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  1. I love the story of Rahab and that she is mentioned whenever the lineage of Jesus is mentioned. Those are some interesting skeletons in the closet. My story may not be as dramatic as Rahab’s. I haven’t been a prostitute, but I have sinned. I’ve been angry, jealous/envious, impatient,judgmental, unkind, prideful in that I think I need to do things on my own and in my own power, and the list goes on. Sin doesn’t have to be so blatant…sin is sin. So thankful that Rahab’s story reminds me that I am wiped clean; seen as white as snow through the blood of Christ. Great deal…think I’ll just have have to BOGO ! Think I’ll have a giveaway at my blog… 🙂
    Bev xx

  2. Good morning “sisters in courage” What beautiful message to remind us how often God uses us when we are faithful. We ARE truly Forgiven, Beloved, Cherished and Valued! Thank you. Have a wonderful blessed day….and pass it on!

  3. Instant it so good to know God loves us no matter what. Even if we mess up as Christians. We can go to God and say we are truly sorry ask his forgiveness. I David did in Psalm 51. God Loves us to much to not help us out of that sin if we ask him for his help as Christians. As he wants to set us free and have us live the lovely lives he intents us to live. Not have the Devil take us Christians down the wrong path of sin. As at times the Old Devil will try get us to do that with things he knows we have weakness in. Plus find hard. So we have to in this case stay very close to God and ask him to help us not to get into that temptation and turn away from it and do what is right in God eyes. No let the old Devil tempt us into the sin that he want us to be tempted into. That is sin in Gods eyes. That we ourselves know is wrong. So this were we have to stay so very close to God as Christians. Not let the Old Devil have the last laugh. Say ah now I got her to sin and do what is wrong in Gods eyes as Christian. So this where we have to keep close to Gods word the Bible prayer and good Christian friends. If we find the temptation to hard go seek help from a good Christian we can trust. So as we can beat this not let the Old Devil win. Stamp him under our feet. Remembering at all times Gods loves and is proud of us for going and getting the help. Owning up we had a problem. Being big enough to get help. As God wants us to know we are special he want us to be the Christian that can then smile say yes God helped me through this by helping me get the help I needed. Knowing God love you no matter what that he proud of you for getting the help. You are special to him (God) no matter what. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  4. In Courage,

    Rahab’s story is proof that God can & will use anyone no matter the background. He requires a willing heart & fear of the Lord. He doesn’t wait for us to be perfect or qualified. A saying goes “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” He will give us what we need to accomplish the tasks He has planned for us. Our stories may not be anything like Rahab’s. We need to have reverence for God & obey Him no matter what. God wants repentant hearts who love Him mind, body & soul. People who accept His forgiveness, your identity as a beloved child of God & act upon that. Don’t let the evil one’s lies get to you. You aren’t what you once were. You are made new. In that fact God can & will use you for His glory.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. I love this! Spoke straight to my heart. I know I am forgiven but sometimes it’s easy to wallow in the guilt of past sins and yesterday’s sin! It’s important to remember we are wiped clean. I wasn’t really aware of Rahab’s story But it puts the importance of letting go, remembering Jesus has already paid the price for our mistakes and to try and move past them. It reminds me God does want yo use me to do his good work this side of heaven regardless of my sin.