Vision for Your Life

Some cast it into the deep blue while others look on and try to follow.

Others demand a certain version that feels more like control.

You might shy away thinking it’s too big, like shoes that might cause a blister.

But all should possess it.


According to George Barna, vision is a “clear mental picture of a preferable future imparted by God to His servants based on an accurate understanding of God, self & circumstance.”

{I love that definition.}

It’s a mental picture. It’s personal. Only you can really see it.

It’s never completely finished.

It’s a plan, hopes, dreams. All rolled into one at times.

Sometimes it’s blurry due to circumstance. Other times it changes and grows.

But the secret to having vision for your life? To cling to the Father, to know His mind and heart for you. To know who you are in Christ. And to be aware of your surroundings and landscape that you’ve been planted in.

So, what’s my vision? It’s complicated. {Surprised?} I think everyone’s is and should be. {It would be boring otherwise, right?} It’s personal and beautiful. It’s exciting and a little scary because it’s bigger than I expected.

I know without God it’s impossible. So, it’s just the right size for me.

by Stephanie Bryant, co-founder of (in)courage and Creative Mastermind at S. Bryant Social Marketing.

  • Amy Hunt

    Oh, I love this, Stephanie! I feel like I’m tangled up in sheets of visions lately, and I’m tossling around the doubt, too. And I’m beginning to trust and receive peace even in the doubt, for it brings me closer to Him – every. time. I bring my doubt to His feet and ask if it makes sense, and I question Him again – Daddy, are you sure? Because it just doesn’t make sense right now…And together we celebrate His Big-Ness and Amazing Being. I’m so grateful for just-right-for-me visions.

    Rich blessings to you as you seek Him in your visions, Stephanie…

  • Leigh

    What a wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning. Beautiful and lovely, thought-provoking and truth-filled.

    I absolutely LOVE George Barna’s definition! I had never heard it before. Thank you for writing this and sharing. I appreciate your heart and willingness to continue to follow the vision He’s given you.

  • Christan Perona

    What insight in the second sentence of your post. I had never thought of it that way before. There is a need to always check our motives, I guess, because of the Fall in the Garden of Eden. Because we are living in a land that is not our own.

    Thanks for the inspiration…

  • Hope Easter

    This was such a great read this morning. I know exactly where I want to be, go, and do, and I know I cannot do it by myself. [Phil. 4:13]
    It’s so amazing though, this is what I’ve been thinking about since I saw the movie Soul Surfer. Great movie, and very encouraging.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways. :)

  • brie.

    gasp. i’ve been working through what god’s vision for my life is. this is so spot on. but it’s the discerning which can be so hard. the wrestling with the space between who you are and who you’re called to be can be disheartening. but you’re right – god’s vision for you is ‘just right’. blessings on the journey.

  • Living the Balanced Life

    I am at that place where my vision is not quite clear yet. I see glimmers of it, but unsure of its full parameters. Praying for God to open my eyes and help me to see what He has in store for me!
    Trying so hard to be myself

  • Stephanie Shott

    It’s reassuring to know that without God we can accomplish nothing, but by and through God there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

    One of my favorite quotes is by Williams Carey… “Attempt great things for God; expect great things from God!”

    Since we serve a big God it only makes sense to vision big. So vision big and be faithful every little step of the way!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

    I love, love, love this definition of vision. It meets me exactly where I am right now! Thank you.

  • Katell Schmitz

    It’s funny how this is EXACTLY the answer to my prayer I made this morning! I have been lamenting before the Lord about my life vision. Trying things and quitting them, not feeling good enough or comparing myself to others and finding them more appropriate for the task. Even as of last night I was in bed wanting to give up on my current projects.
    Thank you you for posting this. Such an encouragement!

  • Sherri Ohler

    This is wonderful and a perfect post to go with mine today! At least for me it is. My vision truly is changing from one day to the next and I wonder what God is up to all the time. I MUST cling!
    Thanks so much :)

  • Carey Bailey

    So thankful it is never finished! Always room for tweaking.

  • Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

    Sometimes the challenge is to hold on, to cling to the vision God has placed before me…even as present circumstances cloud my eyesight. Trusting in His timing, instead of petulantly demanding my own schedule-of-fulfillment. Trusting in His refining, preparing me for the pursuit of someday-visions, right here in the laundry & dirty diapers & phonics & violin lessons & geometry & youth group…

    Oh, that my sight will be His sight! Unbound by time; ever-patient, expectantly trusting!

  • Betty Draper

    Funny I have been scrolling through post after post replying to some but looking for one that suited exactly what i am dealing…there it was, Vision for Your Life.

    there have been a few times i have voiced my vision or dreams and then want to snatch it back for fear the voicing of it would steal it away. I too do not want to be selfish but there are just a few things I would love to do just for me…not for others, oh they would benefit others but they are things I enjoy.

    For all my married life, almost 47 years I have been a help mate to the most wonderful Godly man and have buried some of my visions and dreams for they did not fit into God plan for us. and always, always God gives me a ministry that is made just for me, enhances my husbands ministry and brings me satisfaction. But as i have grown older I really have begin to wonder if those vision, dreams for just from my mind or God’s.

    I will not voice them again, only to the lover of my soul for only He can fulfill them in a way I will know it is from Him and not something someone heard me say and tried to fulfill it. My visions are beautiful too and they keep me going at times when the walking in the here and now gets hard. For i keep thinking right around the corner is a dream come true waiting for me. which always makes a corner a little exciting.

    thanks for putting into such beautiful honest words my heart.

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  • Laurie

    I am not sure what to do. My job hates me and wants me to quit. How do I hear God for direction. I am so lost and need God. Please help me God – Lead Me I will go.

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