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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Thanks for this encouragement Holley. As I am in the midst of my husband walking out since he does not love me any more, I feel so broken and rejected. This post is more than timely.

    • Trista, praying strength and courage for you now. May you feel the arms of the one who will never leave us nor forsake us around you as you go thru this difficult time.

    • May God’s love abound abundantly in your heart Trista. May God’s love wash over your aching and bruised heart, thus extinguishing Satan’s fiery arrows filled with hurtful lies. You are eternally loved by our Heavenly Father who’s love overflows in us as a NEVER ending stream of living water. Who’s love is the greatest! Praying God will still your heart with His peace, strength, and love.

      • Hi Trista, I just want to encourage you that God can restore your marriage and make it new. He can change a heart that has grown cold. He did it for my husband and I, married for 22 years, divorced for 10 years and re-married for 9 years. When my husband returned he said to me “Sondra, I traded gold for sawdust!” Praying for the restoration of your marriage and that God would hold you in His arms and encourage your heart…a sister in Christ, Sondra

    • Trista,

      Prayers for you to feel God’s loving arms surround you at this time! May you know God is there for you during this time of aching. Don’t let Satan get to you with his fiery arrows. May you find solace in God and God alone right now!

      Blessings ((((((Hugs))))))

    • Trista, I have stood in your shoes. My husband left me when I was 7 months pregnant with our second child because his girlfriend told him to. I thought that was something I would/could NEVER get over. But Trista, God is SO great. He sent me the most wonderful man, and we’ve been happily married for almost 20 years. I know how your heart is breaking, I know you feel there is no hope and the future looks bleak, but God has GREAT plans for you, better than you could ever even imagine! Hang in there, girlfriend, God has something AWESOME in store for you!! Just use this time to get closer to God. He’s working even now to bring things together for you. You just wait and see!

  2. Holley love your encouragement always. I was reminded this week that God knew the choices and mistakes I would make before he made me. BUT he made me still. He allows his love and grace to work thru me to also produce good things. He is so awesome and faithful. Keep encouraging us Holley and my prayers for you continue.

  3. Thanks you so much for the beautiful words. They are just what I need to hear today. God has truly used your words to talk with me today!

  4. I am thankful for these words as the words spoken to me by someone near to me compliments of the enemy is still playing around in my head. Feeling unworthy and broken. Thank God my God has given me beauty for ashes and His love for me will never die. God I need you in the midst of yet another storm. Thank you for sharing what God knew I needed to read Holley.

  5. O thank you, how encouraging as I’ve so much bible study to get on with for the next two weeks.

  6. Thank you so much Holly for those encouraging words and the reminder that God’s plan for my life prevails against all odds….truly His grace is.sufficient.

  7. Dear Holley,
    You amaze me-you have the gift of putting into words the ‘heart’ of the struggles and pain that we girls & women feel. i live oceans away and just want you to know that i share your little epistles to encourage young girls and women who hurt. At 60 i’m old enough to be your mum -thanks so much! as chaplain & counsellor in a Christian school where i teach i often wish i could fly you in!! I’ve grown to love u through your writings! bless you.
    sal (Sri Lanka)

  8. Precious Holley, thank you for your words. I struggle with why my book that I started writing in 2012 is still not published and complete. I know that The Lord said yes to start it and write it. It is His story for His Glory. But it seems every time I seek to finish it another wave of change or something happens and it is still not done. Your post today reminded me that His yes to complete this will happen in His perfect timing. Love you my friend and so grateful for Lovelle in your life. Hugs!

  9. Holley thank you. We are indeed blessed chosen adopted accepted redeemed and forgiven. A quote from Beth Moore.
    Appreciate your insight from the Word!

  10. CHOSEN – keeps popping up as “my” word from God for today….thanks Holley for sharing!!! He comes and whispers just what we need to hear! 🙂

  11. Thanks for these encouraging words as I live with a husband who is angry, depressed and doesn’t show any desire to hold to our marriage commitment. He blames me for everything. Please pray for his heart to be filled with Christ.

  12. A much needed word today. The knowledge that I’m already chosen gives me so much confidence as I reenter the work world! My worth isn’t based on my resume, skills, or experience. It is firmly cemented in God’s character and His promises.

  13. Holley, thank you so much for these encouraging words. Still struggling with the rejection from a dear, dear friend…and grieving. But I am clinging to Psalm 27:9-10 – Do not reject me or forsake me, God my Savior. Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.

  14. Everything going wrong today, this is what my soul needed to hear. I have also been hearing the lies the enemy tells… It’s been rough lately. Sometimes you just feel so broken you wonder how you could be worth anyone’s time. Praise God for you and these encouraging words.

  15. God is still saying yes to my life…..just not the yes I planned. But thank you for reminding me He has a plan even though today. My daughter is the midst of diagnosis for a possible brain tumor and my hushed unexpectedly lost his job…. And our health insurance yesterday…. So I am trusting in Him to provide His yes for my family.

    • Cheryl,

      God will provide all you need! Prayers for you and your family during this trying time! May you feel God surrounding you and giving you the strength, courage and hope you need!

      Prayers for your daughter. May she not have a brain tumor! God can heal her–He is the worker of miracles! I pray for God to give you all the encouragement you need!!


  16. Thank you for the validation. I’ve heard “not good enough” messages all my life. Such a comfort to be reminded those messages are all lies.

  17. Thank you for your beautiful and timely words. I’m in the middle of major depression and the enemy is pounding in my head. Your words and my Heavenly Father will strengthen my journey.

    • Oh dear Gaylynn, your post so touched my heart. You see, I also am in major depression with the enemy pounding in my head too. I am going to be 68 yrs old next month and have never experienced anything so severe as this in my whole life. I have cried out for understanding from people in my church of 20 yrs, my family, my friends, but unless a person has gone through this they really can’t understand all that goes on in our hearts & heads. I have even lost a dear friend of 35 yrs who got so frustrated that she just gave up & walked away. Having to put on a smile & pretend that all is ok, when you are screaming inside that you are not ok & would someone just put their arms around me & tell me I am going to make it? I tell you all this just to say that there is one out here (me) who truly does understand. And I want you to know that I will be praying for you Gaylynn. Our Lord is faithful, no matter what the enemy says, no matter what our feelings tell us, our Heavenly Father is faithful to His Word, and His Word tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Psalm 118:13-14 “I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.” I will be praying for you Gaylynn!!!

      • Gaylynn & Donna,

        Prayers for healing for you both! May you feel God surrounding you with His loving arms. I pray you get a sense of the Lord helping you and giving you His strength and courage to deal with this disease!


  18. Thank you, Holley, I am in the midst of a struggle right now and i keep hearing the word failure. i m not a quitter but needed to be reminded of HIS love and purpose for me.

  19. You speak to me in your writings and always the appropriate one for the way I feel, God truly uses you as an instrument, love you my sis in Christ.

  20. “I don’t know if finding a seat at the junior high lunch table was easy for you or if you circled the room like a lost puppy.”
    So nice to know somebody else felt this way … hard to imagine anyone did/does! … the angst that goes with it … very encouraging Holly. TY xx

  21. When I read through your post I broke down in tears. Great way to start the day you might say, but it released emotions that get stuck in my heart and in my head. Holly, you have a way of looking into women’s hearts and putting our feelings into words. Another thought I have about God’s love for us is that we are His God Sized Dreams. I don’t think it can get much better than this! Keep talking and we will all keep listening. Blessings to all, Elaine Wiley

  22. Holly, As the mother of two adopted sons who are now adults and have battled with feelings of rejection, this post has been tremendously encouraging. I just might take it, giving credit to you as author, and change it to apply to young men. I pray it will bless them even as the Lord has provided special people and happenings in their lives recently that say, “You are loved.”

    Thank you,

  23. Thank you for this beautiful blog, I so needed this today to be reminded that my Creator wants me and cares about me each day! Thank you somuch !

  24. This is my first time posting something here @ this site. I was just introduced to you all a week or so ago and have been just quietly reading to get to know you. I have a long-term illness which is very isolating and lends toward making others uncomfortable so I’m all too familiar with rejection. Over the years the Lord has brought me out of the pits many times as I cry out to Him. Today, I’ve been struggling again with feeling like those around me don’t really want to know my heart or hear my thoughts, that it isn’t safe to express myself. So, the words, “You are mine. You are chosen. You are accepted. You are cherished. You are safe with me.” as spoken by the Lord are so meaningful right now for my aching heart. I’m praying for these words to sink deep into my soul and wash away the hurt from the rejection. I thank the Lord for the gift He gave me through you, Holley!

  25. thank you Holley, for your healing words of love and grace. Just what my aching & weary heart needs to hear tonight. ❤️

  26. Holley thank you for the much needed words of encouragement today. I, like the sisters before me needed to read this today. I pray that God will wrap His loving arms around them all and hold them close through their trials. I am in a new place, new church and pretty much feel ??????.
    Thank you again for this message today.

  27. This is exactly the ending I needed to my day. “…imperfect…in need of grace…flawed, and dares to believe she’s loved through it all.” Some days that is the only thing that gets me through. What a beautiful truth! If His love were all I had, it would be enough. He is the one who defines us and no one else.

  28. Thanks for this beautiful post Holley. It brought tears to my eyes… thinking no matter how messy I might be, God wants and loves me. Thank you God. I love you too my Lord!

  29. Thank you Holley! Your spirit inspired words touched just when I really needed it, in the midst of sadness & feeling rejected! Blessings

  30. Cheryl prayed for you that God will answer your prayers and by His Grace and His cleansing blood He has already healed your daughter and open up another job opportunity for your husband. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. So Hold On!!To God ALL the glory. Amen. Thank you Holley for this special devotion He is with us!!!!

  31. Amen! What a powerful truth! We are wanted by God. He delights in us, His beloved children. I am writing a series about our identity in Christ. This post was an encouragement to read. thank you!

  32. Holley, lots going on in my life today…children, grandchildren and my parents. Been a bit on edge…thanks for this reminder and thoughts of His Love somehow put a smile of Joy on my heart! Praise God!

  33. This sooooo spoke to my heart and soul today.
    Thank you, Holley and God bless you!

    Love you much!

  34. I read this post yesterday and have been pondering it since. I do not know why God put me here on this world at this time and I feel rejected for some unknown reason. There was child abuse, birth defects and now with chronic illness. I struggle with the verse about God knitting me together in the womb. I struggle
    with knowing His love. Slowly as I read posts I am starting to see His love more often, and other times I feel like I am just doing time here. Thanks for helping me once again realize that I am to be here and God made just as He wanted.

    • Rachel,

      God loves you and so do we! He went so far as to die on a cross for you!! I pray you feel His arms surrounding you and his voice whispering “wanted, loved, needed, beautiful”! May God bring healing to your chronic illness and open your eyes to His wondrous love for you!!

      Remember: God does not make mistakes! You are here for a reason!


  35. Holley,

    I just love your writing!! You know just what to say at the right time! This year has been rough on me and I’ve felt “unwanted, unneeded, useless” at work. Thankfully I know that God and my family WANT and need me!

    Thank you for sharing your heart with women here! They all need to hear these truths!!

    God Bless 🙂

  36. Thank you for this post. It was timely for me as my boyfriend of two years does not love me anymore and has left me. My heart is broken and I have been grieving in a much deeper way then I anticipated, am depressed. I would dearly love to have him back, loved him very much, and have felt very rejected by him. It’s good to read and be reminded that God loves me. I’ve been feeling very alone.

  37. Holly! Knowing that God will never reject me no matter what is going on is the one thing I have to keep thinking on! I really needed to hear this today! Blessings!
    Thank-You! Janet

  38. thanks for another timely reminder from Holley that we are wanted and desired by God. Sometimes the struggles seems worthless and then along come a challenge that we can achieve with God help

  39. Claimed and Loved
    A little boy comes out of his room
    Carrying a blanket.
    He doesn’t see the dirt stains
    Scattered from front to back,
    Or notice the frayed edges
    Or torn hem.
    He only sees a blanket,
    His blanket,
    And he loves it.
    A young girl enters a store
    Carrying a stuffed rabbit.
    Though an eye is missing,
    An ear is torn,
    And stuffing has fallen from its leg,
    She holds it tightly like a prized rabbit.
    It’s her rabbit,
    And she loves it.
    Like that deep,
    Love of a child
    God loves you.
    He doesn’t notice your imperfections.
    He doesn’t see you as damaged goods.
    He only sees a priceless treasure,
    His treasure.
    He embraces you and claims.
    “You’re mine and I love you.”

    Lucinda Berry Hill author ©

  40. Thank you for your words today. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, completed radiation in May and now taking a daily dose of tamoxifen. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster since I completed treatment. I am in a better place than I was this summer, yet I find mind self feeling very unmotivated and trying to keep myself busy when I am low. Fighting for continual joy has been challenging in this season. Desire to get in a place where I consciously depend on God’s love, affection, peace and grace to meet me when I am feeling lost and inadequate. I desire to be stirred up again.

    • Hi Alyssia, With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’ve posted several poems, almost every day on my facebook page. You might want to check them out for a little support and encouragement. I prayed for you before sending this. Blessings.

  41. Your words are always a blessing to me. Thank you for reminding me how God sees me. I needed to read this today!!!

  42. Thank you. for the encouragement. I am going. through a very hard marriage. I really had. enough. It seems. I can’t. go like this I need a miracle

  43. Tristan,I’m so sorry.ive been there.my husband of 21 years father of my 3 kidds,divorced me 4 years ago to marry Stuart,a man.i was devastated.i asked God to be my husband my provider,my confidant,my hero,everything I needed in a man.its hard but you Cando this with the zTrue ones help

  44. Holley, Thank you so very timely message. It is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us all and that He can give us His love, peace, and grace. It was very much needed as I am feeling hurt, lonely, rejected and sad from very hurtful words and actions by a relative very near and dear to me whom I love so much and love her family (grandchildren and husband) so much Thank you and May God Bess You Always!

  45. Holley
    Thank you so much for this word, it truly made me cry. My husband and I have been going thru a JOB in the Bible experience for 2 years. We both lost our jobs 3 months apart and have struggled since. Thank God for family and friends who have helped to sustain us so many times. Sometimes the struggle seems great but I have great faith which is tested quite alot. I thank you that this came across my email and it was very encouraging for me to read and remember that no matter what God is still in control and has our back. God Bless You for being an encourager to so many people that you don’t know you have touched.

  46. So needed this today. I’ve been contemplating suicide lately for the trials & tribulations in this past year has been more than I can bear. Divorce, loss of income, forced to move, homelessness, bankruptcy, loss of homes, my children distraught and victims of violence & having to witness and be apart of this & what seems right now, the loss of the love my life who rejected me again for the 2nd time during all of this. I just told God last night, that I just can’t hold on anymore. Then I read this…thanks for the reminder.

  47. Dear T Scott,
    I was so blessed and truly honored to read your words..to know your struggle to feel your pain but I’m led to tell you No Matter how much the enemy has stolen from you and how much he tries to steal your life, God says NOT SO….you are a child of the one true King. You are heir to His throne and righteousness. He has a purpose for you, and it started not just today, but when He first intricately made you in His image. HE IS WAITING IN YOU TO TRUST HIM. GIVE HIM YOUR HEART YOUR ALL. HE WILL GUIDE YOU THEN ONCE YOU DO. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFULLY MADE. BE ENCOURAGED. ENDURE AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. I will pray for you and just know, you are not alone.

  48. WOW! Thank you Abba for that reminder and confirmation of the word you spoke over me this morning! Oh how you love ALL of your children!!! Thank you Holley for encouraging us in the Lord & allowing Him to speak through you. May you and this ministry be blessed!!!

  49. Thank you for your sensitive spirit in helping us feel … Worthy of Jesus Love. No is worthy, I’ve heard that all before, please don’t respond with THAT … People need to know we should all be sensitive toward each other, extending an honest, sincere reach of comfort for the hurting, so, it’s not about worthiness really, it’s more about empathy. Anyway … Thank you! God bless!

  50. Thank you, Holley, for this encouragement. I’ve been scorned several times recently by people whom I love, and my heart has been broken. I needed to read your words to assure me that God still loves and accepts me the way I am – warts and all!

  51. Perfect timing for a time as this, thank you Jesus and thank you publisher & writer for your faithfulness.

    God come!

  52. Praise God for this Jesus centred, encouraging blog and your love for your creator. May God bless you and shower you with more insight into His love and delight for you. Xxx

  53. Every time you feel you’ve fallen short of God’s expectations, a feeling of having failed somewhere, an absence of God’s presence, He sends lovely assuring words through His messengers. Thanks Holly for delivering!

  54. THank you, I needed to hear this today, it lifted my weary soul. Thank you!
    May God continue to bless you!

  55. Thank you for words of encouragement. it is the perfect medicine for my tired, weary and doubtful soul.

  56. Thank you Holly for your encouragement. I lost my husband a year ago after a long illness. It was a struggle to care for him but I believe he accepted Christ before he died. Now I am struggling with rejection from the wife of my only son who does not want to include me in her family’s (children from previous marriage) holiday plans. I have helped my son and her through many trials financially and continue to do so by continuing to work although I am 71. I feel rejected and alone. I needed to find this blog to realize I am not alone and I always have God to comfort me. We are never rejected by Him!

  57. Many thanks Holly for your blog & to all who have posted response. Reading all has been an encouragement, affirmation & spiritual uplift to reinforce how special we will always be to God, no matter what we’ve been through, going through or intend to do, He’s prepared the solution already to help us make it through as refined gold.
    Keep faithful & positive, daughters of God. xx

  58. OMG! this article spoke volumes to me. It has truly helped me put my life into perspective, and reminds me that no matter what my childhood gave me, today, He still loves and has a plan for me…no matter how old I am. I can continue to Hope And Plan For His promises.

  59. GOD bless you for writing Truth! May your word continue to encourage aching hearts! You bless many, me, too! <

  60. it’s so hard to not believe the words that I’ve messed up too much. Over the past several years, I’ve lost relationship with friends and my husband. This summer, one more friend has turned aside. For anyone reading that, you’d have to assume I must be a really awful person. My heart is heavy with the feeling of rejection. I know God sees me differently, but there are days that the enemies words seem to make so much more sense… as they give a reason for the rejection.
    thank you for the encouragement.

  61. Holley
    Thank you so much for your encouraging and uplifting words. They just came at the right time after a time of real testing with mum and dad divorcing at an old age and dad being diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for being a reminder of His love and grave. God truly bless you and continue to use you for His Glory xxx