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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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  1. Oh yes, Deidra,
    The chaos and the noise so easily drowns out the voice of God. Daily I ask him to help me hear him above the noise. It all continues to spin around me so I must find moments to pull away, moments to breathe deep, and moments when I just say his name. We are in a world desperate for him and they don’t even know it. I want to be at that table, and receive that power from the Holy Spirit to bring his radiant light and his salt to those He has given me to love. There is such a waiting for his voice, a quieting of our souls, and that expectation that He will show up. Yes, Lord, awaken us to your purposes for us in this chaos and noise.

    • Yes! God is leading us through the chaos all the time. The question is, do we hear Him? Melanie, I love that line, “We are in a world desperate for him and they don’t even know it.” We feel the hole — something is missing — and we try to fill that hole with things and activities of this world. Even as “good” Christian women, it’s easy to get distracted by the chaos. But God is always there, waiting and whispering to our hearts. When we sit in silence with Him, we can hear Him. We can see the path through the chaos. Thank you, Deidra, beautiful words as always. I feel like God is tugging at the heart of his daughters, “Come, be still with Me.”

  2. Deidra,
    It’s a sad tale of our existence that I have to fight…I mean literally fight with the chaos to have an appointment with myself and the Creator of the Universe. Interruptions rob me of time as I see the hour hand on the clock spin. But, so far, each day I have carved out a quiet time to be still and let my Savior draw near and whisper words of hope to me. Even the dogs are out to get me as I settle into my chair in front of the Christmas tree – “You really have to go out right now?’ I ask, frustrated. But I’m persevering in insisting on a daily time to just be still and quiet and read His word and do my Advent devotional and hang another ornament on my Jesse tree. It hasn’t been easy to do this, but ahhh when I get that time what refreshment it brings. It may be a different time each day, but I have a Father who patiently waits for me. When I get a little time with Him, I am always left wanting more and so I try to practice His presence even when I’m addressing cards, or wrapping gifts or doing holiday baking. He is always there…even in the chaos…Thank you Deidra for a message that speaks to our collective hearts!

  3. Love this!

    This morning, as I was cleaning the kitchen…because my mom is coming over tonight before my daughter’s concert, I was apologizing to God for not having the ability lately to be still. I prayed through my cleaning, but I felt like a failure because I didn’t succeed at being still and really my goal was to please my mom – who won’t say anything but I so know (it shows all over her face) she won’t be pleased because I don’t clean like she does. I sit on the sofa and try to focus on him and the distracting thoughts keep bombarding my mind – the chaos keeps coming. I try to focus on his Word, but the chaotic thoughts keep coming. I try to turn the radio off as I drive to work so I can hear him – the chaotic keeps coming along with the crazy drivers.

    Yesterday, I was feeling so so weak, so I wrote this prayer in response to what I read in the Jesus Calling devotional…

    Thank you Lord that you are working on my behalf. You know all my concerns, even those that are not at the forefront of my mind right now and those that will surface later on in the day or week. Lord, you know my dreams. You planted them in my soul. Lord may your light shine on the next step that I should make to live the life YOU planned for me. Lord, may I learn to BE STILL so that I can hear your still, small that I may let it calm me and bring quiet to my mind and heart. Thank you Lord that you are always right by my side even when I cannot feel you. Lord, this world is so full of demands, on my time, energy, resources and heart. The world tries to tell me how I should “feel” and when I should accomplish “things”. The me that wants to please gets so caught up in the rat race and the masquerade ball that is the world. May I remember that your ways are not my ways and your timing is not the world’s timing. Like a child, may I learn to live each moment with hopeful anticipation that you are working all things for good.

    In Jesus Name,

    • Christina,

      I, too, hear the chaos! I try to pray, but the chaos & noise keeps coming. It’s hard to shut out this demanding, frenzy world!! Sometimes I wish God would just come back now & take us out of this mess!

  4. “Have you been waiting for God to deliver you out of something?” … I am all too certain He is challenging me to “go through” and like the spoiled, rebellious teen-ager (spiritually) that I am .. I want deliverance. Immediate, quick, no delay.

    “What would change if you thought He might be delivering you through?” … I have not allowed that option to become reality, because of the deep rebellion in my heart. I want the madness to stop, not learn how to be respectful and kind in the midst of it :/

    Amazing, our God is faithful and patient as He teaches me to be the same ~ the same as He whom has come and is coming.

    Thank you Deidra, you have spoken these words well today.

  5. Such great reminders! Yes, I feel that I keep turning to noise and visual clutter and social media instead of just being still. It’s such a temptation — so easy to do. I have been longing for “easy” of late, or just not quite so hard, and I realize that I just want my circumstances to change and not Jesus himself. Thanks Deidra.

  6. If I knew God was bringing me through (and He is), I would praise Him always, listen for His voice and believe. I would lean harder on Him and let Him take care of all situations instead of me trying my hand at it. Trust me I always mess it up when I do this. :).
    God is an awesome God and is always working in every situation, even though we can’t always see it. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1

  7. Taking an underlying feeling I’ve been experiencing and placing into a few clear words: “How else can we explain this wandering through a schizophrenic jumble of holiday greetings and fabulous cats on wheels and cardboard coffins laid in a row?”

  8. Amen! Right here in the mess with me. That’s the Jesus that rubbed shoulders with ordinary, outcasts…in the hectic and chaos. That’s my Rescuer. Praise Him!

  9. Powerful words Deidra. “Chaos jolts us from our sleep…and we need to wake”. Thank you for sharing with us. Your words make me think beneath the surface and that is a good thing!

  10. Deidre,

    This post reminds me of a song by Matthew West “Leaving Heaven” on his Heart of Christmas CD. It talks about God leaving the splendor of Heaven and stepping into our broken chaotic world.

    I would love for the chaotic, madness to stop and for the world to be quiet for 30 minutes or so. I could use some down, quiet, relaxing time to just think about stuff & not be so rushed and bombarded with noise!

    Thanks Deidre!! 🙂