New year's eve fireworks Photo by John Haslam

A new year is a great time to reset your internal clocks, re-calibrate your settings, and re-chart your course. There’s something encouraging and natural about using a fresh calendar page to make new goals in your life, which is why new year’s resolutions are so popular.

But made in haste, resolutions can be pointless at best, discouraging and depressing at worst. When they’re vague, broad, and unreachable, you’re almost setting yourself up for failure. But when they’re specific, productive, and attainable, resolutions can truly be an ebenezer in your life for some healthy changes.

I’m in favor on new year’s resolutions

  • Kristen – Moms Sharpening Moms

    I am totally going to print these questions out for my man and I to discuss. Thanks, Tsh, for the great food for thought.
    Happy New Year!

  • Marilyn

    Good questions. They will help zero in on some good resolutions rather than just randomly making commitments. We are visiting with family and will be discussing some of these today.

  • Cathy Davis

    Thank you! I posted it on my blog for the readers I might have who don’t subscribe. I think my husband is already starting to look forward to discussing these questions (tee hee).
    Happy New Year!

  • Claire

    What great questions! I’m definitely going to print them out an work though them. I have a tendency to only look forward, so this will be a great exercise. Thanks!

  • Intentionally Katie

    Awesome questions! I just sat down and typed out my answers and will scrapbook them for a keepsake. Thanks for providing the direction!

  • Jen E @ mommablogsalot

    Great questions! I posted my answers on my blog – very interesting to look back on my year so thoroughly.

  • Susan

    I have printed this out and will give a copy to my husband. What a great way to share an evening talking about our year together. Happy New Year!

  • Holley Gerth

    Thanks so much for this post, Tsh. I love how you live so intentionally. That shines through in all that you do…and helps the rest of us do the same.

  • Jamie

    Love this list. Thank you!Jae

  • Jessica

    I just went through and answered all the questions (on Facebook Notes) and thought it was wonderful to think back over the year and now I know where I need to begin my journey in 2010. Thank you and Happy Year!!!!

  • amanda

    Great questions – I just put them on my blog. I enjoyed all of the thinking, and I have a good idea of what I need to work on for 2010. I can’t wait to read everyone’s blog posts. we’re all in this together. have a blessed 2010!! :)

  • Tsh

    Glad it’s all been an encouragement to you! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve…

  • Chrysanthemama

    Thank you for this! I worked on it this morning and posted it on my blog. Happy 2010!

  • Minnesotamom

    Great resource, Tsh. Thanks!

  • The Stepford Wife

    This is actually a great idea that, sadly, would have never, ever occured to me.
    Thank you for sharing! I’m really looking forward to diving into it.

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