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Shannon Evans is a wife and mom through adoption and birth. She has been simultaneously destroyed and saved by motherhood, and is passionate about living life with other broken people. Shannon enjoys hosing mud off children, scrubbing sticky furniture, and rushing to the ER to have nails extracted from small...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Shannon,

    ” What I love about the God-Man is that He doesn’t care as much about erasing our broken places as He does about putting skin on and sitting down in the shards with us.”

    Oh my. I cannot tell you how this phrase completely upended me.

    Or this one; “I am weary of a church in polished shoes. I have no place there.”

    I am undone. Yes, give me mud caked feet and mess where I feel I am loved no matter what, where everyone feels they are loved no matter what.

    Through your words, I feel a strong kinship and sisterhood with you and Sheryl.

    Thank you.


  2. This is my church. Seriously, AS IS Church is real with real people that go out into the community and do life and invite all people to come and hear about this God-man whose name is Jesus. Everyone has a name, everyone has a story, everyone matters to God and therefore they matter to us.

    Thank you for your words this morning. May we all find someone that will love the messy us and may we all find someone who is messy we can show God’ s love to.

  3. Shannon, this describes my daughter. We never really had a relationship but now after many heartaches, and mistakes, and just loving her where she is, broken, we are slowing forming one. It is Christ’s heart of compassion that is the difference, seeing with different eyes. I am also Sheryl even though I may not look like her, I have my issues that may look acceptable but is still sin. If I judge, I am guilty of lovelessness.
    I too well get the tough motherhood from adopting kids from hard places. In the midst of it right now. This blessed my socks off. Grace and peace, Joanne

    • I’m humbled and encouraged that you shared a bit of your story here, Joanne. There is room, even in the pain. Praying for you and your daughter today!

    • Joanne,
      Super glad your daughter is coming around! I’ve been praying God would change her heart and bring her back to you!
      Blessings 🙂

      • How do I begin to thank you Beth? This is only by God and His workings, and those who are offering prayers that move God to act on all of our behalf. Hugs, Joanne

  4. This post has touched me in way that no other has… Thank you! I am one of the worn and broken. I read these posts and want to belong, but always feel like an outsider because I am like Sharyl. Give her a hug for me and thank you for reminding me that Jesus doesn’t care if my pants are pressed.

  5. Shannon,
    I grew up in church–the “polished shoes & perfect outfits” type. This is how I feel about those churches: “I am weary of a church in polished shoes. I have no place there.” AMEN!! Now I am a member of a quaint country church that cares more about the person and their souls than what you wear to church! We welcome anyone and everyone! We love you because Jesus loves you and us! We are all sinners saved by grace!–Not perfect but saved!!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Your church sounds wonderful, Beth! 🙂 Wearing nice clothes certainly isn’t a problem, but feeling pressure to be “put together” before you have anything to offer the Body surely is!

  6. I LOVE Sheryl’s response about being welcome in church!!!! SOOOOOOO good and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true! Thanks for that smile!

  7. Hello this my first time joining the conversation….going through a difficult time.. but God is in control

    • Hey! I’m just now seeing this… so sorry for the long delay. Saying a prayer for you right now, friend. May you be held up by the Comforter and by His people. xoxo