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Nish is an author, storyteller, speaker, advocate, and troublemaker with a serious Dr. Pepper addiction and affinity for Texas barbecue. She's the founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Deeper Story, a collaborative site featuring over 60 writers who use storytelling to address some of Christianity & culture's biggest issues. Nish is...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I live in South Wales, UK and I am on the autism spectrum. I have Asperger Syndrome and my story may be interesting to some, but I am standing up for the stories of other people like me, whose stories are truly important to me even though I have heard only a few of them.
    They are important to me, because I understand these stories, although I have a difference in my story, because I have Jesus in mine. This does not mean easy, but it does mean knowing someone’s on my side, whatever happens.

  2. Karen, I’m a mom to a kid on the Autism spectrum. Your story has incredible power & value! I do hope you’ll share it – your story can do so much! Peace to you.

  3. My husband had an affair several years ago, and we began the hard work of putting our marriage back together again. It’s still difficult, but I know that my story and words can help others, so I’m not quiet about it. It is my goal to help as many women as possible avoid what happened to me, and to help, comfort, and strengthen those who walk that walk, too.
    Sometimes, I’ve found, that my most profound healing comes in sharing the hard places.

  4. Nish,

    Everyone has a story to tell. I love that when we call out to Jesus Son of God help us–He hears and comes quickly!

    My stories are varied–one dealing with hearing loss from birth and learning sign language a little bit. How one deals with it and gets by in this noisy world of ours. My other story deals with aging parents and watching one slowly deteriorate from dementia and sundowners. It deals with getting help for my parents and how the system works. I will keep talking and telling my stories.

    Most importantly I will listen to others tell their stories and encourage them along their journey!

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!