We’re counting down to September 9th and the big reveal of something brand new and deliciously (in)couraging.

Our 30 contributors can barely contain their excitement. So they’re slipping you 30 reasons why they’re psyched about what’s coming on September 9th. Can you match the slice of life below to the right writer before we tell you who’s who tomorrow?

Go ahead and give it your best guess in the comments!

  • http://www.rainintorainbows.com Shari@Rain into Rainbows

    I’m gonna go with Emily on this one. :-)

  • http://betty-wiseheartedwomen.blogspot.com Betty Draper

    Me too, Emily Freemon

  • http://www.simplylivingbyfaith.blogspot.com Stacey

    Emily =]

  • http://www.thegypsymama.com Lisa-Jo

    Nope, not Emily ;) but still someone in the south….

  • http://openmyearslord.blogspot.com Janis@Open My Ears Lord

    I’m going to guess Jessica Turner.

  • kat

    maybe angie smith??

  • http://www.lindseyvanniekerk.blogspot.com Lindsey van Niekerk

    Robin Dance?

    • http://pensieve.me Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE

      How much do I love that you thought of me when you thought of ice cream, Lindsey? (a lot!)

  • http://www.chattingatthesky.com Emily Freeman

    I love that they guessed me. That photo is lovely :)