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Angela Nazworth is a shame-fighting storyteller who writes mostly about the beauty of grace, faith, friendship, vulnerability and community. She is a wife and a mother of two. Angela's also an encourager, a lover of good books, coffee, girl's night out, sunshine, and waterfalls. In the 15 years since she...

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  1. Angela,
    What a beautiful post this morning and a reminder that friendships are worth having even if they leave us wounded. Somehow the worldly wisdom of “better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” brings with it some truth. Loving, like Christ loved, in any type of relationship brings with it the fear of being hurt. Christ loves us, knowing full well, that we may not love him back. Yet, forgiveness and hope prevail. I know that my natural inclination when hurt is to retreat and to not want to risk being hurt again, but that response squelches hope – hope that love will ultimately prevail. Thank you for the encouragement to hold on to what good that comes from relationships and to not give up hope.

  2. Wow. This same cheerleading thing happened to my daughter and her best friend years ago. It was hard on her…even harder on me, as I watched her navigate her life after the loss of her friend. In the end, it turned out to be the best thing ever for all of us. God can and does heal all wounds over time.

  3. Dear Angela,
    I am experiencing this right now and just before reading your devotional today had asked God to carry this pain as it was too much for me. Thank you for sharing this as forgiveness for the other party and myself, gratitude for beautiful memories, and hope for rich friendships in the future is just what I need to focus on. Our Father is so faithful.
    Thank you for sharing and God bless you!!

  4. Angela, good words. Thank you for sharing. Been praying and believing God to heal friendship relationships & open doors to friendships, after many of them being broken & strained that last 3 years. Jesus is the way maker. His will be done. Amen

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. In the past couple of years I have lost a dear friend due to a variety of circumstances. It has been heart-wrenching. It was just recently that I allowed myself to mourn the “death” of this friendship. Wow! What a difference that has made. I was finally able to forgive and move forward. Thank you again!

  6. It’s like you wrote this for me and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m in the midst of recovering from an ugly ending to a very long term friendship… Thank you for this!

  7. I’m going thru a divorce I did not want. I can’t even express the betrayal I have experienced. The loss is profound. Not only losing my marriage and who I though was my best friend I have lost friends…I don’t get that. I have no family, seriously, none. I have gotten very involved in a new church where I’m making friends on a similar journey in life but I still face spending the holidays alone…again. Being reminded of the betrayal. I keep reaching for Jesus and asking Him to bring me the “family” He wants in my life. Sometimes I do just fine. Most times my heart is breaking.

    • I have been in your shoes and understand the betrayal. May I only say that truly the Lord will and is already providing what you will need for the holidays. Keep reaching out to others, it’s okay (and not needy) to share how difficult this season will be and to seek sisters to walk through it with you. For me, having a plan always helps…it was when I just let the holidays arrive hoping I could muddle through that I experienced the deepest sense of loss. Can you volunteer somewhere? Join another family? Gather with another group of friends who do not have family with whom to celebrate?

      The way you feel now isn’t the way you will always feel. You will come through this closer to God than you ever thought possible. The hurt you experience is the reason He came. We are broken and we need Christ. He will be with you.

  8. Angela, I love your brave words today! Those adolescent years are hard, in fact, these years can be hard too. I’m so thankful The Lord gives friendship and encouragement as gifts to us. We can find hope in the moments of sweet communion with each other, when we choose to press onward through the bitter moments. Thanks for sharing your story today, friend ! 🙂

  9. Wow, Angela. This post resonated with me as a friendship I thought would span the years till we were old and walking with stoops died with some very poor choices by my friend. My heart grieves the loss of what we had. But even more, it grieves as I see the fall out from her choices. I haven’t given myself permission to grieve the loss of this once-precious relationship. I’ve worked through most of my anger and hurt, and I’ve begun to pray for her again.

    God truly is the One who fills our needs, but He gave us the “wanting” for connection with others. Especially as women. Thanks for the reminder that God still heals relationships and that He provides richness in friendships.

    You’ve obviously hit a chord with many of us today. Thanks for speaking honestly and tenderly to hearts today.

  10. i am in tears as I read this. Confirmation that I need to keep on choosing to forgive. every moment when the memory overwhelms. i find myself asking the Lord to show me how He was able. His strength in my weakness. and because I have been asking to be healed of my wounds. since I want to move on. Confirmation that it is not good to be alone and that I was born for relationship. Firstly with Him and then others. It is time.

  11. Wow! Puts words to a lot of emotions wrapped around my marriage (been separated for going on 6 months) I sent part of the devotion to my husband, he called me in tears and it was the best calm conversation we’ve had since he moved out. Thank you Lord for answering prayers to reach in and touch my husband’s heart towards me. Thank you (In)courage for being God’s sweet messenger.

  12. Wow! This is how I woke up today. I’m not sure why, but I woke up “mourning”. Mourning a relationship that ended, on a good note, over 10 years ago. Why? Because a friend asked me about and said “I knew it. I saw the way the two of you looked at each other”. The truth is, I didn’t see it or just didn’t trust it. He was my best friend. I miss that. So I mourned. Then I thought “Cathy would understand”…and then I remembered that, as of January, she now lives with Jesus. And I mourned again. Then I remember how Cathy got a plane and flew up to spend the weekend with me because that relationship ended. I mourned but I offered up praise to God. Some people never get that “the way you looked at each other” and some people never have a friend willing to fly up to see you, just because a relationship ended. Even though I have thought of both of them often today, it has been with a grateful heart. My life has been so much richer because they were both in it. Thank you for your blog post. Seems like we were all on the same page today.

  13. Angela,

    Great story! Friendship come and go. They never last forever. People are fickle and we move around. If you find one true BFF–“Battle Buddy” then you are truly blessed!

    Blessings 🙂

  14. I’ve always considered myself a bridge-burner, but maybe it’s just a matter of having gone in a different direction than my old friends . . . hmm. Food for thought. Thanks.

  15. I recently lost my long term best friend and I have no idea why. She is not a believer but that has been true for 20 years and don’t think it would make a difference now. I think it’s the lack of communication and closure that breaks my heart the most but maybe that’s only because I still hope things can be repaired. I do know Jesus is there for me and most times He is enough. Then I have days I just want to share something with her and I remember I can’t. 40 years of being there and caring for one another just gone? I have no idea how to proceed. I love her so much.