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Nicole Mills is an oncology nurse, cancer survivor, nerd, and contemplative. She has a secret desire to be a nun or a double-dutch jump rope champion. Not being Catholic or able to jump two ropes poses significant hurdles, but she remains hopeful. Nicole is single, has a plethora of books,...

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  1. Dear Nicole, I’ve had cancer too. My face is also scarred. its not what I expected. But I see his glory through it. On days, when I’m not feeling so beautiful – I think of his scars. And I know I’m in the sharing. Have a blessed day xx

    • Thank you, Louise. What a wonderful reminder to think of His scars. May we continually remember our true beauty and what we look like in His eyes. Blessings to you!

  2. Nicole, thank you for sharing this painful experience and what you learned through it. You have helped broaden my perspective which has allowed God’s love to pour into my heart this morning. For awhile now I have wrestled with a thought, perhaps God desires me because of “what He can do with me after He’s done making me better” but based on other facts I knew to be true I knew this idea or thought was just not right. Now because of what you have shared I understand that God doesn’t desire me because of what I will be once I’m transformed into something better, God desires me because He knew me before I was touched by sin and in spite of my filth He still sees the beautiful creation He created me to be. Because God is good He makes things beautiful – He can take the brokenness in me and weave into something as beautiful as what He originally created me to be. He is not willing to toss me aside to the discard pile that is why He has continued His pursuit of me. Thank you for sharing and allowing God to use your words to draw me nearer to Him. Blessings to you!

    • Dear LaDonna, Thank you. He has and will continue His pursuit of you because you are His beautiful daughter. I pray the truth of your belovedness continues to sink deep into your soul. He loves you.

    • Thank you, Camille. I’ve repeated the last four lines to myself a number of times since writing them. May we always remember that we are His.

    • Thank you for your reply, Nancy. I am awed and touched that God has used my words to bless people!

  3. There’s noting wrong with you, (sounds like Isaiah 53 is at work) just with people’s lack of compassion, ignorant curiosity and sometimes just cruelty. He will give you beauty for ashes, Isaiah 61:3, you are a crown of beauty, Isaiah 62:3. And if you want to be a nun, well,
    maybe you should be expecting God to send you the perfect husband, even if you were kidding.

    • Rebecca, thanks for the encouragement. Many people just aren’t aware what they are doing or the impact they are having. I would love the perfect husband! In the meantime, I will wait in expectancy for whatever He was, knowing He will bring all that I need. Many blessings to you.

    • I hear great tenderness and strength behind your words. Thank you for your encouragement, Sarah! We all have a glorious testimony of grace to share, don’t we?

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. God sees you as the beautiful person that you are. God delights in you! God bless you Ms. Nicole!

    • You are welcome! Some days it’s so hard to believe that we have beauty, significance and worth.Thank you for the reminders. We each His beautiful daughters! Thank you, Ms. Marissa!

  5. Nicole,

    You spoke right to my heart!! “What’s wrong with you?” I may not have heard those words, but I’ve heard similar things or made mistakes. That’s all it takes for the evil one to whisper to me ” you’re dumb, not smart, ugly, why bother trying”! I tend to believe them!! Each day I make a conscious effort to pray hard and do whatever it takes to distill that voice within!!
    Absolutely loved this line: He sees us — not just the person we created to be accepted and protected, but the person He created when He first dreamed us into being. I must remember He knew before I was knit in my mother’s womb! He loves me warts and ALL!!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, Beth! Warts and all! I love that! We are sinners saved by grace, but first and foremost, we are His beautiful children. Blessings!