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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. (in)courage,
    Thanks for sharing Dawn’s post and the “10 Tips for Friendships”. I know that I love getting a card in the mail or even a text on my phone that tells me that someone is thinking of me. I am blessed to have friends that lift me up in that way. I’ve learned that in order to have good friends, I need to be a good friend and sometimes that takes hard work and intention! It also takes listening more than we speak. Sometimes the best question we can ask a friend is, “How, specifically, can I pray for you?” Friendship involves willingness to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty…I pray that when I get too caught up in my own life, God will give me nudges and reminders (like this post today) on how I can be a true friend.

    • Hi, Bev! Guess who finally sat down at the piano last night? Pulled out some easy hymn arrangements from long ago and clunked my way through! But I did enjoy the harmonies–even when I didn’t play them quite right. And I smiled, thinking of you, the blogging friend who encouraged me to make some music again!

      • Nancy,
        Yay for you!! I am very, very sporadic about playing, but I’ve played enough to know that my piano is in desperate need of tuning lol.
        Have a blessed day,

  2. Great words by Dawn! Thank you for sharing this post again. Friendship is worth the effort!

  3. Thank you, Dawn, for the pep-talk to keep our friendships intact, to express those all-important messages: I care about you, and I’m thinking about you. We know friendships are important to our emotional and spiritual well-being, but it’s easy to put off to tomorrow that text, card, invitation, etc. Lord, help me to serve you as a friend to others!

  4. I know friendship is super important. I don’t know how I’d get through work without some good friends to confide in and lay my burdens on. They are good friends and I take the time to listen to them also! I pray for them daily!!

    I am a person who loves getting cards, and little things in the mail. When God puts people on my mind I will call, send cards, make a meal or whatever I feel needs doing!! I’m fortunate to have a covenant friend with whom I can talk about anything! We joke some, but talk seriously about life and how our aging parents are getting along!!

    Blessings and thanks for sharing!! 🙂