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Angela Nazworth is a shame-fighting storyteller who writes mostly about the beauty of grace, faith, friendship, vulnerability and community. She is a wife and a mother of two. Angela's also an encourager, a lover of good books, coffee, girl's night out, sunshine, and waterfalls. In the 15 years since she...

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  1. Angela,
    I guess my first thought was like your friend’s…What’s wrong with them? I see a beautiful woman with a godly spirit who has a tender side, like me, and who writes from the heart in a sincere and vulnerable way. You allow yourself to be less, so that God can be so much more and to me that is the best “wonderful” around. God took me on my own journey to find my worth in Him and I’m so thankful that He keeps pursuing us when we feel so less than enough. I don’t get all the bullying and tormenting…the only thing I can deduct is that there are a lot of hurting kids out there because hurting people hurt other people. Thank you for a heartfelt and beautiful post this morning!
    Blessings and ((hugs)),

    • Thank you so much, Bev. You are such a beautiful encourager. I teared up when I read your loving response.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! It is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I actually laughed when I read the title. I don’t know why but I’ve been struggling with insecurities of what is wrong with me. But after hearing this post this morning I gave myself permission to wear yoga pants to my son’s soccer game tonight. I reminded myself that in the job I have that I have been called to buy God that he is given me the wisdom I need. Not trying to approach it from a pride perspective but an honest guy confidence that I needed to be reminded of. Reading this devotional this morning has given me a great desire to simply praise and worship God. I’m so thankful for the reminder in his word that says we are fearfully and wonderfully made oh how often we need to hear that!

    • Jenn, thank you for blessing me with your insightful words. Praising with you!

  3. This is so good and I can totally relate. This worth sharing with my teenage niece. Thank you.

  4. It’s one thing when we come face to face with our sin and confess it to God…quite another thing when we question whether we are good/smart/pretty enough…when compared to others. When will we learn that in Christ…we are enough? Thank you so much for these encouraging words today.

    • And thank you, Marty. Beautiful insight about the difference between sin and feeling like there is something wrong with who God made us to be.

  5. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I had a really bad day yesterday and was feeling less than I am. I prayed as I walked to my car from the office….what is wrong with me?

  6. Wow. I felt like this post was written just for me! Thank you for sharing!

  7. When you said that no one makes fun of you anymore, it made me stop and think. Maybe those voices aren’t coming from the outside anymore for me, but I think the evil one still likes to whisper those insults in my ear. He’s the master of lies and loves to prey on our insecurities. But in the next paragraph you said you “took Jesus on His word.” And that’s the perfect anecdote to the lies anyone will tell us about ourselves. Jesus. He loves us, and is whispering that love to our hearts if we can just trust Him enough to hear it. From one awkward grade school girl to another, grateful for your words today!

    • “I think the evil one still likes to whisper those insults in my ear.” – Yes, yes he does. “Jesus. He loves us, and is whispering that love to our hearts if we can just trust Him enough to hear it.” and YES, YES, YES, HE DOES! Love this. Thank you, Jenni.

  8. This is such a beautiful story, and amazing proof of God’s ability (and plan!) to redeem EVERY.THING. No matter if a person has been bullied or not, we all feel less than at some point (or lots of points). So this is a much-needed reminder, one I need myself. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

    • Thank you, friend. One of my favorite OT stories is the story of Joseph and how “God used for good what man meant for evil.” How amazing it is that we serve a God who can redeem all things.

  9. Such great words today! I also grew up in a small town, so can relate to much of your sharing. Who among us, though, whether big city girl, or small town girl, can’t relate to that feeling of something wrong at some point?! Praying the eyes of all our hearts will be opened to the Truth. Thank you for blessing us with this post!

    • Thank you, Amy. I do think feelings of self-doubt are universal. So thankful that this post has blessed you.

  10. Angela, you had me in tears when I read your friend Eric’s question. I was the target throughout elementary school, and frequently through secondary school. I came into adulthood with two words stamped on my heart by the world I knew: “Less-than.” It’s taken years to come to the place of understanding that in God’s eyes, I’m not less-than. I am a cherished, beloved daughter of His. I’m His girl. Some days those lies from my growing up years still try to bring me back to that place of feeling inferior. I still struggle with insecurity. But God . . . He is enough, and because of Jesus, I am enough in His eyes.

    What a beautiful, truth-filled post. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you, Jeanne.I’m so sorry you experienced bullying and I am so thankful that God redeemed that struggle in your life as well. You are beautiful. You are cherished. You are His.

  11. So funny! I had been made fun of a lot! Going away to college did not help, but after I moved to Florida! Everything changed! Nobody here makes fun of me. I have also learned that there is nothing wrong with me! Sure wish I had found this out sooner.

    • See, I always thought that Florida is Jesus’ favorite state!!! 😉 I too wish I learned the truth earlier, but how sweet it is to finally walk it! Love to you!

  12. Angela,
    Thanks for the truth written here today. God NEVER sees us as ‘less-than’…and that’s really all that matters.

  13. Growing up in an alcoholic environment, I was always looking for approval. To make a long story short, at 62,I finally realize having Christ 1st in my life is a daily motivation for me. It is now my goal each day to have others see that all is possible through our loving God, He gives us more grace. James 4:6. No one is perfect and we all have made mistakes we wish we could “do over”. I now just want to live in Christ, and Christ in me.

    • Thank you for sharing, Nancy. So happy that Jesus lives in you and that you celebrate the gift of grace.

  14. I know these feelings so well. The feeling little, being teased all through school by the same kids for 12 years, starving myself to be exceptable… I’m almost 56, a mother of four successful adults, but still have to remind myself not to identify with anyone’s opinion, but God. It is very hard some days, still.

    • Oh Deena Marie, I am so sorry you felt such pain. I know how difficult it is to quiet those voices that have been too loud for too long. I’m praying that Jesus keeps sending you reminders about how precious you truly are to him.

      • Thank you Angela, it has been a long road to find a place of selfworth. It took my children becoming adults and people telling me what a great job I’ve done, to begin to see the light in a tunnel of worthless thinking. It is a hard struggle for women to understand their value even in the USA. After being devalued as a child and marrying two men who both used me as a door mat, because of my servant’s heart and poor doctrine. Now I have a clearer picture and I believe God will give me opportunity to help others as HE did with you today….helping me. 🙂

        • I will be praying for you this evening. It seems as though your healing is beginning and I’m very excited for you and also understand what a tender time this can be. Hugs to you.

  15. Oh Angela what an amazing post. Thank You!!!! I needed to read this. I was that kid that everyone called a stork because I had long legs and a big nose. That’s what they thought anyway. I remember my mom giving me a picture with these following words. God Does Not Make Junk. I was eight and touched by these words. I have carried this picture with me for years. Every now and then I have to pick it up and remind myself That God Does Not Make Junk. Hurtful words from others and peer rejection is very painful. But with God on my side – I survived. I still struggle with worrying that something is wrong with me and so thanks for such a empowering post.

    • You are beautiful Lisa! And Yes, yes, yes … God doesn’t make junk!

  16. I read this yesterday, but had to come back today and tell you how much this spoke to me! I struggle so much with those voices in my head telling me everyone else has it together and what is wrong with me that I don’t. The next time I hear that voice of the enemy I’m telling him there is no less than symbol on me, love that! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • That’s right, Sheryl? I’m a firm believer in talking back to the devil. You tell him he’s a liar because the God who can speak only truth says you are precious.

  17. I can relate to this as I was also bullied in high school. I am going to my first class reunion since graduating (my 35th) and it will be interesting! But I know that I will be ok because Jesus is with me and He made me and I am enough. I am His and that is all that matters.

    • Praying that your time at the reunion will bring about some healing. You won’t go it alone.

    • Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I’m so sorry that you walked a similar journey, but are thankful that there is also evidence of great healing in your life. Praise God!

  18. As I read this I thought you were telling my story. So very, very similar. I too realize now how valuable I am to our Lord. Thanks for writing our story. Blessings!

    • Brooke, there are so many times I write the words that come from deep within my soul and I wonder if anyone will really be able to relate to them … but each time I post such private moments of doubt, I see reminders that we never are alone. Definitely God is always with us … but there are also others … many others who have walked similar paths. Thank you for sharing. I’m thrilled that you know how special you are to Jesus!

  19. Well Angela, you are a sister that has been used by Jesus to speak His love message into my soul. I am crying as I type this. No words can say what this means to me now. Where I most feel isolated and misunderstood is in the church. This page is bookmarked for lots of future references. Thank you for your candid and Spirit led openness. God Bless you and yours.

    • Much love to you, sweet Carolyn! I’m so sorry you are struggling with loneliness in the church. I’m praying for you now and for people to come into your life and offer you acceptance.

  20. Angela,

    This post hit home with me. I can so relate to feeling insecure, and down. My aging dad’s illnesses last year and a few years of work stresses have me thinking “what’s wrong with me?” “why can’t I get it together?” “No one loves me.” I feel depressed and down some! Praise God I have good friends at work and a wonderful hubby who know me well enough to encourage me and remind me that I am loved unconditionally. God has me on a journey now–one I don’t like– and He is drawing me ever closer to Him. Through my trials I am praying and seeking Him more!
    You Angela are a beautiful, smart, young woman who has plenty of talent. I believe, like you said, that those kids were jealous of you and took that route. Thank you for sharing this post and helping so many women see that there is nothing wrong with them! Keep up the good work!
    ((((Hugs)))) Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for your sweet encouragement, Beth. You are cherished and loved. Blessings to you as God carried you through a difficult season.

  21. Angela, thanks for sharing this. I certainly needed this encouragement. Today is my birthday and I woke up giving God praises for what he has done in my life. I have however often been plagued with feelings of inadequacies and insecurities despite success and know it is a constant attack by the enemy.

    Your post this morning has given me the assurance that nothing is wrong with me and I should lean on the promises of God.

    We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by him and we are all unique and placed on this earth for his purpose.

    Let us constantly live our lives to fulfill his purpose.

    • Happy Birthday, Candice!!! I’m so glad that you woke this morning with feelings of praise! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

  22. No one makes fun of me not have they ever I have always seemed to be treated like a leper I’m either people are infatuated with me and then drop me as if I never existed it hurts and I don’t understand especially sense I’ve always been told I’m like an earth angel alway there to help and lend a hand be supportive kind I just want people to follow the golden rule “treat others the way you would like to be treated” I always do… But lately and throughout my life I have found myself alone and friendless when I truly would have liked someone to be there for me but I guess it just makes me stronger but sometimes I don’t know how much more I can take…

    • I have had many of those seasons. It is a real challenge to learn to be alone and not lonely. But, it can be done through the grace of God. Trust me. I’ve done it. No matter what people do, pouring His love out to them will never be in vain, even if it’s not returned, because you will have a clean heart and no regrets about your behavior. Just let them go. And this season won’t last. The one constant thing in life is change. ha! It’s true. Also, a good thing about aging is you get more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It does get easier. Things that bother you now don’t bother you so much later. It’s really great. Praying for you Tasha. Don’t give up. You are beautiful and people will and do know it!

  23. Thank you for this beautiful message. You have helped me realized there is nothing wrong with me and continue believing sometimes God reveals His blessing and guidance in His own time. God Bless for sharing this experience.

  24. We are worth everything to God–and He is the One to Whom we should listen!

  25. Angela,

    My name is Angela as well and this message touched my heart. I struggled/still struggle with thinking that “something is wrong with me” especially in regards to physical body appearance. I jumped a bit when you stated in quotes, “What is wrong with you Angela” because I too have repeated this phrase many times. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write and share such beautiful words. Your message acts as an inspiration to me as I’m sure it does to many. I have also come a long way in knowing I am loved unconditionally and really believing that nothing is actually wrong with me. Through prayers, friends, and family, I know your message to be true but I certainly appreciated the gentle reminder. Please continue to share your message of strength and beauty. If it helped me, I know it will help many others!

  26. This hit the core of my heart in a way that really got me.
    And it’s not others, on the outside only, however small their
    negative reactions to me.

    It’s mostly inside me, that the negative self talk gets louder
    after some flaming arrows of the oppressive opposition,
    a.k.a. satan, throws in.

    I find it for myself with my three issues: dealing with spiritual
    warfare; having Cyclothymia, an emotional disorder; and my
    personal issue.

    All tend to put me in a place of paralyzed with doubts, fears
    and lies. And I have to keep reminding myself. God does
    love, forgive, cleanse and bless me. And I should stop thinking
    what is wrong with me and how do “I” fix myself.

    But continue to remember who God says I am and let Him
    do the work of the potter on the clay =]

    Thank you, Angela, for the words that help me face it and
    helps me on my healing, refinement and freedom journey <3

  27. It’s already almost July and I am just now finding this post, but it really struck a chord with me (in a good way) because this sounds very similar to my past. I too was picked on at a young age, and ran away as soon as I could in my teen years. I thought many things would “fix” me but found out later Jesus just wanted me to let Him love me. I tried to fill that void with everyone else only to be left disappointed by trying to be someone I wasn’t. Thank God for His mercy, patience and steadfastness.
    Thank you for sharing this!!