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Lindsay loves to find glimpses of God’s grace in the corners of everyday life as a stay-at-home mom. Mother to two beautiful girls, and wife to an adventurous comedian who is also a pastor, Lindsay’s life is what she calls “ordinary and lovely.” She loves connecting with other moms, spending...

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of the power of Gods love how strong, wide and all encompassing it is for us, Jesus not to be forgotten or of our desperate need for Him and His love.

    • Thank you Jas for reading and sharing your thoughts. I am so grateful that I have God’s light to point my daughters to.

  2. It is easy to forget that we’re dealing with spiritual warfare until we’re right in the thick of the battle. That’s why His glory surrounds us like a shield. He knows that our memories and our attention spans are not what they ought to be. So, He has mercy and compassion on us. He promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is there even when we can’t see the evidence of Him working in our lives, even when we can’t feel His Presence. This truth drives out all fear. When we find ourselves trapped in an unexpected battle, we can know and be secure in the midst of it that He’s covered us like a shield and put a hedge around everything that concerns us. He is there for us. The enemy can’t destroy us because Jesus defeated the enemy on the Cross. He gave us the victory before the battle ever started. Be blessed.

    • Amen! The battle is won and now we are free to live in what He has already done. Thank you Keri for that reminder!

  3. Sweet story, Lindsay. 🙂 I struggle with anxiety, and have to “remember Jesus” often, myself. Thanks for sharing. ((blessings))

    • Thank you Brenda! I’m grateful for a God that whispers words of peace and love into my anxious heart. I’m humbled and amazed that God can use my greatest weakness to connect to others and proclaim His truth! God bless you Brenda

  4. I love this story, Lindsay. Such a beautiful message not to forget Jesus and remember He always lights up the darkness. 🙂 I’m so glad your night terrors are gone, and I pray your little daughter will rest peacefully, too.

  5. Lindsay,
    We are indeed in a battle against good and evil–powers of darkness working hard as his time is nearing an end! One way to fight in this battle is to create a “War Room”. A quiet place where one goes and posts/journals ALL their prayer requests and prays over them fervently-using scripture!! That is the one way we can defeat the evil darkness of this world!! Tell the evil one to flee your house and He is not welcome there anymore!!
    Ref(See movie War Room).
    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth- I’m very excited to see the movie. My husband and I battled a lot of spiritual warfare when we served in Sedona where it was very overt, but I agree that we need to remember every day that it is an ongoing struggle. But thankful that I have the armor of God and that through Jesus the battle is already won!

  6. I don’t know when it started, or why, but I remember always being really afraid at night. I used to beg my younger sister to stay awake until I fell asleep. I even offered to pay her a quarter, if she would. It wasn’t until after I was married, that I recognized this for what it was: spiritual warfare. After I married, I wasn’t afraid at night…unless my husband was out-of-town. At one point, his job entailed quite a bit of travel, and I was home with all 4 kids. At bedtime, on the nights he was gone, I would bring allllll the kids into our room, and lock our bedroom door. I would barely get any sleep because I was “standing guard” over my family. One night, it just hit me that I might pass on this fear to my children. So, the next night, I put my children in their own beds…and, after they were asleep, I prayed over every room in our home. And then I went to sleep. I’m no longer afraid at night if my husband is gone, and it’s all God. HE is powerful. HE is conqueror. HE is the One who sees. HE alone can save.