God Colors

This is such an inspiring time of the seasons.

As winter melts away… we are left with glimpses of life awakening. Colors awakening. Oh the beautiful colors. Beautiful inspiring colors.

God is speaking to us. Do you notice?

Green and olive and gold and yellow and jade and fern and chartreuse.

God colors emerge.

Red and Pink and crimson and mauve and purple and burgundy and magenta.

Breathtaking God colors.

Turquoise and blue and slate and navy and aqua and periwinkle and white.

They stir my heart.

They inspire. They make me want to create. They make me want to grab my brushes and paints. They make me want to try and capture it. Capture just a bit of the beauty that is emerging around me.

… to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD… Psalm 27:4 (NIV)

I love His ways of speaking to us… of inspiring us. We need to only listen. We need to only notice.

What are God colors inspiring inside of you?

by Jennifer, StudioJRU


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  1. 1

    I not only love the colors of spring, but all the smells that accompany them! Its like a whole new freshness which is re-appearing once again. The combination can’t help but stir my heart :)

  2. 3

    Beautiful post –words and photos! I think I love all the color names as much as I love the colors…. chartreuse, turquoise, slate, jade, periwinkle… =)

  3. 6

    Oh how beautiful!
    For me, summer is drawing to a close. And I see cobalt blue skies and golden wheat stubble, and hear the cry of the parrots. My colours are different, but they speak similar words – Our God, His majesty and His faithfulness – summer’s heat is ending, cooling refreshment is coming. And yes, I too am inspired to grab my brushes and bleed colour onto paper, to try to capture the colours, to try to capture the scents and beauty in poetry too. What a lovely post this was to read today – thank you!

    • 7

      You paint a beautiful picture with your words Zoe. Golden wheat… one of my favorite God colors. Enjoy HIS inspiration!

  4. 8

    oh, i love this jen! green. i am waiting for the green.

  5. 10

    If joy could be a color, it would be all these wonderful ones swirled together – not muddied, but sharp and crisp and bursting one off of the other. Thanks so much for the beautiful imagery!

  6. 12

    I love seeing the world through your eyes (and heart), Jennifer!

  7. 14

    Beautiful post Jenn! I agree with Holley, I love seeing the world through the eyes and heart of such a wonderful artist and woman!

  8. 16

    Amazing photos!

    We drove to Omaha yesterday and on the way back to Lincoln, the sun was setting low in the west. It was still too early in the afternoon to paint the sky with sunset colors, but the blue with the blaze of the sun was just wonderful.

  9. 18

    beautiful words… beautiful images… beautiful palette from God. It’s such a refreshing time of year- love how share your heart!

  10. 20

    All those beautiful colors and hues makes me chuckle at the idea that for 2011, the in color is Honeysuckle pink. God’s color choices are always spot on and amazing every day.

  11. 22

    Very intriguing post. My God colors today are yellow for the daffodils poking up to remind us of God’s gift of spring, and brown for the color of my granddaughter’s hair, shining at me as we work on her homework.

  12. 24

    These pics are wonderful Jennifer.

  13. 26

    Jennifer, this is so lovely..I have been adoring yellow. I just picked up some yellow tulips and they are really cheerful and brighten up my kitchen. :)


  14. 28

    What a beautiful post Jen! I love that God colors are all around us. Even in the gray and drear of winter! Just beautiful.

  15. 30

    I think God is the best artist ever! The colors he uses and the canvas that He has to decorate is breathtaking. I am in awe of His creation!
    Gorgeous pictures.

  16. 32
    Patricia says:

    As a fellow artist, I soooo appreciate this post!! Your words are as beautiful as a painting! :)

  17. 33

    I am so, so happy to hear that Patricia. I am grateful you enjoyed it!

  18. 34

    These pictures reminded me of my walk today. Flowers were poking from the ground and snow was falling. . .love it.

  19. 36

    Beautiful…there is still snow on the ground and a nip in the air, but spring is stirring…I feel it in my bones. Love it!!

  20. 38

    It’s awesome when we take the time to soak in all the beauty that God made for us. It really is breathtaking, isn’t it??

  21. 40

    I love this post. Your pics are so beautiful. God has truly gifted you with His eyes.

  22. 42

    I love any shade of pink and blue! I’m SO looking forward to my garden in full bloom! I love all of the shades God has used to beautify our world! Beautiful pictures, Jennifer!

  23. 44

    Right now, out my window, I can’t see many colors. The gray of the sky and the brownish-yellow of the grasslands have been the same for what seems like a very long time. Lately I’ve felt my heart lose it’s color. Your post, the talk of the colors of spring, have stirred hope in my heart. Hope that one day, soon, looking out my window I will be overtaken by the richness of the greens, the crispness of the blues, and the sheer delight of any other color He splashes into my view. Hope that the color will soon return to my heart, and I will feel that joy again.
    I miss Nebraska, it was my childhood home.

    • 45

      Oh Penny… I know you will be overtaken by the delight of HIS colors. I know HIS colors will return to your heart. Return full of joy!

  24. 46

    Beautiful Jennifer! {As always!}

  25. 48

    Jennifer, this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    Cha Cha

  26. 49

    Thank you so much. It is a pleasure to share!

  27. 50

    The reddish tan of the dust before the rainy season settles in earnest, the golden beams of sunlight through the haze, the grey blue of storms trying to form, the brown of earth ready for rain, the crimson of the first buds heralding the coming of the wet, the white of frangipane first blooms, the mottled green of moringa leaves, the ebony black of my children’s beautiful faces. It is a rainbow of grace surrounding me in Sudan… inspiring and calling me deeper into His heart.


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