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Christine Hoover is the author of From Good to Grace and the forthcoming book, Messy Beautiful Friendship. She is a church planting pastor's wife and mom of three boys.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. That was just what I needed to read this morning. There are so many chores that distract me and bring frustration. I feel compelled to try and work through the issues of why I procrastinate and then get more frustrated. Out of this attitude comes complaining and worry. Needless to say, this is not the way to live. Your observation that God is not complaining about our behavior but rather rejoices in who we are in Christ gave me insight into how I treat others. Rejoicing in ALL situations is truly the way to find contentment and hope. Today I will trust in the Lord to bring me back to rejoicing and have a song in my heart. Such a simple way to live, but how exciting to know that God will honor us as we trust and rest in Him as we rejoice in everything that happens in our lives.

    • Dear KATHY,>>WOW! You go Girl! I experienced a near-loss of a large amount of money lately in which my emotions went wildly into manifesting physical PAIN! OUCH!x’s10! So I loved your testimony-comment emphasizing that great little Word so profusely used in THE WORD>>ALL!

  2. Great reminder across all contexts……particularly got me thinking about the staff lunch room at work where complaining is called “venting” and deemed somehow okay. Thanks for the challenge to live what we believe.

  3. Hi Ya’ll…Good to hear that my sisters are receiving this grace-filled devotion about that pesty trait,COMPLAINING that I also struggle constantly with! However, please pray for me cuz I seem to aim my hostility toward myself first ( a sensitive artist) and the man I deeply love! UGH!> I shared with “KATHY” about a recent intense moment when my emotions took a leap into HYSTERIA! At that point God drew me into Praise and settled my brain so I could function well again, So..I pray for you all that His GRACE will help you PTL as soon as you endure a shocking moment/incident in your lives!

  4. Brilliant. Why is it that this is so hard to grasp? Why do we always expect God to be as petty as we are?! So thankful for a God who doesn’t compain about me!