Kristen Strong


I chatted on the phone with a friend not long ago, and we swapped snapshots of what’s going on in our lives. After sharing how the spouses, kids, and jobs were getting along, this friend asked me those four […]


As we greeted those sitting next to us in church that Sunday, one of my dear children accidentally kicked over my husband’s full — very full – cup of coffee. Creamy brown liquid dribbled in rivulets from our […]


It’s early in the morning when golden edges of sunlight tippy-toe around the fringes of the horizon. I look out our picture window and take in the view of snowy housetops […]


Four years ago this week, my daughter underwent surgery on her spine to repair a broken neck. When I re-visit memories from that time, I turn over many questions that remained unanswered […]


I slid into the booth at Kneaders opposite Salena, excited to chat with this woman I recently met but feel like I’ve known for years. Over her fruit tart and […]


It happened when the school year had barely left the ground. Two of my three kids, James and Faith, plodded through homework in their favorite spots around the house. My other child, […]


I have a notion that most of us like change. That is — we like it when it’s our idea. When we handpick the who, what, when, and where of […]


We are knee-deep in summer now, and today I’m ear-deep in listening to argument #27 between two of my young darlings. I’ve had it up to here, and I’m about to let them know it. […]