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Jen encourages women to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of their everyday lives at BeautyandBedlam.com. A popular speaker, worship leader, and author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, Jen lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a sofa for anyone...

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  1. Jen,
    Your words brought tears to my eyes. I have been dealing with incredible post operative nerve pain in my foot. I’ve had surgery, other procedures, and I still can’t walk without pain. This has been going on for quite some time and this morning I woke up…to pain…and felt so disheartened. I’ve had a lot of pain in my life…but thank you for redirecting my thoughts to the fact and the promise that Christ has overcome this world. I am trying to take heart in that fact. I could use prayers to keep my eyes focused on my blessings and not get so dragged down by this nagging problem. If it is God’s will, I could use prayers for healing…and of course patience to wait upon His timing. Thank you for your comforting words…
    Bev xx

    • Yes, agreeing with Kristen and covering you in prayer. You are always the ultimate encourager, Bev, and we pray for healing both physically and emotionally. I know how those two are often intertwined and can not imagine a thorn like that which is evident with each step. We love you, Bev.

    • Dear Bev,
      May our Lord be your strength, your personal bravery, that invincible army, making your feet like hinds feet so that you may walk & not stand still in terror and gain during your time of trouble, suffering & responsibility. Hab.3:19 Amp. Bible The Lord God Almighty loves & care about & for you. He still knows how to say to the storm, Peace Be Still.

    • Prayers for complete healing from The Great Healer! May he restore your feet and allow you to walk without pain!
      Blessings 🙂

    • many prayer’s are being sent your way! I pray God will send down His Angel’s and cover your body with healing !! I have been where you are and pray for you to have patience and peace in your life..God Bless You my dear sister !!!

        • you are so welcome, I read your comments every day. you are a very strong and loving lady!! you always offer so much to other’s. Blessing’s

  2. Would you please pray for me as I am going through a difficult time with my teenage son and his desire for drugs. Our family is broken and I’m having a hard time believing God will change this . I’ve been praying for months but still waiting for God’s intervention.

    • From one momma’s heart to another, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are walking through. Interceding and praying for a miracle for your son. We pray that the stronghold drugs has on your sweet baby will be eradicated and that his eyes will be opened to where his only true source of peace can come.

    • My adult son is experiencing the same. I am heartsick, but I know the power of prayer. Our sons will overcome this by the powerful grace and intervention of God against the evil one who has a terrible grip on our children. My prayers of release for both of them and I am sure many others are continuous. Take pece in knowing that according to Romans 8:28 this will work out for good as it is Gods plan. He directs our steps and allows things for a purpose. I pray for your peace also in all of this. Your sister in Christ.

      • Let me share my daughter’s story with you. When she was 14 we began to notice some personality changes and began dealing with issues of lying and stealing. We didn’t know it at the time but God had us on a journey that would take years to navigate and it included addictions, depression, self-harm and struggles with her faith. She was in and out of hospitals and rehab programs. But she made it through by the grace of God and your sons will too! Keep your eyes on Christ, surround yourself with people of STRONG faith and love your children no matter what. God is faithful. My daughter will turn 20 in June and has come so far. Be encouraged. Take life one day at a time and never give up hope!

    • God Bless You and your family!! my son also went thru this, it took so much out of our family also. I was not a Christian then but I know God had to be there, because he is alive and a Christian today with his family by his side. he has a beautiful, loving wife, 2 older children that have given him a run for his money..lol. hang in there my friend, prayers are sent your way!!

  3. Jen,
    What an incredible encouragement this morning. Just earlier I was trying to pray and I just didn’t even know where to start. So much going on. My husband is an alcoholic and we have separated after 24 years and 4 kids. It is a very painful time. While I do not want to end my marriage legally, I live in constant fear that he will not do the work he needs to in order to overcome his problem and it will end anyway. Yesterday he informed me that he will probably lose his job next month. (not due to drinking) I have been going to counseling so I feel like I am fairly healthy emotionally and working through the sadness, anger, fear and emotions but there are moments…… when I just wish God would take me home. Again, thank you for your vulnerability and encouragement. Please pray for me.

    • Kristen,
      I know from experience that a marriage falling apart is like a death…in fact it is a death with many phases of grieving to go through. I know the feeling, too, of just wanting God to take me home. I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but God will bring you THROUGH the valley. He will not leave you stuck there. Lifting you up in prayer right now, as well as your marriage. Praying for peace for you as God’s will unfolds…

    • I too, echo Bev’s words. It’s often so dark in that valley, but I know that He doesn’t abandon us there, but moves mountains to bring us back to a place where we can see His love for us. I just mentioned in a comment above that I can’t begin to understand the stronghold drugs and alcohol have on families, but I know Satan uses it as a tool to destroy families. I will be praying that your husband’s bondage to it be shattered and that the Lord gives you wisdom beyond what you can imagine during this times. I do know what it’s like to live through those challenging financial times and I can pray very personally for you in that area. Great big virtual hugs, dear Kristen.

    • If it helps…during an abusive marriage and feeling trapped, and defeated and not having the strength to live I remember only having the strength to exhale and asking the Holy Spirit to brethren for me. I had to divorce and my daughter and I are free now and rebuilding our lives. Tell God how you feel and what you need. Praying for you…..

    • Know this all too well, but we did divorce, and the three kids, were relieved! They saw me suffering through his alcoholism, and abuse of every kind. I always forgave and got strength from our Lord. Now, kids are grown, and they have the scars of the terrible years I stayed, so they wouldn’t grow up without a Dad. He died of alcoholism, and through God’s mercy, and grace am healed. Praying the kids will be healed of all they endured someday too. Praying for you! Stay in The Word. And know you are loved, by God, and all whose lives you touch.

    • sweet Kristen, Iam going thru the same as u. my husband of 30 yrs. is also a alcoholic. we lost our house of 16 yrs. because he wasn’t keeping up with the payments, we know live in a condo!! I have been so angry and bitter with this. some days(most day’s) getting out of bed is difficult. I know Iam suffering from depression and insomnia, cant get in to see a Dr. for another month. I have wished to not be here!! my small group has been a blessing to me. without these wonderful Sister’s, I don’t think I would be here. I pray constantly and know I should be grateful to have a nice place to live but it is so hard, I miss my garden and my home so much. I pray for God to forgive me for the anger I feel. please pray for me. Being here Kristen means we still have the plans ahead that God has for us. he lead me to you, and that is a very good thing!! God Bless You my sister..

  4. The same as you went through Jan, the boat is in troubled waters but He is asleep in the stern . The ship is like that in which Paul was in that gave him respite in Malta. I need to know that I shall not labor unto destruction, I need Him to let me know that truly I and the son’s He has given me are truly for signs and wonders even as all currently seems otherwise. I need to know that I am still engraved on the palms of His hands as I am in the situation that brought such about. Yer in all these within me I know He is with me He should please make it known that He is the one who saves to the uttermost as He walks with me through this valley of the shadow of death as He has said. Thankyou very much for sharing Life is hard with me, thankyou for lifting up my being , family inclusive before the Lord.

    • Your words are beautiful, Adeloa, and I will be lifting you up in prayer today. Such a beautiful word image to know He has us engraved on the palms of His hands and I know He does. Much love to you. xoxox

  5. My struggle is a little different but I guess the same. I struggle with submission… Submission to my husband. I feel this need to speak up and defend my kids every time he tries to parent them… Which causes him to just want to check out since I check him out anyway. please pray that I will step back so he can step up

    • Praying for you Keisten, as you seek God’s direction for submission according to His word. Praying you would find trust in your husband’s parenting and that together you and he would be able to work together in God’s will for your family.

    • Dearest Keisten, I think all we woman, especially of this and recent past generations, can surely relate to what you and your husband are going through. Keep in mind that we women are their help mates, but they are the responsible leaders of the household, and whether or not they are right is not the issue, unless, of course, it is against an ordinance of God. I always remind myself that when I stand before Him, our Lord, I want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” and to remember that my husband will be accountable for what was or was not done here. The men have a scary position, actually, so pray for him always, in all things. You may want to also check out Sharon Jaynes site, from Girlfriends in God. She has some marvelous aids to this very subject! In His Name, I pray for you and yours! And remember the most important thing, the chief end of man is glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

    • Such wise words from the other women who have already replied. So many of us can relate and that struggle to let go is very relevant. I will be praying for you as we journey together on this.

  6. Beautiful reminder to cling to Him for He knows us, our circumstances and our needs. Thank you… I would appreciate prayers for finances, as we are just getting by right now, but our oldest will be starting college in the fall. I am working, and trying to trust God for provision, but at times feel overwhelmed by the prospect of the cost…

    • Oh Holly – I know that request well as we are smack dab in the middle of having four our of five in college over the next few years. It is overwhelming and we’ve had to be creative in the process, as well as delay things a bit, so I will definitely lift you up in prayer regarding finances.

  7. Please pray for me; my husband is filing for divorce. I am looking for a job to pay my bills. Lastly, I haven’t any Godly friends and feel extremely lonely. It seems since my salvation I have experienced one trial after another and I feel hopeless at time because I am waiting for some relief that is taking a long time.

    • Elaine – Right now I am covering your marriage, your job and you in prayer. I feel your heartache and know that loneliness during such a difficult time can make the day to day SO long. Wish we could wrap our arms around you right now. Is there are local church that might have a womens ministry you can plug into? I know taking that step might seem overwhelming right now, but that community is so important. xoxox

    • Iam sending prayers your way. God Bless You and give you peace and love in your walk. I pray that you will find Christian women to help give you courage and lift you up to the Lord!!!

  8. Jen, what a profound post. I so appreciate your words. There are those times when I just want to give up. It’s all tooooooo much. But Jesus is there, His word encouraging, strengthening for each day.

    This line: “My circumstances do not determine my peace.” I needed to be reminded of this this morning. Thank you.

    And this one: “It’s resolving that He knows my pain and He understands my problems, but “You have to trust Him, even when you can’t trace Him!”” Yeah, I needed that one too. Trusting in the Unseen One. Not always easy, but it’s when I do that I can rest in His peace. I needed this today.

    • I am so glad it came at just the time you needed it. I wrote it as a reminder for myself too. 🙂


  9. Thank you for this post! It was so needed. I am dealing with anxiety and fear. All my life but more so now. I am reading scripture and trying to dedicate more time with God. So, my burden is my anxiety and fear. I want so much to finally be free so that i can step into the plan God has for me! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayer!

    • Taisha – I pray the Lord will meet you right in the midst of the anxiety and fear that you struggle with. Reading scripture is the only way I know how to replace those lies with the truth of who He is. I repeat them over and over during those moments. Much love to you. xoxo

    • God Bless and am lifting you up in prayer, I pray for you to find the peace and be set free from anxiety and fear, my heart is with you ((hugs))

  10. Spot on. It’s choosing to walk this way even when it’s hard to believe. “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” I’m facing some impossible things and I think that’s where God would have me. But it’s painful and I am weary. Thank you for breathing life into me today.

  11. Whew….I needed the truths in this article. I have a hormonal imbalance that is causing constant panic attacks (I’m only 33 yrs old), there is just an onslaught of constant attacks on my heart, my marriage, and my mind. I need Jesus….I need His peace. I need to trust him. I needed to hear this. The timing of my health issues causing these panic attacks couldn’t be worse, my husband who was incarcerated for 19 years has only been home 5 1/2 months and this started getting worse about a month and a half ago. We’re just learning how to live together everyday and this is making it so much more difficult besides my constant fears bombarding me. I have a hard time living with myself so I feel extremely guilty for putting my husband through this with all I know he’s dealing with. I’m so needy because of my emotions going crazy and I know I need to pour that on Jesus, not my husband. I’m scared all the time of losing him, losing my marriage, losing my mind. Please if you would say a prayer but also please know your article blessed my heart. I know God is my rock, my strength, I just need to fall into that more and stop looking to find solutions elsewhere.

  12. Please pray for me. My husband is withdrawn and depressed; one daughter has withdrawn from us, another struggling with anorexia. Both of our other daughters are burdened with their sisters’ struggles. I am struggling with this hard season – just finished with a 18 month struggle with the first daughter mentioned. I’m tired, and lonely. Can’t seem to hear or see Jesus very well. Trying to comprehend grace. Please pray for me

    • Praying for you friend, that Jesus would reveal to your heart that he’s there, that he understands and feels your every pain and burden and that he desires for you to give it to him, even when you can’t see or feel him, I promise you he sees you and he’s with you. On our own we can’t handle the troubles that come our way, it is simply too much, that’s why he wants us to cast those burdens on to Him. Trust that He has a good plan for you and your family Jeremiah 29:11. Praying for your daughters as well. God Bless you Martha. You’re not alone, you’re precious in His sight. *Sending hugs*

  13. A step of Faith are the words written on a semi parked near us today. This is also the 3rd time the words about Jesus overcoming and giving us strength to overcome have touched my life today. I believe God is speaking to me as I struggle with a painful eye situation far from where I had planned to be today. I know God has a reason for it all. The possibility of losing my vision in my left eye, my good eye, following glaucoma surgery is seeming more and more real. Work took us to Texas instead of home to Wisconsin where my eye doctor is. It is a step of faith to believe God can heal this, can restore my vision, and that He will help me overcome my anxiety and remain peaceful through it all. He is faithful ALWAYS. Thank you so much for this post today!

  14. My daughter is a prodigal and has withdrawn from us and does not want a relationship. I am devasted and can’t stop crying. I cant sleep or eat and can hardly keep going. I feel as though she has died. I know I have to keep living and try to move on but I don’t know if I can. The pain is Soo great. I know God is the only one who can help me. Please pray that my heart will stop breaking.

  15. Thanks for this Jennifer. God is always faithful to us when we lean in hard to Him. Just heard my 86 year old mom fell and broke her shoulder…and she’s 3 hours away…and God is still on His throne and in control.
    Thanks for the encouraging words and His Word.

  16. “My circumstances do not determine my peace. The world can neither give us peace, nor take it away.” This is TRUTH…and I know it, and yet I forget it. Thank you for this reminder today, and for sharing your heart. Bless you. 🙂

  17. Leaning on God in the midst of my weary, frustrating, debilitating lack of sleep at night… saw the GYN who’s only answer is HRT – I do not want to do this due t all the risks. I pray every night to not wake up 3-4 times and to just sleep through the night. I am praying for relief & healing as this is causing much stress to me and my husband. Finding blessing in all the
    wonderful people who are lifting me up in prayer. Thank you Lord for your Son and for your saving grace.

    • praying for you to get some rest. I also suffer from Insomnia so I feel your pain!! God Bless and give you peace and rest, (hugs)

  18. What a beautiful deviation to begin my Sunday with…my journey in the last 10years has been difficult…coupled with anxiety depression and panic attacks, I have very often thought of how nice it would be to just leave my family ( husband and three kids with many physical and mental challenges) and GO elsewhere where no one knows me and I only have to worry about me…in times like these, I cling to my “live verse” Psalms 46:10-11 “Psalms 46:10-11 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.. and I remind myself that this just temporary, our Home is waiting for us and it is Glorious…it really helps me to refocus on the positive things, like when my 11yo with severe speech issues says a whole sentence and is understood my everyone in the room…or hearing from my adopted 24yo son who lives 3 hours away and is addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex…that he is alive and doing okay…(he actually started going to church last week PRAISE GOD), or even as little as my 13yo daughter deciding that she wants to call me chicken nugget and wants me to call her French fry, just because she knows it will make me laugh…these are the blessings and gifts that the Lord gives me to get me through….He is such an amazing God and He continues to bless me daily….Thank you for reminding me once again….

  19. Hi, my name is Cynth. I have just read your chapter, regarding overcoming problems in Jesus ect.
    I thought that was beautiful. I am dealing with a lot of emotional pain, and suffer from depression.
    I’ve had nothing but hurt all my life, the biggest one was the system took my children on a lie, I fought and fought.
    I did not get anywhere. I feel the pain everyday in my heart. I have been praying and praying, for the truth to come out. Still waiting, and bring these people to justice, but I know it will be in gods timing, but I still find it a struggle.
    Thanks for that message.

    • Hi Cynth…..I feel your frustration. I just went through the same battle. I didn’t lose my girls but the court system is completely messed up. I’ve been praying for justice as well! Keep praying…..

      • Oh, I’m so pleased that that I’m not alone in this.
        Thank you for your message.

  20. Jen, thank you for sharing your faith and heart with us (the
    unknown reader). It is so encouraging to know that we all, in different
    degrees, have our lot in life that makes it difficult to continue and yet we
    ALL know that God is victorious through Jesus. I´ve been now divorced for 5
    years and to retell my story would take more than one paragraph.
    Suffice to say that God got me through the dark valley, brought me
    back from death, He has healed my wounds and restored my life. It´s has been
    one long painful emotional rollercoaster. Now I feel I am ready to start
    again. Definitely I am not called to be alone so I have been praying for a
    strong healthy (in all his areas of his life, including healthy doctrine) Christian
    man to come into my life to be my husband. I have no children either and want
    to have a family. I feel that my time is running out to conceive but how can I
    if there is no husband! Hence, there are times (such as today) I feel alone and
    lonely, and get sad. Don´t want to get into depression again but I keep
    reminding myself that God is faithful and He will provide in His good time a
    husband for me. Can you please pray that God will bring a godly man into
    my life and whilst waiting, I may continue singing songs to God in my heart and
    with my lips. Suzanne Elizabeth, Blessings. x

    • Suzanne…..I too have walked this road. Thankful that God heals and restores. Keep seeking God and He will give you the desires of your heart!

  21. Jen, thank you for sharing your faith and heart with us (the
    unknown reader). It is so encouraging to know that we all, in different
    degrees, have our lot in life that makes it difficult to continue and yet we
    ALL know that God is victorious through Jesus. I´ve been now divorced for 5
    years and to retell my story would take more than one paragraph.
    Suffice to say that God got me through the dark valley, brought me
    back from death, He has healed my wounds and restored my life. It´s has been
    one long painful emotional rollercoaster. Now I feel I am ready to start
    again. Definitely I am not called to be alone so I have been praying for a
    strong healthy (in all his areas of his life, including healthy doctrine) Christian
    man to come into my life to be my husband. I have no children either and want
    to have a family. I feel that my time is running out to conceive but how can I
    if there is no husband! Hence, there are times (such as today) I feel alone and
    lonely, and get sad. Don´t want to get into depression again but I keep
    reminding myself that God is faithful and He will provide in His good time a
    husband for me. Can you please pray that God will bring a godly man into
    my life and whilst waiting, I may continue singing songs to God in my heart and
    with my lips. Suzanne Elizabeth, Blessings. x

  22. Thank you Jen ~ What a beautiful devotion and reminder. Please pray for my family and and marriage as my husband continues to battle alcoholism and we all battle the turmoil that this disease creates. I pray for sobriety, reconciliation, restoration and healing. Life is so hard. But I do find joy in the morning each day with God as my rock and strength. I do feel Him daily reaching out with little hugs from dear friends and family giving me the love, strength and feeling His presence. God bless you and thank you again.

  23. Thank you for these inspiring and encouraging words. Just what I needed to remember-that
    thru Christ, our Savior, all things are possible. This past year has been extremely hard. My
    husband had two strokes, brain surgery, his heart stopped on the operating table and then
    we tried to rehabilitate him–only to realize he will never stand or walk again. Just when I think
    I cannot survive another day, I receive a reminder of Christ’s love and then I can go on. Thank
    you so much.

  24. I’m praying for a financial blessing that will enable me to pay. My son’s school fees. He’s a high school senior, and he can’t take his finals until I make payment. And, right now I don’t have it. Getting my sons through high school and into college has been my biggest mission as a single parent. I’m so close but yet so far! Please pray for me?!

  25. I am facing three years of one health challenge after another (from cancer to physical therapy). I am asking for prayer for my mind and body and for peace. And im asking for prayer for my marriage which is broken, empty, and clearly under attack by the enemy. Just tired…

  26. At this time I’m dealing with my own identity. Out of work since January the doors are shutting then opening. Rejection feeling abandoned on all sides!! Trying to live biblically in a tough season for me … Finances thank God are okay for now but you think worry would stop… No! In the midst of this I’m also going back to counseling to deal with past trauma! God is moving no doubt about it! Doors may close but spiritually I am being restored … This season is a season of healing! The Lord closed doors so I will not continue to close the doors with my own healing and restoration! I am learning my identity is not in my work not what I do not how much money I make! It’s who I serve I am called I am a daughter of the most King! I can and will because He has the last say! Pray I continue focusing on the Kingdom of God and be a light to those around me! These pressures have caused a marriage to be stronger a house to be in harmony so where there’s is doors that are shut the doors open may actually be what’s best! I am also learning to focus on who the Lord has been and who He continues to be! In this my problems don’t matter! He is infinite He is everlasting He is alpha and Omega! He is!!! The I AM! Nothing is too hard for Him! Thank you for your timely word! Praying for spiritual protection as you reach many!

  27. This writing from your heart so filled my soul with encouragement. Presently, my dear Mom is very ill and it is such a helpless feeling when you see someone you love so much in incredible. Most of all I thank the Lord that she knows Him as her Savior and with her we are counting of the Lord to Lift her him and also renew her strength. If you have a prayer team, please pray for Wilma and her intestines would have renewed good function and that her strength be built up. We believe that the Lord helps us through things and life and also in His awesome incredible healing power. Once again, thankyou so much for your words of encouragement today. Blessings on your ministry!

  28. Dear Jen,

    I’m dealing so far, with what I feel the most difficult situation ever in my life, and this is about my Marriage to a true Christian, a wonderful, loving, pure man.

    Unfortunately my Parents (though PRAISE GOD are wonderful believing Christians) are totally against us getting married as there is a 17-year age difference between us (he is 17 years older than I am, and I’m 35 now).

    Neither of us have children, and we love each other dearly second to Loving our Everloving Eternal God, our Heavenly Father, Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

    Please Pray for us.
    We have fasted, Prayed, Pleaded with Jesus, and cried about this for almost 16 months.
    And we continue to PRAISE AND TRUST JESUS and Pray, even when we sometimes don’t know how much longer we can carry on.

    I dearly love my Parents, but I truly and deeply love him with All God’s Love That our Lord Jesus Has Placed in me.
    I truly believe he is God’s Especially Chosen one for me.

    Please Pray, as we both want my Parents’ blessings.
    His Dad loves me, and has Blessed us both already.

    We can never ever thank all you precious sisters IN JESUS for your Most Precious Prayers!


  29. It seems as thou no matter what I say or if I cry out with no words , because at times I have none.. My prayer is Lord enough is enough I need to know you are truly hearing me .. You know my heart , you know my pain.. Where are you ? Are you hearing me? My son is gone 3 years I haven’t seen him .. My mom gets cancer and endures ugly things .. My brother in law is dying .. But fighting and keeps asking and believing you’ll let him live… My daughter has suffered most of her life with pain and surgeries so she may have a child .. Where are you ?? I can’t hear you I feel so alone .. So alone .

    • My pain is surely different to yours, but yours is much more than mine, and I can only Praise Jesus for you, and I Pray that He Will Surely Answer you, Heal your loved ones, and Make Everything Right, In His Most Precious Name Alone, Hallelujah, Amen!

  30. I have been carrying the burden of abandonment and whether or not to move forward in divorce. I have prayed and asked God for guidance and it seems He is not listening. It has been 3 years of absence on my husband’s part and he continues to drag it out. Not sure what the real truth is as to why he doesn’t return. I am feeling trapped by the word because God hates divorce but I am consumed by feelings of loneliness and stupidity for waiting. Please pray for me for what God would have me do. Thank you.

  31. Jen:

    I too have had to deal with life’s hardships, and the one I have been dealing with for the past 27 years is the additions of my husband. When I first became involved with him, my thoughts were that I can save him. However, after praying and counseling I realize the problem is bigger than what I can do by myself. I had to let go and let God handle this. My husband is an alcoholic, who used to abuse drugs but has only replaced that addiction with gambling. In the 27 years, I have lost money, our transportation and almost lost our home twice. Recently, he got cited for a DUI and served time. I thought that would have been his wake up call but it wasn’t. The sad thing is that he grew up in a home where his mother abused alcohol which led to all of her three children’s addiction with drugs and alcohol. I have never seen an entire family have such addictions until I became involved. Some may say that I knew what I was getting into, but when you grew up in the church all your life, your thoughts are people can change if you help them and lead by example. Now I’m beginning to think, I have placed my feet in the devil’s ground. I am finally tired of being sick and tired. Therefore, I’m planning to leave my husband and get myself out of this situation as well as getting my child out. I am asking for prayers to help me get on my feet. I have been looking for employment out of state to be closer to my family and get on my own with no luck of finding anything. My husband keeps telling me I can’t leave but I have put up with enough. Depression has got me down and before I can no longer function, I feel that it is best that I leave. Additionally, pray for my son, who I have been praying for, that the generational curse of addiction doesn’t fall on him. I know I serve a mighty God who states what the devil meant for evil he can change for good. Therefore, pray for me and my child as we make this change for the good. Thank you


  32. Dear Sophie,

    I went through almost the same, I have peace with God because he turned away from Christ, and I was therefore Biblically emancipated from the marriage. I never wanted to get a divorce, but it came to either choosing him or Jesus Christ. No man should ever give his wife that ultimatum. I knew what my answer was, and therefore I knew that being released from an ungodly union was God’s Will. I truly regret not having made sure of this guy before I married him. Desertion is emotional and mental torture. Nobody deserves it! If he is unable to contact you or see you for whatever reason, that is totally different. We live in the age of technology…most people have access to emails, texts and so on, so there is absolutely no excuse not to keep in touch with one’s husband or wife, even if you are in different towns, cities, states, or even countries and continents!

    I will be Praying for our Lord Jesus’ Will, Strength, Peace, Guidance And Decision for you, And For our Lord Jesus To Touch his heart to bring him gently to realize what he is doing.


  33. My life is in turmoil with my husband having PD but we still have much to be thankful for.Sometimes you feel like God is not listening but He is and in His own time will help us. Praying for all that is hurting!

  34. I need God’s peace in the midst of stomach virus and other worries and anxiety. Healing so I can go to pick up daughter from college and get ready for other daughter’s graduation. Thank you so much!

  35. Thanks for sharing! so many of us, in fact all of us can relate to your pain and life circumstances. You said it all when you said this life is hard. I need courage too………courage and hope to go on. My 9 yr old son and I need God’s help. I need peace in Christ. I need hope in Christ……I need deliverance from oppression that has gone on for years nearly driving me to the brink of lunacy……….I need faith and love and trust and belief In Christ as Saviour and Lord brother and friend AGAIN! I need his help every minute of everyday. I need his forgiveness and his grace to forgive. I find I am so needy! Jennifer be blessed and God bless and keep you and yours!

  36. Please, please pray for my health and just a little bit of healing. I have been sick for so long and prayers have been said for me,I am praying, but things just keep getting worse. Please pray especially that I can be weaned off oxygen! Thank you and God Bless

  37. Your words could not describe my family’s world more appropriately. My husband owns his own business and we have struggled for years to make it financiallly. We have managed to pay employees but not ourselves many times and this past week was on of those times. Now I am sitting here reading your post and wondering when will this all end. Is there any hope left and all in the same breath questioning myself why I am doubting God and not trusting him like I should. It is because I can not see His hand in all this and wonder what are we doing that is so wrong that we have to continue to struggle with this. My husband and I talked about all this last night trying to encourage each other.

  38. Hello. My struggle seems small compared to what I read here. But I know someone else praying would help! My husband & I moved here a year ago. At the time I was taking a new Job and had prayed a lot for the right one that God wanted for me. It looked great because my husband had two separate job choices at the time. We moved and soon found out that this job was not as described, and both job choices for my husband fell through. Okay, got past that disappointment. But a year later my husband still has no work. He’s applied th hundreds of places, but is over 60 and is too skilled according to the temp agencies & interviews he has gotten. We also moved to a desert climate and the heat in the summer is affecting my husband & now my dog is even breaking out! The vet says he is allergic to the grass & dust here. I KNOW GOD led us here. But am struggling with what Gods plans are. I don’t know if he wants us to stay. & I am applying elsewhere along with my husband. He has applied across the country. Nothing. Plus we have battled with His health for 4 years. He just went through a thorough intensive round of testing at The Mayo Clinic here. They have come up with thyroid & cholesterol & sleep apnea. But his sinuses on one side has almost completely closed. So he doesn’t sleep much & doesn’t get much oxygen. The heat makes it worse.
    He sits in the house all day , applying for jobs, but it’s getting to him. He does all the housework, and everything like laundry, etc… He exercises, eats well. But has nothing to motivate him.
    His moods are becoming more depressed.
    Any prayers would help! Prayers for healing of his sinuses & respiratory. Refreshment of his mind, spirit & heart.
    Thank you!!

  39. Just dealing with a lot of internal pain the last couple of days, only to hear my pastor has flown off to Ottawa to preside over his grandmother T’s funeral. He just got back last night from a hunting trip. Looking for peace but don’t have the heart or energy to just be with the Lord through all this.

  40. Hi Jen and all the blessings praying for one another,

    I am a child of God that happens to be homeless. It has been a long time being homeless. I have days of discouragement. Saying where are you Lord? The anger doesn’t help. Going to church and then when I expose I am homeless I am treated as if I have disease. They knew nothing and socialised with me until was truthful.

    I need connection and asking for your prayers.

    I want to know what love is. I have heard it. I hear people say to me God loves you. We are praying for you. I know we are to have trouble. I keep praying for God’s perfect will in Christ Jesus. Nothing less but His best. I have keep telling myself God cares.

    I ask for your prayers that I will get through this and God will get the glory.

    I read the Dayspring blessings devotionals on Sunday night. They are a blessing to me

    God Bless you and you family. To Bev and the mothers who children and addicted to drugs I am praying for you.

    • prayers are being sent to you..God Bless and give you a safe and Christian place to stay. Blessing’s to you,sister hugs!

      • Dearest Sheri: Thank you for prayers. I receive them in Jesus name. May God richly bless you for your reply. He knows.

        1 Samuel 16:7

  41. I have a prayer request! First off, me and my fiance have two beautiful Daughers! We have been living with my parents. The landlord put the house up for sale and we need our own place so bad!!! We have applied for multiple apartments now and in the past, but have gotten turned down every time! We make enough money to pay for it but definitely need prayer that an apartment will give us a chance and trust us! I know God is good and I never stop praying! God Bless you all!

  42. Thank you. These words needed today. Praying for strength to give God my self and lean into Him as I try not to fear cancers return to my body.

  43. Praise God that JESUS wins in the end. He will overcome the world. And we will overcome by the word of our testimony. As we have endured a very long, emotional, uncertain, and impossibly troubling time over the past few years with the diagnosis of an incurable, progressive brain disease in my husband, we have learned to lean hard of the Lord’s promises and rely deeply on God’s laws and principles to sustain us!
    Even though we may lose our home if disability doesn’t get approved, we still have that “peace that passes all understanding.” That’s because we choose to be thankful in ALL things!
    Thank you for this awesome, accurate message today.

  44. Thank you so much for your words. It touched my heart this morning. My family has been struggling for about a year now, after my husband was laid off from his job of 12 years. Thankfully, he is going back to work this week on a six month contract, through a temp agency back where he was before. Pray that it will be permant please. Also, please pray for me. My dr. thinks I have a disease called Meniere’s which affects hearing, and vertigo due to loss of hearing in my ears. Please pray for my health. I feel like I am falling apart. Your words said we can not do this alone. Please pray for our family as we feel isolated from others. No one called to check on us over the past year, not even our church. I saw a former sunday school class leader, and he looked at me like he didn’t even know me, after our family was on the prayer list. Such disappointment. I know we are all human, but we need some connections that are genuine and true. Also, please pray for my husband, he is having some anger issues. Thank you!!

    • Angela, I am so sorry for your pain. Our church family should be there for us. I will pray for Employment and healing for you and your husband.

  45. Good morning! I SO needed this blog this morning! I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week and some days both jobs. My husband works a full time job and we have 3 kids in sports and one going to college in the fall. I have been crying out to God for so long now! I am emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted! My marriage, children and home are suffering because I HAVE to work so much! One of my jobs, I am considering quitting as the owner/boss is not trustworthy and can’t be trusted but we need the money! 🙁 I’m so sad and not myself these days and my kids are constantly asking me what’s wrong and what can they do for me?! I was home with my kids for 14 years and those times were priceless. When the economy tanked so did my husbands income. I should have made better choices! 🙁 I have asked God for forgiveness, for clarity, for direction and basically for a miracle! I wish I could go down to one job or find a job I could do from home! My kids are my heart and I don’t want to miss a moment of their precious lives, but we have bills to pay off and I’m working so hard to pay off those bills, get money back in the bank, plan for a much needed vacation for our family and bless others! I have tried getting my Shaklee business successful and going as I was part of a joint trial study with them and have used the products for 15 years and I tried the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara business as well. Please pray for opportunities, blessings, favor, peace, contentment and health protection. For clarity and direction! Thank you so much!

  46. Dear Jen,
    I have been blessed by this post. What “burdens” me ( Though, i can’t call it a burden anymore, but i will see it as the lord helping me to know him better while i await his answer) is about a long standing issue. And He hasn’t said a word about this in almost more than i can remember. Yesterday in church, we were told to grow up to the point where we could develop the mind of Christ even concerning outstanding issues that have taken so long to be resolved. How can you be of inspiration regarding my “burden”?


  47. Please pray for me that God gives me clarity and strength to do what he asks of me in my relationship. I am engaged and my fiancé is so close being saved he is searching and there have been so many huge changes in him but God told me let go and I’ll save him I felt that I have let go every way that I knew how I let go of control and everything I prayed before he engaged to me without knowing and praised Jesus when he did but I don’t know if satan is causing this anxiety because he doesn’t want my fiancé to get saved or if this is a nudge from the holly spirit that there is still more letting go that I must do… Please pray for me

  48. Oh my God. I was so taken by all of the comments that are posted. I have read each and every one. I can relate to just about every comment made. You can believe I have walked a mile in these shoes. I’m 63 years old and in that time I’ve been through a lot. “But God.”
    Bitter divorce, drug addiction, anger issues, mad with God, struggling to know the love of God and so much more. I know of the dark lonely days and nights. Oh God when will it end. But one day the Lord placed me in the right place at the right time. Please be encouraged God hears you when you call. I thought he didn’t but he does. The one big problem I had was just simply taking God at his word. The Lord says in his word without faith it’s impossible to please him. I can say I had faith issues. I struggled believing that he cared or even love me. I read and heard it from others many times. But he came to my rescue and revealed just how much he truly loves. I was so amazed how simple it was. All it took was to simply take him at his word. God cannot lie. Great is his faithfulness towards his people. If God be for you, who can be against you. It did not all happen overnight but I can say it will happen. I’ve seen his mighty hand. My present wife was totally healed and delivered from a brain tumor and drug addition from the pain killers. My daughter was facing 25 years in prison and God moved to where she served 1 year probation. I’ve seen him make a way when there was no way. Even now as I write this there are things I’m yet going through. But I’m never alone. He is with me and his angels are encamped about me. Hallelujah!!!! Through it all I’ve learned and still learning to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. If he did it for me, he will do the same for you. He’s no respecter of persons. God responds to his word and he wants you to put him in remembrance of it. He has given us great and precious promises only to be found in his word. The devil is a liar and there is no truth in him. The devil would have you to be ignorant as to the mighty God we serve and all that he has done. Jesus has done it all for us at the cross. Let me say this, if you were the only one he did it all for you. That’s how much he loves you. He gave his life that you might live.
    ONLY BELIEVE. That’s all he wants you to do. I could go on and on. I would like to leave you with these scriptures: Jer. 29: 11-14, Jer. 31:3, Proverbs 3:5-6, John 14: 26-27,
    Matt. 11: 28-30.
    There are so many more. Know this, Jesus has your answer because Jesus is the answer. The way, the truth, and the life. ONLY BELIEVE. I pray that the Lord will bring healing to you right now for spirit, soul and body. That he will bless you with a heart for his word. That he will do exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think. That before you call he will answer. And while you are yet speaking he will hear. May God bless each and every one of you. Be encouraged for the Lord is on your side. He will not leave you or forsake you. He makes all things beautiful in his time. He’s not a man that he should lie. I promise you that his word shall not return unto him void. Keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking. Your answer is on the way. Your in my prayer time. Feel free to contact me if you need prayer or have questions at tohisglory@icloud.com.

    • Thank you Mr. Willie Baker for your encouraging words. I receive them in Jesus name.

      1 Samuel 16-7

  49. Good Morning,
    This devotional was right on time for me today. Like Bev, it brought tears to my eyes. I have been struggling with having peace and trusting that God will bring me through. I am currently working full-time while pursuing a career in Nursing. Plus working to keep my marriage and children (2 and 6) in full check. It’s hard! And sometimes I wonder if I am asking for too much, or if this is what God has for my life. My family is very supportive, but here lately I can’t find that inner strength to keep pressing forward. Please pray for me as I continue to trust God over time.

  50. Hi, my name is Zoe, and I’ve been struggling with loneliness for a while now. I am still single and no kids. Yet, m already 33 years old. And it seems the biological clock is ticking all the faster and louder lately. Can you please pray for me? I would like to connect with other women in the same boat as well if there is any in here… Thanks for walking with me in this

  51. Hi Jen and all the blessings that praying for one another. I am homeless and have been for a long time. I went from being homeless in Feb of 2013 to a shelter back to being homeless again.

    I know God has a reason I feel so very alone. When

  52. Jen,
    Thanks for a great encouraging post! Everyone seems to be going through some trial or two lately. I just pray for God to heal each one and bring restoration where needed. I have some “calmness” in my storms. My aging dad is doing much better health wise this year. Asking for a different job–one that uses my talents and makes me feel useful not dumb. Trying to stay focused on God and all the many blessings He has bestowed upon me.
    Blessings 🙂

  53. Wow…you just wrote about my life today. We are losing our home of 17 years with NO idea where we will live now. It has been a very scary ride. Praying and begging and crying. Our grandchildren live in a not so healthy environment and soooooo love coming here to visit. It is the only place that has been stable in their whole lives (15, 8, 7, 7 and 2.5) Now THEY are having to move again the end of June. We haven’t told them our situation yet. I mean the documents aren’t finally signed and a check in our hands (yes, it seems we might actually sell our home instead of the bank getting it!) Abba might yet work a Red Sea size miracle and we could stay here. Besides the kids, I’m an artist and we built a studio just for me! It is perfect in every way. And it is not just my studio…it is my sanctuary. This is where I have my time in the mornings to start with conversations with my God. It’s where I go to sob and cry out to Him. It is where I worship Him as He shares with me His gift of creativity. I think, “How could there even BE a more perfect place to take me to?” Yet, it has also been a time of a deeper understanding of living day-by-day with only this day to spend for Him. It has been a crucible of building trust that no matter what it looks like, He IS in control!
    So you see, as I cried tears while reading your post, they were not tears of sadness, but tears of knowing I’m not alone. Thank you for the encouragement and hope. Abba used your message to help me as we watch articles that have been in our lives for so many years, pass on to others. And being able to wish them joy. And to look forward to this next chapter in our “Adventures with Abba”….whatever that might look like.

  54. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord for the Lord our is with us. Turn to the Lord and believe his word to truly know that he will not leave nor for sake thee. Know that the faith of a believer will be tried. But you can courage that God is in control. ( Read James 1: 1-4, 1st Pet 1: 6-9, 1st Pet 4: 12-13, 1st Pet 5: 6-10) Oh believer be of good cheer for Our Lord has overcome all that we are going through. The devil is defeated. We are victors and not victims. Look at Job and Paul. All that they had to suffer through. To be more like God. And most all Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He suffered, bled, and died for us. But praise God he rose from the dead to die no more. Making those that believe to have eternal life. To make us more than conquerors. Despite our circumstances he made way for to overcome them. Just a light affliction which is only for a moment. I was told 2 years ago that I have prostate cancer. I cried. Lord what do I do. I was given options on what to do. My wife and I prayed. The saints of God prayed for me. I chose Jesus. By his stripes I’m healed. I believe the report of the Lord. The Lord gave me a word from Deu. 7:15 and Exod. 15: 26. My eyes are upon Jesus for all things. For without him we can do nothing. We need him, we need him and only him. Oh how blessed we are. Know that his grace is sufficient for you. Jesus is enough. Beloved be encouraged this day in Jesus name. ( Read Isa. 49:13-16)
    Is anything to hard for God? The answer is No. Inspite of beloved we are so blessed. The storms of life come, but in Jesus name they have to go.
    He stood in the boat during the storm and said ” Peace be still.” And the word said immediately there was a great calm. In him we live, move and have our being. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Stand this day on God’s word. Nothing absolutely nothing can separate you from the love God.
    Be blessed in Jesus name.

  55. Dear Jennifer,
    Your article entitled “Life is Hard” was so encouraging. I lost my job, was evicted from my apartment, was involved in a horrible 3-car accident (which took 1 month to heal from), recently fractured my right wrist and used up all my savings. I am now living in a rented car (not for long) with minimal possessions. I don’t have any family so I feel all alone. I have been a strong Christian since 1984 but, like you, I cry out wondering how much longer I can take this. NO ONE seems to understand the excruciating pain I am going through and the Christians I know (who can help financially) don’t. There are so many scriptures about “helping those in need” and no one I know does. Why not? I cry out for help and no one hears me.

  56. THAT was wonderful… So needed. Thank you for sharing, and Thank you for the reminders. This is something I’ll go back to again and again. In the beginning of my intimate relationship with Christ, I didn’t really understand the POWER a testimony could hold, but Now, I do. Again, thank you for sharing. God is SOOOOO GREAT!

  57. Oh my did I ever need this!! What a Huge Blessing! That’s exactly where I am now in the middle of not enough and waiting on God to answer .I also wonder why I doubt Him so much ? But through it all God shows up!! My bank account is in the red or black LOL! Whichever means bad! God has given me some great promises, but I see Nothing Yet ,So I Wait ! Pray for me to wait with the right attitude. Iam signing up!

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