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Self-proclaimed lover of words, ice cream, laughing and life. Cody’s desire is that women would know the Lord more and find their place in His Presence. You can find Cody blogging at and on Twitter @codyandras or Instagram @cody.andras

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. “I let the Lord meet me with comfort where He had not yet met me with answers.” So powerful! Thank you for writing this beautiful message!

  2. Thank you for this! I often find myself comparing….it is so silly. My life is not the life anyone else has so why should I expect to have the same answers as a friend or sister? The only thing any of us should be focused on is our relationship with the Father and He is SO good all of the time to give us sunrises all around is if we are looking. Thank you for putting your shiny pen to good use!☺️

  3. Thank you for your inspiring truth! Our Father is good and faithful. Thank you for this reminder. I am praying you get the perfect job our Perfect Father has lined up for you!

  4. Oh how easy it is to let comparison rob our joy. Thank you for sharing your true feelings and these encouraging words. What spoke to me was part of the Scripture you shared: “I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.’ ” I see that sunrise as a Gift of Hope. And so true that in the waiting and drawing near, He comforts, if we let Him. It makes me think of how my daughter shared of a dog trying to jump up on her and the owner drawing him back: I responded by saying what a good owner that was. And it made me reflect on God as the good “owner” of our souls: how He pulls me back at times. I saw that this morning, as in running alone in the forest I reflected on how I’d allowed the loud noise around me to drown out His Voice, Word and Love. And that loud noise can come through comparison, inner fears and even conflicting witnesses, but only if we let it become noisy, by failing to rest in Him. Thank you for these words.

  5. I compared myself to others, and one day the Holy Spirit reminded me. ” You are not in competition, you are in Christ. ” I’ve been the one with a pen, and I know how to use it. Great story!

  6. Wow…I can’t even begin to express how this hits home for me because I am in the exact same season and a similar comparison situation. Thank you for sharing, I really needed that perspective on it!!

  7. Cody,
    So hard not to play the comparison game! Remember God will answer ALL prayers in His perfect timing! When He sees you are ready for _____ then He will give it to you! We should be hyper focused on God and His unfailing love!!
    Blessings 🙂

  8. Thank you for this: “So I stopped comparing her job to my sunrise. And I started letting her job and my sunrise testify together of the goodness of our Father.”

    Beautiful truth.

  9. I am very warmed by your sharing. Comparison not only robs joy, it will blindfolds obedience. You do not see the wonder in the gifts given to you in the exact make up of who you are nor do you see the wonder of the gifts you have to offer in the exact make up of who you are. God has been dealing with both sides of this coin in my life. Thank you for your sharing this real vulnerability. God is Good.