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  1. Please pray for my neck problem. I have had constant pain for two years and tried many things, but can’t seem to find any answers as to why or what to do to help. I am only 33 and the situation feels quite hopeless. Thanks Hilary

    • Hilary,
      I know how debilitating chronic pain can be. It drags you down emotionally. I am lifting you up right now that God would heal the pain in your neck…that He would guide you to a doctor who can help if that is His plan. I ask that He would remove your pain and to give you patience and hope as you wait on Him. He is our Healer…keep continuing to ask because He promises to answer. I will continue to pray for hope and healing.
      Bev xx

    • Hilary,
      Prayers going up now for you neck pain! May God bring about healing in His perfect timing!! I understand the hopeless feeling like when will this ever end. Prayers for peace, contentment and patience!

    • Lord, I lift up Hillary to You. Please touch her and heal her completely. Wether you choose to do that miraculously or through the medical field. Fill her with peace and hope that only You can bring. Begin to reveal to her Your purposes and plan in the midst of this!

    • Hilary , I am lifting you up to our father God that he would lead you to the right doctor to help determine what the cause is and that he would give them wisdom and guide them in the course of action they need to take. Keep your eyes on the Father and trust that he is working for your good.

    • Hilary,
      Chronic pain is not only physically draining but also spiritually draining. Because time eludes me I’m praying right now for Jesus to heal you physically, mentally and spiritually.

    • Hilary,
      Understand your situation. I earnestly pray that our God of Hope, fill you with a New Hope and strengthen you to trust HIM more as HE is healing you according to the promise HE made. HE is faithful.
      May God bless you.

    • Hilary,
      I pray that 2016 is the year you will find relief from your neck pain. I pray that you will find a system of self-help or a doctor, or both, that will work for you and bring you great relief. I pray that you feel God’s arm’s around you and feel his presence beside you today. He’s a good, good Father.
      Your sister in Christ,

    • Praying for healing Hilary. God, reveal what’s causing her pain. If she goes to the doctor, be their eyes and mind. Help her to have rest and help to have rest if she needs it. In Jesus’ name. Amen

    • I am praying for you Hilary. Prayers for healing, strength, patience and hope. God is with you. I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain.

    • Have you ever tried essential oils? Panaway from Young Living works great on muscle pains. I love it.

  2. Thank you for those of you who continue to pray…I ask for prayers for my son who has so much potential but is going nowhere with his life. I ask for God’s healing on those hurts and fears that keep him paralyzed in a prodigal and going nowhere state. I ask for Him to turn back to the one who can give Him the strength and hope that he so needs. Thank you for continuing to lift him up. B

  3. Please pray for my grandson. He is in need of physical healing. He has a big test tomorrow and I would be truly grateful if you could pray for incredibly good news. God bless you for being His hands and feet on earth.

    • Praise be to our God, who is so good to each of us in all of our joys and sorrows 🙂 Sue, I pray that the Lord shine His face and love upon you and your grandson, that He bless you and him with a miracle of healing. May He bring the news you long for and carry you both through this time of waiting. Thank you, Lord, for lifting them up in your loving hands to your warm, loving heart 🙂

  4. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen me today in these trials and sufferings that I may do the work He has set before me well and with all love for Him. That He helps me release any negative emotions and brings healing to my soul and situation for His glory, that His will be done. Thank you all 🙂

  5. I have been battling depression and anxiety for a while now. It’s hard and painful and draining. Please pray for healing, and that I will be sure of Gods love for me. This is the first season of my life that I’ve ever doubted His love. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Lord, we lift Kayla’s mind, will and emotions up to you, to be placed in your loving hands. Lavish your unconditional, never ending, overflowing, genuine love on her today. Allow her to feel, see and even taste your extravagant love for her today. Remove any thwart of the enemy on her mind, remove any negative stinking thinking and replace her anxiety with your truths! You love her just as she is, love her through this, Lord, like only you can. In Jesus healing name we pray. Amen.

    • Kayla, God’s LOVE never fails us. HE will never leave us nor forsake us. HE is always there for you. Doubt is coming from the enemy…DO NOT let him enter into your heart. GOD is bigger!!!

    • Kayla,
      I have battled depression and anxiety for many years. I KNOW how draining it is. Have you been to see an MD and a counselor? Anxiety and depression is an illness, not a spiritual failing. It does, however, when left untreated cause us to doubt God’s love. The enemy jumps in there as well…wanting you to feel isolated and abandoned by God. The good news is there is help available. Praying that God would guide you to the right people to get you back on the path to health and healing. Lifting you up in prayer right now…God NEVER leaves nor forsakes us…He’s right there with you!
      Bev xx

    • Kayla,
      Oh sweet Kayla–I understand what you’re going through! It can be so hard some days! One suggestion would be to seek treatment from a psychologist who can give you something to help battle these demons! I will pray that God will heal you and bring about a sense of peace and contentment! God is always with you guiding you along the path He has for you!
      Blessings 🙂

    • Praying for our Great God of comfort to give you reassurance of His love & heal your depression. xoxo

    • Kayla, I so understand where you are and how hard it is and am with you in the me too. I pray that our Glorious Savior lifts you up into His strength and peace today, the everlasting light of His eternal love. He will never leave or fail you, pursuing you to the end of time itself. In His holy and glorious name, the Name above all Names, we pray Jesus.

    • Kayla, I am lifting you up in prayer. I pray that you know you are NEVER alone. God is always with us.

  6. Please pray for my left Achilles’ tendon to heal…I’m a distance runner an injured it pursuing one of last year’s resolutions to run a marathon. I haven’t laced up my running shoes in 8 months! I’m grateful for such a minor pain in life, but there is something about my passion for running that completes my personality. Even though I have gleaned much wisdom from the downtime… I really do miss running so much. I believe in the power of prayer and that God does miraculously heal! Pray for me, peeps!
    Happy Sunday,

  7. I need prayers for patience. My aging dad is being moved this month to memory care-you need a code to get. in and out. Yesterday he fell again and hurt his head and back some. Hard to sit by and watch aging parents with dementia go downhill.
    Also have a sister and brother-in-law taking care of his mother-at home. Going through same trials as I am only she (sister) has to work and he stays home with his mom. So hard on everyone!
    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I understand. I pray that our Lord bring you His patience and peace today as you and your family traverse these trials. May His strength enfold you completely, helping you to persevere. In the most holy Name of Jesus, we pray for you 🙂 Amen.

    • Beth,
      Lifting you up for patience and perseverance. I watched, and assisted, a favorite aunt of mine who went down this long and difficult road. It is not easy by any means. May God give you the grace to keep putting one foot in front of another…
      Bev xo

  8. I’d appreciate prayer for strength to be a better witness in my home. My marriage has always been rocky and our children aren’t believers. I’very been convicted to have regular family devotions. We’ve begun them, I pray we continue and through them seeds of faith are watered and fertilized to the point of fruition.

    • God bless you Diane and be strengthened by your own faith that God will be with you during your devotions and WILL plant seeds of faith in your children and husband. God, give Diane patience and courage to witness her love for you in her own home. Give her your peace and joy in the process and let her see true, tangible results. In Jesus name, Amen.

  9. My husband and I both are in need of prayer. He has been without a job since May 2015. He is retired Navy, a hard worker, too young to retire completely and loves to work. I have severe back/hip problem that the doctor and I are doing all we can to avoid surgery; which would mean a fusion and hardware. I do not want this. I know God is able to heal me and put my husband in the right position. Thank you =!!

  10. Please pray for my son. When he was born we named him Michael, which means “Godly on.” We dreamed of him loving and serving God with passion. Now, in his 34th year, we have yet to see that dream fulfilled. Also, our daughter-in-law (married to our other son) has been dealing with health issues for a couple of years now that have left her almost dibilitated at times. Countless doctors have not been able to figure out the problem.

  11. Please pray for our family. My husband and I have longed for a second child for over two years. We were overjoyed to find out we were expecting another baby last month, but experienced a miscarriage on Christmas Eve. This has been so difficult for us, but we still trust God and His plan for our lives.

    • I am praying for you Karen. My husband and I also long for a second child. It is so hard when our 4 year old asks when he will have a brother or sister. Lifting you up and praying you are able to trust in God’s plan.

      • Thank you so much, Janna!! Our son is also 4. I will remember your family in prayer as well. 🙂

  12. Please pray for my marriage that has been rocky for a number of years. My husband and I have made a commitment to focus on us this year and I pray that our hearts are drawn toward each other and our commitment to each other is strengthened through Jesus. Please pray that my husband would renew his commitment to the Lord. Please also pray for peace in our home, and love for my two boys (15, 13) and my daughter (10) to be shown to each other. I’m praying that they will recommit their lives in a tangible way to Jesus for evermore. Also, please pray for the right job opportunity to present itself to me. Thank you!

  13. God your Son’s name is above every other name , as I lift Hilary before you, Father in heaven, straighten her neck back from the root of the source off ill will manifesting in her neck.
    Father send your Word into the root of the spirit of infirmity in my body that it may no longer prosper in the name of Jesus, the name above any other name. There is a deliverance that comes from heaven in the name of Jesus, I need you to send it out on my behalf.Thank you for honoring your word above your name. Amen.

  14. Father You alone are worthy. You are able to heal and deliver. I pray for Hilary and her neck problem. You know the issue and I ask that you guide her to a solution. Praise You for deliverance!
    Please pray for my marriage. We have been married for a long time. The stress and strain is taking its toll on us and we are tired. We seek peace together never ever divorce but we need Gods help to move forward. Thank You.

  15. I pray for Kimberly’s marriage that they find peace in the Lord and remain united. Please pray for my families finances we need a miracle to save our home the Lord has been faithful through many trials.

  16. Please pray for me as I need to make some changes to be a much better wife and mother. I’ve lost my desire for intimacy with my husband and closeness to friends. I need to give up bad habits and refocus on God instead of myself. It’s a big change, but necessary as I can’t continue the way things are.

  17. Dear Jesus, you are worthy of our gratefulness and we thank you for the blessings you will bestow on Kimberly and her husband as they together fight for their marriage. May they seek your face Jesus and may they find a peace that surpasses all understanding. May they praise you in the storm, Lord. Thank you for answered prayer.
    Please for my family…3 weeks ago the transmission went out in my husband’s car which brought down to one. This is not devastating but it is stressful sine we have 3 teenagers, 1 who works, 1 who goes to college out of state and my husband works early in the morning and I work svhool hours. We can’t afford a new (to us) car right now so pray for God’s provisions and direction. Thank you!

  18. Lord. Thank you that your promises are sure, and never failing. Each person here has her name written on your hand as a testimony of your great love. I thank you that you care about everything that touches our lives. I know you already have an answer for Julie’s situation with her car. My prayer is that it would be so awesome that she would know it could only be from You. You are a great God. Lord I ask for a miracle in my son’s life. May drugs and alcohol loose their hold on him and his heart be changed by your love. All praise to You.

  19. Please pray that I will hear very soon (within a few days) whether I am to go through a fast approaching eye surgery or cancel and seek an alternative surgery. This new information just surfaced, and I so need clarity and God’s mind, if He is chooses not to heal me, but to have surgery, and whatever that entails, all for His glory. Thank you so much!
    And Hilary, I am praying for you! See Romans 15:5-6–He provides encouragement AND endurance! I pray we will glorify Him…even when we don’t feel it or seem to have it in us!

  20. Please pray for my son Chris. His wife has had numerous affairs and he forgave her, this time he kicked her out of their house. She lives at her parents with their two little daughters. It has been devastating to all of us. Their house is in my husband and my name because we had to take a loan out on our house to pay for their house.They lost their other house to bankrupcy and forclosure thanks to her dad who sold them that house for twice what it was worth. Now my son can’t get any loans for a car because of his credit. He gets very angry when she confronts him and gets him upset. She says its ok for her to have a boyfriend because she isn’t with Chris anymore. We told her in God’s eyes you are still married and do you want your girls to think that is okay. Please pray they can get a divorce and go on in their lives and not hurt everyone involved. This is just killing my son and grand-daughters and us.

  21. Dear Lord, We come to you with grateful hearts that you have taken us through another year and answered each and every prayer that we give to you. We thank you Father for always being there for us each and every day and Dear Lord I want to lift up Julie and her family as they look for a solution to finding a reasonable car for their family’s needs. Lord you know their needs even better than they do, so please Father I ask you to cover them and take care of their family and provide for them as you always have because we know that all request are important to you when we come to you and ask.
    Dear Lord, I am starting a new job this year and I truly need your protection, guidance, and strength to walk into it arms wide open. It is with my same company, but I will be stepping into a role of management and away from an hourly position. I know Father that you have prepared me and I trust and have faith that this is the time because you have truly opened every door wide open and I thank you Lord for that and your trust in me that I can do this. Dear Lord I want my desire to always be to show your love and light even when the person that I am dealing with at the time doesn’t want to see that or hear it, but Dear Lord I pray that I always show Grace and with your guidance Father…I can help make a better work place for many and that they realize your love is a success in all parts of life.

    • Father God,

      I pray thst your protection, guidance, and strength would be with Julie as she desires to walk in to her new job with arms wide open.

      I pray that your love and light would so overwhelm every area of Julie’s life, that she would be a steadfast example of who you are.

      You are tender with her in her deepest hopes and needs.


  22. Please pray that I receive love and pour out love – authentically, wholeheartedly and abundantly, not based on my needs but based on God’s desires.

    • Father God,

      You are a God who has adopted us—who *knows* the sacrifice it takes to make someone your own. I pray that your knowing presence would bring a peace to Carol, her son, and everyone involved. I pray for the boy, that he knows that he is loved by Carol and by you. I pray for wisdom and energy in navigating the process and politics.

      In Jesus’ name,

  23. Ladies, please pray for my oldest, Katie. She is 15. Please pray she finds Godly friends, makes God pleasing decisions and that she draws closer to the Lord. She is strong willed and hard for me to talk to. Please pray for our mother daughter relationship to improve this year. I am grateful for all the prayers. Just a caveat….if you are Mom of a teen there is a great resource I am reading… Called Praying Scriptures for you teens. By Jodie Berndt. It is amazing. I need all the help I can get dealing with this age. Thanks!
    Praying for healing of your neck Hillary. May God wrap his loving arms around you and give you comfort and healing now. Also praying for you to embrace His love for you.

    • Father God,

      I thank you for the mother heart you have given Judy. It is evidence of your heart toward us.

      I join her desire for her daughter Katie. I pray that she finds godly friends, makes decisions that please you, and that she draws closer to you. I pray you give Jody peace in navigating how to talk to her. You are a strong and able God.

      In Jesus’ name, amen.

  24. I am in my early twenties and desire to transition into adulthood with godly intentionality. I need God to help me know how to do it.

    Also, could you pray for a relationship of mine?Again, I need God in it.

  25. I ask that you please pray for my earthly father Ralph. He is going through a tough time in his life right now. His health is failing, he’s having some financhel worries, he’s also being troubled by bad dreams, and his faith is weak. Please pray for him that He sees God’s faithfulness in every situation and that if it is God’s will that his health improves and the pain that he is feeling goes away. Thank you so much, and God bless you! Xoxo

  26. Please pray with me and for my sons to find 2 Christian women with God’s wisdom in their life. One is a type 1 diabetic, and his girlfriend of 6 years just walked out on him. The other very shy. They are both strong independent men, but both need a God fearing woman and not a women of this world. Again, please pray with me and for them both according to Gods will and in Jesus name. Thanks and may all continue to be a blessing and a blessing to others. Annie

  27. Please pray that all my skin affliction is removed. I pray, in Jesus Name, that Hilarys neck is healed and she will be fully recovered.

    • Praying for healing for Stephanie and relief from discomfort. Lord, may yo u give Stephanie strength andpatience to persevere, and pour out your peace on her, in Jesus’ name.

  28. My husband and I have been struggling financially for a few years now. We make ends meet each month as far as food and bills go, but there’s nothing extra. The thing we’re both struggling with the most is that our house is slowly breaking down around us and there is literally nothing we can do about it except pray. We’ve been living with some of these issues for a while now, but in the last week several new issues have cropped up, largely exacerbated by all the rain. Some of these things will likely be very expensive to repair. Our insurance may cover some of them but we have a really high deductible.

    And we’re both just so weary. Since all of this started we’ve been diligently seeking God, asking Him to reveal any reason we’re under discipline, standing against the enemy, clinging to the promises in His word and doing our best to trust Him and His provision. But we’re tired and confused as to why things keep piling on instead of getting better.

    My husband especially is just over it and wrestling with his faith, wondering if God’s even listening and whether there’s any point in continuing to pray. And I’m having a hard time finding ways to keep encouraging him. I’m not sure how to pray about this situation anymore, either. Thank you.

    • Lord would you reveal your love to Jean and her husband in this time of confusion, would you please give them wisdom and discretion with their house and financial situation? Bless them with a renewing of trust and hope in you and please show them what to do. Thank you for being the God that provides for our needs. Help us know your love.

    • Jean, I am praying that our father God would provide the resources you need to repair your home and that he would shower you with strong faith that he will provide. Keep your eyes on him and be open to the opportunities he sends. The answer may not come in the form or timing you have in mind but he is faithful and will provide the best answer for your situation.

  29. Please pray that God would guide me this year. I have a desire to open a massage practice, and get on my own outside of my parents house. I have this desire to meet a guy who loves Jesus too and I just haven’t had the best of luck finding someone. And just that God would make me content in the waiting. These are such minor things but any prayer would be appreciated

    • Jasmine, I am lifting you up to our father God that he would give you guidance in your quest to be independent and cause the circumstances to happen that you would meet a godly man. I pray that he will give you patience and wisdom and assurance that he is working for your good.

  30. Please pray for my family. We are being attacked on every side by the Devil. We just found out my father has bladder cancer . He is hospitalized right now and having to fight through continually throwing up because of complications from Crohn’s disease and we don’t know if he will be strong enough to go through surgery or chemo. My sister has bipolar disorder and has lapsed into the fog of an episode. And my daughter is newly married, far from God, and has basically destroyed the marriage with lies and deceit. We need Gods provision in each of these instances as well as his guidance on how to proceed.

    • Lord, please be with Suzanne today and I pray she would know your nearness. Thank you for being the God who knows the beginning of our days until the end, that nothing that happens to your children is something that you were not already made aware of. Thank you for being our shepherd, guiding us through this life everyday. Please let your loving spirit come upon this family and bless them with knowing you personally. I pray that you would be with her daughter who is trapped in this disorder and pray the fog would be lifted. I pray she would see you, and run to you for rescue. Heal her father Lord, we know our days are numbered but Lord bring him peace from the throwing up and bring him through this with him knowing that you are right there with him. I pray for Suzanne, be with her today Lord. Help her know in a personal way that you are still on the throne, and help her be still and know that you are God.

  31. Lord! I cry out to You for Suzanne! Have mercy on her and her family. Build up a hedge of protection. Assure her of Your strong arm in the midst of this storm. Open her eyes to see You and her ears to hear You. And in the name of Jesus cast away any attacks of satan against her & her family. Thank you Father.

    Please pray for me: family & marriage relationships have been very difficult, strained, and painful. I feel like my heart is exhausted – so wounded. I desire that God would heal my heart; that empathy, compassion & love for others would be restored. Thank you.

    • Lord please bless Martha with compassion for others. The same compassion that you show for your people. I pray for a day of blessing and relaxation that she would know you are in control. That you are guiding and carrying us through these days. Heal her heart where she needs healing, and bring restoration where restoration is needed. In our Jesus name, amen.

  32. Please pray I know God’s will + purpose for my life. Please pray I can know his promises for me + that I align my heart with His.

    • God has a plan for you, and I pray that He reveals Himself to you and that you are able to hear His voice!

  33. I would love prayer for continued emotional healing; I’ve been working through a lot of junk from my childhood and it has not been fun. God is good, but it has been difficult and at times overwhelming.

    • That is always difficult but God will heal you & I believe He will use you to heal others in the future will continue to heal you more each time. Lean on the Lord. He is faithful this I know. It’s not an easy journey but so important. It pays off in the long run. I’ve passed through those waters & come out on the other side. You will too!

  34. Please pray for our youngest daughter Moriah, who is only 16 and left home 2 days before Christmas. Until 3 years ago, she was walking with God, but the enemy has stirred up bitterness in her heart towards family members. Please join me in praying her home, we love her so much.

    • Esther, I pray your Moriah will see God everywhere she looks that He will surround her with His love for her and that she will return to you quickly. My 17 year old Elyse was also a run away. His timing was not the same as mine but return she did. Even in this God is in control. Lean into Him.

  35. Please pray for us as we navigate the waters of bipolar disorder & chronic illness & a multi generational living arrangement. Things have gotten tougher than they need to be…..thanks!
    Esther, may God hold Mariah close, keep her safe & lead her home soon! May He wrap His loving arms around you & keep you from fear & worry but pray constantly. I,too, had a wayward daughter who is still struggling those demons & what she believes.

  36. That is always difficult. You will make it through with Gods help & will be stronger on the other side. You will then be able to help others & heal a little more of yourself each time. God bless you Jessica

  37. Please pray for my niece. She’s 41 years old, suffering from a 2nd bout of an aggressive brain tumor. She has a 5 year old son who is autistic, a 15 year old daughter who just gave birth to a son and she’s a single mom. This family desperately needs prayer!

  38. I need prayer for my family, I have unsaved loved ones. And we have taken on added responsibilities,I believe God will bless us and lift the differences of opinion. I speak the healing Word of Isaiah 53 over Hilary and ask the Lord to let Bev’s son see himself in light of God’s love, let him be delivered of fears, and anyone else the Lord has you answer.

  39. Please pray for my husband. Had kidney stone surgery in October and labs are all “wonky”. He has had under active thyroid for about 20 years and it’s all “off” and he feels terrible. Have two specialists – endocrinology and nephrology working on it – sent a lot of labs to Mayo. I have anxiety so also please pray that I’ll be very aware of Gods presence during this worrisome time.

  40. My thoughts and prayers are with you Rebecca and for your loved ones.I pray that the Lord will see you all through this unsettled time in your lives.
    Happy New Year to all!

    The week before Christmas a dear friend lost her husband that was also a dear friend, please say a prayer for her as she tries to find new purpose in her life. And please keep my grandchild (who is due any day now)and their Mother in your prayers.


  41. I have had ongoing health issues for 3 years now, which none of the doctors I’ve seen can figure out. I would be so thankful if you could pray for answers!
    Judy, I will definitely pray for you and Katie. I have a 14 year old daughter, so I definitely know what you are talking about!

  42. I just need prayer… I feel broken and lost, unwanted and unheard. I know these things are not true, but I still feel them. Every time I try to rise above and focus on the Lord’s love for me, something happens to accentuate the initial feelings. I am feeling completely discouraged and cannot find my footing no matter what i do. I have no one that i can truly confide in, I just feel done…

  43. Please pray for my depression and anxiety. I have dealt with it for 4 years off and on and it is back. I do take medication and see a counselor but there are still valleys I go through. I would appreciate prayers, and I seek to find a group of Christian moms who deal with similar issues to support and uplift each other. Thank you.

  44. There seems to be an ongoing problem in my family with drugs and alcohol. No news of my daughter since 9/28/15. Brother and sister physical fight including drugs and alcohol. It has made me sick at heart.Kathy.F.

  45. Please pray for our daughter to include us in her life. She has not included us for the past few years because she said she does not trust us. However, however, recently we received a phone cal from she adn her husband and announced that they are having a baby. My husband and I would truly like to be part of our granchild’s life. Please for forgiveness, mercy and reconciliation. Jas

  46. Praying for you, Jas and your family. Lord, please heal the broken hearts in Jas’ family. May they heal and forgive each other. May their interactions be full of love and honor God. In Your sons name, Jesus. Amen.

    Please pray for my children, for their salvation and growing faith in Christ. My youngest is also autistic. Also, my marriage to thrive and be centered in Christ. Thank you in advance.

  47. Pray that this year by September 2016 Father God will join me with a companion/friend/partner/lover/husband….a God fearing man who recognize Christ as head of His life in all thing and in all his way. A man because of his love for Christ can love and receive love. A man who is Healthy….physically, spiritually emotionally and who is financilly responsible. Thank you all!

  48. I join others in praying for those before me, for healing, for hope, for children and grandchildren who are not where we would like them to be with God. For husbands and families and finances. I would recommend Cynthia Ruchti book Tattered and Mended to one and all. Also her book As Waters Gone By is a great encouragement. She says, ” I can never become unraveled, because I am Hemmed in Hope”. Please pray for my vision issues, for my marriage, my daughter and her family, and for safe travel as we do our work in the semi. thanks and God bless you all!

  49. Need prayer for two upcoming test I will be taking on 1/16 and 2/16. I will be taking a test for licensure for Addiction Counselor and Social Work. this is the first time taking the addiction test and my 6th time taking the Social work test. Thanks Susan

  50. Susan: I am praying that God will give you favor as you take each of your upcoming test. That he will give you peace on the days leading up to each of these test, and a clear mind on the day of the tests. Thank you for your heart for wanting to become certified as an Addiction Counselor and as a Social Worker. You will have a tremendous opportunity to shine brightly for the Lord in this work and I know you will do well. God Bless.

  51. I would love prayer for my current job. I feel like I am in the middle of adversity and spiritual warfare and therefore am not sure if the Lord is asking me to make to persevere or move to another job, (though I have not seen any open doors). Also the opportunities become very limited at my age. Thank you for the prayers.

  52. Please pray for my family. I have several family members suffering from severe illnesses. Please pray for their healing. Pray for my finances that I would be a good steward of what the Lord blessed me.

  53. Ann: Praying that you will have God’s peace and assurance as you seek direction for your job, that you will hear “this is the way, walk in it” Isaiah 30:21.

  54. My prayer request is for direction, wisdom in a God challenge that is so far out of the norm for me that it scares me, challenges and invigorates me. A prayer request for safety as I travel across country. That God would open the door wide or close it if not His will. Wisdom for the best choices in the situation.

  55. I need prayer for peace in my heart from all the chaos in my home. I’m trying to save our home so my grandchildren can have a place to live but there are other adults (their parents) that are making it unbearable. I wonder if it’s all worth it? My heart hurts for my grandchildren. I can’t just leave them homeless. I need prayer for strength & guidance. Thank you.

  56. Please pray for my job. It is extremely difficult, and I have near constant anxiety in it. Also, please pray for my marriage and God’s timing in starting a family. Thank you!

  57. Please help me pray that God will grant me courage to face the difficult people in my life especially my family, relatives, friends and loved ones who do not have a relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. I am the only Christian in the family for four years. I am struggling in my situation right now, and I do not have a permanent job too. I am uncertain of my future. Please help me pray for myself and my loved ones. Thank you. God bless.~Kim

    • Dear brothers and sisters,

      Please could you kindly pray for me and my boyfriend and for our relationship and relationship with God. I pray that God will give us wisdom, patience and future for us. We are in a long distance relationship and we want to be together but it seems sometimes so hopeless for me but I pray that this relationship will work out for both of us and it will lead to marriage by God’s grace. We both love each other and I pray that God will move all distances between us. Please pray..
      Dear kimslog12, I understand your current situation as I have been at the same shoes once, praying for you that God will give you strength, courage and He will take care of you, your family and your future!. Amen!

  58. Hi Hilary,
    God is our hope in hopeless times, I pray the pain that you have is an opportunity for God to manifest His healing power on your body right now! I declare you healed from all pain in the name of Jesus who is our Master Physician! Just pray & expect for God to come through. 🙂

  59. Hello!
    I would like to be joined in prayer for my family…in salvation, deliverance from addictions/strongholds & forgiveness. I have been praying for my family many years & I still see them lost in darkness & I’ve had enough but God is faithful & in due time our prayers shall be answered. I thank you all for joining me in prayer. 🙂

  60. My prayer request is for healing of our entire household; I have been diagnosed with Lyme’s & Parkinson Disease 8 years ago & I am still believing in Devine healing but I am getting so worn out with these afflictions .I don’t go out in public much anymore because I have fallen. One time in a coffee shop spilling coffee on another customer. And one time in church, both times were extremely embarrassing & scary. My legs shake uncontrollably & am always exhausted. I don’t remember what it feels like to be healthy. It is depressing to say the least,
    And my husband who is like Jesus in the flesh to me has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer & he is so brave. He never complains & treats me like a queen. And our beautiful black lab who is my constant companion has lumps or tumors on him. I know he is in pain because he always lays down. We are taking him to the vet today. I think he may have cancer. I pray all the time, read the Bible, read these devotions & have faith in a miracle for all of us. Please prayer for some relief as I am getting bitter in my faith & I know that’s not right. Thank you, Beth

  61. I need a band of sisters. I am walking the life of Leah, injustice in my marriage, I give most but I’m often loved less. I’ve endured quite a lot in a blended family but I have no voice here. I know God is making me resilient but weary right now. Feeling trapped, hopeless but holding on.

    • Lisa, I am praying that God draws you ever so near and that He envelops You in His love. You are loved! Please know that even with the challenges in your marriage, God is close to You. I understand your weariness, but keep holding tight to Jesus. Keep fighting the good fight, Friend. Xox

    • Sue, I am lifting you up in prayer for strength & wisdom, as well as for renewal of energy and rest and peace. Take some deep breaths as you refocus your heart on what you love and appreciate. Breathe in God’s love & promises too.

  62. Lord, thank you for Lisa and all of the ways you are changing and molding her to be exactly who she is supposed to become and thank you for who she is right now. She is hurting and I pray for you to console her and hold her through this time. Allow her to see your blessings where it might be difficult to. Help her to extend grace and help her the direction to take at every turn as none of this is a surprise to you and that You promise she does not have to do any of this alone. Be with those around her, who need you also. Bring reconciliation and make these relationships stronger than then they ever have been. Bring her weary soul rest. Thank you Jesus.

    Good morning. I am calling all prayer warriors. In the last week my husband has gone from a man, who did not know his birth mother to finding out who she is and being rejected again at 34. While he is excited to meet the grandparents he has found through this he is in deep pain as his birth mom has not been reciprocal. He is trying to make sense of everything and now has asked me to set an appointment up with a counselor. I’m looking within our insurance plan and don’t have any inkling who would be able to help him as I know none of them. I am sure they all have some training in this but I am also praying that whoever I find…well that God would select them and that they would have a relationship with Him too. This is already so delicate and my husband’s spiritual wellbeing is just as important right now. Anyway, would you pray for guidance, discernment and protection as I make this decision today at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. Honestly….pray whatever God lays on your heart. BThank you ladies and thank you Jesus as you go before me.

  63. Praying for you, Erin and your husband. That you will find the right counsellor to help your husband through this. I am asking for prayers or my granddaughter Grace who is 3 years old. She has some ongoing health problems and my son and daughter-in-law have taken her to different doctors and clinics without getting any real answers. I pray for strength for them and healing for Grace. Also my 4 year old grandson Easton has health problems and my stepdaughter and her husband are waiting for some test results to come back. Praying for strength for them and healing for Easton.

  64. Lord, I pray for Louise and ask that you would hear her prayers and answer her desire for a godly husband. Give her patience and peace in her waiting.

  65. I just had my third child on Christmas. A beautiful time but also an exhausting time. I ask for prayer for this transition, and that my postpartum adjustments would go smoothly. I also suffer from OCD so I ask for help in managing my symptoms and healing from the pain it causes. Thank you!

    • Camille,
      My first child turns one on the 8th of January so I know all too well what a wonderful yet totally exhausting time this is for you. I pray that you will give yourself grace during this time and take the time to take care of yourself and allow yourself to just be for a while. Enjoy those newborn snuggles because they grow up so fast. I pray that you allow yourself to take deep breaths every hour and with each deep breath you inhale the peace of God’s great grace and know that He is enough and you are enough. I pray that you just sit back and heal and enjoy this time with your new beautiful blessing. Congratulations on your new baby. You are a wonderful, wonderful mother. Much love, Kristen

  66. Please pray for me. I feel like my girlfriends have been leaving me out a lot lately and I know I shouldn’t let it hurt my feelings but it does. I’m 33 and my husband and I keep very busy with lots of social obligations and spending time with our wonderful one year-old but I miss my group of girlfriends from college and it makes my heart hurt when I hear about them spending time without me. And unfortunately I feel like that has been happening a lot lately. Please pray that they might start to think to include me more often but if they don’t I won’t feel like it’s because they don’t like me anymore or because I’m not good enough. Thanks! Xoxo, Kristen

  67. Please pray for me as I’m dealing with being depressed and crying all of the time due to a recent breakup. I didn’t see it coming. Please also pray for my brother who has cancer and my mom who had a stroke. Thank you and God Bless!

    • Jamie, I am lifting you and your loved ones up in prayer. I pray that at this overwhelming time that your aching heart and emotions can feel more settled and that depression eases it hold on you. May you feel God’s love, care for you. Many prayers for healing and strength for your brother and mother.

    • Jamie,
      God’s wisdom far outweighs ours. He is always faithful and will see you through this.Illness and depression seem to be the most pressing to you so I pray ‘not my will but thine be done.’ It’s so hard sometimes just to say Lord help me through this yet will I praise thee. I tend to make mountains out of mole hills. This to me is a mountain and I pray Jesus will help you over the top! Blessings!

  68. Our church is literally falling apart because of some men in leadership that have lost all compassion for people. We are down to around 39 on Sundays with nothing for young families. It’s very frightening. Any suggestions made by members is shot down. We have no pastor and it’s like there is no future.

    • Father I ask you to make Your will for Lynne’s church clear. Would You restore, refresh and renew them? Soften hearts that need to be softened and bring forward strong leaders that will seek You. Provide just the perfect Pastor for this flock and help them to establish unity among their body. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  69. Today is supposed to be my first day back at work after a lovely and mostly relaxing 2 weeks off. Yesterday’s church service and message were wonderful and being on campus made me
    excited about returning to my office today.
    For some strange reason I barely got any sleep last night. I was awake about every hour and felt very unsettled and anxious all night. The enemy was on the prowl and I could feel it. I am struggling to find mental and physical energy this morning and would appreciate your prayers for that.

    On a side note, last evening we had a minor emergency when the toilet in our master bathroom cracked and water started gushing out of it.
    So, my brother in law is coming down this morning to help us replace it. We are so thankful that he was available and could save us the cost of paying a plumber.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  70. Please pray for deliverance from chains of discontent. I’ve been a Christian for 20+ years, and I still battle with this.
    I’m thankful for all God has done for me & I know he has me-today-
    It’s when life screams ugly that I start panicking and grumbling.
    I believe this stems from childhood abandonment and single mom/death of husband/ -it’s all me- syndrome. I’m but one woman with 3 kids and a granddaughter I’m raising.
    I proclaim, God I believe than…… Sigh.
    Thank you.
    I’m not sure who was before me, but I will be praying for you as well.

  71. Pls pray for my friend Karen who is returnng to work after almost a year long absence. She is a dear friend and I would like her to know that her heart is made of more courage than fear.

    • Dear heavenly father, I pray for Karen that You give her strength and protection, as she return to work after a long absence, may the Lord be with her, give her wisdom and compassion in her work place. Fill her eyes with your light, her heart with your love and spirit with your encouragement.

    • Dear Grace, I lift you and your marriage up to the Lord in prayer. As you reach out to Him, I pray you feel His Love, Care and strength for you and your marriage and it grows and restores from it’s brokenness.

      • Thank you k-lynn. I also pray for your mum that Lord’s healing hands on her, may the Lord grant her and the family peace and comfort that knowing God is in control in every details of our lives.

  72. Prayer would be such a blessing for my mom, Beverly as she was recently hospitalized with diverticulitis. She is doing better from that at this point she might need to have a surgery with that down the line, but has to have some tests this Friday the 8th of Jan, as some issues showed on the ct scan. She will be having a pelvic ultra sound and a bone scan. Prayer is so powerful and I would so appreciate your gift of prayer for my mom. Thank you.

    • Praise God and the many prayer partners… Mom had many, many tests and it was a long couple weeks. Results were not what they thought and we feel very, very grateful and bless. I am so thankful to be able to lift all thoughts, worries, and concerns to our Father, Son and Spirit..Being able to lift that as best as we can gives me strength dear Lord…. Thank you.. and I continue to pray for you all…..

  73. Please pray for me to draw nearer to God and to lean on him in every situation. I’m in a relationship that I know is not pleasing to God. I stay in it because I’m often depressed and lonely. I pray for the desire to do God’s will and to honor him in everything I do.

    • Dear Marian, I lift you up for prayer and your request to feel closer to God. I hope you can take a few quiet moments when you can to just meditate with God and let your heart open to Him. Then try to just sit and ask Jesus to fill your heart and just listen and bask in His love. I pray for your depression and loneness and strength and comfort for you to be able to let go. One day at a time.

  74. k-lynn I lift your mom before the throne of grace and I pray that God who heals our sickness and diseases would bring healing to her body right now. He’s the great physician and whatever the issue may be with your mom he is able to bring complete healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus.

    • Thank you Marian. Your gift of prayer is a gift. I will continue to prayer for you as well.

  75. Just so overwhelmed. No one has heard from my daughter(46) since late September. It’s like I’m in a nothing state of mind. Say nothing, do nothing, see nobody. Being told what to do, how to do it. It’s not that I don’t know how but if it isn’t his way it’s wrong. Constant belittlement from partner. God has delivered me from alcohol and drug abuse. Healed my body but am fearful of my soul is in jeporady. Ready to go back to the drink,drugs and just not caring about anything. Guess what I really need is more of Jesus. He’s done so much for me Why just throw it away because I’m depressed.

  76. Marian. Must be the season for depression. Praying for gladness and happiness for you. The bible says ‘ His grace is sufficient’ I’m praying for you for healing of body, mind and soul. Jesus loves you and understands we are human, not perfect. Blessings.

  77. I was wrongly fired from my job, I have been a nurse for 16 years, but my physician didn’t trust me/needed to cover his butt, and I could not work for a doctor who did not trust me. I know I did nothing wrong but I am having a hard time dealing with this.

  78. Please, I would like to pray for me because, indirectly, in a given situation and because of an unfortunate comment I made I ended up being responsible for the dismissal of a sister in a church department.
    She decided to leave in the end, although I say that comment it was a guess what I heard.
    God knows I did not mean things get to this point and not the person to leave.
    I’ve asked God for forgiveness but can not find peace in my heart.

    Thank you! Lynn