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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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  1. Deidra,
    I love that quote from Parker Palmer’s book about placing the words of scripture “upon” our hearts so that when our heart breaks the words can fall in. What poignant imagery. In this world we do have hardened hearts – ones that so desperately need to be softened by the Truth. People are putting their faith in people and not in the only One who can truly redeem and restore. We take up sides instead of building bridges. My prayer is that we would love each other as Jesus loved – with a unifying not a dividing kind of love. Lord, soften our hardened hearts that the Words may fall in and let us see others as brothers and sisters not “us” and “them”. Beautifully inspiring post Deidra!

    • Yes. That quote has stayed with me from the very first time I read it. That book, by Parker J. Palmer, is such a great read for our time. I highly recommend it.

    • Bev,

      AMEN! We need to love more as God loves us!

      Blessings Sweet Sister in Christ! 🙂

  2. That realization — how miserably I fail when left to my own devices — keeps me close to the Word, and I’m realizing that it’s not just a fear-thing, but really an act of faith to say (like your great rebbe story!), “I’m gonna keep this handy, just in case I need it, because I know I will!”

    Always so great to read your words wherever I find them!

    • Ah, you are a better woman than I, Michele! I really have to work at not thinking I have all the answers. I wait until I get backed into a corner before I realized, “Oh! Right! The bible!” Or, “Oh! Right! Prayer!” Good grief! In some things, I am a very slow learner. 😉

  3. Timely and powerful. Worthy of a re-read and a definite pass-on. Transformative and heartbreaking. Thank you!

  4. Diedra
    I have been reading your words of wisdom for about a year now — but these so very inspired, so eloquently told. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Thank you for your insight. I was blessed.

  5. Deidra,
    Thank you for posting this piece. It is amazing how our God works. This spoke to me in his perfect timing. You write beautifully.
    Many thanks and many blessings,

  6. It was just a month ago that I spoke to a room full of women regarding brokenness, scars, healing… And that quote up above about the heart really sealed it for me. It makes sense that the words would be hard to absorb when our lives are closed to His help. When the heart is sealed shut. I have been cocky. I have been bitter. I have been in denial. All have kept me from the goodness of His grace and bent me toward utilizing my own devices.

    I know now that it’s my choice. I first have to acknowledge where I’ve been broken have to agree to His healing. I have to hand over those pieces and let Him work them back together again, all the while, the promises of His word falling inside.

    And the funny thing is – is that I have to remind myself to do it over and over again. How easily the flesh remembers old habits. Something to be said about our eyes constantly fixed on Him…

  7. Yes yes… for me, brokenness is the place that Grace became real… Not just a God word… But a living …breathing reality in my life… My heart was like you discribed… Words of His Love laid on my heart … One at a time… Slowing cracking my hard heart … Until it broke in millions of pieces … The broken beautiful place where Grace and Mercy come in like a flood … The place where His redeeming Love restores… And I heard great reviews about … Just Mercy… On my list!!! Blessings Deidra and thanks for all you do!!!

  8. Thank you for this. Exactly what my breaking heart needed to read this morning. It is meaningful when we get more of Him. Amen

  9. Glorious words. Thank you for articulating something I’ve been frustrated with for some time. “We get sloppy and we wear our brokenness as a badge of honor.” Yes I see this so often in the lives of women. I recently finished Just Mercy, it changed me. Should be required reading for all Americans.

  10. To love as He commanded is to heal ourselves and each other in His grace. He is Sovereign and only He can change hearts towards the acceptance of being His love. No one can take credit for any of it, our wealth or lack, our wisdom or lack, our success or its lack except Jesus our God! And the beauty is that accepting His will, in His way and in His time allows love to grow and glow for His glory! For He promises “He uses all things for good…”

  11. “If God is going to get through to us, it’s often through our brokenness.” I love this statement. I’ve been going through a season of brokenness. During this time, God has shown me that I must loose the reigns & let Him guide me. Sometimes I feel that I’ve got to take things into my own hands in order for them to change. But God. ..has shown me that in order for me to get through this season I must surrender & give my burdens to Him. Thank you, Deidra, for this beautiful post.

    • God’s ways always seem so backwards, don’t they? To gain our lives, we have to lose them. To find peace, we must love our enemies. To be great, we should become least. But, His ways are right. They are tried and true. I just said a prayer for you, Graham, as you let go, instead of holding on. May you see God’s blessing in that.

  12. “… reconciliation is God’s gift to us, and to the human condition, even though it sometimes arrives through the pain of a broken heart.”

    Oh, friend…I’m gonna have a hard time waiting until April to read One. I’ve already been waiting for this from you for a long, long while.


  13. Deirdre,

    Your entire post this morning has deeply touched me, thank-you. I wanted to add more but I think I’ll leave it at that and read this over.

    Blessings to you,


  14. Deidra, how good the Lord is in bringing these beautiful words. I am so grateful for this tender touching of my heart thorough your post. There are days that I think we live with stony hearts because we are trying not to break and yet its in the breaking that we are healed by the broken heart of Jesus, we become open, vulnerable to His love. Its your words “Through our brokenness — in spite of our brokenness — God transforms us.” that bring hope that He will heal. I loved your story about the heart, its exactly in that story that one can see what is needing healing and can lead to a prayer for the Lord to melt our resistances and soften our hearts through His gentle love, truth, and serving others . May He touch each of our wounded hearts today, softening them for Him and each of our brothers and sisters so we can be one family in the vine of Christ.

  15. Deidre, such a thought-provoking post. As I thought about how often we go around declaring ourselves, “broken”or “a mess” and we remain in that condition, that’s not where God wants to leave us. I’m learning there is beauty in realizing where the broken places are in my life, my heart. And God’s helping me to see the root of the brokenness. I confess, I’ve been one who’s worn her brokenness as a mantle. I didn’t think about how it reflects my lack of trusting God to heal me. He’s been showing me that He has so much more for me—for each of us—than for us to remain in brokenness. You’re so right that God often gets through to us through our brokenness.

    And this? “But reconciliation is God’s gift to us, and to the human condition, even though it sometimes arrives through the pain of a broken heart.” This spoke to me.

  16. What a wonderful quote from Healing the Heart of Democracy! Sometimes, it does seem like the daily faith disciplines lay truth “on” instead of “in” our hearts, but when our hearts break, that truth does fall right in. And this: “We are sinners, yes. But we are also saved. We are microcosms of God’s great work in the cosmos.” Our Healer and Redeemer lives, and He is active!

  17. Thank you for sharing this. One thought that occurred to me: the glass may have broken, and our hearts frequently crack from “thermal shock”, but God doesn’t throw us away- He still uses us anyway. So thankful for that…His word is the glue that creates a beautiful mosaic.

  18. I too has grown weary of the broken and messy attributes of fellow Christians and myself. I purposely went back over some of my writing and am careful to be encouraging, rather than depressing. I hope all the broken hearts allow the words to fall in and God closes them over. It’s wonderful to share, but let’s let the joy of the Lord be our strength. Wonderful post, I love the Rabbi’s story.

  19. God’s timing is perfect! This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you for being a vessel used by God to touch and bless others with your words that the Lord gave you to sure.

  20. Deidre,

    My heart breaks when I see and hear of the tragedy befalling mankind in t his world. ‘Nothing is beyond God’s capacity, ability, or desire to redeem, restore, and reconcile.’ My prayer for this world and all the people is that God would come and reconcile us to Himself. People would reach such desperate brokenness that they cry out to Abba Father. Without Him we fail miserably. Praise God He cares for us and our broken lives. May His word fall into our hearts and we all remain in Him constantly. This life would be so much harder for me if God wasn’t in control!!

    Blessings 🙂