for prayer for my daughter Alex. She has been living a life that is not in accordance with the child of God she is. There have been abusive boyfriends, drugs, alcohol, etc. She just broke off her relationship with a boyfriend who has been in and out of jail. She has asked to move back home and we have decided to let her to give her a leg up out of the lifestyle she has been living. She is employed and saving money. We will not enable her! Although it has only been two days, I know that I have to change the way I have responded to her in the past. She has changed and I have to treat her like an adult (23). Please pray for her as well as my husband and I as we try to adapt to having an adult daughter in our home again. I too have been praying for a new heart for her. That God would remove her heart of stone and give her a new heart that hears God’s voice pursuing her. Please pray as God leads you. Thank you!

  93. Thank you so much for the prayers Nancy! They were a bright spot in my day! May God bless you for encouraging me, a stranger.

    Penny. I understand your heart ache. I pray that the Lord will hold you close and surround you and your kids with peace and strength. I pray that you and your kids will daily experience how much Jesus loves you. I pray that the Lord will send his angels to guide your husband home; that his heart will hear Truth from the one who is the Way, Truth and Life. I pray for your friends, family and church will support you in a huge way during this tough time.

    Mary, your are a wonder! You have been so strong to bear this burden for so long. Tonight I pray for a lifting of this burden from you. I pray that God will take your son in his hand to break this cycle. Praying that the logic of the Word will break through to Jono and help him see things in a different way. I pray for peace and renewed strength to flow through you like a healing river.

    Praying that God will hear the prayers and petitions mentioned here today and act on them in amazing, quick ways. Love to all!

  94. Asking for prayer for a diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphomia cancer, Aug. 10, 2014…have been going through chemo, and all it side effects, been feeling better with the treatments, but still not in remission…have a long ways to go. Prayers for strength and problems with fatigue, and most of all to turn my faith to the lord to quide me through these tough times.

    • Dear Teresa Lynn,

      By Whose stripes, you were healed? It is by Jesus’ stripes!

      Focus on His finished work on the cross, and partake Holy Communion and proclaim His finished work!

      Turn Your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful peace.
      And the things on earth will grow strangely dim
      In the light of His glory and grace.

      While I am praying for your healing to be manifested, I am also once again be reminded on God’s promises in my life too.

      God is awesomely good! Hallelujah!

      Lord Jesus, it is not by our might or power, but by You Lord, that our dear sister Teresa Lynn is made whole. Restored her soul & health. Grant her Your shalom peace even if she sees or feels the storm, she shall be calmed because You are with her, in her boat.
      As she focus and make You her Shepherd of life, You have promised her that she shall not lack (Psalm 23). So Lord, do it according to Your promises for her.
      In Jesus’ mighty name. AMEN!

  95. Precious Father. ..what heavy burdens Your children must bear in this temporary time on earth. So very thankful that our hope is in You. The more I get to know You…The more I love and trust You. I pray for each request . . . That You would do a miraculous work in eeach of these situations for their good and Your glory. Thank You Father.

  96. Would you please pray with me that my grown daughter would start going to church. She deeply loves people and loves God . . . But has had bad church experience in the past. She is my beloved daughter . . . Chris. Thank u so much. Because of Him, Judy.

  97. Lord Jesus, I come to you in prayer for my dear sister Teresa Lynn. Jesus I place Teresa at your feet and I ask in Your Jesus that you touch her, let her feel Your loving arms wrapped around her. Father comfort and grant her peace and help her to adapt to the chemo and all the side effects. Lord grant her Your devine healing for You God are the great physician. Heal Teresa totally and completely in Jesus name. Amen
    Teresa just know that God is with you always. He loves you and He has great plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. Trust Him rely on Him depend on Him. He is carry you my sister. Love and blessings.
    Please for me. I’m looking to God to give me success by granting favor with Mark. Also pray that Mark would surrender all to Jesus and let God help him with his struggles.
    Thank you.

  98. Lord, I lift up my sister Joanne. I pray for Mark and for his relationship with You to be made right. For Mark to truly seek You with all his heart and find Your endless love and compassion. I pray Lord for Your grace and mercy to surround Mark right where he is and I pray for the light of hope to shine clearly as Mark presses onward. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.
    Please pray for salvation for my adult son. His name is Scott. God is working. Thank you.

  99. Father, I’m lifting Lauri and her situation up to you now. We thank you that your Word says that you do not want anyone to perish, but for all to come to You. I pray that you will send laborers to her son Scott, that they will cross his path, and that his ears will be open to you. Lord, we pray that his spirit is made ready to accept You. Lauri, I know how you feel. My stepdaughter got saved, and she is now 19, a freshman at college, and has recently told her dad she doesn’t want to hear any more about church or God. We are uniting with you in prayers for your son Scott. I am also asking prayer for myself and my husband. We were in a car wreck at the end of July which totaled our vehicle. We have had to return the rental & do not have a vehicle. We do not live in a city that is pedestrian friendly. A relative has graciously rented us a vehicle for a week, so we have until Friday to get a vehicle of our own. Please pray that God will calm our worries and our fears.

  100. Please pray for my father, he has been diagnosed with a right brain tumor since June this year.

    We have tried to schedule for surgery but was not able to be operated due to no ICU room is available after his surgery, a total of 4 times postponed.

    We just seek for 2nd opinion from a private specialist, and was told that the tumor has grown bigger now, and he needs to be operated and Gamma Knife is not suitable for the size of his tumor.

    Please pray for healing for his condition, financial provision for the family and wisdom for all of us in making the right decision for his treatment.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  101. Thank you for offering to pray for people here. I don’t remember the last time someone (besides my gracious husband) has prayed with or for me…

    I’m exhausted. Over the past month I realized that for the past five years or so, I’ve been so stressed; so hard on myself; working so hard to be loved… and it’s hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m exhausted in every way; emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. I just left my job and dropped out of my courses for this semester, but I am trusting that this time will be used wisely.

    I have about a month to devote to healing… and I’m nervous that this will not be enough. In December I’ll have a new job, in a new city, and my husband & I will be sharing a house with a friend. I’m nervous that this exhaustion will follow me and that this time set a part for healing and recovery will not be enough.

    I’m thankful for my naturopath doctor who has helped me not only realize what has been going on in my body, mind & soul, but also helped provide healing. Thank God for Godly women like her and yourselves!

    Thank you for praying, and sharing. I appreciate this lovely group of women using the internet to connect with and encourage others in a meaningful way.

  102. Dear Evelyn,
    I am praying for your father, for you and for your entire family. May God’s healing hands touch all of you and bring a complete healing. Also praying for the doctors in his care. May God provide them wisdom and skill.
    Please pray for my husband and myself about our financial situation. Our bills are stacking up, and my husband is out of work due to kidney failure. I have fibromyalgia and I am his primary caretaker. I’m so tired and my body hurts so much.
    Please pray also for a “situation” I’m having with a dear friend. Not sure what is going on, but I keep calling, and sending notes but get no response. Looking for a sign to know if it’s time to move on, or keep keep trying.

    • Dear Lisa,

      Amen! Thanks for the prayer.

      Our God is a God of abundance.

      Matthew 6:25-26
      “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

      We are of more higher value than the birds for sure, so, do not worry dear sister. Our Abba Father knows what you are gong through and will for sure deliver you and your husband out from the current situation.

      I pray for healing for your husband as well, by Jesus’ stripes, he is healed. Partake the holy communion as often as you can, together.

      I pray for the Lord to restore and prosper your soul, beloved Lisa.

      God never promise that all things are good, but His promise for His Beloveds are all things are going to work together to those who love God. So, be expectant!

      Mountains be cast down, valleys be raised!
      Christ be exalted, lifted on high!

      Praise Him, in all circumstances! Hallelujah!

  103. Evelyn,
    May the God of all power strengthen your father as he await is surgery. May the right doctors and all steps be made clear. May you experience the peace of Christ in your life and your fathers.
    Pray for me as my marriage falls apart and my husband wants to leave. The scars that this will have on my children who are young adults is painful let alone the pain I feel inside. My husband did profess to be a Christian but his life choices are all messed up. Please pray that The Lord would humble him and that he would repent of his sins.

    • Amen & amen! Thank you for the prayer sister.

      The Lord shall turn your husband’s eyes to focus on HIM alone.

      I pray for Christ to be the centre of your marriage. Look unto Him.

      Scriptures say: Seek first the kingdom of God. So beloved Annette, as you fix your eyes on Jesus, He who turned the water into wine, will do the miracle for you and your husband, and restore your marriage & family back to whole again.

      The One who is in your husband is greater than the one who is in the world. The goodness of God will lead your husband back to repentance.

      In Jesus’ precious name. Amen!

  104. im waiting in the fulfillment of this verse in my life pertaining to my marriage day: To come:
    Isaiah 60:5 Then you shall see and become radiant,
    And your heart shall swell with joy;

    As well as promised Isaiah 62:1-5.

  105. I have been so blessed by this post, as well as everyone’s prayer requests and responses.

    Please pray for my husband’s salvation! Like Clyda said above, alcohol has broken him and his family in every way, yet he pridefully continues his substance use/abuse, unable to see it for what it truly is. May he find freedom in Christ alone. His name is Clay.

    Please pray for patience with joy for me and wisdom to respond to him. I am impatient, fearful, and irritated with this situation. In addition, we were recently surprised to find out we have a little one on the way.

    Thank you!

    PS- Annette, I am praying for your husband when I pray for mine.

  106. Praying now Ella for you and your family! God is the God of the impossible!!

    I need prayer for healing and wholeness in my marriage. Also for God’s wisdom and direction in the ministries my husband and I are a part of as missionaries in Africa. Daily we face many challenges! Pray also for the salvation of our 2 girls and their spouse and boyfriend in the US.

  107. I’ve been having a hard time breathing for over a year. Within the past couple months it’s been so bad that I can’t even talk. I sleep alot and watch TV all day. My strength is gone and I’ve put on so much weight. It feels like I’ll never be okay again. Please pray for healing. I can’t take this anymore.

    • Dear Melissa,

      As Jesus is, so are you in this world. Does Jesus has difficulty in breathing? No, right? So are you!

      See yourself as complete and whole like Jesus and focus on the loveliness of our Lord.

      The joy of the Lord is your strength.

      Pray in the spirit as often as you can. Labor to enter into His rest, the more you pray in the spirit, the more you will feel the peace of our Lord Jesus.

      Partake the Holy Communion, and receive His finished work for you.

      Be healed, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  108. Please pray for my mom who has been stricken with multiple myeloma(cancer of the blood cells) and is now facing complications from the treatment, pray for wisdom to make the right decisions!

  109. Please pray for my family. My grandson, who I helped raise, has been arrested and is in jail. Please pray that God will show Himself strong on our behalf, that He will show favor so that my grandson will be released from jail into the responsibility of a Teen Challenge-type program here where we live. Please pray for my daughter for peace, calmness and strength. Finally, pray that “what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn for good.” Thank you!

  110. Please pray for my son and daughter in law. They are waiting on God for children. The Doctors give no hope but God is bigger! Also pray for health for me and my husband.

  111. Stella I pray that you rest assured that once receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, you have the power to change things by repenting. God’s given YOU the power to change YOU and your ways. As long as you’ve confessed and asked for forgiveness, He’s forgiven. Now you have to forgive yourself. Don’t let the devil condemn you, but only let God convict through His Holy Spirit. There’s a major difference.

    My request is for marriage restoration and reconciliation. I believe there’s nothing too hard for God and so I wait!

  112. Sharon, God has opened wombs many times and given precious gifts. Children no matter when they come or through whom, are gifts from God. (Ps. 127:3) I believe Him to bless your son and daughter in law with abundance! As for you and your husband, healing belongs to you both and above all He wants you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers! (3 John 1:2)

  113. Please pray that I fully receive Gods love and forgiveness, that I live transparently before man, a holy life before God, and that obedience and dependence upon Him would be my passion. Prayers that I would not be passive but actively fruitful. Please pray for my anxiety and fears to be stilled.
    Thank you so much!

  114. My husband & I have gone through 3 miscarriages in the past year and a half. We are sad and frustrated to say the least. Please pray that we continue to have hope and strong faith in God’s plan for us. Please pray that He will bless us with children!

    SC, I pray that God will bless you and your husband with renewed faith in your marriage, strength to work through the hard times, and free and open communication between you two. I pray for healing and reconciliation, and a marriage that is even stronger than it was before. As you said, with God all things are possible! I pray that neither of you loses hope in your marriage nor in Him!


  115. Please pray for me as I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist today. It has taken months to get this far. Hoping for a clear diagnosis so we can have some direction in treatment. Thank you.

  116. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over 4 years with two miscarriages. It has been a very difficult road. I want so badly to be a mother.

    Dee, I will most certainly pray for your appt. I hope you can get answers and move forward with treatment.

  117. Sarah, just as God opened Sara’s womb and she brought forth Issac, so we pray that God will touch your womb to bring forth a child that will serve God and minister to others. Hold on to the Father and be at peace, knowing that He has heard you and will answer. You and your husband must begin to smile and sing praises knowing that God is in control. Keep strong as you prepare for that baby. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

    I ask for prayer in handling a demanding job and studying for my degree. I am not able to finish many things at the end of the day and failing my exams. I enjoy my job and want to assist my team in growing.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Charlene, I just finished two years of working and at the same time taking classes to finish my degree, so I know a little of what you are juggling. I pray for the Spirit to give you strength during this season of your life, for hope that your goal of earning a degree will be realized, for time to study and a clear mind during exams, and for God to help you in figuring out priorities for each day. Amen

      I am currently looking for a new job that I feel God has prepared for me which uses my strengths and eases my stress, but there are not a lot of opportunities in my area. I’d like prayers for my eyes to be open to see God’s plan for me. Thanks.

  118. Lord Jesus, I lift up to you Rachel who posted before me. Please open up the door to a job that she would like for the various reasons that she stated. She says that there aren’t many of those jobs in her area,but you can make a way for her to get a job so please do. Amen.
    Yesterday I heard about a couple at my church who are going through a really rough time in their marriage. Please pray for J and R . Thanks!

  119. Always have my children on my heart and mind. My youngest is just starting out adult life with a new job. His hours are long and lots of stress, and he has neglected his spiritual life in getting established in a new job and city. Praying that he will seek God and his kingdom in his life and relationships.

  120. Martha, in the name of Jesus we lift up this hurting couple. Lord, show Yourself strong on their behalf for nothing is impossible to You! We also pray Your blessings for Martha!
    Please pray for The Lord to provide a Godly husband for me. My 1st marriage of 30 years was one of abuse. I tried to be a Godly wife, but imperfectly. He finally left. I want to know what real love feels like, and I have so much love to give!! Thank you for praying for me.

  121. I have been disobeying God. This has been ugly downright rebellion and I’m falling. I have been told by Him and others repeatedly to stop smoking but I haven’t and yet He beacons me every day by letting me know it doesn’t have to be this way. I ask For prayer to wholeheartedly and willingly obey because I do love Him.

    I lift up Cheryl’s youngest son to you Father, and ask You would draw him into intimate relationship with you again by giving him Godly influences. Ones that will help him return to his faith and ones that will reinforce him to seek You and Your Kingdom. Thank You. In Jesus’ name I ask.

  122. Hi. Please pray for me and my kids. 3-(20,18,13) their father, although divorced but still my first and only love -took his life this past February. I could go on and on bit I’m sure my few words are enough. Thank you so <3

  123. Please pray for my daughter. She is in a high risk pregnancy after losing a baby last year.
    My worry and prayers are with her always. Please pray that she feels joy in that she is doing everything well. And by the Grace of God she knows His peace!!

    • Lord, You have knit that precious baby together in this mama’s womb. That little life is forever in Your hands. Give Kathy’s daughter the quiet space and opportunities that she needs to REST, eat healthy, and nourish her heart, mind and soul with all things pure, all things filled with the Spirit. Let her enjoy the beauty of the trees that You have painted with Your paintbrush, and breathe in the crisp Fall air. Give her peace of mind, knowing that this little life is in Your loving hands. Breathe on mother and child, Breath of God.

  124. Please pray that my husband will look for and be hired for a job. He has been unemployed for four years. I work full time, but the years have been lean, and my stress level has been great. HE NEEDS A JOB.

    • Greta I will sure pray. It is very hard when jobs can’t be found as this happened to my husband also. It is hard on men as specially because of their need to be the provider of his family. I pray a job will be found and peace during this time of stress.

  125. I need prayer for the feeling of being overwhelmed to subside. Life’s difficulties are always being brought up by Satan to me. Things from the past that can’t be taken back or changed always being brought back up to me. I’ve forgiven my husband for past hurts but that reminder of things that have happened are always there. Top that off with tremendous financial strain and being stuck in dead end jobs does not help our marriage or family. I’m thankful for my family and the fact that I have a job and can make some money but feel as though I’m drowning. Please pray for help and peace only Jesus can provide. As well as for us to see the light and have some answers. Thank you

    • Thanks Sherry, and I will pray you back. Sounds like we’re on the same page, sister. Even so, continue looking UP with me. He is with us and will never forsake us!

  126. A month ago I was told that my position as receptionist of my church was being eliminated. Which means I will be without a job come January 1. This also means no health insurance. I know God has a plan for my life and He is in control. I need prayers to remain faithful and steadfast. To seek His Presence, to be still and KNOW that He is God, to have the courage to step out and take a chance on something new, knowing the He will always be with me.
    As I go through this I want the people in my life to see Jesus in me.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Kathy, I will be praying that you continue to stay strong in faith and that you keep a positive attitude. I will be praying that our Lord will make clear a new direction for you. God Bless YOU!

  127. My youngest son is on the streets, strung out on dope and totally out of control. He is on parole and his parole officer has refused to revoke it even after family members begged for her to get my son some help. He was stealing from his grandparents and me, so I had to make him leave my house. He has taken up with a gang and I am worried constantly. I don’t know how or where he is right now. Please pray that the scales will be removed from his eyes and that our Lord will convict his heart. Please also pray for me and the rest of our family as we worry about him all the time.

  128. Please pray for my daughter she is backslidden and sould tied to several different men. She is attempting to replace God with the things of this world. She has children but due to ” life ” she has none of her children currently. She is working making min wage and cannot afford a decent place. Please pray God will place someone in her path that she will hear and receive from so she can repent and come back to the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.

  129. Please pray that i find full time permanent employment. I am working at a temporary position that may be ending in December. I’ve already been out of work 5 months this year and am struggling financially to provide for my son and myself. The Lord has provided and i need His continuance storheouse of provision. I am praying also for the others who have prayer requests for employment and provisions. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Vicky I know alittle about this as I have been in and out of full time positions since 2009 due to the economy. GOD has always come thru for me. ANd He will for you too. We are in God’s economy and not in the world’s economy…I want to encourage you that you should not focus on what the news media says about job reports, or ANYBODY…Don’t be discouraged. Keep hanging on to God’s promises for you….
      In Jesus Name, I thank you for Vicki. You know you financial needs and you know her gifts and talents as you created her. I’m believeing that you are opening up an amazing door for her that is exceedingly & abundantly more than she could ever image. I thank you that the Favor of God is all around her. That a new door of opportunity is opening up for her that NO MAN Can Close..I pray for financial increase, full time position and full time benefits to support her family. Thank you Lord that when we look to you as our financial provision and not to others, you are always faithful and you answer our prayers. Give Vicky new job leads, direct her and I pray for favor for others that are looking at her resume…Thank you Lord for your answer in advance…Give Vicky Peace as she trusts you…

  130. My husband needs Jesus. We celebrate 10 years of marriage next month. Unequally yoked. He is now addicted to poker and has gambled away his lifetime 401K and heading to Vegas for more poker on our 10th wedding anniversary. Pray for conviction of the bondage and slavery to this and God would supernatural intervene and interrupt his planned trip to Vegas…Give me strength and help me bold and set boundaries…Need uncommon wisdom.


    • Dear Debra, I am praying for you and your family. There is so much heartache in the world. I will also pray that you will be able to take your anger and sadness to God. Cry out to Him. Tell Him you want answers. Please continue to take your thoughts every moment to Him. He loves you and your family and grieves with you because of your loss. He never planned for little ones to be taken early. Jesus came to give life and He wants that life for all of His children. He is saddened with you.

  132. Hello everyone. Please pray that I will trust God’s promise that He will complete what He starts. At just the right time I heard in a sermon that things may get worse as we enter the end of the waiting time and the promise is near fulfillment. I love this website and all that is in it. Laurel

  133. My husband Chuck is really at a critical time in his graduate program with clinicals and classes and is struggling. Please pray that he successfully completes his program. Thank you!

  134. Lord, I want to thank you for listening to every one of the prayers and in your loving infinities, you have the ability to listen also to mine. All of you putting your belief in God to answer your prayers increases my faith amd love for God. I struggle with submitting to God’s Will and ask for your prayers.

    • Lord,

      I lift up Jennifer to you now. Thank you for always hearing our prayers. Help her to always know that prayer is powerful and you are listening. We look for your guidance and wisdom in following Your will. We ask that you would make it so clear to Jennifer and that she would trust You completely. Thank You for hearing and knowing our needs. In Jesus most powerful name.

  135. Please pray for my husband. He is going through some kind of struggle. He has been losing his temper so easily and changing they way he has always thought about things. It is as if he is going through a midlife crisis. All of his relationships are suffering or changing. He is a believer but is being very attracted to worldly ideas. I want him to turn to the Lord and to me for his comfort. Thank you.

  136. Please ask God to provide a new job for my husband. He’s been laid off twice and is in an unfulfilling, dead-end job. Please pray that a door will open to him so he can use his education and skills and that my dad no longer has to help support us. We’re both working two jobs and it’s a real strain on our family.

  137. I have been praying for him, every day, since 3 years when we knew each. Three months ago, he travelled to United States to stay for one year for his LL.M. degree and I gave him a Bible as a leaving gift, with all of our Jesus Christ word’s and promises highlight.

    I tried to take every opportunity to share with him about God, and He has been nudging me to wait patiently and with confidence in Him and to pray every day for him and his family.
    Although waiting is very hard, God is teaching me about purpose in waiting. With this journey, I have realized letting go is freeing and it is a lesson I needed to learn in the wait.

    I’m trusting the One who planted this desire in my heart and holding fast to the hope that His timing is perfect, even when it’s not mine and even though I may not understand.
    I believe God knows the plans He has for us…“plans for good and not for disaster, to give [us] a future and a hope…
    I believe this journey has a purpose, His purpose…orchestrated as only He could dream up…long time ago…before we were born (like Psalm 139 says).
    I’m praying since long ago that he come to know Jesus Christ personally and have a relationship with Him… that he may come to know the deep love of God, while there at Columbia… that the seed He planted in him through me here, will grow and bring fruit for His glory at New York… that God water it and make it come alive, according to His will.
    ….In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me”. (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

    Would you join me in prayer for him?…That at God’s best and perfect timing and ways – far beyond anything we could ask or imagine – and above for what it is the desire of my heart, HIS will be done in his life as well as in mine during this special time?

    With love in Jesus from Argentina,


    • Thank you Kimberly, praying for you too.

      So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
      so he can show you his love and compassion.
      For the Lord is a faithful God.
      Blessed are those who wait for his help.
      O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem,
      you will weep no more.
      He will be gracious if you ask for help.
      He will surely respond to the sound of your cries.

      Isaiah 30: 18-19

  138. Please pray for a dear friend of mine. He has and is struggling with rosacea and burning scalp syndrome. He has severe anxiety and stress due to dealing with what he feels is afflictions. He has been praying for 20 years for relief and things just keep getting worse. He feels he looks like a monster and every day he is rejected by people who look at him and stare or just look away. He literally broke my heart yesterday when he cried as he told me about a fellow co worker who treats him “normal” like he is a person” saying this guy is so kind. I have listened to my friend for years now talk about how painful it is to have rosacea and how lonely and rejected he feels even by Christians. His heart desires to have a wife and one day have a child, but he fears it will never happen because he feels so ugly. This man has a beautiful heart and knows the word of God. He loves God and desires to do the will of God. I can’t imagine the isn’t someone out there for him. I tell him all the time when God brings him that special woman she will not judge him by his looks she will be so in love with his heart that he will be the most handsome man ever.

    He is not an ugly man, but in his eyes he is. It hurts me to hear my friend so deeply wounded, tormented daily by the looks he gets from people. Rejected and lonely is how he feels and just wants to be normal, accepted and loved. Just like all of us.

    Please keep him in your prayers as there are times I fear for him because he says I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

  139. Lord I lift precious Debra and her family at this tragic loss of her two precious grandchildren. Lord in this time of loss words are hard to find to comfort our sister. We don’t want to imagine this terrible loss or suffering they are living right now. But you are a God of love and you know the pain they feel because you lost your son in a very tragic way. Your word says you catch every tear in your bottle…would you let them through their deep, deep pain know you love them and never once does a tear fall to the ground that escapes your counting, your concern, your own weeping over such great loss. I pray for Debra Lord and her family to find solace in you. I pray for this community of faith to pray boldly for the Holy Spirit to protect this families lifelong faith in this time of testing and great sorrow. Provide for them a wide circle of believers who would minister to them in every way to show them you in the flesh Lord. Help them to keep searching for you though their eyes and hearts are being tested by the enemy. Protect them O Lord through Jesus mighty name. Amen. Bless you dear one.

  140. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for someone else’s struggle and to have someone pray for me.

    Please pray that I would yield to the Lord’s gracious leading in the area of food. I’ve long struggled with my weight and have recently really been seeing the Lord’s hand in this struggle. I know it is for His glory so that He can make me more like Himself. Even so, it is not easy. I don’t want to be satisfied anything less than my Creator. I know creation cannot satisfy but then I know I run again and again to my idols (food and comfort) rather than Him. Please pray for an undivided heart for me and a willingness to praise Him in ALL things, including food.

  141. Melissa, I pray that God would take away your desire to run to food for comfort, but you would run to His Word instead. I love food, too. Good food that tastes even better than it looks. I’ve learned self control, although I sometimes forget. I pray God gives you His strength as you make healthier food choices. Our bodies are His temples, and sometimes we forget how much food can make or break us. I also pray for an accountability partner who can help you ; please pray about documenting what you eat… this has helped me to be aware of what behaviors I need to change. God is good, and He will give you exactly what you need to achieve what He had called you to do. You can do it, melissa. 😉 I did!

    To the person below me, please pray for my husband and I to become even more like Christ…. which means less of us. We are victorious with Yeshua (Jesus)!

    Not only do we desire more of God, but we desire to have babies!

    Thank You!

  142. Melissa, I share your struggle and will pray as you ask!

    Today is my hubby’s birthday and marks 2 years he had been looking for work. We are also looking for a church home as well as several other big things up in the air. Prayers for wisdom and next steps on numerous fronts.

  143. Please pray that I would be bold in sharing the Gospel in these dark days, and that God would bless me with opportunities to do so.

  144. Please Pray that God will give me the Grace to put my life together, let go of my mistakes, help me control my emotions better and make better decisions. for a while now, I’ve been stumbling in the dark and struggling to hold onto my relationship with God, sometimes it feels like you’re very sure of what you know and what is expected of you but other times there’s so much chaos and confusion. i don’t want to lose who I’ve come to know myself to be in God, I also feel stuck at one level and i’m praying for God’s mercy and favor on my life. I also pray for wisdom.

  145. I just prayed for you Amy C, may God bless you with the courage and opportunity you need to spread His Word.

  146. Please, my God, help Ijeoma to discover the richness of Your beauty, Your wisdom, and Your support. Thank You, God.
    I am not confident and healthy and strong in things I have to do. It`s difficult to survive. I have know enough knowledge and wisdom and speed. It`s an urgent request to pray. Thank you for your prayers.

  147. Praying for you Tetyana! May you feel His Love Peace & Grace all wrapped in a strength that only comes from our Lord!
    I’d love prayers for my family- my hubby especially. He has a calling in ministry and is seeking God for his place- within a church- the community-etc. for Such a Time as This! We moved to FL from MD last summer leaving behind a beautiful community all our family & friends and him a job as youth pastor at our wonderful church. We know God brought us here for many reasons- we just don’t know them all yet.
    Thank you for prayers- for the prayers of the righteous availeth much! XXO

  148. I just moaned prayers for my 2 sisters with sons who have mental illness. My husband and I have a 32 year old son who hasn’t had steady work in a decade because of mental illness and cannot take care of himself. We have poured out thousands of dollars to help him in all ways. We are tired and cannot retire because we haven’t enough funds to live on. We have been praying for years for help and relief for our little family of 3. Everyday is a new day and my faith at times is as small as a mustard seed. Please pray for some wisdom and direction for us. We live in a very rural area of New England. I continue to worship His Holy name through all of this. Thank you for your prayers!
    Blessings on you all!

    • Angela, I am not sure of your prayerful desires but I lift you up in pray. I ask God to refine and restore you; to protect and provide; to give you that feeling of worthiness and deep beauty but more so to use you for the blessings of others.

  149. My prayer is for a true friend and companion. I was once married and now lives with my eight year old daughter. I long to serve God with my whole heart but find myself yearning for someone to share that life with. I made a decision to detach myself from sex and since then I have recognized that men seek that and stay away if not offered. I truly want to live for God. I hope it is not selfish to be asking for this when God can be my best friend and companion.

  150. My request is not so much spiritual as it is practical. Please pray my husband would agree to buy the life insurance we need. We are battling each other on this.

  151. Please pray that the prince of this world will STOP putting thoughts in my head, unwarranted thoughts of guilt and jealousy. I have never done so much reading of God’s word through this process, and I KNOW that HE will see me through this. I am praying constantly to HIM and doing a lot of singing HIS praises. The Lord is my Helper, I will not be afraid. Hebrews 13:6
    I believe this is happening because I am leading a Bible study for ladies at our church, and he doesn’t like the fact that we are discerning the voice of GOD! Thanks for your prayers.