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Michelle is a wife and mom of three who is learning to embrace the messiness of life and walk in the grace of God. When she isn't chasing or homeschooling her little ones, she is teaching women how to grow deeply in God’s Word and walk in His truth.

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  1. Michelle,
    What a beautiful reminder for all of us women who try to “make Christmas happen” for everyone else. We need to pause and remember who made Christmas happen for us and give thanks and praise for the babe who came to save, and redeem, and heal, and bring hope. Lovely devotion.
    Bev xx

  2. Yes, the stress of the ‘celebrating’ most times falls on the women. Some try to make it perfect and we all know that is impossible. So let’s not stress out – let’s focus on the tiny Baby lying in a manger who changed the world forever. May His peace surround us all.

  3. Thank You Michelle,
    I’m one of those people who has always disliked Christmas due to my family situation.
    Your message reminds me to just embrace the enormity of what this celebration means regardless of my complaints.
    Have blessed Christmas!
    Love Maggie

    • Thank you for your words Maggie. Our circumstances may not be what we desire for them to be, but the beauty of Christmas is being reminded that He came for us, messes and all. Praying for you this Christmas Maggie…
      Merry Christmas!

    • Maggie,

      Praying for you sweet one! We may not like our circumstances & we can’t control them. Just remember that Christmas is all about the birth of a savior. The one who came to give us new life abundantly! He came to help us through our messes!! Have a happy birthday party for Jesus!! Praying for this Christmas to be a good one!


  4. Thank you so much!
    “As for me whose sins are many, I need a mighty Savior.”

    Jesus paid it all,
    All to Him I owe.
    Sin had left a crimson stain,
    He washed it white as snow.

    Christmas is a peaceful and joyful celebration of His Holy Birth. I’m now smiling and remembering the words of “O Holy Night”.

  5. Thank-you Michele for writing these beautiful words.
    ‘Christmas’ will come…..
    Blessings to all,

  6. Wonderful and wise words, Michelle! It’s so important to remember the humanity of the people in the Bible. Their stories are our stories, as we all struggle with so much of the same sins and hardships. We all need a Savior! Christmas is the birth of a new relationship between God and mankind — filled with His grace, mercy, and the chance to know Him as never before. Thank you for writing this beautiful reminder of the incredible blessing that was born that wonderful night!

    • Thank you Rebecca for being my encourager. Yes, I love finding the humanity of the people in the Bible, black and white words often leave us forgetting they were, in fact, flesh and blood!

      Merry Christmas friend,


  7. Oh, Michelle, this is beautiful – your descriptive words touched my heart. So glad to see this where others can read. You are a gifted lady with a heart for Jesus.

  8. Hi, Mary was conceived without sin. The immaculate conception is part of the catholic religion. What are you?

    • Hi Vickie,
      Your comment really touched my heart. I love that song. It touched me way down deep. Thank you & God,, 7
      And thank you Michelle &
      thank you,God
      for speaking to me

  9. This year, in particular, I’m falling more in love with the baby Savior turned risen King. Lovely message of this post, Michelle. ♥

  10. And, Mary had to receive Christ as her Savior the very same way we have to. Led by Holy Spirit and faith to believe and receive. xo P.S. (in)courage, I wonder if anyone else has an issue with sharing the tweet? I am on I.E. browser and the tweet tool never works properly.

  11. I love studying women in the Bible, what an interesting thought, even Eve needed Him to set things right. Don’t we all, imagine her face if she was in Paradise and saw Him come to lead captivity captive and move them to heaven, and thank God death could not hold Him, lots to celebrate and not just at Christmas., and I never tire of hoping to understand Mary’s heart, carrying the Prince of Peace as a baby so we can carry Him in our hearts. Merry Christmas everyone and God send you a Happy New Year!

  12. Michelle,

    What an interesting perspective on Christmas. Never really thought about Mary needing a savior, but everyone does. No one down here is perfect! “Jesus came looking for us; He came with the purpose of saving and restoring us”-what a message. I can’t even comprehend why He would leave the splendor of Heaven for me! Merry Christmas everyone!

    Blessings 🙂