I run. Whenever I can. But no longer do I run along the gorgeous streets in Australia. Oh how I miss those… Instead I am running around in circles in Indonesia. Literally.

It’s a little dull. In fact, incredibly monotonous. As I bound around a track where I live, I see the same guards, people, plants, buildings…every run. The most exciting part is passing the lobby every lap, because I get to dodge taxis, buses, cars, guards and dozens of school children. But it’s always the same.

So I was astounded this week when something looked different. Right next to the grey path. I could see a haze of bright pink on the grass. It was stunning. And surprising.

I looked for the source of this beauty. Under the leaves of a rather simple looking tree, were the most beautiful flowers. I don’t think I had ever seen such a flower before. They captivated me.

How had I missed them? They must have been under the canopy for some time, yet it wasn’t until the petals dropped to the ground that I noticed. I would have missed this moment of beauty otherwise. Which made me wonder.

What are you missing? What beauty is before you that you are failing to see? Everything feels the same but you have missed something gorgeous. In a person who is familiar? Maybe your husband, or your child. Are you still looking for the beauty in them? I want to be looking. Or perhaps, like me, you make assumptions about your environment. Fail to see the new, the surprising.

And can you see what remains after that blur of pink dresses the green below? Exquisite cups of grace. Left to enchant us.

What is left behind by you? When you brush alongside people every day of your life. Is there residual beauty? A word of encouragement? Of sympathy? Or Joy? Possibly subtle, but unmistakable and beautiful.

Perhaps the biggest question. Does your impact on others cause them to look up? You leave some shredded pink on the ground and they have to find the source of that. They don’t want to miss out.

When Jesus lived on this earth he gave extraordinary, vibrant, surprising love. To his closest friends. To strangers. He still does. And people wanted to know him. Because that source was intriguing. Worth stopping. Gazing up. Being captivated by.

There would be no grey, no green left in Jesus’ wake. Just pink.

What colour is on the ground surrounding you today?

Look beyond the grey. If someone is placing pink mist before you, give thanks. And as you surge through another ‘ordinary’ day, leave something exquisite.

May all around you be compelled to look up. To the giver of all good things. To the source.

By Pauline, Six Good Figs

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    Oh wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before either. Brings a big smile to my face. I have been asking God to open my eyes so that I might not miss His beauty!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      I’m glad Barbie. I need to open my eyes more too! Amazing what we see when we do, don’t you think? Praying you’ll see his beauty today.

  • Jane

    Thankyou Pauline. My days are spent looking at my children, but I read this, and then actually looked at them. Really looked, and I felt a bit teary. And very grateful for them, and very thankful for you. Sometimes we need that reminder x

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Now you’re making me teary Jane! I know that I forgot to really look at my boys too, amongst the rhythms of familiar days. Let’s try to look and give thanks more often, together!

  • http://juliesunne.com Julie Sunne

    Incredibly beautiful photos, Pauline, and incredibly inspired writing! These words this morning are for me as I see everyone’s faults instead of the beauty in them. So terribly hard for me not to compare, to judge. Thanks for the “kick in the butt.” I needed it.

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      We all need a kick in the butt occasionally Julie! May you see goodness in those around you today. Blessings.

  • http://www.gennyheikka.com Genny

    That is gorgeous!!! Thank you for this post… I so want to leave a residual beauty wherever I go and I forget that as I rush around sometimes. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and focus on what is important! :)

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Oh, Genny, how the rushing can take over! Praying now for you that there will be beauty in your wake today as you focus on what really matters. :-)

  • Margaret

    Thank you for beginning my day with a fresh perspective! I’ll be looking for the “pink” in my life and watching my shadow to see what I may be leaving for others to find….

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Thanks Margaret. It is amazing how much we miss if we are not intentionally looking, don’t you think? Praying for you right now that you will bring blessings to others today, no matter how subtle.

  • sarita

    wow wow wow! what a great post. NOW – how to undo something i did that wasn’t uplifting or encouraging…i pray that God will show me the way to do this. you post certainly helped..thank you

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Oh Sarita, that can certainly be tough. By His Grace! Praying with you now for wisdom, and also forgiving hearts.

  • http://dianewbailey.com/ Diane Bailey

    Yes! You are singing my hearts song. I am slowing down looking at faces, trying to see what Christ see, and hear his precious voice instructing me along my way.

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      That is so encouraging Diane! May you listen well, and respond Blessings to you!

  • http://marinaskitchentable.blogspot.com marina Bromley

    It reminded me of something that happened to a friend of mine in SE Asia a few years back. It was hot, dreadfully HOT, and he was riding along a fragrant tree lined road that was so sweet it was nearly unbearable on his scooter.
    Suddenly, he felt little drips of moisture coming off the trees, and he perceived it to be nectar from the really sweet smelling flowers. The vision he had was along the lines of “blessings dripping off the trees to refresh him” directly from the Lord.
    A few days later, he asked a friend what type of trees these were to give him such fragrant dew in his drive time, and his friend seemed confused as to what he was talking about, then BURST out in laughter!
    “There are no fragrant blossoms giving you dew!”, he laughed. “There are bugs that live in the trees, and this is their waste falling on you as you drive along!”
    Sometimes we need to accept the blessing of refreshment, or laughter at adjusting in a new city…

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      That is such a fantastic story Marina – hilarious! You are so right. And certainly a sense of humour goes a long way when you are living in another culture! I love that your friend was assuming it was a blessing – we could all live more like that. :-)

  • Beth WIlliams

    Great reminder! I. too run–often on a treadmill in basement. What’s on the ground now white yucky, cold snow! But soon–in about 3-4 months it will turn into beautiful green grass & lovely flowers.

    I find beauty in music. I listen to the words & can visualize images in my mind.

    Loved the psot!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Sounds like some hard kilometres, Beth. Hope you are able to listen to music as you run. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.heatherlconrad.com Heather Conrad

    Inspired. Thank you!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Thanks Heather!

  • http://www.arock4him.blogspot.com Amy Hunt

    Your post touched me deeply as it affirms what I’ve been *hearing* in my heart. As I live with ache for something different in my job, I cling close to gratefulness for the purpose in now and trust that the experiences I’ve had prepared me for now and also later. God has been reminding me that He calls us to be a Light. And, He reminds me that the hardest aspects to accept in my story are quite possibly the aspects that He uses to refine me more and more thoroughly to know Him and to draw eyes to Him. I’m humbled at how this message keeps popping up this week. Your choice of specific words to string together, they are exactly what speaks to me most.

    Rich blessings, friend.

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Oh Amy, that refining can be tough! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look forward and seeing where he is leading? But then we wouldn’t have the privilege of growing in faith and trust. I love the way the Lord brings the right messages for us at the right time. Praying now that you will continue to yield eagerly to His purposes, and be His light today!

  • http://www.anartfulmom.com Pam

    This is beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Pleasure Pam! It helps me too. :-)

  • Vivian

    What a exquisite photographs! What startling natural beauty! What lovely prose! Thank you.

  • http://weekendblessings.come Vivian

    What exquisite photographs! What startling natural beauty! What lovely prose!
    Thank you…

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Thanks Vivian. With such beauty before me, the photos were easy. Appreciate your encouragement. Blessings.

  • http://lynnmosher.blogspot.com Lynn Mosher

    Wow! What awesome photos! And what a great post! Thank you!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Thanks Lynn. I feel like I am quite new to the blogging world, so really appreciate your kind words.

  • http://youaremygirls.com Jennifer

    Oh, this is so powerful, so beautiful. Yes, I want to live awake and alive and fully present to Jesus’ fingerprints. I want to leave beauty behind, too. Thank you so much, Pauline!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      “Jesus’ fingerprints”. What a wonderful perspective Jennifer. Thank you. By His grace, may the beauty you leave be abundant!

  • http://lifelessonshopefaithlove.blogspot.com/ Vanessa Tachenko

    It’s a stop and smell the roses moment! Thanks for sharing!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Hope there’s some gorgeous roses around you today Vanessa! Blessings.

  • http://www.chasingblueskies.net Kristen

    I love the way you say this ~ “Does your impact on others cause them to look up?” It reminds me to make my words and actions point to Jesus, and may I be a light for Him always.

    Beautiful, Pauline!

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Yes, so often Kristen I can be pointing to me! He must become greater, we must become less… Praying for you now that people will see Jesus in your words and actions today!

  • http://charinabrooks.wordpress.com Charina

    “Does our impact on others cause them to look up?”

    Thank you for this Pauline….

  • http://myjourney-forhisglory.blogspot.com Barb

    Your post was wonderful and so true. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I have this same tree in our yard. It is called a rose apple. The blossoms are amazing and so wonderful to photograph. I took pictures just yesterday of the carpet of pink under our tree too. What an awesome God we serve.

    • http://sixgoodfigs.blogspot.com/ Pauline

      Oooh Chiang Mai is on our list of places to visit, Barb! Thanks for letting me know what the tree was called. Wonderful that you are enjoying God’s gift too – enjoy Him!

  • http://www.ashleymlarkin.com Ashley Larkin

    Pauline, I am grateful for this and for the many, many implications. Those photos are seared into my mind and will help me remember the message. Thank you for sharing this beautiful truth!