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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Q1. I blaze trails because I am a seventh grade teacher. I have 100 students and their parents that I influence and impact with my words, my tone, my giving them the gifts of the Spirit. Two of my grandchildren lived with me when they were 6-8 and 8-10. Because of that, I am privileged to have a special relationship with them. They know about my real personality–not just the “Let’s have fun because you’re here for a visit” Nana, but the woman who comes home from work tired and grumpy, listens only to praise music in the car, counts gifts, prays for them. I lost a child–my daughter passed away when she was 32. People see how my faith in God never wavered, how I handle my grief and sorrow, and how I can now help others who suffer great loss. My blog shows people how I interact with God and walk with Him in every day life. I am ready to start hospital visitations through my church as a Stephen Minister. This is new; it was easy to spend days and weeks with my daughter in the hospital, but to do this for a stranger will require brave–counting solely on God instead of myself.

    Q.2: I am a rhythm of practice naturally. I love to study and read. I spend each morning in God’s Word. This year I am choosing an intentional living goal (thank you Pursue the Intentional Life study group), framing it, and keeping it on my desk at school. I am learning to practice being in the Presence of Jesus so when I want to respond with impatience, I look at that verse on my desk and remember who I serve. I took on Ann Voskamp’s Jesus Project this year and have memorized 45 verses so far; 3 left. I review those verses daily, often 2 or 3 times. I keep a journal with those verses and what I learned about them and how they should impact me. I count gifts, both in my every day life and specifically at school to remember God is ALWAYS good and always in control. I pray specific verses I chose for my grandchildren when they were born and add specifics of their life now.

    Q3. I didn’t participate in the weekly sessions except for the first one and the last two. At the end of Pursue the Intentional Life I wrote a found poem, and I’m hoping to be able to do that with Let’s All be Brave as well.

    Q4. Philippians 2:5 Right? Brave. I love him” Like the sofa girls, remembering Jesus is the ultimate in brave helps me trust, give Him my burdens, keep going when I want to quit. I love Him.

  2. Q1. This is hard for me to think about right now, as life hasn’t been pretty the past few years. I am thankful for the challenge though because it helps me to believe that maybe I am making a mark on this world, even if I can’t see it.

    Q2. I have much room for improvement in this area. One thing I want to add in is memorize scripture again. Right now my rhythm of discipline is simply reading a devotional every morning even when the words don’t seem to pass from my head to my heart, and trying to list 3 things that “went well” in my day before I go to bed at night.

    Q3. In short, it has made me hope again.

    Q4. “Every moment matters. And you being you? That is brave.”

  3. Q1. I loved the encouragement that Annie gave us to be a trailblazer. I feel like I’ve been commissioned. 🙂 — As an educator, you always have a room of eyes on you, and sometimes that can be paralyzing — because you are never going to be able to meet everyone’s expectations. However, that isn’t an excuse to put a bag over your head and hide in the closet. For me, this goes back to Annie’s chapter on Talents. I don’t want to be that girl standing before Jesus holding one little coin in my hand.

    Recently, I saw this great You Tube video that Francis Chan put together for his new book on marriage. It was all about how to have a “missional marriage.” That video and Annie’s chapter on being a missionary in your home town (but not in normal places) have really challenged me.

    Jesus didn’t call us to be safe and secure. I need to step out of my comfort zone if I want to go deeper with Him (and for Him.)

    Q2. What does the “rhythm of discipline” look like to you?

    This was a very convicting chapter for me. I guess because for many years I taught high school and was on a a strict disciplined schedule led by bells and deadlines and expectations. Now that that life is behind me, I am finding that I probably needed that structure! Annie’s story about running the marathon without training helped me to see that I have to be more intentional about scheduling my week so that I make room for the hard stuff that I know I need to do, but am not as fond of — things like cleaning my very dirty house and getting to the gym.

    Q3. Bless you, sofa girls. I love reading books with you. We really need to have a slumber party sometime. I’ll bring the nachos.

    Annie: God has gynormous plans for you. I plan to DVR you when you get on TV. Hugs

    Q4. “We all need trailblazers” (p. 173).

  4. As a 50+ pastor’s wife in a small town, I’m so very aware that others are looking to me for which way to go. For that exact reason, I am especially determined to keep my eyes on Jesus and follow Him closely and authentically! He and I meet together most mornings and I read scripture and devotionals, listening for His voice speaking to my heart. I keep Bible verses before my eyes and praise music in my ears, letting it all pour into my spirit so I’m prepared when others ask me for help along the way.
    As my youngest, recently college graduated daughter is swinging to her next monkey bar, we’ve been reading this book together…looking at the many faces of bravery and gathering our own courage for wherever God is leading her…and me. And that word picture of Annie standing on the dock, giving our boats a shove just big enough that we can’t reach back, but must grip tight to the Lord… may it be so! We can all be brave when we hold hands with Jesus!!

  5. Oh yes, many are watching. I know that and it makes it difficult at times. Nevertheless, it is an honour (Cdn spelling!) and a privilege to be a trailblazer…most days 🙂

    I was sorry to finish this book because I enjoyed having Annie in my home! Now I need to put her on the shelf 🙁 but she may be shared in the future!

    Watching the Sofa girls was lots of fun too and I appreciate the ways each of them are trailblazers in their own lives. Thanks ladies for all of your efforts here and through all of your various blogs and books!

    Frequently, Casting Crowns’ song “Courageous” popped into my head while I read this book. On page 174 Annie writes “You get the chance to live courageously.” I can choose to eschew that chance but what a gift I’d be missing out on!

    Praying for all of the participants in this study that they will be brave in whatever God calls them to do.

  6. Q1. This made me think of the part in one of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books where Laura and Carrie go to school in town. They ae both scared, but Laura puts on a brave face for Carrie’s sake. She does everything she can to be brave so that Carrie won’t be scared. Sometimes it is easier to be brave for someone else than for yourself. It is easier for me to be brave for my kids than if I didn’t have three little sets of eyes watching me all the time.
    Q2. Rhythms. I am still sorting out how to approach spiritual disciplines in a relational way, and not just from some sense of obligation. The road out of legalism is a long journey for me I think. But I love my Jesus, and I love time with him.
    Q3. This book and study has helped me to revive some dreams and desires that were burried away in my heart. It has also helped me to think in a very down to earth way about courage, for me and for me children. It has helped me to look at my fearful little girl and think,”She is so brave.” Thank you Annie. You are a trailblazer!

  7. Q1: When I graduated from high school, I received a little devotional book from a lady in my church. On the inside she wrote something like, thank you for being a good example to my girls, those good examples are few and far between. It shocked me at the time because I hadn’t considered that someone was watching me in that way.
    Q2: I needed this twinge of conviction. It made so much sense to me, the analogy of baseball and practicing all the little things every day. Not that I could ever be good at baseball but it easily related to music, practicing scales and all the hum drum exercises that make everything else possible. How even though you “already know it” you practice it every single day. And that is how I need to approach God’s Word.
    Q3: It’s had something to do with importance. It’s important, for me to be brave, for me to learn what bravery is, for me to say yes and say no.
    Q4: “We long to be brave in the big moments, in the clutch times, in the times when our backs are up against a wall. But to get there? It’s the everyday. It’s the practice. It’s the steps. It’s the discipline.”

  8. Courage was born on Christmas Day…Wow! I never thought about it like that before. Thank you Annie for writing this book. I was hesitant to read it because I am 20 years older than you, what could I possible learn from a young lady? Shame on me!! May God richly bless you as you continue to serve Him.

  9. I love reading your posts every day. They are very encouraging and help me through daily struggles.
    I am thankful for everything in my life, good and bad. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways.

  10. Thank you Annie! This study has had an impact on my life and helped me to see the Lord’s presence in past and present struggles. When times get hard it can be difficult to trust in the Lord, but looking back, it’s easier to see that He always had the best plan and intentions for me. Moving forward this study encourages me to put my faith in the Lord and live bravely for Him.
    “Be brave for yourself, be brave for your God, and be brave for the onlookers, the ones who will be inspired by you to inspire others.”

  11. Q1. Before today’s discussion, had you ever considered who might be watching you?

    Well I have considered before that those who were against me were watching me just waiting for me to take a misstep…but other than that, I’ve only really ever considered that my kids were watching me looking to be directed where to go.

    Q2. What does the “rhythm of discipline” look like to you?

    This year, the rhythm of discipline is going to look like writing several times a week, making a schedule and sticking to it, and following up where I had fallen down before.

    Q3. Our Sofa Girls closed by asking you to share the impact of our weekly sessions in your life. Give us the short version today, but if you’re interested, take your time to expand those thoughts for Thursday’s link-up (mentioned above).

    I definitely thought I was ahead of schedule until I looked at the schedule yesterday and realized I was behind! I like hearing the thoughts of others, being able to see what others thought and how I’m not really “the only one”. And it makes you girls real. Real live women who live like I do. Thank you. 🙂

    Q4. Share your favorite quote from Chapters 17-20.

    “You want to change the world? Be brave. Be you. Don’t try to be someone else or do someone else’s brave thing.”

  12. Q.1 Now I will!
    Question 2.Not procrastinating.
    Q. 3. Helped me to see the various things that make up bravery.
    Q. 4. Many good things in the chapters. One great quote: (page 189)”Your ciscipline, the rhythm that makes you the best you-whether it’s training your body, your mind, or your spirit-showes up when it is time to say the right thing, do the right thing, be ther brave person you want to be. It’s the practice that makes perfect ,and the practice that makes you brave.”
    This was a really good book. I was able to particpate because someone bought a book for me. Thanks!!!!!