It’s not just the laughter you can see instead of just hear (or read).
It’s not the twinkle in a friend’s eye.

It’s more than the touch or the hug or the wiping away of tears.

It’s that we were created for it.
To mingle our spirits together
and with Him.

To be fully full of His love
so we can give it away.

And friends, those on the other end of those strings flung out from your heart?
They are the very best way to be with God.
Their prayers make yours better.
Their love makes yours deeper.
Their Jesus makes yours real.

In the flesh, Spirit-friends.
God’s gift to us, sisters.
Cultivate them.
Honor them.
Love them.


By Arianne, To Think Is To Create


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  1. 1
    Beth Williams says:

    How soo very very true! Everyone, especially women, need spirit friends. People we can call, write/e-mail & know that they will encourage us through trials and rejoice with us in triumphs.

    Great post!!

  2. 3

    This is so beautifully written and makes me want to cherish my friendships that much more. Thanks, Arianne, for such a poetic piece about cultivating rich Spirit-filled relationships.

  3. 5

    Are heart strings synonymous to kindred spirits, gotta have that in our friendships! I wrote a poem yesterday, and quickly knew three kindred spirits I wanted to immediately share it with via email, an editor/friend, my sister, and my closest friend, because I knew they would “get it” and it was comforting to know I was welcome to share this with them and also know they are all my sisters in Christ.

  4. 7

    Such an amazing post =]. Friends are what get us through some difficult times in life by just being there with a Smile, Hug, Encouragement, Laughter & to wipe away our tears. Thanks for this beautiful reminder today =]. Love – Stacey

  5. 9

    “They are the very best way to be with God.” –such truth!

    True friends–Spirit-friends–meaningful friends are such a gift!

  6. 11

    It truly is a beautiful thing when you find sisters here on Earth who you share those heart strings with. I believe that when we find those friends, the ones who we know we KNOW, it is our Spirits rejoicing that we have found each other on Earth, because we MUST have been friends before we came here.

    You are one of those for me.


  7. 12

    Someday, Ari….someday…

  8. 13
    Patricia says:

    Beautiful post ~ thank you ~

  9. 14

    right on, sister.

  10. 15

    such a sweet post and also sweet memories. although i am clearly not having as good of a hair day as lisa.


  11. 16

    I had like 14 penpals when I was a little girl and wrote to others all over the country and even the world. I am so thankful blogging has kind of re-created it. You don’t have to wait weeks on end to hear back. :)

  12. 17

    How I feel your words in my bones, Ari… To love these women…
    This week…
    Our Sara — she gave me that too. Ignited me to love better.

    I love you, Ari.

    I am praying with you right now, sister…

  13. 18

    I have the CD . Just reading your blog made me play it again. Thanks for sharing your pictires.

  14. 19

    So blessed to have a very special friend. The miles and the trials are making us closer. The website has given such encouragement.

    • 20
      Dawn S. says:

      I have no idea where I would be with this “Spirit Sister”. Who would have ever thought, that even though there are way too many miles between us, that we could be this close. “Thank you Lord, for my friend Annette. She is more of a blessing than she will ever know. I love her Lord.”

      And, I know we are both so blessed to have found this website through Lysa Terkeurst’s tweets! :)
      Dawn S.

  15. 21

    My heart is with your heart in this. I got to spend a long weekend with heart sisters and there is no denying that we all experience the Body of Christ in those friendships that nurture our spirits and souls. I want to – I NEED to – do better about cultivating this in-flesh friendships. They are so dear to me.

  16. 22

    This is becoming more of a reality everyday for me. This week will end one of the LONGEST summers of my life. God brought a wonderful friend into my life, and right before the summer began she moved a couple houses down from me. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it weren’t for her hand to hold through it all. Having a friend is more than a contest, it’s a necessity. Thank the Lord for the ones He divinely puts in our lives.


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