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Katie Westenberg is a wife and mother to four, who is passionate about fighting fear and living brave.

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  1. Katie,
    Oh how I pray that my “default” setting would be one of trust. In stead of easily reverting to fear, I pray that the trials that God has brought me through would give me confidence that He can be trusted so that when I’m in the crucible I will default to what i KNOW to be true….God loves me and He will always have my back. I don’t have to worry about what i see. Thank you for this poignant reminder!

    • Exactly, Pearl! I’m sure the moment David was praying this prayer, life did not “look right”. But He boldly proclaimed what he knew to be true. That is courage. And you’re welcome! Family friendly shows can be hard to come by – my 11 year old has particularly been captivated by this one.

  2. For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7. So hard to remember sometimes in these hard times! Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I need this today.

    • Isn’t that the truth, Mary? It IS hard to remember when our world is shaken. But it reminds me of the importance of seeking Christ and knowing Him when the sun is shining. That knowledge, that relationship, is what tethers us when the rain comes.

  3. Katie, my heart’s desire is to be fully devoted to the knowing so that the seeing aligns with who God truly is (not what my eyes see in the moment). Today your words have encouraged me to focus on what comes before the struggle. It’s in forging that deep and trusting relationship with Christ that the battle is won. Thank you for this much-needed word, dear friend.

    • “It’s in forging that deep and trusting relationship with Christ that the battle is won.” Beautiful words, Marva. That is the place is where real courage is built, brick by brick. Thank you for your support, friend.

  4. Thanks for this reminder no matter the situation My Lord is my defender all I need is Trust .Lord help me to always trust in You because you never forsake your own.Amen

  5. Katie, thank you for these strengthening words that the Lord has worked through you. How I needed this beautiful reminder today-it was what my heart needed 🙂 To trust in the Lord is everything and I am so grateful that He never leaves us to walk alone, always reminding us of the truth that is only seen and understood through the eyes and mind of faith. May we each hold on to the truth today, walking along the paths of His truth that He places before us, one baby step at a time, in His love 🙂

  6. David always reminds me the battle is the Lord’s and we fight in His strength with our trust placed fully in Him. Thank goodness more is going on that what eyes can see, because of what God is doing!

    Thank you for this clear and strong reminder to all of us.

    • Yes, Kathy, David’s life is such a great reminder of that. And I love that God is so patient with us as we fight to trust faithfully. I’m honored to be learning this right along with you!

  7. The Psalms are my favorite for teaching me how to look at my right-now reality while at the same time proclaiming the truth that God still loves, is still in control, is still un-changing and mostly, is still praise-worthy. Thank-you for showing this so very well in this post. Blessings!

  8. Your words resonate with me because so often I perceive that God is distant, that He is not entering into my situation with me, but Scripture gives me a much-needed course correction. M perception is skewed by wrong thinking about His nature and His ways.
    Thanks, too, for the Netflix recommendation! Always looking for family-friendly content for the winter months!

    • You know , Michele, I think David was feeling that distance too. I think maybe he was forcing his lips to speak the words he knew to be true, when his feelings, because of the threats that were staring him down, may have been otherwise. Such a great lesson for all of us to speak Truth in those fearful moments. And I hope you enjoy Brain Games as much as we have!

  9. When you have feelings of defending yourself in the face of evil, maybe the devil is trying to steal your healing back after youv’e already been healed. He can use an optical illusion to incite your reaction thereby hurting yourself. Or you can trust that youv’e already struck a home-run and let those optical illusions those people have set up come back on themselves as we know they will.

  10. Just the encouragement I needed to begin my day. A great reminder that regardless of what I am dealing with right now, as I am in the process of healing and restoration, I don’t have to be afraid or worry. I’m going to be ok. I made the right choice by walking away from a toxic relationship and his mind games and manipulation are his illusions. I will not be deceived. I will default to what I KNOW to be true and rest in the relationship that I have built with my God before this battle and even during this battle. He is my hope and an anchor of my soul. I will trust in the knowing. I will trust in Him. ❤️❤️❤️

    P.S. I will be checking the show out too on Netflix

  11. What a perfect analogy, Katie: our reactions to optical illusions and “the seeing and the knowing” of our faith. I’ve always been encouraged by those psalms where David (and others) lay out their fears, frustrations, and anger, but then reaffirm what they know about God. I also loved your conclusion: “May we be wholly devoted to the knowing.” Oh, yes! Thank you, Katie, for building up our resolve with this wonderful post.

  12. I love this reminder, Katie, thank you. It is so true that we have to have a trust deeper than what our eyes can see, and keep believing!! I have recently, when waking up mornings afraid or discouraged, started to play the “what if” game,the GOOD one! “What if there is so much blessing that I can’t hold it all?” “What if instead of being stuck, God is moving me forward so fast that I won’t have ample warning time to adjust?” LOL. I love this because it makes me smile and reminds me that God is not worried about my problems. So I don’t have to worry either. Thanks for writing this!

  13. Katie,

    We need to put on the sword of spirit and make it permeate our whole being. That way we can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. We will then be able to distinguish between just seeing and truly knowing.

    Blessings 🙂