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    • Father God I lift Sharon up to you ,hear her prayer Lord, give her peace and comfort, in Jesus name we pray.., Amen

        • My prayers for peace and contentment as Paul describes in philippians. I too need prayers for strength.

        • Father, Quiet Ashley’s heart and spirit in this moment… help her to feel Your presence, and rest in the truth that You are with her… in Jesus’ name…

        • Ashley, lifting you in prayer. I know that struggle is like. Peace and blessings to you.

          • Jesus, I lift up Mary McCauley to you tonight, that you might hear and know her need. I ask that you give her the strength she needs, in all the ways she needs it, and to make her whole and at peace.

        • King of peace, i come to ask you to please steady Ashley’s heart, that she may understand that you ( her almighty father) are in control of all things and you are working all things for her good. Amen! He is with you Ashley!

      • Sharon and Elena –
        While your requests are unspoken to us, they are not unspoken to God. I’m praying for you both.

      • Thank you Elena. Lifting you up to our all-knowing, ever-present Father ;).

      • Father, Be with Elena as she faces this need for which she seeks prayer… help her to feel Your presence… help her to know that You are our Comforter, our Healer, our Guide, our Savior… in Jesus’ name…

    • Unspoken request ~ thank you for praying for me. He makes ALL things new … His mercy endures forever.

      • Father, Be close to Lisa today as she faces this need in her life… help her to know Your peace, Your comfort and Your strength… thank You that You are always present… in Jesus’ name…

    • Pray for physical healing of my back and strength to move forward and not dwell in the past.

      • Donna, I am praying that God heals you and gives you strength. I too am dealing with chronic pain, though in my arm. I ask for prayers for all who are dealing with chronic pain.

      • Father, We pray for healing for Donna’s back… might she know freedom from the pain she is enduring… be her Great Physician… help her to trust You and to sense Your presence, Your comfort, Your strength… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Praying with you and for you, joining with you in giving God praise and thanks in advance for hearing and answering that unspoken request, Glory be to God our Father Amen

    • Lord, I lift up Sharon’s unspoken request. Although I don’t know what it is, You do. You promise to answer when we cry out and ask for help. You’re near to the broken hearted and You lift up those who are bowed down. Give Sharon Your hope as an anchor for her soul. Surround her with Your Peace that passes all understanding. Grant her Your Favor. Give her an excellent spirit and Your wisdom. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

    • Sharon, I am praying for your unspoken request. God hears you, and He answers.

    • Praying for you this morning, Sharon! Believing in the name of Jesus that He hears, He knows, He makes rivers in the dry wasteland!
      HE is our HELPER!

    • Join with me in praying for my backsliden loved ones ,for all unsaved souls, join with me in giving thanks in advance for answering our prayers and making a way for us where there is no way, He is the God of yesterday, today and forever He will be, He made a way for His people when He parted the sea, i declare He is our miracle working God and i believe and declare that He will make a way for me, thank you Father for your mercies, thank you for being a merciful Heavenly Father, thank you for your mercies, you know what is in our hearts, without your mercies we are nothing,Glory,Praise and Honor be to your Holy name now and forever more Amen

      • Father, May those who are close to Ruth who have slipped away from their relationship with You be drawn back into Your presence… might they sense Your Holy Spirit’s leading and desire to once again trust in You as Savior and Lord… in Jesus’ name…

    • Heavenly Father thank you for hearing the silent prayer and cries of your daughter Sharon. I pray that you’ll meet her in a new intimate way today and that she’ll sense your presence with her. Amen

    • Praying for you right now, Sharon. May Almighty God meet you where you are. Cast your cares on Him because He cares deeply for you. When you cast, you throw it. You let go. Let Him guide you. I pray He shows you in a clear way that He loves you.

    • God, You know Sharon’s unspoken request. Bless her indeed!
      “The Lord bless you and keep you;
      25 the Lord make his face shine on you
      and be gracious to you;
      26 the Lord turn his face toward you
      and give you peace.”
      (Numbers 6:24-26)

  1. Pray for deliverance from fear, anxiety, rebellion, laziness in myself and my family so God can receive Glory and my family can become free. Gal. 5:1

    • I ask the Lord to grant all these petitions as they come from earnest hearts seeking you Lord.
      In Jesus Name, We Pray, Amen. ❤️⚓️✝️

    • Praying for you now, Andmre. I request prayers for my hospice patient and her family. She lost her 60 year old son yesterday. He died of a massive stroke. Minnie wonders “why him and not me”. She’s 95. Thank you for this community. You make me feel heard.

  2. Good morning. I would love prayers for preparation for a presentation at work. For creativity and time to prepare. I am sure all of us have days when we feel squeezed for time. Trusting He will give me what i need. xo

    • Dear Jesus, I pray that You will help KC with her work presentation approaching. You are the Master at everything and so often when we have no energy or motivation, You miraculously carry us through and help us with the task set before us. Bless KC with that miracle of time and motivation, wisdom and organization to finish her prep for the presentation. We know You’ve got this Jesus…..wow KC with creative ideas now in the name of Jesus I pray!

      • Thank you Nancy! I see your prayer and appreciate it more than you know! Your words are perfect and I am trusting Jesus for this presentation! Your words were and are perfectly said. Thank you for your love and care. God bless you today!

    • KC, I wrote a long prayer for you and now, I don’t see it???? Praying for you…….again! Love in Jesus, Nancy

    • Just prayed for you KC. May you have a wonderful and creative presentation.

  3. In Courage,

    My requests are for my in-laws. They have multiple health issues including stage III bladder cancer, diabetes for FIL; hurt shoulder, vertigo & others for MIL. Asking that they can get relief & I can help them as much as possible.

    My elderly neighbor Jean (86). She is bad diabetic & had stents in leg last year. Now the leg is hurting. She has lost most of her family including hubby & children. A good friend stays with her at night to make sure she doesn’t fall & help with shopping & cooking. Her only living sister is in nursing home with alzheimer’s & doesn’t know anyone.

    Praying for everyone here. God knows your needs even before I ask it. Father help all the women here with their situations. Send healing to those hurting or ailing, Bring peace & calm to weary souls. Those having tough seasons guide their steps & bring rest to them. Many are needing jobs so guide their actions & show them where you want them. Help us all to trust that you to direct our paths. Make us be still & rest today.


    Blessings 🙂

    • Lord, I pray for the needs that Beth posted: all very serious ones but nothing is too difficult for YOU! Minister YOUR healing strength to those suffering from illnesses and medical issues. May YOUR name be glorified through it all. Help Beth to be of encouragement and help to those YOU have put in her life.

      My prayer request is for a man named Arvid who has been in Rochester Hospital for 3 weeks. He is in a comma and has very serious heart issues. Prayers for YOUR will for him and that you will be close to his wife, daughters, and all his loved ones during this trying time.

      • Barbara,

        Praying for Arvid & the family. May God send His healing touch to Him to wake him up & heal his heart. May the family feel God’s presence around them. May they have a peace & comfort knowing God is in control.

        Blessings 🙂

  4. Praying with and for all of the soldiers and veterans (including my young son).

  5. My younger sister is in a coma and my family has some very hard decisions to make this week. I have been shaken to my core by this experience and feel like I’m lost and broken, I didn’t know it was possible to hurt this much. I need prayers of strength and wisdom for me, and peace for my sister.

    • Lifting you up, close to the throne of our Father. He wraps his loving arms around you. He cries with you and at the same time fills you with peace and wisdom. His love is all around you, now and it the hard days to come! He is still the same God he was before, he is the same God for you as he is for your sister! His loving hands carry her!

    • Praying for your comfort and that God wraps His arms around you…that you feel His presence and strength. Praying wisdom for you, peace for your sister, and the love of Jesus to cover all of you.

    • I pray for God’s miracles in your life and the knowledge and comfort that he is right beside you.

    • God knows your name. Lord Jesus, we ask for your strength and wisdom for my dear sister. Your child. You know all things, and we completely trust You with her, and with her sister. You are God, and You are a good God. We ask for peace, and for the comfort of your Holy Spirit to rest on your daughters. Bestow your wisdom to this family. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Father, be with this dear sister who is so grieved by her sister’s illness… be her comfort, her peace, her strength… guide the physicians as they care for her sister… Father, You are our Great Physician, and our Healer… might Your work be seen mightily in her life… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Anonymous,

      Father I lift up anonymous’s younger sister & the family. Send healing to the sister quickly please. Send your peace & comfort to her. Make your presence known so she won’t feel so lost & hurt. Guide & direct the family’s decision making. Help them all to deal with this situation as best they can. Peace & comfort is desperately needed. Send your loving arms to hug that family.


  6. Our Vacation Bible School starts today & our numbers are so low. Prayers that our eyes would be on God & not on the numbers & that He would be at work in our midst.

    • Cindy,
      Praying that the Lord will be present and make Himself known to each child & worker at VBS!

  7. I am struggling deeply in my marriage. I want God to revive what feels dead and lonely. I pray God change my heart towards my husband and rescue us from this season of drought.

    • Dear Father, come comfort Laura with Your peace and hope. Come breath life into her marriage, may it be fully restored and redeemed. Come fill her heart with deep love and understanding for her husband and come heal their hearts. I pray for protection over them in this time and for much wisdom. Amen.

  8. I’m praying for Sharon and all other ladies in this prayer chain. I’m praying for my family members who have anger issues, temper, approaching me with sarcasm so that God can heal their heart. I’m also praying for myself for the healing of past wounds and mistakes to be erased from my memory.

  9. Lord, you know us better than we will ever know ourselves. I ask that you meet Sharon’s unspoken request in Jesus name. Cover her with peace that surpasses all understanding and allow her to fill your abundant grace and mercy as she casts her cares upon you. Allow her cares to be few and her blessings to me many. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, Amen.

  10. Hello wonderful prayer warriors, I’m dealing with a lot of physical,emotionally pain since my Dad passed away a month ago. I’m requesting if you would please say a prayer for the anxiety attacks, the pain and for strength. Thank you so much!

  11. Praying for you Sharon. The Christian parents of my very young grandchildren, (including a baby) have chosen to go against Biblical principles for child rearing to follow after the wolves in sheeps clothing and heresies of these last days. And one of these they drastically ignore is what is taught in these verses right here and many others. It is hard to believe, but they never attend to their children’s crying, including that of a baby. It is not just a period of time to let the baby/child cry, but it is indefinitely until the poor little child falls exhausted into sleep, no matter the problem of hunger, dirty diapers or need of love, or someone who could be hurting them. They are always punished for crying and/or then just left alone. And there are many other unbiblical things they do and do not do for their children. I pray the Lord would turn their hearts to their children as Malachi and Luke speak of and forsake these destructive philosophies and actions against their children and turn to His truth. Thank you for praying.

    • Hc – I have seen your posts before in the past for prayer on this. Please, please call to have the children removed from their home. This is against the law. It is child neglect.

      I know it is family. But, not calling is enabling the behavior, and continuing to put the children in a dangerous situation.

  12. Prayers for wisdom and clarity for my doctor’s to diagnose and treat me for a mysterious illness. Prayers for healing from above.

  13. I’ve struggled (with belief) with those reconciling truths: I John 1;1-10.

  14. Praying for clarity and direction for the rest of the year regarding work, leadership, and finances.

  15. Good evening, I am struggling with loneliness as a single woman . My prayer is that God would take that feeling away.
    Thank you for your prayers and amazing and encouraging posts .

    With love

    • Praying for you tonight. I have had lots of periods of loneliness in my life and it is never enjoyable. I pray that God will be close to you and give you all you need to make it through this time in your journey. Praying He feels you so full that you don’t feel anything but His love for you. You are wise to remain single instead of chasing the wrong kind of people/persons just to fill that ache in your heart. God will honor your choices that honor Him.

  16. Father,
    Please be with Sharon. You know her and you know all about her unspoken request. Give Sharon strength, wisdom, and your peace. Help her feel your love as it surrounds and supports her.
    In Jesus name, amen.
    Please pray for God’s guidance as my daughter looks for a new church home. Thank you!

  17. Please for my young adult kids (Allie, Daniel, Emily and Sarah) to love Jesus with all their hearts. They are so very caught up in this world and the enemy has confused and deceived them. Please pray God’s Spirit opens their eyes and hearts to His truth. As a mother, my heart grieves so much. Thank you!

  18. I am asking prayers for God to put in my path a lawyer to help me end a 7 year persecution of my ex husband trying to steal my inheritance through the Court System. I believe that God will restore the years the locust has eaten. I am asking for God’s Justice & Favor through the Court System.
    In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

  19. This month marks the one year “anniversary” of my decision to leave an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. He continues to try and control me through the court process by refusing to negotiate at all so we are heading for trial. Please pray for God’s hand of protection over my daughter and myself and for wisdom for the judge. I am scared and nervous.

  20. Father in the name of Jesus I present Sharon’s unspoken request to you. You are the great I Am, present with us here in our moments of need. I pray you will be to her all that she needs st this time. Illuminate the dark places and bring healing hope and deliverance.

    Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen.

  21. I have been battling thyroid nodules for the past 9 years now. Please pray that God will bring healing whether divine or holistic. Traditional medicine’s solution is surgery to remove it and then take a pill for life. I have not received that report. I believe healing is available.

    Thank you!

  22. Please pray for my downstairs neighbor, Jordan, who is mentally unstable.

  23. Gracious Lord, you know the cry of Sharon’s heart and I ask that you meet her right now in that need and grant her hope and peace as she trusts in You (Romans 15:13).
    Please pray for God’s mercy and healing of body, mind and spirit for me. Thank you!

  24. My health is worsening even at my attempts to take better care of myself and praying for healing. More tests are being done over the next few week. Please pray for direction and wisdom, discernment, peace and healing. I’m very scared.
    Thank you.

  25. Dear Sharon,
    From your heart to God’s ears! Claiming victory for your answered prayers. Romans 8:28

    Asking for my son to feel God’s presence and guide his decisions.


  26. My prayer request is to see the manifestations of God’s guidance & love. Thank you.

  27. Dear Anonymous, Praying Godly wisdom for you and your family through this difficult time.
    I have a slipped disc in my back and was given a tapering steroid for pain. I have had a bad reaction to the medication. Please pray that my system will get back to normal and a new solution for the slipped disc.

  28. Please pray for my mom, as she seems to be battling mental illness. This is a hard road we’re walking with her. Thank you so much.

  29. I feel the whole world around me is doing well but I’m the one who is struggling:(
    But you encourage me to not think outside myself….to live outside of my broken little self…. to live for others!!!!

  30. Praying for my Father’s healing and restoration of spirit. Also that the Lord would help us through the many struggles we are facing.

    • Praying for you and your family ❤️

      “The Lord will fight for you, just be still.” -Exodus 14:14

  31. Please pray that HE will continue to fill me with confidence and assurance as I apply for job openings.. HE continues to amaze me how HE has provided for my day to day needs… and I am ready to embark on a new chapter in my life with HIS approval… Thank you!!..

  32. praying for you Chrissy. God is always nearby and hears our heart felt prayers.

    my prayer request : that my insurance company cover fixing my car. my family and I were hit by a semi yesterday. God was so in the details..no one was hurt! We all praised him right away and are aware just how blessed we were. now heading to insurance to try to get car fixed. Lord be with us !!

  33. Please pray for my husband and I as we embark in unknown territory. Due to a changing administration, he will lose his job on Tuesday.

    • Jessie, I understand. Our family has gone through similar. Father God, please grant Jessie and her husband your peace. A stillness. And, also new opportunities for their family. We know you can turn any situation. We know that all things work together for our good. Not every single thing, but that you can take everything and work it together for our good, and for your glory.

      Jessie, I am reminded of Joseph this morning. His own brothers sold him into slavery. A terrible situation. He had lots of ups, and also some downs (Mrs. Potiphar). But God took everything, and make things good for not only Joseph, but his family and Israel. Be encouraged this morning. God is still bigger and mightier than anything or anyplace or anyone!

    • Jessie, I pray that our sovereign God will help you to see that He is with you and that He is in control. I trust that as this door closes, He will graciously provide another open door for the two of you. Praying His peace will cover you and your husband and that the two of you will be filled with His Presence.

  34. Praying for my daughter. She has completely walked away from The Lord, is on drugs, and living with dangerous people. She has also cut off her family, and only communicates with her twin brother, but limited. She needs healing, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She needs to return to her family.

    • Praying for your daughter, Linda, to come back home to you and to the Lord. Praying also for your family as you deal with the effects of her decisions as well.

    • I’m praying for your daughter that the Lord helps guide her to the right path, and that she knows she is still loved and welcomed by her family to come back.

  35. My daughter (16) has been a victim of severe bullying at a private high school this past year. She tried to endure, but the school did nothing and we ended up leaving with 6 weeks left in the school year to keep her safe. She had to move to a new school, delete and block most of her old classmates and who she considered friends, and start over. People spread so many lies even those who called themselves her friends turned on her. She did nothing but try to be nice to people in a school where parties and popularity were all that most people cared about, and people became jealous because she was able to stay nice without caving to the pressure, and they wanted to destroy her. They succeeded, and continue to succeed. Meanwhile my daughter has to start over (which is hard for anyone, let alone a teen in her sophomore year), and now my son has to go to a completely new school as well this fall, and he is struggling with that as well. The bullies did a number on my family and yet we continue to see them doing well, while our whole world is rocked. Please pray for strength for my kids, restoration of my daughter’s name and friendships, and ultimately for the people bullying her to stop and reap what they have sown, as my daughter was only one in a long line of people they’ve destroyed. Watching your nice kid have to go through this and not being able to stop it has been heart-wrenching for me as well, as a single parent trying to do it all. Thank you for your prayers.

  36. The church where I serve on the worship team is searching for a pastor. Pray for us to seek the Father’s will in choosing someone to shepherd and guide our congregation to better health and more impact on our community.

  37. Prayer for a young woman whose going to court tomorrow for mediation with her child’s father. He’s turned away from Christ and is now dating a lady who believes in witch craft and the universe. The battle is raging against her please pray for the Lord to intervene and the covering and protection of her son when he goes with them. Thank you!!

  38. Struggling with family members who have openly walked away from the family and from God. I’m praying each day for them, but it’s hard to watch these things happen and know I can’t do anything to stop it.

  39. I would like prayer for healing in my legs and feet . Also for some sort of job I can to have an income . I’ve been a nurse for many years but am now experiencing arthritis and tears flow as I loved being a nurse .

  40. I would like to request prayers for my infant son. He has had such a rough start at life with multiple operations to save his life. He has overcome so many odds and has made many strides in the right direction. God has performed miracle after miracle. Now he is need of healing for a terrible stomach virus that he has been suffering from for 10 days. Please, God, continue to heal my precious baby. Help me not to be so anxious and worried everyday.

  41. Burden are lifted at Cavalry Jesus is very Near. What a true song. You get it on youtube. Jesus is very near he hears all our problems and knows them even before we speak or pray them. But he still likes us to pray them to him. So as he know we are putting our trust and faith in him and his word the Bible and the promises in it. Because that is all we need along with a good friend to listen to us and pray along side us and for us. Trust God that in his perfect timing our prayer will be answered. We might not get the answers this side of earth if it to with health problems. But ours is not to ask why? But keep trusting God keep looking up no matter what. If not healed this side of earth we will be healed in Glory. But remember Burden are lifted at cavalry Jesus is very near. So true a song. Jesus is very near no matter what we go through.
    Another excellent reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  42. Praying for you Sharon. I am praying for financial wisdom as well as for companionship, friendship.

  43. Hi Jessie! Praying for you and your Husband. Be encouraged the Lord will be with you both in the unknown.

    Please pray for my husband and I. Today we will start marriage counseling.

  44. Very much in a wilderness/limbo place right now; applying for an interviewing for jobs and waiting to be hired. I’m praying for God’s will for the right job that He wants me to have. Many things in my life right now are tied to this job offer and unfortunately the timing (quick timing) is very important. Please pray for me that an offer is made on the right job quickly. Thank you!

    Sabrina, I think you are doing the best possible thing you can do for your family by praying and by asking God to take care of it! Lean into God and let His comfort embrace you!

  45. Dear Heavenly Father I pray for Jessie and her husband. You know what their future holds and only You can bring them the peace that You offer. I pray that Phil. 4: 6,7 will permeate there hearts and minds. Let Your will be done. In Christ name I pray. Amen.

    • I am praying for you Barbara. God is our hope – rest knowing that He has you in His care. Trust Him – He loves you very much.

  46. My son was in a car accident on Thursday and broke his neck. He will heal, God is good. I would like prayer as He does not believe and has addiction issues. At the same time, his father and I are going through a very ugly divorce and there is restraining order involved. It is messy and I just want to be there for my son. Please pray for healing and for me to be his calm and peace and to allow Jesus to move through me. I am very blessed to have him alive and walking today.

  47. Tomorrow my nephew will have invasive tests on his heart that is currently functioning only at 15%. Please pray with with that the doctors would be given wisdom and discernment and clarity for a treatment plan and that God would do a miraculous healing in him. Thank you.

  48. Pray for Alex that God will send a strong believer in his life to tell him the truth about the Lord and that he will have ears to hear

  49. Healing from depression and anxiety for my sister who is having an assessment done today. Nephew healing from cystic fibrosis.
    Salvation for my husband & our wider massive family to love & serve Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour.

  50. Prayers for our little grand daughter A., who is only 3 – living in brokenness…

  51. I take over my boss’s position next week and I keep cycling through elation and terror. I have always been the assistant, never the executive. The feeling that I’m kidding myself and I’m not actually qualified for this keeps coming back. I know fear comes from the enemy, but as the day approaches it gets stronger.

    • Go Jess!!!!!! Heavenly father, please help Jess to do this job in the way you want her to do it; for her to realise she is not her boss but set apart by you for such a time as this; to shine as beacon of light in her workplace; to get all the tasks done and people to ask where does her hope come from. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Jess, praying for God’s peace as you step into this new role. I too have battled fear most of my life. Sounds like God has brought this opportunity into your life. You are bravely stepping out trusting Him to work through you. Remember He just asks us to step out in faith, He will supply the power and wisdom. He doesn’t mean for you to carry it. Praying you can rest in Him, knowing He’s got this!

  52. I’d appreciate if someone could lift me up to the Lord in prayer. I have prayed for many years for a Christian husband. I don’t want to think this door is closed yet it is looking impossible. I desire to be a Christian wife; to admonish each other daily; to do life together in Christ. It seems a godly desire yet never an answered prayer. Thank you.

    • Father God , you set dreams in the hearts of men and only you can fulfill them. Please cover Lou in your overwhelming love , set her on the path of walking in love . Lead her path and if Marriage is thy Will you join hearts in Holy Matrimony to serve Your purpose on earth . Amen
      Prayer Request :
      2 years ago I lost my job in Bahrain. Struggling to find a job in Reinsurance… and finances have become scarce due to family health problems. Need proper healing for my MIL suffering from cancer and for providence of home care for my sick MIL . In desperate need for Heaven’s grace .

      • Father God in the name of Jesus, I just pray right now and ask You, Holy Spirit, to take control of this prayer request, this cry for a covering of Grace. Father, Lisa nor myself know the timing or way that you will deliver financial & physical healing in this situation but, by faith we are declaring & believing without doubt that You WILL the I Am that You Are and bring forth renewal and strength in her and her family’s lives. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  53. Please pray for me. My sister has become disabled due to dementia from alcoholism I have just been made her power of attorney. Please pray I get the financial information I need to help her get the care she needs. I have almost no records and she does not remember. We have used up almost all her finances and need to get her on SSDI to qualify for Medicaid to stay in the facility she is in. I meet with a lawyer on Friday for help but finances to cover this is almost gone. Please pray the Lord will grant me favor and wisdom to strength to see this through and His peace! I’m coming off a very difficult year. My mom passed away a little over a year ago and I was her primary care giver. I went into deep depression and anxiety last summer. I’m recovering and don’t want this to pull me back down but I want to make sure my sister is cared for. Thank you for praying!

    • Anita, this hit me on another level. All these prayer requests are important, but this one I can relate to because I, too, have lost my mother (when I was 13) who I helped take care of, and know all-too-well about feelings of deep depression and anxiety, anger too. So right now, I pray in conjunction with your prayer request, that God, Our Father in Heaven, will hear our desperate cries and help turn this situation around for the better. (Romans 8:28) I pray that He not only provides you the financial support and physical & mental strength that you need to continue through this tough time, but that He also gives you emotional & spiritual healing like never before! God knows what we need, when we need it, and how we need it. It is my prayer, in conjunction with the guidance of Holy Spirit, that from this point forward, you will hear God’s reminder that “The earth is the LORD’S and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” (Psalm 24:1) God hears you & He has you in His hands! God Bless you.

  54. Hello Everyone! My prayer is that God answers ALL our prayers. Prayer is powerful and is needed for us all. I was involved in a situation today at work in which I had to go to HR for discrimination and supervisors abusing their authority. That was to be the focal point of my prayer; however, after stumbling across this website and seeing the point behing this post, my greatest prayer today is that websites like this continue to be shared and created for the edification of God’s name, prayer for all God’s people, and unification for the building of God’s Kingdom. This is beautiful!! And I’m thankful that Jennifer Dukes Lee’s “Love Idol” book brought me here… I’m a believer that the HR situation is already handled by God and that He has declared the victory over the enemy for my sake! God bless you, All!



    • LORD God, I ask that you make manifest a sense of peace and strength for Joanna L. Kearns. Not just tonight, but always. Lord, You know how angry I have been at Your timing, not being willing to see your guiding hand in my life and unable to reach through my angst and angry emotions to find Your love and light when I have been so ill in and in so much physical and emotional pain. I ask you, to please help Joanna see that You ARE there, only a hand-hold away, aching to let her feel Your love. I ask you to soften Joanna’s heart toward You, like You did for me, and to allow her to see, in hind-sight, that ou’ve been with her every step of the way. In Jesus, most Holy Name I pray. Amen.

  57. I ask for prayers tonight, not for myself, but for the adult son of my best friend who passed in March and whose grandfather passed on July 4th. He has been untethered and searching since before his mom went to be with out Lord. I ask for prayers for him to find Christ and come to know him, I ask for stability for him, to know the peace of our Lord. And I ask for prayers for his mom’s entire family. His name is John Onyx. Thank you.

  58. Our Glorious Father, I lift sweet Lauren’s prayer requests to you. May you fill her life with the things that bring her joy and contentment. Show her the purpose You have for here on Earth.
    ,,, I also Pryor for all my fellow sisters before and after her post. Unit us as prayer warriors to fight the battles and rejoice in our victories.
    My prayer is to overcome stress at work which causes anxiety and depression. May God send sweet blessings to all of you.

  59. Lord, I lift up all of these requests–spoken and unspoken. You are the Great Physician, healer of body, mind and spirit. Please touch each and everyone of these precious daughters of yours. Give them the peace that surpasses all understanding, joy unspeakable and your home that is light. Shower then with your everlasting love. In Jesus name, Amen.

  60. What a great idea! Lord, I lift Patty up to you? Meet her every need spoken and unspoken.
    My prayer request is for Salvation and victorious living for all our children.

    • Linda
      Praying for all our children
      And praying for the Hope only found in Jesus in this dark wicked world. Two of mine are following the world – praying for their redemption.

  61. Prayers for this heart of mine to heal. I know I speak of this loss so often and I wished I could make the hurt and loneliness go away. This week has been quite hard and my tears are flowing. 17 months Zer Cha since you got your wings and I missed you. I long to hear your voice, to see your text come across my phone but all I have are emptiness inside that it seems to grow. Lord, I know one day I will see her again, it is in the waiting until then that will be the most hardest. 40 years of friendship and another 40 years to go without you my friend is what I am afraid of. Save me a seat Zer Cha…

    • Father God, I pray peace for my sister Maylee. Give her your strength to walk through this sad time of grief. Minister to her every need. Help her to remember your word in I John 4:18 that tells us your perfect love casts out all fear.