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  1. I have signed up, I think I need to reach out again and learn how to be the friend I want to have. God please lead me there to a place of confidence again.

  2. Signed up, I finally feel like I starting to make some friends, but I would love to connect deeper!

  3. We’ve been unsettled for about eight months now (having moved twice since last June), so I’m definitely feeling the need for community. In the midst of loneliness, God is gently teaching me things I need to change in order to be a better friend. I’m praying that when I do start meeting people I will reach out and love the way I’m longing to be invited in. Thanks for doing this giveaway! And, for the emails that are up-coming.

  4. I am a huge letter writer so I keep in touch and nurture my friendships with hand written notes of encouragement.

  5. After living in Haiti for 13 years, it was slow-going connecting with other women when we returned to the States. I found that opening myself up and sharing my heart at a small Bible study helped to bridge the gap, but it still took a long time to build close friendships.

  6. I try to talk with people in person or on fb so that they know I care. I try to put my own feelings and/ or activities aside if someone wants me to spend time with them. I don’t really have any deep friends so want to learn more.

    • I recently took time to call a fellow mom that is just as busy parenting as I am. The connection was instant. Another life long friend keeps up with facebook and when her posts seem that she needs support I send emails. She does the same in turn!

  7. I think my friends know I will be here if ever they need anything. I do need to reach out and put effort into some friendships that are strained right now.

  8. I’ve signed up. This has been,at least, the third time in recent days, that the subject of friendship has been brought to my attention.I’m looking forward to going deeper…thank you.

  9. I celebrate friendship on purpose by leaving special notes or cards to let them know how much our friendship has blessed me.

  10. So looking forward to this! I like to send cards to friends just for fun! Something for them to get in the mail besides a bill! What a surprise to receive in the mail just because!

  11. I celebrate friendship on purpose by being intentional with my invitation. I try to be sure to look for time in my schedule to invite a friend to join me – even if it means we grocery shop together or go to the YMCA together. 🙂

  12. I think it’s been harder to make friends as an empty nester than when I had kids at home. I keep up with distant friends on Facebook and joined Bible study groups to meet new ladies.

  13. I celebrate friendship by setting time aside to focus and nurture friendships that are special to me.

  14. What a great idea! As I’m learning to build community within a new church, I’m also building friendships with other ladies. Thanks for encouraging us in this!

  15. God has blessed me with such a loving, understanding friend. Yet, she has been through such horrific trials, but her faith has never waivered. I have learned so much from her..

  16. Some of the ways I have been challenged to do friendship on purpose is through texting – just to say hi or I love you or I hope you have a great day; by sending a card or note; and by actively praying for specific friends each day.
    After many years of yearning for a friend who moved away and grieving her not being here anymore, I feel like I finally have women in my life that I am/can invest in and who are investing in me. I’m so thankful for that but there is always more to learn in this area!

  17. I made a commitment this year to text someone, call someone and send someone a note (sometimes with a little gift) once every week. It has actually turned into a huge blessing for me as well.

    • what a great idea! I think this would be a great way to remind my friends they matter to me even tho we are all busy and don’t see each other often. Going to pray about giving this a try. Thank you for sharing.

  18. I am reaching outside my comfort zone of friends my age by mentoring and praying for an eighth grade girl who is preparing for her confirmation in the church we both attend. What an eye opener! I have been truly blessed.

  19. “Be the friend you wish you had.” I wish I had received that years ago, when I approached friendship with selfishness instead of the desire for mutual blessing!

  20. I have signed up. I celebrate friendship by serving the other person. By serving my friends, I let them know that they are loved and valued.

  21. I send a text to a friend who is in my heart that day. It may be just the encouragement they needed today.

  22. I call, text, drop a note in the mail and make lunch plans. Love this idea! Thank you!

  23. Looking for ways to make life easier for a friend…whether it’s snatching the check for a meal, or bringing her favorite treat!

  24. I try to get together regularly with friends so that we have a chance to share and fellowship.

  25. I try to at least text my closest friends every day and ask how they are doing. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like but we try to stay in touch and care!

  26. It’s very hard for me to reach out. If often rather sit and wait for someone to befriend me. I like how this encourages me to be the one to open the door of friendship.

  27. Doing something unexpected for someone who is in need of a friend or sending an encouragement or hello to a friend.

  28. I celebrate friendship on purpose by making sure that either by a text, email or phone call I let reach out despite the busyness of our lives.

  29. I’m really excited about this! My closest friend lives several hours away from me; I’d like to have some close relationships near me!

  30. Celebrating friendship on purpose takes extra effort especially when those friends aren’t ones we see regularly. Phone calls, coffee dates, text messages, FB messages, cards…It all takes time and effort!

  31. Can’t wait to receive these tips to reach out to old and new friends alike. my word for the year is choice so I choose to be a friend even when its not easy.

  32. I’m so grateful for this article. I’ve felt sorry for myself alot for having no close friends since I lost my most last “best” friend. I have the opportunity to possibly have 4 friends, if I give back to them what they’ve given to me. I’ll need to iron out some wrinkles in my life, but, with God’s help by 1. being still, 2. asking for help (I’m good at that), & 3. Saying yes to God, I know there is hope. I’ve got alot to learn, but I plan to put this into practice in my life.

  33. I often feel lacking in the friend department; but, almost always, when I stop and evaluate the kind of friend I am being, and how I am reaching out, instead of focusing on what I need, I feel encouraged and built up. Usually my loneliness comes from looking in too much, and not out to others enough.

  34. I’m so thankful to know I’m not alone in this! Can’t wait to see what these tips are.

  35. I purpose every Tuesday to send Scripture out via texts to about 15 of my dearest friends to strengthen their spirits as I whisper a prayer for them and any needs they have that I am aware of.

  36. I treat everyone I see with respect and I am part of several online communities as I live in a rural area.

  37. Actually am still working on friendships. I’m more of a loner and it’s not easy to reach out. Hope to learn more about coming out of my shell and developing friendships.

  38. I often don’t appreciate the friends I have enough. I need to take more time to invest in them!

  39. I have felt the pull to start some sort of women’s ministry at church…I have connected with another woman who feels the same calling. I am excited and hopeful this might foster some more friendships in my local area…it has been so hard thus far.

  40. I want to be a selfless friend who gives of herself but does not expect anything in return. *correction

  41. Have been remembering a friendship I sabotaged (in ignorance) many years
    ago and praying I am a better friend now as a ‘wisdom haired woman’
    than I was as a young adult.

  42. I co planned a Favorite Things party with a friend for our MOPS table on Monday night and it reminded me how important friendship is, especially with friends who understand, encourage, and love me no matter what. Friendship matters and I’m so grateful for the friends God has placed in my life just when I need them. Excited to see the tips you share!

  43. I have a hard time keeping friends. I’m a homebody and loose my confidence easily. And people wear me out! So I need to work on letting people into my life. Btw, I’m fabulous as a secret sister!!!

  44. It’s sad to admit but I don’t think I celebrate friendships on purpose. Taking care of my husband for the past year has been my priority. He was diagnosed with lymphoma (NHL) on Feb. 15, 2014 and died Feb. 8, 2015. He’s been my friend for the past 13 years. I obviously need to work on my friendships.

  45. Taking time to sit and chat over coffee or a meal together. It seems so simple but I love those moments with my dear friends.

  46. Stay Connected: Pray Warriors/Emails/Visits/Chats/Cards. Most essential is taking time out from ones busy life which I have fallen short of over the last few years. Thanks for reminding me to get back on track again to rekindle those friendships that are so very important to us as women.

  47. I like to at least text my closest friends once a day just to let them know that I am thinking about them and praying for them daily.

  48. Would love to be a better friend & have more meaningful relationships. Have been praying for friends to come into my life, but also need to step out myself.

  49. Signed up. I want to celebrate my friendships, but I always feel like I give way more than I receive, maybe this will help.

  50. About to graduate college and fearing the loss of great friendships. Looking forward to learning more on how to keep/maintain these friendships!

  51. Awesome! I love celebrating friendship by randomly showing up on friends’ doorsteps to say hello…so far I haven’t ever been kicked out and my visit has been welcomed even with messy kitchen tables and toys everywhere. Sometimes you just have to show up! – Melissa R

  52. So excited about this, a great way to be intentional in the culture we live in today. Community is so important!

  53. I recently took a day off from work to be there for a friend’s surgery. Sometimes just being there is all we need to do. There are many times I have just wanted someone to be there. . .not to do anything, but simply be present during a challenge, trial or stressful situation.

  54. Look forward to reading the tips! Being intentional about making time to get together with friends is so important…something I need to improve on 🙂

  55. Two friends and I meet once a month for breakfast. It is important and we make it a priority. We are mutually nurtured because of it!

  56. I think about what how I want a friend to treat me, then i try to do that, ie text something crazy, buy something that looks like her, just listen when she needs it.

  57. I celebrate friendship by praying for my friends, sending my love via a note or a call or an invite to lunch or whatever……. just because.

  58. I love to write my friends letters of encouragement, even if they just live down the street!:)

  59. Bday cards and get together are favorites! And sneaking in little lunches, coffee breaks or desserts

  60. I celebrate friendship on purpose by sending a text out of the blue to a friend when they are on my mind just to tell them I’m thinking of them or I drop a favorite coffee or treat off at their doorstep and text them to let them know it’s there. Just small simple things to let them know I’m thinking of them.

  61. Could you share if you can, where I can find the tea cup in the picture? I have some friends who would love one for themselves!

    • Hi Connie! That beautiful tea cup will be part of our new “Friendship on Purpose” line with DaySpring next month 😉 We’ll be sure to let everyone know when they’re on the store!

  62. Phone calls are rare these days when texting is fast & easy. Pick up the phone and give someone a call!

  63. Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble. Proverbs 17:17 (Message)

  64. Letters, cards, and now that I have Amazon Prime – having little treats (like my favorite tea) delivered to someone are my go-to ways to celebrate friendship across the miles. Taking time for coffee or tea in a favorite bookstore or cafe is a fun way to celebrate in real life.

  65. Sometimes it’s the little things, like a compliment or even just a smile or hug.

  66. I celebrate friendships by writing letters, calling and making dates to get together with them.

  67. My friends are so important to me. I make a point to schedule phone visits for those who live far away and face to face visits for those who live close by. I also text them often.

  68. I’m entering a new phase in life where my last child (Out of 5) is graduating High school this year. Friendships seemed to have changed alot over the years. I don’t think I have put alot of effort into celebrating friendships on purpose.

  69. This is perfect timing. I need more true friends…and need friends that also need me. I was actually just praying about this very thing today.

  70. I believe God created us for relationships, so I always try to be the kind of friend I want my friends to be.

  71. I celebrate friendship on purpose by giving a thoughtful gift, just texting or calling to say “hi” and see how my friend is doing, or sending a note in the mail.

  72. I have a few good friends, some I count on to be my mentors or counselors. I trust them to be honest and kind with me. I know they love me as I love them.

  73. Love this idea and blog series, definitely going to make an impact on me and my friendships!

  74. I celebrate friendship on purpose by trying to text & say I love & appreciate you at the every moment I’m thinking of my friend.

  75. Hello! I am excited to participate! Making friends is always hard. It’s hard to put yourself out there again and again. I’ve had so many move away which breaks my heart. But a few years ago, I started a book club along with one other friend. Today we are up to 25 members. Many started as mutual friends, some are not. But now we all come together once a month as friends. We are amazed at the commonalities and the differences. Some of us get together outside of book club, some of us just cross paths at church or the local grocery store, but all of us share a love of books and support each other through our book friendship. I couldn’t be more blessed.

  76. This is great! The lord has been convicting me and encouraging me to reach out and pursue women, to love them intentionally instead of hiding and comparing myself to them. We should celebrate each other’s strengths and gifts!!!

  77. I intentionally celebrate by writing–yes writing–and mailing (not just e-mailing or texting) letters to friends. Old-school mail is awesome!

  78. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to some regular reminders on how to be a good friend.

  79. Going to sign up. Trying to be the best friend I can be, so I can find the best friends I need.

  80. I try to “check in” with friends on a regular basis- asking them through email/text/etc. how their day is going, etc. If they tell me about upcoming events or meetings, I try to remember to ask them about it afterwards.

  81. This is literally an answer to prayer! God continues to point out that, as my children grow older, it is time to invest some more time in my friendships as well as my family. So excited!

  82. I try to give to my friends in a way that I would like. I have to step outside of my comfort zone and approach them, love on them and care for them.

  83. I love to cook for my friends and also sending handwritten notes letting them know how much they’re appreciated!

  84. I enjoy giving small gifts & writing encouraging notes – especially in the mail <3

  85. I see my local friends fairly often and we all “do” for one another in one way or another (girlie dates, coffee treats, etc.). However, I don’t do so well with my long-distance friends.

  86. I cherish my friends and try and carve out one on one time to spend together so as to hear one another’s hearts, and spur one another on.

  87. Mostly being purposeful sharing life with our community on days we are home. I work out of town each week, so we enJOY hospitality @ home ♡

  88. Great idea! I can always use inspiration on how to be a great friend and bless my friends.

  89. For me it is really difficult as a single parent with no family around. There are so many times I want to spend time with friends but can’t due to work and parenting demands. We have now recently moved (very positive so far!) so working on developing new friendships here, as well as furthering ones I already have. I definitely crave community and friendships, and looking forward to learning more!

  90. I e-mail a lot, and if I find an article I think will be helpful, I send it on, if a friend is interested in something, if I run across something, I send it to them. I send e-cards, I send an I’m thinking of you, I let them know I’m praying for them, as often as I can, I meet for coffee. A person who I met on-line, she and I e-mail each other letting us know we are thinking of each other.

  91. Celebrate friendships by connecting regularly for coffee, movie dates, special outings and just talking on the phone. God gave us these relationships so we wouldn’t feel lonely. Friends help to encourage and validate us in so many ways.

  92. I celebrate friendship by pulling out the calendar at the end of every time together and booking the next one. Even if we have to reschedule from time to time, we know that there will be a next time.

  93. I like to make and send cards to friends to encourage and let them know I’m praying for them.

  94. I hear so many women talk about being lonely, and I would love to be a better friend to them!

  95. Oh I love this! I am all about investing in friendships – with others, as well as with ourself! Can’t wait to unpack this with y’all!

  96. I try to send out handwritten letters every now and then or bake a goodie to bring to them. Having friends over for dinner is also quite common here.

  97. So excited. We can ever be learning more about friendship, and I crave to know ways to be a better friend. 🙂 you guys are awesome! Praise God!

  98. I use notes and cards to connect. It definitely takes effort in this fast-moving culture of ours.

  99. All signed up and excited to learn ways to be a better friend! I never want to make anyone feel bad about themselves, especially to the few who call me friend.

  100. I sometimes get so caught up in my daily duties that I forget to reach out to friends. So I could use some help!

  101. I try to help friends when sick, or stressed. Send little cards or ecards and bible quotes or sometimes “Words of Encouragement” Prayer is a powerful tool. Looking forward to learning more!

  102. This sounds like just what I need. As a homeschooling mama to three, I often find myself at home all of the time – which I love. However, I get stuck in my own little world all too often and forget that community was something that God designed FOR us. Looking forward to the posts to come!

  103. Writing has always been my love language, so to speak, so being a friend on purpose often comes out through me being intentional in sending cards and notes of encouragement to friends.

  104. I was just commenting to my husband yesterday how I am such a terrible friend because I get so caught up in the busyness of life that I lose the energy and motivation to be intentional with my friends. I’m excited to take part in this series and be inspired to get back to it.

  105. We like to have dinner dates or the occasional friendly text, but I want more. I want to be the Ruth to someone’s Naomi!

  106. This is such a great idea. I have a hard time connecting to others. I feel alone a lot of the time and wish it was easier.

  107. I’m thankful for phone calls, emails, skype and facetime to keep in touch with friends who are also busy moms.

  108. Would love to be incouraged to reach out more to my friends. Somehow in the midst of all the aquaintances I have I feel disconnected from my close friends.

  109. I have signed up. My career has left me with far too little time to foster friendships and hopefully this will give me some ideas.

  110. I used to keep in regular contact with my friends, but have been struggling in this area. I need some encouragement to reach out and be a better friend.

  111. I was just praying about some friendships last night. I am interested in reading the emails.

  112. I was just telling myself yesterday that I wish someone would do such-and-such for me. And then I thought to myself… well… why don’t I do for someone else what I would like them to do for me? And so I did just that. And so this, I think, is God encouraging me and giving me confidence to keep on thinking and acting in this vein.

  113. I love to listen and hear the hearts of my friends. I love when the girls get to have nights out or nights in and talk.

  114. I was just commenting to my husband yesterday how I am such a terrible friend because I get so caught up in the busyness of life that I lose the energy and motivation to be intentional with my friends. I’m excited to take part in this series and be inspired to get back to it.

  115. I just signed up and I think that it is so important to celebrate in different ways. I like to send cards and notes for no reason at all. (I would like to get one in return as well)

  116. One of my favorite ways is sending a quick handwritten note to encourage a friend after we’ve had a conversation about something…though to be honest, I “plan” to do this much more often than I actually do.

  117. I try to intentionally set aside one-on-one time with certain people who I think I have a good connection with to build upon. I used to think I had to just be friends with everyone and tried so hard with some relationships and realized that some are just more natural than others and I should invest in those few.

  118. Can’t wait to read the tips! I’m a young mom, and I’ve been feeling so out of touch with how to become friends with someone.

  119. I celebrate my friendships by going out to lunch with close friends monthly to catch up on their lives.

  120. I have two friends where we have prayed for each other every day for a number of years now. We know that if something is difficult the other person will pray on our behalf and also that if there is something to celebrate that joy is shared as well.

  121. Thank you for the chance to gain further insight into the different ways others make and grow their friendships. It is an area in my life I feel I can always be learning more and is why I signed up.

  122. I need to stop feeling like no ones reaching out to me, and celebrate and honor the friendships I already have that I may have forgotten about.

  123. I’ve signed up! I’ve always been a fan of snail mail, sending notes as God leads. Love getting notes too! Postage is a small price to pay for the joy a note can bring!

  124. I have been a place of being alone for a while now, due to some health issues from the past, feeling lost and out of place. I am so looking forward to this. Thank you

  125. I celebrate friendship on purpose by often being the friend to reach out first. In other words, not waiting to see if she contacts me first but instead keeping the lines of communication open.

  126. Just making the time for friendship is difficult enough when life gets so busy with family, church, and school responsibilities!

  127. I have been out of finding friends for awhile and my best friend moved across the country.

  128. Making friends as an adult is a lot harder than when we were 6! Looking forward to the tips on what I can do to be a better friend.

  129. Celebrating friendship on purpose for me is just being deliberate: in scheduling time — whether in person or on the phone, in finding gifts, in sending/giving notes or cards. Not necessarily waiting to celebrate a specific event, but celebrating the gift of my friend and our friendship.

  130. Fighting the busyness of city and family life for friendships is an uphill battle. What we say we want and what we make time for can be two different things. Am I attempting to build with the wrong materials or have I chosen unavailable people with whom to build?

  131. I love celebrating friendships by mailing a card out of the blue saying how much our friendship means to me. Look forward to more tips.

  132. I celebrate friendship on purpose by treating others how I would like to be treated.

  133. My friends and I celebrate friendship on purpose by listening and caring about what the others are going through, praying and encouraging by faith and celebrating all the victories and blessings in life together. The older I get, the more I realize that inviting God in makes everything better, and it has been so true for the friendships He has put in my life!

  134. I celebrate friendship on purpose by challenging myself to make new friends every time we move.

  135. Friendships are one of the most rewarding blessings in life as well as one of the most heart wrenching tests at times! Looking forward to this! Thank you.

  136. I send hand written notes/cards to my friends on a regular basis – there is nothing quite like that little surprise in your mailbox

  137. I have been both blessed and hurt by friendship. The latter has me a bit gun shy when it comes to opening up to current friends. But I often said that I walked away from my last friendship I learned something of being the kind of friend I wanted to have. So I’m looking forward to the advice!

  138. Looking forward to yours tips on friendship with a purpose!
    Giving your friends a hug:)

  139. Make it a point to keep in contact with friends even when we are not able to meet face-to-face. Pop a card in the mail or cal to say hi. Friends are SO important and I believe that God places them in our lives exactly when we need them. Looking forward to celebrating the gift of friendship!

  140. Always love the encouragement I receive from your emails! Thanks for making a safe place!

  141. I didn’t discover how to make friends until college, so I was almost 18 years behind some of my peers. Since then, I have striven to be welcoming, realizing that perhaps another is just as open to friendship as I am, but unable to make the first move. I’m going on 16 years of successful friend-making! 🙂

  142. I already receive your emails and posts on FB. BUT I signed up again so I don’t miss these friendship tips. We can all always be a better friend. Hoping to win dayspring gift too !!

  143. Signed up! My biggest problem is that I worry too much about what other women will think of me, which keeps me from being real and raw about what’s going on in my life.

  144. Looking forward to putting my best friend forward…. I try to keep up with written notes, not just e-mail…. and try to get together for coffee….

  145. Friends are such a gift. I moved to a new area about a year ago and miss my friends deeply. Although i am slowly getting to know people, It takes a long time to build friends of the heart type friendships.

  146. I celebrate friendship on purpose by regularly trying to thank those God has placed in my life… telling them I’m thankful for them, love them, and appreciate exactly who God has made them to be.

  147. I celebrate friendship on purpose by writing (handwriting) notes – and then snail mailing them – words of gratitude for their friendship, encouragement and love. I love loving on my friends and family with these words. ☺️

  148. My husband and I are excited about the possibility of gaining some new friends as we enter a new season of transition. I desire to be a good friend…and have friends who feel loved and cared for by me. Excited about this series on Friendship on Purpose! Thank you!

  149. Very excited to get these emails! I’ve been blessed with some great friends, but struggle to be a great friend.

  150. I love to celebrate friendships- being intentional in celebrating is a whole wide world of possibilities! Just-thinking-of-you cards, little packages in the mail, going out for coffee or just calling to talk… I have a friend who, after she visits my house, I always seem to find either a note or a gift left by her for me to find! I try to remember this as well- it’s the little things that celebrate the most!

  151. I love to celebrate friendship on purpose by making sure I don’t neglect investing time into a strong relationship. Friends must make time for each other, even in the middle of a crazy hectic life.

  152. I celebrate friendship on purpose by making sure to send my friends occasional cards or notes to let them know that I am thinking of them.

  153. I love celebrating friendship with an unexpected handwritten note I send or receive via snail mail.

  154. Friends. Yes, I need them. Be a friend…yes, I need to be one, a better one. At work, I brought cupcakes. Being a friend by spreading some joy.

  155. I make time to invite ladies to my home, and drive to theirs. (Live far from anyone) I purposely text friends to stay in touch.

  156. What a great article and reminder! Yes, don’t worry about “having” a friend, but about “being” a friend. I work at this by reaching out often through email and text messages. Thank God for this digital age that makes it all easier when we are so busy.

  157. I entered. I send hand written cards. It’s a genuine way to connect in a world that’s forgotten what it means to be intentional, patient and loving.

  158. I love this blog! It has been such an amazing daily booster! So inspirational. I would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to win this!

  159. I like to send cards to my friends as well as send a “just thinking about you text” and try to find little ways to let my friends know that I care.

  160. I look forward to learning more about friendship and desire to be a safe friend to people!

  161. I celebrate friendship on purpose by making the effort to see my friends face to face even when I’m tired or the house is a wreck or any of that. They are worth it.

  162. I live being intentional with all of my relationships and treating others how I want to be treated.

  163. I try to make a point to get together with friends at least once week to reconnect. It can be difficult with families and kids to stay connected.

  164. I am definitely a giver! I love leaving little surprises for my friends when I feel a nudge from God. This shows my love and appreciation for my friends! Especially on no special occasion. I know a friend right now who could use this! So I hope to win it for her. Thanks for the opportunity to win! God Bless! ❤️

  165. I celebrate friendship on purpose like this: I tell people, unashamedly and rather crazily, that I love them, and give them big hugs. It’s always true. God has given me several close friends, so much grace.

  166. Reaching out with a card, text or email just to let that someone know you’re thinking about them…don’t sit back and wait for them to contact you!

  167. My friendships are so special! Each one unique and filled with purpose. Time spent together, talking, laughing, crying, encouraging…while drinking coffee, walking, running, doing Zumba, shopping…simply just doing life together! 🙂

  168. I need to stop feeling bad about people not reaching out to me, and start remembering and honoring the friendships I already have that I might have forgotten about.

  169. I love the incourage community. Such great insight and knowledge passed along. Thanks for it all.

  170. I celebrate friendship on purpose by going to doctor’s appointments with my friends. It has been such a blessing to them and me.

  171. This was very much needed :)) Thank you for sharing this, really touched my heart.

  172. I love this whole idea. I believe friendship is a lot of being the kind of friend you wish you had.

    I celebrate friendship on purpose by using my time in the car to call friends and check in.

  173. This is such a fun idea! I celebrate friendship by opening my heart despite my fears. Genuine friendship is SO worth the risk!

  174. I’m better one on one than in larger groups. I try to have a girls night – like dinner & a movie, to celebrate a friendship.

  175. I signed up! I’d love to received this prize–any help in the friendship area would be awesome!

  176. Signed up! I’ve been working on being intentional. Its so easy to stay home in our own little world and be disconnected. Looking forward to the tips and encouragement!

  177. My favorite ways to celebrate friendship on purpose are writing letters and fun get-togethers like tea parties!

    My husband and I moved across the country a year and a half ago with our infant son. I am branching out and meeting some other moms in the area, but I definitely looking forward to getting some tips on how I can foster better friend relationships that will last.

  178. Signed up because i have many friends but I get caught up in day to day duties and don’t nurture my friends. I need encouragement to do so! Thank you for this opportunity!

  179. So excited! I think you have to be intentional about friendship. If it’s not scheduled it’s usually not done. But it’s good to drop everything and do friendship sometimes too. I don’t think we realize how important real life friends are to us as females. We get so caught in social media we forget to socialize.

  180. We celebrate each other fiercely – baby showers, engagements and weddings, job changes and promotions, pregnancy and adoption, babies sleeping through the night, and every thing you can think of!

  181. I need to take the time to reach out to friends and truly have interest in their lives and what is going on for them! Most of my friends are mom’s and they don’t get a lot of time to enjoy themselves, so creating space where we can do that together!

  182. I always try to speak to them by phone or they stop by but let them know if needed they know where I am…

  183. I celebrate friendship on purpose by connecting other missionary ladies once a month. Love when new friends find each other!! I’m a people gatherer 🙂

  184. Signed up and looking forward to the tips. Really want to reconnect with some friendships that have become broken.

  185. I thank HIM daily. After years of broken friendships, wrong kinds of friends, I spent a loooong time praying for the right friends to show up. God has showered me with an abundance of love with and the right kind of friends for me.

  186. I celebrate friendship on purpose by making an effort to stay in touch with two very close friends from my childhood. We don’t live close to each other, but through email, IM, and snail mail, we manage to keep up with each other’s lives. I have found that whether it’s a celebration or a cry-fest, my friends are included in the good news and great therapy for the bad. I reciprocate in return. After 42 years, we are still close and have even made plans to live in the same nursing home someday! 😉

  187. Friendship on purpose is connecting even through text – not forgetting in the midst of mothering little ones

  188. Hand written note, finding time for uninterrupted conversation, a thoughtful surprise (cup of coffee, fun treat, etc)

  189. My dearest friend lives too far away to see often. We decided years ago that our friendship was worth the effort. We call each other every week and take turns visiting once a year. My circle if amazing women continues to grow with each new community I am blessed to be welcomed into, but as I get older it is harder to leave and start over somewhere new. If it weren’t for the few forever friends, the journey would be more daunting. Through texting and social media, we share our lives and I don’t feel alone!

  190. I try to just send short texts to my friends to let them know I’m thinking about them

  191. I try to intentionally reach out. Send love notes through the mail, email, texts. Even though I’m busy I just want people to know I’m thinking of them.

  192. I have signed up. It has been hard to find and nurture true friendship. Everyone is so busy. I could use tips to help me go deeper in the friendships I have. Thank you.

  193. I was able several years back
    to do a lot for my friends. I am now disable
    and can not drive. It is frustrating. I have
    had to think of ways, and ask the Lord
    to help me “be a friend” who does not
    necessarily take a friend to a Dr. appointment,
    or help her clean her home, or pick up her
    child from daycare. So I use email, and FB
    and notes/cards I get from Dayspring to
    encourage, and friendship cards, and
    also ways of listening to my friends now.
    And praying. I have become an intercessor,
    and I often think if I had that busy active
    life would I have ‘time” to pray as I do now.
    Please do understand me, this is not a star
    for me, smile. or a badge, but it is one
    of the ways now, I know the needs of my friends,
    things they are struggling with and I pray and intercede
    for them, and pray the Word of God over them, and
    their family/lives. Thanks everyone for sharing

  194. I try to be intentional on making dates to do things with my friends like go out for coffee.

  195. For Christmas my BFF and I give each other the gift of time. Instead of purchasing gifts for one another, we plan a girls night of coffee and window shopping!

  196. I used to know how to be a friend. It’s become more challenging as I’ve gotten older. Thank you for this post!

  197. I celebrate friendship on purpose by praying, reaching out via texts and seeking ways and times we can be together. It’s fun to have those impromptu girlfriend times!

  198. Lynne
    I celebrate my closest friend my spending time doing fun things like pedicures or attending events.

  199. Well, the stage of life we’re in (my friends and I) seems to limit us in terms of busyness… but one simple thing I do is set reminders on my phone to text different people each day so we don’t let too much time go by where we haven’t checked on each other.

  200. I celebrate my friendships by simply trying to always be available to listen and if life gets in the way, by making time for a friend and by praying with and for my friends.

  201. I try to remember little things, like my friend’s favorite drink, snack food, song, etc. Remembering her birthday and sending a card or gift. I think remembering things like this make her feel important to me.

  202. I have much to learn! to be a good listener & connect to ask questions that go deeper…

  203. Life changes & moves for several years have brought me to a place where I have few friends & none close by. I’ve started a business & gained friends through that but I’m still missing that “best” friend or friends I can meet for coffee on a rainy day or a walk on a sunny day. We all have limited time & resources to meet people but I think women are missing something when we don’t have those spiritual, positive connections.

  204. I moved around a lot growing up. By the time I was a teenager, it was too hard to make friends because I never knew when I’d have to say goodbye. I really want to learn how to be a good friend and invest time in those relationships.

  205. Signed up. I’ve recently realized there was a friendship where I put all the work into it, only to find out they didn’t want to be my friend anymore. This post is encouraging to me and gives me hope in new friendships.

  206. I have been blessed with an amazing “Best” Friend who is a BFF to many many women. By observing her gift, I’m learning to “not wait” for someone to call me but to initiate the phone call, a text, an email, etc. For me, its really difficult to take the 1st step but I’ve been trying and have pulled together women I want to get to know for brunch and lunch dates! The girls have “thanked” me for working with their schedules. “They said they “really needed” friends”.

  207. Friends have sustained me. We do life on purpose together by making plans despite all the chaos that sometimes surrounds daily life.

  208. signed up, I’m trying more to just keep my mouth shut and listen and be there no matter what!

  209. Have always struggled with making and maintaining friendships. I’m excited to learn how to be the friend I want to have.

  210. Such a relevant topic in my life right now. The struggle is real, the need is real and yet it is so difficult to obtain. I can’t wait to get the tips!

  211. I celebrate friendship on purpose by hosting a monthly neighborhood girls night. I’m also planning on starting a monthly Saturday brunch as well for ladies in my church.
    Friends are special and I never want to take them for granted!

  212. I recently became a stay at home mom and am realizing how important and difficult it is to be intentional to make and keep friends.

  213. I like to do the old fashioned Christmas card mailing. I love the letters I get so I’m going to continue the tradition.

  214. This year with my friendships, I am being more intentional about praying for my friends. We are doing a bible study on prayer and I have realized the comfort and impact it can provide our friends. Sometimes we don’t know how to respond but prayer is free and at times can create a greater impact than anything else. Thank you Lord! God bless and thank you for reminding us of the gift of friendship 😉

  215. The friends that I do have, I treasure…unfortunately they all live far away, so we have to be intentional about how we get together! 🙂 They are worth it, though!!!!!!

  216. Really looking forward to this… definiently in need of friends right now! Hoping this helps me be the friend people need!

  217. I try to write a letter – yes with pen and paper 🙂 and send it to my friends through the regular mail – that way it shows that I’m thinking of them – I also find little bookmarks or sayings and include it in the letter! 🙂

  218. Looking forward to the tips and posts. Having recently seen God take a shattered friendship and restore it and strengthen it to far better than it has ever been, friendship is a subject near to my heart.

  219. I’m 59 years old and grew up afraid of women for a good reason. Praise God that He’s given me a “practice friend,” with both of us in need of learning the at of friendship. I believe that being a friend to God, having rich intimacy with Him, and seeking His Kingdom is the first step to having any type of relationship with another person. We love because He first loved us and His love covers a multitude of sin. Forgiveness is a huge component of being a friend. Praying for your journeys!

  220. I am super busy as a full-time employee and independent consultant for a Christian direct sales company and I long to have the time to be a better friend! But one way to start is by blessing a friend with a great DaySpring gift card!

  221. Perfect timing for this in my life. I have a hard time connecting with other women, but feel God calling me to deeper community and trusting again. What better advice than to be the friend you want to have.

  222. A smile,a kind word,an outstretched hand of compassion,a heart filled with love and forgiveness,prayers’ sent to the Father in behalf of; these are all so very necessary in our friendships. To be in pain and to be in joy,but to just be. We can be in silence,we can be at a distance,but be !
    The Father hears our heart-cry ! Jesus is closer than a brother ? So should we be too !
    Abased or abounded ! Instant in season and out of season. ! I call you all friends ! One day we shall meet face to face. Talk about a celebration ? Sing praises dear friends !

  223. Looking forward to this! Being intentional with my friendships is something that I strive for.

  224. I have been questioning lately if I really know how to be a friend… Feeling a bit challenged in this area!

  225. I am now spending 6 months out of the year in SC. My close friend in MN and I try to connect at least every 3 weeks by phone and text message from time to time. However, I would like to make some new friends while I’m in SC but don’t know quite how to go about it. I like the idea of learning how to be a better friend rather than focusing so much on what I can get out of it.

  226. Yes, I signed up. I’m always looking for ways to reach out to a friend. I guess you could say that I love to give “happies”. The little things can make such a big difference. Praying that God’s love will flow through me.
    Such a wonderful giveaway!

  227. I love to get email or texts from friends that just ask, “how can I pray for you today”. I need to be the one to send those texts more often!

  228. Signed up. My theme for the year is generosity, so hoping for some good ideas on how to be generous to my friends.

  229. I am looking forward to the 5 days of practical friendship tips. This is such a great subject.

  230. I celebrate friendship on purpose by getting together with a group of friends monthly-ish for a casual girls night. We meet at one of our homes, snack, and chat. I also keep in touch with long distance friends with regular “coffee dates” through Facebook messages and email 🙂

  231. Trying to make the time to speak words of life & encouragement into my friends’ lives.

  232. I actually sat down on Sunday and wrote out a few cards (yeeess, they were Dayspring cards, now I feel like I’m just being cheesy about this whole thing!!) to some of my best friends- the ones I see often. I take them for granted sometimes but I wanted to let them know I’m thankful for their friendship.

  233. i make a point to have get-togethers each week with my closest friends – we exercise together so we fit that in as we catch up too!

  234. My youngest child will be off to college in the fall, leaving me with more time for friendships that I have unfortunately put on the back burner for so many years.

  235. I love this! I moved to a new city not long ago and still kind of lost in the friendship department.

  236. I love to encourage my friends by calling them or even sending a card out to them.

  237. Joining women’s Bible study and being involved with the women’s ministry at church has helped connect with other ladies in a greater, deeper level. Also, getting together with friends just to chat helps me connect.

  238. Thank you (in)courage for being a source of encouragement when friendships don’t happen easily in a new town!

  239. I’ve started having coffee with one of my closest friends a couple times a month and it’s been wonderful.

  240. We can always improve our friendship techniques. There is no better friend than one who tries to be the best friend they can be.
    Jamie Youngs

  241. I nurture friendships by dropping a card or making a phone call. I also have a meal once/wk
    with one or more friends.

  242. Excited to celebrate making new friends and bleeding the ones I already have in my life!

  243. I signed up because I need to nourish more talk time and less tech time in my life.

  244. I sometimes feel my friendship prompts happen after the moment has passed Nd I’m reflecting on my interactions. I would love to be more on top of making sure those I love know they’re loved at first as well as at last.

  245. I really want to connect on a personal level with other women…I have many “friends”, but most of our relationships are surface, smiley face interactions.

  246. I make an effort to recognize my friends’ achievements by sending a card or small gift.

  247. I love to intentionally invite friends over, one on one, and treat them to delicious snacks.

  248. I am fortunate enough to have been blessed by three
    long-term girlfriends, all of whom I have known for over 20 years and call them
    Sister. They are my extended
    family. We live in the same area and
    have busy family lives, so we connect thru text, social media and sometimes by
    phone. I plan and host a ‘girls weekend
    out in’, meaning we stay in town at a hotel for the weekend, and are out of the
    house and away from the everyday hustle of our busy lives. We celebrate friendship on purpose by bonding,
    talking, sharing and crying, trusting each other with our most inner
    secrets. We lean on each other for
    support and encouragement thru prayer and scripture. I do not know what I would have done if God
    had not blessed me with LaTasha, Kim and Fran.

  249. I am so excited to learn how to be a better friend. This is an area I am lacking in, and I can’t wait to bless my ladies with the love they deserve. Thank you incourage!

  250. When I have had a hard day I always know it’s time to set up a visit with a friend. It is a no-fail way to be cheered up!

  251. I celebrate friendship on purpose by sending cards and notes and texts and emails of encouragement and thankfulness to my friends. I thank them for being the true friends they are.

  252. Signed up. Looking forward to this blog and the tips. I have one great friend others just acquaintenances that would love to better friends with.

  253. I like to stay in touch with my neighbors. I call, text and try to either visit them or invite them over if I know they are going to be home!

  254. I’ve been going thru a rough time with some friends recently. Im excited for this study to help me grow and learn on being that good friend and recognizing those that are good for me and those that may not be.

  255. I like to celebrate friendship on purpose by encouraging the women that God has placed in my circle of influence! Whether that be through an encouragement card sent in the mail, a text message with a Scripture verse, or a heart to heart over a good cup of coffee, affirming the ladies in my life is such a gift and blessing from the Lord!

  256. I try to send cards or make phone calls rather than always communicating via email or text.

  257. I purposely schedule time to get in touch with friends, or schedule time together. Were always so busy its the only way… To make time.

  258. I Celebrate friendship on purpose by making time to go and visit my friend as often as i can. To keep in contact with them as often as I can.!

  259. Signed up! Just moved and am taking it as a chance to be a new me. This sounds fantastic!

  260. I just found this website and look forward to April. My husband and I relocated to a new state last year and I have struggled to make new friends … Have a blessed weekend.

  261. I call at least one a month to those out of town and lunch or visit once a month with friends in town.

  262. It’s time to reach past the weary and intentionally choose to get involved in others’ lives. Thank you for the kick start

  263. Well, I have prayed to our Almighty God for a good friend the other day, who can encourage and lift me up in my walk with Him and yesterday after picking up my little boy in school I saw this pamphlet about Jesus and also a card with a note, I feel like she is reaching out to me and she is inviting me to go with her in her church celebration this coming April 3rd and will pick me up. I have been feeling lonely and been missing a friendship conversation and I think and felt that she is one that God had sent.

  264. To celebrate friendship, I make it a point to be excited about the things my friends are excited about ~ not in a fake way ~ to encourage them to keep on with their goals, praises or daily life.

  265. I try to follow up on conversations with words of encouragement the next day or even later that night. Then, several fun texted or e-mails until what ever crisis or problem is better. I means a lot to me when someone thinks of me, so I want to bless others the same!

  266. This is something that’s been weighing on my heart lately. I’m a wife, mom, and work outside of the home. Sometimes I stuggle finding the energy to keep up with all those roles, that I neglect my friendships. I’m really looking forward to this 🙂

  267. Having gone through a period when I felt that I really had no close friends, I cherish those I have today!

  268. Thanks {{incourage}} gals! You always do such a beautiful job at building women up. I appreciate the suggestion to be –the one- who takes that first step toward someone. I’ve set my heart to look for an opportunity today to be that person. xo

  269. I celebrate friendship on purpose by making time for dinners and lunches with my close friends.

  270. This year I have decided to be intentional with the relationships that are important to me, so I have decided to take a break from Facebook to be able to make sure I am making a real connection with the people that are important in my life though phone calls, text messages, and visits.

  271. I purposely will contact a friend to meet up for tea to celebrate our friendship.


  272. My best way of trying to be intentional with friendships at this stage is trying to host playdates and be intentional when I talk with people to really learn how they are doing.

  273. Yay for friends! Good ones are a God thing. Can’t wait for your “me too” tips. 🙂 Thanks!

  274. The Holy Spirit will quietly guide your heart to someone who needs Him. We only need to be silent (free of distraction), to listen through prayer and devotion, and obedient in our actions.

  275. Depending on what friend it is, I speak their love language. One of my good friends Amber is Words of Affirmation so randomly I bought her an appreciation card and wrote a little note in it. Another friend of mine is in the military and her love language is Quality Time so I flew to Maryland to go see her. The husband to the kids pastor at church is a Gifts person so I made him one of his favorite desserts when he was injured. I just like to be intentional about what I do and try to be a good friend by loving them the way they recieve it best (:

  276. I don’t think I celebrate friendship on purpose often enough. Life sometimes just gets in the way but I’m determining now to make more time for intentional “friend times” with current friends and seeking out new relationships as well.

  277. I really like to listen to my friends for clues to something they might enjoy and then surprising them by giving it to them. It’s most often something small like a book, coffee gift card, even a hand-written note sent through the mail. It lets them know I listen and that I care.

  278. Looking forward to the tips. Life gets busy sometimes and I look forward to reading the reminders of how important friendship is.

  279. Looking forward to this because I have trouble making friends and can’t find a friend to be very close to and I so desire that in my heart.

  280. I love my in(courage) emails. Really gets me out of my head and helps me not feel so alone. I am super lonely and need other women in my life. I have a 3 and a 6 year old and have never even been a part of a moms group!!! We have moved 4 times in their little lives. My husband has had infection for last 3 years and got his leg amputated in October. His personality on prescription drugs and our situation have caused me to isolate but I have learned one thing for sure as I have slowly crumbled I can’t do it alone and I don’t want to do it alone! I need some love and some life. I need to teach my girls how to connect too so they don’t have to struggle so hard. Anyway thanks for all the beautiful posts. I have grown and gotten courage to look outside of myself. I love God and so desire to go deeper….I am just so always in my head that even that is a struggle. Having a friend and being a friend sharing new ideas and insight is truly what I need. I have started meeting two moms outside after school as we watch our kids scooter they chat and giggle. I don’t know how to hang out and even my smile and laugh feel foreign because it has been so long and I am not sure I have anything to offer but am just a black hole of need but I stay because I want to have what they have….friendship, balance, trust, laughter…connection. I also want to feel like a woman not a scared and lonely girl ( I am in my 40’s!). I have been praying for friendship but I think I needed to pray for an open heart to accept the people willing to be them.

  281. I celebrate friendship by sending Dayspring cards to encourage and keep in touch. I also share pictures of my family.

  282. To celebrate friendship on purpose…I value my girlfriends…we make time for each other, enourage each other…I can do without some things but not my girlfriends.

  283. I would enjoy having tips on being a friend. A dear friend & I like to sit on the porch, drink tea, and enjoy each other’s company. This is a favorite way to fellowship in the warmer months.

  284. I send thinking of you texts, give gifts, celebrate birthdays, pray for friends, go out for lunch….

    Thank God for His gift of friendship!

  285. I celebrate friendship on purpose by spending time with my friends. Walking, talking, crafting, and cooking together.

  286. Sometimes I isolate myself and think I’m fine doing life on my own….then my friend came to visit me and we talked and laughed and ate great food and danced….and I felt so happy! Life is better with a friend.

  287. I celebrate friendship on purpose by writing gratitude. Dropping a note of encouragement for any or no reason is always a nice reminder. 🙂

  288. I am an encourager that loves to write so I snail mail little cards/hand written notes of encouragement to most of my friends. It’s always nice to receive something else than a bill in the mail.

  289. Just always being there for my friends and having that ear for listening and the shoulder to cry on and open arms for hugs.

  290. I have few friends, and those for many years, but think that sometimes it is one way and wonder if they think that as well. I am eager to see how better to improve the friendships I have.

  291. Justing to add friends back into my life after being hurt so many times. This is perfect timing for me to learn!

  292. Even when I am busy, I check in with my closest friends at least once every two weeks. I just send an e-mail or a text and ask how they are doing. Sometimes all is well, and we just have a quick catch up session. But, sometimes they are struggling with something, and just because I called or contacted them I can find a way to help them, even if it is something as simple as praying with them.

  293. What a great topic. I really want more out of my friendships. The first thing to do is have a cup of tea with them. Hope I win the giveaway!

  294. I need to start reaching out and developing more godly friendships. I need to start being more brave and allow people to see the real me.

  295. Signed up! I need to make a concerted effort to actually schedule time with my friends. Coffee dates, and girls day out events. If I put it on my calendar it happens, but if I just wait until a convenient time to get together? It could be several weeks before I realize I’ve not made time for my friends.

  296. I schedule regular “time slots” with my friends. Praying for each of them regularly. I desire to be a better friend and grow deeper in relationships.

  297. This is a topic I want to develop. I want to be a friend to those who might be harder to love than others. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  298. I make a point of at least sending encouraging emails or cards to friends if we aren’t able to get together due to busy schedules.

  299. (in)courage has been such a blessing to me! Friendships like any relationships in life are hard and require work. God has brought this topic to my attention of late and I’m looking forward to doing what God has planned for me to learn through this.

  300. Signed up! I like to send inspirational cards to friends just for fun! Something for them to get in the mail besides a bill! (as I double-love to receive them!)

  301. A few years ago I decided to put away the guilt of not being in touch with people who had once been in my life, but for some reason they had now moved on. I used to try and reconnect with no response. It was then that I realized there are…Season, Reason and Lifetime Friends. Their part of my journey had ended and I was ok with that. I will always love them, but it is ok to move forward with God’s plan for my life.

  302. Signed up! I look forward to learning more!! I try to connect through talking with others and offering meet-ups, lunch, etc.

  303. I’m striving to be the best friend I can be. Unfortantly life seems to always makes it hard sometimes .

  304. I have signed up! I was just thinking about this topic recently, so this topic could not have come at a better time for me. One way I celebrate friendship is I get together with my friends on a regular basis and we share our lives together.

  305. I sometimes forget that to have a friend, I must also be a friend. It takes effort and time. I’ve been alone for so long that I’ve kinda forgotten that. Hoping this will help me to remember!

  306. Just lost two good friends. One who passed away and one who moved cross country. Friends are important!

  307. I’m a lover of greeting cards & note cards. Even with our busy lives, a hand written note only takes a few minutes. When life gets too busy, I sometimes rely on email or ecards. I need to get back to making these happen more often.

  308. I try to take time for coffee with a friend once a week…hard to balance though to also have time with family!

  309. Good friendships are hard to come by. Just want to be the best friend I can be.

  310. As a newcomer to the community I have had to make new friends. I do not work so I’ve joined a mothers group which has been amazing. I learn to let go of inhibitions and open myself up in order to let others in.

  311. I agree that friendship is so important, but I know sometimes it gets pushed to the back burner. Looking forward to this!

  312. I have a ciuple friends that I see quite regularly, and though we love each other, we of course experience issues here and there. Looking forward to hearing the tips you have on how I can be a better friend to them both! I have been needing something like this for a while. I’m so excited to start!

  313. I signed up because I need help making and celebrating friends. Thank you for offering this advice 🙂

  314. As a friend we are called to encourage each other with our words and prayers. I’m looking forward to tips on being the best friend I can be.

  315. Being a single mom means I have to be very intentional about scheduling time to connect, like with my weekly bible study, but sometimes it means being flexible for spur of the moment invitations even when sometimes I’d rather stay home in my pj’s.

  316. I need to put away all distractions and purposefully give my attention to making time for my closest friends.

  317. I celebrate friendship by giving my closest friends a phone call, setting aside time for a Skype date, sending them an encouraging text letting them know they are loved & important to me, & asking them if they need prayer for things going on in their life. Even amidst my busy schedule, I make sure I make time for my friends because I truly care about them!

  318. I want to be the best friend I can be to others. I want to have bonds of friendship that go deep into our hearts. Looking forward to the tips.

  319. Great reminder that we were made for relationships! To have friends requires that we first be a friend — going where they are, meeting them where they’re at, accepting them ‘as is’ and loving them no matter what. Because a friend loves at all times. ♡♡♡

  320. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have more friends…girl friends…but do I take the time to really be a friend? I will make a better effort to do that.

  321. I have moved a lot and maintaining friendships once I move is difficult to impossible. Willing/wanting to grow in this area.

  322. I like to show my friends I care by sending notes in the mail, dropping a note into their email or text or calling. If they are ill, I try to find things for a care basket that fits their personality. I am good at reaching out even though very shy and introverted. It’s more difficult for me to receive than give to my friends. I surround myself with awesome Christian women who I can learn from and it pushes me to grow and learn to be more giving and transparent. It helps me to learn how to have fun and enjoy life and not be so serious. Trust and being transparent are hard for me. I’m a better listener.

    Blessings for your writings and this series.

  323. Spending time with friends is very important and valuable to building a good friendship. We must protect the precious gift of friendship with invested time in prayer for one another and in being a part of one another’s lives.

  324. I have a great friend from high school who I don’t get to see often, but when we get together it is like we just talked yesterday! We both know we are/will be there for each other. Blessed!

  325. I try to celebrate friendship on purpose by reminding my friends that they are a blessing from God to me and taking time for them when they need it,not just when I need it!

  326. I admit that I struggle with female relationships. I came from a home where my mother was abusive to me. I really want to learn to trust and open up in my friendships.

  327. By God’s grace, I want to be the friend to others that I have found in my best friend, Jesus!

  328. To be a good friend means I have to learn to really listen, listen and really hear! Hear what’s being said and not said. And to love in the midst of it all!

  329. I am so thankful for each friend that God has placed in my life through each path I have walked for reasons, seasons, and those that are lifetimes. I pray that I can be that friend for others that God has blessed me with along their paths too.

  330. Being intentional about calling my friends regularly and trying to listen well to them has helped me maintain some long term friendships.

  331. Love the incourage encouragements and look forward to reading more. Here’s to friendship!

  332. I celebrate friendships with being intentional – staying in touch and hanging out but also remembering to ask about the real things going on in their lives!

  333. I try to remember dates, not just birthdays, but days that hold significance to a friend and encourage or celebrate those days with them. I like to send unexpected love letters and/or thoughtful small gifts to remind friends how much they matter to me.

  334. Hoping I am a good friend – the friend I would like to have and am blessed to have

  335. Signed up and excited to learn how to be an even better friend. Thank you for your encouragement and help door all of its wanting to grow with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  336. I’ve signed up. Friendship is so important. I can’t wait to share the prize with my best of friends!

  337. Looking forward to this because I know I need to reach out and be the friend I need to others. : )

  338. I have been so blessed to walk with such loving, strong and authentic women on my journey. In the last year or so I felt the Lord impress upon my heart to have a group of 4 women in my home. In our women’s ministry we started a Legacy Program and each group is made up of 4 women and the purpose being that it is “cross-generational.” So as I embraced the gift of having a ladies group on Journaling ~ my absolute passion!! I found out another lady wanted to teach on Journaling through Art ~ so we collaborated together with both Art & Writing. I saw the Lord’s vision of having 4 women in my home unfold beyond my expectation 🙂 I just love how God asks us to take the first step and how He directs our steps as we follow His lead. It has brought so many opportunities since we started our “Heart & Soul Journaling” group and now we continue to meet socially to share, pray and encourage what God’s doing in our lives.
    So for me the gift of friendship is one that fills my heart with the extravagant grace and love ~ as we reach with our hearts and extend our hand to walk along side our soul sista’s ~ women of faith and friendship extended!!

  339. I signed up and really struggle with good friendships. Can’t wait to receive the tips!

  340. Finally making some friends now that we are out of the baby stage. I focus on being the kind of friend I’d like to have.

  341. I celebrate friendship on purpose with mailing cards to encourage my friends and celebrate the milestones in their lives.

  342. I try to call my friends on the phone or send a card for birthdays. I try to pray with/for them.

  343. I nurture friendships through praying for and with them, meeting with them for coffee or meals, working together, playing together, writing them encouraging notes, remembering special days, calling, texting, emailing them, making meals when they are sick, etc…it does take time but it is so worth the effort!

  344. Love to remind friends how much they are loved and what a blessing they are in my life.

  345. I celebrate friendship on purpose by being there for my friends – good times and bad – just to stand beside them and try and bring a smile.

  346. I live friendship on purpose by being intentional. Intentional in praying, hanging out, and letting people know me.

  347. I keep the post office busy with the notes and gifts I love to send to my friends who live far away – it’s my FAVORITE thing ever! 🙂 Excited to get more ideas!

  348. Visiting a new church after a painful break from our former one. There are some sweet ladies who are acting excited to get to know me and I do not want to mess this up! Your series showed up in the nick of time.

  349. I am still on old fashioned note/letter writer. I love to drop my girlfriends notes in the mail, letting them know how much they mean to me, that I am praying of them, etc.

  350. I celebrate friendship by purposefully loving my friends through their love language

  351. I’ve lost a friend already this year through a misunderstanding, so I am intentionally encouraging those friends who are dear to me by checking in on them through texts, social media, calling and by getting together when we can as some are out-of-state. I feel it’s already strengthened two friendships in particular.

  352. Working on sharing more of myself and really letting people in. I am very good at pushing people away or keeping them at a distance….but I realize it is a beautiful thing to have friends and we were made for relationships.

  353. I love to go walking with friends – it gives us a chance to chat while doing something healthy!

  354. Signed up… We’ve moved around alot and im finally in a place where i feel like im starting to build friendships. Hope to bless others like they bless me.

  355. Simple ways out reaching or like a text, a callor a card in the mail- intentionality in encouragement is how I celebrate!