Book Club

We are so excited to begin reading our own Angie Smith’s What Women Fear as a community. I’d like to echo what I stated in the announcement video – this book is amazing and will resonate with any woman – even if you don’t think fear is an issue for you. Angie has such a beautiful gift for weaving story and scripture together. This book will certainly impact you.

{I’m so proud of you, friend.}

We hope this post will answer some logistical questions for you! If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and someone will be sure to respond.

What to Expect

If this is your first time reading a Bloom book – welcome! We are so glad you are here. Essentially, each week you can expect to see videos of us discussing each chapter of What Women Fear. :)

All posts will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, not weekends. The content will always be available here on the Bloom page, so feel free to watch the videos at any time if the days are not convenient for you.

This time around we are especially excited to have personal friends joining us to discuss the chapters. We think you will enjoy their added perspectives and candor. On Mondays we will introduce who will be joining us that week and invite you to check out their blogs, Twitters, etc. :) Then on Wednesdays and Fridays you will know who to expect for the chapter posts.

We will also have posts in the (in)courage BlogFrog community to discuss the videos and chapters in more detail. (So be sure and sign up if you haven’t yet – it’s easy peasy. Just click here.)

Buy a Book, Give a Book – and Get Free Shipping!

What Women Fear is currently on sale for $10 on

When Angie and I first started Bloom almost two years ago, it was very important that everyone be able to participate, regardless of ability to purchase a book.

If you find yourself in a very difficult financial season and are unable to purchase a book, from Wednesday through Friday this week (9/14-9/16) you can fill out a form requesting a free book. (The form will be posted on this page on Wednesday.) We ask that you please be very honest and only request a book if you truly cannot afford the $10. We only have a limited quantity to give away that largely depends on how many sponsors/donations we get.

This is where the community of Bloom beautifully shows up.

If you are able to purchase a book for someone in need, DaySpring has set up a sweet deal for you starting today.

In addition to purchasing your own book, you can choose to purchase a second book for someone in need for an additional $10. (Feel free to give more than one if you can! To purchase a “Sponsor” book, just go here, click on the image of What Women Fear with the green sponsor button on it and purchase the Sponsor book for $10. This option expires September 30)

If you purchase two or more books you get FREE shipping on your book – and DaySpring will take care of getting your donated book to a fellow Bloomie in need. Just use coupon code: BLOOMBOOK (If any other wonderful DaySpring products fall into your shopping cart, those will ship free too! This code will also work if you are purchasing multiple books for yourself).

We are so excited and thankful that DaySpring is again managing all the coordination of the donated books – and taking care of the shipping. What a blessing! Also a special thanks to publisher B&H, who has graciously donated 100 copies of the book to help with this effort.

With each Bloom book selection, we are always amazed by the community of women who step forward and buy books for their fellow sisters in Christ. THANK YOU to those of you who are able to generously give.

If you have additional questions about the sponsor program please visit the FAQ page.

The Schedule

If you’re a list-lover like me, here’s what to expect:

Week 1
Wednesday, September 14: Book requests open up
Friday, September 16: Book requests close

Week 2
Monday, September 19: Post from Angie
Wednesday, September 21: What Women Fear Giveaway
Friday, September 23: Giveaway winners posted

Week 3
Monday, September 26: TBD

Week 4
Monday, Oct. 3 Intro guests
Wed. Oct. 5 Chapter 1: Fear of the what if
Fri. Oct. 7 Chapter 2: Fear of rejection, abandonment and betrayal

Week 5
Monday, Oct. 10 Intro guests
Wed. Oct. 12 Chapter 3: Fear of being found out
Fri. Oct. 14 Chapter 4: Fear of failure

Week 6
Mon. Oct. 17 Intro guests
Wed. Oct. 19 Chapter 5: Fear of death
Fri. Oct. 21: Chapter 6: Fear of my past catching up with me

Week 7
Monday. Oct. 24 Intro guests
Wed. Oct 26 Chapter 7: Fear of not being significant
Fri. Oct 28: Chapter 8: Fear of God’s plan for my life

Week 8
Mon. Oct 31 Intro guests
Wed. Nov. 2: Chapter 9: Fear that God isn’t real
Fri. Nov 4: Chapter 10: Fear of God

Week 9
Monday. Nov. 7: Final wrap-up

WHEW! That was a lot of info. Thanks for sticking with us.


Angie and Jessica

  • Diane

    How long will the videos be?

    • Jessica @ The Mom Creative

      The videos are generally between 10-15 minutes.

  • Sherry

    Will there be a link to go to once it starts?

    • Jessica @ The Mom Creative

      All videos will be posted on the Bloom page here on (in)courage.

  • Christy

    Looking forward to reading this! Looks fantastic!

  • Laura

    Thank you so very much. You ladies are incredible.
    God bless.

  • Holley Gerth

    Congratulations again, Angie! So excited for you!!

  • Amy

    Hey y’all! I am so excited about this. I moved to England from TN at the end of June to work on an evangelism project for the London Olympics. I just checked to see if Angie’s book is available from amazon UK, and it is, so I will look forward to reading along with you and watching the videos. A little taste of home for me, about a subject that I am way too familiar with. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Amanda

    I am so excited! I haven’t been able to do a Bloom book since the very first one but I’m definitely on board for this. Just bought my book :)

  • erin

    I am so excited for this!

  • mrsbooker

    bought it, excited for it!!

  • Rebecca

    So excited about this. I have never joined fir a bloom book and hope to be able to with this one! Congratulations, Angie!

  • Brooke

    I am so excited to join in on this-it will be my first time participating in the book club! I already have the book and am halfway through it and it is amazing!

  • Deborah

    I just marked all the dates in my book! So excited.

  • ~Lynn

    Am looking forward to this study. My book is ordered and on it’s way!

  • Reese

    My book should arrive by Sept 20th. Woop. I can’t wait. Praying for fear burdens to be dropped in Jesus Name.

  • Rachel

    Bought the book and I am so excited. This is my first Bloom book study and I can’t wait!!

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  • Donna

    My book should arrive tomorrow! So excited to learn and grow. I will be praying for a transformation in Jesus name.

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  • Becca

    where do you find the posts on the incourage community pertaining to the book club?

    • Jessica @ The Mom Creative

      Here on the book club page.

  • Debb

    This sounds really cool, I’m excited to read and discuss it. :) Thank you for making it available.