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Dalene Reyburn is a writer and speaker, sharing at www.dalenereyburn.com. She’s the author of Dragons and Dirt: The truth about changing the world – and the courage it requires, The Prayer Manifesto for Moms, and co-author of the children’s novel, Flight to Fabuland. She has a Master’s degree in Applied...

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  1. Darlene, I love what you wrote and I get the point; but I’d like to offer you and your family some encouragement. This may help others too. Isaiah 55 tells us, “He WAD wounded for our transgressions, He WAS bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace WAS upon Him, and by His stripes we WERE healed.” It’s PAST TENSE. It was finished at the Cross. It’s ALREADY done. Just because we haven’t seen it YET doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. We have to receive it in the spiritual realm before it ever manifests in the natural. We may or may not see the manifestation this side of Heaven. That doesn’t change anything. I was diagnosed with epilepsy before I was two years old. It’s something I’ve had to deal with my entire life. I had a seizure at my best friend’s house JUST LAST NIGHT (on Thanksgiving Day, of all days). That doesn’t change anything because epilepsy is just what I deal with. It’s a part of me, but it’s not my identity because I have received my healing in the spiritual realm; and whether or not I see the manifestation of that on earth, I will continue to trust God and believe that He has already completed the work. I am healed NO MATTER WHAT my body does and SO IS your oldest son. Be blessed.

  2. Hi Anna! I thank God and you for these words. Your statement that removing our sufferings removes our empathy hit me this morning as I have asked God to remove the suffering that I go through. I remember now that this suffering is a gift that grows that empathy, the potential His has placed in us, our faith, to share in His sufferings. It truly is saying not my will but Yours be done. May He bless you always 🙂

    • So encouraged to read your words and see how God has blessed you. It’s not an easy path, that’s for sure, but He is with us in it, multiplying our suffering into blessings for others.

  3. Darlene,
    We carry on through the shed blood of Jesus Christ! He can and will heal us-in His perfect timing. I believe He allows trials and pain to bring us closer to Him. Each trial we go through we call upon Him for strength to get through!

    Blessings 🙂

  4. Wonderful, deep reflections from your readers!. I also have to say that your skill and inspiration with seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is a characteristic of your writing that unfolds like the depth of meaning in the proverbs. You look at the surface, ponder – and then show us the marvel. Then the skill with linking ideas – the tension of the storm, the string of lights, the little boy in his wet shorts clinging to the burglar bars, to be healed or not to be healed, to be suspended between earth and heaven, and to realize that that’s how it was divinely meant to be. Just beautiful. Thank you.