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A three-time tongue cancer survivor and mama of children from “hard places," Michele Cushatt is a (reluctant) expert on pain, trauma and the deep human need for connection. Her most recent book, "Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves", wrestles with the dogged presence and affection of...

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  1. Michele,
    Oh how I want to be “interruptible”! I want to walk like Jesus and not look at others taking my time as an unwanted inconvenience. Jesus had time for people that others never would have had time for. But, in order to to that, He also needed to withdraw from the crowds and spend time with His Father. May I seek to have that balance of time with God so that I will be more willing to be interrupted when I feel that undeniable “nudge” from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for a much needed reminder!
    Bev xx

    • Yes, exactly. The more I’m connected to God in private, the more I’m able to sense his prompting in public. They go hand in hand. Thanks, Bev.

  2. Oh Michele! Thank you for this post! I have been there so many times! Sometimes I am obedient and respond to the Spirit’s direction. Sometimes I have been too embarassed, selfish, or full of excuses. Every single time I am obedient God has blessed me and the recipient of my taking time to stop and do something kind, reach out and speak, or make a connection. It has opened up doors of opportunity to share love and grace, and I think God smiles. And it always fills my heart with such joy! What a great reminder to all of us to be sensitive to God’s leading without reservation. Blessings on your day, my Friend.

  3. Michele,

    We live in a fast paced world. So many distractions & to dos. We end up rushing from here to there trying to get it all done. In the meantime we miss the little nudges or interruptions God has for us. I am guilty of being impatient. Not wanting to be delayed in getting my “chores/to dos” done. God on the other hand welcomed those diversions. He saw it as a time to talk one on one with someone & possibly make another convert. He purposely went out of His way to seek the lost. Those that society deemed unlovable. I pray that we would have eyes & ears to be more attentive to His nudgings. May we be more interruptible. More willing to lose face,, time & leave our comfort zones to show Jesus’s love to others.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I think that’s the part that convicted me most—how Jesus was so willing to stop what he was doing and where he was going to engage in a conversation, a touch, a healing, an encouragement. He had THE most critical agenda. But he also recognized that agenda was for the people right in front of him. Thanks, Beth.

  4. Thanks for this reminder. I shudder to think of the many “tugs” I have ignored or reasoned away….hoping and praying that I can be intentional and pay closer attention to ‘God moments’! I want to use up every single thing he gives me!

    Bev, love reading your comments! You are a wise woman!

    Blessings All!!

    • Me too, Indiane. There is one particular nudge I experienced—and ignored—years ago at a post office. And to this day I can’t forget it. The regret from that experience has become the impetus to doing it differently next time.

  5. Our mission in life is to lead others to Jesus and entry to heaven to be a witness! Let us all have the nudge of the Holy Spirit as we meet others daily.

  6. So very true!!! We need to listen to those promptings!! I also don’t listen sometimes, and miss out on the blessing of being obedient. Thank you for a great reminder!!

  7. I needed this today. I’m in the middle of an ongoing nudge to keep talking to a friend who has hurt me bad and I just dont want to be hurt again. And I struggle with these nudges to know if they’re from God or not. And I know that’s Satan working to keep me from listening and responding. I’m in a season of struggle of Satan undermining my confidence in what I’m hearing or nudges I’m feeling from God.

  8. God always knows what we need and when we need it. I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful reminder of our Lord never leaving us when we step out in faith. Dying to self (my wants, my needs, my way, my desires) has a whole new understanding for me. As empty nesters I envisioned a carefree life of serving along side my husband on our terms. God had a much different plan. After raising three beautiful children, seeing them start lives and careers of their own we decided to become host parents to children in crisis situations. Always short term and when it was convenient with our schedules. Little did we know our first hosting to a seven week old drug exposed baby and his four year old brother would go from a two week commitment to providing a forever home. So yes, I have five children 3-33. They have invaded every inch of our heart and our home. We had a thousand reasons why we did not want to do this. We love to travel, already done this with our own children, love my sleep, just bought a new white sofa, our friends thought we were crazy to name a few. Every single reason why was truly worldly desires of the flesh. So we said yes and have no regrets. But there are many days like today that I am tired and battle weary. That is why I thank you for you comforting words. They are like a soothing salve to a weary soul. Our littles officially joined our family one year ago yesterday. This morning I had a beautiful vision of our family strolling around the farmers market with muffins and coffee instead it was an overcrowded nightmare with a screaming toddler. As the tears started to flow during my favorite time of the day nap time I found your encouraging words and a beautiful reminder of what Jesus experienced on mission. “A Jesus-love is willing to be inconvenienced. It’s willing to lose face, lose time, lose comfort”. Well said.

    • Wow…wow…wow Lisa!!! First and foremost thank you so much for sharing with amazing honesty and transparency .
      Next I want to thank you for great reminder of what it means to take our eyes off ourselves and keep them focused on Jesus and others. I am in the midst of trying to discover what my purpose and reason ( God’s assignment) is for being on this earth. It looks like you have discovered yours in so many ways. Praise God!!
      Many Blessings!!


  9. How often shyness get the better of us as well. Sometimes we don’t know if God speaking by the Holy Spirit to us to go say Hello to even that lonely person. Like us in our Church the Salvation Army Our Salvation Army Officer says too us every week after Church before we leave. Who are you going to Bless this week. Stop even say Hello too. Listen to their stories. You might be the only person they have seen all week. Especially if they trust you and know you will tell no one else or can get them the help they need. You are then being the hands and feet of Jesus and doing as Children song says. Jesus hands where kinds hands doing good too all. It such a lovely song. Thank for another lovely reading. You know going to talk too that man you could have blessed him more than you will ever know. God will bless you for doing that. That you talked about in today’s reading. I have blessed people in the passed by asking them to meet me for coffee knowing they don’t have much money and can’t afford the treat. I have bought them a cup in a coffee shop along with a scone sat and listened to their problems and told them I pray for them. Which I know I have made there day alot brighter for them by knowing I care. By doing that I have blessed them as Christian. Love Dawn xxx

  10. This old man was my dad (not exactly my dad in the story but in general). He loved going to the gym, even after stroke-related dementia made it very difficult, he still tried his best. The people he met at the gym were his people. The kindness of strangers meant everything to us, knowing he still had a world of his own even while he felt so helpless. He died 17 months ago tomorrow. Thank you for being a friendly face and taking the time.. it means so much, more than you know.

  11. I love how you’re always senstive to God’s whispers – and you move in His direction and prompting just as you are! and in the process, show us the way – through your journey!!I’m moved by your vulnerable words, speaking from a place that is honest and also touched by what God has whispered to you.I’ve been SO blessed by your spirit and love through the speaker’s conference and spending time with you – and now I’m looking forward to seeing you in just a little bit at the (in)courage retreat and enjoy your company this week, friend! 🙂 with love, Bonnie